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Oklahoma City Advertiser from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • Page 11

Oklahoma City Advertiser from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • Page 11

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Page Eleven OKLAHOMA CITY ADVERTISER MEMORIAL DAY RECIPES Hot Ham Rolls Use for Left-overs cooked with tomato juice. Heat tore. Fold in chopped nut meat well and pour over leaf lettuce i tn(j eocoanut. Drop by teai which has been cut up for a salad, jfon on greased cookie sheet. Toes lightly and serve.

jin moderate oven (350 degrees I until done, about 15 minutes. This goms sweets ere needed and makes four and a half dosen small wanted by all of us. After cookies. sugar la an Important food. Try; these Honey Nut Drops Three-fourths cup honey One-fourth cup butter On egg Grated rind of one lemon Three tableapoona lemon juice Two and one-half cups sifted' flour 1 I Three-fourths teaspoon soda One-fourth teaspoon salt One-half cup chopped nut meats One-half cup shredded eocoanut Cream butter and honey togeth- er.

Beat in egg. Add lemon rind! and juice. 81ft flour, soda and aalt! together and add to creamed mix- Make a biscuit dough of two cups sifted flour, three teaspoons1 baking powder, and one-half tea-1 spoon salt sifted together. Cut in four tableapoona lard and add' three-fourths cup milk. Roll exit into rectangle one-third inch thick, Make a white sauce by blend-' Ing one-fourth cup flour with three tableapoona butter or margarine and one-fourth teaspoon salt; add two cups milk and cook until thickened.

Mix enough of this sauce with two cups ground baked ham to make a thick paste. Spread on biscuit dough. Roll up aa for a jelly rblL Cut Into one-inch pieces. Lay cut side up In htly greased baking pan. Bake 25 minutes hi a hot oven MOO degrees until biscuit dough is done and brown, about 20 to 25 minutes.

Serve hot, topped with remaii white aaufte sprinkled with parsley. Serves six. occasionally, or until the rice la tender. Season to taste. This will serve five.

see French dressing isn't usually mixed in a sauce pan. But I give you a recipe that la different for it should be hot when poured over crisp greens. French Dressing Combine three-fourths cup tomato Juice, one-half lemon, sliced, one tablespoon auger, one teaspoon salt and a pinch of pepper. Bring to a boil and simmer for ten minute. Fry six slice of bacon, diced, until golden brown.

Remove lemon slices from tomato juice mixture and combine bacon and fat where Friday, May 28, 1943 1 EASY DESSERTS ARE IDEAL OR HOUDAY If you are entertaining informally (Hi Memorial Day, you may want something new to aerve aa a dessert. Hera are two recipes, one a very old one but a till popular when served. It la Spanish Cream Soften one tableapoon gelatin in one-fourth cup cold milk. Place! two and one-half eupa milk, five tableapoona augar, three alightly beaten egg yolks and one-fourth teaspoon aalt in top of double boiler. Cook over hot water until alight-' ly thickened; remove from heat.

Add softened gelatin and stir until dissolved; add one teaspoon va-. nilla. Chill until starting to net, then remove from refrigerator and fold in the three egg whites beaten stiff. into one large or six molds; chill until firm. Uhmold and serve with whipped cream, strawberries, sliced oranges or any fruit or fruit juice.

Banana Tart The banana tart is very popular in Spanish America and the West Indian Islands. Start out by baking a pie shell. Then, for a pie large enough for eight, -take four ripe bananas and mash well. Place in a sauce pan and add a level tablespoon of butter, half a cup of sugar, a pinch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

Then set aside to cooL When cool, take a wooden spoon and beat in a tablespoon of lemon juice. Whip the mixture well and spread into the pie shell. Set aside to get cold and serve well chilled. By MBS. DAN HOGAN "Stretching" our potatoes has become another war time duty.

Hera la a dish to taka the place of potatoes -and ana which wa think is really good. Savory Rice Three-fourths cup un-cook ed rice Two tablespoons bacon drippings Three-fourths pound ground beef One medium rise onion, chopped One and one-half teaspoons aalt Three tableapoona green pepper, chopped One-third cup celery, chopped -Two cups canned tomatoes One-half cup water One-eighth teaspoon pepper Wash the rice well in several waters. Drain well. Malt the drippings hi a large frying pan. Add washed rice, beef and onion and i cook, stirring, until the meat and rice are browned.

