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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 5

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
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-1 I "4 J- 1 4 5J Ws 1 4 'V i A I J' 4 1 I 1 i -r 11 Z4 Sf -jT i a i ji i J1 i 'i 5 1 jlv i j' i1 4 1 1 -5 --'A WOMAN'S NEWS'' tv 4 fHB DAILY ITEM POST CHESTER SATURDAY AUGUST 26 IMo -V WOMAN'S NEWS VfAGBIiyi A funtiedM At Our tjadv Of Merev fhiik Back From Lake George HoneymoonFrances Hoder Touring Pennavlvanui bo Church ranees Hoder Services Tomorrow V( 'ryjy -raFM lonored Guest Miae Frances Hoder daughter Mr end Mra Frank Hoder of 116 Perry Avenue Fort Cheater waa gueet of honor at a surprise bridal ehower given by Mrs Philip Waterman of 15 Cliff Avenue Extension Byram Cohoateaaes ware Mra Frank 1 Mrs Betty Hviadoe Mra Leon Sldor Mia Dorothy Cooper end Mia Nancy Carpentieri Decorations were in pink Hue end white Gifts were grouped under a pink and blue crepe paper umbrella and white wedding belle A buffet supper sras berved to 60 7 MOthediat Chart King Street and Willett Avenue the Rev Emeat Neumann pea-tor 11 AAf naming worship Sermon by the paator Our Christian Idlj Effective la a Secular PreabyteHaa Charch North Main and Highland Stredta the Rev i Elliott Sellar paator 11 AH thia church will unite with Sumtnerfleld Method 1st Church St Peter' Church comer of Wee tehee fer Avenue and Smith Street The Rev Lewia How ell rector The Rev Frederick Dearing aeeiatant Service for Twelftti Sunday after Trinity: 70 A Holy Eucharlat AM Holy Eucharist 11 AJA morning prayer with terrnpa by the Rev Gerwyn Marfan Nasth Baptiet (bant King and Ppningo Streets 1:45 A MH Church "SchooL Arnold Roberta superintendent 11 AM mm lng worship Guest preaeher the Rev Kenneth Wilson of White Plains Guest soMat' Purdy Un-gemack Guest organist Mrt Hooe Orr The RalraUea Anay 55 Westchester Avenue Major end Mrs James Haymsn officers in eharse 11 AM Hofineu eerviee 9 Sl Sunday School Lesop worthy of the Lord unto tll'pjiees- Miss Hodef will be married to Chutee Westerman of Byram on Sept 17 at 4 at the Church af the Sacred Heart of Jaua Port Chester lrsJF Karver Charles Dean Wed -1 and Mrs Timqfhy Ryu of Smith Street Port Chester Her husband is thoson of Mrs John Chmiskrwiec of Chspsl Street Byram and tha late Mr Chmtalowiec -m MB AND MBS EDWARD CHMIELOW1EO whose nuptial were performed recently -at the Church of Our Lady of Mercy The bride Is the former Ann Ryan daughter of Mr AND MBS JOSEPH GIANFKANCESCO who were married recently at the Sacred Heart Church' Byram The bride the former Lucy Giordano ie daughter of Mr end Mrs Sam uel Giordano of Greenwich Her husband i the aon of Mr and Mra Isadora Gianfranceeco 108 Sound View Street Pert Cheater where the coujUe are now residing Park Photo WM I rVU Personal AndSocidlNotesrL maid of honor 'tqr her eouain and Howard Hamilton waa beat man A teoeptlo waa held at the- Byram Inn Following a wedding trip to Canada the couple-will- recide -fer-o-fime-at-42 High Street Byram When Cpl Stein return to hia poat the Bride will reside with her parents until hia return Gotch Photo CPU ANp MRS CHARLES STEIN whoee marriage took lace recently at the Church of' Mr Lady of Mercy The bride the former Laura McCrory slighter OTMrrind Mm' James IcCrqry of 197 South Resent treet Port Cheater Her hue-ta the aen of Mr and Mra LF Stein pt Byram' Mias EI-Smlth of Mamaroneck waa Mr end Mrs Ogden Knapp i Cbrnlck end their Infant daugh- Making Home In Harrison The wedding ot Mra Jane Ferguson Karver daughter of Mr end Mra John Ferguson ot Fairway Avenue