Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 20, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Page 24
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24 Galesburq R&flisterj^, jggtoburo. 111 Wednesday, June 20, 1973 If • rfl 11 Honest Tally ^Requirement Political Must By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - Now unfolding in the state o Maryland is an investigation that may even transcend the Watergate inquiry in its politi' cal ramifications. The Lighter Side Frdttt the evidence thus far i appears that someone has been tampering with the very linchpin of the American political system. I refer to honesty in testimonial dinners. Credence has been taking beating on a number of fronts lately, Ancient faiths have shattered and crumbled. Trust in. the government and other national institutions has become shot through with dubiety. But there remained one thing we could all still believe in—the testimonial dinner. From these affairs flowed the great truths upon which we based our political decisions. It May Have Happened To impugn the testimonial dinner is to shake the founda tions of our form of self- government. Unthinkable. Yet it may have happened. According to a General Accounting Office report, Mary land Republicans manipulated $50,000 in campaign funds to inflate the proceeds from a testimonial dinner for Vice President Spiro T. Agnew in Baltimore last year. in other words the public was given a misleading picture of the sum of money the event raised. From a bookkeeping standpoint, the deception was only taking money out of one pocket and putting it in another. But the implications are staggering. For if sponsors of fundraising events can get by with inflating the proceeds of a testimonial dinner, the next $tep might fee to inflate the oratory as well. There is where the real danger lies. Traditional Speeches Traditionally, speeches ati testimonial dinners are factual,! unbiased, dispassionate recitations of the abilities and accomplishments of the politician being honored. They provide, as noted, earlier, the hard information! that enables the electorate to make wise judgments in choosing between candidates, i Now suppose the rhetoric were dilated. Suppose the speakers began throwing in glowing tributes and overweening commendations beyond what the candidate truly merited. Do you see what would happen? The voters would get a distorted impression of the candidate's qualifications, and would begin putting into office men esteemed beyond their actual worth. We must not allow that to happen. Testimonial dinners must remain not only, financially accurate but moderate, objective, fair-minded and realistic in their portrayals of the candidates. Flattery will get us nowhere. Learning Center Ceremonies Set Graduation exercises for students at Carl Sandburg College's Adult Learning Center will be held Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the center, 876 W. Main St. Thirty-eight