Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1922 · Page 6
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Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1922
Page 6
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i ; PAGE SIX MOUNT CAR MEL, PA., FRiDAY, JANUARY 20, 1922. MOUNT CARMEL ITEM. Why Pay High Prices? For Inferior Merchandise when you can buy TRAOt M.RK SHOES for Men and Women at uch a Big Saving Saturday Morning we offer a saving from , $4 to $7 a pair on this grade footwear. Ladies' && Of best grade tan calfskin and Velvet vanadium lace shoes, as cut shown. These shoes are carried i a'l sizes and AA to p widths. Former $10 and $12 Values. - $6.25 Men's $M "ji vm M. Men's Walk - Of cordo calf, and genuine Cordovan leather, as cut shown. These shoes last fall retailed at $12 to $16. $6.85 Special Prices prevail on all Winter Footwear. We take inventory February J at and must clean up. Gui SCHOOL TEACHERS ARE ENTERTAINED Mrs. Laura Kernble, north Maple street, teacher in the Stevens building at Fourth and Walnut streets entertained the teachers of the building at her home last evening. A most delightful evening was spent. The luncheon that was served was most deli-clous. This was the second literary meeting of the teachers of this building this season. ' - Blenmore is the name of . a very good cigar. ad 20 2t RES. U.S. PAT. Orr. - iW Shoes - 5uer Shoes u.k a Of best grade plum vanadium leather, as cut shown. Former price of these hces were $10., all sizes. $5.45 Over Shoes man s OPERA HOUSE TONIGHT A big crowd was at the opera house j last night to see the Tempe3t Stock j Company in "The Half Brood." j Tonight they present the play that j never grows old, "Lena Rivers." by I Mary J. Holmes, a beautiful story ! with good clean comedy, very pretty dressing and scenery; a chance to see Leon "J. Tempest in a different part than he has ever , playea in Mount Carmel, in the part of Cousin John. All new vaudeville. Get your seats early. Don't miss it. K. K. QUINTETTE WINS OVER HIGH SCHOOL In a rough game last night nt the St. . Ignatius hnll at Centralia the Mount Carmel Hieh School met with defeat. The game was exceedingly close, and was Droloncod several neriods. The Mount Carmel team was nan diennped bv the baskets on the strange floor. Out of ten attampts nt foul throws they were not able to make one basket, and were forced to depend on chance shooting. They, outpassed the Centralia team in pass ing and when time was railed the score was 22-22. A five minute per iod was added and' at the end of this period the re was 24-24. The play- continued and when Centralia made trie next oasKet time was called hough only three of the five minutes were up. Thus did Mt. Carmel lose to Centralia K. K. Mount Carmel Centralia K. K. Diehl Dunleavy Pachuta Em. Hudock Vitakunis Forward Forward Center Guard Guard .a. Liewa Roadarmel II. Clews Meehan i Payne) for Vitaku-. Substitutions- -Billman nis. Field Goals Diehl. 7, Dunleavy 5, a. iiews b, ll. i.inws A, 1'ayne 2. Foul Goals Roadarmel 3, Meehan, 1. Referee McGinley. SHE LOOKS SO WELL AND HAPPY SEE THE RICH, RED BLOOD, THE SIGN OF HEALTH, SHOWING IN HER LOVELY CHEEKS. .Some women have naturally beau-1 tiful complexions that tell you there is plenty of richness in their blood. Their figures become well formed, supple, rounded, and graceful. Those are the results of rich, red blood, and plenty of it. There is no need of being thin and scrawny from poor blood. . Get a few bottles of- Gude's Pepto-Mangan take it with your meals for a few weeks. It will give you plenty of red blood. By building up the blood, you give the entire system a chance to restore itself naturally, and .that brings natural bloom and beauty and all the effects and joys of good health. Get Gude's Pepto- Mangan at your druggist's in liquid form. Advertisement. LITERARY WINS IN EXTRA FIVE MINUTES The Literary won another in the Locust Gap league last night when they defeated the Cubs by the score of 21 to 19. The game was hard fought and exciting throughout. At the end of the second half the score was tie so that an extra five minutes had to be played when the Literary got the edge. Literary Position Forward Forward Centre Guard Cubs Liaiiy Dugan . Boylan ONeil Brecker dayman Walsh Beirerschmitt Hennessy Cress Guard Dolan Moyer Field goals Brecker 3, dayman. Belerschmitt. Walsh, Daily 4, Dugan, Boylan 2. Moyer Goals from fouls Brecker 3, Clayman 3, Beierschmitt 3, Daily, Dugan, Hennessy. Club Standing W L Pc Literary 3 0 1000 Garnets 2 0 1000 V'incomes 0 2 000 St. Josephs 0 2 000 Cubs " 0 2 000 CLASSIFIED FOR SALE KOU sai.u A HtudPbakcr 6. 