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Belvidere, Illinois
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6 Belvidere Daily Republican, Dec.20, 1971 Editorial History is place Carroll Righter's horoscope guide forlKent State case piece of investigative work. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct 22) You can have a delightful day in a creative way by happily planning for the holidays ahead. A good friend is very cooperative. Impress bigwigs with your fine abilities.

Tuesday's Horoscope GENERAL TENDENCIES: You can put much that is unique and original Into effect now If you take a progressive viewpoint It is a very good day and evening to engage in up-to-date vocational interests. The broader the scope of your activities now SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) If you use the better. diDlomacv at home, kin will go along with t' Eel ARIES (Mar.

21 to Apr. 19) Joining good friends in common goals can bring excellent results for all. Far better than you had thought possible. You can now gain a long-time desire. Relax this evening.

TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Give support to individuals who have control over an important affair and you get ahead much faster. Show your finest talents at this The decision by the state of Ohio to drop charges against 20 of tthe 'Kent 25" who had not yet been brought to trial has "lifted a cloud" from the Kent State University campus, says the school's new president, Glenn Olds. Not only did the prosecution simply not have enough to go on, as by the state's attorney general, there was an unsavory. taint of self-incrimination involved in at least one of the five cases which had been heard, and evidence that some of those awaiting trail had not Only not engaged in rioting but had attempted to stop it.

That such as these were ever indicted in the first place and that all charges against them have Amid the rejoicrng on campus, however, one minor detail has been forgotten: "Somebody was guilty of burning and damaging buildings," reminds Kent Mayor LeRoy Satrom. Wrong, your honor. It never happened. To listen to some of these who are calling for a federal grand jury investigation of the tragedy, the intrusion of the guard into the campus was like a bolt out of the blue, an action totally without cause or warrant. Likewise, the verbal and physical abuse the guard was subjected to had nothing to do with the tension that finally snapped in a fusilade of bullets.

The pressure for a federal grand jury investigation mounts. A petition bearing 23,000 signatures had been sent to President Nixon from Kent, added to an earlier one your ideas. You can now make greater progress with an associate. A greedy person should be avoided. Be poised.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) You can easily find the items you need as gifts so shop early in the morning. Associates can help with owrk that has piled up. They will cooperate cheerfully.

Keep hippy. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Plan how to make your financial position more secure by intelligent handling of assets. You are able to solve problems now that have been difficult in the past.

Be more practical. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb 19) You can now get out of a rut by making new arrangements which could lead to greater advancement. Attend the social in the evening and make big strides. Think constructively.

PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Make plans for the holidays, and then concentrate on improving your position in the future. Talk over with business expert and find a practical way to become more affluent. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY he or she will be one of those fascinating young people with a practical nature, but also a sense of humor that most people will appreciate.

As a result antagonism is practically nil. Astrological influences are very helpful in this lifetime. time. Handle credit matters wisely. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Contact those whose interests are radically different from your own.

Listen to the advice of an expert. Don't forget to write to out-of-towners. Show that you have wisdom. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Studying business trends can bring the ideas and information you want at this time. Do whatever mate approves of and have 'more accord.

Show that you are a practical person. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Conferring with associates could be a little uncomfortable today, but take this in stride and all works out fine. Show that you are in a cooperative frame of mind. Be wise.

VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Look for appliances that will save you much time and energy in the future at your regular routines. You need to do something about improving your health. Relax listening to good music.

Teen-age mail now been dropped constitutes the fina, repudiation of the infamous county grand jury report that put all the blame for the tragedy on KSU students and administration and completely exonerated the National Guard. It was a shoddy Intercepted Copley Newtpipen 'we'll have to gxoop to enter' JOHN SCHMELTZER letter A 7 to sar signed by 10,000 students. "I have tried to tell the students that I am interested in reconciliation as well as justice," says Olds, who inherited a very severely traumatized school this year. "I tell them about the Greek tragedies where those in perpetual search of justice never find the final solution." The State of Ohio has wisely decided to drop its prosecution of Kent students because of insufficient evidence. Those who demand the prosecution or is it persecution? of the National Guard might wisely do the same, for the same reason.

Banning Anthem disgraceful action Party Goers Boone County. Illinois Dear Drivers: Safety belts are not half as confining as wheelchairs! He's in love with best friend's fiancee This writeer agrees with Illinois Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie who said Friday, "We have reached a sorry state of affairs when some people believe it is impossible to play the anthem of this nation before a gathering of its citizens. "There is something fundamentally wrong in a situation which is allowed to block an act of respect for our country.

