The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York on May 3, 1967 · 12
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York · 12

Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1967
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i A i ‘I i- - 7f- V: 7i '--'A' r s : 'H-- By Ralph wghton AP Science Witter - FASADENVCaUl (AP) — Surveyor starts s weU-earoed twtKireek sleep tonight after 10 days of’ digging Jnto the mysteries of the moon Four historic trenches — toe first furrows made fey man In any bat Ids native sod — are visible evidence of what scientists suspected — tost the loner ' surface fit strong enough to sqp- port "Mimwi landing craft More than MOO pictures televised fey the tripod spacecraft show the dry grainy soil fens diiiiniAMES JOHN JAMES DONOHUE Or Eye Resident J6 Tears John James Donohue Jr 54 of 7 Walnwright Sf Rye died this morning at St Agnes Hospital White Plains He had bear DBBdhue all of Rye Mrs Helen a patient there since April 17 A natl was born Sept 28 1912 sou of Mrs-- EUaabeta— Tsrrall -Dono hue of toe home address and of the late John James Donohue Sr He wae -unmarried He had been a chauffeur for Erickson Market 604 Halstead Ave‘ Mamarooeck for two yean having previously worked for ‘Lewis and BallSntine Tumhiwpe Engineers on Boston Post Road Rye' AiesldemtjiUycfOC46yew Mr Donohue was a member of the Church of the Resurrection - — -et-Bya He was a 2828 gTflll-ate of Resurrection School 'A veteran of World War IL he served In the signal corps of the DEATH NOTICES ” JWJi -g- Jr sjrvssss mrnx rffwCTTI - TS £SJ mi nwiiv TO Rmutam FMy a: iW?g T?— CSJL'H- lwttsIQVw Hm IN MEMORIAM CAStffiU MRIvwMfi -- ---- iwnwnmire mwmi war (W A nils fw nrJmt hut m I pww whmum m m liwy sunk w (brail vta J? Jews— — w H wiuK £ &3L &!!!£ Ww -Snaw nnn n ww wnms wSE'IUKt mivNVHs nng 100th YEAR of Funeral Service Port Chester Tewn of Rya KEKOBIAL HOEIE lOIEITVSCnUTZ enDUltl7-Estsia 1-1131 - WILLIAM IL--- graham "IklimdHm9 ! 1834 lOSTOilfOST ITLITT BAf AND V16KT iElYKS 1NMUeaMBt 1 MOIENTVORKS 114'NStrvJtyi: Ky7 WX 7-2563 --T the consistency of wet sand at least!? ton depth of 7 laden and mere is some inrti ration jo ! n harder layer -underneath ‘GontroOers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory - radioed commands Tuesday preparing toe 420-ponnd spacecraft lor toe minus 250-degiee' Inner night with taped lnstructons for toe opera-ttoa of the heeler protecting its electronic brain Th hand-sized scoop mouatel on a five-foot extension was left poised 30 inches above toe surface ready’ to resume digging after toe sun rises on toe moon May 17 UJS and Europe for three years In addition 4his mother-he in survived by Eirslsters Mrs Mary Mathfawnw Mrs Florence Bugntazet and Miss Elisabeth Dob&ty and Mrs Margaret mSSSTS&S- Hn Elaine vlUe SC DUNCAN B CAMERON Bettradg2ectroha Buptayn Duncan B Cameron Sr 93 of 32 Hlgfaview Ave Old" Green wlch died at his home yeeter- day following a brief illness Born in Gnenoch Scotland Feb 7 1374 he had lived' in Greenwich for the past 90 years' He retired in 1953 from the-Beotroinx -Gorpw-foUowiag 1C rears of service Previously he had worked as a plaster' err He was a Veteran ef toe SnuiUh American Waraertring hr toe United Stales Navy and served in toe Canadian Army World War L Hie wife ad earlier was toe for- Bit' AgaaS- TuBoch He to survived bytyp noos Duncan B Jr and James’ T both of Old Greenwich two daughters Mks WQUam Donovan of Norwalk Oran and Mrs John Wojdechowski of Old Greenwich sister Mrs R G Dels Bektadof Reno Nev five grandchildren and joe greatgrandchild JOSEPH PA8SZ3ELALU ' Village Bstadent 55 Tears Joseph Passeralll 87 of 57 Grace Church St Port Chester died Monday In United Hospital Bara Nov 27 1879 in Santa Fill Province of Cozenza he was toe son of the late Mr and Mrs Anthony Passeralll A resident of Port Chester for toe bast 55 years he was a re-fifra heavy construction equipment operator-engineer He was a parishioner of Our Lady of toe Rosary