Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 20, 1973 · Page 30
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 30

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 30
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30 ^lesbursJ*eg[^ 1973 Market Reports Today GALESBURG ORDEit BtJVEttS Burlington Northern Stockyards Market: 25c lower. No. l-fc: 200-230 $3?.75-$38.00 Quotations: NO. 1-3: 200-230 $37.50-$37.75 No. 1-3: 230-260 $36.50-$37.50 No. 2-3: 260-300 „..$34.75-$36.50 Packing Sows: 25c lower. $31.75-$33.25 Joller Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 2,500; steers and heifers 25, instances 50, lower; high choice and prime steers 47.7548.25; choice 46.50-47.50; good and choice 45.50-46.50; high choice and prime heifers 46.0046.50; choice 45.25-46.25; good and choice 44.50-45.25; 2 par loads cutter and came? cows 35.50. Hogs 1,200; steady to 25, in stances 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.00-39.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 38.5O49.00; No 2-3 250-270 lb 38.0IW8.50. Thursday estimated receipts 25 cattle, 800 hogs. PORK LOIN SALE LOIN END ROAST 69c Lb. CENTER CUT CHOPS 89c Lb Whole Loins ^ 89c Cut & Wrapped FLORIDA RED GRAPEFRUIT 10 for 79c RED RIPE — FRESH TOMATOES 25c Lb. JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE 1 lb 89c YOUNG TENDER BEEF LIVER ALL BEEF HAMBURGER 89c Lb. OSCAR MAYER WINSOR SLICED BACON lb 69c ALL STAR COTTAGE CHEESE 2 Lb. Crr. ALL STAR Gal. MILK 99c FOLGERS COFFEE $ 1.49 2-Lb. Can With This Coupon TRADING POST Expires 6-23-73 SAVE $2.00 GAL. Latex House Paint Gal. $5.98 NOW SAVE $2.00 GAL. Latex Wall Paint Gal. $5.98 NOW $<*98 Gal. 4 Good! Thru Sept. 1 TRADING POST Super Mkt. 1515 E. MAIN ST. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, III. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle 1,300; steers 25-50 lower; heifers 25, instances 50, lower; choice steers 46.50-47.50; good and choice 45.25-46.50; oad choice with few prime heifers 46.75; choice 44.75-46.25; good and choice 43.25-44.75. Hogs 4,800; 25 to mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.0039.50, few 39.75; No 1-3 20(^250 ib 38.50-39.00; No 2-3 240-260 lb 38.00-38.50, 260-290 lb 37.00-38.00; No 2-4 290-530 lb 36.00-37.00; few No 3-4 360-370 lb 35.00. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 2,000; weak to 25 lower; No 1-2 200-235 lb 39.0fc39.25; 122 head 39.40-39.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 38.50-39.00; No 2-3 230-270 lb 37.75-38.75; No 2-4 270-290 lb 37.00-37.75; No 3-4 290-340 lb 35.50-37.00. Cattle and calves 300; too few steers or heifers to fully test market, few sales weak to 50 lower; choice steers 46.50-46.75 choice heifers 44.50; good and choice 44.00; good 42.50. Sheep 200; steady; choice and prime spring lambs 40.00-40.50; choice 39.00-40.00; good 38.0039.00. St. Louis Livestock ST. LOUIS (UPI)—Livestock: Hogs 6,000; 50-75 lower; 200 head No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.75; No 1-3 200-250 lb 39.00-39.50; No 2-3 230-260 lb 38.50-39.25. Cattle 500; not enough slaughter steers- or heifers for test; ew choice siteers 900-1100 lb 45.75-46.00; mixed good and choice 44.50-45.75; load high choice heifers 925 Ib 45.50; choice 800-900 lb 44.00 - 45.00; mixed good and choice 42.5044.00; choice vealers 58.00-65.00; good 54.00-58.00. Sheep 300. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 49-59, medium 44-55, small 3648; B large 44-55. Hens ice-packed broiler-fryers 40.00-43.00 for this week's delivery. St. Louis produce: Eggs wholesale Grade A large 38-40, standard 30-35, medium 30-35, unclassified 16-20. READ THE WANT ADS! New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stoc market midday prices: Admiral 87% Inland Stl'20ft AlldChem 32% IBM 318% Alld Mills 24% Int Harv 26%' AUd Strs 24 Int Nick 28% Allis Chal 8% Int Paper 34% Alcoa 58% Am Air 12 Am Can 34 Am Cyan 23% Am Dist 19% AmElPwr 26% Kresge 35% Am Mtrs 6% Kroger 16 Am T&T &% Anaconda 18% Ashl Oil 28 Int T&T 