The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York on March 2, 1968 · 10
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York · 10

Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1968
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r-i TOE DAILY tTEMPORT CHESlf yiwVTl — p j-?- ’5 '5 v w-f 1 ? ffrt ' ' ’ r xf v: c ' ts - t 4 a - i 0 y ' 4- 1 ij i ":vl i ! I 1 : S-' 1 k ‘ 'it -ii Mi h: ( ODcmnumniEs i i :: SALVATORE DelVECCIIIO KJkmi Reside 48 Year: “1 “ J' Salvatore DdVecchkv 74 30 Division St' Port Chester died suddenly yesterday morn-twhitaworking outside his home — y rlL i Mr DdVecchlo who had Men a resident of the Port Chester A --A:'Vs''rea fiir ti years-was born in rV ? K Ahruzzl Raty Mardi 3-1893 'v j :' non efthelate Christian :’-4 a' : - Celsoinlna DdVecchlo i r : -Kv A former Brant resident he V'H''ini a retired painter and J “’4 been last employed by the W Chester Country Club in Hani- ribbon as a-palnler-i-ih-' fc H vt He was a parishioner of Cor---I— I POs Chrittl Church PortiChes- '-'I -j: £ ter He is survived by his wife vV-£ 1 the former Sylvia 'Coletta of 1 the horn address four £ Christy A Louis J'Armondo 'and Lawrence all of Pint Ches-Tf "ter? lour daughters Mrs James DelBorgo and Mrs Michael D Pietro of Port Chester Mrs Leuis AmhrogtoVof Greenwich i s- and M Joseph Xibrie of Ppm NJ two brokers V V LorenzoDdVecdik of Verb Reach FYl and Emil DelVec-chtoofPatteron-NJasiSf V-X ter Mrs Frank Twricoue of Patterson 18 grairichiiflreaand " 4 great-grandchildren 'Vg : JCtJEPH EGAN '- j i 3 : Vfltaae'RMiiea 44 r:“ Josenh TEgan - 44 V J-aiSrst: St Chester died £— r yesterday atlheRo6aryiHUl Hospital in Hawthorne — -- Mr Egan wan bqrn In New Britain Cotmsonof the late fPatrickand - Winifred Phillips Egan Hta mother died Jan 10 ofthis year Mr Eg— a bachelor was a v Veteran of Army service during Wodd War n and served with the Combat Engineer OorpHe Was employed as n die caster bjy the Mount Vernon Die Cast' tag Ok and was p member of v the Church of the Resurrection His survivors include n too “ i flw Charles of Prat Chester vT a sister Mrs Aim Bernard df Bridgeport Conn a 4) : nieces and nephews and several MBS: JOHN WOLFE Native Of Poland ' Mrs Mary Wolfe 74 of 53 Grace Church St Port Cheater widow of fee late John Wolfe- died audctehly at United Hbspi- 4$? v-danshter of the late Mfand r V m Tbomaa Kotula die w a : -y 2 : retired cook who lived in Fort 1 Chester for the past dx yean I f &lSbe was a parfehloner of Our wtady of (he Roaary Churdi in Jf Port Chester :"p i &! Survtvon tadode a son Bar SP iy- Horvath of California two V-:4h-Ll ::fA ' of v -X neph Kotula of Poland a grand p child and number of pieces ? and nephewv ' MBL ROBERT G WILSON Resident Of Rye ' Mrs Elizabeth Rank Wilson Msterar Mrs- Stella CovteDo ot :Port -Chester and Mrs DEATH NOTICES b 'jMgjiji m’BB BOA'S At the officer's order D'Amico approached the fence and was handcuffed to it-He Bobsequently was treated for lacerations of the back and right hud at Whlte Plalns Hospital before being booked : Witnesses inside the around flghuk dramatically related how toe lint hold-up mu came in let Mr Danielsen escape and ton drew a dark blue knitted Navy watch cap down over his face with one hand as he brand- Ished n reveler fat the other and SS?R&S Th? everyone 'Down on the ‘ — floor!” ' v“ Thu two' others also armed came in the rear door with similar cape drawn over their laces Omrwent totte cash drawers and began stuffing and 920 bnis into his grocery hag while the other took branch manager Edward T Clarke of 67 Rockland Ave Lardunont into the vault Discovering he could not get to the cash ta the vault the hold-up mu then W -Slrf k : - 1 rwgLLi Sunday from M and W pri Saturday anf tom (U) Our 101st Year ' ofFunoralSorvica Bwt OiMtar Town nf ftya l8SQtVS0fiUBTZ flHISTfttowtMlII MUUUIH GRAEIAr1 Tin fiwwl Heme1 1934 