Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 20, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 28
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tfrjgqi^ 1973 Analysis of Sea From Skylab Ship Tell Fishermen Where To Fish fiy THOMAS 0. BELDEN tJPl Space Writer HOUSTON (UP!) - Techniques are being developed Science Today aboard tfae Skyiab space station that may someday tell fisher* men precisely where to drop tiheir nets to be assured of good haul. Dr. C. Lawrence Korb, a Johnson Space Center physicist, is using the orbiting space laboratory to test a highly precise instrument, tine multi- spectral scanner, which can sense the color of ocean water D ^ )/Family Mental Stress And the Heart t-« >. _ Dr. Lamb a | and measure sea surface i temperature. "I think Skylab will be the ° major step towaird doing this for oceanography," Korb said in an interview. "It'll be the firsit chance to see what the ocean looks like in good spectral (visual) resoluHon.'' To Find Good Area To find a good fishing area, the physicist said, you look for areas of high chlorophyll concentration, and for "upwel- By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — After an examination and chest X-ray, mv doctor says I have "psycho­ physiological cardiovascular reaction with thoracic pain." Now just what is this? What nature of heart problem could this be? Dear Reader — It wouldn't he possible for me to verify your doctor's diagnosis, and since Ihe diagnosis is a general term, I can't be too specific. However, the term implies that he doesn't think you have any structural changes in your heart, such as hardening of the arteries or coronary artery disease or changes in the heart valve or other problems due to changes in the heart itself. Rather, he thinks whatever problems you have are related to psychological stresses. Commonly this means emotional stress and .tension which, in your case, apparently causes chest pains since that's what thoracic pain means Not every chest pain is heart pain, and even certain irregularities of the heart can be caused by psychological stress. The medicines ithat you mentioned your physician has prescribed are those which are commonly used to help individuals with these types of problems, as opposed to structural! changes in the heart. You should also realize that the diagnosis means that your doctor doesn't .think that you have the lend of heart disease that would ordinarily cause a heart attack, hear failure, or other such problems. Your question is an important one, and I'm personally convinced one of the aspects of treating a person with chest pain or disturbed function of the heart and circulatory system related to psychological stress is to "reassure him that nothing is wrong with his heart. This helps, him focus on the true problem, and helps to eliminate undue'concern about the possibilities or other disastrous events whioh are most unlikely to occur in this setting. Dear Dr. Lamb — Can you please define the word costo­ chondritis and explain what it is? Dear Reader — Costo refers to the ribs. The spaces between the ribs are the intercostal spaces. The arteries along each rib are called the intercostal arteries. Chondro refers to cartilage, whether it's located in the knee or in the chest. Thej connections between the bony ribs and sternum are made of cartilage. The area where they join is called cdstochondral junctions. Whenever "itis" is used in medicine, it means inflammation. So, simply expressed, costo­ chondritis means inflammation where the bony .ribs join the cartilage at 'the front of the chest along the rib cage. It can cause localized tenderness and pain. The cause for the inflammation is usuallv not understood and probably occurs for a va riety of reasons. One of the most important points about it is to recognize that when these areas of the rib cage are involved over the front of the chest that it does not mean heart disease. Sometimes the difficulty goes away on its own and other times the area is injected with Novocain or otter medicines to help relieve pa|i and the inflammatory reactk /i, if the condition is severe enough to warrant that. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) lings" —areas currents have water to the surface, where it is then heated by the sun. Chlorophyll is the green coloring matter that causes plant cells to produce oxygen. "These are areas of high productivity and good fishing, with a lot of marine life," he said. Studying the seia from space has never been dione before, but has a wide open future, said Korb, whose experiment is part of Skylab's Earth Resources Experiment. "Phytoplankton (microscopic acquatic plant life) are the primary oxygen producing organisms on this planet," he pollutions in the ocean, you're markedly disturbing the balance of these ofganisfriis. Using remote sensing techniques is a very efficient way of looking at the balance. "All dt the dumping that is done off the New York area, for example, what effect does this have, on how large an area? And what is the cumulative effect of all the dumping that is done in the Northeast?" Korb said once the technique where ocean'of measuring sea surface brought cold tempo rai 'ure and sensing water color has been perfected, the precise instruments can be put aboard unmanned satellites that would study certain areas of the ocean In great detail and over long periods. Perfection of such satellites is expected in the late 1970s, he said. Using a synchronous satellite, which stays over any given point on eanth all the time, rotating as the earth does, a well-known fishing area could be monitored constantly to see if the miarine population is remaining stable, Korb said. He added that a regular satellite that sets its own pace in orbiting earth could map said. "If you're dumping I numerous fishing areas on a pesticides or various fonms of'regular basis, every few days. Yates City Man Receives Degree YATES CITY — Terrence Grandt received a doctor of veterinary medicine degree June 9 from the University of Illinois. He plans to establish a practice at New Glarus, Wis. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alten Grant, attended graduation ceremonies. Sheila Shives was graduated cum laude from Western Illinois University June 16. She has been given a research assistantship at Southern Illinois University, where she will work toward master's degree in psychology. Oquaivka Couple Marks Wedding OQUAWKA - Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary June 10. Children and grandchildren who gathered at their home brought an anniversary cake. Mrs. Charlotte Blake and Mrs. Dale Gibb attended the wedding of Mrs. Blake's grandson, James McKinney, Gladstone, and Betty Reynolds, LaHarpe, on June 9. They also attended the June 10 wedding of Mrs. Blake's nephew, William Rogers, and Stark County Board Okays Health Funds I TOULON - The Stark County Board, at its June 11 meeting, allocated $2,500 for a county mental health program. The board set a per diem of $16 and mileage of 15 cents a mile for travel to meetings. Mrs. Mary Ryan, Mrs. Margaret Cahill and Gerald Stape were re-appointed to the^county welfare committee for three years, and Mrs. Agnes Cole, J. F. Carter and D. J. Owens were appointed to the public aid ad visory board for a 2-year pe riod. Appointed to the Brad ford Sanitary District were Donald Dennison, one year; Thomas McMahill, two years, and Nen Schuneman, three years. The, next board meeting will be July 2. Mr. and Mrs. Burt W. Eltzroth were honored on their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception June 10 at Toulon United Methodist Church. Hosts for the event were Mr. and Mrs. Burt Eltzroth Jr., Mary Jo Lacey, both of Farm-Tucson, Ariz., and ington. 'Schaad, Bradford. Sibella Qll RE JOYCE TINY '/J^ sr_pjEAs_ % _4/n~ § 0jg REJOYCE Kg PICKLES J Q C!; 59c flV 21-OZ. JUG STAR KIST TUNA vTcwT A9c m 82 SMUCKERS 32 . 0z jS| Grope Jelly.