Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 20, 1973 · Page 29
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 29

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 29
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SHORT mm Clfflty HtA, Int. mi* Mi. M. f£ ARbUN BLONDIE OAGWOOD, M DIO YOU MAR.C4.V ME POft MV - 8ftAIMS'OA MV. BEAUTY"? H ^v 1 THAT'S OWE OP THOSE LOADED QUESTIONS] THAT CAN L GET VOU INTO A Lorl OP TROUBLE.'! I MARRIED YOU POft YOUft BEAUTIFUL BRAINS' Walt Disney's SCAMP BUGS BUNNY VeS, BUSS, THIS IS THE COMPUTER THAT'S ©OJNS- TO REPLACE you 1 JUST THINK, NO M HAMflIN© AROUND THE WATER COOLER. NO COFFEE BREAKS/ JUST, WORK, WORK, WORK! I TRUST THERE ARE NO HASP FEELINGS 7 Transportation Departures Burlington Northern Eastbound 348 Chicago (Mon.-Sat.) . 7:35 a.m. 6 Chicago (Mon.-Sun.) 7:55 a.m. (Stops at Aurora only) 346 Chicago (Sun. o;ily) 10:20 a.m. Burlington Northern Westbound 5 Denver-S.F — 7:10 p.m. Burlington Northern Southbound 347 Quincy 8:40 p.m. Santa Fe Eastbound Chicago 9:08 a.m. Chicago 10:10 a.m. Santa Fe Westbound Houston 8:00 p.m. Los Angeles 0:25 p.m. IS 4 15 3 BUS SCHEDULE Westbound To West Coast '. 7:00 a.m To West Coast 5:20 p .m. To Davenport (la.) and V/est Coast (Fri. and Sun.) .........6:20 p.m. Eastbound To Peoria-Indianapolis ..12:08 p.m. To Chicago-East Coast ..12:05 p.m To Chicago-East Coast 7:20 p.m, To Peoria-lndianapolls .. 7:20 p.m, Southbound To Springfield (111.). St. Louis (Mo.) and points south - 12:05 p.m To Springfield (111.), St. Louis (Mo.) and points south (Fri.-Sun.) 4.03 p.m To St. Louis 5:20 p.m. AIRLINE SCHEDULE Ozark Northbound 702 To Chicago* 8:35 a .m. . '(Except Sunday: 702 becomei 790 departing 9:00 a.m.) 810 To Chicago — 6:35 p.m. Ozark Southbound 803 To St. Louis 10:22 a .m. 807 To St. Louis 0:42 p.m On Bridge Defense Could Be Better By Oswald & James Jacoby North had the minimum values for Ms jump to six no trump, but as he said later, his values were ail in aces and kings. South won the heart lead in dummy so as to be able to try NORTH *109 V A642 • K754 + 743 20 WEST 4765 V J10985 • 82 *KJ8 EAST AQ432 V3 4 J1093 + 10965 SOUTH (D) + AKJ8 VKQ7 • AQ6 + AQ2 East-West vulnerable West North East South 3N.T. Pass 6N.T. Pass Pass Pass- Opening lead—V J a spade finesse at trick two. It worked. South ran off all the spades and discarded two clubs from dummy. West jettisoned a heart. After the nice behavior of the spade suit, South could count to 11 top tricks and there wero plenty of ways to collect a 12th. lie didn't think hearts would break, bint ho cashed his king and queen to put a little pressure w East. Bast wasn't bothered. lie just chucked two clubs. Then South went after diamonds. [Diamonds didn't break any more than hearts had, but it didn't bother South tit all. West discarded o club on the third diamond to leave himself with one lieart and two clubs. South didn't huvo to worry about a olub finesse. I to BtaipJy led dummy's last heart to (law West in and West luul to loud a club right up to Ulio accMjueeii. Could the ded'onwo huvo dww any better? Wo«t ewukl hwvo tried, lie could have dJiwaixiwi two cllilW Oil StMllll'W fiJHMlr.'i. Tlwn when liw llnnMNiril mil lug wiiM roitdiwl South would huvo had to dt'Hdu about the location of HIi« club kluK Ho probujhly would liiava giwwwd right and made mi ovorliick, Station WGIL Radio AM Schedule 1400 Kilocycle! MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.