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The Chickasha Daily Express from Chickasha, Oklahoma • 6

Chickasha, Oklahoma
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CHICKAftHA DAILY EXFRfctC, CHICKAftHA, OKLAHOMA, BATUROAV. JANUARY ft, IftH. FAX-L ftl THEATRE Leaguers Strong on Basketball SKE33S5SSSr3R Xttzu I in-1 a- a 1 I Rating, Iba II 8. WMrbiM abuuld baa ntura puwar. I Wilaun.

Iba rrafif Vardan Mar, wha will I I aflr lha first i aaaiauiar, aluu altunld add alrauRlb la lha liuliitat. Following wax iba Mitral iIimi people hat wl I A Naur Kualand rlllxir iu ruaxiruet-I ml bit I ha loUo aluUiu aiixmila anil I 'plxax fr dran fjf mauy uibi ivphal KhKlaiul iw-llliil, whit hi liH-luuril art lyllimi IruiH Ih In- lratr iif lb faabluNalila llanparj 'HianaliMi In fliwiun lu Ilia bMt-kxuilih I bean tedeciad lu rlr this (lupur lent gsitie," eomineufed Ih tn Aitbur J. hiisiis. fuimr rbb kasha high school fuuiball coach, will lsy nub Hie iihlsb'Miiutiu in ih shis igaind Mm Tborps and Bad llulwri' prulswlnukl I ruin ib ki. Struks In aisled to sign nl rlahi end.

i hIimibJ IruM I'm Fl-I RIG WHEAT ACREA6E. ip, iu 1 Crev Jellrreoa ft'HF- J. T5' rl ter mere hv oaa 3 kcrra of a ht for Ih 1M at-citi dliig Hi rdrnl-ut crop bprvic. Tltla niaipire with S.JJft10 arra (a toil khd 1.31 7Auo acres In to2- Mleoouri wheel roudllbm cent of aornial and la goiug ftiti winter qurtra In good condltbiii, ih resort adh-td. Tha cindiloi wax said to he brimr than that 'f any stale wt of th Micilipl river.

Uf Jr' Itochra pli'Mra, j.bup In Mown Iurner. ii ruvr4 Ik llm Ul I tor OS Id XM'uftvIli haa alaplaal ditiiara, Qulary Adama Hawyer la Ilia Tin ra la hrart Iniara.i In lha 1st-, tl Hushes ph'tura, "JUfmiunbraiira," f-itiiilnir te lha Muni llixalxr fur teu ilaia, Ixrifiitntag Monday, anil Hold-aid akjwria In pul farther i-liMi'lmr a Ibfa naw mi I of wrean lirari Ini. mi, la a (try al iailii liV y.utr fainer and mil. liia iiriifklM iika hla buxine lirlp; In rniiuyh money iu sulfcf) lha Ir.rniaainn dflliSlliU of alia and ihli! hla brajhilnan in lha stnis y.x I lha aEaiiiK (if hla family In a I kitil.ilun anil realising nelis (if I ir ii 'fi lllinim, i tat lha bean Interest a rb'411 -IeJ young htva alnry It I--fuibura daunMar la 'n lin'd with a rlt-rk In fJlImfr all, ii n-l nini her ihrainana in nip lha ri-rnaiiaa In lha bud, but lha Inva Kin i lu tiibnrdfiMlail In ihn hauri Ifit-re i nn laalu In fulhar and hit litu.iin'M itruKRlaa fur ilia auka nl bla fwiuliy. JACKIE COOGAN HERE 1 IN OLIVER TWIIT" Tiler la now showing SI III SUM ph'iur heralded ss a ''nillesluu on iba highway of art, and which bears I He highest rmtimineildalkinu In lie own rlnhL It is Oliver Twist1 slurring that adorable child ncir of Hie wreen, Jackie rnnguni produced by Hu Uierr; dlrecied by Frank Lloyd, and presented by a rompauy of Hi numl distinguished scrn rebrliba.