Rye and Charlea David Dean eon of Mrs A Dean of Rys and Mr Doan of Philadelphia took place yesterday afternoon in the Rye Presbyterian Church with tha Rev A Taloott Jr officiating The eduple were attended Jot thebride's Brother and' aliter-in-law Mr and Mrs Robert Tor-guson Jr at Larchment The' reception was given for the family end a few close friends the home of Mr and Mra Lee-lie Beaton In Rye Mrs Dean attended Westchester schools and Skidmore College She- ie associated with Hillman Periodicals Inc New York Her first marriage wu terminated by divorce Mr Dean attended the Cincinnati Academy of Art and to a graduate of the University of Cincinnati He is associated with the Arm iff Ellison Spring in New York City During the war he served with the 12th Air Face in Europe and North Africa After a wedding trip the enu-pie will reside et the Coveleigh Club in Rye until their new home is completed 1 plett hift Surtimtr ttuditl Mr end Mrs Daniel Tuohy'ef V-i Duncan HHL Staten laland have' announced the birth of their first child Stephen Thomas weighing 9 pounds at the Staten Island Hospital Aug 18 Mrs Tuohy Ie 1 the former Claire Bllllngten of-19 Natoma Street Rys the -daughter of Mra Percy Billing-' ton W-: 9f(? 1 a I 162 JulianStreet jjys announce the birth of a daughter- Anne Merrill 'Knapp' their third child on Aug- 17 at the United Hofrt pital Mrs Knapp is the former Min Anne Greenwood Thom peon of Montclair Mr end Mrs RichswT Frick Jr of Fslrflsld Avenue Greenwich announce the birth of daughter' their second child on Tuesday at Doctors Hospital New York Mra Frick ie the former Katherine Bruce Reid of New York and Sharon Conn Daniel Di Leonardo eon of Mr and Mrs Vincent Dl Leonardo ef 324 Midland Avenue Port Chester ce lehrs ted hie second birthday yesterday A small family party hu been planned Roger Cbrnlck who If attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville arrived lut night to spend several wake at the home of Mrs Comtek's parent Mr and Mrs Penn Gibson Jr 330 Oakland Beech Avenue Rye Mrs 100 Attend Card Party At Corelvigh Club Several area women wen among the approximately 100 guests who attended the sixth in the series of luncheon-bridge held on Wednesday at the Coveleigh Club in Rye Mrs Vector Chambers of New Rochelle was general chairmen and table prize at note paper wen awarded Those present 3 included Mrs Wallace Wet and Mrs: Erie A Neiisen of Port Chester Mrs Thornes Flanagan end Mrs Spencer Armstrong of Harrison Mrs George Harvey Miss Baiv ben Harvey Mra McCabe Sr Mrs Albert Uptak Mrs Vincent A Rathgeb end Mrs Kenneth Ake 9 1 8 PM Salvation garvie' St eo A Ekp Omiribll Smith tract tha Rtv Frank Churchill DA pestor A Sunday School Durden luperintfndent 10 AJJ Adult Bible CUaa ll AM morning worship SeimpB by the pastor Music by Gomel Charup PM Pastor choir and congregation will worship at the St France A-M- Zkm Church Mount Kisca Chartered hue win leave the church at 2:20 PM Chriatian Endeavor I evening eerviee Sermon by the pastor Music by Senior Choir fart Cheater Compeer at Wlhaewea 1Q1 North Main Street 8 PM new eeridp of lectures to begin with tha talk Is High Tim To Talk win be given in Bntee Park Greenwich with the congregation meeting behind the Mueettm 4:15 PM Watch tower will bg studied than on the topic Teetwar Enlargement at the Theocratic Betheada Bawtlat Choraii William and Bread Street -the Rev It Herdmond paator A Church SchooL Gregory superintendent: 1040 morning worship Sermon by the Rev Tpylor of Nyaek Music by Young Adult Choir PM Young Fallewshipk Leroy A John prcsident 7:20 FM even- er 'etedAt Shower A