Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 24, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1963
Page 17
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KNOX VI LLE ANNABEL PETERSON CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 210 N. Timber St, Phone 289-9172 Thirty-Nine Children Win Library Reading Rewards KNOXVILLE - Thirty - nine children of the Tom Sawyer Reading Club have been awarded diplomas at the Knoxville Public Library. Each child was required to read and report on at least 15 books from June 17- Aug. 17 to receive a diploma. Three students, Debra Chapman, Linda Chapman and Becky Meece, read over 50 books each. A total of 907 books were read by those in the club. Others receiving diplomas were Mike Carlson, Mark Cronin, John Cronin, Russell Earnest, Leanne Eiker, Lorraine Essex, Merry Fishel, Charles Gossick, Heather Harris, Ronald Hatch, Jennifer Hickey, Susan Hickey, Shawna Hotchkiss, Donna Libby, James Litchfield, Kathleen McDowell, Kevin McLaren, Ricky Mathers, Jimmie Moore, Christine Pogue, Mary Ponder, Sandra Ponder, Debbie Ralston, Douglas Royar, Mark Reynolds, Clara Rogers, Larry Russel, Lynette Sauer, Rickie Thomas, Beverly Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Gary Wood- kirk, John Woolsey, Greg Zabo- rac and Tina Zaborac. A picnic was held by the club at Lake Storey recently. The Knoxville Junior Woman's Club has joined the General Federation during the next 12 months in safety observance. Mrs. James Hutchcroft, safety chairman, has announced September's safety slogan will be BACKYARD SALE 1384 N. Prairie WEDNESDAY, Sept. 25 9 to 5 Nothing Sold B.for. I R.lri Dai* — 26 DRIVEWAY SALE 750 N. ACADEMY THURS., Sept. 26-4 to 7 FRIDAY, Sept. 27—9 to 5 WATAGA CONGREGATIONAL CHUHCH — ANNUAL FRIED CHICKEN DINNER THURSDAY, SEPT. 26 Serving at 5:30 Adulti, 11.33 Children. 75c "Drive as if every child on the street were your own." All four phases of safety are included in the program. Safety in the home: Are poisons stored? Are all guns unloaded? Fire' safety: Have you checked the wiring in your home? Do you have family fire drills? Traffic safety: Have you installed seat belts? Do you know the new rules of the road? Public safety: Do you know the procedure for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? These safety measures will be discussed thoroughly during the year by the club. One specific safety project of the group, the testing of bicycles, has been carried on for the last three years. October 1 is the date for this year's bicycle safety check at the Mable Woolsey Elementary School. State policemen will give a talk on bicycle rules of the road, while members of the Junior Club test bicycles. All bicycles passing the test will receive a safety sticker award. Mr. and Mrs. Orval Gates and James Graff were hosts at a fish fry Sunday at the Graff home. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Whitsell and family of Lynn Center; Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Whitsell of Alpha; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Peterson and family, Galva; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Naslund and family, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morris and family, Abingdon; Clara Hedrix, Margaret Hodgson, Doc Lentz, and Ira Burmood, Galesburg; Vel Hendrickson, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Phillips, Macomb; also Ira and Hortense Gehring, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Courter and family, Duane Courter, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Reynolds and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cramer BIG YARD SALE Tuei. Eve.. Wed. All Day. Sept. 24 and 25 318 So. Farnham St. Lot of dishes and knick knackt. Some antique ilemi. Many useful Items. Clothing and furniture. FRONT PORCH SALE 572 W. Tompkins WED., Sept. 25-9 to 9 Rain or Shine. Clothing, Dishes, Book* and Misc. Items. REPORT OF CONDITION of Anderson State Bank Of Oneida in the State of Illinois at the close of business on September 10, 1963. Published in Response to Call of The Director of Financial Institutions of the State of Illinois. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection ..$ 786,672.75 2. United States Government obligations ..