Church Port Chester Survivors Include his wife the former Rose Grimaldi of toe home addreis five sons George and Anthony of Greenwich Rank of Harrison - Wit liam of Rye and Louis of Baltimore Md two daughters Mri John Varbero of Port Chester and-Mrs -Emily Harrison two brothers Rank sad Peter of Port Chester ‘ a sister Miss Raffd Passeralll of Italy 14 grandchildren jmd 4 great-grandchildren Voting (Ukaltaaed Fran Page 1) "ThesUggasttoa-ttat weight-ed voting can by a-compUcnt ed mathematical ratio of pops- latloB be cdnatttntlaBal in tnstancra le ontybegghw toe questioa and adll create the continued auhmlsslon of var ptane which wiQ oaly delay the solution of the rnKm” fit a dissenting opinion Asm date Justice ElSs J Staley Jr said modified weightad wring provides for prenoraonal rep re- entattou accorahg to population and also preserves a for tbs gaudier districts "A modified weighted voting plan thus provides some df the advantages df representation for each political suhdlviaion while easoriag a measure of equality of apportionment according to popubfioBj" Staley ' Clinton Comity lease DMalen-aentfae toBupteme- Court the court indoded the ites -of CUntou State the L383 tamales of State Hospital in bass for tos plan laid the inmates have beea Inchidel Court was told to bW? plan egdudlng toe the Westdieeter Board of pervigors la now considering its tMrd weighted rating plan twb-previous plus were rejeeb ed not becauss of weighted rat-' g but due to other focton Westchester Is Awaittag a ds-dates on weighted rating from the US Siqneme Cburt in a folk Ctounty cue the Westchester Board of Super-vteorif has set a puhUc hearing for May 15 on fia third weighted rating plan m MiOKJAL vciiuccs-ciiiiin 'jCOIIIIIOiriTEIS CEttniTUOTS miGIOUSAITi NnosioaposiioAE roiTCiusni cl WF 7-4131 Picture taking wm until th hoar sunset about pjn E$T tonight prevents Surveyor 31 swiveling eye from snapping any more shots tit toe gouged and hammered terrain between two of toe spacecraft's fcfiiiF puyfra foet In 27 hours of shop operation surveyor 3 has dug four 2-incfa wide trenches the largest sear-ly two-foot long:' Hint one created by fire of the sooop is TM inch-deep Measurement of toe electrical power needed to pull the shovel toward the spacecraft on successive scoops indicate soil firmness increases with depth' f Latest photographs of this xies show toe walls are sUU standing msrked with WWl-de-fined tracks from screw heeds tar the lower Jtwrf thescoqpL-Two rocks — one a half -inch hi diameter the ether twice that size — hsv been picked up by the eooop but disappeared after bring dropped Hie scoop like the arm Of a toy steam shovel also wag pushed intotoesofi mtiWa and dropped — from heights up — 13 tones to test ttTErifflfr face J- -7“ Village Trustees M (Opnttsmi hen Pngs I) Menlck chairman with Mr £1-andurco and Mr Bamhare —Parks and Jtecreatton Cknte mitt© Mr Gtandurco chair-pun with Miss Foster and Mr Ferraro' - - — Dmurence Oommlttee Jfias Foster chairman with Mr Dza-lak nnd ifr Bambaee A : member of the minority party li indnded an a member of each of the standing commit-tees Two trustees were anttied to the plannlns ccnuntarioa Mr Dzaluk aid IDr-Fetrarn by a rate of 4-te3 with Mr Ferrgro mil Mr hi nyngmim Mr Ferraro objected to' toe appointments on - the gremnli tost In Ms optnlon two citizens should be sppointed ratter than two trustees He are called upon to loos whidTttqr 'as eommiasInB members havs participated hi rnakfog QoKSSAtaJGMiBid &mana stated acoonhag to village law two trustees are required to be present on the pUhmlag commls-sianr Mayor Ideaslni said ft would be tnqmnbent upon toe board to make the aftwintmants v u required by law but that If HtacegJMtoe-4MiardJBteF-ieetotoeJaw should be changed a public £artHffcouid be hdd ad the aw changed Mr Ferrara naked that the corporation counsel make n report ax the next meeting on the law' which counsel greed tod? bn other acUtais the board approved hanks for toe orieo of funds setting