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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 1
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 1

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:

i I tW 1 ESTABLISHED MARCH 2 1899 PORT CHESTER Yt WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6 1954 PRICE SEVEN CENTS Twin Believe Its- Missing Harrison GI Ruled Dead 1 missing in cam on Dec 26 the last on-Jan 2 "We may get another telegram maybe after Lonnie says- couHj say that found him: I know it sounds like a miracle but (Continued on Page Eighteen) Mrs Reale has been lnJed since The stock made her ill But It has not made her give up hope Nor toe the twin sister given up The too- officially grim Army announcements -came after two major holidays: The first Dye Plant Shut Down Fpr Probe Ordering tie working plant cf file Rainbow Finishing Corpi shut' down after the roof of the-r building at fee corner -of Abeo-droth Avenue arid Highland Street collapsed yesterday the Fort Chester (Village Board of Trustees hat called in a represents-five of the New York State Do-' pertinent of Labor to help seek the cause of the near-tragedy The roof at the structure fell in at 10:41 A' yesterday Imperilling 22 workers who managed to flee to safety and sent rubble tumbling on to Highland Street By FHANK McCLUNG fed that dead Twins are supposed i to feel thoae thing Twenty-four year old' Lonnie Reale of 70 Poet Place Hurt-ion wa talking about her twin brother FfcT Ernest J'Reaie wa a twenty-one yer old infantryman when in November 1950 hi division wu overrun near the Yalu River to Korea On Ore 26 1950 the Army officially' declared Pfc Rede In Lonnie the twin aider and her mother Mrs Providence Reale give up hope Neither did toe Harrison other three sister and four brothers Today Maj Gen William Bergen Adjutant General dimmed that hope but did not extinguish Declared Dead Pfc' Ernest Real Was declared 'officially dead The letter from Maj Gen Sertmn reads in part: your son Pfc Ernest Reale Infantry was reported Missing In Action on 30 Novem-1 tor I960 the Department of the Army has entertained hope that he survived However as in many cases no information has been received to clarify -his status In view of the lapse of time without information to support a continued presumption of survival the Department of the Army must terminate such absence by a presumptive finding of death "Tho finding does not establish ah actual or probable date of death The date has been set as 31 December 1953 Twin Gets Notice Lonnie the twin received toe original copy of the Army statement at 1:30 Saturday She waited Until 8 M- before getting another brother to break the news to their mbther Silver Star Award Given Rye Marine For Heroism Fo? ignoring his own serious wounds aiding his comrades and expnaiwg himself to enemy fire without orders to aeoure-ammunition during a attack Marine Pfc Robert Arlington has been awarded toe Silver Star his parents Mr and Mrs Charles Arlington of 23 Bulkley Manor Rye have been notified Pfc Arlington twenty-one according to to citation received by his parents displayro coropieubui jallantry hd intrepidity in action gjgdnat direct assault by numerically superior enemy latent against Marine infantry fine on July 24-25 1953 two days before the armistice was signed Wounded by Grenade' An automatic rifleman he was wounded in the face and side by a grenade hut removed hie wounded comrades exposed himself to murderous fire ihoved along the trench line when toe ammunition ran low dauntleasly and without orden secured supplies until unable to continue as the result of hi wounds and the citation signed by Major-Gen Me read It adiad that to refused evacuation until all of his wounded comrades tod been taken to safety 1 Now stationed atPanmunjam Arlington is scheduled to leave Korea Jan 14 ep route home and discharge He entered toe Marine Chips on Feb 15 1952 Secret Talks SeekTo Renew Peace Parley Te Hear No cause has beeiHdetermfned but thegggnraf Trustee indl-E- cated yesterday that It' will also engage an engmeef to investigate the cause of the fall and the condition of the hnilding and will charge any costa involved to the fiftn operating the company Meanwhile no workers were permitted into the