BOSTON fOST ROif IYEBT SAY A29 SIGHT SC2VICI Cf9e£Jee 7-CH9 e i? 63 of slnd Brodk Lodge Rye died suddenly yesterday mom big at her residence' She waa the widow: of Robert Greeley Wilson who died in 1965 - Born in Sterling HL May 11 1904 hbsWtfson was the dau ghter of die late Mr and Mrs Albert J Frank She attended VQla Chantelle n Catholic girl’s school In minoiv attended Trinity Ccdege in Washington DC and graduated from die University of Chicago hi 1926 - -- Mrs- Wilsoo and her family moved to Rye In 1950 and Mrs Wilson was at various times a member of the Rye Women1 dub the American Yadit Chib and the Apawamli CIub all of Ryer She was a member of the Church of The Resurrection Rye Survivors include two daugh-ters Mrs- Davld N (Mamie) Huck of Qmt Chester and Mrs L£ Richard (Lynn) Kugebnan of Ouvpaqua a son Robert G Wilsoo Jr of Rye and four gnnddiildren - A Mass for theJJeadwiHbe said in Mrs Wilson's name at the “Churdi of the Ressutfectlon Mbnday at 9:20 am SEYMOUR FUGEL DENNIS Parmer Harrison Resident - Seymour Fllgel Dennis 7 52 n former Harrison resident died Thursday night at White Plains Hospital after a brief illness Mr Dennis was bom March 21 1915 and was the son of BenJamtnFlgeLvand thelate Rose-IHgeL-At -the tbne-ef his death he lived at 90 West Garden Road Larchmont Mr Dennis was a manufacturer of boy’s apparel and president of the Fu-L-Stlx Go in New York City- He lived In Harrison until 1963 and was past secretary-treasurer of the Harrison Auxiliary Folica and' a member of the Harrison Jewish Community Grater':' Mr Dennis is survived by his ather his Wile Mrs ’ Eleanor ! lines Dennis and two— sons (even of Indian Harbor Beach Finland Robert oftheX hone address - 7- s wa4v--c tf w“ IittleOld (DobtiiiDed from Fage l) he fence right behind Havan-ckand graled him : itice said fWatch out to his un”’ PU- Pockl said later putting ruefully I thought he 'said ‘Watch out to bis glove’ ” -U-Thej gun lay oo the-ground near toe suspect's hand- but he didn't reach to it patrol man said f' 1 H an w hiile Pfli George O’Ooonor war running over fewwte and across lots in pursuit of the other-two while LL Clyde Mindla and cycle PtL Joseph Byrne tried to need toon off 1 The fleeing hold-up men ran down Waller Avenue to Bknm-lngdale Road and then apparen ty scaled the steel fence surrounding the property and ran for toe woods as PtL Byrne rode p The officer drew his gun and Shouted at D’Amico from toe other' ride of the fence and the euqject stopped while toe third man escaped among toe trees 9 New Guidelines Explained 1 Michaelian Discusses County Action Agenfcy WHITE tLAINS- The possibility of toe county designating itself u a county-wide Community Action Agency wa pointed out yesterday by County Executive Edwin G Michaelian In a speech to k legislative forum sponsored by the Westchester Council of Social Agucies and other civic organizations at the County Office Building Mr Michaelian outlined four options in new guidelines established fay the Office of Economic -Opportunity j “7- Under the proposal Mr Mi-chaellan said no new programs DE NIGRIS NrtOiMtar t l-rrr 1 TIL 39-534 7:?' ’ & (Ceodiiued frsm Page 1) £3 drafted for this nomination No one Is going to back in” Jv’ The ’ former ' vice president also made a quick visit to Washington where he said— despite Rockefeller’s announced intention not to campaign there— that the New Hampshire' primary wlU be an important test of the governor's strength ' Although v predicting victory for himself Nixon estimated 51st Exhibit Opens To Public Today (Oeattsned frsm Pago 1) casioa v ibe stow’ cha man Albert - J Irving of Brewster) an ancient wheel-bar ro wr refreshlngtyr dirt-caked and scrubby full of cut Bowen ' an antique ooiqier still for the1 dlstUlatlofl of perfume (loaned by Clinton Un-! dtay of Nyack) and a huge copper kettle once used to making perfume “TWo