Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 19, 1907 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1907
Page 14
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BROTHERS FIGHT WITH MVES 01R WOMAW Bofft Love Her, One 7s Successful in ;uir, ana Kesuir is rerce u uei in a Saoon. 1 VU!W vnPtr Marrih 19 Two broth- ers, who loved' the aarne woman, lougni with knivee end clubs In an east side saloon early today until tooth were so badly Injured that they probably will die. '.. . The men are George and Giovanni Francis, Vho came from Palmero about two years ago. There they had been rivals for the hand of the same girl, who eventually accepted 1 George, the began to. neglect his wife and at length she left him and went to live with friends In Brooklyn. WThen the brothers met In the east side saloon early today Giovanni upbraided George . for his treatment of the young wife, taunted him in the presence of a-.nwnber of Italians and admitted that he the young brother still loved the woman. Instantly the brother clashed in a fierce struggle, which ended In the hallway where they were j found uncon scious by a policeman, j George s head elder, and they were married shortly j had been crushed by a blow and the before they came to New York. younger man had & deep knife wound - Not long after their arrival George 1 In the abdomen. . 1 1 l ' YUBA NOW UNDER ITER Traveler as &toppea ana Schools Are Forced to Close. the STRIKE HIT FATHER SHOT-6Y BIS Si Family Quarrel Ended , an Almost Fatal Shooting, v by ''ST. LOUIS, March 19.-Dr. Julius H. Weirsberg. a well known, physician is lying in a serious condition at St Anthony hospital as the. result , of : being shot four times last night by his spn Oscar, aged sixteen ..years. , The boy is under arrest. He salI he had only recently learned that his own mother died at his birth and the present wife of Dr. "Welnsberg Is his stepmother. Thlscaused estrangement and culminated in the shooting. . . ' TIE IIP ROADS Scheduled Strike on Harriman Roads Postponed but Not Called Off. W TIS THE HIVE HERE California Man After Twenty Years Returns Forgotten Fare. SACRAMFNTO, March IS. The Bee correspondent wires that Tuba City Is now under water three or four feet. The levees held but breaks north of the city fllled fhe sloughs which soon overflowed and broke into the city. At 1 o'clock this afternoon news came from Lockeford to the effect that the water I had risen 3 feet in two hours. The whole .country In that locality is flooded, and the flood of 1R62 is equalled. The Clements bridge was washed away The Comanche bridge. 14 miles east of Lockeford is reported washed away. Travel has been stopped over the I-odl bridge. At Stockton the water Is comlnsr over Ttaxelton avenu from Mormon Channel r and a general flood here is inevitable. The publlo schools were dismissed at noon today until the flood Is over. j a nnm iril ysuu FOUND ON JURY CHICAGO, March 19. A strike in shops of all Harriman railways scheduled to begin yesterday was held pending the outcomo'of negotiations in Chicago between officials of the International Boilermakers' Union. It is said the danger of a tie up has not been parsed. President G. D. Duffy, of the. union, held a conference with President Fel-ton, of the Chicago and Alton road. Last night the executive board of the bollermakers organization met. It was announced that the union will de mand the reinstatement of rhe men who struck a month ago in the Alton shops at Bloomlngton. The strike was declared off, but the company refused to restore all the strikers to their positions. President Pulton holds that the walkout incident is closed. HURT T A SAN FRANCISCO, March 19. Because nine of the twelve Jurors selected to try the case of Josie Dupont, charged with vagrancy, were saloon-men, Robert S. Duke, district prosecutor at Judge Shortall's court, refused to present any evidence, stating that ' sh did not want to take up the time of the court or his' own In a case where those selected to try the defendant were so" closely Identified with the defendant interests; that the outcome could be but an acquittal. . He asked that the defendant be dismissed with out any evidence being presented. The attorneys for the derense arose, and In a heated argument scored the. prosecuting attorney, terminatlnr by saying that such a person was unfair for the