wrecked kImM-ing today Building Inspector Emil A Fascdino reported Office help were permitted to continue in an undamued area Joining in the investigation an agents of the Rainbow insurance firm From Mr Fasolino it was learned at noon today -that -the -ownen have engaged the Conf-to Brother of Stamford to mock down the two weakened mils facing Highland Street thnrfero Broa Inc of Port Oiester has been engaged to deer up toe rubble on the west aide of the building and Highland SUvet Mr Fasolino reported also that -all electric ilnei- of the concern have been cut off except for those feeding toe oil burner that creates heat for the office force in the north aide of the building This has been ap-Proved by Inspector Carroll et the New York Board of Fite Underwriters who also ta in-peettog the roof coUapse Mr Fuolino reported Fortunately no one was in wed as a result of the partial Comstock Named Deputy As Posillipo Takes Office GENERAL VIEW of collapsed Rainbow Finishing Company dye house from which 22 workers escaped yesterday- at AM when steel girders reinforcing the 75-year-old former foundry building gave way in a quarter-block long section on Highland -Port Chester apposite toe firm's main offices First warning the cave-in came when an overhead water pipe burst Then team spurted from a cracked pipe and the general' collapae followed Both company and Village officials arc investigating poaible causes of the cot lapse Photo by Ray Hoover In his first official act as Rye Town Supervisor Anthony Posillippr but night named Clerk Leslie Comstock as deputy supervisor an unpaid post Mr Posillipo who else ta mayor of Pert Chester ta the first Democratic Supervisor of tha Town in a half century Mr Comstock ta a Republican ai are all the members of the Town Council and the Town officers who were reappointed Edward- Kuhn who defeated by -Mr Poeillipo In Posillipo Bd Give PledgeOf Cooperation A 'S 1 T-fl I- i tl i- i-il I 11 1 I I i November for the supervisor- Dejverfcal ewawfe mmi Mimn For Health And Honesty post was reappointed comptroller Mr Comstock remains as Town Clerk Mr Comstock who will serve i supervisor and represent Mr jailllpo in Town business PANMUNJOM (AP) American diplomat disclosed today that secret negotiations arc underway to restart tha etellsd preliminary Korean peace talks There- was-no indication whetfv- the negotiations will to suo-eessfUL Kenneth Young of the State Department said tn an interview to and the Communists still feeling Mr Young said the hush-hush exploratory moves -'are being made through an intermediary he did not say who It could to India Switzerland or Sweden each of which is represented here where I sit say when it might be possible to sume the conference'1 Mr Young said The talks broke down Dee 12 when the Communists accused the United States of perfidy Ambassador Arthur Dean demanded a retraction and ended the six weeks of negotiations after the Reds refined Mr Young said part hi a peace conference remains the critical issue the Reds de-toand that Russia to seated as a neutral and the United State has insisted shg'eittier line up with the Communists or attend as a third party bound by conference deetakan Democratic Supervisor "Anthony 3: Posillipo last flight officially presided at his first Town Council meeting and received assurances of full cooperation for the betterment of Town government from the all-Republican Council As the meeting opened Mr Posillipo declared Td Just like to take this opportunity to say that during my- short stay as Supervisor here in the Town I have found it very agreeable intend to cooperate in everyway with -toe members of toe Council- and I am sure I can depend op their cooperation so that by our work together the Town of Rye wifi be even a better place to live than lt now Councilman Richard senior member rtf the Board speaking for hie fellow members assured the Supervisor of the cooperation Watch Presented At that print George Grimm secretary of the Westchester Building and Construction Trades Council presented Mr -Posillipo with a grid watch from the labor (VmncU in tribute to hia service to lt as an executive Congratulation followed from Nicholas Fasrilna Mr campaign chairman during the last election Lt Sullivan DiesAtHome In Harrison it Robert Sullivan