students have completed requiremnts for general education development certificates. The students are: Janlne Anderson, Jack Angelo, Mary Briggs, Patrick Callihan, Carol* Creighton, Kichard Dahl, Carol Darnell, Stella Durdle, Pa- trlcla Friend, Johnle Harrison, Kathy Hatch, Lorraine Hopping and Linda Jefferson. Elizabeth Karrick, Larry Kirby, Ronald McKee, Donald McKeown, Mary Ann MunseU, Kathy Neagle, Chester Olson, Theodore Parks Sr.. Elizabeth Porter, Bonnie Powell and Robert Ralston. Shirley Reiner, Gerald Smith, Cheryl Sparks. Kathy Thompson, Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Thompson, Elsie Tinned, Rebecca Tipton, Margaret Turner, Jan Verheyren, Suzy Wells, Jane Wessels. Martha Whittlesey and Linda Wood. Youths Confirmed DeLONG ~- Cathy Bates, Susan Bates, Amy Sctoajfenberg, Daniel Scharfenberg, Robin Lumberry, Kevin Lumberry, Peggy Rowland, Debbie Rowland, Donna Da vies, Debra Davies, Andrea Dupuy, Jan Dupuy, Randy McCoy, Ed Dunbar and Leslie Hopkins were confirmed during worship services June 3 at DeLojig Congregational Church. WANT TO SAVE MONEY? GIANT 'GUARANTEES FOOD FOR LESS! 1 qiant *JP [l |S ((illMl FOOD'- tTORSBi. XV » v* vx V LOW I'KK IS ()\ (IKill III) 01 \Ui\ Mi; VIS CERTIFIED QUALITY ROUND STEAK GIANT Cfn fIFIf D QUALITY MtAT LB. BONELESS PORK ROAST C ....u >.89* mm) BEEF LIVER ,.9> GRADE A FRYER THIGIfS ....u.,79' Boneless Round or Rump Roast 139 CENTER C UT PORK STEAK ..4i .99 f BONELESS MINUTE STEAKS 149 •••••••••I LB. RED SNAPPER FILLETS. 109 luti LB* BONELESS ROUND STEAK 137 powano fish ....U..79' LAMB SHOULDER CHOPS ,,99 f yiant .(FARM FRESH PRODUCE GUARANTEED »u>. SWEET RII'E S' WATERMELON WASHINGTON DARK SWEET CHERRIES 18 59 C Golden Tender SWEET CORN Full Ear Hi EA. SWEET RIPE PLUMS S,ze Lb 49 c FRESH'IS JUICY LEMONS £C Each NEW CROP YELLOW SPANISH ONIONS 3.^ 69c m EAST MAW -J" W. MAtW UT. FREMONT end BBM1NABY EBmt'i 1 MrlTOl GIAIN' FTOKYPIUS TH E N EW PORK PRODUCT ENRICHED WITH VEGETABLE PROTEIN & VITAMINS LB. limnUfRESH BAKED PASTRY POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS 12 * 45< HONEYMOON ICED DONITS ANCELFOOD CAKE Full Pound 59 GOLDEN MEAL T lb. WHEAT BREAD Loaf 3zfC ONLY (,IAN T DARES TO LIST SO MANY ITEMS FOR YOU TO COMPARE! CASCADE INN POTATO^ CHIPS CVCRYDAY OISCOVKT PBICIS TOP BUY i 12 oz * § Vista Pak Saltines Lb •27c i! 1 Jimmy Dean S« mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ORE-IDA HASH* BROWNS W. ^^\f 11^^^ LB. TIN Rich's Coffee Rich 16 ofc CVCRYDAV LOW Discovmnita VIVA ALL GRINDS] FOLGER'S A pkins COFFEE ! , count PKC. ee'Lb.. — 25c I ^StT Regis Paper Plate* 100 count ...»