fit or employes appointment of Dorothy tower- aa-wgttker-ef vital statistics suid naming id the Daily Item the Part Chester Guuesnd the Weetmore Newn as official newspaper The board also approved request from Rye Towa Siqia' visor Aktoaay PoafDipo for use of the image's stump cutter with the proviso that an operates be winded to nw-tta machine Otter Oa lillrnrtanna Mayor Mteslna naked the village clerk to send a letter to All department heads notifying them that it is maudlhzy for them or an assistant to atteu an board meetings The mayor spill department heads' ihouli present to answer questions hear compMmcntaiy rear criticisms at first fMl IN be PH and to iqarfcs lissliy 'vwwijpMiawi Qa public works fuperin- mate n regular month- that n persoanrt code ed that a - study of traffic conditions mads Join with Ry Town concerning Sot Regent Sheet and West William Street be lettered to the police letter wufead&oni Bowe Albertson and Watah coneeraiag Ruaaell BurdsSIl and Ward Bolt A Nut On wastes and their affect a the sewage treatment plant- Tknafes Ferraro referred to toe Parts and-Jlecreatioa committed a report oa harhor bn-entjMr" provement -Dealok report- ed-that a meeting tit tta icom-mittee oa intergovernmental operatioaa irQlbe add oa May M Mr Gisadtireo Joseph E Park will te Sunday am IDEJVIGRISI Hnionts Ml WibnJA PM OtMtar tIB 939 5954 A 120 would lw getting normal Increments raises sum Id SL800- each had the minimum raise would be S9Q0) the raises wary necessary to "keep- Harrlsoq from dropping to the bottom (of the salary stale) is the comity" —that even with toe Increases for 1987-68 the district salary schedule would rank third from the bottom Jf 17 county district schedules going into effect best school year - sun that maximum and minimum figurera publicized by the &qu4 Mked c What they do not show-'la their emptiness'bln the mid die' ranges or show that it takes a teacher 17' years to reach the saury in fell classlfi-' ratknu the association Mar said the amodatloB was not supporting a negative vote oa'thb budget because' it felt the budget did "meet toe educational needs of tow eommqnity” ’ The boardYletter la reply which was to have been circulated to an district teachers to-aft idffiftted W1969S7 HBUF schedule "bad fallen below what we havealways considered to be a very competitive schedule" ' However tiie letter signed by board President Fled-r emphasized the salary schedule u adopted "by a majority of the board” wai a compromise May Vo In Canada TState-larm-See Two Runaway Girls NEW YORK (AP) Two well-to-do 17-ywmold school girls 4 spparentty without any problems in life except a strong Rail Talks Ruled Out WASHINGTON (AP) — President Johnson ruled ant today computeory arbitration to avert a nationwide tall itriks hot said ho wfil-ask Ooogreai later tote wedM perhaps Thursday — to provide - machinery for further mediation" " to fsMogiag snrpri coaferencelnhis office Johnron also said- he has no team-mendations at this time” for increasing the number of Amer-lcin troope In Return and ex-etn no dedaia along tiiat Ifoe the next few days or weeks The chief executive In response to questions look a phl-losophlcal attitude gehenOy toward -ttoaa-who- dlment from his Vietnam policies Bat when asked for reaction to- fecent statements a tin war tor Dr Martin Luther King Jr he re plied: "Wa regret when nay per' aa aski the young people cf tta country to refuse to setVe the needs gt the country’’ johhran a other poteta said ha’s stijl pushlng for a six per cedthurctouge racqrrbrate' and pldiyHlMl hMi And ha aald that RepufaUcu efforts to amend tiw secondary school aid law vWould to his view mean meat ax' revhtaa tost would be dlsastroua for young people in iiitwminB the rati situation Johnaa naU he still han't Howcvey ha Bald toe ptan now under Consideration wold provide for a 9Msy no-lockout period During tha tint half of tort time span be aald a special flve-menber presidential Maid would pursa-xteaalva medal-tta efforts and In