Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 22, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUCATfCK NCWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22, 1041 Published Kvery Evening (Xxcept Sunday) by TBX NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUQATUCK. CONN. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK. President and Publisher Telephones MM and Deoartm«nte Catered M second clus matter at the po»t office in Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I month 11.00 1 Tear $12.00 Member: The American Newt.iapcr Publishers AJI'D The N, E. Daily Newspaper Pub. Aii'n The Conn. Newepaper Pubishsrs AM'D WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1M7 Important Assignment Naugatuck's native-son Congressman secm.s to have won the respect of his elders, even though his arrival upon the Congressional scene took place less than three weeks ago. To be singled out tor assignment to the Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy is a high honor for Representative .James T. Patterson. The appointment, announced by Speaker Joseph AV. Martin, Jr., came as a surprise to the former Marine major who was elected in November by the overwhelming plurality to represent the Fifth Congressional District of Connecticut. Whether his. selection from among other freshman members was made on the strength of Favorable impression recently created by our soft-spoken, quick-thinking Congressman, or his past record, or both, is not known, Whatever the case, the District can look to future Washington doings confident that its Representative is looked upon favorably by his veteran colleagues. If such were not the case Mr. Fatterson would not have boon assigned to the committee whose business it is to deal closely with a subject immediately, more important to the world at large than any other—atomic energy. That he accepts the assignment with understanding of its tremendous responsibilities is reflect- t;d in his statement: "Thq question of what course this nation is to follow in regard to the release and the use of atomic energy information and the requisite materials for-construction of the bomb is of greatest, concern to all peoples of the world. "Our decision on this matter may well decide the course of human affairs for generations to come." And so it may. Mr. Patterson's constituents may w<;ll join with him,in feeling that, his assignment "as a member of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy is most gratifyiiy;." Another Venezuela? Secretary Marslinll's varied past CMi 1 - uur must liavo already taught liim the lesson that all secretaries of state soon learn. Hint, troubles pop up in the most unexpected quarters. Tn 18f>/! Richard Olney of Boston, President Cleveland's new attorney gonernl, was asked liy the President to study the boundary dispute between Venezuela and .British Guiana, as something serious lurre might develop at any time. Vene- y.ticla tc» Olney, as to most other Americans, was an utterly iinthoujjht-oi 1 topic, Plenty of subjects filled the headlines, but nut Vene/.uela. Sure enough, the United States .soon protested ngairist British encroachments on Venezuelan territory. Two years later, when Olney had become secretary of state, the rift had become so great that Cleveland sent a special message to Congress, virtually threatening war unless the .British arbitrated the boundary dispute. All Venexnela was not. to the British, worth war with this country, and they agreed to arbitration. The world's trouble spots should all be pretty well known by now, but some strange perils may lurk unsuspected among them. What A Disappointment! Harvard has developed a calculating machine by whiclua man can in one second multiply numbers running into the billions. Addition of figures as large takes only a fifth of a second. But alas, it doesn't balance a checkbook. Nor does it show why the