$1,700,094.61 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 274,511.28 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures 90,088.12 5. Total securities $2,064,694.01 6. Less reserves applicable to items (2), (3) and (4) 2,064,694.01 8. Loans and discounts (including $133.67 overdrafts $1,336,249.84 9. Less reserve for bad debts $ 45,753.90 1,290,495.94 10. Bank premises owned $7,943.83, furniture and fixtures $ 13,114.56 21,058.39 11. Real estate owned other thank bank premises 1.00 14. Other assets (Item 6 of "Other Assets" schedule).... 3,636.00 15. TOTAL ASSETS $4,166,558.09 LIABILITIES 16. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $1,934,078.13 17. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1,550,609.50 18. Deposits of U. S. Government (including postal savings) 1,860.31 19. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 325,152.34 22. TOTAL DEPOSITS (items 16 to 21) ....$3,811,700.28 (a) Total demand deposits $2,261,090.78 (b) Total time and savings deposits ..$1,550,609.50 27. TOTAL LIABILITIES $3,811,700.28 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 28. Capital: (a) Common stock, total par value $100.00..$ 100,000.00 29. Surplus 100,000.00 30. Undivided profits 104,857.81 31. Reserves (and retirement account for preferred capital) 50,000.00 32. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 354,857.81 33. TOTAL LIABILTIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $4,166,558.09 I, A. B. Anderson, Cashier, of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and that it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Correct—Attest: A. B. CARLSON, Cashier J. H. ANDERSON MARGARET ANDERSON, Directors State of Illinois, County of Knox, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 20th day of September, 1963. My commission expires October 22, 1963. (SEAL) Lowell R. Johnson, Notary Public DAR Chapter At Knoxville Notes Event The September meeting of the Lucretia Leffingwell Chapter NSDAR was combined with a luncheon at the American Beauty Restaurant in Galesburg. Mrs. Harley Butt was a guest. Mrs. John H. Clarke, Regent, presided. Mrs. Milo Stevens chaplain, gave the invocation stressing this year's DAR challenge, "Be strong and of a good courage." Mrs. Ralph Stone, chairman of the Flag of the United States of America, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mrs. Richard Yemm read a and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burmood and family, and Chris Peterson. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Knowles and family, Janice Frisby, Galesburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Whitsell and family, of Woodhull. Observe Anniversary Mrs. Clyde Woolsey was honored at a dinner Saturday evening in observance of her 87th birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harold McLaren and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McLaren, Jr., and sons, of Galesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Higgins and Miss Mable Woolsey. Warren Nelson of Waterloo, Iowa, visited in the Woolsey home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gibson of Sioux Falls, S. D., were visitors Monday in the home of their cousin, Miss Edna Patterson. Sue T. Chin, owner of Susie's Steak House on the south side of the Public Square, is convalescing here following major surgery two weeks ago in Chicago when his voice box was removed. Although his power of speech will not be restored for several months, he will open his restaurant Saturday, Oct. 5. Good Samaritan Chapel— Prayer service Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Bible study illustrated with motion pictures Friday, 7:30 p.m. Sabbath School Saturday, 9:30 a.m. Missionary period 10:30 a.m. Preaching 11 a .m. BACKYARD SALE 873 W. Main THURSDAY, Sept. 26 • to 4 Sponsored by Circle 1 First Christian Church. Backyard Sale 1128 GRAND AVE. Grand and Mulberry WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25 Lots of clothing, assorted sixes. Don't miss this one. BACKYARD SALE 1183 N. Prairie Wednesday and Thursday 9 to 4. Child's Record Player, Dishes ant etc. Mr. Farmer: Harvest Time is Herel CHECK the many values offered by our "Farm Supply and Implement Dealers'" now appearing on the WANT AD PAGE message from Mrs. Robert V. H. Duncan, President General, who pointed out that it was in 1955 that the NSDAR