Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 22, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1947
Page 5
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>» Finance Board (Continued From FHIJC One) j Broph.v. Attv. Cdino, Borough ClcrK Chsrlu.-i &'. Daly, William Boles, John Brficn, Harold Turn- hlcm. John McCarthy and Eric Gnbrlcl"on, Mr. Painter was named to thf: committee and was active until hist appointment as secretory TeL 6491 413 No. Muln St. Union City Storo Open Friday Until J> O'clock Bill's Danbury Hatter 57 SOUTH MAIV XT. Wm, Miirliino,' I'rop. Huts Clciknud, Blocked Factory Method* NKW HATS FOR SALE I luts Mudc to Order HAY! HAY! • Timothy & Clover Mixed • Timothy & Alfalfa Mixed • Oat-Straw Priced Reasonable • Car or Truckload Lots James Metcalf Woodbury, Conn. I'liorm Waterliiiry '1-0005 Before « I'. M. or Wondhury 3!il-S uftur 7:H(i I'. M, of Congressman James T. Putter- son. : . •'•:,.'•' •'..:, '-". . . | -1 mat of t.ho;>iiMs'as-folloW BE IT ENACTED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRE- SNTATIVES IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY CONVENED: Section \. There is created In the borough of Naugatuck a Board of Finance to consist of the Warden of the borough as an ox-officio member, and six electors of said borough, each of whom shall own property, cither .real or personal, subject to taxation on the assess mcnt list next prior to the dati of his appointment and each 01 whom shall, at the time o: his appointment and during his term of office on said board, hold no other borough or town office for which compensation is received from the funds of the borough treasury. Section 2. The members of said board of finance shall be .appointed within 10 days after this net is made effective, by, the warden, by, and with the consent of the burgesses and the appointment of the members of said board shall be made in such manner as to divide the membership thereof equally between the two leading parties for the time being, and whenever a vacancy shall occur In said board it shall be fillet! for the uncxplred term in the manner aforesaid for tho appointment of members. Of those appointed, two shall be. for the term of six years. All terms be- Kin tho first Tuesday of June 19-17, and shall continue until their successors arc duly appointed and qualified. Biennially thereafter, during the month of Junuc, two members shall be appointed as iforesaicl \>r the term of six years. Tho members of said board shall be sworn to the faithful performance of their duties. No member shalf receive compensation for his services as such, but the necessary expenses of the board shall be paid by the borough upon requisition of the board in writing. Section 3. Said board shall elect from its own members, on or before June 30, 1947, and biennially in the same month thereafter, a chairman and a vice-chairman thereof. The vice-chairman, In the absence of the chairman, shall preside over all meetings of the board. At all meetings of said board, four members shall constitute a quorum and the concurrence of three votes shall be necessary for the transaction of any business. The warden shall vote only to dissolve a tic. Said board shall hold- regular and such special meetings us may be advisable upon giving at least forty-eight hours notice to each member before the time set for such meeting. The clerk of the board shall issue a call for a special meeting either at the direction of the chairman or upon the written request of any four members thereof. The borough clerk shall be the cleric of said board of finance. Section 4. On or before March 15, annually, each agency of tho borough, whether required or authorized by statute- to render or cause to be rendered any public service requiring an expenditure of borough money, or any other agency which Is required or authorized by, statute or otherwise to enter Into any contract Involving any expenditure of .money from the borough treasury, shall submit to said board a detailed statement of the estimated amount of money needed by such agency to perform its required or authorized duties as above set forth during the ensuing the borough clerk at leapt 0 days prior to 'the holding- of the 'joint session of the., two boards..'.above mentioned. - ' .'•'•'.'.' Section &'. If the appropriations necessary for maintenance of the. borough shift not have been made, because .of the failure of the board of warden and burgesses and the board of finance, In joint session to adopt the budget recommended or because o£ 'the failure of th board of finance to prepare and submit a proposed budget, the scv •oral amounts appropriated for' ordinary current expenses in the budget lor the preceding fiscal year, together with the '' essury for'all interest on indebtedness und for the retirement of indebtedness of said borough becoming due during the budget year, fiscal year. On or before March 15, annually, ir\y elector' or group of electors of borough who shall desire the borough to apprpriato>' to carry out any lawful purpose must submit to said board n statement of the estimated amount they desire to have the borough appropriate for such purpose. Within 10 days thereafter, the board shall hold a public hearing ir hearings notice of which shall '0 given at least 5 days before such icarlng or hearings by publication n a newspaper having a substan- ial circulation in the borough, at vhich time the board shall accord such agencies, or any person Icsii-lng to be heard, an opportun- ty to speak on such estimates. As If You Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 SKCKKTAKIATj REPOKTIN'O Ht>vrhu>Mi?nt In (ircKjr Shortlumrt to ItiU wtun. N>w lifuiu> hcuiiir* Jan. i!7. 