last- pay check disappeared so soon. Do You Remember? One Year Ago George Carroll was chairman of the arrangements committee for the K. of C. dance. o—o—o Horace Grovcr presided at a meeting of the arrangements committee for the annual Boy Scout father and son banquet at'St. Michael's, o—O— -o 20 Years Ago The Men's club of the Salem Lutheran church met with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Peterson of Woodlawn street. o—O—o Morris Anncnbcrs of Hill street spent a few days in New York city. 30 Years Ago Miss Mary Conley of Hamilton, Ontario, was the guest of Miss Helen Ahcrn of North Main street, o—O—o Will Barrett entered upon his duties as steward ut the Elks' club, Around The Clock THE MORNING NAP For morning nap I cover head, In half cleliciousncss, half dread, Expecting daddy from the stair, To call each moment, "Hey Ned, there!" 1 swiftly float on fairy's wing, My fancy paints a magic screen; Then my conscience pricks me with its sting. And makes a medley of my dream, A mingling torture and delight— There arc sums unfinished over night Just us I scale a castle wall, A tread resounds within the hall. Then I again resume the fight With steady arm and step so light. But ns I. reach the highest beam, Sounds milkman's bell and whistle's scream. As I '.tike bark for homeward strand, I feel the touch of heavy hand: My sword and helmet arc no more— I'm landed on the bedroom floor. FLORA B. WALKER Vin Healy, Bob Stauffer and Bub Jones are husy those days soiling advertisements for the Naugatuck High school Senior Class hook. . . . Dan Walsh believes, in biiying his tickets for thc high school basketball games early. , . . Ceil Tracy is publicizing-a dance, but she doesn't know definitely yet whether thc affair is on Jan. 31 or Fob. 1. "Date makes no difference, everyone will go anyway," -says Ceil. Victor Zembruski has notified Chairman Frank Green of the local March of Dimes campaign that the Zembruski orchestra will be more than happy to donate services for any effort to raise funds. Charlie DcCarlo, captain and center of the high school football team and' one of the most popular students, in the senior class, is busy making arrangements for the ceremony to honor the seven eheerer- cttcs. Just back from a trip to Europe, Bob Pasho, TWA pilot, reports that food conditions in England are just as bad as they were during the war. ... In Germany, there are little signs' of reconstruction, and the black market is still going at a fast pace. . . . Paris is starting to come back to its pre-war picture, Bob relates He takes off on another flight the end of this week. Editor, Naugatuck Daily News 169 Church Street • Naugatuck, Connecticut Dear Sir: I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and the staff of the Naugatuck Daily News for the i"mo support which lias boon afforded mo during my years as director of the FBI's activities throughout the state. We have had a number of instances where police conference or police training program? of one type or another have been set up and the favorable reaction of your paper has meant a great deal to the success of these programs. You can be sure that I am grateful indeed for everything that was done for rue. WUh best wishes and kind regards, Sincerely, ROGER F. GLEASON MOUNTAINS VS. MOLEHILLS yj-.', ;.vrtf A'JM-'-i'.-BHh^j* '•••i^i^mSfe;-.