We are and we must be' one nation with one national anthem," Ogilvie continued. Don't write off older generation By DOROTHY RICKER Dear Mrs. Ricker: I will be 20 soon and I have a serious problem. My best friend, who is 18, has a girl and he plans to marry her soon after the first of the year. She is 18, The problem is, I am in love with the same girl and I met her through him! I want you to know I have never even put my arm around her and, of course, I haven't mentioned my feelings to my friend or his girl.

Mrs. Ricker, I have fought this thing for months. I am supposed to be in their wedding but I don't see how I can go through with it. At times I wonder if she really loves him because she flirts with me and once, when we were alone for a few minutes, she said, "Tab, you are the greatest!" I pretended I thought she was just kidding but it meant a lot to me. I have tried to forget her and I date other girls often, but she is always on my mind.

I have never written to you before but I will accept any advice you will give me. TAB Last Wednesday the president of Northern Illinois University at DeKalb decreed that the National Anthem could not be played at the University's home basketball' games. Richard J. Nelson, NIU president, said he issued the order to prevent possible conflict between black and white students. He said that at basketball games last Beason, some black students refused to stand during the playing of the National Anthem.

Nelson said that this year a group of black students asked that a black anthem be played at games along with the National Anthem. That request was denied. Later, other media reporting the university president's decree told of students who indicated that the playing of the National Anthem was necessary and other students, black, who said the whites could join in the singing of the black anthem and thus display "respect" which the blacks were "due." Apparently, I was under the mistaken impression that the National Anthem was for all Americans and that the blacks were Americans. Dear Mrs. Ricker: I am in serious trouble and need your help.

I am 14 years old and I think I am pregnant. My mother is dead and my father is very strict If he finds out he will kill me. Please, Mrs. Ricker, tell me where to turn for help. I am thinking of running away.

"AMELIA" Dear Amelia: If you are really pregnant your father will have to know about it sooner or later. I doubt if he will "kill" you but you can be sure he will be very upset. However, you have no choice but to tell him and I sincerely hope he will be as helpful as possible. If he gets too rough, I suggest you go to your local family service agency; tell them your story and say I suggested you contact them. I am sure they will do everything possible to help.

Or, you could talk to your religious advisor. Whatever happens, do not run away. This would only bring on more problems and you already have more than you can handle alone. NIU's Huskies play at home Monday and Nelson said because the holiday break began Friday, the school band would not be available for the next three games anyway. His statement seems to indicate that before the National Anthem can be sung, there must be accompaniment, thus since the band won't be there Monday night, the people will be unable to sing the Anthem, not that they won't be allowed to sing the Anthem.

possibility. Space travel was the purest fantasy. The telephone was still a novelty, wireless was unknown and television not even dreamed of. Excluding trains, land travel was little different from the time of Julius Caesar. There is a school of thought, one of whose spokesman is renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead, that is enamored of the idea, that the younger generation is totally unlike any generation before it.

Parents, says Mead, born into a much "simpler" world, cannot All this was to change, fun- be The best that this situation can described as is that it is a disgrace. begin to understand the rapidly damentally, completely almost changing, technologically magically in one human oriented world of their children, lifetime. We begin to believe this hogwash, Is a moon shot really any more until the death of a man like David amazing than the idea of a man The worst that can be said is that the NIU president ought to be fired. This is what happens when you hire a businessman instead of an educator to run a university. Sarnoff reminds us that it is, after taking off into the air in a clumsy It is interesting that a minority of students, 20 per cent, are able to dictate their will upon the majority of the students.

motorized kite? Is atomic energy all, just hogwash. Dear Tab: So far, it seems you have handled the situation very well. Unfortunately we cannot have everything we want and we must learn to accept the facts, which it seems you are trying to do. Because of your affection for your friend's girl, you may have been reading more into her attitude, toward you, than the intended. Perhaps she is flirtatious with most young men and when she said, "You are the greatest" she only meant the regards you as a fine friend.

DR. LAWRENCE LAMB "TEEN SEX KNOWLEDGE" QUIZ One of the most widely accepted myths about today's teen-sgers is their knowledge abut sex. Dorothy Ricker's quiz, "Teen Sex Knowledge" will answer some of the questions teen-agers ask about sex. Please enclose five cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for the quiz. Mail to Dorothy Ricker in care of this newspaper.