32 Iowa P&L 22% Joihns-Mn 20% Kennecott 24% Keys Cons 23% Atl Rich 84K Avco 9% Bea Fds 23 Bendix 31% Beth Stl 27 Boeing 17 Borden 22V4 Catplr 56% Celanese 31 Vi Cen II Lt 21% Cen Tel 23% Cessna 18 Chrysler 24 Lib McN 4% Litton 8% Lockhd 6 Mar Oil 29% Maytag 26Y4 Merck 90% Minn Min 83% Mobil Oil 66% Monsanto 52% Nat Bis 46% Olin Corp 13% Outbd M 30% Owens-Ill 30% Penn Cen 1% Penney 80% Pepsi Cola 79 Cities Svc 45% Pfizer 44% Coca-Cola 141% Phil Pet 50% Colum Gas 29%Procter G 103% Comm Ed 31% Quale Oat 34% Comsat 44 RCA 23% Cons Ed 23% Rep Stl 23 Cont Can 27% Revlon 6m Confc Oil 32Y 4 Safeway 28% CPC Intl 29% St. Regis 36% Dana 27% SanFelnd 23% Deere 36% Sears 94% Du Pont 160 Shell Oil 51% Eastman 131% Simmons 18% xxon 95% So Pac 31% Falstaff 3% Sperry 40% Firestone 19 Std Bds 52 Ford Mtrs 54% SO Ind 85% 'ruehauf 26% Stvns JP 27% Gam Sko 23% Gen Dyna 17 Gen El 57% Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 64% Gen Tel 28% Gen Tire 18% Goodrich 21 Goodyear 22% Greyhnd 14 Gulf Oil 22% 11 Cent 18% Pwr 27% Stude 34% Texaco 34% Tex Inst 94% Un Carb 35% Un El 16% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Stl 28% West Un 20% Wstghs El 34% Weyerh 57% Woolwrth 22% GARAGE SALE 1558 N. BROAD Thurs., June 21 9 A.M. MISC. WITH LOTS OP NICE THINGS DRIVEWAY SALE 15,4 LINCOLN ST. Thurs., June 21 11 A.M. - 5 P.M. Misc. Items WANTED CEMENT or ROOFING WORK Call 343-2523 or 289-2821 Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI) — Midwest eggs: Steady; prices unchanged; ex- ,ra large 61; large 60; medium 55; standard 51; pullets 47; checks 42. CHICAGO (UPI)—Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-80.50; single daisies 78-82; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-90.50. Reaction To Securities h Subdued NEW YORK (UPI) - "The initial reaction of the government securities market to the new Phase IV price freeze has been unexpectedly subdued," say3 Chase Manhattan Bank's Government Bond Division. Chase says since the new program lacks any fiscal measures, the dominant. influence on the short-term sector of he market will continue to be he Federal Reserve Board's restrictive stance with the discount rate now up to 6.5 per cent. Under the President's 60-day reeze, corporate dividends can still be increased "although it would he far better to decontrol dividends entirely," according to Walton & Co.'s Market Letter. The letter «ays emoving the 4 per cent restriction on corporate dividends would give most stocks a better competitive edge compared with higher yielding bonds and savings. The market's disappointing response to the administration's new economic proposals "has be viewed with some pprehension," says E. F. iutton. The firm says the Dow Jones Industrial Average, nearing both its late May and early June reaction lows, probably will be put to a severe test. It adds, however, "the over-all market is not as weak as the Dow at this juncture," and does not look for the present as if it about to suffer an extensive decline. The Vietnam War was the ongest in. U.S. history, dating back officially to Jan. 1, 1961. Commercial manufacture of ice cream probably began in Baltimore in 1851. BACKYARD SALE 1042 E. SOUTH Thurs., June 21 9 A.M. (Rain Date Friday, June 22) LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING WANTED TO BUY Scrap copper, brass, radiators, lead, aluminum, junk batteries & junk cars. Highest prices paid. Call Harold Bates or Bud Peck at MIDWAY AUTO PARTS 342-1148 3 FAMILY GARAGE SALE 794 S. BROAD KNOXVILLE, ILL. Thursday, June 21 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. GARAGE SALE 20 Hackberry Circle THURSDAY, JUNE 21 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Childrens clothes, bike, games, skiboots, ice skates. BACKYARD SALE 1116 LYMAN ST. Thursday & Friday 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. 2 Air Conditioners and a little bit of everything. Not Resp. for Accident! GOLD - BUYING GOLD X. F. or better by type $20—gold pieces $145.00 10—gold pieces 65.00 5—gold pieces ... ...... 