- JAR 39 J S &l VISTA PACK m# OA S g5 CRACKERS I BoxZyC JQ BANQUET I POT PIES SET 5 /1 1 BEEF LIVER 79'» SLICED BOILED l/ 9Lb 7Qc HAM /Z I W OPEN EVERYDAY <o \m AS OF SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1973, WE WILL DISCONTINUE DELIVERY SERVICE. WE THANK PATRONAGE CUSTOMERS FOn THEIR YEARS OF POSSIBLY'AT A LATER DATE WE WILL BE ABLE TO ESTABLISH A DELIVERY SERVICE AGAIN. 5 i HILLS BROS. COFFEE 2 Lb. $|59 Can I Good Only At SHOTTS Expires June 24 CANTALOPE 36 Size _2_ f " 99c SWEET "CORN" 5 Eo " 59c FRESH Apricots 39c Lb OSCAR MAYER WIENERS Mb. Pkg. BLADE CUT Chuck Roast* BOUND BONE »> Swiss Steak _ 89c lb . $1 29 BONELESS LEAN Beef Stew 19 Lb. lb. Mel's Red & White KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS FREE PARKING OPEN SUNDAY MON. thru SAT. NO METERS 7 AM TILL 6 PM 7 AM TILL 9 PM RED& W^H ITE STORES V CHUCK STK 99c RTB EYE "1 $ l 89 __u, 705 E. FREMONT FRFF s 100°° Cash Drawing No Purchase Required To Win. Get A Free Ticket Each Time You Visit Our Store. SATURDAY DRAWING WORTH '500°° Thurs., June 21st Fri„ June 22nd Sot, June 23rd Sun., June 24th Free to First 100 Free to First 100 Free to First 100 Free to First 100 Customers Customers Customers Customers 1 Lb. 1 SENNS 1 Lb. 1 GLASS BREAD Half & Half OLEO TUMBLER SENNS Cottage Cheese __1 lb. 33c SENNS POPS, FUDGE, LADIE BARS ... 3 for 99c CORN KING WIENERS - -.12 oz. 69c 3 LB. OR MORE Ground Beef _ r lb. 89c FRYING Whole Chickens lb. 43c Round Steak ——lb. 1.29 GROUND Round Steak lb. 1.39 BONELESS Top Round Steak _____ lb. 1.49 BONELESS Bottom Round Steak — lb. 1.39 Cube Steaks lb. 1.59 BONELESS Rump or Tip Roast lb. 1.59 Breyers Ice Cream qt. 59c BONUS SPECIAL 2-LB. CHEF DELIGHT CHEESE 59c With $5.00 Purchase JUMBO Cantaloupe ea. 39c FRESH Peaches lb. 39c FRESH Crisp Celery stalk 29c VINE RIPE Tomatoes — lb. 39c GOLDEN RIPE Bananas — lb. 13c HUNTS Catsup —_14oz. 4 for 1.00 OV Shortening ______ 3 lbs. 79c RED and WHITE Dog Food ~__ ISVz oz. 2 for 25c BANQUET Meat Pies 5 for 1.00 COUNTY FAIR Donuts ______ do*. 35c BONUS SPECIAL RED & WHITE MILK .... gal. 99 WESTERN AUTO The Family Store and Catalog Order Center Jim Sayrs WESTERN AUTO 320 E. MAIN, KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS OPEN 7-9 Mon.-Sat. 9-5 Sunday Plenty of Free Parking AT W.A. AUTO IS OUR LAST NAME! SAVE .$1.76 Wizard Pin Lock 2-Ton JACK STAND _ $|99 Wizard Premium Nylon SEAT $^44 COVERS Pine Tree AIR FRESHNER 19 Your Choice AC or Champion Plugs Resistor Plugs 89c 69c Wizard Standard Shocks ? 3.99 Out Door Living Starts With The Finest Equipment From Western Auto!? Picnic-Time Specials ythylcn *16 : <eted *2 73 Qt. Polythylene CHEST 1 Gallon Jacketed PICNIC $019 JUG 30 Qt. Hard Shell Chest $6.99 The Swinger ICE $X95 CHEST W Redwood PICNIC TABLE 47-in. Table & 2 Benches S1VI99 T/a-in. Stock. ... Z*fr Full Size PATIO CHAIR $2 79 Re0- $4.59 HEAD LAMP Hl-Lo Beam ONLY $]29 8-Cyl. Spark Plug CABLE $C88 SET 3 WINDSHIELD WASHER SAVE 60c 79C Foam 6 - Pack Cooler - 79c FOAM JUG _. 99c 20 Piece PICNIC SET Plate* • Cups . $| 25 Utensils I ICE CUBE TRAYS Reg. or Mini 14c STP Oil 1.07 STP Gas 57c Wearwell Motor Oil 1020-30 Non-Detergent . I 7 Qt. OIL FILTER^ ~ R5904, 10, 20 $jH 3 Pc. Barbeque Tool Set 199 BBQ, Fork, Spatula, Tongs 18" FOLDING GRILL $ 6 85 J8" Table Top Grill $439 20" WIZARD KETTLE GRILL Now Only $28" ~CHXRCOAL~ 'I? 1 0nly 59c CHARCOAL LIGHTER Full Quart 39C W .A .'s Big Nationwide Vz Price Tire Sale Is Still Going On! See All of the Quality Davis Tires Today, Get Our Price! You Make A Better Buy! Save On Treasure Hove Home Furnishings From Western Auto SAVE 1.30 on FULL LENGTH DOOR MIRROR M.99 Save 50c on Poly Foam PILLOW $ U9 Save $1,16 on 9x12 Ft. Hard Surface RUGS *5.99 5 Light Spanish or Kariy American CHANDELIER Only $19" Early American SWIVEL ROCKER Red Coudurox Cushion* Maple Finish $CQ88 High Back.- .... JO Authentic Textured Prints - Bichwood Showcase Frames LANDSCAPES 4 Scenes $"f 77 Brilliant Colore / 4' Wide KundwuorJ SAFETY GATE 88

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