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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 17
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 17

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
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The Daily Bern Port Chester Thm Af SI IfU Lett a 4 fcwJ Ml Drivers arfc caa uim lb xooxo-e ter rati Via Ufa Bator Os Call WB MW LO Sana tekH wllk nas la piauaaa oouias Bm rant ta Rinat pite apta Imit Builders CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) pleasure that the Westchester Home Builders Association wai backing efforts to defeat the i dinance The builder Mated at various timea that they were not against proper town Manning but they do object strongly to any ordinance or legislation wtiirii is discriminatory confiscatory and unfair It was further stated that it is important to seta firm tax basis for the proper growth and development of any town Part of the fund collected will be ueed to inform Individual land nera concerning taxes school building and public utilities development by builders in any community LOST Time Off Means WASHINGTON (AP) President grant of a today leave to Harold Stassen was Interpreted by some Republicans today as putting a gvlt-alore tag on Mr Stassen's drive to dump Vice President Nixon Mr Stassen asked yesterday a month's relief from his Job as Presidential disarmament assistant to pursue his effort to replace Mr Nixon with Governor Christian A Herter of Massachusetts No 2 man on the GOP ticket Mr Elsenhower's granting of Mr Stassen's request was subject also to the Interpretation that Mr Stassen was being en- aiala VK Olan mil rnrnt Htcuni libit In at ritrstau Leslie McClain one-rear-old on of Port Chester Police Patrolman and 'Mrs Walter McClain died tills morning at his home 180 Grace Church Street Port Chester after an extended illness His first birthday was yesterday Surviving besides his parents are four brothers Walter Stephen Bruce and Douglas two sisters Susan and Sally McClain his paternal grandparents Mr and Mrs Walter McClain Cambridge Mass and his maternal grandparents Mr and Mrs Charles Booaer of Port Chester I (CONTINUED FROM PAGE I) svrong aide ef th street ignoring stop signs driving tee fast hogging cross walks and fighting for the right of way Tims' checks Indicate that none of these dangerous habits save tha motorist enough time to Justify the risk The committee hope that members ef the congregations will Join the safety drive in Pott Chester Communications may be dressed to Henry Rosen-krone 158 Fairview Avenue Ottfta Aiding Jerry MeUllo of th Port Chester Elks Ledge end Peter Pugllese of the Knights of Columbus have pledged the support of their organisations tn the safety drive which emphasizes that courtesy is a requisite for sate driving Empire Brushes Inc has made imilv ms will raurr oxe as Minion or room aoa Tmasroas ir too aaa rxa rams or swr aancu anreir call sunou t-isoa an t-xmsi sax son clMimD its omasa trxicx xsn am rooxn a hd oivn st Tin daily rmi omci WILL SI HELD NS OHB naa arrsa ni mssaftox or ax sovnTisxifsirr sxd txsm do xsTSDTo ni axamtra cause nwmuTB or xsw rottx to as bmp ron cxsarTsaLS ronroasa Notices ANDREW DECK Rye Resident Was Gardener Andrew Cliailes Deck miui cw VI1B1 in UCLR a-s XBNSICO Ciaittrj lot Mast SaatratSs -Mark Srtta MUrrar Kill I-S3JS xaatSan ALCOHOLICS AHOHTMOOO Car latamauaa Writs tel THU S-M ui you troaanmt Ran as Mrsatisats aai te OraaavM Fnnta DaMethe Pataaa an os s-si a substantial cash contribution to the Safety Council to help promote consistent and affective safety programs The safety committee prise Supervisor Anthony Posil-llpo Mayor Anthony Zaccag-Trustes Nicholas Fasollno and Frank McGrath Milton Kavey Arden Smith Joseph Goldne and Mias Doris Russell JN 'fifty-eeven of 29 Beck Avenue Aye died last night at Rosary Hill Hospital Hawthorne where be had been a patient for Smooth Born March 1 1899 in Trenton the son of the late Andrew and Gertrude Mount 'Deek he had been a resident of Rye since 1938 His wife was the late Gretchen Nunn