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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Swapson. on the grounds of desertloit and failure to provide. Mrs. swanson At Moran's you can select a stylish suit for NOT AN ORDINARY SUIT, BUT ONE THAT IS WORTH $12.50 AND THAT HAS ALL THE VIRTUES IN CUT AND STYLE OF A $20.00 1 SUIT. IN A FEW WEEKS.

EVERY TABLE WILL BE NEEDED FOR THE DISPLAY OF NEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS AND THAT'S OUR ONLY REASON FOR MAKING THIS GREAT OFFER. Round about San Francisco Bay it is estimated there are 73.000 houses, and into two-thirds of thtse houses we have put the furniture, that has changed them into homes. WE ARE REAL HOME-BUILDERS THE BUILDERS OF COMFORT AND CONTENTMENT. There are an average of 7 homes a day going up about the bay, ind to every family struggling to own its own furniture and ultimately its own home we havt this offer to make: WE WILL FURNISH THAT HOME UPON THE SMALLEST DEPOSIT ASKED BY ANY HOUSE IN.THIS CITY, ACCEPT THE LIGHTEST PAYMENT AND CHARGE THE LOWEST PRICES. Try us and see if we do not keep pur word.

Parasols Extra rota $1.00 up Dressy Serge Suits alleges that she and her husband, shortly after their marriage in Indiana in June 1899, paid a visit to her parents in Sweden and that there her husband left her without warning. Later a daughter was born, for the custody of whom Mrs. Swanson prays. Christina Lewis began suit for divorce today against W. S.

Lewis on the ground of desertion. The pair have two children. Maud Giudice. a married daughter now living at Los Angeles, and Albert Lewis, aged twenty. SECRETLY DIVORCED.

LOS AXGEX.ES, July 14. J. F. Cornel-ison lor a number of. years carried on business in this city as real estate agent.

Recently he left the city, but his wife brings him Into prominence again by a suit Just begun in the Superior -Court. Mrs. Annie E. Comelison asks for annulment of the divorce granted her husband. Both Mr.

and Mrs. Cornelison, before lived at Hiawatha, where the parents of -both, as well as other relatives, lived. Early In 1884 Cornelison left for Los Angeles, but bu-fore doing so became engaged to the woman who later became his wife. She was a widow at that time with two children, but when Cornelison went away he persuaded her to leave her children with the home folks and join him in Los Angeles. They were married in that city Weathered Oak China Closet Glass mirror and leaded work on- top (like cut).

Regular $3500. Special this week. $21.50 Si 'ft lltl 2 Just such suits as would eost $25.00 to make to or der and we guarantee perfect fitting. Golden Oak Extension Table-Heavy rope twist' cable legs. 6 feet, regular $12, sptcial $8.00.


Special 3-piece Hardwood Birch Mahogany Finish Bedrcx Set Full size double bed. Dresser with double curved top drawers. Large French bevtl plate mirror. Regu 3 jj on July 14. 188.

Mrs. Cornelison says that on January this week I A xoou, Idling I returned to her children, so as to make $4.75 lar 545.00. 3 pieces. Special this week $32.50 Pretty and Dainty Parlor, J. T.

MORAN Oakland's Leading Clothier 1017 Broadway Cor. Eleventh or Bedroom a livelihood ror tnem and nerseir. tin claimed that he could not -support her, but promised that so soon as she got settled and he could dispose of his business he would follow her. she discovered that he haa been granted a divorce on November 30, 1896, and -that she has been wasting postage stamps and her affection on n. man no longer her husband.

It is said he filed an affidavit alleging that she had deserted him. SUICIDE RECALLED. SAN JOSE, July 14-. A divorce suit filed today by Claude Simpson against Christiana Simpson recalls the suicide oi Edward S. Johnston, a ealoon keeper, on April 8, 1903.

At that time Mrs. Simpson was posing as the wife of Johnston. Receptio Chair Coy ered in an as Golden hanging plate, cup sortment of and saucer Tack, bpecial 65c colors of Onyx Brass Tables. To close out what we have all reduced from $2.50 up. Lmasks, pape- tnes and vel our fabrics $5.50 Rattan gasket weave; gives' to" the weight of the body and insures com Canvas Reclining and Adjustable Sleepy Chnir Can ba used for the deck, veranda or camping-.

A lucky buy placed us In possession of several hundred below The Ajax Sanitary Metal Couch. Can be made single, three-quarter or double size bed. Can also be mahogany finish. Regular The Fountain of Youth Sideboard. Solid oak.

French plate mirr6r. Curved cutlery and linen drawers. $22.50 value. used as a couch or settee. Special $2.00 value; cost of manufacture.