Add green pepper and celery and simmer for live minutes; stlU stirring. Add remaining ingredients, cover and simmer for 80 minutes, stirring BUY WAR BONDS! BANANAS ALWAYS OUR SPECIALTY WHOLESALE RETAIL OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE DO HAVE BARGAINS boiling water, and aalt SO minutes, or until done. Remove from liquid. Combine meat, bran flakes, five tableapoona water, salt, and onion and mix well. Shape into small meat balls and drop, several at a time, into hot celery stock.

Simmer. As balls rise to surface; remove; keep hot Measure stock and add water to make one and one-half cups. Add cold water gradually to flour, mixing to smooth paste; pour into celery stock, stirring vigorously. Cook until thickened. Add celery and meat balls.

Serves four to six. Marshmallow Custard One package maple rennet powder One pint milk, not canned Five marshmallows, diced Dissolve marshmallows in one cup hot milk. Then add one cup cold milk and warm slowly, stirring constantly until lukewarm. Then proceed according to directions on package, Chill, then serve. ft Week-end Specials Bread, MUk, Fresh Eggs, Butter.

We Do Not Meet Price VVe Make Them. FRESH PINEAPPLES ABE COMING IN FRESH STRAWBERRIES Frnh Killed Poultry UKESMED FKEB Opsi giadars TUI Fees 1 SEE US FOB YOUR SUNDAY DINNER POULTRY lea alrk the fowl as6 ee wlu pish Ms fsatkara, 8ee us for Freeh Foul try GIBSON PRODUCE CO. 101 N. Lindsey Phone 8-9668 Molasses Flavor i OUTDOOR FRUIT MARKET N. E.

6th A HARRISON AVE, N. E. COBNEBPHOSE 19-686 1105 N. W. 16th STREET PHONE -607 PUBLIC MABICET-FJIOSE Tt-MM By BETTY BARCLAY This year women have mine cause than usual to worry about "what to serve on a holiday." Rationing and food shortages are with us In full force.

Perhaps the following unusual recipes will help a Mt. I sincerely hope so. -Fish Savories Two cups Grape-Nuts Flakes, finely crushed One cup flaked cooked white fish One-fourth teaspoon salt Dash of pepper One-half teaspoon scraped onion One egg; beaten with four tablespoons milk and dash of aalt Combine one cup flakes; fish, aalt, pepper, onion, and flva tablespoons egg mixture, mixing wclL Shape in two-inch cakes. Roll In remaining Flakes; then in remaining egg mixture; and roll again In Flakea. Fry in skillet In small amount of fat, browning aides.

Serve with tartan sauce or lemon slices. Makes six small MvorUfi Whlta Gold Salad One cup grated raw parsnlpe Two-thirds cup orange sections One-half cup shredded tart apple One-half cup mayonnaise Two tablespoons lemon juice Combine the peeled, grated raw parsnip, orangs and apple; chllL: Add lemon juice and mayonnaise-to the parsnip mixture and' just before serving; mix well. Serves. fat- Celery Knob Ragout Four small celery knoba or roots or three cum coarsely diced Two and one-half cups boiling water One-half teaspoon aalt One-half pound ground beef 1 One cup brand flakea, crushed Five tablespoons water One-half teaspoon salt One teaspoon chopped onion One-half cup cold water Four tablespoons flour 1601 and cut celery knoba into cubes. Cook, covered, in Try the addition of tablespoon more of old-fashioned molasses ito sauces and gravies which are basted over roasts or mixed with istewx.

i Why Suffer? A competent staff of doctors have offices leased la the Hospital and earn take care of you ea general office practice, surgery, X-rays, laboratory, obstetrics and dentistry. A Cooperative Ifospllal Issuing a Family Group Hospital contract with a complete service covering those already sick as well as expectant mothers now. No age limit. A card or letter giving your exact residence address will bring foil Information and no obligation ea your part. Send today for full details aa yea may need ua before tomorrow.

Old people and convalescents accepted. Oklahoma Hospital Association A Cooperative Hospital 214-18 N. W. 19 th 8t Russian Dressing BUY YOUR ICE AT' ZERO ICE DOCK Prompt Drive-In Service. ATJ, PRICES EXCEPT PRODUCE EFFECTIVE 5IAY 28-29-81.

