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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 12

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
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what the real intent of this LaDore contends that the other trus- led by the Democratic majority ac- lually want to Ore Saptone for personal 'and political reasons and for what they pi see as poor performance and are nsing the ibarter change to accomplish what civil them from I service laws may prevent hearing did noUupondin depth to charges The supporters have said that the difficulties encountered in August when the federal Economic Development Admlnis-tration(EDA) earmarked $032000 for public wests projects tor Part Chester convinced them that an engineer not a an-' perintendent was -rfA Sapione had planned a vacation at the mPmK oiq pjuwea yciw mic Graham ri Edward Wiliam Fitx-simmons died of an apparent heart attack Monday while working at the WiK' Ham GrShsm Funeral uim It urinim rnwf her of the NatibfMl Funeral Directors Aaaodatlon and attended School of Embalming jn- Sajrione cannot be fired under civil New York City uk mvIml tin InterlmViIlige liinager Home! In Rye which he He wa Pfriihlooer of CIP be proLaDore Blant would cancel the vacation on owned and operated for if the Church of the Resurrec-' ifA'K that failure years thxtln Rye and than 2Sjrujrs as a' of for Poningo Hook and Ladder -i He was 60 and resided St dO Fulton Ave in Rye- certain conditions including the hiring of a consultant overtime for secretaries and a letter from the board exonerating him from blame if the project applications were rejected due to mistakes caused by the haste of preparing them -v -Dxakik summarising the board's feel-' lng at the time has labeled the demands Adds apparent to handle his workers to the satisfaction of several trustees has also motivated them to seek Ms ouster LaDore has not specified what moves Sapione has made or not made in the kallv divided public works force but has V' kUuded to the displeasure of several Dem- 4 dcratic trustees with re fesal to 5 Mr- Fitzsimmons who Fire Company of Rye" Ht sy had worked In the funeral waa also a-member of the home most of his Hfe Rye Lions Club ceived his' license at the A graduate of Rye High HwS5ii rrrTirTmT Mackmair and noted that call age or si tie moaover mejscnooi mr finmiMrf tor outside help demonstrated the need for funeral borne in 1963 on the served with someone in bis place who could draw up death of Ms aunt Honora World War and overtime in pari place' World Wu II for six yekrs layoffs years Rafnre villaae luniier nm 'Before village manager government UWv'irds voted in by Pete endum in 1971 Jobs In additionF to his mother' he Is survived by his wlfe Eleanor Hogen id the public works department and overtime hours were significant patronage plums for an incoming admin--Utration f-s-o v'But Tuesday right LaDore charged Graham the widow of the founder William Graimm Mr FltfsimmoM wm' Fitzsimmons towfaom he borii March 2 til? in New wu married Dec 1 1950 st V' York City the son of Ella Resurrectlonr two sisters Graham Fttssimmou i of Ella F- Fituimmops and Rye who survives and of -v Mrs Jean Hitchcock both the late Edward F1tx-y of Ryef a brother Wil-simnlons'-'''A'''- liam'-H Fitzsimmons of He wu a membff of the- Houston Tex v' New York Funeral Direcr He wu the fathtf of tors Association and at- Robert Graham FIttsim-tended school in Evanston- moo who died of leukemia HI for manager of funeral wMIe attending Duke Uni-: homes He alsq wu a mem- 1 yersity lut February cypw 'tbit the charter change wu actually an attempt to and abort the vO-lage