a number of toe Harrison Police Department for wan Hum 31 years was the victim of a heart attack at his homa Davenport Place Harrison shortly after 6 PM yesterday Lt Sullivan was found lying on the kitchen floor of his home by his wife Mrs Violet Gould Sullivan Hantaan fireman were aiiri to administer oxygen but Lt Sullivan was pronounced dead on examination by Dr Joseph Ootanerl of Harrison Lt brother Firemah Edward Sullivan waa one of the Harrison Fire Department crew to resjiand to the can fpr an johilitor Lt Sullivan fiftytoiwe is survived by hie mother Mrs Margaret Sullivan of Harrison his wife a' eon -Robert Sullivan of Houston Tex two grandchildren too brothers Edward Sul- fivan of Harrison and John Sullivan of Mamaroneek and a stater Mrs Edward Fennel of New Ro- ehelle Jellied Faroe la lfM Lt Sullivan was named to the Harrison police force on June 13 1922 at toe age of twenty-one lie was made tergeant on Sept 1 1926 and was named lieutenant on Nov 1928 Stricken by a heart attack early last year Lt Sullivan on (Continued on Page Fourteen) 6 GASKINS Gaskins Rye Assessor Dies At 59 Sidney Spender Gaskins- assessor lor the City of Rye since 1949 died yesterday afternoon at United Hospital of a heart attack He was fifty-nine years of age Mr Gaskins who resided wife his daughter Mrs Carl EUta at Country Gardens Rye had been confined to the Hospital since Monday A resident of Rye since 1919 Mr Gaskins had been in the real estate -business there for many years before becoming City uessor Bom Feb 6 1394 in Alton HL of fee lath Fred and Minnie Malcom Gaskins-Mr Gaskins was a veteran of World Wars I and In the -tatter conflict he served as a captain of cavalry and was in charge of prisoners of war at Pine Camp and at toe Presidio of San Fourth Man PickedUpIn Money Theft" WASHINGTON (AP) The Secret Service today picked up a man they described as a fourth suspect In the 3160000 New Year's Eve theft et new 32) bill from the Bureau of Etagraving The Secret Service earlier had reported reeovery-of all but 331-700 of the money Charles Howard Nelson fwen-tynmven was brought under custody to the field office of the Secret Serviee in the Treasury early today the Secret Service said Questioning started immediate brother details wen not immediately available The case broke open yesterday with toe arrest of a bun employe hie wife and a soft-spoken little flagpole painter on a -tip after all-night axil by the father of the woman not Found la Jacket Tha tore were'arrested ana after the other in a day- that began with a 5 A phone call to Virginia State Police 'by Irving Grant father of lbs Mamie Landis and ended with the recovery of 312800 in three separate caches of toe loot apparently from the money printing plant in the tail- of a suit Jacket PISTOL TOTEB -ARRESTED NE2V7 Charged with having-two pistols in hia possession illegally John Perry thirty-seven of 2 Lather Park an auto mechanic pleaded guilty in City Court yesterday and was released in toe custody of his employer for sentence Jin 22 by City Judge Christopher Murphy- Perry who was arrested yesterday told police he- used toe guns for hunting and target practice whenever toe latter' ta absent expressed hta appreciation over the appointment Alio taken up at the meeting a special session for the reorganisation of the Town Council was the reappointment for two year tenm'of Eugene Buckley assessor George Becker town attorney Mr Kuhn Olof Hallen-gren plumbing inspector James Neitaen building Inspector (Continued -on Page Fourteen) Selectmen Eye Railroad Fare Increase Plea 2200 commuters confronted with the prospect of a 33s 33 18 per cent hlke in toe railroad's monthly commutation ticket rate look toward the Board of Selectmen for possible relief today after the hoard announced it will the railroad's application for a faro increase and if we find it unjustified we will protest Meetnig yesterday the Selectmen discussed the rate proposal of the New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad and while unanimous in agreeing that the utility must keep peee with operational costs cast wary eye at the use represented in the application filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission Hie proposed increase would add an estimated 3640 monthly to the coat