emprise miscellaneous show- wee given recently for" Miae arbers 1 Woodger 3t Parker rest Fort Chester by her' eo-aricera in the Port Cheater of-5 'of the' County Trust Com-iny' Tha affair wee held at the home Mra Joaeph 1 Leje Purchase Teet Purchase where an out euRier wee served Attending wen the Mieses Jean halley Joan Conners Dorts Rose Carlno Candlne ihradorfer Maureen frBrien vis Brown Mary Hoey Marion why Gloria Tlef Cbnnie Eipo-A Lucille Vicchlo and Jamie Ueteh- Also Mrs William St" John Ira James Kbstolas Mrs Roceo eehiello Mrs Mark Hayden ra Joseph Ragusa Mrs Leslie anatoek Mrs Richard Chelan Mra George Cordelll and In Leje WEED CONTROL sod and Poison Ivy Killed Modern Scientific Castro et LOW COST LEARNED FOSUmtUflCE Pert Chester 5-1603 I-1 -srtf -J i-i on SON BORN Commander and Mrs Joseph Jones Jr formerly of Harrison announce the birth of a qon John Francis at the Military Hospital West Print on Aug 18 They -have two other sona Joseph In five and Lawrence two The father is a commander In the Navy j1 JiE A DYifolunylE MERGENCE DIRECTORY CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY Girl 17SeeLs To Swim Ukt George LAKE GEORGE' (AP) Sev-enteen-yearoid Diana Strubla set out today to swim the 36-mile length of Lake George Tha 140 pound blonde high school senior plunged into this Adirondack Laks at 745 from Laks Gsorge Vlllags-- Only about 10 parson wore on hand when Miss Strubla began the grind which she expected would taka 24 hours Diane attractive end five-foot-throeheile-: from Scotle-' near Schenectady 1 Her mother planned tofssd her bouillon tee bensnu and goats milk during the swim SECOND SON TO PATAFIOS Mr and Mrs Dom Patefio Jr of 228 South Regent Street Port Chester announce the birth of second eon Wayno Patrick Aug 21 at United Hospital He weighed six pounds 14 ouiicss Their ether- child is Thomu three Mrs Patefio is the former Thorn ulna Caraceiolo of Port Chester KB AND MBA ALBEBTi nATTAROLA wrhOM marriage wa performed recently In Harrison The bride i the former1 Ida IannelU 86 Webster Avenue Harriaon daughter of the -late Mr and Mrs William Ian-' aeUL Her husband is the son at Mr and Mrs Charles Fret- For greater safety -R peyo te keep a aupvly af vital drag eaptdlss hi your medlrtae cheat Let us show you the Item -west See as today foe fgg better health to- tarola at 77 'Nelson Avtnue Harrison Tha brida la an instructor at the Harrison Ave-nuo School and her husband who served with an engineering squadron for three yean oversea during the war Is employed by tha Westchester Lighting Company Putnam Studio JOHNC THOMAS "Vi' y- FUELOIL COAL TaL MOgl rart CheeMr ill Hortan Araaoe V': dEUO OIL BURNERS PRESqtlFTION PHARMACY -V i jO 'A-T: i A o'vi V1' 'Vt ni fc -1 -Mt jiff BROCK 191 Woticiiesier Ave FREI Delivery 64116 Church ef the leered Heart Jesus 229 Willett Avenue tha Rev Michael Kowaloyk pastor Masses 7:30 9 and Italian Psutaeastal Churah Tou-raina Avenue tha Rev Anthony De Bari pastor Servica Sunday 8 Church of Oar Ler4 Jesus Christ of tha Apoatelate Filth 13 East Broadway Rider Sadler in charge Prayer meeting New-Jamalsa Fire Baptised HoUnesa Charch ef Gad Main Street the Rev- Sister Brown putor A 8unday SchooL --Bt rater's Daetah Luthsru Ckaroh Division Street Byrsm The Rev Viggo Hsnsen putor Danish eerviee first Sunday of month at 3 English sendee Mount tes Baptist Chareh IECOND SON BORN Mr and Mra Gtorge Welters of Fayetteville former of Fort Chater announce the birth of a second son Roderick John on Aug 3 Mrs Walters is tha former Helen McCoy of -Port Chester 27 Slater Street Port Chater the Rev Nichole putor 3:30 sermon