— "4:55—Sign On Portals of Prayer 5:00—News 5:05—Musie :25—Collins Market 30—RFD Illinois :00—News :10—Music :30—News NLS & Sports :40—Music :00—News :10— Musio 30—News :45—Music :55—Aviator's Forecast 00—News NLS & Sports :10—Music :20—Midwest Photo :30—News :35—Music :55—Pink and Blue :00—News :05—Speak Easy :30—News :35—Speak Easy :00—News 05—Mid-Morning Markets :10—Speak Easy Newi on the Hour and 30—News 35—Problem & Solution -.00—News 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 8 8 •*8 8 8 8 9 0 0 0 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 P.M.- 05—Music 30—News 35—Music 55—Portals of Prayer 12:00—News 12:05—Markets & Farm News 12:15—Extension Advisor 12:25—Weather 12:30—News 12:33—News 12:50—Sports 12:55—J uek Anderson 1:00—News 1:05—Music During ihe Afternoon Half Hour, Otherwise Music 5:00—News 5:05—News 6:20—Bill Miller—State Capitol 8:25—Markets at a Glance 5:26—Steve McCormick 5:30—News 5:35—Sports 5:55—Jimmy The Greek (1:00—News ••• 0:05—Music At Night. News on the Hour and Half Hour. Otherwise Musio 10:00—Nightcap News 10:15—News in the World Today 10:30—News ••••Ki ;35—Music 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30—Snorts Scores 11:35—Music „ All Night Long News On Tha Hour and Half Hour. Otherwise Music NOTE: •—Monday Only • •—Thursday Only • ••—Sportsline Tuesday Only • •••—On Friday Night Sports nounil table Station WGIL Radio FM Schedule Not* i Monday's schedule is the same as Tuesday through Friday except that tha station Is off the sir from Midnight to «i00 AM. TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY MklnlKiit-Nlglittlmo Musio 5:00—News and Sports 0:06—WHko Up Snow B :.'l0 ~It *T) in Illinois 0:00—News, Weather & Sports 0:1(1 - Wake Up Show HMD— News. weather & Sports 0:40~WiiKe Up Show 01)5 Complete Weather Show 7:00—Country Music in Stereo 7:10 Micalifusl Edition of the but ho mi#t well have gone wrojig and lost the slam. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Maj, Hoople 1 L6MME RUN N\V FINGERS OVER TriE KEYBOARD ONE MORE T IME TO <svr THE T UNE RIOHT- V*. YOU WONT TEST THE CAR. BEFORE THE WvCE? ONLV HOOPLE COULP ARRANGE ONE LIKE T (4IS.' SAM COULP FACE MORE PROBLEMS Tri/NN A •SNAKE CHARMER F1SHTIN' A SNEEZE; HIS NIBS PROBABLY HKS A SECRET „ PLAN TO EVEN / THINfiS—UK6 ^ PUTTW A STOPLIGHT ON THE BACK STRETCH AW TEA CHIN' SAvfv\ K SHORTCUT.' ,tE3. BUZ SAWYER Galesfrurg ftegfstefrMql!, Gale6burfl t .|jj,_, Wednesday,. June 30, 1973 29 OFft? Birr ML ALONS vouve WD,WO 88 ttmW M8O0N AS YOUR 6f5Wt?fATHER! PIER. Ll'L ' CHATTV'3 fcEALLY OOlNd AT ITj WINTHROP BEEN TO THE LIBRARY HUH, NASTV? WHAT BOOKS DID WOIA TAKE OUT? <B Wi hy NM, Inc., m K.J. U.J.