office which he held. Duke hastily arose and offered to present his resignation, immediately if the court thought that he was acting other than he should. Judge Shortall dismissed the defendant quietly and without any arg. unholdlne the district prosecutor In the course he had taken. Josie Dupont was arrested in. a nouse IS N N E Driven insane as a result of a frac tured skull he sustained in a railroad accident about three years ago, Albert fc.. Hawkyard was this morning com mltted to the State Hospital at Stock ton by Judge Ogden, after an examina tion by Drs. Reinle and Akerly. Hawk' yard's misfortune was given considera ble note at the time, owing to the rat trap way in which he was pinned in the path .of a dashing train. HURT AT : OAKLAND MOLE. Hawkyard Is a decorator. While hauling a wagon-load of his pictures to San Francisco he went by the way of the Oakland mole. When he ap proacnea tne railroad crossing near the approach of the pier, the gates were lowered while a train went past The gateman in the tower raised the bars and allowed teams to cross the track, but Hawkyard had no more than drawn under the first bar and directly across the track than the bars were again lowered and an overland train swept down upon him. The wagon was smashed and Hawk yard was thought to have been killed but he regained consciousness after portion of the skull about the size of a fifty-cent piece had been removed from of lllfame along with seven other wo-I above the right ear. men, and demanded a trial by jury. Instead of placing the venire in the hands of Captain Martin, in whose district the arrest was made, Chief Dlnan went out to the Mission district and selected a patrolman. The suspicious manner in which the venire wa secured aroused the indignation of the various police, court Judges and prosecutors, who are fully convinced that there exists colusion ' between the keepers of sporting houses and the police department and an investigation will probably follow; BOARD OF EDUCAmil y HOLDS LAST MEETING JVexf Session Will : Be : Informal Many Matters" of Importance Disposed of at Close. KANSAS CITY, March ' 20. Twenty-ears is a long time for a conscience to hurt, but a letter received bv Robert Campbell at the ChlcaKo &. Alton railway office indicates that one conscience in California has been uncomfortable that long. This Is what it said: Watts. Cal.. March 8. 1907. To the President Chicago & Alton Railroad Dear Sir: About twenty Vears ago I rode on a freight train over your road from Mexico to Centralla. in Mis souri, and return. I gave the brakeman iu cents ror tne rides. The Board of Education, whose term of existence is about to close, held its last business meeting last night. Its next meeting will be Informal, merely to induct Its successor. Into office. The High V School Board adjourned; after transacting the business , before it, without delay. ; ' ' At roll call. Directors Cllf t and Wil cox did not respond. j j COMMITTEE REPORT. The first business , considered was the following report of the committee of school houses 'andjsites: 1. We have had under .consideration the contract Of Charles Roeth for the construction of the wood work of the Franklin SchooL After due consideration your committee would recommend that Mr. Roeth be allowed $1800 for balance due for work performed under this on tract, and that the contract be cancelled, this arrangement ..being : entirely satisfactory to Mr. Roeth It being understood that the $1800 is to be paid Mr. Roeth when a showing shall have been made that all claims of whatsoever nature against Mr. Roeth for labor or material furnished under the terms of the original contract, have been settled. 2. We would recommend that In order to hasten the completion of the Franklin School building, Frank Big-nami, the department mechanic, be authorized to purchase material and employ men to Complete the woodwork of the roof of the Franklin School building, and to place In position various window frames now on the ground. committee on school houses and sites be authorized to advertise for new bWs on the sub-contracts on the Franklin Schooi let oy Koeth and which the cancellation of his contract made void. As there were changes necessary in the sijeciflca tions the matter was referred back to the committee to prepare them and then ad vei usc iur Dias. ; ? SCHOOL SEWERS. An