The Cumberland News from Cumberland, Maryland on December 19, 1960 · Page 6
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The Cumberland News from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, December 19, 1960
Page 6
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SIX THE CU^ÎBERLAND NEWS. CUMBERLAND. MP., MONDAY. DECEMBER Ì9. 1§<0 Dial BA 2*4600 for a WANT AD tAKER Dr. Hugh MacMillan Makes 25th Anniversary All-America Princeton End S*- Miehoel's Quint Wins QoltS Absorb And Ohio State Extend Winning Streaks Is Among 25 Stars Chosen Played At Allegany High; Joe Stydahar, WVU Grad. Named Over Mt. Savage, 45 To 38 r>r Hugh \ M.i-Mi’lan of Dm* ( oln . \lk cany High .school fool ball Mar of 1021 who went on to i.iin national f.ime a- a grid- dor under roach Herbert *'Frit/" Cnisler at Prinreton I nnersity. if. amoiiE the 2.' players named on Spor‘s Illuf.frnted ^ln':'a 7 .lne*« l%o Silver Annner.<ary All • America tf nm The ^ih er anniversary team «elected annually b> the maca* rine 15 composed of players who ha'e aehicvod prominence in other fields 2 ^ \ears after com- pletinc their college football career« The hoard of fudges «elected the 2 .S player« from a li«t of n5 senior football star« of the year lOTu and Dr MaeMiiian who Saturday Gamcs played halfback m his «ophomore SS. Peter-Paul Also Bags 2nd Victory; St. Patrick's Wins csTHoiir trAi.i I. aiNndtni Of Th» T»«nn St Mirh«»l . SN r»ifi A P»ul St PMncK* Ml M Mary. St fVI«.. » «I 3 2 1 1 II ft Pfi 1 ftftft I ftoft Soft son ftOlt ftftO 4th Straight Defeat, 34-10 Lyles Sprints 78, 97 Yards For IDs In 49ers Triumph Peoria Cogers Cop 12 In Row; Buckeyes Have String Of Nine Catamounts Notch 14th Straight Win Over Tri-State Foe Boston Patriots Lose At Houston Thiir.d»» f.ftmr» ft IS SI Mu hftftC» at St Patrirh $ 7 ift-St pfttftf » at Mt sa\ai» ft VS PfttiT A Paul 151 Sr. p.tftr A Paul HOUSTON 'AP’-Billy Cannon scored » touchdown on an sn-yard a S74 field soal percentage Ml- kickoff return Sunday and then America .terry Lucas scored 27 Potomac State college posted ^ i7-point fourth quarter points and grabbed 2t rehmmds ills 14fh consecutive victory m pxpiosion with a .18-yard pimt re* while teammate .tohn Havlicck two years over a Tri-State .tumor as the Houston Oilers de* scored 22 Bradley had three-way C o 11 e g e Contcrence opponent Boston Patriots, fire power—Chet Walker 29. Tim when it trimmed Prince (ieorge.s p„p|{ return by the Heis« fly ED WILK.S Hohinson 26 and At .Saunders 22— .tumor (ollege of \iaryland at pp,yp, jrophy winner from Louisi- Assoflaled Press .Sports WrMer «bile creaming \Nisconsm Kevser Saturday n’ght by the Slate put the Oilers in posi» The two big elubs, Ohio Stale Auburn, now vn for the season, «core of 79-6.1 {^r a 10 -yard (ieor'’e Blanda and Bradley, still are at it in ma* blew most of a 15 point half- The wm gave Coach Dana g^yi |b 3 | overcame a 21-20 jor college basketball while Au- time lead, but aifer Alabama Horse” Lough's ( aiamounfs a )py,j Boston had built on Ed Son* burn, l^uisville and Wake Korrsl u,thin iive. Dave Vaughn season record of 5*4 gm j passe.s SAN KRA.NtTSCO f API—Lenny ^ recognition after yf^b ,iun Leonard combined for 11 .Mike Chetkan hca.'cd the Po- Songin missed his first mn« Lvles raced a pair of kickoffs ^ that wrecked Oeorgia po.nis that put it away, hack 78 and 97 yards, firing the Dukes Win Tourney .V«,, ^ Francisio 49 ers to a resound- Carolina .State *■ mg .14.10 victory over Baltimore Ohio State s national champions. tomac .scorers with 28 point.