The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri on December 7, 1956 · Page 1
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The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri · Page 1

Sedalia, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1956
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THE SEDALIA DEMOCRAT Serves the Liveliest and Most Productive Territory in Central Missouri Volume Kighty-eight, Number 289 CITY EDITION DoniocMat Establíshed 18öft Sedaba, Missouri, Friday, December 7, 1956 Ten Pages Prue Seven Centi Full Associated Press Leased Wire and Wide World Features Dallon Gives t^t'gal (»reeii Lijilil lo Fund Invcslnienl I'reasiirv Ofl'iee Slarls rakiii<i[ liiiiiKMliale Sleps ^ J1;FFKHS(»N' CITV — AUy tion Joiui M. Daltan Kavo a le^al go-ah(‘ad tixlay for investment of idle state futuis and state T’reas-; tiror (i iluliert Bales' office ini-i mediatidy startl'd work on putting' the new systeir into (^K*ration. i Bates was out of town but VNil- son Hall. siH.'uritu*s supervisor in his office, said it was cloiir from a« Dalton’s opinion there would be no nisHi to wait for legislative ac- lion iH'fore the state could start ^ imestmg its idle money As of last night, Hall said the^ state had $Ion der>osit;, in 273 banks When Bates returns to the capital next Tuesday, one of his first jobs will be to deter mine how much of that may be safely invested in interest bearing time defKisits Hall said all the dei»ositorlesi are being informixl of Dalton’s opinion and will be a>ked to transfer money not neixled for current stale expeiisi's into interest bearing time deposits The money i.s held in demand deposits w’hich do not bear inter- , tot Hall said those contracts doj ( OlllllllillitV C.fHlcert Artist— not expire until F’eb. 1 but an ef-l , ildo Parisot^ 'Cellist^ Hits Polling I’larcr^ S. l I’or (!orii lOTcmMliiin Voting places for the Corn Referendum on Dec. 11 have been determined by the Pettis County .'VSC Committee, They are as follows: Blackwater and Houstonia at R -1 School. I.g)ngw(x>d. Hughesville and Heaths Creek at Bur,ton’s Service Station one mile ! south of 1) on Highway 65. LaMonte and Dresden at the Legion Hall in La.Monte, Green Ridge and Klk Fork at Green Ridge ¡School. Washington and Flat Creek at Manila Smithton, Rowling Green and Lake Creek at Smithton School. Sedalia, Cedar and Prairie at .\SC office in Sedalia. Council Tlirealeiis General Strike, Tronbie in ilnngary TORNADO Sf’UTS tllS HOI’SK—,M. 0 . Vanderpool, a farmer, surveys the damage to his Centralia, Mo., home which was split in a tornado. Property loss in the storm was extensive over a lOmile area. (NFA Telephoto) fort will he made to put the new sy.stem into operation immedi- etely. The voters gave overwhelming approval at the general election last month to a con.stitutionaJ amendment permitting tiie state treasurer to decide w'hat funds are riircc Men Arc Galled For Seiileiicc Jury (iavp (»iiilly Vertlicl Fhursday After Miiiiitps NKW YORK iP'—Two men convicted in the acid blinding of labor columnist Victor Rie.sel were sentenced today to five years in prison. A third defendant w-as sentenced to two years. They were accused specifically of conspiracy to obstruct justice by helping Abe Telvi, 22. flee arrest after he allegedly hurled the acid at Riesci out.side a Broadway restaurant .April 5, Telvi later wa.s W ide RanQe, Precision^ Gruccí’^efaTjudge w A wide range of tonal color, from the most dramatic to the expanse« of ,hc state «ov^nmeot j P''»-'""« »' ''W" Itna„r Ih. "I'"'- “t'o »•i's pre.scnt- Under the amendment, the treasurixr can invo5^ these idle! funds in time deposits or in short j term government securities. Pre-j viously state funds had to be kept in demand deposits. The plan Is expecti»d to produce | about $l million s year in addi-j tional revenue Batas had asked the a<torney| general when tbe amendment Iw- Soil Bunk Pa \ incuts » Are Delayed ed in the scond Community Concert on Thursday evening. Parisot’s breathtaking precision and clarity of tone made the evening much more than worthwhile to members who attended, con- illiam B. Herlands gave the lightest sentence- two years—to Leo Telvi, 26, Abe’s brother, w'ho contended he acted out of love for Abe. The 5-year .sentences went to Goldolfo Miranti. 