Deck Mr Deck who eras a gardener on private estates wai an of World War served as a staff sergeant with the 3rd Armored Division He was a member of Christ's Episcopal Church Rye He is survived by a son Andrew Charles Deck III of Rye and two sisters Mrs Hilda Burke of Somerville and Mrs Jess Pitchier of Red Bank Tits an dat CAUr LAST 3 WEEKS a orsxmoe la tha malar cam a am ta ast rzT tei ana Olrla T-U Trail a ortxixoa tte In la Mir na aisralan fair Sn anA Olrla 4-A Tna CALL RTa 1-1 ITS (TO painter with Alleti and Sons Born in Mount Vernon he wee veteran of World War 1 and a member of Harrison American Legion Post Before moving to Harrison he lived for many years in Mamamneck Mr Pirone is survived by bis wife Mary Plate Pirone ef the home address a brother Joseph of New Rochelle a sister Mrs Edith Capasto of Mamaro-neck and several nieces and nephews JOHN LAWSON FC rael Csl Associate John Lawson elghty-onie of T1 Washington Street Port Chester father of Karl EL Law-son with whom he was associated in the Port Cheater Fuel Company died yesterday at iswsrsxaen he had been a Port Cheater resident for 60 years He was the husband of the late Christina Karlaon Lawson and was a tired carpenter's foreman Mr Lawson wss a member of St Episcopal Church Fort Chester Survivors besides his son include' two brothers Hans Law-son of Sweden and August Law-son of Brasil: a granddaughter Mrs Barbara Romano of Port Chester a grandson 1st Lt John Lawson USAF stationed St Reese Field Lubbock Texas and four great-grandchildren DAVID a HOYER Chemical Engineer David Hoyer forty-six of 10 Manor Rond Old Greenwich died yesterday at his home Bam In Buffalo he was son of CHs Hoyer of Coral Gables Fla and the late Mae Hoyer Mr Hoyer wee a chemical engineer with Allied Chemical and Dye Corporation of New York and resided in Greenwich for 23 years Surviving are hie wife Mrs Hope Kelioek Hoyer of the address hie father daughter Mm Sandra OoV Una and a son CHs Hoyer both of Old Greenwich a slater Mrs Donald Hass of Wheaton HL and a grandson OSOOB sunn NEW HAVEN Conn Roseoe Suttle professor emeritus of civil engineering at Yale Uhivenity end widely known tha field of sanitary engineering died last night at the Grace-New Haven Community Hospital DOUGLAS HORACE thirteen who died Sunday of a chest malignancy little more then 24 hours following Me Gary IimL Soap Box Derby course run is xhown being removed from his wrecked car at the Derby by his father Nlel Hoback and bystander It was said that only Doug's do-sire to enter the Gary race had allowed Mm to live aa long ea he did despite hie incurable ailment He returned to the race to watch the finals Wtrephoto support for that view was voiced by any GOP source available for comment Some high In Administration counsels said they expect Mr Elsenhower to repeat at a nc conference tomorrow that he would be delighted to have Mr Nixon as hla running mate But they sold thev do not believe he win exclude other possible nominees for that might he regarded at an attempt to dictate to the Republican convention which meets less than three weeks hence Mr Stassen has been honked for a National Press Chib luncheon appearance today with question- and- answer period scheduled to follow his address IT Indlrated on his return from a 20-m'nute conference yesterday with Mr Eisenhower at Gettysburg that he has no Intention of resigning Litigation Dads However much of the money will he used to pay for litigation coats Legal derives used to at-'TUritiw injunct ions mandamuses and specific attacks on the constitutionality of the control measure Sidney Levine attorney for Mr Billingsley said that has taken considerable time to get all the petition signer' name and addresses but that action against all of them will commence within few week More then 350 persons signed th petitions which favored the growth ordinance Henry Hbfheimer Jr of Scans-dale to the Home Builders Association wee named coordinating attorney to serve with a committee which will select ease and devise legal strategy The committee will meet Thursday at 4 at the law