- on pyj,.^ attempts of the day but tive 12 field goals and 4-5 foul.« j. 0 rnp|j,(,Qp^ «¡thin 4 minutes and Mien wa.« runner-up with 224 « ..pconds of the third period In the other tournaments which tallie?i Queen scored point.s to f^r tio yards and three touchdown« that wiped out coached y 13.0 Houston lead .St Mii hael's and .SS. Peter and Sundav as the two-”me National No- 1 Associated .Saturday. Duquesne defeat- bead the losers P.nil posted their >.e(ond straight Fimthall League champions ah-Press fwll. made it nine in a row. cd Pilt 80-Wi with Ned Twyman Hancock High School. wins of the season and SI. Pat-sorbed their fourth .straight loss with a 9.1-82 vie-goring r. points and setting a t,y .Iim Brown, kept its record un- -pbe field goal that folloned nek s defending champions Lyle-returned the opening kick- ‘ory over Wichita Saturday Brad-Swi Bowl record of 61 points m hlcmi.shed by winning the Tn- p„n, ^-p,„rn to the Bos* (i.ished the wm column for the off the 78 vards to set up San 2 the rankings and the ¡he two gamev at Pittsburgh: uid state Holiday tourney at I’aw m was the third of the day tii M lime m ( athohc Youth Bas-Franei.seo s‘fir.M touchdown, and'^^i^ rhamp. now has a .«iring of ho.«t Portland walloped Gonr.aga Paw. dcefating Southern Fulton , 3 ^ Blanda and it put the Oilers kcft.all League games played he .sent them ahead to stav with ‘2 con.HOcutive victories, whipping 71-o4 for the City of Roses title. High of Warfordsburg Pa . 64-48. stay Dr. lliiKh A, Maeilillan Basketball Scores his longer touchdown gallop 88 66 for the Braves Nixon Is Dismissed ainurn, sniii nin nt po.fti- 4 1 f\r * tournament bundles by AS tOaCll Ul jMïiS IIM.H M HOOl.' .Sundav ( oach Roh Mattingly « SS Pe- j,ecouds before the halftime inter- ^ixth this season ter and Paul quint downed .St mi>sion Auburn Cops Classic f’cter's of We.slernpoit, 44-2.1, and VSetnry gave the 49crs a share Auburn, shut out of post St f’atrick s coached by Father of .seioud place with Detroit in reason Arthur W. Bastress. topped .St. the National Football League NCAA probation, picked up a ban Mary's (iaels, .1.1-29, in a double- Western Division. The Lions won ^ 14-game streak by beat header on SS. Peter A Paul court the trip to the Runner-up Bowl m '^g Alabama 74-62 for the title m Ntxon was officially dismi.s.sed Holiday Fe.sfival at Hagerstown. At Frosthurg. Father Hegis Miami on .Ian 7 since they .«cored the Birmingham Classic I/>uis- from his job as head coach of the undefeated South High's Rebels Larkin .s St Michael's pa.ssers more points than the 49ers in the''»De. after spilling Georgia Tech Washington Red.«km.« .Sunday «on over Waynesboro. 31-42. to 0 0 21 d —21 .1 7 to 17-37 M'.ASHINGTON <AP» - Mike in the champion.«hip It w a.' Bo.«ton Hancock’s 4th wm ol the «am- paign In the consolation final I Tom Malcolm .«cored .1.1 points «i* _ ,, _ 111 Paw Paw downed Berkelev BUChholZ Spring«, . 16-44 ' ’ In ihc „mdun nf ihn luod^ jnvitcd To Joiii Ptos LOS AN’(»E:LFS I.