The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York on April 6, 1963 · 1
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York · 1

Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1963
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' ' ' ‘ ' 't ' 0 v ' A ‘ - i ' V - I n- ' ! 1 ' - ‘-i “ ' i ‘ ' 7 f fo1 J ' ' 1 ' ’ i ' V : j ' ' 7 s-' ' I ' J 1 f' te- f"1 - 1 ' : ' - V if' ' j f ! ‘ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' J ' ' - ?' k ' Price tists vFinancial:- News :v On Pages I" t t vi 'i -1 f rC3 v vy U - '--4 Tv? 0 r ' V i vi - 1 T Va r'i: & ifi ( Ca V r' J a y‘f 9m - i 'V:- : 65TH YEAR OF SERVICE— NO 31 MIAMI FU (IV— Elmive Cuban exile kept UA and British farces hopping today to rid the Keys of Florida snd the Baham u of guerrillas bent n harass- In Cuban prime minister Fidel Outro v1 t British marines combed lonely Wiliams Cay ' TO miles south-’ west of Nassau for munitions or other supplies - believed cached then by unidentified men who fled at their approach Reinforced air and sea units of the -Miami' based Seventh Coast Guard District watched RpckefeUer i AyWifeon JSHifts'Role ' By a Wall ALBANY - U Gov Malcolm Wilson -played a new role ye terday ' ' When Gov RocSefeiler left As state en rode to Topeka Kansas when he-spoka lari night Mr: Wilson became acting governor and lost his position as presiding officer of the Senate1 fBeciuise of Ms status as acting governor Mr Wilson' was in the' position of having to decide whether or not to sod constitutional messages of necessity needed before some bills could be passed During Gov Rockefeller's absence Mr Wilson will designate -some member of the : Senate to preside -tad Majority Leader Walter J Mahoney win take on -the lieutenant gCVer-poris responsibility’- ' A - Revolt Argientma 'M Believed Nearing End Wf" ISAAC A --LEV! - --' - ' - -loyalist' leaders We - BUENOS AIRES' VArgeMlna' have not' agreed to cease acttv- bytycrrixjaaYlLrf- jaced themedvee-unSor artest today a Argentlna'a fal-tering-revdution eased lnto Jta fifth day- - : ' Nothing -was heard from the four retired military men who led the -revolt' t oust Preaident Jose Marla Guido and stop dec-tkS And diehard rebels yawed to continue- the uprising 'j But A loyeUst ioei pressed fiieir advantage - and' the end seemed only a matter of time1 The loyalist hii cwnmand reported the country completely under control and “peaceful and Calm’ ''-'V'' ' A '1l2SflOSinen'’-Ioyaltat -r’tace stood ready to strike at Puerto naval base lest etrong- of the navy rebdUpn 3S0 -v milee southeast of Buenos Abes unlees the navy - - commanders a- aubmitted to truce terms' - iJwk gsrfseier V-'' v?r ’ is rt Adm Jorge Palma command-v tr of Puerto Bdgrsno and Adm ’ '- Guillermo -Peres - Piton"-'-' who Beads the cradt marine cprps ‘ ' both 'gave themselves up to loy-? iliat army -officers at Bahia Blan-ca 8mflee from fiie naval '--baee'' An estimated 1511 officers and men' were reported under gtard it BaMa Blurt Including five rwJ higbranking navu ‘ofQcere Offl- V-' eers af naval schQola also fanned V themaelves over to army author- it ’ ’ H cprtewondent Robert ' Ber- i reported ifrodi Bahia Blab i:ca-that the tfnw planned to fly i the prisoners b Ruenoa Aires to-4 day-- 'i'V s " 0 : Other rebel officers Red acroN ‘r:- tiw Rteer Plate to eeetaqyium iQ In uruguey-ii--"'V''7 aewua StiB mbh v '-Vr'But z-tterioue vrebdi'' sources claimed the uprising ia not over tr: They reffaaed totecogniae' u their spokesman Rear Adm Ela-'i dto Vasques’ cemmmder of toe t-’ fleet who worked out ceasefire Cbmplshi JNw£j Homs Delivsrsd 3 ?Jiisf '45a 'A'Wook! n’s'i'ab' eonvenldit" teihavs your i daily newqpapey t de tivered to ynr doort Thli '‘newspaper jhringa you alt y kteel C news and shotoe O Natfonal aod Worid NSWs v (tnrtndlng Amodated 'jc: " " ' “ Press ‘ Naws