office of Frederick Hufnagel In Bronx-rille At title time other attorneys are to be added to the committee The Westchester Realty Board Northern Westchester a 1 1 Hoard Westchester Chapter of American Institute of Architects Westchester County Association and Westchester Building Trades Employers Association an lent Survivor Additional Tant Ada On Following Pages Suez (CONTINUED FHOM PAGE I) realize the baby has been saved The story of Mrs heroism was corroborated through efforts of the New Rochelle Standard-Star which interviewed many families tha Red Gross officials of the Italian Line and the Swedish Line officials of the Brooklyn Army bate where the child was taken members of the Westchester Naval Reserve which aided in rescue operations and hospital officials had until 1968 to run Russia applauded the Egyptian action Western experts continued to thumb their lawbooks but so far could come up with no grounds for legal challenge of the nationalization decree Mr Nasser said he would pay off the stock holders in the canal company at tha market rate on Th unday The British government is the biggest holder with 44 per cent of the Shares GENERAL UNDER KNIFE WEST POINT (AP) Brig Gen John Throckmorton commandant of cadets at the Military Academy underwent an operation for acute appendicitis early today at toe academy hospital representative to last meeting as observers diaries Haring Jr of Harrison Home Builders president presided DOMINICK VA1XAKELIJ Brother ef Harrison Man Domenick Vallarelli fifty-three of North Highland Avenue Ossining died Sunday at Grasslands Hospital after a loni illness He was a brother Jack Vallarelli of 281 Perk Ave- pue Harrison business tentative of the Buildini ere Local Union 21 i neck I Born March 12 1903 In Terr-j lizzi-Bart Italy Mr Vallarelli I eama to this country IT years ago: He was for 33 years mechanic with the General Motors Cortu Tsrrytown Division Mr VauarelU la survived by his wife Mrs Benedetta Morrone Vallarelli another brother Nino Vallarelli of Ossining two slaters Mrs Marla Dl Rocco of Oaamlng and Mrs Betty laoono of North Tarrytown four nephews and five nieces HERE IT IS OPEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAYS Air Conditioned For Your Shopping Comfort 4 (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) British and allied forces Rear Adm Dietrich commander of mine forces of the Atlantic Fleet arrived there by plane for two daya of conferences The international control plan under discussion by representatives oT the Western Big Three in London however la authoritatively reported to keep military measure In the background out of deference to American caution in the situation A British Foreign Office spokesman said two destroyers recently sold to Egypt would not be stopped from sailing tonight from the naval hue at Portsmouth He said they have already been paid for end turned over to the Egyptian! and there fore are considered Egypt's property This followed Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden's umounee-msnt to toe House ef Commons yesterday that British exports ef war materials to Egypt had been halted Under the 1889 Sues pact each of the nine nations timing tt-r-includlng Britain and Russia was given the right to etation two warships at each end of the waterway Tha pact guaranteed unrestricted passage for both merchant and war vessels whether in peace or war ANTHONY PIRONE Painter Ii a Harrison Anthony 3 Pirone fifty-eight 6f 33 Soulard Street Harrison died Friday in St Agnes Hospital White Plaint Funeral services were held yesterday morning A resident of Harrison for nearly 30 years Mr Pirone was Burma (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) Because of tha increased Communist activity across the frontier Burmese Army troops i art being sent to the area to replace or bolster the thinly strung border police Card Of Thanks I vkk to thaak TS-1 Ml Osrbie bj nasal kt- iuby ro rmoxx T-31-M Embassy Red embassy in Rangoon had no comment on the invasion report One report from the quoted Red Chinese soldiers saying they wero