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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 14

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
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i'M 4 SJ "JV v-v WJ- i7 THE AitYtTEKit pofeT asnrEi 11 V'-r-'i- -Jf PAGE 14 Z'r -r 5 1 i -H isasmsafittassm i yr SECTS PESsaspras Miner Trapped 4 Pty Peekskilli WivtoKeeping Sdldier0ies fiTVietnam fiV --f 7 AyolloRcturns I (ChattMed from Page 1) SPACE CEOTER Houston MraJameaMcDIvitt align Aptolo guldaiice plat fam running quite a fall McDivitt reported the wrapped gumdrop and luune stuck PFCHruce Edward Reed30 of The inhioakl dlgglM-trij(TBB KfagSLwas killed In sc-mat bbthe way'fa to Jonnf Vietnam Feb 38 lt ban would be deliberate I been lesraed PFC Reed entered the' Army ij -i JS 4-- -I s' the two vehicles Tlnked jn apace 35 SitfSURUkS' Setrtmafef Thursday moving tan the LEM -Into totn-msnd tnodule and back to tte gM Before the transfer today Stott' removed three -r heavy aieou of equipment from te unnrl hr hatch-tte flchweickart was the first man toente an-n an tmpowered orbiting 'A --V? tiiw Utah to -A WW '3 team made vote contact today a i yeawioMmlBer gU 't-'lXv tombed by a -rock toll to 1 Larif lead 'Inc and silver loin: days aao Be amazed them iBorinceilA twoigllmbed Into the LEM ttey eUrrSnafed feme wife of the Apolfo I commander say the wives of to crew members fare deeded not to talk with newsmen agaiiYuiita after the sdieduled aplash' down next teeek '7" The decision waa ieached At of the wives Tbes: (Csntomed from Paga l) iV Ll- 7 birth endanger endanger I communleatibns and star track began to leg evriopmentJild th Included some mten- r-t reporting that henroi to good day nt the McDhdtt home of the local Students fee Society' chapter He aid Mrs Esther Ra i The William Jones There they alao hhard a hua- aqnal mesaagOfromihete team like docking probe and tt con esl device fn which It want to April bit life anymacernowthatwe dayand know he all aald Willie 1 0ct 27 i i 'We wMtJasr Hwm assigned to Company ground that wev First Flatoonr 25th Intently BighKman rescnqngrewn hadnviiflH andwuta action bMa teklngiuru iadilng thehrinorth of Saigon way toward the trapped man FHJ Reed waa the son ol The ahaft waa so amau only two Uoyd and Evelyn (Puff) Reed atatlme oouldwtirkJn It cteardix sddltloojohia parentahr la iJoneaPUght waa reported byl and alater Mra Judy Bectold aoomriwwhcraaSled to I of tM honne addteaajHoee hua-aiety? whentbe-eiUng-cavedl bapd la abo serving lnVletnam 7i ri small -alr passage- Little had been held that Jone tether 4-oflli children waa iatlll alive erted ingriiecksand-uptte feet tone They reported ttecaMn pressure at a steady 515 pounds per squire inch exactly ihe figure desired Temperatureeas a Me $7 degrees the two Spacemen secure LEM-Scott sealed the command module hatch "I guess you need me any more he go aheadThdcBSff toe rfaht- aee- ywu later aeanro comfortait Trim the Wthe-L at qweshfav like -'as eerthman starting his car la the morning he had to activate life support electrical communication! and otter syetofas AftLpr4y in powers Sch-weickart reported no problems do you read asked McIXVttt still in the com-paand module read -you loud and came the reply McDivitt said coming ovef there ee'-m ace you in a Schweiekart routioned goLtoget my -hoses hooked The Initial transhrjwas made toe demands at ai rlum meeting -Meanwhile -he ehid no tempt HVould -be-made to the peptesten from the build This Just means' we belife Jrapped ln a Uny (intervenfeular franaterTT (in bands delivered by a Roman Catholic priest The priest the Rev Laurence Connolly pastor ef8L tbe-toetoage during a visit with the astro-nauts st Ctoe Kennedy before the-Mollo launching Mon ndny' He declined ftrsay what tte message -wi nv lihsltoi Obhtrol ridioott Thank you mushing Scott commented mcr 'fiBefltonDoyd an official of the (SftrmwhlriopentesBtine ipfel'Jodoo la fano jerfoua prob- C-- Tjrw Although the tunnel and LEM ere pressurized the astro- able to get in to be aald Mr Rayfanitrfad to Teaaon1 with the ait-in students- this morning but they asked W- kt! aald The wifeiEthd' Kr-huAaitf Sad' bfen hHf1 pi fa