«-'.;)-//--- -•••:-;•• • -. You'll be hearing a great deal about three little lasses whose sweet voices have won them the name "Three Honeys" . . . The trio was heard over a Waterbury radio station Saturday and are in demand for an encore. . . . Joan Happy, Madelyn Galvin and Mary Lou Carroll are the three gals we're talking about, , , . They're all booked up for the St. Francis parish show in March. I'MtKar? ~ i , WALTER WINCHELL • Coast—To—Coast. (Copyrigot, 1840. by The Hearst Corporation) THIS COCKTAIL HOUR Between the durk iind the daylight When most of us feel pretty sour... Conies a lull -for :i lovely y libation. ..ThJit is- known as th« cock hi i I hour... It Is then that thi; oraiifje tree blossoms And lemons appeur by the score The frt(?lil- alre'n mejiry with music. ..And, crucki'r crumbs cover the floor... The Bacardi flows like Niagara... The K'n bottle gurgles Its tune.,., rive Kreiiadlne'8 red as a rosebud Bar* as a day In June... The ice Ims now frosted the shaker.,.The glasses RO cllnketty clink.. .And' when that first cocktail «roe,t In _ji You know that you've guzzled a drink...A feeling; of joy ^neakK up on you..Your hluck flag of trouble Is furled. .In other words, inby, you're plastered.. .And everything's xleht withi the world —Walter Cox. make FDR's birthday a holiday. Instead of a day ot Mourning. A vmidcvllllan once Lardncr to catch his ace nt the Palace. Ring went backstage, One nf the phnto nuigs considerable space ito the new 111m, "13 Rue Madeleine," and a caption says: "Airmen arc shown pictures of Gestapo house where Cagney is bring- tortured to reveal invasion plrjns. Later their bomtx? obliterate Cagncy before •he talks." Although some movie critics were skeptical that that incident is baaed on a fact. Dutch under- groi;i-.ders ' actually signalled the RAF where THEY were and were bombed to death by fcbe RAF. That's heroism for you. Bosley Crowther of The Times and the actor, a comic (begging was the only critic who doubted for laurels), asked his opinion. i''t «"Snt 'have happened. . T,ardncr. ;i gentle soul, tried to let the fellow down easy. 'Your liens were funny," he said, "and you delivered them well—," Ring hesitated. "Yes, yes, gn on," gushed the comedian. "What I didn't like." continued Ring, "was that you made fun of pepole o£ foreign extraction." "But," protested thc ,c o m i c, "Your persistent criticism of the Justice Department," writes lady reader, "is ho-hummy. It'2 Lheir business and none of yours if crime goes unpunished!" It's my business, dearie, when it goes unpublished. "that stuff is realy a howl! You "Dear WinehcU,". writes. Mrs. Meta- Hoffman of N, Y., "This, T am sure,' is thc type of racial humor you are for. The one.about the Colored cook whose little girl, 7, wa.s in thc kitchen when the family's small son said: 'Jenny, do you pi-ay?' " 'Course Ah docs,', she saw 'Evvy night.' " 'But," he persisted, 'do you think -that God 'hears your prayers-as quickly as he does those of white children? 1 " 'Sho,' said Jenny. 'Ah pray* into.God's ears, not'his eyes:"' A new mug, discussing Sto Willmot Lewis' -wit, reports '.ho once described Dorothy Thompson as ought to try that fo:- laughs in the material YOU write." 1 "No," countered Lardner. "No American can afford to caricature a people because of the way they speak or thc color of bhoir skin. He's liable to insult his own grcat-prrandfathcr." HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK More Vitamins | IT the child is normal in weight, j do not insist upon his eating so | much broad and po'tatoes as much . ! as finishing his green vegetables j and salads. These foods are rich in Boh Hawk believes that one hlc vitamins and arc far more import- reason wo find it hard to sell do-1 ant than the starchy "foods when -the poorj t.hc youngster is the correct weight. Preserving Overshoes Try rubbing a little glycerine over overshoes occasionally. This will clean up the rubber effectively and also prevent its drying out. CHsenicnt Window* Have you oiled the hinges of mocracy is because of sample case we are showing. Just for the record, this U whut a certain politico once said: "One of the most wholesome t'binga thai, could happen in the United States would be for every Congressman (after serving six years) to go back home and try to make a living under the laws he has helped pass." The wr.rds belong to Sen, "SIa.p- discovcrlng "perpetual emotion." | a .ppy" O'Danici, the Honorable now The flics will prove it was flivit trying-to write a parody called Sweet iaid of Tallulah Bankhead. Badio observer P. Denis reports that one reader reported to him: "The only program I wouldn't miss is WW. He could make the dullest, most trivia! item sound like a na- lionnl catastrophe." "Home Rent Ceilings." Home — Without Tbi-TC scorns to l tween thc British e a and he- American Oh, you're only saying that bo- rac tQ . , n _ ' Armies to see which one gets out of Berlin first. We felt safer when they wci-u cause you know it's true. 