10-17. ICvrninK* nt fl I'. M, THE PERRY SCHOOL "(>I-"1-'ICI.\I. UKKGG SC'IKHII." Brown Wat. WuttrVws JUST GOT OUR NEW TOASTER. COULD I RENT ONE MORE OF YOUR ELECTRIC OUTLETS P" Don't overload your wiring >x«t*m. Wh*n you or m»d«rnU» provHo AOfQI/AU WHINO. THE CONNECTICUT LIGHT & POWER Co. oon as possible thereafter, said board, in executive session, shall ircpare a budget and an estimate if expenditures to be made by the •orouffh for the fiscal year beginning April 1. Such budget* shall show the appropriations recommended for every class of expenditure and shall also state the amount of income which It is estimated will be received from nil sources of revenue of the borough. Upon comple-tion of such budget, annually, a joint meeting of the board of warden and burgesses and the board of finance/ shall be hold not later than April 15. at which meeting such budget shall be submitted. No changes shall be made in the budget as proposed, except that, by a majority of •those present and voting at said joint session uuch budget may be increased, decreased, altered or revised. The appropriations finally adopted nt said joint session shall •become the budget for the borough for the fiscal year and the board of finance shall Immediately determine and set the amount of the -tax rate and the date or dates when the same shall become due and payable. Copies of the proposed budget and estimated revenues shall be available in the office of SEALED BID NOTICE In accordance with the provisions of Section 5-1c of the 1939 Supplement to the General Statutes, sealed proposals will bo received by the' Supervisor of Purchases, State of Connecticut, at Room '108, State Capitol, Hurtforcl, as follows: January 28, 19-17 at 10 A.M.—Supplying Fresh, Freeh-Frozen and Salted Seafood to State Agencies for delivery during the week oC Jan. 26. 10 A.M—Meats and provisions for state institutions for month of February 1947. 2 P.M.—Glassine envelopes for Motor Vehicle Dopt. January 29, 1947 at 2 P.M.—Michle Press lor New Britain Teachers College. 2 P.M.—Office supplies for University ot Conn. 2 P.M.—Streptomycin for Tuberculosis Commission. February a, 1CM7 at 2 P.M.—Six 8-rt. blade motor graders for Sta-te Highway Dcpt. February 4, 1947 at 2 P.M.—Lab- oiatory furniture for New Haven Teachers College. All bids must be submitted on and in nccordn.nce with forms which will' be supplied by the Supervisor of Purchases upon request, j Bids received later than the • time and dates specified above will be rejected. The Supervisor of Purchases reserves the right to reject any or all bids, wholly or in part. Bidders arc Invited to be present at opening of all bids. STATE OF CONNECTICUT Edward C. Geiseler, Supervisor of Purchasc3, Play refreshed.. have a Coke UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COIA COMPANY »T Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Waterbury, Conn ahalJ be deemed to be appropriated for the several purposes lav which, such amounts were appropriated r the preceding fiscal year....Section 8. No officer or spending-, agency of the borough shall expend or enter into any contract by which the borough ahall become liable -for any sum which; ' with any contract then in. force, shall' exceed the appropriation • for the .spendinE-agency In question, exi cept in cases of necessity conncct- jd with the repair of highways and' bridges nnd .the care of the bor- iugh poor, and then not to exceed five hundred dollars. Should any jccaslon arise whereby more money is needed for any spending agency of the borough than has been appropriated as provided for In this act, the board of warden'and burgesses shall notify the board of finance of such .fact and the chairman of the latter board shall forthwith call a meeting thereof to consider the appropriation for such spending agency which said board may make the necessary approfSHa'-'' tlon aha)! be Included In and tnado a part of the next tax levy. Section 7. Said board of finance shall have, power to transfer unexpended balances from one appropriation to another, but no amount appropriated for any purpose, whether general or special, »ha be used or. appropriated for an; other-purpose unleso the same shal be recommended by said board. Section 8. The provisions of thi act shall not bo a limitation upon the borough in issuing bonds un dor the provisions of the law or in expending tho proceeds .thereof in accordance with -the vote provided for In the borough charter. Section D.