The-' ber-of -minor 1 aeridenta hla year of underground during hla years Of inesu ri liV HaveLluiOwermere countered and MsWvitt more than An hour mark- were nqt: tteilnLspecemflL to laa IftW AaintTlaMM ALhI tC -f 'Itl'lO Iiuum akle das AnalhAP lng (he fTrSllme that the shift from one ship to Road Bars He said the dispute began 45 days ago when the board of trustees announced it planned to tuition -end-expenses by worfe Inftlfirtrlnirtteirto I ufteredrfraxrtumthccc IsIQUeftAs through Jjhealfen rock in -order to get tnteerr- Doq'Q VWJUle' superintendent sudden dopressuriztoion untried lunar module SdiweickarT trailed a life-giving umbilical line that fed hfcrn oxygen from tte commend module life supportaystem until! could activate the LEM astro-nqpta got behind fa their flight pian The delay resulted when additional time was needed to orbit Two apacewalking aian: Anmonauta transferred from Soyuz 5 to Soyuz 4 after At Berlinr rr- i iCar Hits Van dDDBD TUI ABl DIES Extended ColorCoiisidered Too mont eight grandchildren and a slater Mrs Ferdval Brooks Of Fuadena Chill (Con touted from Page 1) NEW ROCBfcUJ- 1 One man was killed' and three pemona were fajured'at 955 last night when a car dammed into a partied truck on 5th Ave 220 feet west -of Valley Place TV May Show Moon Blastoff AIRS aiymCT RERINGEB Mother Ot Rye Man Elizabeth Marshall er'of 900 Fenlmore iJtoad Iarchm6ot mother ot Stuart Marshall Beringer of M-Oi on New By JIH 8TROTH31AN ned as an last -Ryedled Monday-at -7york Hoqdtal $450 a year After protests the ncrease was suspended to allow time far a study Yesterday the board of trustees voted to reduce the In crease to $350 i year and also an unspecified sum Into toe budget so that all girls fees- entiy enrolled even If they qualify far scholarships could receive grants or loans so they wouldn't have to leave school far financial he added The demonstrators said In statement: demand no Increase In tow college tuition and further protest the unilateral nature of the decision we demand that the rescinding of the tuition raise-will not affect scholarship Id to present and future-student? "Our act of protest will con tin- ue until our demands of the total withdrawal of the tuition raise is met" SPACE CENTER Houston (AP) Astronauts may mount a televlskm camera ot the moon 10 provide live coverage of their blastoff bade to earth this summer Spacecraft-to-earth telecasts spacecr Born fa Girard Ohio she whfethe daughter ot Mary Ad din XYack andHenfy Clay ManhalL She lived In Larch-mont since 1917 where she was a member ot the' Larcfamoot nuwy GEDNEY Native ef Rye Charles Gedney 59 of 301 Killed Instantly was a passes Joyce RosdTuckahde died yes-fg- fa tie right front seat Thetf tetday at fas home of heart dare Furman 34 a long-attack- I tone resident of Harrison Bore fa-Rye he was grad- where he lived over the Blue uate of Rye High 'School and Lantern on Halstead Avenue was a member-of the American before the old building was de Legion Post In New Rochelle strayed by tire fa 1964 Fur-Be was an employe ot West-1 man had more recently been boro Auto in New Rochelle -lUvlng at 432 3rd St Mamaro-Survivlhg are his wife vMarr neck -but reportedly bad mov-garitej ihree sons Charles Fettled -Saturday to-nn apartment er and Paul 'and daughter I over Bar' 135 Main Susan dr of -the' fame address I St port Chester The-Car In Be Mso leaves fear brothers which he was killed was wed-Howard John Richard and Rob- ged under toe truck on Mr Fur-at all of Rye and three sis-1 side living color are also under the first balloting Schroeder 58 defense minister got 499 Six electors abstained two votes were declared Invalid and the other 15 members of the assembly stayed away because of Qinesa or other reasons-The first test lasted nearly two hours Each of the electors stepped toward when his or her name was called and deposited one to two ballots bearing the candl-i names' in a box beneath 1 le flower-decked rostrum Eato German soldiers main tained their- atop-and-go harass ment of traffic on the main au-obahn between West Berlin and West Germany 110 miles away across Communist territory Cars and trucks were blocked to three hours this morning while members