47.00 2',i—gold pieces 42.00 1—gold pieces 75.00 Ph. 342-3329 Before 9:30 or after 5 Buying pre-65 silver paying 62% Carpet Problems? Call Us New and Used installed. Repairs — All Kinds B&R CARPET SERVICE 342-4650 Utile York Club Sponsors Testing LITTLE YORK ~ More (tan 30 persons were screened tor glaucoma June 13 at the First State Bank of Little York. Little York Lions Club sponsored the visit by the glaucoma screening unit of the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness. A group of the local ions, assisted by Mrs. Susan Higbee, RN, helped with the screening. Little York Village Board of Trustees and the Lions Club joined forces June 2 for a Village clean-up day. A large turnout was reported by officials of both groups. Friendly Girl Also Arrested NEW YORK (UPI) - When police arrested Joseph Rizzo, who was wanted on , 1,050 outstanding peddling summonses, his girt friend came down to the staltionhouse to "offer solace or something." Officers Tuesday said the giinl, Mary Luca, was arrested when they discovered that she, too, iwias wanted on outstanding scoff law warrants. A department spokesman said no figure was immediately available on the numlber of warrants Miss Luca had allegedly ignored. American More for Tourists Pay Less Abroad By DEAN C. MILLER UPI Business Editor NEW YORK (UPI) - These are traMmiaitic days for the pridieful American abroad. American touristg are paying about 19 p&c cent more in Europe and Asia this summer because of the dollar devaluations since the Smithsonian Agreement in December, 1971. Business Today The U.S. trade balance, once a big plus that testified to U.S. economic strength and industri al savvy, was $2.2 billion on the down side in the first quarter. And now comes a study by Towers, Perrin, Forster Crosby, international management consultants in New York, which shows that American salaries are no longer automatically tops. Many German and some French managers aire paid more, ~.?FC says. Wheel Turns Slowly Research by the New York firm laround June 1 shows that the German marketing manager makes about $32,000 annually. His American counterpart READ THE WANT ADS! LAWN SOCIAL and YARD SALE Catholic Church Lawn St. Augustine, III. Sunday, June 24 4 P.M. if Attention Merchants & Individuals you have any returned checks that you consider fraudulent. Send information to: NATIONAL FRAUDULENT CHECK BUREAU P.O. Box 3643 Springfield, 111. 62703 We collect checks for $2.00 per Check MOVING SALE T350 SPRUCE Thurs., June 21 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Friday, June 22 9 A.M. - Noon 2 Couches, fencing & fence posts, twin size iron r>ea, chest of drawers, old kitchen table Sc. chairs, corner end table, folding table, curtains & rods, lawn chairs & misc. items. 3 FAMILY YARD SALE 308 SHERIDAN AVE KNOXVILLE, ILL. 1 Block South of High School Football Field THURSDAY, JUNE 21 9 AM - 5 PM Clothing for all, children & adult books, toys, games, snow tires, dishes, fans, bowling ball, records, bed spread & drapes, something for everyone;. For Sale Acreage BEST BUY On Black Top just South from Aliona on Walnut St. • 8 Acre tract' has utilities at $12,000 • 3 Bedroom Ranch —Carpeted, 2 car garage & basement, (2 baths, many extras on 2 acres landscaped and fenced. $30,000 • Buy Now — Make an Offer. Possible to purchase with 10 .Acres Call 484-5993 for Appt. Leo Hager Broker. Auctioneer, Appraiser Farm Listings Needed |ROTO.ROOTIR I FOR I CLOGGED I A DRAIN* Don't Dig Up Your Sewer No Charge If We Fail Call 343-6913 — or Phone 342-6430 GUARANTEED WORK BIG PUBLIC AUTO AUCTION You're Invited To Attend Our 17th Year Anniversary Celebration and Public Auto Auction Friday, June 22nd 7 P.M. FREE PRIZES 250 NEW & USED CARS & TRUCKS IN STOCK BUD HENDERSON, Auctioneer HENDERSON FORD SALES ALEDO, ILL.