originated the idea of devoting an entire week to the constitution. The success of this endeavor led to the approval by Congress of a joint resolution authorizing the designation by the President of "Constitution Week" beginning each year on Sept. 17. The chapter has a constitution display in the Goff Store window arranged by Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Maurice Bjorling, the Constitution Week Committee. It includes a picture of the signing of the constitution, a copy of the preamble to the constitution, a chart of the flags of American liberty, and pictures of and statements by Washington and Lincoln. Mrs. L. W. Cramer, national defense chairman, reported that socialism is a brother of communism; that the power of executive order surpasses power of Congress; that executive orders, startling to read, have been issued and merely become law by being published in the Federal Register, which may be read in most county and city libraries; and finally that a Russian statement says, "As the state swells, the people shrink." "The Sun Rose on Our Constitution" was the subject of the speaker, Mrs. Alvin Capps, chapter historian. "At the Constitutional Convention," Mrs. Capps reported, "we need to see Washington's chair with the sun's image half hidden by the horizon painted on the back, and to remember that for a time there was concern as to whether it was a rising sun on a new Republic or one sinking into oblivion. When the last name was being signed to the Great Parchment, Sept. 17, 1787, Franklin looked again at the painted sun on the back of Washington's chair and said to his friend, Madison, "Now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun." Six members of the Chapter attended the Constitution Day meeting of the Rebecca Parke Chapter in Galesburg. The Regent appointed Mrs. Richard Yemm, Mrs. Alvin Capps, Mrs. L. W. Cramer, and Mrs. Maurice Bjorling as a budget committee to report at the October 18 meeting to convene at the home of Mrs. Bjorling, Vice Regent. At that time Mrs. L. W. Cramer will present the topic "American Indians." BASEMENT SALE THURSDAY— 1:30 to 4 EMANUEL METHODIST CHURCH Kellogg & Waters Yard Sale 1209 GARDEN LANE WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25 9 to ?? Rain Date Thurs., Sept. 26 BIG Garage Sale 1135 Florence Ave. Rain or Shine. Tuei., Sept. 24 — S p.m. - 9 p.m. Wad., Sept. 25 — 8 a.m. - ? Fall and winter clothing for all, electric motor, ice skates, drapes, baby furniture, etc. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must be In our office 12 noon day before ad runs. Call 342.5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail TRAP SHOOT Wednesday, Sept. 25 GREEN DIAMOND GUN CLUB 1 mile east of Knoxville, Illinois on Route 150 Open at 6:30 P.M. (DST) J PUBLIC NOTICE Notice of Proposed Changes in Schedule To Patrons of Illinois Power Company The Illinois Power Company hereby gives notice to the public that It has filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission a proposed change In its rates for gas service In Its entire service area and that said change involves elimination of the rate for dual fuel service. Customers now taking dual fuel service will be permitted to take full service under a new Rider B which provides the following: (1) the discount of 2c per therm on all over 30 therms per month will be continued through the 1963-1964 heating season for customers presently taking dual fuel service under Service Classifications 50 and 54. The discount will be reduced to l'ic per therm during the 1964-1965 heating season and will be further reduced to lc per therm during the 1965-1966 heating season. No discount will be allowed after the 1965-1966 heating season. (2) the limitation of the minimum monthly bill to (a) $1.35 for Service Classifications 50 and 54 customers, and (b) $1.00 for Service Classifications 52 and 58 customers will be discontinued after the 1963-1966 heating season. The location and number of customers affected by the above change are as follows: Kewance (I), Peru (1), Oglesby (2), Carlyle (3), Trenton (1), Highland (1), Belleville (16), Morton (1), East St. Louis (16), Colllnsvllle (8), Edwardsvllle (1). Granite City (5), Madison (2), Mt. Olive (1), Wood River (1), Cn- hokla (1), Shiloh (1), Galesburg (1) and Decatur (1). A copy of the proposed change In schedule may be Inspected by any interested party at any business office of this company. All parties Interested in this matter may obtain information with respect thereto either directly from this company or by addressing the Secretary of the Illinois Commerce Commission at Springfield, Illinois. ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY By Allen Van Wyck, President. Galesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, 111. Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1963 17 Sterling Christian Church mini** ter, offered the benediction. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF KNOX COUNTY, ILLINOIS STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )ss. COUNTY OF KNOX ) IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, TO LEVY A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT TO PAY THE COST OF INSTALLATION OF 826 LINEAL FEET OF COMBINATION CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER ON EACH SIDE OF ROCK ISLAND AVENUE BETWEEN THE NORTH LINE OF FREMONT STREET AND THE SOUTH LINE OF YATES STREET IN THE CITY OF GALESBURG, ILLINOIS. NOTICE OF AWARD NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 13th day of September, 1963, a contract calling for the installation of 826 lineal feet of combination concrete curb and gutter on each side of Rock Island Avenue between the North Line of Fremont Street and the South line of Yates Street in the City of Galesburg, Illinois, was awarded In the manner provided by law to Gunther Construction Company for a total of $4,956.00. such work to be done pursuant to and in conformance with the Ordinance passed upon the recommendation of the Board of Local Improvements for the making of such improvement on the 18th day of March, 1963. BOARD OF LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG, ILLINOIS. 8/24; IT Pick Tourney Sites NEW YORK (UPI) — The 1965 National Amateur Public Links Championship will be played at the North Park Golf course in Pittsburgh, Pa., July 12-17, and the 1965 Junior Amateur Championship will be held at Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 4-7, it was announced Monday by the U. S. Golf Association. TURKEY DINNER THURSDAY, SEPT. 26 Henderson Grove Lutheran Church Serving at 5 P.M. Donation S1.50 and SI.00 ABINGDON DOROTHY WHITSITT CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 705 W. Adams St. Phone 531 Church Affair Draws 300 ABINGDON—About 300 attended the district convention of Christian Churches Sunday in the Abingdon church. Rev. Donald Hogart, host minister, opened the afternoon program by leading the worship service. Rev. Ronald Scrivcn, Rock Island, welcomed the assembly and introduced the first speaker, Dr. Chester Crowe, chairman of Eureka College department of religion, who spoke on the "Nature of Faith of the Church," Lester Vines, Moline, led group hymn singing. Rev. Kenneth Hooe of Rock Island Memorial Christian Church gave an address entitled "Our Witness to the Faith of the Church." Rev. Jack Sibley of Mount Morris, district chairman, conducted the business session. Mrs. S. S. Carnock of Moline, convention vice president, led a on themes of the Transportation Departures Effective April ZS ALL SCHEDULES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Burlington. Eaatbonnd B Fast Mall 3:03 a. m. 30 AkSarBen , 8:65 a. m. 10 Denver ZephyT 7:62 a. m. 2 Local 8:50 a. m. IB California Zephyr —12:31 p. m. 12 Nebraska Zephyr 7:05 p. m. Burlington, weitbound 3 to Omaha, Lincoln 1:48 a. m. 55 to Kansas City 1:55 a. m. 7 to Denver —_.3:55 a. m. 35 to Kansas City 3*0 p. m 11 to Omaha, Lincoln 3:10 p. m 17 to California 6:32 p. m 1 to Denver 8:22 p. m Santa Fe, Eaaibound 20 Chief 4:40 a. 16 Texaa Chid 6:40 a. 18 Super Chief- El CapiUn» 11:10 a. 2 S.F. Chief* 11:45 a. 124 Grand Canyon 2:20 p. 12 Chicagoan 5:60 p. Santa Fe), Weitbound 9 K. C. Chief 2:35 a. 10 Chief 12:55 p. 123 Grand Canyon - ,3:20 p, 1 S.F. Chief 7:05 p. 15 Texas Chief 8:58 p. 17 Super Chief- El Capltan* ___10:25 p. •—Flagstop Ozark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* 9:06 a, m. 1)06 to Chicago" 4:43 p. m. 690 to Chicago*** H:30 p. m. Ozark, Southbound 141 to St. Louis** B:50 a. m. 601 to St. Louis'** 8:44 p. m. •—Except Sunday " Except Saturday -Saturday only -Saturday only RUS SCHEDULES Westbound To West