and photos' Odcago r Daily i yNews Service) WdLimown wdumnietj tB-iftametive and otber enter- talningTSatnres l - ' b V 'women’s pages TV Radio Movies Thaa Qutoons Oomia Y T Plualocal' Advertising jRter Easy Shopping f tHE DARY ITEM --VEctmpn S080S: $ 1 I r:-: for sneak departures by innocent-lookhig small craft which often have proved to-be carrying heavily armed anti-Castro fighter ' TWjraa m la Miaari - Nodding peacefully at a Miami dock was tiw 35-foot motor boat Vkolynn HL It arrived yesterday with its crew of IT in the windup of a cruise that started as Cuba raid and bogged down -far Bahamas detention and a Nas-sau-to-Miami voyage - shadowed by Coast Guard flier— until they lost the 'little ship in darkness The only English speaking member of the crew said the Violynn III rebuffed a Coast Guard cutter - captain's demand that the raiders allow their boat to be boarded near the edge of nhm territorial waters Jerry Buchanan 24 of Miami wai quoted by hie brother- Jim Pompano Beach Sun Sentinel newsman' as saying that Eveiio Duque commanding the VWyijn III-bed him reply that in no case would- boarders be permitted on the little craft hut that it would obey the cutter'a request to proceed toward Miami 9 U-g attsene la Grew ' ' Two US citizens in the crew were questioned and released by Immigration officials ' v ' : 'T have plana to beep fighting communism and if this meana fighting the Cuban regime yea" Buchanan told newsmen: - Hie shipmate Ramon Sanchez said Duque “wil keep fighting He wiU fight aqy way possible until CUba ii free?’ -v Buchanan and Sandies said the Violynn ' IITa ' slater ahi - c f : j :'f gee CUBA oa Fage U aArBWWgge The rebels launched voltTU Guido's Mock elections for president and wniwm June 23 ‘ - f : Military leaders -feared exiled dictator' Juan D Peron'e follow-ets allowed by Guido to run lor office would win eontral of the country R was Argentina'a third military uprising in slightly more than a year and took u unofficially repented toll of 31 dead and 8 wounded : said their re- to remove regfane- ‘and XFX Decision s NavyChief '-'-'-v pva V--' “ (j: RwlJ WASHINGTON ! ID 7-r Rdm George-W' Anderson' ddef of naval operations says he still believes his civilian superiors were wrong in awarding the TTX war- Mahoney Additional time to try IJL J - a m M t 'Ia — — - ILa waaMSaL plane contract to - the General Dynamics Oorp of Fort Worth Tex J " -vV f v i t5- -s V A rival design by’ the Boeing Co rt Seattle Wash- had th edge over : General : dynamics Anderson -told the- Senate' Investigations eubconupittee yesterday far secret seepkav- and wars are won to -nafioine with "tiw edge’ he eaid- j-k- - W - : Auderaon aaid he Wiehes now that he had been more contentious in pressing tiw Boeing lest 'fluL ' But he --said-be -had no idea tiwn that there was any wt of military evaluation! overridden' by Secretary of Defense l Robert : Sr McNamar and the 'other civilian iecrqtariee at the Pentegom:X''-''N-:C' The admiraL!a'member':of tiw Joint Chlefenf Staff mured tiw senators he' intuds to obey orders and said he- hopes the Air Force and Navy will come- out with tiw tori poniHe TFX done r TEX stands tor Tactical Elght-er Esperinwntal liut the plane is imended to be much more than thafe-a versatile bomber and replane - akwell fighterandtotterthanany warplane tto armed forces ever bad jingle Anto l'latc To Cat State Coit ALBANY ID— The eupL budget before the Legislature day specifies that a single li-cenaeplate inateadofthe usual too to "toned to tootorvehlde amersnextwar vr Th cutback would result ‘hi savfaig estimated at 3563000 Normally a set jof two 'plates ‘ inued every two'yearaA tab to be plats to year The cutMck" ' an afmeed to after’ tiw 'rear thetflrst plateswai among' several -atepe -the Legislature--took this year: in -an effort to reduce state spending 3 JFK AT CAMP-DiATn WASHINGTON Ol —-President Kennedy will spend the weekend at Camp Davif preee eecretaxy Jierre Salinger said -i at x£mo DavtiT’orear aacretary TT TT j - ANYONE FOR A' LnTLE POLOT That may have been-: tiw thought for the moment of v -little Beth Riddleberger as she f urveyi tiw World from her Adjournment Slated For Tonight I- Fmaociiig ? 