searching for a plant believed be powerful antidote ngainet snakebite and opium or alcohol poisoning Neutral Burma has acted in friendly but not intimate manner toward its Mg Communist neighbor HERE'S WHAT YOU Death Notices MW Aagraw Ctailn A-af SS arena Oja Mr Tart Mr SS ttss Batons father af AaSnv Chartto Sack SrS aai krsUtor af nidi Barba aai Jna 1 pastas at Tha WUttaa Paasnl Ksws tOM am tm Mini promised that an passage What the Western power went to do' la strengthen th International itatua of the canal A conference for tMa purpose la expected to be called Cfeylonese Premier Solomon Bandaranaike has said th nations involved are those with shares in the old company those whoso ships um the canal and countries whose goods go through It If a conference ta called on tola basis Russia might be excluded on the ground that it does not come info any of these categories to any great extent One major problem was whether Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser would go along with such proposal Another waa what part the Russians would demand In any control group Mr Nasser kicked up an international storm Thursday when he announced Egypt had nationalized the key waterway operated by Frvnch-Britlsh com-pany under a concession which AM Tbarsdar Aasast Sag at art now Tart xatsrauat Unloa osnitsrr Xyj IZTXICX Abbs af BoBkirlUa Mr as itss asmsd wits of Victor Dtstrlsh SsrTiess at ttohsrt Sgnsata "Craft Itanarial axs" WsdnssSar A1L latsr-nt lOddta Patsat Prisogs mar can nan ta It ML tsdar Fine fabrics of your choice selected right in tha comfort of your own home at your convenience by an experienced home decorator MMI Pifeulplae Signed Relations between the states are governed in theory the "declaration of five print signed by Chinese Premier Chou En-lal and former Burmese Premier Nu The agreement walla for! Respect for each territorial integrity end sovereign' nonagression noninterference each internal affaire equality and mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence fit the past week the Burma government has been In touch with the Red Chinese about "illegal immigrants" the Burmese ud were sneaking over the border from fMna Among tiie TmmlgrantaV Mm LAWSOX Ms sf T1 Washbwtsa Strsst Mr IMS Vhthsr TXbt1 I Lawaaa Bsrrless at tbs Xsbart IMtinsuls lSanirtal Kobm" Tharsdarr MU AM la tenant In XT Mads aur sail Wadnaodaj frata a ta a sag ts Ig ML S-l-M mesa sources said were at least one Communist Army political officer He waa captured hut escaped IasMb at Past Chester ea Mr si last tefaat sn sf Altos tad Walter MaClata rinsrml frees Tbs aNasota ltsau at a tMa ta ka ana win f-Sl-SS Yeur pieces ere taken to our own work-' hop where they are stripped to the frame rebuilt and re-braced by our skilled craftsmen YOU CAN SAVE REAL MONEY IF YOU ACT NOW! Express Your Sympathy With Flowan IdnMFlorUt 19 Nat Mall Ml fflMW S4 Mill St 14819 The pieces an then expertly re-padded and recovered with the material of your selection No Buslnoss list or DHvors Undor 25 $10-120000 Bodily Injury Liability $5000 Properly Demeg $24-31 Six Months Policy SLIP COVERS WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH A TERRIFIC SELECTION OF COLORFUL SUP COVERS CUSTOM MADE FOR YOUR PRESENT FUR-NITURE OR FOR YOUR NEW OR NEWLY RE-BUILT FURNITURE ASK TO SEE THEM GOME IN TODAY They are then 'returned to your home ana eon looking beautifully new and AS LOW AS completely modem to add lovely'eharm to your home you will be proud of yse oto good driver Safeco avt Ixsarxwce ta foryfal prefectiM trot ssirss tsir and xlftil tlelxis ssrvtce lest and folr Toe owokloyoiwsotf te tell er risk os hefer yen boy or i SOFA CHAIR AS LOW AS 1 SAFECO CALL WE 91094 0699 COXE FUNERAL HOME' BbL IMS 14 OalTMt It HA M774 BUY ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS JOHN riERRITT Blount iftope Real Estate Ituurnnca WE 92434 IhILLS OF WESTCHESTER IxsaiHrHat Cmmkmtmm New York ofSct 522 Ptfto Avenue Writs forBook pf fboeogtsphr 7 North Main Sf PORT CHESTER 88 BROAD STREET- r' I i1 A'- I a- -L.

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