of -the Ftederal Assembly wife had flown in convened on the West Berlin stqdaa Space' Agency planners Avenue Church In aUon to ber BOT fa Rye off In mid-May Is around-thetoloon lar to the flight Christmas The Apollo 10 astronauts-Air Force Cbl Thomas Stafford and Navy Cmdrs Eugene A Oman and John Young may also carry an experimental camera to relay color TV All ft-to-earth telecasts in have been in Mack-and white Once regarded only as a gimmick by many persons in the space program television now Is behtg recognized as a useful tooLRUfaxsaid LefraTfoNeng periods in the cabin it would give flight controllers spacemen work in their normal routine Thr surface of thi sheJojurvIved Jy her husband Albert Beringer senior vice available far the first moonlanding mission now scheduled in mkl-July fa Apoflo 11 but coukl be curled on following flights Haney said Beginning with Apollo 10' two TV cameras will be curled on each flight-one In the command 'ship and one In the lunar ship On ApoUo only one camera Is in the LEM as the lunar ferry ship la called Weighing 725 pounds the camera similar in size to hand drill uses only 65 watts to electricity On tire mdoii landing mission planned now for Apollo 11 In July a similar camera will be (faced on a hatch on the LEM module has -landed on tte said a spokesman for Westtaghousc of the camera access hatch win open aiming the' i president ot Blair and New York and fanner nresl- New York end former f-T daat-ot PW Brooks and Cb New York investment' banken two eons Marshall and Bruce Marshall both of Larch how: TV should be put ot work on future Apdlo flights There is a strong feeling to try to use TV In a real communications as an adjunct to haid Paul Haney public affairs chief at the National Aeronautics and Space Manned Spacecraft Oenetr -next three-man light Apollo 10 "will probably he most televised flight? Haney said in an inter-'tfeuLXhere are indications the ten Mn Mary Babbitt of Rye ot Florida Mrs Muriel Gonseth and Mrs Belen Martin also of Rye i The driver Joseph ALpvallo 2L who gave his address as 315 King St Port Chester but who reportedly bad moved from there a month ago told police he was easfbound when-he-Mt DEATH NOTICES Man Killed IriFire AF JCASTIGLIA ABCniLB CASAGBANPE Ian obstruction In the road and JnioJha-Anuk Another blockade developed thte-afonnoonr-it-was the fifth dnee Saturday ostensibly because of Warsaw Pact maneuvers by Soviet and Blast Ger- thorn to televise astronauts returning to earth the camera crew la wiUTngnfoMrvSOtrf the-TV- could provide valuable engi camera inside the cabin' turn it neering data on and leave it on" Such a telecast Would require the point where the firit Ameri- Apollo 10 scheduled to blast 1 a power supply that may not be I can will set foot on the MOUNT VERNON said they found no ob-t Vernon Bospital He was- struetten nor skid marks MV Lfafallo' was treated for wWh la Cut scalp at New Rochelle nude Ha final run Msy I Hospital gnd released No char Pound Ridge man troops in the territory between this city and West Germany's border BV Bumf CwMtarv Whllt maw vhn Tu Mm Hi South Viet Security Guards Foil EMldiMtar Idovcd huibnHl Devoted ion and irI33A proornt a Where The Fire? Mr Lovallo was involved in a similar accident in Greenwich Jan 26 and had been charged there with evading responsibility (hit and run) and with failure to drive right The accident occurred on -Pilgrim Drive between Madison Street and Fran- te Chester Electric Railroad Co (now Westchester Street Transportation CO) to retlrb under a new plan permitting men of4! to receive a pension He made his last bus run on the Hudson Park Line in New Rochelle fa 1946 POUND A man who apparently re--ffiftined-to-hia-apartment to try to extinguish a fire was killed when the blaze gutted a two-story frame building early today Fair otter persons escaped without Injury Killed was Peter Bradley Sco-fleld'23 who lived In the apartment in' a building behind Market -Westchester AVGe State police said the building browned by WiOIim" SchellingT Attack On Premier TIm Fred McGrotti a JrrJiyiwvHJrj I ia -pjn and 1 pm nmH P-m Wi PORT CHESTER No -fires reported cis Lane- when Mr Lovallo la SAIGON (AP) Terrorists tried unsuccessfully to smi-nste South Premier to set the 22 mine and he fled The plan was to eliminate the traffic policeman so the cycle The-trolley-Jlne -frcm-MoUat Vernon to New Rochelle got its name as the mode far theicar- disguised as a ranger threw his gun away and fled but waa caught 200 yards away Although police-ssld-the-ter RYE reported to hove struck an unoc-parked car and continued h-7-court-dat has been set Tran Van -Huong in daring -driver hts-vridtoe- ns a tl II 8 I' iY 'to -4u in in 'nin tk jIB wi so no to an tM me Jud titj the Vet (1 A dis sw sta out fall to vfa to csti 9:04 pm Television set smoking 16 Elizabeth St name to occupant not available BKIfS toonaGUntol tVttNom NMwJMj Wss ElteoWI Wi rv Fort Chotir MRS MORTIMER Matter Of Sirs Myrtle Elmont Ave mrists were Viet Gong agents Buu Nghl classified them only as a and a He said the assassination attempt wu still under with the mine into the path ol the car Buu Nghl Mid the civilian taken Into custody as a suspect was not the man who had the mined cycle cab He Mid the terrorist Whose wife Audrey Is sister Jacques Oakes 19 and his brother Raymond 22 Jumped from toe window of their second floor apartment to escape the blaze Two other brothers Douglas Thursday HARRISON No fires reported GREENWICH Strang mm RODPn nWTWi Grccfi Vr-nq hnwdi I Trite IlMMfLd Lyman 23 and Richard l-man who lived bn the' grama Students To Get 4:41 pro Central and Bank-rifle station Mrs Charles Wilson Hunting Ridge Road Maple syrup smoking on stove no Geneva Thompson of the Boulevard New Rochelle' sustained an injury to her left eye and was admitted to the hospital while Another passenger Stephen Qew 37 of 315 King St Pot Chester was released after treatment far a broken nose and jaw and fecial cuts Cheapo and Furmah were both reportedly employed as handymen at 315 King St an apartment building The parked truck was rented from the Hertz Oorp-The death was the 22nd this year fa Westchester by cars compared with on a corresponding date last year It was the first in New Rochelle since Aug 20 (-Trooper Run Off Highway Nabs Driver IN MEMORIAM At Collegt Campuses Today STRANG Marshall Strang of 71 Port Chester mo her ol Rqyal Strang Port Chester police court marshall and Rye City marshall died at lfalted Hospital this morning Born in New York City sbe-was the daughter of the late Edward and Ruth CL Roode A resident of Port Chester for over 56 years she was the wife of the late-Mortimer Strang She was a member of the Sum-merfield Methodist Church of Port Chester Survivfag beside her son are a daughter Ruth Strang of Port Chester and their son Kenneth Strang of Rye two grandchildren and four great grand-! hildren: two horthen Harry i Inode of Union dale Llaml Edward Roode of Yorktown Heights a sister Mrs FTOnklin Drought of Atlanta Ga and several nelces and nephews BLUE Jontss Tl 4fh AmhNrMrv Gsnt but not foraatten You art Hwavt In eu Wlft and floor Also managed to escape State police aald the four survivors had yelled at Scofield to flee but he did not They said be was awake and trying to put out the fire when the others fled The fire scene is opposite Emily Inn burned body wu found fa bis ground-floor apartment Police said the fire apparently started there but they did not know yet what caused the Maze drildran ItSf ALLEN HACKS BOARD ALBANY State Education OtxnmLsioner Junes Allen Jr has recommended reinstatement to the 19-member local school board ip the Ocean HUl-Brownsvilte section of Brooklyn it-tyas announced HOUSE OF MEMORIALS -Parent! of 11th grade students fa the Rye High -School are Invited to a meeting arranged by the guidance department tomorrow at 8 pm in the dining hall of Rye High School NORTH SALEM- A man ms arrested on charges to public intoxication sad harassment when he verbally assaulted a state trooper whom he had run tot the road yesterday afternoon -TfeorgrEinHyr52rer Rrr Golde ns Bridge also VflpfV TomKPictro 142 Kegent SL -tel 9375570-- InhUUhtHNUlMMS fasten Sail 14 471-3371 i Monday Meeting To Repeal Harrison School Site Choice Rye Doctor Found Dead In His Home charged with driving to the left of pavement markings when bin nr crossed into the path to