order from the Council directing the board to provide new sewer connec tions ror several schools called tortn protest from Director Redingrton on the ground that some of the schools nrtmea had been in .. existence tor over thirty years and there had never been any complaint lodsd against the efficiency Of the drainage. Requisitions for supplies Were all al lowed. JJirector Kedincton voun no, for u SAN DIEGO -PITCHER IS IN GREAT DEMAND t SAN DIEGO, March 19. That. the work of Frank Hosp, the San Diego Pickwick pitcher., has attracted some notice, even n outside cities, Is evidenced by the "fact that both "Seattle and Butte are very anxious to secure his services for the coming season. V Both - have sent him. contracts to sign and- in each case the salary Is tempting, so he says. . Hasp is a paying nursery business at Oceanside, and heretofore has been 'averse to leaving it for baseball, : ; COFFEE . Good , water is good; poor coffee is poor. A Schilling & Lympuny Zan Francisco amusements; Macdonough Thetffer Chaa. P. Hall, Sole Prop.' and Manager. Phone Oakland 87. , : Y - ' - . - . ';'j .' ' TONIGHT AND ALL NEXT WEEK , MATINEE TODAY I The Augustin Daly Musical Co. in "A COUNTRY GIRL" AND - "THE CINGALEE" i The Original Company of ' , 75 PEOPLE -75 From Daly's Theater, New Tork and Louden. PRICES i Matinee $1.50. $1.00. 75c. 53c. i Night 52.C0, $1.33, $1.00. 75c. 50c. SEATS ON SALE AT BOXOFFICB approximately $1700. 3. We would recommend that the Offer of Veitch Bros, to repair all dam If vou will let acre donp tn th wnndwnrk of tho Mnr- me know what the fare was I will gladly kt-street School building, and to corn-send it to you, God, requires restitution. fho iTl QWrtrisQTt .,th provisions of the amended plans and specifications of C. W. Dickey, for the sum of $11,372. be accepted, and the contract therefor awarded to Veitch Bros. This amount includes $810 for work made necessary by the change in the construction of the building, and It T DrJfl ciTTT?T?T5,T?TMfl includes also $9,005, being the amount ww ' wi I ilia nnjlal t-wa rrl t-ri n o 1 .it a . A uuu i . . v v ill' ' . i (h. 1 1 i c 1 vullMaLL, CL11U $1557. the amount allowed Veitch Rms. BERKELEY, March 19. Miss Lulu for repair of damage to buildinar. and Adele Hail, a senior student in the col- a certain (18) per cent of increase to lege of letters at the State University, partially compensate for the Increased died at 10:30 last night at the stu- cost of material and labor. dent's infirmary. Miss Hall had been 4. Certain extras were required on suffering for the last two months the Market-street School building on and I do not wish to leave anything stand netwecn me and uou. Yours truly, , Watts, Los Angeles county, California. The envelope was addressed to "the Chicago & Alton ticket office. DEATH RELIEVES from spinal trouble, and was removed from her home, 1600 Felt street, to I the college hospital two weeks ago. A UIT SKATING ON SIDEWALKS Such Is the Order That Has Been Issued by the Chief of Police. Chief of Police Wilson has tabooed skating in the business portion of the all skaters to keep off the sidewalks within the old fire limits. l he police have received numerous reports of reckless skating and the order tabooing the practice has there fore been issued. ENGAGEMENT OF however, on the demand made tablecloth. BOARD ROOM REPAIRS. The following report was submitted: "Your committee on furniture and supplies would recommend that the board rooms and the offices of the city superintendent Of . schools be cleaned, viv-nishedr retinted and furnished with linoleum to takethe place of the worn-out carpets. A rough estimate of the cost of this improvement is found to be $47i.' Director Crandall thought it ought to go to the Board of Public Works. Secretary McClymonds said the Board of Education had always done it befor--and paid for it, and it will have to pay for it now. The report was adopted. C. A. Fossett and lloyd Hughes were appointed assistant school census mar-shalls. NAMING A SCHfOOL. The question of naming the new school building at Thirty-ninth and Market streets was brought ip by Secretary Mc-Clvmonds who represented that the eoii- Thia work. w ar ajtaurpd. will post ! tractors, Cotton rotners. noun n.ru , kiioi tilt j uau i viawn u v kv"v crete wall where the name Was to b inserted. There being no time to submit the