manager tom of by moving an unwanted employe if Under the manager law LaDore said the manager has the authority to hire and fire is the first step toward the elimination of the village manager form of LaDore said I read the referendum vote the people voted for vil-lage manager government because they wanted to keep the trustees out of the day-tonday operations and the handling of LaDore pointed out that Democratic majority leader McCrary handed Village Manager Michael Ritchie a list of "priorities" when he was appointed in September ftf- project appHcatiofis without consultants lasillp uid agreed that we need an engineer But I think this needs more dls-' -v i LaDore had complained that no written report feom Ritchie on the and com of hiring an engineer" had been made and that the board had not had time to analyse the idea before timecharter change wu drafted Connrily and IaslUo promised that Sa-pfone be able to give his side of the a decision wu made- But 8apfone's lawyer-Monroe Mann added another upect to the debate when he told the board Tuesday that if they went ahead with the charter change he would file personal damage suits against each of them on behalf In federal court' -v Mapn urged the board to research a federal law that he uid prevents them from using a change in a law to accomplish something Indirectly that they are otherwise barred from doing directly Mann contends that If the trustees actually want to get rid of Sapione through the charter change: the federal courts could force each of the trustees to personally pay Sapione damages for their faith Mann uid" By your action setting the public hearing date you an setting in motion a series of events It is no secret that we are talking about an individual You can not use a legal procedure to arrive at an Improper Nevertheless the board voted to set the hearing date with only LaDore dissenting The trustees may hold one or several meetings before that time to debate the matter Ritchie win be preparing the report that Ladoro sought and Blant wiH be researching the federal law cited by Mam to determine if the board is actually in legal Jeopardy Miller rof- the bbme'ad-'vf: dress six children: Edward Miami': FIa'? Tbomu of Hermou Beach Calif Timothy of 32 Fox Island Road Prat Chester Terence of Maguire Air Force Base Mrs Lerice (Joan) Dun of St Petersburg Fla' and Mrs Patricia Ann Bou-choux of Newport News v-' -V Also two sisters Mrs Lillian Schaeffer of Pau-dena Calif and Mrs Elisabeth Shepherd of Mootau five grandchildren and one Edward Carhart 71 of 47 Croton Avei Tarry-town died Monday night in Phelps Memorial Hospital where he had been a patient for 1 days A resident of Tanytown for 29 years he wu a mechanic and shop steward at Westchester Concrete Tar- rytown until he retired in 1169 He was a communicant of Transfiguration Church Tanytown He was born in Brooklyn June 7 1906 son of Edward and Mary Reynolds Tillott Carhart' Surviving are' Me wife' the former Marguerite with the replacement of the public works superintendent with an engineer prominent LaDore said Tuesday be(Ritchie) Is told after being on the Job for less than two hours to abolish the superintendent of public works then he Is not going to be a professional non-political manager" think making a drastic he Jim Sapione is notching Ms Job then bring Mm up on charges" McCrary and Pierro denied charges and stated that in executive sessions held to discuss fate LaDore had uid he wu in favor of the change to an engineer Fusco agreed saying LaDore was now use near elec- GaGardner dkyle S-ferdnet Mof College ln Washingtoo 2204 Stratford Road Lan- DC 4 cuter Pa died Monday In Pennsylvania she afternoon