Positively sold elsewhere foi $1.00. Our special special 55c price $7.00 UP Special. $700 to $5-50 to $450 to $6.00 to reduced $4.00 reduced reduced reduced $325 Simpson in the divorce proceedings charges his wife with extreme cruelty and intemperance, and that in November 1902, her acts were such that she caused him to leave his home. There is one child, five yearsojd, Ernest C. Simpson, whom he has always had the care of, ana he asks for the child's custody.

For some months before Johnston kill CALIFORNIA -WOOL BLANKETS 11-4 size, a finesoft pure wool, woven into a heavy, warm blanket, choice of pink or border. are bound with silk. Regular $6.00 lines on sale and Vigor that has been sought for to eagerly could be found In Lager Beer. The best way to remain young Is to keep up your constitutional strength with a good, pure, and Invigorating Beer like that brewed by the BUFFALO BREWING COMPANY OF SACRAMENTO. In hot weather it Is both food and drink and Is always palatable.

One Immense floor devoted 10 Dlning-JJoom pieces alone. $3.95 ed himself Mrs. Simpson had openly declared she was the wife of Johnston, say ing that the ceremony was performed by a Catholic clergyman. After the suicide she stuck to the story, but it wa3 shown to be false. 'Mm.

DECLARE COMPANY POnTfEIlES AiVFJ COICH COVERS Handsome Oriental styles, beautiful oolor effects, woven so either side is effective; 60 -'inches wideband 3 yards lone, ends are fringed: actual value 14:60: HANSEN KAHLER ALAMEDA COUNTY AGENTS Eighth and Webster Streets, Oakland KAZOOK COUCH COVERS 3 yards long, 60 Inches wide; heavy tapestry, woven into a handsome Oriental design: antique effectl will tone in with most any color; cur regular $6.00 line on "sale B.t. $3 85 we will offer thero at 83.00. or 1.50 Bo Need for Bart Floors with Carpets for IS RESPONSIBLE. Last night an Inquest was held lh the Cablt nat Salt at That Prlcat case of Horace A. Horton, who was in stantly killed by coming in contact with I Curtains a live telephone wire.

The inquest was held at the home of the deceased, 1820 Thirteenth avenue. East Oakland, by Judcp. Ouinn. Tape6try Carpets, 65c Velvet Carpets, new grade, yd. 05c Body Brussels, Axminstcr Carpets, yd.S1.a5.

Printed Linoleum, 45c Full wfdth, 354 yds. long, plain center, with dainty and effective -border side and ends; $3-50 Tt your choice. u)li7J "THE CREDIT HOUSE' 233-235-237 POST ST "The Biggest Furniture House on the Pacific Coast'? day to diminish their sufferings while the, poor women of Paris burned their The mswi fasni co. w-ooden bedsteads for warmth and the farmer in the country burned his fruit trees for fuel. Under this order of CELEBRATE THE FALL OF THE things, the fields were left uncultivated 902 BROADWAY Have Just received two carloads" of and farms deserted.

The lights of Paris ever serving as a beacon light From the evidence taken It is oeuevea that Horton was attempting to repair his telephone and in doing so came in contact with the uninsulated wire which was running into his house about three feet from the ground. It was at first thought that the telephone wire that Horton was repairing came in contact with a heavily charged electric light wire. This theory, however, was shown to be false by the testimony of a lineman, who eaid the day after the accident he traced the telephone wire for several blocks and could find no section of it coming in contact with the electric wire. The jury gave the following verdict In the case: "We find that Horace A. Horton's death was caused by a shock of electricity accidentally received by the deceased from coming Into contact with an overcharged naked telephone wire of the Sunset Telephone Company, which entered his house dangerously close to the ground, and it is the opinion of the jury that had said company not run such wires so near the ground said accident would no.t have occurred and said company is- responsible for the death." The following were the.

members of the jury: C. W. Courtwright. foreman; A. S.

Haas. Leo Burchard, Chris Philllpson, Charles Goodall. A. C. B.

Read, D. B. Barker, J. Anderson and J. B.

McDonnell. attracted tpe discontented from the country and. toward them the opressed marched the unresting feet only to be met with a condition In Paris even worse than that which had been left BASTILE. behind. DISCONTENT.