of commutation books depending on which of the four Greenwich railroad station! are used The collapse police started 1 when roof beams began to sag after a water pipe and a steam heating pipe burst In tint section of the building three large dyeing vats where new material were being treated were operating Twenty-two men were working in that section of toe building when the water and heat pipes bunt and were ordered out immediately by the maw fo (Continue on Page Fourteen) Winter Hits State From 3 Directions' ALBANY (AP) Winter diet-ed in on New York State from all directions today piling up eight inches et enow on some areas and putting an icy kink in highway traffic The tarm-'apawned by turtv ulent weather pushing in from the Great Lakes the South and tha Atlantic hit hardest at Eastern New York- Eight to 10 inches of snow carpeted toe Albany area and westward through the Mohawk Valley to Utica and more was in toe wind Glens Falla reported' a five-inch layer Maneni in northern 1 St Lawrence County reported four inches and four inches was predicted for Watertown Most of the Western counties got two inches or less State Police reported road con-dtione hazardous throughout tha state Li the metropolitan New York area and adjoining eoun- ties rain Intensified the bad going in many area as skidding vehicles wormed along Sanding crews were called out in most counties to take some of toe slipperiness oft hills and sharp curves: Die Weather Bureau predicted tiie snowfsll would taper off by late afternoon By HENRY LEADER Associated Ikess Staff ALBANY Governor Dewey whose administration has been truck by scandal today demanded drastic legislation to prevent public officials and party officers from using their positions for personal gain Tha Governor in annual message opening fee 1954 Legislature called also for a broad social program runnig into hundreds of millions of dollars and indicated he would balance the budget without increasing taxes In pressing for parly impositions of curbs on greedy poU-tiqtaus- the Governor insisted feat public is entitled to expect from its servants a set of standards afar above1 the morals of toe market place people he said expect not only honesty but feq absence of any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty or even He derived it was in issue that transcended partisan politics Hlddle-of-the-Road Program Li an outline of a "middle-ot fee program that could be used in the gubernatorial campaign next Fall Mr Dewey pro-posed: A 3350 million bond issue for expanding mental hospitals 2 A huge bond Issue for more low-rent public housing The tentative figure ta 3265 million 3 A broadening of health services with special stress an aid to children 4 A study of the State-ald-to-school formula with a view toward revamping it 5 A code of fair play in State (Continued on Page Sixteen) Francisco GASOLINE CAUSES FIRE He was a charter member of THORNWOOD the Shenorock Shore Chib of the Society of American Wars and of Rye American Legion Poet 128 He Was also a member of the Order of the Purple Heart He is survived only by his daughter Hia wife Eva Farrell Brown Gaskins died in 1939 A fire in the exterior the house belonging to I jinn of Nannyhagen Road minor damage last night fire started when toe gas cracked and ignited Two and -29 men under Chief Ferris -responded to fee wall of Henry caused The line trucks Herbert alarm Charge Cut InHold-Up WHITE A youth indicted for robbery of a Fort Cheater tavern proprietor was allowed to plead guilty today in County Court to a misdemeanor assault charge The plea was entered by Edward Lapczynski eighteen of Stamford Sentencing wOl be at a later date He could get up to one year -The youth and Eldward -Snell of 59 Ridge Street Greenwich were Indicted in the 3150 holdup of Daniel Williams near toe home on Cleveland Rtteet Fort Chester early on Oct SO Snell la awaiting trial on a robbery charge Late News Wire Bulletins AS WE CO TO PRESS Man 90 Found Dead In Bathtub i YONKERS A ninety-year-old man found dead yesterday face down in an overflowing bathtub A doctor said William Low of 11 Hffl-view Avenue suffered a heart attack while taking a bath Mr Low who resided with his sen-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs John Cleridn was left