In Lancuter wu a member of me Over- -j General Hospital after a look Country Club Womens wg five-month bout with can- Golf Association and the Brikaeu 1' PwnihlltiHlB tv 'h(i -ir-v Golf club case dismissed with a golf dub and had argiied earlier id the aDd then In foe Lancaster yJikr hUiUhd pr Wil- qT i A 1 V1 t- iL i I An asuult charge agahut a Port Chester mas accused of striking a missed umbrella womaa if 1 1 i evening but separated without violence according to police mmv iwvnwni Mmwvi hmor feroNur of FtarincB Oartv Mm turvIVM Marflvn Mtf 6m JdhmoiL dMBhltf in IIIQPNwTWl Of gwSi Ml vmn NV Lm mm wmwiBiy pt pum dnr Hand Mam i Drago uim NrNr nwmwr of Mww and PitfruXhr at Mis Om Lavv jyvfcwMGgOLT DAVll IMC NYiiaWwLn'f County 'Da-School ahevnm Gardner a veteri-Uved in Lancaater lSyura nariaii Hvu at foe home teddreu wlfo their son: Bore In Tarrytown Sept Scott Also surviving are a gl 1639 shews foe daugh- brother CK Button of ter of CJL and Ruth Him- SnriuflekL Mass and two mond Sutton 4 They Hve StmTltis J- Howard at 728 Milton -Road Rye (Nancy) McCabe of Cocos She wu a graduate of Beach FU and Mrs Alan Irvington High School end goe Etoworth of Pleas-Marjorle Webst: Junior ioie Mary Cmurfffc' Mary A Cunniffe 77 a Hrir first husband': Charles Cavanagh died in 1946 She married Bernard TESTA Kdnwad of Wtadrida' ri iuiv iwann gwoviv iwpwm Hanison AAa Thursday i GrsooryttwG Auadj am Great hu after the victim withdrew her complaint The charge against A1 Braxton of 6 East Broadway wu dropped Thursday after Angels Plummer of the same address uid she did not want to prosecute forfoer Asst Dtet- Atty Andrew Rabin uid Police said Mbs Plummer told them that Braxton Mt her over foe bead when she returned to her apartment shortly after mid- right on Nov 16 The two 11 Lam 1 ilia HARRISON HARRISON ihisn)iv Paulists elect CanadlaiiL NEW YORK (AP) -The Rev WQfrid Dewan 41 hu been' elected president ri the Paullst Fa theTO nMrylalHolyTiia Mnni laWnwd Giadav Nw sdnaflrNEILL I tapodna O'NEILL tooatna FUN 1 HOME Harrlaon whara may vnif Tuatdav and 1 day 1-4 and pm WiV KSXI wy COotiaaed fram page eee hospital in the Bran wu hired the'new president Adamec uid today that Drago'a reinstatement chief of medicare would be effective for one year or until affiliation with the Cornell Medical School can be negotiated NV1' to triM offlcenext May sue- former SS-year resident of i ceeding foe Rev- Tbomai Rye died Sunday at the HmaaConn ft Bwdwr Fu Are Mtw ml ChrMlm Mama Church Va thundav am Kaailca Camatary Nina Church 1 7 'Thundav am FStranaky CUNNIFFE SSmSmSt frnigibutlpninyymmada reww nonvi Niwvf RnniwnGi andMra John tdattvl at Fmifinwnla NY (j tar Air JMN Ivan and Sarvfem Wftiita'i I Hhpare LI I Mmnanam hrtdaihr1 0 IVI Valhalla thtarmanr WOLF RannoNi ah January X-' ma ot is Vauns Avanua Fat-: ham Eatrnad faWnr at AAra FaF rlcia Am Charmiby Mr Virginia dradlav Mr haraarl Jacfa AllcaM kamath JTH and A JaaNrav WaN Brettiar 1 Alfred WaN arvk at li Hu- auanot AAamorlai Church Fat- ham AAanar Thursday am Frtand may can attha JENKI FUNERAL HOME EaH Inj it Mount Varnea Tuaiday taaitiaiday pm Intarm IV vhnd by sayaral nlacaa i lattho JOKF Corner 8owman-Ave Westchester Ave Plainvlew Central Hoapl- Cunniffe' who died la 1971 tal BefopagevLI '1 Mrs Cunniffe who In addition to herdaugh-moved from Rye to 1954 ter survivors Include two lived in New York City and sons Charles Cavanagh then inoved to Bethpage 1 1308 Park Ave Mamaro-where she resided with her' neck and James Civanagh daughter Pstrica Ivan 6f Long Island five sisters 'Her survivonalw include Mrs-BesaleO'Shaughnesyr a son from Mamaroneck of Greenville Mrs She wu a parishioner of Peg Moran and