'I thtiik. you should know," mcmos H. Berger, "thvit at the annual event of an apparel group on the 16th, Manry Amsterdam (thc m. c.) made SOEOC disparaging remarks about your vomics campaign, and then -told some stories proving you right." Sudden Thawt: Axis Sally will probably travel' Jst class to thc U. S. A. on a Ship bhat will brine; dead American troops in steerage. Tlu ' legislation to. have keep crookedness Some Washington Correspondents were discussing Genera) Marshall'? new job. "He'll be a groat secretary of State," observed one scribe, "if he can clean up the Fascists in Germany." "He'll bo even greater.", said a cynic, "if he cleans up the Fascists in the State Department!" Oops! They were gabbing uboilt Truman appointing Marshall. "Howctim," asked one, "tie picked a military man; no civilians left?" "More liksly," snapped another, people 01' foreign extraction." out of sports. Now if someone will only suggest something to keep it out of politics. Walter White (lid an article commenting on the Bilbo-h o k u m, which featured thc premiere of the 80th Congress: A Swedish woman' journalist (just arrived to theso thorns) was' bewildered as sha came out of the press . gallery. Someone inquired: "What do you plan wri'ting back home about it?" "Nothing," she never believe it," said, "They'd Out State Dep't policy: Snfl peace for Nazis. Soft soap for Am : . ericans. ' " From a Southern raf: "They didn't vote for Bilbo nut against Walter Wine-hell, who takes it up^ on himself to instruct the populace. Mississippi voters didn't care for hi.s (and. a lot of other oracles) Itae, so they slapped him with Bilbo." , What other oracles? A ffj-oup of reporters were discussing Bilbo's illness, "What's the trouble?" asked one. "Disease of the mouth?" . 'More likely," snapped a liberal \!.oi the mind!" your casement windows recently? This prevents that annoying squeak and preserves them from rust. Look And Learn 1. Where was the world's first electrical power station for lighting homes and offices, and what inventor bui)-t it? 2- What three Northern states were invaded by thc Confederates during; the Civil War? 3. What was the total cost of Iht famed Louisiana Purchase? •I. Is thc piano a string or per cjssion instrument? 5. Who was "Thc Divine Sarah" 1 ANSWERS 1. New York City, in 1882; Thomas EdiBon. . 2. Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. 3. $11,250,000, or about four cents n acre. • ' 4- Percussion. 5. Thc distinguished French actress, Sarah Bernhardt (184-1-1923). A reader writes: "Why keep flipping at Truman? You keep thinking all the time nt what Roosevelt would do!" Well, why doesn't 'ho? I The Democrat!) In New Yorkj have Instituted a resolution, to FOX CLEANERS 14 CHURCH ST. TEL. 5474 Work Called For and Delivered STRISIK'S U> Center si. Wausrfiury, CODA GIFTS OF ALL KINDS JANUARY FUR SALE UNDER WAY 00 N. MAIN STREET Watorbury Tel. 3-2727 Venetian Blinds IB Block. S D»» Strvlr* LEBON'S »7I» No. M.ln St. Tel. 8.7*31 Wttwbur- On The Air Today 5:45 p. m. , WTIC-WNBC—Front Page Farrcll WATR—Naugatuck News; Music WJZ—Tennessee Jed WWCO-WOR—Tom" Mix 6:00 p. m. WBRY—E. Christy Erie WATR—News and Sports Other Stations—News A.