ruddy-cheeked ladies seCTjrttliabonMmedout man And Chariotte jee of Salem Center who together designed and executed the garden which they sternly assured your reporter should be called a herb (the aspirate pronounced) garden and not the Cockney vulgarization known as tn "erb garden" By any name It smelled Just as sweet and it was with reluctance we left to get a shot Of a pretty young girl hanging on-desperately ta two huge bewildered Russian wolfhounds The three of them had been engaged through Central ££ Man? X went back nd started scqoplng up cash with ' hil henchman while toe third man guarded toose lying on the floor -Cepe and Robbers - -V -A At this point toe police arrived and toe real-life game of cope and robbers began f - R waif Rady Ctassla proprietor of Ruty'a Snvfoe Station within 75 feet of the rank who called Mr Danielsen “the little old man! who foiled toe whble' bank rebbeiy’V : ' i ? Mr Cassia diaRtt priice haul- quarters for Mr: Danielsen who then confided -to FoUcewomu Helen Littleberry at headquarters 'Tvt got a hot tip to you There’s t hank robbery going an "w V1 "Wherer 1 PoUcewamu ’ Ut-flebeRy asked '': ' : Mr Danielsu 7 told her T and then ran out to wave to PtL Pockl: and then apparently strolled an home None of file half dozu excited mu at the service station knew the name of "the little old man“ and it was some time be-discovered Us Identity fay checking with the teller who cashed n check to himshortty before 11:30 un ' Capt John Harrisu of TToop K State Police barracks ta Hawthorne detailed acme 15 officers In addition to the pure-bred to assist in the search of the hospital grounds Itt addition at least five detectives from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation attached to Troop K were present u were approximately 25 uniformed and plainctothesmu from the White Plains Prii( ' State troopere also were posted u lookouts an the nearby Cross -Westchester -Expressway The utire grounds of fife New ’York Hospital and toe roughly 35 to 40 buildings were closely searched while the bloodhound sniffed hta way from toe outpatient clinic where the tracks ended to the main doors and apparently lost the scent - will be approved In areas with ktathfn 250 000 population Tne guidelines provide for those options to become available as of March 15 according to Mr Michaelian: “Westchester empowering itself as a centralized community action agency —Westchester designating an existing agency or agencies with decision-making authority aa specified fay OEO —Westchester designating another public or non-profit agency to head the countywide community action programs ' Westchrater choosing not to designate any agency to head a countywide program - If the county chooses to undertake responsibility to a county-wide program ousting agencies would cease operations by Feb 1 1969 -If on the other hand the county chooses not to do so' the OEO may on Its own designate n ca - - : Rockefeller could get up40 per cent of the vote Z r ? Nixon visited with' supporters on Ctapititd Hill : -j Rockefeller said he la hot going out to build any natUxud organlatlon -But he invited' supporters to do this In his behalf by saying: "If then fe n group that feds etrany about the utuatkmaqd wants to' go out and organise' then! think taat’s partof n draft effort? t'Asi Outing to atrdl through an ienormouK splendid garden by exhibit' featuring an upside-“Kodak" r “ -'Vdowa loimtabi: rather Ute Having for some time ahower -'V peered this way and that for n ! -gympse of-the birds emitting cog everywhere we filially : discovered their nest: a loud speaker cunniny hiddenbe-'' hind same shrubbery f-r'f 'XTc One adiibit featured an'ami- — d her wWe- eyed calf Twiggy Once In the course of strolling About we' beawell-dressed little the arms of bis father before we realized he was a chimpanzee Learning he was a prop to one of the