toe second half this panel would review tta own findings and those of ear-JiscsnagaqLhosrdLtoJpake certain "'ettlexnert proposals wold be fair and eqnkahle protect eoDecttva baigrtalng and serve the purpqsea of the RaOwmr Labor Act Should there be no aettiemeht la sight at tha end of tta 90 days Johnson gaid further ftc-‘ would be considered "Be said ho decMod had bea made a when the 9Miy period would begln But he suggested ft would start at' tha time ha signed any legislation fiat might be approved by Congress From Johnson? language it tamed the xecommeadatiou he would propose would be con-flaefi to the entreat dispute between major nfiwayiand sbop- ffiftimtnnii' - ! £ ' Jut Tuesday Johma signed mergeocy legUstia provldtag for u exteaafoa of -47 days la the current moratorium against any strike' The tort qneetia put to'John-sm sf" he stood and freed reporters across his desk -dealt with reports that more troops wee destined lor" Vietnam - The -President raid-he wu Couitantty studyfog the force structure In Vtefoam ahd the world but fiat "I have aoree-BtwHieiMiMtiong at ywy tone' tJgbgtttofLSSl-J - issocik-l t Marines who have won control Th? board's letter aim stated I d twp JiyiM hQlg in nortt-1° “iwestera Souto Vytnamat heavy host in a nlne-day -campaign fooght ' bloody: battle tvlth North 'Vietnamese soMtem-' today for a third MIL toere la "no doubt board’s mlnd tote i makssua conmetlttvaM 1 The board commented tint It had analyzed 19 county school district salaries for 1967-68 and found that in ttn-ttreo categories cf bachelors degree holdere only four three and fwo-cf the dtatriets paid higher -salaries in toe respective ranges The board gbo rornmented that la a study of the rumnls-ttve salaries which would be paid over 20 year? by the 19 dta triete under the 1967-68 echedr ule 11 out of the 19 would pay less over the period titan Harri-ML' including fim neighboring districts ef Rye Rye NackFort Chester and Ridge Streets We realized toe board statement said “the schedule Is not Ideal In every single respect fart it does represent a real advance In making our teachers' sal- a schedules very competitive ear neighbors and among toe Mwa ' W' county" The audience la addition to talfifriBtrodiioad tohoanTcsn' didates Joseph Tlernan Dr Theodore H Hoenlg and FIl E gpisfro raid trttmte to the too board members — each with able yean board service behind them— Rands W Carpenter And Dr Anthony V Sis-ca desire to be independent havs become toe targets of a 17-state twoteHiatry- search after running swayfrom home d week -ag? -- Tuesday police issued the 17-state alarm for Susu Rapoport tit Scuadila NYn and Schwartz of The Bronx Chanda ms added to the alarm area when a New York City grocer reported that he had neen the gUa Inst week and ttey told him they were going to Montreal Mrs Jacob 'Rapoport said today tta grocer had called her at heme and told here toe girls had come into his store last Wei' day csizylng suitcases He he remembered that they looked like the two missing girls One- he told Mrs Rapoport said ne lived in Scandals and that her fetter wm n lawyer " Jacob ltepopterte' torpors-tin lawyer Carole's father Richard Schwartg Is a mortgage broker1 Both girls are adopted children Mrs Rapoport said adding that this had never seamed tobottefr them and that they both had very happy amicable home lives —The -Jfesndala girl’s foster mother believes she has gone to Montreal for-the -1967 world's fair and tiiat she will return Mrs Rapoport said today that her daughter left home a April ikher BgP Today wm toe day before the fidr-Jaf MCntreel opf 1 Mrs Rapoport said sbs :had mad a act In her-from Susu which said: T derstand what ybdar? fryioi'io do for map but m be better T trying to achieve it a my own1 SM saM Susu whs interested in I part' 5TU100 fat art and had wnrted to oto ab0J00fo day rthoal tuitia school where jhe could take art There wu nor audi course at Barnard Mry Rapopoport said had withdrawn 5 from a cbeck- and otter’ mpaey fir Ihe family had the fair tide summer The1 Rapopcrta live at 65 Bir-chan Dr Scandals incumbents D W aodation: Mrs Jeahaa JL ShaotL-a housewife and a mother tf two school children had -narrowly lost a previous fry te a post th? 