\PI—Tennis promoter .lack Kramer .said Sun- spilied St Patrick’s of Mt. .Sav-f«o meetings between those aod Western Kentucky for the contract has not been re- make its record 4-0, while ^"daeh . MacKay and Earl r»n r.« 4,1-;J8. teams Rluegrass Tournament r r o w n. newed.” owner George Preston William "Shad " Hunt's .St .Maria J..«'‘...m year and end m hi.- nmior and '.rsriuHon ii ^ n.ueKcass .ournamem ^ n. -p-. ...... . u . mkv - r ,i-«nin «nuam ..nan . m . m . senior years for Ticcr eleven.« .h.p. Kerry Kelly of SS Peter and Ballimnre wound up fourth after made it 8 -n this season with a Marshall of the Red.-kins told i.oretti quint whipped Mel that v*nn 2.1 out of 26 games 'x '-^ Hftrk»ift> Srnn«i ♦♦^pauland Patterson of St Peter's poing favored for their thirdon Crcoigetown <Ky ' new.smen soon after Washington ry’s North Hager.«town team f'»r tween 193.1 and 1911. was Prince- j.srored m point.« each to lead the straight crown 'bd Make Forest, after two de-Had lost its last game of the Na- the .«econd time this season by ’He champion.shins Aus- ton's candidate Dr MacMillan .d"'vrlT'‘"u ' stot'^rs in the second game of ,ft?n 16 ft h.n h*>rp Baltimore • l,.tlr Frid.»» S< or«) was nominated last month Turkey Day iiame Mar Malter L Bowers who coached football at Alleganv for 11 vears. recalls that MacMillan didn t pr>ionift( stutr 7 ft. Pnn'» r,ftor*ft% .ic come out for the fall sport .at Campohello until his .senior yeai ai*hmo!'ft Sft, .lohn» HopKin» .V4 Mil(fti»»lll*> hi Rrmi, .Statft 44 when he was a substitute half- <’.*«hoiK fi»ik t 71 Cl NY 7ft nuftftlo Tft.<«hpt» ftft h 2 62 1 7ft, W m 4 Mary (Nor back Hugh however, go« his hig chance in the final game of the 1629 .«ea.son after Merrill ‘ Red " Golden, regular fullback of the Campers, suttered a broken col larbone m practice. Mac.Millan s booming 40 and in yard punts m that Thank.sgivmg Day game help ed preserve Allegany's 7-0 lead and paved the way for the Camper.« td wm the city ehampionshin in the battle with La.Salle at Mid City Ball Park on Wmeow Sireet MacMillan played basketball m his iunior year and as a guard captained the Camper quint m his .«enior year Fov A. Curry, now assistant principal at Allegany High .School, and coach of Camper track and field teams .10 years ago. recalls that MacMillan was an outstanding pole vaulter and weight man in his high school days Curry, who was a track and field standout at Geneva College, related that during practice sessions he and MacMillan would vie to see which one could turn m the best performance in the pole vault. After graduating from Allegany in 1910. MacMillan entered Phillips Exeter Academy where he starred at halfback on the football team played basketball and was on the track and field team ' Honored By ( risler “Fritz” Cnsier. now athletic director at the I niversity of Michigan, says MacMillan was “the punter” he ever coached Hugh was also an out standing ba.«kethall player at Princeton where he captained the team in his senior year Since 1948 Dr. MacMillan ha.s resided in Denver where he has been engaged in the practice of both general and thoracic surgery ‘ Hugh was born in Dillon Mon-- tana, and resided in Cumberland with his mother. .Mrs FTlen Bowling MacMillan, cousin of the later Dr. Arthur H Hawkins, Mrs MacMillan served as Dr Hawkins’ secretary. She now makes her home in Denver, near plane CatcheS Fire her .