exhibits we itoook the hairy little hand of- Greenwich’s "'VI ' JllV Faction ReadieslMove (Coofiniwd from Page life McCarthy Slate candidates Include - Lucy - - Johnson - Mrs Beatrice McMfflen Elizabeth Thiemann and Marie BmlL “-sen Aa TBofr jl " The fiireat of a - Greenwich Democratic primary was Immediately viewed as S bluff" fay a member ‘of the party endorsed Slate to the convention They reasoned that McCarthy Democrats -are weak because If they had any strength they would have contested the pro-Johnson town committee' members at toe time town commit-tee members were reelected last month Furthermore' be said McCarthy Democrats are political newcomers and could not Walter-Seelt President f- -O - Thfaty-heuty-fdOt made it to the Port Chester Girl Scout House Thursday nig$t for the 30th annual meeting of the Uni-ted Fund of Port Chester-Rye Town and stayed to the board meeting that fafiowed :: “i' v -X They watched Walter G See-“l ty being-elected president of the local fund for the coming year Mr- Seely- faasThrid-a-number of posts with the United Fund The membership meeting ended quickly after pasting two amendments to tiie constitution and bylaws and hearing reports from committee chairmen The amendments ' were concerned with reducing the number of taembers of the board of directors - and revising the composition of tiie advisory committee Among the several committee reports was that of local United Fund campaign coqhair-men William G: Davidson and Frederick G Ray who announced that the fund had raised 1204371 of the total goal of 1209554 or 975 pet' cent with the Slight-possibility still existing -of - bringing -lnenough money to achieve the goal Fund president Harry Wuhsch announced that agencies would receive fun planned monthly payments while the executive studied measures to avoid having to reduce allocations He congratulated' : members on their success during a difficult year- of consolidated county-wide fund-raising " At the board meeting following the annual membership meeting Mr- Seely was elected to replace Mr Wunsch who had servedfor two years JIarold J“wymanX 1 honorary president Edward J Kowalcyk ta treararer Edward J Kowalcyl and Edward H William C Davidson are and vice ' presidents Milton KSvey ta treasurer and Edward H Stone ta assistant treasurer WALTER G sna v 9 " f Rockefeller mid he wffl stwt deRntag hie positions on nation-M Issues In qieedies some of them ou&lde his state These wiQ indnde the Vletnam issue on which he has been silent for He will have an opportunity to air ' bin view ta crass-country platform hearings to jbe bdd by flie Republican GovemorsAsso-datten 'beginning1 ta i Seattle Waah late (Ms miantbd u V v toed tts and moved on to ah ' It wouldn’t be fair to tell you howl this npsidedown fountain ta accomplished or how many absolutely smashing - ordiUta are offered in another exhibit or' how many new shades of rases yon may find This and much more you will want to' see -to younelf As for the' The ahowoflicinlty opened to -the public this moralng at lO and win continue dafiy through Sunday' Harch 9" -U hi : successfulty sway- the controlled' Jjyi' tber established Democratic organization- l rr Even if file McCarthy Democrats topple the endorsed slate' It ta believed they could': not buck state and : national Dem? cratlc chalrpuui John M Bailey of Hartford who has sald aQ 44 Connecticut votes wUl “ be pledged to President Johnson Their only power f the town1 committee member -r continued1 Ts to force a state-wide prl mary over the candidacy to the UA Senate post” -Such a move he -said’' was "fruitless" because of incumbent Sen Abraham Rlbicplfs popularity 1 McCarthy - - Democrats have won -dates to the Skate Convention jtn Glastonbury and Wilton for a total of ten votes In New HaVen where tiie iDanocratlc Town Committed named 34 delegates favorable : to Johnson McCarthy