question to a regular meeting or to call a special meeting, he took upon Jiimseir the duty of calling ug, the 'several members of the board and getting tin: consent of the majority to the 'adoption of the name "Longtellow" which was cast into the wall and is there now. lie thought, however. It was necessary for the board to take. action on the matter to regularly adopt the name. Directors Ingler, Rogers and Wood opposed the name "Longfellow," the latter becau.se of the proximity of Berkeley's Longfellow school, Ingler thought the name of some local man note should be adopted and not the feme 07 some dead poet who never didfanything for this State or city. This called forth a vigorous defense of Longfellow's name and tiie relations of his works to the public school of the country. Director Woolner said, "The name Longfellow' sounds good enough to me. I don't think the adoption of the name could be improved by Benjamin Ide Wheelerizing it, so 1 move its adoption." The motion curried with only ingler's dissenting vote: HIGH SCHOOL BOARD. The Board then adjourned to meet as a High School board, President Pratt retaining the chair. Miss Portlo Collom's tuition fees were remitted on the petition of her father. J. Frank Collom that he had. just, removed a family of six from the New England States to California and the expense had crippled him. Bills approved by the finance committee were ordered' paid. The committee had omitted the biU of John Geary for sewer construction and Director Ingler wanted to know why. ' "Because," replied Director Rcdington. "the committee had either to drop Geary's bill or cause a deficit in the teachers' salary fund which is already short, and we decided. "Jhe added, "that it was easier for Geary to wait for his money than for any of the teachers." As a niotion was made to adjourn delay. President Pratt said he wanted to express his thanks to the boiird for having elected him as its president, because it had given him the opportunity and the pleasure to present his own daughter with a diploma on the occasion of her graduation. During the time we have been together,"- he added, "our relations have been pleasant. We have had differences of opinions, but those differences have been respected all round. Some are about to retire .to private, life and others have been elected by the people to take account of changed construction, such as three Iron frames for doors In the concrete walls, the cost being 10; wood to be set in the cement In order to fasten flashings, $25. We would recommend that these extras be allowed. Director Ingler suggested that the recommendations be taken ' up Seriatim. This course was taken. ROETH'S CONTRACT. Director Crandall wanted tn linnnj how much had been paid to Roeth on the Franklin School contract. Secretary McClymonds replied "something over J2000." , WANTS ADVANCE. Director Woolner. chairman of the committee, said Roeth represented that he couldn't carry out his contract owinc to the advance in wages and the cost. or materials sin.ee last April, without being paid 33 l-3?per cent more than tn. contract allowed hUfi. When the committee began to netrntl- ate with him for the .cancellation of his contract, Roeth claimed that he was en titled to J2S50. The committee compromised with him on $1800, which was a saving or J350 to the board. In th i IB 4 Wrttr 9 Playhouse Direction of H. W. Rlsho Phone Oak. 71 Tomght s 8 O'clock THE an Osr.os Cpsra Co. "LA BOHEME" Alice Nielsen, Sig. Constantino Oeyrem, etc. TOMORROW AFTERNOON , At 1:45 FAUST" with Mme. Nordica. .TOMORROW EVENING At 8 O'clock "CARMEN"' Miles Deyrene, TarquinL etc. SEATS $J.G0. $2.00, $1.50, $1.00. ! Beginning Thursday Evening. Bishop's Players in "The Strango Adventures of Miss Drown" Th'. international farce comedy success. To follow 'IN ARKANSAS." Opera House.' Direction H. W. Bishop. c!ty and has ordered patrolmen to warn final settlement the board will" be fully HER TROUBLES BERKELEY, March 19. Stuck deep In the mud, a fat Berkeley 'cow has brought about a revision, in barn construction. Several days ago this cow ventured too far from the back yard enclosure and became enveloped in the mire almost to her neck. The owner of the cow was unable to pul her out of the mud and did not know how to shelter her until the mud is dry enough- - to enable him to pull lier out with team, block and