Today's law more awesome than an electric light bulb lit by power from a distant steam generator? Is a computer more impressive than a box that draws voices and music out of the air? It is the generation now passing from the scene, Sarnoff's generation, which is unlike any generation before it. Ebw blood sugar bothers reader If ever a man saw his world change at unbelievable speed, it was the founder of the broadcasting industry and, of course, every person who was his contemporary. When Sarnoff was born 80 years ago, scientists were "proving" that human flight was an m- MATCHES AT BOY8' WRESTLING CLUB hypoglycemia can only be made by careful laboratory tests. Unless you can think up a legitimate excuse for not being in the wedding, I suggest you go through with it because it will please your friend. After the wedding, I believe you should stay away from the couple as much as possible and give yourself a break.

Keep busy, date other girls and eventually you will find an unattached girl whom you will love. At your age, this will take time and it will not happen overnight Right now, I am sure you believe it will never happen but I'm betting it wilL Best wishes! BERRY'S WORLD Q. Our local club is planning a wrestling exhibition as a weekend fund-raising event Can we bold this on a Sunday night? A. There are two possible reasons for checking the law here. First of all, Illinois statutes forbid wrestling exhibitions on Sunday.

Secondly, and this may be more important to your club, the law prohibits a club-sponsored boxing, sparring or wrestling match if the participant are under the age of it. A person who is actually having hypoglycemia will have definite and characteristic changes in the amount of sugar in the blood over a period of hours, and this can be measured precisely. If the blood sugar remains normal throughout adequate testing of several hours duration and particularly during the time that the person has symptoms, the problem is not hypoglycemia. 1L F.W. Shappert, Publisher Patrick B.

MatUson, Associate Publisher and Editorial Chairman Dar Dr. Lamb I read your article on the symptoms of diabetes and high blood sugar. I was extremely interested because I am trying to find out about hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. I would like to hear all about this condition. I know I have it and I am dieting for it For years I have been having dizzy spells, extreme exhaustion, loud heart beats, vibrating all over my body, nervousness, having to eat often and blurry eyesight I think it must be as serious as diabetes.

Since eating a high protein diet my stomach ulcer condition has improved 50 per cent going to show that some of the symptoms I thought were ulcers, were really this low blood sugar condition. Dr. Lamb, please inform me concerning hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Dear Reader Over the past several months there have been a large number of letters asking about hypoglycemia. It seems to be a very popular diagnosis and, interestingly enough, most of the letters are from women with this problem, not men.

I'll try to give you and the other readers an overview of the problem In the next few columns. I The symptoms you describe are Indeed those that can occur from hypoglycemia, but there are a lot of other problems that can and do cause similar difficulties. Anxiety states or nervousness often cause similar problems and the cause is entirely different I doot want everyone who has these general symptoms to jump to the conclusion that they have hypoglycemia, a factor that I suspect has something to do with the current popularity of this dis gnosis. A proper diagnosis of Many of the symptoms you described are really caused by the release of massive amounts of adrenalin in the body. The tiny adrenal glands over each kidney release adrenalin whenever the body is stressed or threatened.

This hormone is often said to mobilize the body for -fight or flight" It la a powerful hormone and has many uses In medicine, including treating acute asthma, allergic reactions and shock. William D. Hetland, Managing Editor John Schmeltzer, News Editor Wayne A. Weidner, Director of Sales and Advertising James FOTiell, Display Advertising Manager Harold Emanuel, Production Superintendent SSlTShJrf hp aamar SI SI par bmbOi St maM, la Adrenalin is closely related to the function of a large part of the nervous system. It causes the heart to speed up.

It Increases the amount of blood pumped by the heart, hence the feeling of a strong heart beat Profuse swestlng is common. Tremulousneea, perrousneas and dirtiness are part of the picture. The catch st that many other things can cause massive outpouring of adrenalin besides Irpogtycemia. It la true, however, that hypoglycemia can be a factor la obesity, and stomach hyperacidity. IH try to explain these la the next columns.

Hm Btaaaaai ffk MMML Or- rm tHmf mmm Wn a at i Say. aaS mm 4 am rw pmm aat aaimal aa I a. Saaa-aaa mM MHM mi tf MA, m. WJkrf 49 fom meofl, ykd 49 I 49rK.

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