"The murmers of discontent against the established order of things became great privileges which, while they benefited the classes were prejudicial to the masses. "But extensive territory acquired by power of force and armed soldiery was not easily governed" or retained under the conditions prevailing in France and with the passing of time, came changes which materially affected the government of France. Nearly all the territory acquired during that time was retaken or flung away, and in France, republic succeeded monarchy until today, after several changes of governmental form the Third Republic established in the year 1870 bids fair to survive and through it are to be realized the hopes and aspirations of the people in their efforts to secure a government which shall afford freedom of action as well as protection at home and abroad. "France has braved many storms; its people are impulsive and generous; it has experienced perplexity and despair and felt sorrows of despotism and the -joys of freedom; has experienced the defeat of its armies as well as world-wide victory. "It is to be hoped that France shall, under a republican form of government survive to the end of time; that her rulerswill heal the ills that the republic is heir tosby remedies, prompted by delivered a forcible address this afternoon, and who, among other things said M'ELROY'S SPEECH.

"The United States of America has just celebrated the anniversary of the Independence of its people. In the great cities, in towns and villages, throughout this grand republic, the Fourth day of July in each recurring year is observed and, with pomp, parade and enlivened circumstance of national pride, with song and story and attended by every manifestation of joy, there is attested a love of country which pervades all hearts and a grati tude for the blessings of liberty bequeathed by the fathers of this republic. IMPORTANT EVENT. "Scarcely have the echoes of this celebration died away and the wheels of industry, for the moment stopped, begun to turn, giving activity In all the marts of trade, wlten another people, raises on high the standard of liberty and commemorates the greatest event in its history, an event, which, by concensus jOf opinion is one of the most important events-fn annals of all time. "The Fourth day of July is dear to the heart of the American citizen; and the fourteenth dav of July is en- DE- ominous and rumbled throughout the land.

The torch of liberty had already been lighted by the American colonists in their struggle with England and the gleam of its rays had penetrated across CITY. ATTORNEY M'ELROY i LIVERS ORATION AT consisting of the latest patterns which they are placing on the. market at good value. If Interested give us- a calL i Headquarters for the Celebrated Buswell'a Pure Paints. the ocean and even brought to the SHELL MOUND.

American standard, in the season of its adversity, the personal help of the dauntless Lafayette and material ELECTION OF French aid. In those days. Imprison ment- without trial was the measure of law and the citizens cried In vain for r. WESTERN CLUB. justice.

FLORAL DESIGNS I WAR OF REVOLUTION. "Under circumstances such as these revolution burst upon France and IN OAKLAND 52S GILL'S FLORAL DEPOT swept all before it It overthrew the order of procedure long settled and the face of the coAtinent of Europe was One hundred and fifteen years- ago. the Bastile fell in the city of Paris and with it crumbled the dynasty of France into a revolution which made the btreets run with blood. anniversary of this thrilling event is being celebrated today in Mound Park by French people Of Oakland and San Francisco. An elaborate program comprising vocal and instrumental music and dancing is being carried out and a large crowd is in attendance enjoying to the utmost, features for their delectation.

The celebration will be continued this evening when the exercises will com snrined the memory of the "Sons of France. It is" beautiful and Kroner that visibly affected by the glorv and rthe memory of great national achieve matchless valor of French arms. The change was greoat and rapid. The unspoken the wants of years, Last evening the Western Athletic Club of Alameda gave Its second vaudeville entertainment in the Neptune Gardens Wigwam. On Tuesday evening the semiannual election of officers was held and the following were chosen: President.

F. J. Croll; vice-president. E. G.

Williams; secretary, E. von Tagen; treasurer, Henry Vollmer; captain, Edward Hartley; lieutenant captain, Edward Lovejoy; ser-geant-at-arms. G. B. Hartley executive committee, F.

A. Stahl; E. von Tagen and Edward Lovejoy. $100 REWARD, $100. GEE OUR NEW STOCK WALL PAPER OF LATEST DESIGN the dumb desires were given utterance by tongues of thousands.

Ancient Rome in season of disturbance was repeat ed. The people thronged the 'streets JUST ARRIVED FROM THE EAST L. N. COBBLEDICK BROS. INC.

401 TW.ELFTH STREET FRESCOING, PAPERING. AND ALL INTERIOR OEC ORATIONS. of Paris and stood In vast throngs to watch the progress of events, to participate in scenes of turmoil, to shout prise a grand concert, a brilliant diSvl with joy when the wails of an ancient monarchy trembled and to give ap play of fireworks, gorgeous illumination and dancing, up to midnight. The orator of the day was John E. McElroy, t-ity attorney of Oakland who plause or condemnation to the rapidly moving figures engageu In shaping the oestiny of a regenerated people.