0f Mratal By ROBERT T GRAY ALBANY ID-The 1963 of the Legislature beset cral nagging unsolved went into overtime today termlned to adjourn The top unresolved the future of Gov Rockefeller’s (dan' tor financing inental-bospi-tateoanetrm'Uon’' tiaontfr a'bor rowing plan that would be handled by a proposed new state authority ' ' Republican 1 senators'- were blocking the plan on grounds it would shift legislative responai-bUities to an outside agency ' ' Senate Majority Leader Walter J Mahoney continued effort! to win over the dissenters - with amendments that would affirm legislative control Orderly Adjouament The lawmakera had planned to adjourn lari night Blit early in tiw evening' it became apparent -this could not be dnw without a marathon chaotic meeting of the type once traditional on adjournment day but avoided by tiw GOP leaders to recent years as reflecting unfavorably on thq LegUatupr As a result ’ tiw iroderS decided early lari -everting to have the members return today f The poatponement alio gave to win support tor the mental-bpapital plan one of several the governor hai 1 proposed Jto ease pressurea on the state budget A These were other major developments of the cloaing hours: METCALF-BAKER : The Senate gave find! legislative approval 4T to IQ to Rockefelter’a bill for broadening a state law 'making it illegal to dlaafaninate oa racial or religious groundas in sale or -rentaL af : private- housing The expanded law will apply toall hornet except: owner: ANCE— Another top Rockefeller proposal’ a Mllrtoieae unem-ment-lnsurance coats tor ata-empioyers was ’ given final legislative approval and sent to the governor for Ms’ signature: The measure was approved by a bare ' constitutional majority TS65’ SomerRripuMfnne who supported the bill' faftjicated ithy mtfit revise their vote hut -no format change -wps aimowtoed - The measure - would - reduce somewhat the amount ataMe eni-pkqiers paid tpto the state imam-' ployment insurant fund to makeup iHirfta of seasonal Industrie IV-iB-iriu' mmrrmtarv ot ALBANY ID— The secretary of riairria ptogreH in cotahat- the sractice of dting the sale' of residential property on the basU of a change n the-etiutio background of -a neighborhood - '-s’ :X In her annual ' report to Gov Rodretoller and the Legislature Caroline H Siman dtefirevoca tkn of a broker’s license tor engaging-in Mock-boating She said this brought realization 'to “the real- estate profession that tiw Department- of State ' regarded uefa activity as contrary to the A"riii eence of fair play However the report cited “that ReportsSecretary tfwew the report cited'that lertrtpgggjffl '-V1 : tyr -a-: POST CHESTER NY perch atop a model horse-built: by Girl Scout IVoop 2f of fiwf" Midland School’s andh grade The horse complete with' In Which workers drew out more tiwn their employers puts in In a related development the Joint legislative Committee on Unemployment Insurance announced it was embarking on a study that-would -include axe: view- of the practice 'af paying unemployment insurance to woikers on strikes’- The-prctice ' '' - Win New Haven Tax Change Ry a Staff ALBANY -r- Legialation to control tax 'exemption given the New Hayen Railroad by Westchester communities received final panage In the Assembly yesterday '-’'r - The bill was added to the palendar ooly after atranoui'rt-farti by the Westchester Anem-bly - delegation to have It - re-" born aommlttee The dif-aroee because the As-Ihe meakure