Mrs- Er-' the church of SL Martin of nest (Blna) Kyle both of Toun in Bethpage Syuset LI Mrs Nora Daughters of the late Callaghan of Waidwich James and Nora Morris NJH pnd' Mrs roe she wu born April 20 Moore of foe Bronx eight 1900 fei County Roscotn- grasdehiidren uid three moO Ireland great-grandchildren 1 EM at Vonkari tisr I at Vonkari aoais Eakaid jCva NV wifaefait Eatovaa Jliam Enhaid rytea Thura II am at iNGAINOAREE FU- 1 hour at am" LanlyMi patyankaraan -1 ha AlILK FED BONELESS VEAL ROAST MSHWAaom BAaard WMiaai I login FHalmma I Mur cf lit Brt Carol Pledger US CHOICE A PRIME A SIRLOIN STEAKS MryduRfi Lamartlmi im InSerment It ta Am IMwrhunt It" jiiijPi 1 ggjg" TTtSlg AAASTINW BALL DIRECTOR jntarmunt St Jcmitri Cunia- tare VtaNhwhsureWa JtfA ond Thundre and PAJIIi OR SUN I US CHOICE PRIME PORTERHOUSE STEAKS CARD OF THANKS ft US CHOICE BONELESS FLANK STEAKS drm Funarat CHVNSKKHERKC HOME INC 111 YanMr Awt- mm miehirdav January TNi at AAaaaaf ChrMlm Burv rRlnp Church MM PW" and the late Valerie £1 Wut Hedger Hackleburg Hatriaon died Monday at Ala His mother died in Au- St Agnea HospitaL He wu amt 1077 1 He wu a member Our Lady of Mount Carmel 1881 Church and of foe Father wu educated In New York: william A Dumphy Coun- 7 JlLhg of the Knights of Cblum-chooia He studied for two -jjag Artaudrets He Is survived by his ta wife the former Marcia Before moving to his pro- Saccone of the home dress They were married May 141955 at Our Lady of 'whfuPuAr' ta- NortII Mou8t Csrmel Church White Plains White Plains OBnivors are a aoctol Tool Co to Mount oo Jeffrey Pledger of El-Vernon for two rears he Uworth Air Sree Base had previously been em-ployed by American Cys-toscope of Stamford He waa foe aon of John South Dakota and a brother John Pledger of Hackleburg NorPi rwoy of FLANAnAM Mare ML (na AMr-' rtnav) of Clbrim Conn hr-' Rwrty of Vonkari on Tun Jm 1 Wldm a Or Ednta Flmioan Belawd iletar of Mbs Riymond (EdM) KiHv Th FLYNN MEMORIAL i HOME INC XS So Sreadem YanMr Atatad OvtitlM Bur-- Id Owrch ofdyfif lhe Kby Frl at it am VWNna wed fit Thun am US CHOICE A PRIME CHUCK STEAKS IN MEMOR1AM DCLVEV Ltadi Am ITNi UwWvaraarY In Haavan That wa dill remaniMrlhraa Alwtylnour haart Dad Mam Statar and Erattwr PFUIFFia WIL YanMr an Sun Jan WUvnL Fla Huaband KlfrA Fdhar at 1 ichado and lh Atto-dn idThot RIAL HOME INC NrmarH SaFlfftda atallsa I arandmldren FLYNN at MEMO- Franco Atare Ja iK taTacwnFFiadb hre i apwoffv US CHOICE A PRIME BONELESS CHUCK filet BEEF STEW ii-i't- RDAAANELLC MHWa Reatina at laat The haul And Wiala are aad aitance aha auftarad Taauttaraaatare Edith Barger FRIIERO Orta HL an January 1 W7 atRoaary InH Sundyad by and lived In lUruuale moat ofherUfe HCJMSEande LEAN BEEF SHORT RIBS FRESHLY SLICED I BOILED HAM PLlMBd Caret A (CMNht on Januaret WA Ootaredhudand at Marcia Sacjono FtadparOa-vdad taHiar dt Jothay fladoar Lay ion ot Jhhnanddhwlaia 1 VdargFledeer Dear brdhar 3 HOME Cantrd nWHta FldnA Mm Thursday Mam' AAL Carmat Church Whlty Fit hilw maul AM Calvary CamaNry Vtomne hr 94 end it fam ana brdhar Arthur AAra Thamm IRurh) She la survived by fSL brother Raymond Burger of New Rochelle a lister Caroline Saleh of Jackson Township NJ and several nieces and nephews day I to 4 and lief am where aarvlco wM ba hald Friday 11: am wlih Raw Gaarm Anu omelajbia Intarmare Unff Hollow CmmIw Edith Marion Burger a former Hartsdale resident died Sunday at the Donnelly Hospital In Trenton NJ She was 86 Mra Burger was boro in Harrispn on May 1 1891 SPECIAL NOTICE a iSvr WEAR Edeerd A Sr A AMU It Chard wtU MtelurdBw r- JenTWidMern Wo Reserve The Righl To Limit Quantities Deuahter erto 1.

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