tackle. ." He at, last hit upon an idea of building a barn over her. This he has proceeded to do and today the animal Is almost enclosed with a rude shed. Within a few days the owner of the bovine expects to free her from her predjcamentv . - SUDDEN DEATH . ' WEST OAKLAND MAN PAID CLAIM. The Southern Pacific paid about S5000 for its gateman's negligence and Hawkyard received $3300 from the claim department, although a damage suit was not brought against the company. He has property in the city from which he receives $35 a month, and his wife also owns several flats across the bay. Hawkyard's family were In menace of his demented actions, for he would make dangerous threats and frequently lock the family out of doors. Good tea and coffee, part In buying and part in cooking Schilling's Best. eipecTbIts protected njrainst any outside claims pending through Roeth 3 default on the contract. On this showlnsr the board aereert unanimously to Cancel Roeth's contract. THE VEITCH CONTRACT. The rest of the committee's retort was adopted unanimously, without debate or comment, save an inquiry from Director Infirler reanrrlin t h , Vi.h Rma .n Mlbw KU(JKr KLfLtKK tract on the llaf-ket-slreet School build ing, from COLUMBUS I Was a grea.t discoverer and so are the mothers of gmeda County. The moment trie BUiy StlUP opened its doors they discovered that B wa the proper place to buy boys wearables. The instant success of the Boys' Shop is due mainly to the excellent values we give and to the large assortment of Boy' Clothing we carry. Our boys' SCHOOL SUITS at 83.45 have become renowned for their wearing qualities and their dressy appearance. Yhp Raws Shon g Washington Si cor. Tenth I Your Eoys Our Hobby Last Week ofthe Operatic Gem U Next Monday Evening "MAKOH" Full of Fun and Jolly Melody Secure your seats in advance at Sher- bian-Clay & Cn.'s, 13th and Broadway Do you Skate? idora Rink is the Piscc to Learn Adm. to Park and Rink 10c;skates 25c. rsirjw iLmis., Aiarcn i. Tne en gagement of Miss Ethel Goodsell Rock efeller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil liam Rockefeller to Marcellus Hartley Dodge, grandson of the late Marcellus Hartley is announced. nlnrd I hnsnpnk for our successors This called forth the exnln narfnn I i. nvm nrvurtonua irij t T Pnt - t H ii t tvo Director Woolner that It was re-lhv all received .ourselves. This Misrh garaea dj trie committee as the best I ..hooi board stands adjourned without sememeni wnicn naa Deen made with ! .i any of the school building contractors. NEW BIDS INVITED. Director Redingtoa moved that tho The retiring Board or Education will simply meet informally to induct Its successors into office. E TO STOPHDRSE Laundryman Dragged Through I Streets by Frantic Runaway Animal 1 Expect to Locate Kidnaped Child In the Next Twelve Hours. Within a few moments after complaining of a severe cold. John J. O'Leary, a tailor. 67 years of age, died suddenly last nlffht 'at his home. 804 Willow street. "O'Leary retired early In the evening, and ,hn,,t 4 -SO o'clock told his wife that he iifrerlnir as a result of a cold he v, onntmrted som days ago. Mrs --t ..on? irnta to obtain some medicine for her husband, but upon her return to hli room found that he had passed away. The remains were taken to the morgue, where an inquest will be held. ; ALASKAN LECTURE TO ; , BE-ILLUSTRATED A sterioptlcan lecture on Alaska will be given Wennesday at 7M5 p. m., in the Chapel" of the First Presbyterian church. Admission free.. Silver offering. - ' ;' - ERIE, Pa,' March 19. The peace authorities admitted this afternoon that the four-year-old eonr of Dr. Horace N. Marvin of Kftts Hammeck, uei., wno disappeared March 4 was in thlsclty or vicinity but refused to give any further information. " Authorities said to be unquestion able give the opinion that the kidnaped boy will be located in Erie within twelve hours. The manager of the Bell Telephone Company, also an nouncea tnis aiiernoon tnat ne had a record of a telephone message to Do ver but he did not know who used the telephone. Stars tie Elgutue of OA8TO It X A IM KM TOB Haw whs 9 SAID SHE WOULD , TRY "And you will think of me .when l am rone?" as teed the sentimental , Mr.. Stay-late. ' Til be glad to try," replied the fair maid as she glanced at the clock and attempted to strangle a yawn, "If you. will frtve ' tne . the . opportunity," Chicago , ..; . V - Always Keeps . Chamberlain's Cough . Remedy In His House. . "We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is kept .on hand continually In our home," - says W. ,W. Kearney, editor of the Independent. Low-ry City, Mo. That is lust 'what everv family should do. When kept at hand, ready for instant use, a cold may, be checked at the outset and cured in much less time than -after it has become settled in the system. This remedy Am also without a peer for croup m children, and will prevent the attack when given as soon as the child becomes hoarse, or even after the . eroupy cough appear. . which can only be done when the remedy 1 kept at nana. ror skio ; oy - mgooa - Bros. Broadway, corner of Seventh, and Wash ington, corner ot xwaato. DEATH READ PAPER ABOUT FRANZ LIZST, MASTER ALAMEDy. March 19. The music section of the Adelphlan Club met this morning in the parlors of the Unitarian church where Mrs. H. A. Heb-bard read a paper on Franz' Lizst. Mrs. Florence Trost and Harold Tehau played a number of the works of the famous composer. TRINITY CHOIR AT , THE GREEK THEATER BERKELEY, March 19. Under the direction of Louis N. Eaton, the choir of Trinity Episcopal church of San Francisco, will render the halfrhour of music in the Greek theater next Monday afternoon. AMERICAN LINE. .COLONIST HATF.S TCI NEW YORK. . PLYMOUTH, CHER- i Jl bouro, . Southampton. LfLrlf AJKMlrV ATLANTIC TRANSPORT LINE. BERKELEY, March 19. In an effort to stop a runaway horse on, Dwight way, endangering the Uyes of pedes trians, this morning, William Dalton, a driver for the Cascade Laundry Company, sustained bruises about the arms and shoulders and an ugly scalp wound. The frantic animal ' came running etc , down th street attached to a coal Travelers checks over tne woria NEW TORK, LONDON DIRECT LEYLAND LINE. BOSTON. LIVERPOOL. RED STAR LINE. NEW YORK, DOVER, ANTWERP. WHITE STAR LINE. NEW YORK. ' QUEENSTOWN, LIVER - - .POOL; NEW YORK, PLYMOUTH, CHERBOURG. SOUTHAMPTON. BOSTON, QUEENSTOWN, LIVERPOOL, FROM NEW YORK and BOSTON To the MEDITERRANEAN via Azores, Issued available all wagon, in an instant uaiton naa i crowded his own vehicle -against the curb. The maddened animal swerved In .the same . direction and the two wagons came together. Dalton was thrown violently to the pavement, but quickly recovered himself and gave, chase to the runaway., Catching the1 horse by the bridle, Dalton was drag-eed nearly . a block before he could bring the animal to a stop. ' A TIN SERVICE G. N. KOEPPELT Passenger Agent Pacific Coast, Room 207 Monadnock Building, San Francisco. PERSIAN NERVE ESSENCE RESTORES VITALITY Have cured thousands of cases of Nervous Debility and Insomnia. They clear the brain, strengthen the circulation.' make digestion perfect and Impact a magnetic vigor to the whole being. ; All drains and losses topped permanently." $1.00 . per box; S boxes, gujtranieea to cure or refund money. J 5, Mailed sealed. Book free. Persian Med. Co.. 935 Arch street. Phila delphia. Sold by Owl Drug Co.. Oakland and Baa Francisco. AMUSEMENTS. After the Show Try our delicious Welsh Rarebit with a glass of sparkling Pabst Blue Rib bon or Imported Pilsner. Pabst Cafe Restaurant and Family Resort 474-476-478 Eighth Street, Oakland-Superior German and American Cooki.ia BOWJ LINGi Ssvsn modern, fully equipped alleys allays for ladies. Special" rates for ertis. ' Qaktentl Bowling Alleys 5C6 THIRTEENTH ST. Near Clav St. HOTELS. Via SOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES. Daily, March 1 to April 30, 1907. From Sioux City $27.00 Council Bluffs 25.00 Omaha 25.00 St.. Joseph 25.00 Kansas City 25.00 Leavenworth f. 25.00 Denver v 25.00 Houston 25.00 St. Louis" 30.00 New Qrieans 30.00 Peoria.. 31.00 Pittsburg . . 42.00 Memphis 31.6& Bloomington 32.00 St. Paul 34.90 Chfcago 33.00 New York .... 50.00 Boston and other Eastern points 49.90 The cost of a ticket can be depos-. ited at once with any Southern Pacific agent in California, and the ticket will be furnished to the passenger in the East, while "these low rates are in effect. , -. . G. T. FORSYTH, ' . ''- D.' F. and P. A. Corner' Thirteenth and Franklin streets. Phone Oak. 543. THE NOVELTY The Theater Beautiful Broadway, Bet. 11th and 12th Cta. Phone Oakland 2795. OAKLAND'S LEADING VAUDEVILLE HOUSE The Novelty Thcnte- Co. (Inc), Prop., Tony Lubelskl, Prc?idont. Guy C. Smith, Manager. Continuous Performances Every Afternoon and Evening. Afternoons. 