'board of ednoytka jut She has been actlve li the Ryt Republlca’ Ort and the Woman's Oub of Rye among other : commaaltyLactlvitiei— u WeD u cfannto -erganizationg ad hu tengfat adult businen tkanee at the Merdant ' and Bankers BusbteM and Secretarial School -- Strike Talks BrokafrOfLIy WHITE PLAINS- r— r : Negotiations In toe carpenters strike broke bff today after a 15-minute meeting at the Roger Smith Hold Representatives of two employer - groups raised their package offer to a 90eent tt hour Increase over a three-year perML The tmloM report-edtyatood firm fn theta demand I from stood however for jifLlO Increase :ovex the I I Budget storm clouds were a suns period - ‘ the horiza at lata week's open Them wu no prospect of hay hearing a toe budget At tbit ion meetings this week 'be-ltime dfizeas questioned the tween file two side— -— -w-1 board a suto diverxe Items m Mora ttu 200 Red regulars Atrack before dawn at a Leatherneck company that hfd driven along n ridgeline to within IjOOO yards TrTHP“8tt'Hiorto"nty were repulsed oaty after penetrating toe America perimeter killing 22 Marines and wounding 1 w Marine reinforcements air triku and artillery helped to hurl back the North Vietnamese after a five-hour fight The Marines said they counted 78 dead on top field U-S" lossa Iff-the drive launched April 25 mounted to 118 kmetf ind 845 wounded Marine reports tiiow at least 502 Oommantats killed and LL Geo Lewis Wait toe Marine commander estimated the actual fotalte At leant UXtfl - “And we wffl take that Mfr too” Walt said on a visit to the kaMlnMnU Re said the Marines clearing high ground overlooking enemy Infiltration routes from Ians have done "a tremendous Job" Elsewhere US ' infantrymen and South Vietnamese paratroopers reported 'killing more than 300 Communist soldiers in two battles mpre than 400 miles apart Another America unit uncovered one of toe largest enemy caches of toe war north Mbt miles northwest of the forward eommud pbstt KM Saito brief GOnmunlst gun-neri launched a hovy mortar attack at 4:30 am The barrage wm followed with a ttartwoCdmnmnfisf jwtiEw morn 300 UMta from other Marine oqn paaiee moved in as Gf7 Drag-qaa artillay armed heUcoptere and IlghterriombersnpBUMed the ftWiwwipiiat posttioai '’ — ' Tha attack wm repblte ADd m t the to have died down mu said Marines reporte they Mn 8b South i an — Tuesdav to wwnniraA-EL enemy from that point lag infiltration I ma WlJOaj to five U-hitter 25 to the toe latest Muiatehsve men twiie wa ded kDing the raged from the the south to South Vlettubn’s aortherafoost ptovinces UJS flghterriomben kept the aortal pwisura a Nora VletqJtin America pilots' flew through overcast smes Tuesday using redsr controls and bombing White teound flrttlns Mekong Ddpifai i Heating Plant Band Issue Passes But rma Fag 1) The proposed 'budget 'Wald have ntaed toe tax rate from tte pretest $4789 to 553J3 an lncreaae of L71 per ILOOO of arararadvahtatteBT — r -’ Estimated revaues fdl la gev-enlrategories hidudi state la and The rrscedure New As explained by school counsel Bran? J Gioffre and Mr Vo&er there la no obligation' a tot part of to board of ednea- the -aame budget an alternate budget or no budget at alL The same or alternate budgets cu be offered for approval even after July 1 tip atari of the school thiol year-If no budget le submitted or the budgets art repeatedly tuned down" the district will operate 'under an "austerity budsL”-'Tr : — EtefliaSSStartar budget" aame of the Iteme whldi cu titi he incladudln ezpendlturee 1 and eomq restrictioae' Include: workbooks and applies for itn-I data (pencils paper etc) will Wot be provided teachers and administrators will not be paid expenses to attend conferences no outside organizations even FTAs wiIl beaUoweduseiof Oobi