Democrats are organizing to a primary Yale Uhlvenlty economics prafessor Jamee Tobin ' who served as n member of tiie late President Kennedy's Council of Economic advisors is apparently considering bring ' a member of toe New Haven pet-itftrf state y ' ‘ r- tr - DriverFaces 1 : ' 1 ' - V - rV' s A 51-year-rid -Port Chester man yesterday was freed on 9L500 bond pending a bearing on charges (that he drove while intoxicated and left the scene of two 'accidents in the village and one In Rye Town In one of the three Incidents 12-year-rid Elivlra Genovese of 100 Leicester fit Port Chester was knocked to the ground and Injured by a car which it has been alleged the ' defendant drove y “ FAdng hearings ' Wednesday ta Michael Nlgro 51 of 12 Terrace Court' Ptort ChesterrHe'is charged by Village of Fort Chester police with driving while intoxicated and with two counts of leaving toe scene of an accident Rye Town-Police have filed an additional charge efa leaving the scene and a charge of refusing to obey a police officer's command He was arraigned In both village and town courts yesterday after being held overnight in the ' village JaU TA Mr Nlgro is charged with having driven his car over roadside Chester Avenue striking the girl at the Westchester Avenue and Bowman- Avenue ' intersection and hitting n standing vehicle at Westchester Avenue and Pearl Street aU within n brief period after 3 pm -' Following the first accident which had been reported by another motorist n Rye patrolman ordered toe driver of the car to stop but he did not respond The Genovese girl was reported In sattabetory condition at united Hospital after being admitted with n bad: injury and (Oontianed from Page 1) 2 most be Jobs nvailabie to tiiese mothers-who take training Some of the thousands of opportunities for Jobs in the health Odd were told in toe Thursday session by Irwin Kupferman president of toe Rockland County Rest Honte Association Yer terd&Vi JoNoh OiifiAi ice stanchiMte di Wesf7crslonTFpmat Co Die of Hillside NJ how industry' can hetyj citing his pony's psrticmatioa m on-toe-Jdbfrnbmg Mr Kupferman said If welfare would subsidize part of toe on the-job training and the home owners the other part it would help three ways: L By supplying' needed biety while not having to pur top wages for unskilled help 2 Savings to welfare departments and the taxpayer In payments made to these trainees 1 The cycle of dependency might be broken Mr' Kupferman said he ta against the coneoUdittan of wel cute and bruises HAN FINED 9206 !' James Charles Bologna 26 Of 43 Soundview St' Port Chester was fitted 9200 in village police rourt Wednesday on a charge jof possession of gambling records A second charge promoting gambling was dismissed fay Judge Dnrinlck Pierre Bologna was arrested Feb 14 fry Port Chester and Westchester County police at n luncheonette at HU Purdy Ave fUCatT gTATB senators and meetlng The nssodatioB haaXr Louis Oammarosano of Mbnnt assembtymen att e nd ed a i urged w members to fight to A ’ Vernon tint vice president: : -meeting last ntot of the West-' :t tht repeal of tiie fnotrlke’r j Richard A Ceroakyratate ae X Chester County Teachers AssvX' danse ta the TMor law Pic-Afswnbtyman' fratnirVUhanni ' elation : at 1 whidi 'the Thor tured above are Edward Shin Bernard GGorton state wV lair was toe dUcneetan topie j ddman of Yorktown Heights ato: from pBCksldllv-Staff Om handled fifty attended the president of the: association photo by Ted NeuhafL -i'- JIJ nil I ' utreceiOTWy ZT -r - Vf (Continued from Pige l)7— VtotnanMM were kffied and 25 wounded' UA Marine unit came -from boats in the -South China Sea more than a month ago to Its operation in the enemy stronghold area coastal marshlands dotted by vQtagee sand dunes and hedga'ows t tzr R ran into henw fire' Friday and spokesmen said 36 Communists and 22 Marines were killed And 87 Marines wounded to the day-long fantfi (hat toHoweL- The:: allied forces sweeping through the CSa Viet Drita are trying to take Oanmnnlst pres- sore off the provtactal capital of Quang Tri seven miles to the south and to keep open High-itay 1 a key suppty route to allied bases from Da Nang ty the northern frontier - - Just to the west of toe delta UA Marines reported killing 21 enemy troops with artillery alter a Communist force of- un-known size was spotted moving In the open two miles north of Omjnden'?