the oncoming Trooper Charles Schrcnkel Jr causing him to swerve eff the rood to avoid 'a collision Trooper Schrenkcl got hack on the roadway and chased Emery topping him short distance way The trooper Mid that when he approached the Emy asked hun began using and had to A panel Iran Adclphi University composed to Steve 1 Salvattl admissions counsel- or and three students Paul Gerber- Mitch Lyons and George will discuss the topic Really Happening pa the College campuses Th discussion will indude student power activists as a force on the campus morals of college student how to get fatot stay fa and pay for college and what ddlege fa really all about A question and answer period will follow the presents- tion Parents have been encouraged to bring tbetr upper school sons and daughters NICHOLAS SCBENCK i MIAMI BEACH Fla AP -Nicholas Schenck presided toff Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios-for 30 years died Monday at his winter home Schenck retired as MGM president In 1957 He Joined Marcus Loew In a business which became the forerunner of Loew's Inc the parent corporation Of MGM Schenck became president of the corporation In 1927 niter Loew's death He held the poet until 1954 when Loew's and MGM were split fay a New York Federal Court order -Survivors include second wife the former Pansy Wilcox daylight attack today touching off a gun battle near the US Ehnbassy Alert security guards foiled the assassination attempt which chief spokesman called a "very well-planned The 66-year-old premier neaped unhurt and was back at his desk a few hours later A spokesman for the premier aid one terrorist and a suspect lad been arrested But police at i he scene said four Viet Cong troops wearing the uniforms to outh Vietnamese rangers and a ffth man dressed in civilian clothes were captured Police Mid one to the terrorists was slightly wounded In an exchange to gunfire There were no reports to any other casualties despite the out burst to shooting Itwas-the bnhh-nt terrorist at-! tack in 'Saigon since the Viet Cong launched their spring offensive Feb 23 Authorities had been on the alert since the cap i ture nf documents which said attempts to amsaKKinate key offi-! rials would be made as part to the offensive Outside Saigon the enemy kept up the offensive by shelling about 30 towns and allied bases US headquarters said total casualties and damage were light Patrolling US farces trying to break up the movement to enemy troops toward Saigon reported killing 168 Viet dong and North Vietnamese in four fights north and south of the capital Six Americans were killed and 37 wounded There were conflicting reports to the attempt nn Huong's life as he left hla office to go borne for lunch Police' at the communist Cbng had been apprehended But Buu Nghi Huong's chief spokesman said four hours aft-er the attack that only one mu dressed fa a ranger uniform had been arrested and charged with firing a -pistol while another man In civilian clothes had been taken Into custody a suspect after be was caught trying to escape through a cordon around the area Ifau Nghl gave this account ol thn axsaNKna lion attempt: 1 As Hunch's chauffeur turned into the main -torrrt oulskie life premier's' tofire Jhe men liiwvd In the ranker uniform fin'd right ot nine shot it from a ibin---at-s- traffic policrtruw clearing the way for ihe can A( thi same timer anufhrr ter rorist in civilian clothes with a cycle cab It led to -set nff 20-pound claymore mine filled with shrapnel In the path of Huong's car- Gunfire Irom security guards tteterrorlit trying The proposed location to property far a new Middle Scliool to serve Harrison's newly centralized School District 1 will be recommended by the school site committee at meeting of the board on Monday at a meeting of the board on Monday at 8 pm at the Same uol Preston Junior High School In West Harrison The committee will ihfofm the public as to the manner in which it reached Its site decision including architects review to the property: site develoument cost estimates and suitability: appraisers reports and evaluations: and a report jitter that a tentative price has been agreed upon or that a price is still being