«on Joe .Stydahar Named PHILAriFCPillA 'AP' — And Make Fore«t. after two de- Had lost its last game of the Ny- the .«econd tim»' this season by the P‘feats, zipped to the top of the At- tional Football l.eague season to score of 5.1-45 n in n |^19 lantic Coast Conference by follow- the Philadelphia Kagles 7 in m 7—.14 int; up a midweek up.«et of N C The 18-28 defeat was the Red «i i . • «¡an Tran i«.rA uiih iu «.hni"!!« '*'tH a 72-60 agaiost •''kins ninth agam.«t only one vie- DlU6b0nn6T TeoiTIS 11 t-llie.<-d ihe poml.gctlers «.;.'hPadH Saturday. lory and two tj. II «a. ,hn in the opening game finished with a 7-1 Auburn and Make were poorest record .«mec Mar.shall I Greg .Sittig .slammed m 16 ^ unranked in the fir«t poll of the »ibvedjhe team here from Boston not .STON Tex 'AP--The uni- tour ’ ’’"‘‘I';' .. J" tor Ihr sncond dniMon 'oasui; ..I"'.' laruisvdlf mJM._ ___ _________________ ycrsilics ol ,.\l,.hama and Tpxas jl.c .\u..lralian prr..s had r. the twin bill here Hudson of St Marv’s and Bobby San Francisco PrfKnifl VI ( l»>»huii »( 1 p r. r. . iC. .u i-> Miiorriiriri fti < híirir» Tftv»n (rftv*rftft«<t Rovlc of St Patrick s with 11 and May Get $125,000 ■ Rut they t do both,’* Kramer said “My tour starts th* idth day of December The Aussm Nationals start the third week m .lanuary Fve got 12 or 11 spots already booked I can f delay my t Pattr|»nn. r , M nirt t ,M((.irp\.v, g .... Hm« ft. f Tfttnl» Nftn-Srnnnf Suh« I)a\ I» h» Prrmft S.« frtrr 4 Paul ■St Pfttftr's Olficia!» .1 Mftrn* & C, W'c Si t-rancift, Pa I’roMflffti r .V.i, ( ani»tu* .V> I i-mo.vii«'. NV f»7. .Sc ranlon 77 Ulriiirl 1 VV Uunti-r -i4 Wf«i Vireinia Ktô ViiKinia «V MiMahon. I «I .lo«eph'». Pa, ftl. I.fthigh ft’ iMohlrr. I W \a Iftrh ft?. .VW Broartrfuft 4ft Hcckri. < Wm A Mai> .64. I>HVlrt»on 1 ft 'k Kftil> K N < «title 72, (iroiKP Tfth 7ft V1rtrn»ey « M i ,» n .Strife ft4. Muria\ .St 81 I Mrillm g I, SI ftS T*\«n < hrtftfiHii 62 S,irplft»ki. ft Mrmphi» .SI 7.V Montana St .5ft «rott r l.ftui»'illr ftft. < icoigplovcn. Ks ftj (Maftinil». ft haftftri*. -St In4. .Mic St «2 j llilirbrrrht, ft IVtioit 71 Nrhra.ftka ft? 1 Tot .ft!» W Va .Stale ftr. Ho«rirrl. ft C. , 1ft V < .trohna 7ft. Kan^a» 70 W Miihiean 7ft Miami O .5« Trxa» Hfi. 1 ul»a To ton \p« Mryico .St ftft Brigham V ounj 65 WiNon Hmistnn 7ft. Okla ( it\ I ft5 Vikantiri» St. H2. Wi.»con»in St 59 Itl.V 74. Butler cl Oreiîon 71. .Vrimna SI '5 < nioiaflf» 7ft. c ifchton ftV (trc'gon St ft7. Sratfle I .5.1 San 6tarui»<-ri 47. st,tnt<trd .11 All tone 7,5, .Vruona ft. .Sngihrin < aiil fti. Sntie t)jm* ftî Montana Wi. Nmth Dakota .51 llotfttra ftl I.obanon Valiev 65 I lira 75 Biooklyn Poly 7ft WaKr Forest 7? Marvlanrt »ft Purduo 71 Wa«hington St 1ft If liana BO Nevada 52 Sf Bona'entuir !<»»> Morohead 68 V illanm a R.1 \iasar.