1:30 to 5 o'clock; Evenings, 7:15 to 11:15 o'clock. Affiliated with the Sullivan -Considlne. largest circuit of vaudeville theaters in the world. STH ST. THEATER NEAR BROADWAY. High Class Vaudeville, Eight Xew Acts Weekly. Matinee Daily at 3:30; Evening, 7:15, 8:30 and 9:30. 4 Entire Change of Program Weekly. S. HADJI. Manager BELL THEATER Week of March 18. 1907. A featuro vaudeville uroRram designed especially- for the pleasure of children and the lovers of dogs. COIN'S FAMOUS TRAINED DOGS, Present insr the Hnimal drama, "IT HAPPEN ED IN COCVLE." Sevon Other Vaudeville Acts. Prices, 15 and 25 cents. LAKESIDE RINK 12th St., between Webster and Harrison TONIGHT Two-step- Contest. Wednesday Evening March 20 Fifth Prize Grand MaHquerade Skating CarnN val. i MASQU-NIGHT One-mile race aiso. METROPOLE 13th and Jefferson bis., Oakland A perfectly appointed hotel. Permanent and transient jruests. Tel, ph-.ne In every room: bteam heat and open fires. Splendid facilities for banquets. - etc. Estimates promptly given. . Rates reasonable, inform, iion n request R. M. BRIARE. Proprietor. 'RACING New California JocKey Ciob The ATHENS ERST BL D TRAVEL. TRAVEL, 1 SANT FRANCISCO. ' . March 19. Heavy rains In the Sacramento Valley have blocked traffic on the Southern Pacific lines to the east by way of Og den and no trains are running. In ad dition to the washout near Floriston there is a blockade at. Summit caused by the collapse of a portion of the j snowshed. Teleraph wires are flown over the mountains and no Information can -be rotten east of Cisco. - The 'valley? line Is clear and ' trains are ' running to' Los Angeles but the Coast line is blocked at Pajaro by a washout which may be repaired by nihtfail. : - WABASH R, R. GO. Niagara Falls Short; Una TOURIST SLEEPING CAR SERVICE Chicago to New York and New England Points -' : V Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. V . i I. R. ROBINSON, General Agent. . ! TEMPORARY OFFICE FERRY BUILDING. FOOT OF MARKET ST. ' - SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. - r Oakland's Nw 'Hotel t Broadway, near 16th St., Pastofnce. Modern and first-class In every detail. Electric- lighted. tea at tea ted; telephone in every room; fc:rv!ir uneoualed. JOHN B. JORDAN. eroe. RESORTS. Byron Mot Springs 'America's Greatest Cpa, one of the best hotels In the State, i Waters that cure, and delightful environment. . Week end excursions $7.50 from San Francisco and return. Including two day at hotel, use of mineral baths and waters.-: Send your family If you cant go youraelf. . 'Address "Manager, Byron Hot Swings Hotel. Cat. Highland Springs - LAK CO. ror rest and health, for cleaAlinaa; chinate und accommodation atar.da ua-urpaased of all summer . resorta. Rates 1I.0. J14.0 and tl.o4 per week. or luU particulRrs address - i . Jl. ROBEBTSOH. -r, . J Oaliiand RaceTracK lx or mora racea each week day. rrls or ahlne. 1 ; Races commence at !:4o p m.enarpw THOMAS II. WILLIAM3. President. CforthQemanAioyd. FAST EXPRESS SERVICE. ' rLTMOUTH CHERBOUKO-UREM El. K. Wm. 11. MarchlKronprinz. prll 2J, 12. 5:30 AM noon. f Kronprinz, March 23,!Ka1ser. May7. 10AM 1 1JM K. Wm. 11.,; May 14, . Ka'fer. Apr.2. 10 AMI 7:20 A.M I K. Wm. II., Apr. 9,'Kronprln2. ; Mny 2X. ,1 PM I 10 Al TWIN-SCREW PASSENGER SERVICE. BREMEN DJRKCT at 10 A, M. Casael Mar. E8!GneiRcnati...Apr. 1( Parmiadt..Mar. 30 iOWenFbrsr; 27 Kurfuerst..Apr. 4 1 Chemraltz U.Mny Main ....Apr. 11 1 Dangtadt !...May 4 Calls at Plymouth and Cherbourg. MEDITERRANEAN SERVICE. GIBKAt-TAR-NAPLKS-GE.NOA. AT 11 A. M. ! Nerkar ....March lfilp.-Irene .'...April 20 K Luine.... March 23Neckar .Apr. -Z7 K. Albert.. ...April lBarbarDP8a....May 4 Friedrich .. April 13iK. Luls....,May 11 Onrtts Oanoa. . rrom Brwmen Piers. M and 4th St. Hotok N. O. LLOYD EXPRESS SERVICE. Marseilles Naples Alexandria. German M-dlfcerranewnLevant Line. Marselliee Genoa via Naples to the fcevant. ROYAL ROUMANIAN MAIi. STEAMERS. - . Constansa Conatant'nople-Smyrna-f ' Alexandria.. i ....... North German Lloyd Travelers Checks Oood all Over the: World. OELRICHS & CO., 5 Broadway, N. T ROBERT CAPELXE. G A. P. C.. 7M Van Nese Ave., near Ed iy St.. San Francisco. - Telephone Franklin 1X2. . 4

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