negotiated A resolution will be adopted to Finery wu arraigned Yorktown Justice and released in 850 Somers appearance in Court Qlday approve Acquisition to the site and to authorize the board attorney to enter into a contract the property owner contingent upon the successful passing to tte bond fesue and other legal contingencies deemed advisable hytte attorney The site for the middle school has been' mentioned prominently as in the Kenilworth Road-Polly Park Road areas of the town The possible sites bare been considered since tte centr-aliatlon concept originated Both ji re centrally located How ever it fa understood that more than a doen locations have ben under consideration by tte committee which la headed by Michael Pastore In addition y4h school board will Include on its agenda reports to the public concerning lie Citizens Committee far the Implementation of Centralization results of meetings with administrators principals and teachers and visits to recently built middle schools -1 In addition toe bond sill announce formation of a board Dr Robert Ralph 38 to 57 Franklin Ave Rye was found dead in his hone yesterday evening by bis brother Rye police report Rye Police Chief Charles McLaughlin said this morning Arthur Ralph of 53 Franklin Avenue found his brother dead in the bedroom to 57 FYanklyn Avenue home about 7 pm and Called police Police arrived and called United Hospital Itort Chester nd the County medical examiner's office Dr Ralph wa pronounced dead- at 72S pm Chief McLaughlin Mid Dr Ralph had not been dead tnort than 24 hours when he waa found Police tentatively listed the cause of death as an overdose of barbiturates Dr Ralph a physician lived with his mother Mrs- Becky RalphrWho was reported to be fa Florida The Weadher A CORRECTION OUTLOOK: COLD Official Sunny and windy this afternoon high tefnpereture In low Mrs Carlo DeRosa of Rye Town who died Monday was the widow to to fate Carlo DeRosa who died fa 1942 She -was born fa Naples Italy Oct 29 1881 daughter of the fata Luciano and Nancy NazzarO Ctoee Ibis fa formation was Incorrectly given fa edition Jjr Airport weather station 2assassrt nty Gfflea BuQdlng White nrineTM -ft falMnreh" -M Inch normal Mux 3J4 Joes few 1969 to data 471 total 1968 to dats-399 Inches i 30b Clear tonight with diminishing winds low to cent 0 to 5 belowfatte deeper valleys Sunny tomorrow high New Yorker Found Slain panel to meet with teachers and Civil Service Associations 35 to 4a Precipitation: probability near 0 through tomorrow Wind northwest 15 to 20 mpJi with higher gusts this afternoon dtatfatabing tonight beemning Variable 5 mph tp- -morrow xtendivl out look Fair with seasonable 4emperatuiro FH-' Ldav IV 'Almanac eluding board members John Salvatore David Mooney and board president F11 Spfzzirm A report will he given -on a NEW YQRKMAP) The 27-year-old son to a Pompano Beach Fla' honker was bund slain Tuesday in his upper (fast apartment DE NIGRIS Hiaamtab iuikmam fftUlAy TELflwil MGE5 HfJnroday Sunrise 6:29 nm gagged his body was -nnrtiy meeting held with the Ifarrum I'wrappiriin a' rug Town Board fast week and an- educaticnat-Om- Police estimated that the vie- yuiont The agenda will Include report on a preliminary meeting with-tolim-s of the Civil Service and Teachers Associations to acquaint them with proposed plans MmairtM-L P-W Lmg- hland P-n- 1 7 west wind -v- -wnHet 7:01 am-- higher gusts thin sflcnnxin dl-' -Thsridny minbihing tonight beriming nm variable 5 to 10 knots tomor- Sunset 5:35 pm' row Fair Risibility 5 miles Mnrie plus ilounsel 7:25 smu 9:40 am Westchester Coun-- Cmi Mmi urm raafirt Harney Di Pietro MONUMENTS I 214 Nertli SL Rye NT HO 7-2543 sr W0 7-4199 TTfe quieted way to II elf hearts! A delicious Necfpdlifoii bated? lasoqna See Ja Peso's qukk and rotgjecipe on 4 back to-oor box gefLiucs thnf" Richard Jr had been dcadfor at least 72 hours A male friend a' tenant tin -the-Mine building on East 60th Street' asked-the superintendent to check the apartment to Kester whan the friend Mid i seen lor several dax free thr era taw Gee dUsr and There will be a report by Superintendent Louis Klein i I- T7 7rrr.

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