- At tiie western end of the frontier South Vietnamese rangers reprised vtn attack by more than 500 North Vietnamese infantrymen who drove -to- the barbed wire perimeter around government troops said 7 their casualties were light and 'they killed 70 Communist soldiers The defenders had help from UA ' B52 1 bomber 1 laying strings 4f bombs onty 750 yards in front of their lines " 3 1 The eight-engine : B52s re-tamed to Khe Sanh todayXand dropped 300000 pounds of- 500-and : 750-pound bombs on suspected North r VfetnameM an aircrafts and 2 automatic weapons positions bunkers and tnb-ntai- W--: ‘One strike : wasT only about L000 yards-slx-tenths of a mile -nortlrJifJhe-fortress udan-other was one mile to toe north-west X J' 'v-7 The base seven nries from toe Laotian border and 14 miles bektw toe demilitarized zone ta 8 EXECUTIVE BOARD 1 f A ? - The exeeptive board of toe Port Chester High School FTA win hrid n meeting Monday at 9:15 pm in the high school cafeteria ' v"vt lA Many it bung People Aided Rmpicdifs der he believes the headaches wlU still be there "and the price of aspirin will go up" "Because of the unaccountable vagaries of senility” Mr Kupferman said hta association wants payments for welfare patients In rest homes made directly to operators of the homes Mr Charies dted statistics showing three - million' unfilled made for them ' I held by 5D00 UA Marines and about 500 South "Vietnamese rangers UA commanders have predicted a major enemy as-saoltoa the fortress 2 ta sir raids on North Vlet-naml all-weather rNavy AS Intruders attacked one of four vital highway bridges In the key port city of Haiphong and a‘ car- go transfer awi storage omqdex on toe Red River only lfi miles southeast of the center of Hanoi - The Haiphong bridge attacked Friday is only one' mile west of the center of n toe city on the main- route touBanoL Earlier tola wed - toe - intruders tacked - the Haiphong - railroad yard Just west of the bridge Pitots followed radar to their targets in Friday’s raids They reported their bombs were : on target but that darkness and overcast skies prevented a damage assessment" ““rV'r Hanoi Radio said today that SOperatiqns JOJOppSmlFiglj New Zealand and South Korean forces have killed more than L000 Communists in three separate operations since mid-January allied announcements said today"" : - The Australian Task Force reported Australian andNew Zealand - : troops killed 200 Red Treops in Operation Cbburg which began Jan ' 24 and ended Saturday in Bieq Hoa province 40 miles north-northeast of Sal- were one New Zealander killed and 57 Australians and8 New Zealanders wounded -r : At toe same time South Korea’s Tiger Division disclosed its troops had killed 218 North Vietnamese In "a new operations called “Vulture Fierce Tiger" 18 miles north of Qui NhonThe operation began Feb 21 and I continuing ! Korean spokesman said - He reported that 2i infpdy companies “and ' an armored V ’ Of Become Jobs in' the United States and 432J100 federal government Jobs available for the semi-skilled -On-The-Job Training He said he has had on-thesjob training programs in hta plant and has found them a satisfactory way Ipf obtaining both fulltime and part-time qualified em-pkyes The father of three Mr Charles said ' in answer to a question that he feels child care should not be provided at toe place of employment Other things