buildings :’ T:- Ne OBfotastoiTNcnmj fraddltionBnleM-laelf-fup-j porting 'caleteriag wtil foldu state aid in the mOk and tali' pins foods programs will be hutted awLnu surplus foods must be returned te the taste there will be no aiunmer school or adutt education -prranm and att)etlca tam be fimited to those Intramural programs fioA-dneted during rgularr- school hours -i-w --rr-' ’ - ’ -Traniportatiaa for--chlldreh lqndergirten- through ' eighth would hi hsited with the jjBan of -tort provided a-living more thin two miles from Jheir schools or' for i nine through 12 : those more tha three ' mites away Handicapped - children I would still be transported to and through breaks’ in tor cloud? to pound tiw rail lines run ning northeastsndnortowegt froniEanol to RedCUna : t l U& Air Force F105 Tha deicfaief was downed by ground fire in North Vietnam today but the pilot Maj Chariea CL Vasill-adis 39 of Hunttegtaa ‘NT was pulled from the Jungle by a nr 38 minutes later R 529th America combat reported lost in the war ) Norto-Vietnam TTLS Canniand - said America infantrymen of the 9to nvtataa killed 11 Viet Gong in neariy seven hoars of fight with a Communist battalion the Mekong Delta about 31 miles south west of Saiga FIT teen Americana were 'reported killed and 27 wounded u the engagement Tuesday which continued until around midnight under ' ftaxea -dropped from planes - South VletanMse paratroopers reinforced by armored ve- hides reported kliling 156 njembers of a Ctanmunfit bat-talloa tripped la a loco of toe Son Sn JUvpr five miles north TO 9 were debt the engraement-Hue Vietnam’s former royal capital about 400 miles north of Saigoortotaheenunder “heavy pressure for two maths from Communist attacks a roads bridges outcasts and pacification teams The bottle furnished added evidence of a heavy ene- west -to -tao Government losses r Grip Hue- a - - itl - made in Oommu- The merchandise thrash Wet has n apedu Irony these days TM? (dd imperial city a the hanks tiL the Perfume River has Oucly losts its immunity from war The people are puzzled and the dty is caught up m ooeJLT S official put it la an onfamlfiar atmoghere of fear” ' Several residents have approached American officials in recent days offering to Teat their bases te the American so that they might move to the tefely- ef Saigon The Viet Omgj as part of theta offensive m the northern provinces have broadcast a threat to at-tick Hue Until now the city'has been largely untoodted- The Viet Cteg nave beep content to aril fiaihllghta and operate politically within thetety - the purduue of landscaping and i smoke -damage - wm done at w removal equipment the King Street u-the cratos la tha ' units iBllowed soot and smtoe to get into the air stream being circulated throughout the building Robert S McKay vice preta-dent of Hauxwefi and with InC Port Cheater plumbing and hating contractors said today there Is somr Confusia tat the community concerting what firm did tin original -intaalla-tkm of tha sow defective heating plants la the two John F Kennedy Schools and tta Rug Street Schools u ' -’ i Mr McKay said nte firing and Smith did the phnwhlng M4aHtWM in tiieae scho(dB and did both toe pfomtang and toe heating 's t need for seven new teachers and three Mri iWwinifti'jiiM tt ifi artel and “other categories” expenditures Some present advocated the elimination cf the hot Imcb program whlto eosto tM district $30606 a year Ain approvlng the 5380000 for repair -of tha mree heating systems raters agreed- to thei Issuance of 10-year bonds The money ' will be used for the reconstruction and alteration of toe heating-units fit toe John F Kennedy School at a coat of $197006 and in toe King Street Stood at a eoM-of $183-006 A breakdown shows $53400 is seeded fra toe Kennedy pri-V and $144000 for Jhe mate The sectional cut ron portion of tiw units In both schools (to vetoed cracks last winter forcing' evacoatfoo oLthe Kennedy primary building Soot and j : lVhercs PORT CHESTER- No firof repbrted — T -:V' rte ' ' 6:39 pjm bruah fira iiext to 155 Locust AveM no damsge -HARRISON- Jffo fires rtoprted j2 GREENWICH 3:05 pnu CBd &eenwicl fia fire hi bed at home c vatorePassarelli Juniper (fid Greenwich 4-yearold was playing wito mattoes ed as cause fbw out before firo-arrived nattreesdainggedL CENTER FEATUBE "The Rude Awakening"- a youth carter fra all teen-agers of the Fort Chester area wm festurs toe musical group The stations this Saturday 'from " to 11 pm The crater la operated hi the basement of Sum-merfield Methodist Church at the comer of Hag Street and Willett- Avenues Admission is nominal and refreshments available Those who attend must wear school attire — — sta- Sal- WntTF mt Ttl end Huw-ls Thien The fighting lif the Mekong Delta broke oat' late Tuesday afternoa wbeatotityaftoa 9th Uvisia'i Sid: Brigade a fora of abort SMtoen fled ax toe 51tth et Orag SAt-taUoa 4 - As the iisttie- -hierrated la the Americans brought up try retafosameats and called la aJuud ArtiOeqrsup-porti The Amerlcans said they captured 12 light weapons 57mm rscoflleah rifle and four 60mm mortem- v It wu the second dash wtthla 24 hours betweu 9th Infontry units operating la tta delta and toe Wet Odqa More than-W Communists attacked ’ a comph-of the 3rd Brigade shortly r midnight Monday kffling MLAmefiosns-aad Arouiiafifit4P The UA force reported kuliqg 49 guerrillas in that dash abojit 19 mtlea-southwest of Saiga’ Rain 'squalls and Ugh wbids Umlted ground actla in the northwest corfief of SOuth Wht-aaas-aear thaXaqfAra J-wder- where D6L Marines and T&tirta Vietnamese regulars hive baa essia of hills ovcHooldag tratia rotes ' LeatheraeCks — dainied ef the south ridge-of 8b late Tuesday “We tolnkHfll SSL South Js seat toe Nang The Marine objective ls to prevent a North Vietnamese ppjfiinqf— knn 8b Soutbf 1 North and SbiThe Marines nici ) copied HmBblsstmday night after artideqr and atr attacks drove the Ctannwmtalafroralt UAAir Force piaaa bombed the two main rail fines naming northeast i and northwest from Hanoi to Red China Tuesday while Navy plana pounded tail lines and coastal vessels fe toe soathen sector of North Vht- B52i made five strites agtinit the aorthera end oftoutii Viet-asm Tuesdav afteitaoa and tois morning f In Wtehiagia tbs VJF Defense Department denied ' a je by Peking radio that four UA Air Force F105 Jet fighters dropped several bombs at NlngtoUA jrKtaUfert'PTOv-lnee abort 30 mOa north cf Red China's border with North Vietnam - The ctanmuBUt-tooadeist daimtid tort the bombers destroyed one farmhouse and damaged abort 600 square yards cl farmland- tha fled wiya- Chinees air- force ptaQrs nee to chaDenga them A 1 Defense -Department apofccamq raid:' "Although the Department of Defease does aot doraelly comment ea Oamifru-nist Chinese broadrasts reports fall to show any ev ideace that the propaganda allegations are correct? file kuna bcbow uoweveri jie said a New York City firm Triangle Sheet Metal Co installed the hating plants h the JJK and King Street Schools Mid that htefrther and presidratiot toe firm Demds McKay at he thne' appeared before the sdi?ol board and attempted to per-soadeitoe board to: heating rtut similar to that ‘stalled frHarta Sdiool haglva the 'School district pe - dlfflcultyr S219Jump Proposed In V 4?-r rt ’ ! (dsettmeilfraai Page 1) 1 ROCES state aid with ail in-crease over over 3966- 1967':: — -75 Rye is expected to receive he to 19664967 UL947 fristate aid hi lira tit payment rt ’New Ha- vra Railroad taxes uatea -taa : rtra are changed i ZT Otter revenue increiSH are "earnings on -- investmente --u coital fuate" T $5750 Other projected revenues ' remain V-abort the same as 1966-1967 4 ' The tentative budget lists th City of Rye as 29th in a 41st of SLitpunty school districts fra tax rates a true value for 1967-' 1968 Rye’s rate oh true ’value js cited m $1782 and the Average 1s shown as $2069 Rye wm listed 23rd for the previous year with mate of (m- -V4-- vi

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