Including lain Chaney, Gladys llrockwell, Llutiel Barrymore and a host more. The pbiuiw la deorrilied a lha Most BiuhltliHi In which the Juvenile slur, Jackie Congas, has ever appeared, and It In nsaertud that In It bn lian registered an appeal that strikea the hearfa of young and old ROY GETS 11X00 FOR HOGB FATTENED DURING LABT YEAR Stillwater, Js. ft-1 to th Him Carl Clark, an Kills rnu-tiy farm boy, Joined Torn Meike pig rlnli ihra years ag.i, not a purebred hg had vr nutted in ih Clark farm ia-lur, according 10 a report which Curl has tuni to the ilat club agenl. And Frankie, Hi IMror-Junm gilt th boy bnurlit an Ih endlcaa chain plari, was cunalib-red Ih purest of a lot of five which th coniity agnt had oocured for hie club members, lint Frankie turned out lo he nut only tha brat gill of th flea bat the beat Daroc exhibited at th county fair that year and no increaa-ful wa-t the boy. Ilvralnrk venture that.

In Ih (hr years Intervening, nearly Son purebred hogs have been raised on the Clark farm. Carl him-Mtlf haa fattened and marketed $1-001) worth of hog krlthla Iho last twelve month. I COUNTY CROWE RICHEfl. lP 1W I'MlHt IW Itarth-kVlII. Jaa.

yrar UiiS waa a prorperons one tor Waahlngloa munly, trf which -r-tlosvllle In county scat. At th clove of th year th ro-t iiy waa rlchr by two mlllloa doll ire more ihan at the clre of any var In the pari. Th arm-eved vulu of the county was placed at The oil Indnvtry, causing aa Inrreax In valiinlhat id taxable property, emit. nl the growth In tha countys valuation, It waa aald. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.

MAKES STRONG SHOWINQ RbM llrlMt lOkls. The girt line-up: Marhiw (30 1. Chk'kashs (331. Barlow KL Waskerheck Powell W.WamrbM-k Click Turuer llul'-heson Ring Kobetinm I llrll Moure Church Substitutes Sanford tor 'Church. Field goals Barlow Powell K.

Wesserbeck I. W. Wasoerbeck 1 Fran throw Barlow W. Waaamv ebrk I. Refer McLean.

and of all i-laanen of picture puirons an well aa time that ara not usually entitled to the theatre. It In the appeal of Innocent boyhood through Ih medium of one of the greatest glories ever penned Charles Dick ana "Oliver Twist." The plot turn i One of the heat basketball teams In the coal In know an tha "Holly boon followed with unusual fidelity, I being named after Kd Holly of tha Bunion Red Sox. The team i.r nsi-1 nuiIa ot ecllva and retired major league baseball players. The nutle of Dickens reader. "Oliver I Phnlograph shows from left to right seated on floor Schacht and Nk-k Twist" Is First National attraction I Altrock the clowns of baM'bML Seated on chain left to right, Ed listed among tile biggest of the I the founder of lha team; Val Plclnirh of Washington, fhilllo Stark of year.

Jersey City. Standing, left to rlgliL Al Ferguson of tha Red Sox and Harliert Thormshlen, former Yankee. A report on the bnvlne.ra id th 1 Joined th pig club bereax I New York Ufa Inaurance Co. during like to work among livestock on the the past year, contained In un ad- farm." Cart's report Bays, but I also wanted to larn the artenllfle business of raising, fattening and marketing hogs. Besides, wanted to make sonic money to pay my way through State Association Places Blimp ef Dlepprevsl on Misconduct at Ard-mcre-Chlckacha Game; Referee Bendurent Honored.

vi'rtlsement In Ibis paper, that tha company had pnllciea (lie amount of tour billion dillnra outstanding at the rinse of the year, end of tble amount inos.fHiu.roo wan written during 1922. Death toswvi paid by the company In 1932 amounted to nml maturing polj-clan totaled $05,000,000. During lliti year dividends amounting to were paid to pullcF hnldeni, which la a striking evfdenre of tlin strength of the company, and Un ability to lake care of lueses. Had there been an epldemle, resulting In an extraordinary number of deaths during tha year, the entire amount paid out In dividends could havn boon used to liquidate death Scott ft E. M.