< 74 •Vmrncdn t 8.1 S Conn St 42 < oinoll ftft t olnmhia 48 Mt I mon 85 (lenrva 74 Wejiti-rn Heserce 72 Uavne S* South ( aiolina 81 Honda St 7; In« a 78 W yominp 67 Vimv 8? Boftton I .52 Moi H,trve\ 87 Oh.o We* 78 Manhattan ft4 WaRnor .54 Ohio State 91 VVirhita 82 Temple ftft Kentutkv 58 Hiadley 88 VVi.»ron»m ftft Dtiike 71 Iiayton ♦ Marquette % Illino-« 67 Maine 102 Bald«in VValia< e inn t2 nt) St Franc t» <NV > 84 Vdelphj 5ft ~ souihetn Methodist 83 Tulane 87 «• Palrirk » V .inderbilf 7n Hire- 44 [T Franviosi, f Lafayette 74 Moi«\ian ,5ft jPvine. f Rii'hrnood 7ft Furman 74 « ««alefta e Toledo ft« Idaho 5i B < i«ni, ( « lem»cm 78 Citadel 68 B Boyle g Connecttcul 74 Fordham 71 '.farolrin. I Miami 'Ha) ill Florida 74 R sealella, g SI Mary’» it a!if .54 Minneso*a .52 .Maimc-o, g VVaph A letf P.» ftft CarneRi.' Tech 59 Total* I'lwa State ftO VVaxliincton 5« Marv » «eton Ball 1«,5 Ro.Mon Cnll 87 Hudmn, I l .nvnia I Ne« Orlcan«) «4 Mi»«i»»ippi ft« W ei.venmiJler. f steel Bowl Tournament at Pittvburfb. Pa VVolfe .St Michael's victory Moran and .1 Brannon with 11 and 14 mark- Coits Tie Score er.ft headed the Mt .Savage offensive The box scores S'» Ceter A Paul placed No 9 Georgia Tech the supposed Ni.xon declined to comment Marshall, likewise refused F ft .1 1 1 0 ft ftft ft ft 1 1 ftft ft-ft n-ft ft.n ^ didn t come up with many sur-framer had refused to ’’prise-' when fhev played to a 1-1 i,.f the CS pair postpone their BHliimoir . Inhnnv I nit.y ^id'‘"""."‘J’’'’^""'r''"" I «c in Ihr Rluchonn« Bo'l Iik. 1 -rtcbuis ns pros ,n order 10 play m tvaiiimote > .jonnny i nucs aia ^ Ni.von who was m his second sea- u n ih« = 8 ,": ?rl rio';;r,r a"i;'.o ^ „ . 1- Siurd,... al,emoo„ . «on, ^ Billy I rurr to pull into a 19-10 Rluegrass Now Tech Marshall would ft deadlnck i^’e in the quar-straight, after .tn Assistant Coach Rill McFVak who ‘ 82-76 setback hy tenth-ranked N C reportedly had been in line to suc- not rule out givcn earh team about ter Then Lvlrs former Cnivcr 1 « 1 sifv of Loni.sville flash, gathered m Corle Finishes 3d ^ the enduing kiekoff at the three. 2 burst through a host of tackier^ State .Saturday ceed Nixon .Non Sc-onftR .«lib» .«ifRmairr Ion McL»'.in Pftrson*. ,V*bby, .VdridR« »a p»irr'» r. r T P Hvan, I 11 R\an. dropped by Kentueky and '■'•»«'’♦y PromO»«»* j / —-a o j -j -^Lite before salvaging a 78-70 de- Go* FinnnrmI Rntli crowd of o. >0 ..creamed de- Saturday l-moneiol Bath Lueas Scores 27 riHLADELPHIA .... Ohio .State had frAiihi,« the 4'iers boo.«ted their ,.,. 11 ..,, "lead with a 14-vard scoring <3«>h ‘ j finiRhmp viithv* rx *bv ,I D Smith Gordon Kcllev finishing «ith state over Oregon, was an artistic but before the game William A Smith , . third place in the lockev stand* president ol the '•reaier ^ ^ Houston Bowl ,\s.oeiation, said Saturday wdh a 20- each tCcTm wouM easily get th.d record -r. ™"'h ''r '■"I'™«’ Stere Brook.« wa. the leader * w, AP - The 3 sellout crowd of 70 noo_ 3 hout ^ ^ « Chambers trouble second annua! Liberty Bowl too»- 2 000 more than the actual attend- .. . . .„nnrriin uiih ft-fti 19 h, Pennanee «... lunnei.up with 2,-!U2 ____ SI Mirha»! » Lri%man, I Garrv SiUig, t Sftibrrl. » Gr»¿ .Sit 111 . g Finn £ Hamsrin f Lansrin. K T«tal.« 5tl *l|l»»t» ‘-haiBT t MiilliRan Í Mmrift, r Baith £ J Brannnn g Total» North Carolina ranked No 1 . .y a .u oft€‘f winning if« first two. 44 ot the .10 and then went all the Tornni Wa> A n 5 R liriously 2 Moments after the second half ‘'2 1 ^ V „.rt 0 .started. ft -2 1 1 ’r‘.„.?M'nlerceptcd 7 "l-nita'.''p 7 «s aTihc “ I'ooonai s.iece«« ;13 to .ei up the .