JUNE 1-2-3 IILIT POINT BARGAIN'S Points A simple Russian dressing Is made by adding two tablespoons of chill aauca and two tablespoons of finely chopped green pepper to one cup of mayonnaise, No. Can No.2'i aCdirS Northwest, packed in syrup Can Peaches Val Vita, Halves ipedally i i to vuit our dock. Invite new K.K.COK9IIHH 21 jJ 14 Cherries Bed Sour Pitied 2 Texas, Bed Ripe and Solid We esj comers 729 West Grand Grand and Shartel LBS. C00LERAT0R 23 14 Fresh Whole Milk GRADE-A a gallon 40c LBS. i tomatoes ohions Texas Sweet, Yellow Bermudas ORANGES greeUbeahs I LETTUCE California, Crisp Head CUCUMBERS Texas, Crispy.

Green POTATOES 14 14 EA. 2 I 16 LB. 1 16 Pineapple Crushed Beans Slayton, Asparagus style Beans Standard, Cut; Green Corn Birch Baik, Fancy C. 8. Peas Sooner Select, Early dune Tomatoes Standard, No.

2 Can Beans Greens Beans Beans Beans Baby Food Limas, Stokeiy Mustard or Turnips No. 5 Can CRC Pinto In C'eDo Bags Large Limas, In Cello Bags Hand Picked Navies Cello Bags. Clapp's Strained BUFFET SUPPER IS EASY WAY TO ENTERTAIN I 19 CM I FOR Ears Full Line Birdseye Frosted Foods Ice Cream FARM DAIRY Phone Britton 524 (Ne Toll) uin STORE 8 CARROTS S500 N. Western Texas 12 Memorial Day Gathering Need Hold no Terrors -For Servant-less Housewife 8 Baby Food Strained tie REFRIGERATOR 12 Less Drying. Out of Poods.

Covered Dishes Are Ret Needed. No Ma ehlnery, no Noise. FAMILY SIZE $6995 6 Tomato Juice 1 17-1 19 msibBROADWAY-SINGE 1897 Stokeiy 35c Pineapple Juice Ubby 22 Htaiasartere Tor Fresh Hawk Ear IMreet From Farsure Ts Yos Lass Ths Mlddla Ilia's FrofU Ws Csadls Osr Eras LB. STRICTLY FRESH EGGS Candled Cartons DOZ. First Cuts, Rib Pork loin Roast Fork Chops Bacon Squares Smoked Back Bones Fresh Fork Pure Lard 4-lb.

Carton Lunch Loaves Fresh-made LB. Pork Shoulders lb- Smoked Hams Shank cut LB. Sausage fu Fork American or Pimlento Cheese Leaf LB. LB. Points Coolerator saves vital war material, meets W.

P. B. requirements If i Basp to Pap the Cornish Wap CORNISH FURNITURE CO. Phone 5-1491 WHITING FAN DRESSED FOUND 19c I1ED POINT BARGAIN'S Spam or Redi Meat Shrimp Blue Plate, Wet Oleomargarine May bell Crisco Shortening Potted Meat Broadcast No. yk Can FIRST GRADE Shortening 4 69 ft Foists CRISCO 3 74c 15 10c PEAS No.

Can An you planning on asking all the family, or a few friends, In. for a buffet supper on Memorial; Day? Thera la no easier way of entertaining them since much of. the food may be prepared early in the day, or the preceding day, and i that la a Mg help in toes aervant- days. As the main dish for that sup-1 1 per table, one that la comparative-1 ly inexpensive and very easily pro-1 pared, try this EacaUoped Chicken Get a fat, five-pound hen and cook slowly until meat la ready to drop from the bones. Uncover the pot and let the hen.

cool in the broth. When cool, remove all meat and akin, being careful not to let little bones drop in the meatr Cut In medium pieces. Make a cream sauce by using one tableapoon chicked fat, one ta-; bleapoon flour and one cup of the I broth. Season to taste. This pro-! portion is used in making whatever amount is necessary.