...56c wTrrm 11 CASCADE INN #Q I MANILLA * liCEMlL ^I CVCRYDAV LOW DiscovHTpaica gal ocolate Syrup 16 i57c oz. CAN SAYKYOIJ10% Watch for ttw Tro-Piko hM M oar lketvei. It wM iavt ytw cash! f.VI KYDA LOW PKICLP EVI KYDAY LOW PRICES EVERYDAY LOW PRICES CANNED SOUP-FISH-MEAT CONDIMENTS CANNED FRUIT Musselman Applesauce 16 oi..............................20< Mandarin Oranfe* Karavan 11 oi.... M .... M ... M . MM Jt8( Del Mnrifl Fruit Cocktail 17 oi. « mM 30( P MC I MS Hack Knight 29 •i.......» M .36< Cherry Pit FNMna Thank Yea 21 ti. .43c Pal Mania Pineapple 13 as. N .. M . MM .27< j/j/y [ CANNED VEGETABLES Vim Camp Park aV loans 16 ai...................... MM .164 /asanas* Itf John's loans 6 Fiiins 35 oi. aooet 67c mvfW Croon loans Cascade Inn 15 OI* 0000 *1 I7c Dol Monto Cat Croon loans la o 24c mmmm Dol Monto Crm. Wht. Corn 17 Me aeoo 23( Igflr Croam Corn Cascade Inn 16 oi....... 19c Poas Modlam Brimful 16 oi » «^ 2 i c JgJJP» Hunt Wholo Tomatoos 26 as...........44« MstF Hunt Tomato Saaco 15 os ......22< CamnbtM Tomato Sena 10 ai 1 U ggmm HantMahwkh16ei 37c iffy Del Monto Tuna 6.5 ot ....50c ^MOflost Starkist Tuna 12 oi »» 79c rwr Salmon Honey ley 16 OI ......»...H.» 99c Hormol Spam 12 oi. „..,.........64c jfffaf> Franco Amor. Spagh. w/Mt. 26 oi...56< C2Lr Franco American Spaghetti 15 oi.... 18( Chicken oi the Sea TUNA 6 .5 oz. DAIRY PRODUCTS Welch's Crape Jojly 20 oi 45 c Peanut lutter Red Owl 18 os 59< Skippy Peanut lutter 18 os 63( gmm* Cooker Peanut lutter & Jolly 18 oi. 59< mMw Olives Thrown Stuffed Mans. 7 oi... 77< Peach Preserves Red Owl 12 os .40< Helm 57 Sauce 10 ox » 70( Hunt Catsup 26 os 47< jyaajasr Del Monte Catsup 20 os. 31 < C Q JJT Irooks Catsup 12 os .......29c ^e«Ofani ludlong Kosher Dills 32 os .69c ttft& • Kraft French Dressing 16 os ......49c Miracle Whip Qt ...,.M. 44c 2% Milk Cascade Inn Cal 99c Fresh Salted lutter 16 o ,.»>69< ^jpomm Chiffon Soft Oleo 16 oi ......39< sfQJr Oleo Cascade Inn 16 o '9c gmmrn Parkay Soft Oleo 2 8 -os. tubs«.......45( rijjir Kraft American SllXhoeso 8 as 57c Velveeta 2 lb:...;;;^;.i...«*tiz\M CEREALS Del Monte PEAS 17 oz. Starkist Tuna 12 oz 79c I DESSERTS & TOPPINGS [ Jell-0 3oi J 1c loyal Gelatin 6 oi 16c Royal Pudding 4 os 13( gffjp* Dream Whip 8 oi ...,7I< 4rmy Hershey Chocolate Syrup 16 oi....... 25< gmgm Hunt Snack Pack 4/5 oi 58( t $i¥ Smucker Chocolate Fudge 18 es...... 45( Cheerios 15 os 61c Kellogg Rice Krliplei 13 os 55c Kellogg Sugar Pops 13 os 54c jesaaa Carnation Instant Ireakfast 12 os ...99c djjjp Post Sugar Crisp 15 os. 54< Quaker Oats 42 oi 60c Deluxe Handles 30 Qt. Cooler 1 Chest 50 Qt. Cooler Chest 3.19 ICE CREAM & FROZEN FOODSJ BAKING SUPPLIES Hunt's Whole Tomatoes 14 oz. _29c BABY FOOD & CANNED MILK [ leochriwt Itrnd. laky Food 4 os 8c Corker Junior laky Food 7 os ,16c Carnation Ivaperated Milk 13 os. 22c Simlloc Ready to Feed 32 os. (•.• II»............K »......66 C Pampers Daytime 15' 86c CWSugarSLk. 59< letty Crocker Cake Mix 18 os 35c Cold Medal Flour 25 Lb 2.56 Cold Medal Flour 5 Lb e-eeooMiooeeeeeeiotoeoeoeeMMf mooter 64c ggm— N«»tl« Morsels 12 os,. „,47c lay Crlsco 3# 934 4fPJF» Bljqulk 40 01* *eiitt*i«e«iiiii*«**eiieet»*M« 65c Ca/ Mrs. Tucker Shortening 3 Lb 89c Wesson Oil Family 48 oi 1.10 Pink Lotion DEBBIE LIQUID CVCRYDAV . LOW OlSCOVHTPtlUS 'BEVERAGES PAPER PRODUCTS Hi*C Orange 46 os, ...MM,.i«M..i,.