-IS i>. m. WBRY-WCBS—Word From the Country WNBC—aeic'nadc to America WTIC—Musical Appetizers WATR—Music of the Day WJZ—Ethel ana Albert WOR—Bob Elson WWCO—Sports Time 8:80 p. m. WBRY—John A. Cluncy. Sports WCBS—Red Barber WTIC—Prof. Schcnkcr WATR—Phil Von Tobel; Stock Reports WJZ—Allen Prescolt WOR—News WNBC—Bill Stern WWCO—Quiz 6:45 i>. m. WBRY-WCBS—Bob Trout, News WTIC-WNBC—Lowell Thomas WATR—Pleasure ami Profit VVJZ—The Fitzgcralds WWCO—Novatime WOR—Stan Lomax 7:00 p. m. WBRY—The Little Show WCBS—Mystery of the Week WTIC-WNBC—Supper Club WATR-WJZ—Headline Edition WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:15 p. m. WWCO-WBRY-WATR—Maich of Dimes Auction WCBS—Jack Smith Show WTIC-WNBC—News WOR—Answer Man WJZ—Elmer Davis 7:3O p. m. WBRY—Milt Herth Trio WCBS—Ellery Queen WTIC—Cavalcade of Music WNBC—Barry Wood Show WATR.—Phone Your Answer WOR—Listener Reports WJZ—The Lone Hnnper WWCO—Cecil Brown 7:45 p. m. WBRY—The County Farmer WTIC—Memorable Music WNEC—H. V. Kaltcnborn MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Should one refuse to tell one's preference in food when the hoit- oss asks? A. No: if your hostess asks if you prefer light meat -to d.irk. or cream instead of lemon with tea, don't hesitate to give your preference. WATR—Show Tune Time WOR—Inside of Sport* WWCO—Hunting and 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Jack Carson WTIC-WNBC—Dennis Diy WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n 1 Abner WWCO—Crime Club WOR—Can You Top Thin 8:15 p. ml - WATR-WJZ—Skip Farrell Show 8:80 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Dr. S. Christian ' WTIC-WNBC—Great Glldcrslecvc WATR-WJZ—Paul Whitcmnn WWCO—Symphony of Melody- WOR—It'll Up to Youth ' . 9:00 p. m. ' WBRY-WCBS-'SongB by Sln«tr» WTIC-WNBC—Duff y'n -Tuvern WWCO-WOR—Gabriel' Hcaltcr WATR-WJZ—Ann, Scotland . 9:13 p. .m. WOR—Real Storlo* WWCO—Norman Cloulicr B:» p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Dinah Shore WTIOWNBC—District Attorney WATR-WJZ—Pot o' Gold WWCO-WOR—What's the Na mc ot that Song 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Hollywood Players WTIC-WNBC—Fmnk Morgan WATR-WJZ—Bing Crosby WWCO—Author Meets Critic WOR—Concert Hour 10:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Information Plcaic WTIC-WNBC—Musical Collcg, WATR-WJZ—Henry Morgan . WWCO—Dance Orcb. WOR—SymphoncUc '/• 11:00 p. in. ALL Stations—News : 11:15 p. ni. WBRY-WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch WTIC-WNBC—Harkncss of Wwh- .-..,,i .'i.ns'tnn . WATR-WJZ—Junior Chamber Commerce . ' WWCO—Carlylc Orch.' WOR—News; Finance Reports 11:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Invitation to Music WTIC—Kramer Orch. WNBC—McKinlcy Orch. . WATR-WJZ—Gems; Stone Orch. WOR—Weather; Hampton Orch. WWCO—Joe Sudy Orch. 12:00 MidnlKht ALL Stations—News Ship construction consumed U per cent of thc nation's steel in 1942, or 9,425,100 tons. In 1941 th« totals amounted to 1 per cent «na 2,733,000 Ions. Q. Is there any certain number of bridesmaids one should have a.t a church wedding? A. Thc number varies from four to eight at largo formal weddings, but one or two will serve just as well at a small wedding. Q. Is "How do" thc correct thing to say when acknowledging an introduction? A. No; say, "How do you do?" Maple ui)d Wax Birch BASSINETTES 86.98 JUVENILE FURNITURE BEACON "KIDDIE CENTER . 7S GRAND STREET Waterbury G Woteituri(slJ Depcmfable 1 1 St IMC at first sight... that's you and— Waterman's • Thof'j jusr th* woy everybody 90*1 for o Wotermon'i —«3 •nehantingly tlim, *o tlcek, to trim. Pr»ciiion.mad«, a Watermen'* it Am*rko'i «mootheit writing, long*»t-laftir>g pen. Back of •ach p*n it th« nam* ef thr inventor who ov»r 60 years ago produced the firit practical fountain pen — Waterman! Model ihown it the new Crusader at $5. Other prices for any purse— $3.50 to $13.50 (the latter plus tax). 'The Sunshine Special" Station WWCO Dial 1240 Weekdays At 8:15 A. M. Do You Listen? '••'.'-. Do You Like It? } '." How Can We Improve It? Write and Tell Us!

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