—Ph. S82-S136 FARM EQUIPMENT FURNITURE AUCTION Sat., June 23rd - 10:00 A.M. Location: 1st road North of Kozy Inn on Rte. 150, turn West 2 Miles. As We have Sold Our Farm and Moving Into Town, Corbin's will sell the Following Merchandise: FARM EQUIPMENT— 240 International utility tractor with 3 point hitch, power up and down both front and back, 1—5 cu. ft. bucket, 1—4 cu. ft. bucket, 503 Whipper mower, 4 Section Draw Bar Harrow, 14" 2 bottom plow, Mohawk 6' Blade, 8' International double disc, 9" post hole digger for tractor, rubber tire hay rack, tractor chains, steel wagon box, John Deere 2 row corn planter, 2 bottom pull type plow and cultivator, 2 wheel rubber tire trailer, electric fence, 500 gal. tank, cement mixer, steel and wooden posts, 5—20 ft. poles, 2—6" angle irons 26' long, chain type block and tackle, large vise with anvil, ladder jacks, post hole digger, Wilbert stoker, garden and yard tools, small hand tools and misc. farm supplies. FURNITURE: Hospital bed complete, buffet, 2 twin size beds complete, Maytag wringer washer, bedding and linens, camp stove, other misc. merchandise. ALBERT WALSH, Owner CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE — Phone 343-9033 COOK and WOODS—Auctioneers DELENE COOK—Clerk . Auctioneers and Owners assume no responsibility to accidents should any occur. MOVING SALE Friday and Saturday 212 West Grove Any kind of furniture, dishes, nic nacs, beauty equipment, washer & dryer, air conditioner, and misc. 15' GARAGE SALE 943 Harrison WED.—2 - 8 P.M. THURS.—8 A.M. - 6 P.M. Boat, 40 h.p. motor, 40" attic fan, baby clothes, old '73's, b'>oks, clothing and rnisc. HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER: 2 story beautiful or 4 bedroom, living room, dining room, family room, large kitchen, V ,'t baths, fireplace, and lot more extras. Home shown by appointment only at 1388 N. Broad. 343-6479. Mid 20's. —- PRESBYTERIAN — RESALE SHOP ECONOMY CORNER Knoxville, III. OPEN THURS. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. New Entrance on Eul Side oi Church Wanted to Buy Combination storm floors -wood preferred, exterior and interior house doors, house windows, old wood shutters, bath tubs, lavatories, stools & tanks, porch post, colored glass windows and other building materials and fixtures that you mifjht have laying around and would like to turn into cash. WE HAVE FOR SALE A very good gas furnace, used two seasons, 100,000 UTU output. Phone 343-3816 Before 9 Mornings or between 12 & 1 Noon or after 5:30 Evenings or anytime Saturday. MAY & SON Wrecking & Used Lumber Co. 1353 Monmouth Blvd. WANTED TO GIVE AWAY Seven 6 week old puppies. Mother, Black Labrador, Phone 879-2318 JOB WANTED FOR SUMMER Babysitting children 3 to 10 years old. Call 343-7064 WANTED RELIABLE Mole For FULL TIME employment in locally owned men's clothing store. Must hove sales ability, neat in appearance and willingness to work. Contact in Person, C. W. Knaack, MALE'S CLOTHING CO. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE Pursuant to Court order the undersigned owners will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, or bidders the following described real estate. Sale to be held on premises. Saturday Morning, June 30 10 A.M. LOCATION: Eighteen miles west of Canton, on Route 9, then one quarter mile South. Or eight mile East and North of Bushnell, on Murphy blacktop. Or 10 mile South East of Avon. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Commencing at tho northwest corner of the .southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section twenty-seven (27), township seven (7) norUi, range one (1) east of the 4th principal meridian. In the County of Fulton and State of Illinois, and running south on the West line of said Southwest quarter of said northeast quarter of said Section 27 twenty (20) rods, thence East parallel with the North lino of said Southwest quarter of said Northeast quarter of said section 27 Twenty-four (24) rods, thence North parallel with the West lino of said southwest quarter of said northeast quarter of said Section 27 to the North line thereof, and thence West on the North line of said southwest quarter of said northeast quarter of said