Jones ara apodal agents for this company. GARFIELD GETS NEW AGENT. Rdllwuter, 'Jah. raunfy will change county farm ilem onatratlon agents January 1, according to announcement from the Extension Division of tha 'A. and 31.

college. J. A. Leard, present county agent, has resigned, to leave duty December 31, and Herbert Graham, last year gradual of tha A. and M.

college who has been 'assistant county agent In Osage county, will succeed hlin. Dixie Buyers Leave i MARLOW HIGH SCHOOL MAKES CLEAN fnr Eastern Markets SWEEP OF DOUBLE BASKET BALL BILL for Eastern Markets jV jg GYmNA81UM LAST NIGHT Elated over tha viduMe of fall over business, and with Increased confl-i barlow hKh school basketeera denre In Chlcknaha's future, Charles I Bosej ouj double victory over the Miller left this morning for New I chltkasha high schoolers In a two-York City and other eostorn markets py b.ggetb.H tBrd presented last to purchase a largo volume of spring In ths C. H. a gym; Tha and aummer goods for Tha Dixie I girls wow defeated 30 to eliirau in Chic kasha, Cordell and 1 23 BOd the boys were downed by a Sentinel. I margin of two points, tha score he ld r.

Miller expects to be In Chi- taR 21 to 34. Oklahoma City, Jon. ft The Ardmore high acboid tree sharply censured for misconduct of spectators during tha ChlckashreArdmura football game at meeting of tho Oklahoma High School Athletic conference hare Inst night Maroons-Oklahoma utea of the find half, (ha Marlow quintet managed to get two points id the six-point margin gained In tha opening round of the boys game. The Chicks ware faater than their opponents and equally aa gohd la markimanshlp, but their passing was oftentimes faulty: They often lost the ball by passing it near tha basket when, many observers believed, thoy should have attempted a goal. lVhlla they were nosed out by a narrow margin, the work of tha Chicks was not discouraging.

When Mead and Hurst ara taken off tha Ineligibility list after the close of tha first semester, which ends before the next game, January 12, at Rush a doubt otherwise he would not have Charles Bondurant, one of the officials. who was attacked after the Ardmore-Chlckasha game at Ardmore, November 34, ha sheen selected to referee tno Toledo All-Stars gams In Oklahoma City' tomorrow afternoon. Bondurant waa chosen after dozens of other officials in tha southwest had been considered. Hla selection, declared 4 local ton who witnessed the game, further discredits Ardmore's claim of faulty officiating. "BonduranFs record must bo a very favorable one and hla ability aa an' official muat be recognised beyond cago Monday, when tha annual con-1 The visiting girlk forged ahead Monday and Tuesday, Sugg.

Sugg Wednanday. AMhikIh( taitbu vontbm of, the Nattonal Retail Shoe I MrIy thB flrit half, and reulned Dralera opens In the windy clQr. lead throughout the remainder of Ho will remain In Chlrago nnMl Fri- Th, work of Msriows 7 1 10 red headed cagerettes, Barlow, tlo" I forward, and Robertson, guard, was Ben Levine MOarri flm matreminUl In the Harlow victory. MSIer ft Levine, owner, of the three ltaiTed for MBrIow. rtorre.

expects to leave Sunday for tew mln- the eastern markets to purchase la-1 dies ready-to-wear and dry goods. Mr. Millar will purchase tha spring sup-ply of shoes, gents furnishings, etc. I Mrs. Estelle Jackson, head of the ss millinery department of the store I here.

Is in the east buying spring millinery. "We bare enjoyed very liberal I fall business, and, after considering Chlckaiha'e growth during the year I 1923 and the citys possibilities for I 1323, we have increased confidence I in the city's future. Therefore we I expect to carry tha largest and moat complate stock of spring and sum-1 mer merchandise we have ever hod, said Mr. Miller this morning before Ira leaving for the essL Spend A uf.M mJs.UJ eli; A shingle thats different firom all others Heretofore therl Jus Only 6ne Johha-Manville Asbestos Shingle, distinguishable by its rock-like hard- Less -1 1 Save More SIXTEEN CELEBRATED PLAYERS IN QUINCY ADAMS SAWYER" Through the 'efforts of Arthur. Saw yer of Sawyer-Luliln Hctnros organisation, which produced the Metro-8.