had been killed by another com-mittee-''”" ’ ' Mtibias Hoiisiiig Msure £ IsApproVedBy teMslatiire Rr CHARMS-DUMAS ALBANY" ID-Itsoqn wfll be unlawful in' New York ’State to refuse' to sell or rent a house to any person because of hie race creed or ’ color’ ‘ 5 The- bdy' exception will be two-family house to whidu the owner occupies one (ti the' units All other private housing in the riatef will Jbe covered j This wai 'anured yesterday when-tiw Senate gave final par-to avbUl broadeningthe aoope of - the state’s - law - for Mhftfag diacrimination in private Gov Rockefeller’s aigna-ture ' waa ' required to transform the MU into law and that wav certainty became Rockefeller had recommended - the legiala- tioruV -k5 Theoitioff Fetat Under the current law : dia-crbnbiatidn'is barred faa aale or rental of houses In aubdi visions of 10 or more and fa apartment houaes end -j midupla dwelling all tiw way' down to - owner-occupied three' 'temSyhouMs That is the cutoff pplnL : V' V'f- si vc: tK-t1- A tatelv centage of trtl ' Mtafar brokets end aaleanien engage'J in4-the engage - Mrs ’Shnon referred to Mock-bmtfaig as “a modem variation of tiw timeworn theme of pro- judice” She said It captialixed "on latent toara: and hoetUitW’ and ‘Tialpa keep groups in eegro-gated neighborhoods” n - The secretary of itate sald that bertiepartmenti tit a Phase at an 1 agreement 'with' tiw - State Oommiseion fori Human Rights wiU prepare and distribute an informal Jeaflet to real estate folk caUinglattention to antifiie-crimi nation- laws dealing with real'estate aalea i erimfmitianlaws dealing kwith gBSg - JLdSS - - pcr rrrH -H1 '“Jrr SATURDAY APBIL $ 1963 garlands- Was to fw auctioned off today at the Midland Fair at the school — Staff Photo by Paul Byrne n : r r? Hospitals has been criticized by employers who pay the full coat Of tiw program as amajor abuae SCHOOLS -- The Senate approved and sent to the Assembly a bill to authorize' the Mate Edo- cation Department to embark an a three-year aperiment to fie? I 1 h ur rt®- - fo-MOBmCRg s- Page lAj-rthe il cfdort en There was no debate when tiw MU was called for a vote although it was known there was considerable opposition to it The vote wee -80 to 63 with party liner beiiK broken - The raiuoiad haa been givwi tax exemption on aome of its propertiea ne part of a program to aid the New Haven’s financial crisis The-new bill which has been forecast fol win Gov Rockefeller’s approval provides that the exwgtiian-bB canceled if tiw road fails to pay taxes on ojber parte of Aproperty In- requeriing extension of tiw I law Kocketoller said only about 15-per cent of private outride' New York City was covered by the' present statute The city already has ite own' strict anti-Mae law J ' The' bUl triggered ai' protenged end sometimes emotional debate in the Senate -Capped’lw'a' 47-10 vote tor passage AQ of tiw die: entlng votes were cast' by -upstate Renuhttcane ' who - areuei that’the measure' impfoged en baric fooperiy rights “A property owner1” aaid Sen Robert McEwen : RrOgdenriang "ha s ' right to decide tor himself who he should seU hie houae to We should not take this right from 'A New' But the Senate sponeor George R Metcalf of Auburn saw the bUl as creating “a new dimension in human rights” said mhh-w-“ft wfll not perform miracles of morality but ln: thayears to come tt wiU have a wbaleaome effect on human behavior It we are to challenge' the qfrit: : of hate we must reMace it with the pfatt of love’’ The Senate'a"two Negro members Jamea L Watsdta af Manhattan and Ivan Warner of the ' both' delivered ’ strong pleas for passage of the ? Boy’s Sewn-On Foot u Has To Be Amputated SAUGUS Maas ID - Brian i Sayer 12 yesterday lost the right toot wfafoi ’ surgeons bays been trying -to saw sines itrwai severed by a frright cr wheel Feb E‘r:' Saugus General '-Hospital doe-tors told him thkt dmilation in the eewed-on foot throcRh two remaining1 arteries had toiled and that gangrene had set in--j': -’Vif ft must be takeii off to make me better l ami ready” ttw-boy aald before the zieratioa make me betterIam-ready” Services At Area diurches Wbrriilppeta tomorrow to most Christian churches will pay honor to a King On Palm Sunday each year in eommenwratioa of Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem shortly before His Qw rifixkw palms are fiktrlbuted in many churches They an symbolic of tiw palm branches which were spread on the road before Christ aa He traveted to the city1 In a number of churches a procession win follow the Blessing of the Palma Many choirs have planned special music to be presented during the Services efe fat 7 afternoon programs Sermon topics far tiw day an bared generally on ' events of ' Holy Week' o ’ pleasing of the Prime’! in Crihriic churches of Port Cheater will take pace at 6:45 in OUR LADY QF THE ROSARY CHURCHr at U o’cock Mare ln the SACRED HEART OF JESUS CHURCH at 8 am to CORPUS CHRISTI - the Blaring af the Prime will be followed fay a Solemn Procession' 1 4 OUR LADY OF ’MERCY CHURCH wfil have -a ' simple Blearing of -the Palm at 5:45 Sm ana a Solemn Bleiring with -a Piocearion and High Man it 10 aro : -? - At SUMMERFIELD METHODIST CHURCH to Port Chester at tour to tiw afternoon the aeiv lor youth and junior choir will present Vivaldi’ ‘Gloria” to a Palm Sunday program of marie’ : ' Reception af new memben willtake place at PCBIT CHESTER PRISBYTCHOT Sunday- The greet preacher the Rave Robert JXtadnmcMfcipeiktfN FAIJf SUNDAY esi Page U School Board CoimbHyfiFederico To Rim Again - Both Pat J Federico and Joha 1 aeek reelection at the ' May 8 T Connolly - membere of -the I achool election - a? Port Cheater achool Board an- ' uri Federico hai served on nounced today their intention to foe board tor thr past 4ree yean while Mr Connotiy has I been a board member -for -far’: years serving as preaident dur- j faig the current year-: Board President CbnnoUy "1 brileve that- one of the main addevementa - during my ad-mbtistratian hai been the inau ’ guration of the vocational pro- gram This to to line with my stated objective wben I foe- vfoualy ran for the board name-': lyr th: provision of -necessary todlitiea for diildren so tint ail might have equal opportunitlM to fit themselves tor their life work commensurate with their talents and skills The opening up tf wider opportunities for stu- JOHN CONNOLLY : ‘fX Bwglsury' SmpectHeld '- V'-- : A Stamford man was arretted at the scene of an attempted burglary at 530 tide morning to a Port Chester tavern after an upstalra' tenant haard glass breaking In- the bar below and called the Pat Cheater police authorities reported Arreated on a charge of hurg-tary was Gerald Von Tobri 33 of 75 ' Ptymputh Road Stamford who was in the lodmp tide morning -iV: ''V-- - Four Port Cheater policemen jreosried to the ’ call from Jama JJcGuire 4S N - Main St- who reaida r above - Dan’p Bar and Grin' ” Andrew Teleoca -and - Patrolman CUffard Vernon covered' the front door oftiw building wMte Patrolmen Lawrence" Garris and "Henry’ Malloy took the side and rear entrances Fmtn fae foal door a man was aeen aouching behind tiw bar SgLTMeert ordered the man to come out which he did with M hands ratoed above hte -haad police said - Reportedly fomd on'theeus-pect'a person was 32998 allegedly takor from the -cash register to the Tavern Police report-ed that the taride of the building had been ransacked by the atiprtt' who 'apparently broke in culprtt' whoapparently broke in r on "Behold The fflng” All dxdn are foeaenttog apedri Holy Week muric ' h - The Rev Earie Sluyter mia-afonary to Peru- South America will speak at 9:45 and 11 am and 7 pm in THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH - Palme will ’ hie distributed at aUrervica to' ST PETER'S EPISCOTAL CHURCH Hours of worship begin at 8 9:15 and 11 an The annual Fireman’s Service will take place at 8 pm to the church ' ' At NORTH BAPTIST CHURCH flwre' will- be a family worship service during tiw Sunday School Hour on Palm Sunday At 11 o'clock there wfll be a’Biqitismri service - GREENWICH CHURCHES -A Solemn ceremony of Blearing of the Prims alnd a Pro-coskai with tiw children ringing aril takeplace at 9 an to ST ROOTS CHURCH ’ Blessing of the Palma will take Mace at 6:30 in the lower chapei and be followed by a Procession to the upper church at ST MARY CHURCH Masrea aril take place at the usual Sunday houra’-: ' The annual Pal m Sunday Breakfast at FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH will take place et 9 am Guot speaker at the 11 o'clock service aril be the Rev Luther Parsons ' At four to tiw afternoon to BETHEL AMEI CHURCH the Altar Guild will entertain at a Palm Sunday Tea - £ 8TV PAUfS :-? EPISCOPAL 'SMLW s Announced Church! flnmW Page ft’ Editorial 1 Page n ctwnwiir Family Feature Page Ftaandri BrMa ka 1 Greenwich New Harrison News Obitnaria Rye New 13 Social Nora Sports New mail “ Taihn 11-12 - 1' ' THE WEATHER I ' OUTLOOR: WARMER Mostly sunny Snd mlld j with wa high doudlnesa today with the high temperature to tiw 50a Partly Cloudy and not so'eold to-night with the tow 35 to 40 To-mocrow partiy doudy uri mild with the high ln the SOa’v v ' ’ Irir and Extended ’ outipote wanq Monday'-!' U £ “V 840 Airport day 36 26-hour high 40 tow 31viiMlity 15‘mila wind win h 11- - - ' a!m 'WotchaWcountj : tempaature:4i- voter- L 24-hour high 46 244wur tow 31yiaiwmy ismueawinas es 6-7l r TEN CENTS -s-4 Heart Ills Apparently FellHuhne A - 41-yearcld volunteer fire- man died of an apparent heart attack yesterday afternoon while - s tiling a hose uphill to a brurii re Port Chester police report r y ' Welter H Holme 10 Fructo -Lane Port -Cheater wa pro- nounced dead about 5 pm ac- -oordfaig to Fire Chief William Sniffen 1 :- The victim the chief apidr collapsed after helping pun the ' bore uphill tor 250 feet Fint As-" Blatant Chief William Nethercotf was tiw first to notice that Fire- ’ man Huhne was to trouble end r: immediately went to Me twist-- '-t ance caUtag for oxygen from' Paid Firemen'' Robert and An-' thony Tedeeco Chief Sniffen re-’ ported The two paid firemen ad--ministered both oxygen and mouthtomouth resuacltatfon but all efforta failed the thief eaid'': - Chief ' expediter at HcnwUteX’: TO' Riverdale Ave Mr Huhnc -V left the pump and generator fae-V' tory to help fight tiw fire' next 'VV door Chief Sntften said Police said that Mr HiW:: had had a hart' condition fat’)-' r three years Survivors indiide the! addow"' Imm T’jnuznleski and a dangto ter- Carol Ann a senior at Re- "i urrectfon Academy Rye - r - An Army veteran of World War ' H where he attained the rank of -'j sergeant' Mr Huhne was director ' of tiw Gatootie Youth Program in port Cheater'He wax a mem-tv her of-tiri Out Lady of Mercy V Church lis usher and Holy Name Sociftiqand tiw Knights of Col-tuntamVlktiier John M Grtdy ?? 'iM'mnfiAN aa raga'jj'' I- - I 1 :rv- - ’ f: ': ii’ - -v irfj? (US :s '(fvrwfciiv 7 v : 'if ff - t w4’ ' - ' tv rmm Theater -News -Kart TtaataM --Wbmen’a Feature Page - taar BaSv-4Xttad Rtattb (Ur (ZMfl Hi Adll Why- Oraw OSS lUfaaa)'- : 10:45 am llilft'' Low:: 4:42 aro - 4:59pm i ’ ’Monday '-:' Kt EOtfh: lLiSajm 11:26 pJiLir - -- - if"'- 81'vvv jSriutoe 5:30 am sunset 8:27 pro :v tfboneet 5:15 amf mooutoe ' 5:14 pro ' Morning stare: Venus SMurnt J-v ! evening: Mhre :f TODAYS (CHUCKLE v$g: f $!' V”'' ’Vv' Vj'v ' :A'8eneaSDgftatlU 'pemi'i U M yvlf money will fo 1 1 1 : — — — : ? -j J''- j - i Aik--

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