«M,HM.M.,,M..M...i ..27i jpjjpmp Del Monte Prune Juice 32 os.„, 54c 43£r Tomato Juice Thank You 46 34< Plus Coca Cola 6 pk. 16 oz. 47c De P- Shasta Canned Pop 12 os IK gmmm Tasters Choice 4 os 1.19 Cffif lutternut Coffee 2 lb 1.69 78c Nestta 3 as ,.,.,99c Nescafe 10 oi..............i. i 1.60 gmmm Cala Towels twin 42c mwF Charmm4 roll... 41C Northern Facial Tissue 200 ft.....,,.., .........29t liter Assorted Colors 4 roll ««.33c ggmm Soft Wove 2 pak 26c lay northern Napkins 160 ct 31C CSf 0 S>> Reel* Paper Plates 150 ct... 85c gmmm Hefty largo Trash lag 10's t.lltll.X.I 88( Cffip Scott Towels Jumbo 33< 32 oz. Debbie Fabric Softener 64 os. > 51C 'l HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS | figgi* look Matches King Siie,,., 29c kv^p Fleecy White Bleach gal 41 < Downy Fabric Softener 33 os. .71 < Cascade for Dishes 35 oi. .»M..M ...»68 C Ivory liquid 22 os... 53c tTTtF* D«Con House & Garden 1 1 os.•>•«.*> 1 .05 %2Ur Dash Jumbo»«»» M.»>..)..., •«•«........ ....2 .43 Tide Giant.. OS, ....(Ml...•••..(Ml 55C !Qy Sweetheart lime Soap 5 os **•*••** 20C Formula 409 (leaner 64 os I 27 Vanilla Ice Cream Case Inn gal *-25 Orange Sherbet Hawthorn Mel. 1/2 gal 69$ Fudge Bars Zero 24's 99< gmf Minute Maid Orange Juice 12 OIo toot 51C C2y Sunkist lemonade 12 o 24< Minute Maid Orange Juice 16 os. ....65c t£? Llbby Poas 24 os 49c Ore Ida French Fries 32 os • 52c Banquet Chicken Dinners 11 ot. 37C gmg* 9 TotlnoPlssa 15 oi 79c COy Seapak Fish Sticks 14 os 73( Seapak Round Breaded Shrimp 16 2.14 Bird Farm Sausage 16 os 1.10 Banquet Meat Pies 8 o 19c Cool Whip Topping 9 os. 51c HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS I PREPARED FOODS Crest Toothpaste 5 OS. • OttttHttOttttttMlttftlMHttltttlttOt 66C Bayer Aspirins IQO's.. „,«•„««,•>„«(,,,M,.MI(M..M.,,.> ' Alka Seltzer 25 's llsterine Antiseptic 7 os, ..................................63c Right Guard Family 7 os. ,.„...«....»„.•»•„,«« >^5c Miss Brock Hair Spray 1 3 os. .59c gMm» J4J Baby Powder 14 oi. >•••<.<••<•..« 1.14 Cfltr Dial AnthPerspiranl 6 os.. 83c oodles Cascade Inn 12 es, .«»><<,M.M.I.>l>.>•>•>>>>•>), 33C fflW" Kraft Dinner 7 os 18c «W Betty Crocker Hgmb. Helpers 8 os.. 55c ggmm Hunt Skillet Dinners 17 os 77c CQy Chef Boy.Ar.Btt Plsia 15 os 55c Cgy Hyt SymbolN of Saving* W***m rlnga Uwi (o a mniiufni!* ltirer '8 temporary ulluwancus or siiiet'ltil itu rebuses, STORE HOURS 920 East Main St. OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WHK Fremont & Seminary - 735 W. Main 7 <° MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS A WiiK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? luy Your Week'. Grucrio, ut GJuat. If yuu cuit buy tl>» turna urdwr fur ut any utii«r >up»r- iiiurkwl, brltiu Glunf th« prliv, you uuld uiiti ywf yuvr munoy buck. ANU lOU KEIC TMI GMOCiHIlM (IxtloJIiiu uvrl.hubla. Ju« >w dlffs>»ii(«t In quull 1/ und yruU9 r ) (c) Cu^/rlghl IV/Ob, B I C , I... —

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