7 pasaen- Kr. llizl model, good as new. lookf like new. a real inrniiin. Apply at 24f S. Oak St. Bell Phone 242. ad 18 4t FOR SAL 13 A new meat grinding ma chine, operated by electrk-ity; unel only one month. Apply at 'Jg- south Heech street. ad 20 II i FOR SALK Combination Coal and Gaf . Ranse. Has warmiiifit closet and heal i Indicators, 3 burners on top of eas stove 'and a eras oven. Has been used only f months, mie baker. Apply to Clintoi Foley. Item office after 7 P. M. ad 7 tf FOR SALIC Vi double house on West 2nd St., 6 rooms and-garret, 'A double house on rear of lot. Alley house rentt for $15. Both houses have side entrance? Barfjains for quick buver. See W. J Tracy, 214 South Oak St. ad 20 21 1 WANTED GIRLS WANTED Women wanted. t( work in shirt factory. Steady work guaranteed. Girls 14 years old. Cornf at once. Lewis Bros. Company, Shirt Factory, Stli and Walnut Sts. ad 4 231 WANTED An experienced waitress at Biroski and Purctll's, 21 S. Oak St. ad 19 2t WANTED Driver for milk wagon, ference re iiuired. Apply Mount Carme' Sanitary Dairy, 140 S. Market St. 19 21 Voung men, women, over 17, desiring government positions, $130 mpnthly write for free list of positions now nnen I J. Leonard, (former Civil Service exami ner) S14 Equitable Bldg.. Washington D. C. ad 19 2t' FOUND I.OST hunch of keys, please return to the Prudential Insurance Co office. Old Trust Co., Bldg., 4th anr O-tk Sts. ad 20 It' LOST A Miner's Certificate issued t Bruno Anoia. and a check No. 25 of No vense W. Va.. all persons are caution ed not to use these papers If founc1 But to return them to the Item office. It CENTRALIA GIRLS . PLAY AT THE GA The, Centralia lllgh School. Girl tfifun in the Bradley High school gym misium tonight nt locust Gap. TWO KNOCKOUTS SCRANTON, Pa., Jan. 20 Kid Willis, of Baltimore, outpoin d Willie Allen of Philadelphia, in ten round bout at Town I fall here lam night. Jimmy Goodrich, of Baltimore knocked out Danny Grieves, of Bis - bee. Ariz., in the fifth round. Jack Bennett, of Wilkes-Harre, knocked out Lew Martinof Bayonne N. J., in the third rognu. DON'T FORGET - We are giving 25 off on Portable and Hohes - adv 20 2t Sanner Hardware Co : : COMPLAINT DISMISSED HARR1SBURG, Pa.. Jan. 20 . The public service commission to day dismissed the complaint of S. S Staples against the White Haven .Water Company, Luzerne county The complainant had nrotestod against the increase in rates since the borough sold the water works to the White Haven Water Company. NEW ELECTRIC RATES FILED HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan. 20. The Pennsylvania Power , Light Comnanv has filed with the nublic ser vice commission to become effective Feb. 15, 1922, a supplement to its electric tariff PS. C. No. 22 providing a rate scehdule for water 'pumping ii (the Mount Carmel and Shamokin dis j tricts. TRANSFERRED TO MT. CARMEL Charles McKerns, of St. Nicholas. formerly employed as meer tester for the Pennsylvania Light, Heat & Power Company, has be"en transfer red fro mMahanoy City to Mount Carmel. The transfer became effect ive this week. Give me a try; my part. Trilby. I will strive to do ad 20 2t DIIHo.'S Fish. North Sen fishr.nnen handle 10.000,-000.000 fishes of till sorts and sizes from the giant rny to the tiriy whiting, every year. The twin ports' of Yarmouth and Lowestoft have alone received 000.000 herrings In one season. Eats 2,160 Yards of Macaroni. Two Italians once had a mnenronf-esMlne contest, in which the winner stowed awny 2.100 yards of the stuff being a quarter of n mile ahead ot h!s rival, who hud to confess with reluctance that he could eat no more. "Caddie" and "Cad." To call the hov who cnrrled vow clubs on the trolf course n cad wonlr" be, an Insult, he Is n cuddle. Yet cni Is only the abbreviated form of end die, the Lowland-Sent word for an errand boy. Edlnhunrh Scotsman. The Owner' F. O. B. It Is admittedly difficult to recover n lost flivver. But the hf-st mirsrestlo? comes from our own Mrs Tkstrom who advises in an nd : "Lizzie, com home ; nil Is forgiven." New York Globe. Sane Advice. "Don't walk de floor wyrryln' 'bout yoh debts." snid Pncle Kben. "Ti voh trnvelin' outd"ors whore niebbe you'll find a Job