«core Flohiv Tllk Wcplf ? V " a ' nT’l a I. Sar francL.eos final touchdown TISlllS I IMS tftCCft out Saturday in Philadelphia« 17 9 3 nn a n-»s<. frnm Inhn RrndiP ... cavernous 100 OOO-scat stadium Marni Cdmt* Oil cl pjNS irOm .1000 nrOuiU T^fn Arbf^i to R C Owen.s for seven yards, ••'ft- 'ta*», %« G»orf» L«ian, bw »* nqiic'-tionably the promote^ T rlaimmr' a 44 v-arrl Hrit p Tnmmv ’90k a fin.TnCial bath ThCV Sa'. y riaimin^ a •n-yarn nrivc lommy ru«*»d*y -- i.diii» Mwhr« porturm. , . ,u • . j ‘j 1 Dav is boosted field goals of .17 Offt '* way-na BHhna, .N»« Vftrk at however, they re not dl.'.couraged It -inH TT varriR and all fniir rnn and Will trv again nCXt VCar ana a# yarns ana an loiit con- vvpiinf»»ia-. Rniimd i istar/-« n »« _. u w j t. \' pu . x nrk 4 version« Steve Mvhra kicked a Vork. » ik» Thnm«». n»« Vork *t Those who braved the suh- * - ^■i.v;^rd field and rnnvei-sinn ’ freezing weather saw a pretty Western Diviston p.i«)-Vdia tiein „oai ana convcision yv neht Sa»ur*l»v a* »ronaor» am „ . r , 45 for the Colts. U«m£ nfttwcrk i«r a »perial bolitla> gOOn fOOthal! game dCSpltC hC WL. L, T procram onc-.-.idcd final score Oregon was St Louis 21 8 $ 125.000 to lake home for RolK-rt E. ‘Bobby’ Corle, of h:,nrl titure- "cren svallahle, p, 1 1 0 17 G 1 1 6 2 17 F .5 S 1-2 1 1 « V 2 4 ftl ftft 11 .k) F ft 1 P 2 .17 1-2 ftft 414 .NBA Standings By United Brei» Internottontjl Eastern Division AVL L. Pet. 19 9 679 hia 20 10 o67 Syiacuse 12 14 th2 8 21 276 Srnrf h» Perinrt» St Mithapl» Mt «a« age Oflicial* Carrmcmn á Et an» 4 onvrilalifin 4 «Igatf 76 Tunnr»»»-»' 7.1 Champinn'hiit Duqursnp 8ft Ptit »>p Birmingham Claxtie r on'olaiion VPI 81 Bavlnr .54 4 hampimi'hip ‘Vubutn 74. VIribama «2 \HI RK«I 1 T« R» 1 nitrd Fr»»» InmrnaUftnal Bn<'hP»t«>r 4 <Tft\ftl?nd ft rrmidpnt » 4 Her»h»y 1 Buitsin .5 Qu»hnr 1 LuPfk. g Pftrlmzn. f f Mullanry, g Humb»*rtsftn. f Total» G 4 4 1 2 5 ft ft ft IS G .» 1 ft 1 1 O fl ft Ift - Finish With 6-6 Rerord Baltimore sprang a spread for- H mation .«imilar to that the 49ers first used against the Colts Nov. 10 22 7 - 45 27 The Colts' version went no- 8 16 24 38 ,v,py finished I960 with a 6-6 record T 8 .N.STlDNVl RS'hfTBSll «»»O R» Th» S*»»»«-i»l»d Pf»«» rhiladrlphta 128. Cinrinnaii 112 .«I Loui* 1ft« Svracoielftl in contention tor three period« ti- Cincinnati nally succumbing to State’s su- lyi« Angeles ipenor manpower Detroit 14 11 10 20 19 16 Pet.' 724 412 40 h t81 Large Selection of Ice Skates lOE MOTORISTS' ^ " FRIEND, Inc. 171 Bolfimert Street » ft 3 ft I 2 1 n-ft 1-2 ft.ft ft.ft ft.ft 1-15 F 31ft 1- 4 1 - 2 1 6 1 .1 :■ 2 ft ft ft ft 9-29 49eii Brodi» 2 run Da'i» ki-'k 8 Cftlt»-FG Mjhra .L5 « 40er»-FG DaM» 38 * tolt.»—Pnc»r 13 pa.»» fmm Lmtas 11 .Myhra kirk r»crs—Lyl»s 97 kukoft r»furn Dan» ^ kick ft 4<k'i»- y,mifb 14 run DaM» kifk .55 4'’»i» FG Davi» .17 T 7 pa»a Imm Bmdi» Da i.» 13 Kirk " VUendant p—.57.2*'') 1 j— _ ______________ 29 Sror» hy P»ri<*d» .SI Fatnrk’s ,Sf Mar%’» 1 1? 