said at the conference:- ' -Better housing adds to' family stability and many more public housing projects are needed —Welfare mothers want larger allowances Instead of the federal food stamp plan (Present allowances are geared to state standard! which are minimum adequate standards Food tamps are a bonus and do not affect the reghlar grants from state and county funds The Flood Stamp plan has sot yet been extended to New York City and Westchester County according to Commissioner Louis P Kurils of the Westchester Department of Social Service) —One housewife n Planned Parenthood volunteer suggested n bonus of 3500 each year to each welfare recipient during her child-bearing yean when she does not have a baby —Many urged that welfare recipients should have more repre-ffntetina in the decisions being : 1 rT -'ct r 'i-X : V 1 “T iT" - ' - y eiii-yiaS'r m j 'a “ 't ''’ '4' -4 - ! -FTl American' airrelda oniHanoTs suburbs ft Wednesday r killed r 29 perrons and wounded 1UR said one bombihlt an iriemeutary achook- killing six nmOi 2 ' The HStp hiMitfiicked the center of toe dty'onTlhe main route to HanoL The raid-era t atad : sttacked vi' railroad yard-halfway along that route iu one of 69 tnuslonB for ihe day EarUer'tota week the Intruders attacked a ' yard ta Hairiumg: Just west cf toe WdgeXi:2w Anotiier broadcastfran:Hanri today said : that ’- If “patriots" held j by the South Vletnimese are executed the Viet Cong will take repriaab against American prisoners AT statement' by: fiiq -Viet Crag’s political organiza-tkn uald that:-American land South Vietnamese “forces already have- "savagriy killed or Wounded : thousands of people" 2: in' toe Saigra'areaT'' s'W I W -- - K 4 jA‘ jij“ - rsj - y! 'A“ company were taking' part I In addltion tift 218 dead T the in reported -:13 ' North v soldiers cultured 80 individual pons and 18 aeweervea weapons seized--Korean casualties werelteted as light ' At the same time toe voices- ' man gave cumulative figures on -an operation by the Korean Blue Dragon Marine Brigade in toe ‘ luntoern part of the country 75 zz: miles eouto of Da Nang' v1 - "77 This i operation called "Bl- : " zarre Dragon” has resulted ro " for ln 609 Communist tro killed since It began JamJA spokesman said Five en cddlers have been captured toe Korea marines adzed 97 in- ’ dividual weapons and six crew-nerved weapons : The enemy force has ' been Identified as toe 3rd and 23rd Regiments of - the 2nd - North V 1 e t n n m e s e - Division toe yohesman added ‘ - Casualties among Korean 'marines were not announced TX ‘2 v r: v v Vs ' i : S w - -:r ? L ’ j r - t 1 ' it r’r1s-' ' lu —Guaranteed mmhm) fimw was fevoredby many of those tentitying' Oppose Medical! Gnl - r i f A —AH those from New York' City who spoke are against a Medicaid cutback and 'thou-1 sands of people are signing peti-' (tons against it v - r -More speakers favored state dmintatratireLofwelfqnL' than! the present local system of administration —Young' State- Sen ’Robert Garcia ? who represents ' the South Bronx and East Harlem an area with' dose to half n million people spoke of the difference in attitudes between legls- liters from New York City and rural upstate areas Mr Jones wondered if there could be n differential services and income level eligibility for New York City from tint for upstate communities and Sen Garda thought it might be feasible -One young lawyer associated with Nassau County’s social services administration suggested only that the present system of administration be im-proved with "strictness and accuracy” to meet the existing standards He cited especially the staff time and expense caused by late cbecks to red- pients' ' 1 v The large amount of work involved la : of wdfere waa criticized-by many of toose who appeared at tiie conference 1 1 '-11 r -V f - t-iv 'r r V ’Nil

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