dut'll help make n payment." , ' Cynic! ' Some women get all puffed up when a man tell them they're pretty: oth ers get puffed, up before so' men will tell them that they are. Exchnnge. The Important Things. . If n society woman enn be sure that her clothes and her dog nre the very iBtest thlnirs In styles she w,ill 'take a chance on the proprieties. Where Squareness Counts. A country is not made great by the number of square miles it contains but by the number of square peopje it contains. Dnyton News. Spokare Owns a Mountain. Spokane is sold to he the only city ?n America to own a mountain. It Is thirty miles from the city and is called Mount Spokane. "Cincinnati Oysters." "Cincinnati oysters" Is fin jlvn sometimes sed In the States to denote pigs feet. e?cpres-rjnitfed Counsel and Help. They thnt won't be counseled, cannot t.e helped. Franklin. . .io Modern Joxe, An Englishman, writing of the decadent humor of the world today, has this to sny: "A Joke, to amuse us, must be about nothing, or one of the Jokes with which Adam tried to amuse Eve, or for which Cain killed Abel." Record for Potatoes. The department of agriculture say that the weight of the largest potato recorded In their office Is netween seven and eight pounds. There mny have been larger ones produced, but the department ha no record m of them. Does Double Duty. The weight of the cars descending a South African rblne is used to jro-duce power by pulling a cable wound around a drum that dtlves a gen- . i ; f nmaB Cleaning Paper, ("reuse or finger marks on books or papers may be removed by the following process: Make a t'tilek paste by ihoroughly grinding up a spoonful of magnesium enrhonate with u sufficient quantity of benzol in n cup or uiortur, and npply a small quantity of tills paste to the finger-marks, rubbing it In . lightly with the tip of the finger. The benzol will exnportite In a few moments, when ttie puper should be brushed with a clean, soft brush. If the first application Is- not sufficient, repeat the operation. Experiment on a piece of wuste paper before working on any tiling you value. Fashion Knew No Mercy. , In the days when cull wings and breasts were in demand for women's hats and when the law ufforded no protection to the feathered tribes, j they were, slaughtered by thousands j all along the const. Millinery agents I from New York would conduct expe- I tlitlons, accompanied by expert skin i tiers,- to, the breeding grounds of the seafowlj nnd hire local gunmen to do the killing. One woman in u single season brought back 10,000 tern skins from. Colibs .Island, Virginia. More than IXMMIOO tern skins were collected In one season in lite sounds of. North and South Carolina. Monkey in a Muff. A monkey was used by a clever woman thief to commit a series of thefts from Jewelers' shops in Parij. The creature was so tiny thut she car ried it in a big muff. Then 'while Its mistress was standing nt such distance from the counter us disarmed suspi cion, the monkey would thrilst out a long, spider-iike arm nnd snatch and conceal a ring or brooch. It wits a shop detective, bidden in a gallery above and watching with the aid of re flecting mirrors, who at last detected the trick. . "The Potteries." This is the district of North Stnf fordsliire, England. It is the chief seat of the china and earthenware ln: lustry. The principal centers are Burslem, v Hanley, Longton, Kenton, I uustaii ana stoue-on-i rent, nil or these being amalgamated in 1010 as a single municipal borough under the name of Stoke-on-Trent. The Wedg woods nnd the Minions are the most famous families connected with the hina industry. There Is Beauty. Wherever snow falls or water r birds fly, wherever day and night meet in twilight, wherever the blue leaven is hung by clouds or sown with stars, wherever are outlets into eeles- ltd space, wherever Is . . . awe, aud love there is Beauty, plenteous s rain, shed for thee, and though thou shouldst walk the world over, thou slialt not be able to find a condition nopportune or Ignoble. Emerson. "The Panhandle." As commonly used In this part of the country, the phrase "the pan-, handle" usually refers to the northwest projection of Texas, though the name Is also given to the narrow, wedge-shaped strip of lnnd lying be tween Pennsylvania and Ohio, which forms part of the state of West Virginia, Opossums in New Zealand. Opossums, which were ' introduce into New Zeahuid