by the putor Music By the ehoir fib YHt SetbenNalMl A111 A 1L JOT Halitaad Am Harr Call Us for Laundry Service HITEWAY as- a siiimjbm Barton -u JO AH lag worship Sermon by the Rev Mr Taylor Music by Young' Adult Choir Chris thus And Missionary Al-Haawa Church 40 Pari Street the Rev Andrew Berkner paster 9:45 AM Sunday SchooL Fred Wagner superintendent 11 AM morning worship Dr Hap old Boon professor at the Missionary Training Institute of Nyjck will be guest preacher 8:80 PM Young Fellowship 7:45 PM evangelistic service Dr Boon trill faring the gospel Firrt Church of Chriei Sden- RLeieater Street end Irving nue 11 AM Sunday' 8duxil and mmnlng worship with Jesus" as tha subject of the lessen -Sermon The Golden Text is: the days come saith tha Lord that'l will raise unto David righteous Brandt and a King shall reign and prosper end shall acute Judgment and justice in the eerth And thia ie Hie rnmC whereby He shall be called the Lord Our Reeding roam located in the church building open to the pub lie Monday through Saturday from 2 to 5 PM end -on Thursday from 7 to 9 PM Charch at Our Lady of Many Westchester Avenue tha Rev Lafayette Yarwood pastor Masses 94(L 8 91V 11 and 12:15 Perpetual Mlrscul-us Medal Novena servica Moo-day at 8 Osrpns CkriiH Church South Regent Street the Rev Peter H-Rinaldi factor- Massee 7 8 9 and 11 A Italian devotions Sunday at 7:30 Nevena to St John Boeco Wednesday at 740 Charch ot Oar Lady isftha Salary Don Bosco Place the Rev John Celoria pa tor Mom 6 7 8 9 10:15 end 11:15 Tuesday 7:30 Ndvenato SL John Bosco -1 third Sunday of month at Vi- CATERING NOW YE HOTEL CttKtaa Waddlaia ana hrtki oar mmlMB er IE I1U I CL jroar hama U4X Boston Fart Boat Byo T-19SL V-" LT7fl00pP DINING PflTHCEPICjamil MM Btoata Om CUctw Baa rood XI RV I I33CRI Partloa and Waddinsi Private dlnlse rooia Baed idar and Saturday M3 Na Mata Btraat Port Cbootor MHB SAMi TIME! SAVE WEAR AND TEAR ON YOURSELF! Send your Lanndry Load to ns You're to b' more than pleased with tha aparkling clean just like-new res nils ORDER Masks Lamb Choia Pork Cbopai Tamp-orth Mata It Port Ghaitor f-330 1 Saadwtehoa 173 North i or "I ii' Jf oH tre' 3 ft PAy 1 rAr9HFAn" dLtaiwm-beoUaiit Pood-Ftaa Cooktae I AUjriEU mmaeulato Sorvloo Chfekca Cbopo Masks foaPOod' Bpaelal awy Tuesday Lobster JLKk 400 Toraat ve Rya 7-3TMl Dinner 1 TARDY I nnrF Bostaannt portal LondMoe 11:303:30 I ARM LUUQEt PM-3 AM13 MJU at Port Chsrtsr HITE DINER SuMMm to A Mool Groonwkk MJO LAUNDRY A SETTER DINING DANCING i ICKWICK ARMS- HOTEL SSS' Totepkono CK1CEN ParUoo axnased at wodarota prleao WICH Ai Phone fint Monday morning for i Joyce Americen Routemm farm Nlskta Cloaod Batorday and Jaekaoa Avoaua Beandala BUM it HIM ibnniinHi PORT CHESTER S-17S1S BYRAM RIVER M7H Fuhr's Milk Makes A Meal Fuhi'i Milk ii topi lor flivor nd nutrition in eookingind boking too mikoi Uito bottom Usi it orory dty 31 Busk Avgbh TaL Port Ckorto B-ISPS CO-EDDCATIONAL FREE PLACEMENT ft 3 Nv I I VJ ESTABLISHED 1928 i RFE 7-0550 HALCYON REST -V SAMTMIUM: t- Far MUi Mmmtml mmS Xtrrmma Midsfi Hubtt mmd Ckrmmie Jfadcna Treafmaaf Fselllflas AMERICA uwmu Register Now! PILL TERM BEGINS VSEPTs 8': 'v' Staadird CflBrssii Jaataf Accounting 8 scrota rial Higher Accounting Executive Camptaawter Medical 9 taegrephle Legal RETRESHER COURSES SharPi Swrslsrlil School SM ATLANTIC ST Tel Stem 9-9166 DAT ft EVERINl Tl Succouful Laandoron end CJoanon Sinco WS 11-17 PEARL ST P0RT CHESTER a AepsarU ky tha CMS star Basic af MesatUa RYE Y56 BOSTON POST BOAD 'Tl: 1 wv 4' -V 1 v- i 4 I-1 -m VO OA VO: oy J-temiL.

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