section 27 to the place of beginning, situated in the County of Kulton and state of Illinois. Containing three acres, more or less, good level land, Improved with extra good four bedroom home of orlck and steel construction. The kitchen has built-in cupboards, built in wall oven and built in automatic dishwasher. Large living room with fireplace. Two nice baths, one with shower. Large walkln closets In bedrooms. Nice utility room. Family room and dining room. Large garage and workshop with overheat! door. New oil burning hot water furnace with baseboard heat. Deep drilled well and water softener. This is an exceptionally good acreage and must bo seen to be appreciated. Interested parties please contact the undersigned auctioneer for inspection, or call Mrs. Nedra Fitch at the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Bushnell, 111. I'h. 772-2171 during banking hours, or evenings at 465-:i7(n. TERMS: 20',!/ of purchase price day of sale with balance In 30 days, or upon delivery of Warranty Deed, whichever may occur Xiist. Sellers will pay taxes for year 1073, due and payable In 1073. Property sold subject to taxes for 1073, due and payable in 1874. Title Insurance policy will be furnished in amount not less than purchase price, showing iricrchantiblo title In sellers. NEDRA FITCH, Owner CRI8SEY, KOBT and DOWNS—Attorneys ROBERT FITCH, Owner 8EBO, BATH and WlLSON--Attorneys LOWELL BUCK—Auction***, Avon, 111. Ph. 484-3370. earns about $29,500. French marketing managers earn roughly $30,500. The economic wheel turns slowly (but inexorably, however, 'and there arc signs that Europe and Asia miay be in for the same productivity problems that led to American back sliding. Wage inflation in European Common Market nations, for instance, is four times worse than in the U.S. Common Market wages went up an average of 6 per cent in 1972 comipared with about 1.5 per cent in the U.S. That inevitably must show up in the trade balance figures. If American goods arc produced more efficiently, therefore more cheaply, fifoeyll be bought and the foreign goods squeezed out of the domestic market. Star Ascending While it rmay be small comfort to the American housewife, the cost of living surge in the U.S. was the lowest. Another reason to believe that America's industrial star may be ascending ia <gain is the unit (labor cost index. The two major U.S. competitors for the international buck arc Jiapan and West Germany. Both aire losing their labor cost edges. PUBLIC SALE REAL ESTATE - HOUSE and LOT In Galesburg, 560 Monmouth Blvd. Saturday, June 23 at 10:30 a.m. Knox County Court House We Will Hold Open House "Thursday Afternoon starting at 1 P.M. Anyone wishing to Inspect this Property should attend this Open House. The Real Estate Only. 57.75 ft. of lot 8 In block 2, a two story frame home with basement. A family home or 2 apt. A two car garage that needs repair. 4 large rooms and bath down. 4 large rooms and bath up. Has been used as 2 apt. House Is modern, with hardwood floors, maintenance free siding, gas fired modern boiler heating —• 220 wiring breaker system — separate utilities. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The Easterly 57.75 feet of lot 8 In block two of Leonards Addn. to City of Galesburg. Has front drive. TERMS—10% paid down on day of sale. Balance due It payable In 30 days or on delivery of deed at which time possession will be given. The taxes will be prorated to date of settlement. Sale to be free and clear of all liens. FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT: LEO F. HAGER — Auctioneer Phone 484-5993 — 342-2850 FURNITURE AUCTION The undersigned Executors of the estate oi Mary Crowl, will sell at 310 Cole St., (Route 41), Bushnell, 111. SATURDAY, JUNE 30 1 P.M. Frlgldalre refrigerator with freezer top; Mohair davenport and chair; two platform rockers; tapestry chair; occasional chairs; plastic occasional chair; Admiral 21 in. TV; Admiral radio; wood burning cook stove with reservoir; two metal single beds; chaise