RIGHTS OF MAN. Mil IMl love of their fellowmen 'and not in storm or prejudice the still voice that speaks to the conscience may liberty be preserved and flourish throughout the land, protecting all who live within the limits of the republic regardless, of color, race or religion. May the silken sheen of a glorious France never be shadowed by oppression, arrogance, or infringement upon the rights of man, but let her move onward and upward, ever cheered by the example of the "United States of America, the harbinger of the weak and oppressed, taking from the past the griefs that furrow memory and realizing at every step the blessing of a perfect and exalted freedom." GOT STONE FOR BREAD. "The people asked for bread and were given stone. The genius of industry and thrift was discouraged amidst great and open poverty.

While the rich grew richer, the poor became poorer. The material condition of the people, smarting under most exhorbitant exactions in the guise of taxes, was extremely miserable and fast becoming unbearable. During the year preceding the fall of the Bastile. three thousand four hundred persons were imprisoned for failure to pay taxes on salt, while, at the same time, the poor peasants poured the wine of their vinyards into the river because of inability to pay the tax levied upon them therefor. SUFFERED FOR WANT OF FOOD.

"Whole families were without food, and the hungry lay abed most of the One Bottle Cures! it is wrvr cn Miiru wHAT vftn The readers of "this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages and that is Catarrh: Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh "Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in 'doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials.

Address i F. J. CHENEY' CO. Toledo. O.

Sold by Druggists, 73c. Hall's Family Pills are the best. PAY AS WHAT YOU GET FOR McBurney's YOUR MONEY. ments should be perpetuated, not only by recordation on the cold pages of history but by a national tradition which permeates the whole people and hands down from parent to child the spirit which actuated those who have gone before and weaves into the accomplished fact the living reason of its being. LESSON OF LIBERTYV "It Is proper that, wherever or whenever, the children of men are released from unjust governmental bondage or iniquitous imposition that their free spirits unite in joyous exultation in honor of the victory and that they, in in common assembly, commeorate the passing of tyranny, holding up their children and to the world the lessons of their experience in the hands of those who may chance to possess it as a heritage.

MISGOVERNMENT. "You assemble here, today, to celebrate the fall of the Bastile. More than a century has passed over the people of France since that memorable event of the fourteenth day of. July. 1789.

Through this great stretch of time, however, may still be viewed the reasons for its fall. That ancient castle stood a monument to an Ignoble government, a menace to a poor oppressed people, an enemy to the promptings of liberty then awakening in the hearts of the populace and the men of Paris determined that it should be leveled to the ground though, with its fall, would tumble a weak and despised monarchy. For many years preceding the revolution, the people of France were the victims of misgovernment, a government that recognized class distinctions and gave to those wbo basked in the light of the throne, and those who belonged to the orders of nobility Kidney $40.50 net $36.50 net $32.50 net $28.50 net $50.00 $45 $40.00 $35. OO If- and "The waves of ambition, the tides of uncertainty and gloom, the storms of revenge, and the Imprisoned feelings of unhappy years gathered underneath the eternal stars, which: shone above disordered France during those terrible months, while, at the same time, under the changing forms of government, the people dearly cherished the principles of liberty and yearned for. proper recognition of the rights of man.

BONAPARTE. "Gradually order was established and the-people regained governmental composure. Under the leadership of the greatest military genius the world has ever known, kings and princes bowed submission to the colors of 'France and listened with humble attention to the dictates of that great soldier. Napoleon Bonaparte. This military genius, the greatest the world has ever known, within one year and a half from the time of assuming- charge of affairs by dint of his all-conquering genius, had raised France from prostration and anarchy, silenced her enemies, mastered Europe and within bis far-flung: battle-line' had -inscribed upon the history of France a roll of victories such as Jena, Austerlitz, and a hundred more." Bladder Cure $25.00 WHEELS POR $17.75 net They are all standard makes.

Call" and see them. Repairing a specialty. Enameling and Japannmg, Fire Vulcanizing. Full line of. sundries.

-4- STOniA. i Tin Kind Yob Haw Always Bongfil 1 hm nan Bewt the F. SAlOnONSON S. W. Csr.

Twelfth and Franklin Oakland, Cal." Phone Red 7252 5 A certain and thorough, ear for ptaa In the small of the bck. tone In the bladder. Brlghfs disease, female troubles. Incontinence of urine, brick dust deposit, bed-wettlcs of children, gravel saB tones, thick, turbid, frothy nrlne. dropsy, diabetes, rheumatism.

Send 25c In 2c stamps to W. F. McBumey, 2ZS S. Spring" St, Los Angeles, for 6 days' treatment. Regular size, prepaid, $L60.

For sale by all druggiet. Tea We are friend to you and your grocer; faithful to both. Schilling's Best is a good foot-rule to measure him with. 1560 Don't fail to tee the carload of new STEIN WAY BABY GRAND pianos at SHERMAN, CLAY d. Broadway at 13th.


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