«Thc board of warden and burgcsacs and the board of finance, in joint session, by a majority, vote shall-determine the necessity for, and the manner of, Issu ing bonds by the borough of Nau- Salem Church (Continue'! .from 1'age One) gatuck. All bonds hereinafter issued by the borough shall bo countersigned oy the chairman of the )oard of finance. Section 10. All provisions of the jo rough charter and all borough ordinances which are Inconsistent with this' act arc repealed and no provisions of .the. general statutes >r the special acts relating to said borough inconsistent with any pro- Isions of this act shall apply to he borough of Naugatuck. «ction-11. This act shall take ef- ect upon its appVoval by a major- ty vote of the electors of the bor- ugh present and voting at a spc- ial meeting duly called and warned .for such purpose. iTATEMENT OF PURPOSE: AfJ LCT CREATING A BOARD OF FINANCE IN THE BOROUGH OF NAUGATUCK. service will be in English'and a G o'clock service in the morning in Swedish. The meeting opened with 'a devotional, service by the pastor, 'the Rev. Frendbcrg, who also gave the benediction, Herbert Bohlin was at the piano. RcportN Reports were presented by the following: Eldon Rohs, church clerk; Robert " Anderson, Henry Johnson, approval of committee report"; Conrad Rohs, Harold Peterson, new members for approving minutes; pastoral Rev. Frendbcrg; report Miles by the Berry, ushers report; Adolph Nelson,, treasurer; Adrian Olson, auditors; Robert Anderson, board oC trustees; the Rev, Frendberg, Sunday school; Eldon Rohs Bible class; Herbert ioh^n, organist, Miss Vivien Anderson, secretary, music board; Adolph Nelson, decorating commit- ;ee; John R. Andeison, guest >ook; Adolph Nelson, budget for 947, An adjustment of salaries was made for those employed by the hurch. During the election Hixr- Id Peterson and Vcrnon Anderson acted as tellers. NAtlGATL'CK NEWS'(CONM), WEDNESDAY, .TAX. U, I»«T—PAOK I Salem Swedes Form Basketball Team Business manager and director Carl Snlmonson of the recently organized Salem Swedes basketball team has announced the team will practice-this evening at tho high school gym, starting at 7:30 o'clock. Coach Harold Peterson -and Assistant Coach John Goldberg wi!l direct the drill. Lodge To Meet tion therefor, after proper inquiry, but, if the amount required shall "xcecd fifteen hundred dollars such '- ront ofthc Alderson Fune ,. a , shall not be •- At Funeral Home Members of Centennial Lodge o. 100, I. O. O. F., wil appropriation shall not be made until, upon recommendation of said finance board the same shall have been adopted by a two-thirds vote o? those present and voting at a joint session of the board of warden and burgesses, and .the board of finance specially called for that purpose- If such an appropriation shall be made after the laying of the annual tax, the amount of such special appropria- Home at 7:30 o'clock 1 this evening to pay final' respects to the late Harry S. Rogers, Noble' Grand Leonard Popo announced this morning. '-- St. Paul's cathedral in London was completed in 1710. It is 510 feet long and Ite great donxe rises to a height of 400 feet. Frankfurt—The American Axis Saly of I tin cOnnnn radio—Mildred Glllarg—has arrested a vain In Frankfurt. Gcrniiu)>, The Army says her rc-sirreKt was ordecd by the Ueputmcnt of Justice. RENOM1NATION Hartford — Governor McCon- iuiRliy has sent lo the General Assembly Tim ri'-noinlmiMonx of five Supreme itnd Superior Court; judges. All are nnmed for tj>rm« night .ve:irn. Tim orappolntments are. thone of Supreme Court AN- Kor-lale Justice Arthur F. Kiln of Ut-cliflcld; and Superior Court Judge* Patrick B. O'Sullvan of Orange, John If. King of Willl- inuntic, ThoniHK K. Troland of New* London and Thomas J. Molloy of Hartford. -Spoil* Slltp TwIftt^X You'll like the way Vft-tro-nol works rif ht where trouble Is to open up. nose—reHere stuffy transient congestion. <AI«ogr»nd for relieving sniflly. sneezy, stuffy dlxtrcst of head colds.) Follow directions in folder. VICKfVA-TROJIOfc Absenteeism in ihe nation's industrial plants in 3912 amounted to ji loss of 122 million man-diys, a national survey revealed. FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 410 North Main St. Cnlon City ' TEL. t!S«. More than one-half of Sweden's total area is timberland. VISIT OUIt NEW GIFT SHOP For Wedding Anniversary and Shower Gifts . , . Silver, China, Lumps, Vuses, Etc. $1 to $50 William Schpero JEWELER 180 Church Street Naugatuck ', LAST WEEK INVENTORY SALE OF UPHOLSTERING f C 0 10% to 33% Savings On AH Fabrics SPECIAL 2 PC. SUITE OFFER DIAL 4690 Waterbury 4-8895 Watertown 457 FREE DECORATING SERVICE Phone 4690 For Appointment — Terms Arranged GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. PHONE NAUG. 4690 . PHONE WAT. 4-8895 SALE Final Clearance of LIVING ROOM SUITES ODD SOFAS and CHAIRS PRICED AT DISCOUNTS OF 1O% to 50% For Immediate Sale And Delivery... No Hold Orders! Heru'w u -grand opportunity to buy upliol- sicrud living room furniture it' you act right away. 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