lounge; spindel double bed; double bed and dresser; roUaway bed; platform rocker; wooden rocker; round claw leg dining table with six leaves; six dining chairs, buffet, storage chest, 5 straight chairs, Eureka hand vacuum sweeper; upright sweeper; MW tank type sweeper with attachments; chest of drawers; two corn- odes; chest of drawers with mirror; wringer type washing machine; costume jewelry; bedding; quilts; Damascus treadle sewing machine; end table with lamps; floor, table and desk lamps; wool rug, 11x12 with pad; end tables; card table; two comodes; dresser, rugs; hall runner; rag rugs; throw rugs; lawn chairs; window fan; kerosene heater; wash stand; wooden stand; wooden cupboard; electric appliances; porch swing; assorted tools; lawn mower; dishes and cooking utensils; Zenith and Beltone hearing aids; walker; cane; crutches, numerous other items. ' ANTIQUES Dishes; cream pitchers; goblets; glassware; old books; leather post cards; secretary; walnut stand; halltree; pie cupboard; copper boiler; crocks; stone jars; stone jugs; kerosene lamps; fruit jars; shoe last; picture frames; coal bucket; trunk; steamer trunk; wooden secretary, etc. TERMS—CASH Not Responsible For Accidents LOWELL BUCK: Auctioneer JACK GORDON: Clerk DONALD and KEMPER CROWL, Co-Executors ESTATE AUCTION Sat., June 23 - 1:00 P.M. 407 S. Broad St., Knoxville, Illinois TQ settle the estate of Ernest Bernard Schenck, Deceased, the following will be sold to the highest bidder: ANTIQUES: Some good pink Depression ware dishes, square oak table with ornato legs and 5 oak chairs, several hand made quilts, 2 china doll heads, lots of good antique dishes; some good oak tables, wood-with-cane book rack, small corner whatnot shelf, lots of primitive iron and wood pieces, blue jardlneer, some good old picture frames, old Indian arrowheads and hatchet stones, some collector's items of rocks, long Butternut flower table, Nippon tea set, old 10 ga. shotgun hulls, 2 Satin Glass candle holders, 2 old World War mess kits, one with message from soldier, antique fruit cabinet, shoe cobblers outfit, oak combination bookcase and desk, sad irons, 3 old turtle back trunks, high back wicker rocker, cane bottom sewing rocker, Gilbert mantle clock, oak commode, 2 oak dressers, ',i cane bottom oak straight chairs, round piano stool with claw and ball feet, oak pedestal, cane bottom ladderback chair, good walnut chest of drawers, a ,\ walnut bed complete, ornate iron bed complete, some good oak tables made hy Mr. Schenck, other furniture, oak hall tree, some old buttons, nice old oak rocker, 2 sets of old silvcrwaTo, vanity set with triple beveled mirrors and caned bench, long heavy oak buffet - traditional style. HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND TOOLS: End tables, walnut glasstop coffee table, piano and bench, studio couch, 2 piece rose living room suite, green swivel platform rocker, whatnot shelf, West Bend humidifier, beige club chair, one 12x12 rug in good shape, one 0x12 rug, Admiral 21" console TV, floor lamps, table lamps, table radio, Zero window fan, projector and movie screen, 2 good mohair club chairs, full sizo panel bed complete, chestrobe, 2 solid cedar chests, bedding and linens, Eleclrolux tank-type sweeper, electric stove, Coldspot refrigerator, pots, pans and dishes, wringer washer, lots of carpenter Tools and mechanics tools, Craftsman lawn mower, set of extension ladders, 2 sets of golf clubs, graden and yard tools and lots of misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. THE FARMERS 8c MECHANICS BANK. Executor of estate of Ernest Bernard Schenck, Deceased. PEEL, HENNING, MATHERS & BELL, Attorneys, Galesburg, Illinois DALE COFFEY—Auctioneer, 343-8365 — Robert Stewart, Clerk RALPH COFFEY—Auctioneer, 342-8512 — Lorraine Lynn, Cashier BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, Private Household Sales and all other sale* of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-7181

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