L. Special Quincy Adami Sawyer, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Rialto theatre, one of the moat notable Hats of screen player ever assembled for a single production appears in the film version of Charles Pidgins famous story. When the initial preparations were being msdo for transferring this story of New England life to the screen, Mr. Sawyer announced that be would obtain the most distinguished cost possible. For six weeks be worked with Clarence Q.

Badger, director of the photoplay, to this end; and os a result secured the services of sixteen players whose names are familiar to every motion picture fan. Among these sixteen Is Blanche S'sect, who returns to the screen after an absence of almost two years. She enacts the leading feminine role, that of Alice Petting! 11. John Bowers has the tltlo part; Lon Chaney Is seen os Obodlah Strout, the cur of Masons Corner. Barbara LaMarr plays Llndy Putnam, the small-town vampire.

Elmo Lincoln Is cast for Abner Stiles, the blacksmith. Louise Fazenda has a comedy role, that of Mandy Skinner, the sauciest girl In Masons Corner. Other leading parts are taken by equally notable screen players. Including Edward Connelly, Claire McDowell, Joseph Dowling, Zasu Pitts, Hank Mann, Juno Elvidge, Victor Potel, Kate Lester, Harry Davenport and Millie Davenport. Besides assembling a cast of celebrities, the 8-L company laid plans for a most elaborate production of this story, based on the book that Delivering Bakery Goods at Farwell 1.

I 53 Products of Chickaaha bakeries I S3 are sold In many of the surrounding 3 towns. 1, According to O. F. Nicholson, local I agent for the American Railway Ex- press company, several, shipments of bread go out of Chicksshk every day. Bake-Rite.

Bakery, 312 Chicks-1 sha avenue, ship many loaves of bread out of the city every morning, as records In the experse company's of-1 5 flee show. This Concern has fast ss established a regular morning dellv- aa ery to the stores and eating homes I a at Farwell. A large volume of bak-1 a ery products to sold at Farwell every day, It la said. Natural gas la- now being used to I heat the ovens In' the Bako-Rlte plant This la expected to be more Isa santlary and will enable the baking as department to give Improved service, aa it was stated. Wow you can gef many of thd extraordinary merits of that famous ohna-Manville rigid shingle at 'a reduced price in fact within a few cents of the cost of so-called composition shingles through the introduction of FLEXSTONE The Slate Surfaced Asbestos Shingle a Made 6f Asbestos felt densely impregnated with asphalt and surfaced with crushed red or green elate, in two styles Individual Shingles or four in one Strip Shiwghie, FleXstone AkbestoE Shihgles are mineral through and through and should hot-be Confused with Ordinary composition shingles.

Flexstone Asbestos SWwglcf assure the tiser neater fire safety and more years of service with lower upkeep cost. They are approved by Underwriters Laboratories, and take base rates of insurance, Write, Call of telephone. Well be glad give you furthef particulars and prices. ThC Gasoline Slow Torch will tell you whether you are buying Asphalt" or ASBESTOS Slate Surfaced Shingles. The surface of each look alike hut that is where the aim-' ilarity ends, for one has a base of Rag Felt and the other a base of that Rot Proof, Rust Proof and Fire Pro6f MINERAL ASBESTOS.

The blow torch test further demonstrates that Johns-Manville Flexstone Slate Surfaced Shingles will not curl or warp from the action of the elements. Let us demonstrate for you. What a good slogan that would be tot the coming year. There has probably never been a time in the', history of this country when the matter of thrift and economy was receiving more serious consideration than now. 1 People who made no effort to save during the times of abnormal prosperity, are now earnestly and regularly saving at least a portion of their incomes.

We stand ready to help you in every way ve can. The. Farmers National Bank 4 F. COURTfcEY, President; j. W.

WILSON, Active V-Pres. L. WRIGHT, Cashier. Mansfield Lumber Co. The Only Distributors of Johns-Manville' Asbestos Rdbfing in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

PHONE 44 'A Scene from "QUINCY ADAMS SAWYER" Rialto Thursday, Friday abd Saturday..

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