Coast 6:30 a. m. To West Coast 1:20 p. ro To West Coast 0:48 p. m m. m. m. m. m m. m. m. m. m. m. tn Eaitbound To East Coast. To Enst Coast .11:55 p. m, 8:00 D m To Peoria 1:20 p. m. To Peoria 8:25 p. m. Soutlibound To St. Louis 10 :00 a. m Northbound To Davenport 8:20 p. m LICENSE SERVICE DRAFTING PICTURE FRAMING RENTAL ITEMS HOBBY CRAFTS SLOAN'S DECOR CENTER 1058 E. LOSEY 343-4516 discussion speakers. Special concerns of the convention were reported by Rev. Hugh Reynolds of Coldbrook; Kenneth Moore of Decatur and Rev. Km- merson Brokaw of Bloomington in the areas of Christian education; church development and campus Christian life. Dinner was served in Fellowship Hall by members of Abingdon CWF under direction of Mrs. Howard Pruett, Mrs. I. E. Anderson and Mrs. Harley Way. Luanna Lincoln served as organist during the sessions. Rev. Donald Whitehead, Walnut Christian Church minister, presided at the evening worship service. Youth handbell choirs of Galesburg Christian Church presented a program of music under the direction of Dr. Harry Sykos. Evening speaker, Dr. W. Bar- nctt Blakemote, dean of the Disciple Divinity House, University of Chicago, used the topic, "Church Membership or Christian Ministry?" Rev. Brace Johnson, Birth Record Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Johnson,', Charlotte, N. C, whose daughter;'' Barbara Sue was married Jun« 29 to Mitchell Brooks, also of Charlotte welcomed into their family of two girls and a boy Sept. 15 another son, Robert whose weight at birth was only 3 pounds and 13 ounces. Grandparents include Mrs. J. W. Thomas, Polkton, N. C, and Mrs. Minnie Johnson, Abingdon. Host Wiener Roast Mr. and Mrs. Elvvood Mosier, at a wiener roast in their homo Sunday evening, hosted .19 members of Amitie Sunday School Class of Congregational Church. The evening's diversion included a hayrack rifle and dodge baiL NEW DITCH WITCH TRENCHER CUSTOM TRENCHING At Reasonable Rates — Be sure to get our prices on plastic pipe. PARRIS HARDWARE 104 E. Jackson Abingdon, III. PASSION PLAY SEPT. 29-30 Evenings at 8 Sunday Matinee at 2:30 Special Student Matinee at 12:45 PRICES Main Floor $2.75 - $2.20 Balcony $2.20-$1.60 Students (Special Matinee) 75c Tax Included. Evenings and Sunday Matinee All Seats Reserved. Call 342-5161 for Reservations or Information. Ticket Office (Register-Mail Business Office) Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. INTRODUCING THE DEPENDABLES FOR '64 Oh boy! A low-price car that doesn't feel like one...or look like one Now that the '64 Dodge is here, the low-price field wiU never be the same. Take that hardtop, shown above. You won't believe how little it costs till you read the price sticker on the window. But don't stop there. Get in and experience the way this Dodge feels. The way it comforts you. The way it smooths out any road. The way it performs. You'll see In one drive: Dodge doesn't look or feel low-priced. Yet, it is priced right with Chevrolet And something else: Dodge gives yon a 5-year/^0,000-mile warranty*! •THE OEKNOAaUr »-TIAH/H,W» MIU WMRAMTT —Chrysler Corporation warrants, lor 5 years of 60,000 miioj, whichever com** first, against defects ia eiatenals and workmanship and will replace or repair at a Chrysler Motors Corporation Authorized Dealer's place ol business, the engine block, bead and internal paiU, in Lake manifold, water pump, transmission case and internal parts (excluding manual clutch), torque converter, drive shall, universal joints, rear ule *nd differential, and rear •heel bearings of its 1964 automobiles, provided the owner has the engine oil changed every 3 months or f000 miles, whichever comas first, the otl filter replaced every second oil change and the carburetor air fitter cleaned every 8 months and replaced every 2 years, and every 6 months furnishes to such a dealer evidence ol performance of Us. required service, and requests Mw deaaer Is certify (I) receipt of such evidence tod (14) the car's the* curieot mileage. '64 Dodge OOOOt; DtVWKJM A CHRYSLER Our Golden Anniversary is yooT golden opportunity! Come in and see The Dependable^ E&A MOTORS SALES, INC. | HAYNES & AZDELL 1198 N. MAIN - MONMOUTH, ILL. I EAST BROADWAY - ALEXIS, ILL. ,., , ., "SEE *TW€ §06 ttOPf SHOW, HBC-T*. CUCCS V04J* LOCAL USTW6.-'"'••

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