alone et home at 1 When the Cterkine returned at 5:30 they found Mr Low in the tub with hie hand clutching a add water faucet Killer Parkway Sends Town? Harrison Down Safety List Mock Suicide Almost Real When Man Faints In Terror BABY BORN IN PUNE GANDER Nfd A Dutch police wife today gave birth to a baby girl aboard a KLM airliner bound' for MontreaL The baby delivered by stewardess Suzanne Van Bortel -was bant to Mrs Elberta Vangelderers 10 minute before the Dutch plane landed here REDS PlANPOW ATTACK TAIPEH Formosa A Chinese Nationalist nows agency said today the Chinese Commu-nists would try to seixo all anti-Red war prisoner in Korea- if plans go through for them to-bo rot leased as civilians Jan 22 Tha Interior Ministry Agency Ta Tao which claims underground contacts-- said its information cams from Peiping FUND REGULATION ASKED WASHINGTON Regulations of union welfare funds waa placed on the Eat of proposed Taft-Hartley Labor law changes today by Chairman McConnell Pa of the House Labor Committee By THEODORE GOETZ River Parkway's heavy toll of eight killed last yew helped drop Harrison to 31st place and Rye Trim to 41st in the safety ranking of Westchester's 44 communities based on pnpilittnn 1' Each went down two positions cause of five and six fatalities respectively Five of their deaths were on the Parksvay Harrison had dropped seven places frpm 22d in 1952 with 13 deaths of them on the Hutch The WeatheiS-' Cloudy tills afternoon high temperature around1 35 Partly cloudy tonight low about 25 and 15 to 20' in1 northern Westchester Mostly fair tomorrow high between 34 and 40 Fresh1 west to northwest winds tills afternoon becoming moderate tonight Noon temp 36 Chuckle- the rooster's jAriy eiring that makes him unpopular it's his continual talking about it leader had traffic fatalities last year and held the same relative positions from the yew before Ardsley or Bronxville have held the top two 'positions since 1946 Back in 1945 Rye Town waa second North Pelham and Pelham Vjl-lage each with one fatality because of' their small size fen two and five-positions to sixth and 22d Also down two rungs the safety ladder were Ossining Village and Briarcliff Manor which had three and one death -i 1 7 LHI Deaths la Years But moving up two places tach by virtue of no deaths in traffic last year were Tartytown Hastings and Buchanan Tarrytown (Continued on Page Eighteen) As he waited there hoping for hia wife to follow him and halt him he heard a crash tad hop-rifiedsaw the garage doors drop behind him He tried to get up and crawl toward the doors but the combined fright and exhaust fumes which hh already had breathed caused him to faint In the interim his wife became alarmed cilTed police and went out to the garage Police arrived in time Jo drag the semiconscious man out The hapless Joker more chagrined than 01 muttered I feel lick as police nuhed him to Greenwich Hospital where he waa examined and then re- A bizarre mock-suicide attempt earns within an exhaust-fume of success last night for a thirty-one-yearold Greenwich man who trying to frighten his wife after a quarrel fainted from tenor when the garage doors slammed end trapped him when he was feigning toe suicide effort The drama began shortly after dinner-time when the couple quarreled over their children's bed time Irate the wife refilled to prepare Snd the 'hlis-band stalked out shouting going to kin He went to the garage he told police later turned on toe car motor and lay on tha garage floor near the exhaust pipe IT'S LOGICAL A black dog of unidentified origin who waa expecting puppies-went to the logical place to have "them delivered a hospital 1 The dog gave birth to ten puppies In a waiting room of her own bhooslng a hole dug in the ground underneath one of the Windows In the ward Mother and1 children are doing well And to doing well 1 If you go to the logical place to buy ell rent or hire the classified section of The Daily Item Good results will come easily Just call FOrt Chester 5-1300 to place ypur ad i Twenty years of automobile death record keeping put Ards-ley Bronxville- and Mount Vernon it the top of the six cities 22 villages and IS unincorporated township areas None ef the three 11:4 PM 4:17 1

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