Chop six hard-boiled egga and drain a can of peas. Add chopped pimlento and a small amount of chopped green pepper. In a buttered casserole place a layer of corn flakes, then a layer of chicken, on top of that a layer of sauce and then a layer of the egg-vegetable mixture. Repeat this and cover the top with more of the corn flakea that have been crushed. Dot with bits of butter and act In lea box until needed.

Bake 80 minutes In a moderate oven when wanted. 1 To serve with the chicken, a green salad la nice, or a tomato aspic, broad and butter sandwiches or hot rolls, a simple dessert and a drink hot or cold, depending on the weather. A popular substitute for the dessert is a tray of cheese and crackers. This is easier than it sounds in the cheese-rationed days aa there are many delicious varieties still cm the unratloned list The amount of escalloped chicken given above will serve 18 easily. POUND SACK Yoar So.

If Xsssi 'Mm Expires Msr Ik sad lk (I ssbIbs) Its. Kid SUGAR, C8H Cane 10 2 rolls 15c 4, lit' Jdi. Adhesive Tape Tenderoni 7-oz. pkg. 8c I.l'CKY LAST 43 lbs.

24 lbs. 99c Fly Settlers 3to25cRICE 3u.34c 6 for 25c Matches Srarekllekt t. C'skle Is. Box Syrup of Pepsin reg. 60c size 47c YRIEHDI.Y Flour.

48 lbs. 1 .60 24lbs.83c Northern Tissue roll 5c Mineral Oil, U.S.P.-. pints 19c calumet Famous Feeds 5h From Ouns-Frem Quekori PUFFED in. MIFFED 19. WHEAT 'U MCE 1 SPARKIES SPARKIES--.

Baking Powder ..2 5-ox. can 23c FABLl'M Lux Toilet Soap 3 bars 20s Baby -reg. 50c size 39c Largs XadlM I FRESH ASSORTED COUSTEY Eggs 37c Laundry Soap 4for 1 5c; 6 for 27c EOLYSOI Tooth reg. 60c size 47c qv eF.R MUFFETS Box OHEDALE qiEEW Olives No.

12 far 25c Cains Better COFFEE UL 2SC Cleanser, Sunbrife can 5c Sugar Stamp No. 12 Expires May 81 PURE CANE In Cloth Bags SUGAR 10 -65c KILLO SPRAY Qt 23c I ST178c Coffoa Stamp No. 88 Expires May 86 CAIN'S ROASTED, FRESH COFFEE -26c HY-T-UOOD Salad Dressing quarts 27c For Is Cmt 40-oz. pkg. 31c Bisquick gpetMBHft rop.lsr Bread.

pkg. 19c Cigarettes IODISE 05 Mereurechreme 2 for 15c "H-ra. Biss Rice 2-lb. pkg. 26c Kerr Jars wWA quart size 69s Oklahoma Citys Most Attractive Retail Bakery Ip.

ll-os. MU MAE SODA lb. 13c; 2 lbs. 25c Post Toasties Ge Kerr Lids ..2 dozen 19c Eddie's REGRETS THAT Post Bran Flakes 2 for 25c Sunshine Arrowroot Biscuit, 15c Xerr Caps, doz. 19c FRIENDLY PEED DEPARTMENT NlXSHISt Krispy Crackers.

I -lb. pkg. 1 9c Jar Rubbers 2 dozen 9c Xnralar Mm SABI SCO FIXE TABLE QUALITY Salt 10 lbs. 19c; 25-lb. sack 35c Graham Crackers l-lb.

pkg. 19c Cerfo FwFMftrt Fmarrl.f Shreddies pkg. I2fc mmt late customers last: week failed to find us with our usual large variety of baked goods. Because we Insist on maintaining quality and freshness, we are unable to itretch the -Ingredients going Into our products to thereby serve greater numbers. We do however try to servo more people; first, by limiting customer purchases; second, by only keeping open from 10:30 A.

to 7:00 P. Monday through Saturday. On Friday and Saturday-wont you eomo to tho ftoro direct rather than phone us. It will enable ue to servo you better. EDDIE'S BAKERY-1749 N.

16th St. wlooYi-tkmted Baby Chicks 100312.03 RED JUNE 32.75 German 103 lbs. $3.95 ea. 49c BLOCK SALT ii-lk, Kiiwk KOMA 1520 On Yaur Dial )H. IIPMN STOCK SPRAY Hal.

I'M $2.00.

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