>ot. Olf. " THE INSPIRING STORM OP „ ATTILATHEHUN/ AND 'GENGHIS KHAN, SUPERHERO." PHVSICALLirJ \AB'B REFORMED, BUT MENTALLV 620 CAPTAIN EASY CKAVI...LIKE PUCEY $AV^„. | IF SOAAEOWE'^ REALLY TRYING TO KILL YOU THERE MU^TBE- (,-XQ ' C!) 1971' try NU, liic„ T,M. jti;.' U.S^at! oll.^- ANOTHER- HOOPLE FIRST." . OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William* WITH HAVJM'A LITTLE FUM AM 61 VIM' PASSERS.•p^YA^CHUCKLE ? WHATSA MATTER Y" I'LL CHUCKLE SOU IF YOU DOM'T TAKE ~\ THAT THIMG APART RIGHT NOW/ THE IPEA/ SETTINC5 UP A FEOWT YARPSALOOMAWP STOCKIbiO IT WITH NEIGHBORHOOD EMPTIES/ PEOPLE WILLTHIMK WE PRIMK OUR MEALS-.' — — f ^535 WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY C l*M I. Nil IM tU tri Vt OH 1 WttoM /jj^ |itp973 tr NtA, Ire, T.M. «»;, U.S. P«l Off JOHNNY HAZARD News 7:45—Country Music In Stereo 8:15—News 8:20—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports «:25—Country Musio In Stereo P.M.— Noon—National News, Farm Markets & News, & Extension Advisor Program 12:30—Noon News (Nat'l., Local) 1:00—Country Music in Stereo 4:15—News 4:25—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports 4:30—Country Music in Stereo 5:00— News (Nat'l.. Local) 5:30—The Ralph Emery Show 6:30—Country Music In Stereo WaiL-FM will broadcast •porting •v«nti ol ores and national interest. Check WGIL'i sports schedule in Monday's ReaUtsr-Mall tor exact time. News from the American FM Radio Network can be heard on WGIL-FM at tliteen after each hour. Station WAIK Rudio Program Schedule MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.- 6:00—Daybreak with Swlck St Rog 6:55—Weathercast 7:25—Swlck on Sports 7:30—Paul Harvey New« 7:35—Local News 7:50—Astroguldcr 8:05—Weathercast 8:10—Memory Lane 8:35—Viewpoint 8:45—Town Crier 0:45—ABC World of Sports 10.05—Farm Market Flash 10:06— c ;:ilcsburg Reports 11 :r )5— Tr .Kllo II .30 Morning Music P.M.— 12:00 —Piiul Hurvey News 12:15—Local News 12:30— Order Buyers Report 12:40—Swlck on SporU 1:00—Slate News 1:35—Viewpoint 2:40—Job Finder 2:45—Town Crjer 3:10—ABC Business News 3:35—Viewpoint 3:45—ABC World of Sports 4:05— Farm Market Flash 4:35—Club 36 5:08 Business News 5:10 Club 36 5:10—Club 36 5:35—Reynolds Commentary 5:45—ABC Sports 5:50—Dinner Music 6:35—Viewpoint 6:40—Easy Listening Local News on the Hour ABC News on the Half Hour THE BORN LOSER r M^TH0rWPLB, SITTER ISOU IKE ^ today's FUNNY >/ V Today's FUNNY will pay $1.00 for •ech original "funny" used. Send gags . to: Todgy'l FUNNY, 1200 W«t Third St., Cleulead, Ohio 44113. PlSMAVEP NEWS- OF SNAP I HUNTER'S' PEAO-H IN ' THAI LAW, HAT VEKIF1E5 WITH WING- H.Q- • ANPTHI^ cSWEP-ISH NEWS' PHOTOS- INGA BEKGSTROM.. WA6»THE" LAST TO 5EE HIM"? If HA2r„,LEFT AT THE CHOPPER CRASH- SITE 3 PEEP IN HC5TIU6 JUNGLE <rouNTKX/ Yr $ WHERE .CAN I F1NP HERg* GOTTA KNOW MDRB,, THE NEXTPAV„CXTr&lt7E-0ANGWO!C, 1 ALLEY OOP FUNNY BUSINESS «IW*Mi JO W) «RJ oBscgjyg puma cAuee 's irA^Aiw? ,., 2 (OAS COT OP THE Office. WHEW H6 CALLED, «0 «gJ.erT

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