21 V. « 14 ’¿5 23 Olfirial* H»rbold»h»tm»r A Wilt HoAAfks Triumph Kentucky Cage Team I SYR.ACISE tlPD -Paul Sey- |moiir returned to the Syracuse UVar Memorial Sunday night for the first time since taking over as ^ c , ^ coach of the St Louis Hawks and vSports lllu.strated R Siher An-rhariered airplane that was to thorniighiv enjoved the visit as niversary All-Amenca team in- have taken the I niversity of Ken- the took a 104-103 thriller dudes the names ot such gridiron tucky ba.skethall team home Sun- f,-on the .Syracuse Nationals, heroes of yesteryear as .loe day caught tire a« it was being Stydahar. of West \ irginia. readied tor loading at Internation- whose career as tackle with the al Airport Chicago Beans and the Los An- Only the pilot and copilot were geles Rams terminated only a aboard and both escarK^i without few years ago. .lay Berwanger. injury The ba-ketball team, of Chicago, the first winner of which played Temple Saturday the Heisman Trophy. Danny night, took a commeri lal flight. Fortmann, of Colgate. William ....... ..........................—— i Shakespeare, of Notre Dame, whose second-second touchdown pass robbed Ohio State of a na tional championship Jim Lee Howell, head coach of the New York football Giants, and Paul William “Bear” Bryant head football coach and director of athletics at the L niversity of Alabama, his alma mater Others on the list of 25 include Pulitzer F^rize author John Her sey, of 1934 and 1935 Yale varsity teams who won the fiction award in 1945 for his book. “A Bell tor Adano.” Dr Ocil “Sunny’ Humphreys. former Tennes.see end. who was recently elected president of Memphis .State, Dr Alf E Brandin. of Stanford now Stanford .« vice president of business affair.s Frederick R Moseley. Jr, Vice president of the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, of New York, nominated; hy Harvard, and Brig General, Louis Bentham Robertshaw’. ofi the U. S. Marine Corps, nominated by the L. S. .Naval .Academy, The stories of the 25 winners will be detailed in the December 26th issue of Sports Illustrated. PRACTICAl GIFTS Mriri s A Wofntn i Boys A Gtfis Arnentati »«oW» Ice Skates c .„-'-i». % fh. mot th» 8 e»i jAPàMtSE $9.95 to $16.95 Fur Ear Muffs 90c The Hub Army-Navy Sales CoT 19 NORTH CENTRI ST. Start Preparing for a Now LOANS $50*n50*$250 UPT0T500 Everybody needs money sometime! When you do phone before noon for money the same day. ALL TOYS « REDUCED I ¿ V Happy Open Christmas in '61! your First Federal Christmas Saving Club TODAY Cash You Receiua 20 Monthly Payments $104 14 208 28 300 00 $ 7 00 14 00 20 16 Cath You Receiva 24 Monthly Payments $508 00 740 32 1032.00 $25 00 36 00 50.00 ‘ 1 , VATION'AI, HOf hFV LEAGl E Trtrftfitft 3, N>« York 2 Monfrnel 4. Boiton 2 COlLEGt FOOTBAll PESf LTS Llb»r(f Bowl at Phtladolnliia Pacn State 41 Orofon 12 Blue BoBnet Bowl at Houttoe Text» 1 Alabama I Ue 'aym.nts aboye include princio»! *nd harge» tt repaid on schedul« Charge» n loans abova J300 are made undar ta Industrial Finance law. FAMILY FINANCE CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic St. PArkview 4-3600 Open Daily 9 to 5 • Mon. 9 to 8 Closed Saturday ood /^ eai Service Store 133 So. Mechanic St. PA 4-0550 SHOP 9 TO 9 ’TIL CHRISTMAS We are open today from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and this evening from 6 until 8 As little as ^1.00 a week will bring you ^50.00 next November t \ 'i First Federal <4s/í 141 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. ASSOCIATION

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