from Australia many years ago, have fhcrsased until they have become a pest- in the fruit-growing regions. Nevertheless, their value for fur outweighs any damage tl'y do. It is therefore proposed to give them every chance to breed in the forested regions. Pin Oak Will Droop. The pin oak In the fall has brilliant foliage nnd is especially desirable where a tninkless tree is wanted ; that is, where it Is desired to have the foliage extend from the ground to the tj) of the tree. The tendency of the limbs of the pin oak is to droop. American Forestry Magazine. Care of Hands. To simply slinke the bunds up and down freely from the wrist for a few. moments will keep them nimble and nt the same time produce a healthy circulation, which will manifest itself in the color of the finger tips. "Quaint" Crime. When one of the early Dutch set-tiers of New Yorkput ills thumb to his nose and wiggled ills fingers al nnotlwr he committed u crime which he could be arrested. for Tip for Lloyds. Subhead "Uridegrooin buys ' Insurance against rain on wedding duy." How about, a policy against squalls later on? someone up and asks. Boston Transcript. Some Copper in All Plants. A small amount of copper is present In all plants grown in natural soil. it seems to have some nutritive func tion but not to be an essential element. New Idea for Keeping Fruit Fresh. To keep fruit fresh 'for months after It is picked an Argentinian has mtented a device that holds the stems In water. As in Football. Life Is full f tips and downs nnd It takes a wle fellow to make his downs help him toward his goal. Bosim, Transcript. , Worth Remembering. Don't worry if you stumble a .viplui Is u:out tne oiuy iniiij; timi THE ATORIUM Chamberlain Amusement Enterprises, Inc. Last . Times WA1LILACIE THE HELL DIGGER,S" a Diggers in sand for gold I Diggers in life for love! Diggers in your heart for sympathy for one of the bravest struggles a man ever fought! "HURRICANE HUTCH'! POLLARD COMEDY COLUMBIA AND BRUNSWICK rr-rjrc wmu nrnnrrn All 10-inch, double, disc, S.'jc cords red utted to 75c. Connaghan's Music Store :id 20 It ' 26-2S N. Oak re-1 St. i NEW POSTMASTER GENERAL WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. Dr. Hubert Work, Colorado, nnw first assistant postmaster general, will succeed Will H. Hays as postmaster general, it was learned today from highest administration sources. Have You A Cough? Here's the Experience of v One Who Had Bronchial Trouble and Catarrh of the Stomach: LeLanuti, Pa. "I can certainly recommend Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery to any person afilicted with bronchial affections or catarrhal stomach trouble. 1 was troubled with irritation in my bronchial tubes for several years, and my stomach distressed me so that I frequently had no appetite, and when I did eat, 1 would putt up so that I would be exceedingly uncomfortable. I took the 'Golden Medical Discovery' until I was cured of both the bronchial trouble and stomach trouble. 1 have since learned the value of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets as a home remedy for sluggish liver and constipation, nnd I keep them in my home nil the time ready for immediate use, for I think they are the best ever." Mrs. Gertrude McConticll, 110(5 Buttonwood St. Send 10c to Dr. f Pierce's Invalids' Hotel in litifTak, N.' Y., for trial pkg. Discovery Tablets, and write for free medical advice. Valentine Final Showing WILLIAM FOX presents Bugio Jones in BarNothiri BIG COMEDY FOX NEWS MUFF and JEFF MIRACLES of the JUNGLE TOMORROW "FEARLESS DICK" and L.LASK.y f H3 IE I ID) i! in -4 J7' A t ' 7 SI J Tomorrow V miVm presents o 5 EEN PERCY! jfickvJk In which an artist's model pulls the strings to make a puppet dance, ' Hallroom Boys, in 'Stars and Stripes' and SCREEN SNAPSHOTS Mount Carmel is noted the world lover for its cigars. The Blenmore ' is worthy of n 'world reputation. ( ad 20 2t - -v. AMERICAN LEGION SOCIAL CLUB Will Conduct a ance MASONIC HALL Saturday Night Theatorium j Chamberlain Amusement Enter- prises, Inc. j i FOR THREE DAYS ! STARTING Monday NEXT Cast includes: Milton Sills, Mitchell Lewis, Casson Ferguson and Joseph Kilgour. A story of love and the underworld in the "Paris of the East." Tinglfng with struggle. Blazing with the color of Oriental Shanghai. Beating with the j EI L D V Tril L. Lukv nrMtnti X r i if ii i . n am j

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