37. an alleged “finger man” in the plot, and I Domenico Bando, 47, an interme- scious as they immediately were! nanao, 4 /, an inierme- of heorini? » tnn-nntrh artist nf »yliary. Hcrland.s also fined Mir- of hearing a ton-notch artist of a calibre not often encounter(*d. Threat of icy streiTs unfortunately kept some at home, but the enthusiasm of the audience more than counterbalanced its slightly smaller size. The most important number in The U.S. Department of Agri- comos effective and w’hether legis-j culture has announced that it does Ihe before - intermission groups, lative action would be needed be- not expect to be m position to'the Saint-vSaens “Concerto in A fore the first money could be in- deliver payment certificates to|niinor,” well display’ed Parisot’s vested. I farmers wi» participate in the'niastery of his instrument, as well Dalton ruled tjie amendment j 1957 Acreage Reserve programs i as the virtuosity of his accompa- went into effect 30 days after thejof the Soil Bank until about har-Uist. Lester Taylor. The concer- Nov. ft election. That would make time for the of theUo’s haunting theme had many it effective as 0 / yesterday. And he said the new provision is so clear in its intent that it is self executing and does not need any enabling legislation. Death Reveals Name Of Man Who Played Santa to the Bowery NEW YORK - “Mr. Glad.” who played Santa Claus for down- and-out denizens of the Bowery for the past .30 years, will be buried today. Rut only his death reveals the real name of the jolly, silver- haircxi man who so long played his part in spreading holiday happiness. “Mr Glad” was really Alfred Richard Rodway, founder and chairman of a Manhattan food- brokeragc firm. He died last .Monday at the age of 81. His wife Grace disclosed yesterday it was her husband who acreage' e.stablished for his farm, passed out change and sandwiches again requires delay of the and coffee on the Bowery along check until about harvest Kith this mcssaso: li"™, . T "Chfer up, old fellow. Every ™- . cloud has a silver lining. Keep up only winter wheat acre- your nerve and everything will ‘n'olved, the Department crops for w-hich compliance must;voices and moods under Parisot’s b« checked. ¡hands, and string players in the This delay is neces.sarv' to were especially fascinat- sure that all regulations of thej^ grace and control of programs have been met before payment certificates are issued. Questions have been raised currently about time of payment for acreage already designated under the 1957 winter wheat Acreage Reserve. This announcement applies both to winter wheat and to all other basic crops which will be eligible for payment certificates under the Acreage Reserve part of the Soil Rank. Compliance with Soil Bank acreage limitations is in general on a harvested rather than a planted Ije.ster Taylor, pianist, scored a personal triumph with his group of three numbers, being brought back for an extra bow. In the opinion of many, Taylor Is one of the most talented pianists and accompanists yet heard by the Community Concerts members. Even a well - known number such as “The Swan” by Saint- Saëns, Parisot’s first encore, took on new meaning and fresh interpretation in his hands. Additional encores were “Allegro” by Valen- acreage basis. Therefore, in many|tini. and “Spanish Dance” by De­ instances compliance cannot be i Falla. checked until harvest time. A further consideration is that a farm- The program: I. “Arioso,” Bach; “Sonatina anti $10,000. . They were convicted specifically on charge« of conspiracy to obstruct justice by helping A’oe Telvi flee arrest after the attack on Riesel. .An over-all indictment charges eight men with conspiracy to obstruct justice by attempting to intimidate a prospective witness — Riesel — from testifying before ia federal grand jury investigating rackets in the garment manufacturing and tnicking industries. Riesel, w'hose column is syndicated nationally and who has denounced labor racketeers, said of the verdict; “This vindicates in part the long fight many of us are making and will continue to make against corruption and racketeering.” Riesel testified for the prosecution. Tlie government contends Abe Telvi was slain because he upped his fee for the -jcid attack and because scars on his own face left by the attack made him a marked man. The four men to be tried shortly—on charges of actually plotting the acid attack to silence Riesel— include John (Johnny Dio) Dio- gurardi. He has been named by the prosecution as the instigator of the attack on Riesel. come out all right.” I aMan a'^ Fate (»05 ^ JO All Male Jury MINEORA. N'.Y. .T^The fate of Angelo La.Marca. on trial for his life in the kidnap death of little Peter Weinberger, goes into the hands of an all-male jury today following summations by| prosecution and defense. er, to be eligible for any Soil Rank in A Major,” Mozart, payments, must comply with all; II. “Concerto in A Minor, Opus acreage allotments <or corn base 33,” Saint-Saëns. HI, “Nocturne in D flat Major,” Chopin; “Moment Musical” Rachmaninoff; The Miller’s Dance from “The Three-Cornered Hat,” Falla: Lester Taylor. IV. “Sonato in G Major,” Rre- val. V. “Prayer,” Bloch; “Rondo,” Weber; “Apres un reve,” Faure; “Requiebros,” Cassado. The concert was presented at Smith - Cotton auditorium. Miss Sheila Isgur assisted Mr. ’Paylor by turning music. I’lnli|)|)iiu‘s Will Seal Dll UN ('oniieil RrcpivfH ,>0 Voles Out of 71 ( ast; Reds Falter Protest UNITED NATIONS. NY The Philippines won a first ballot' victory tiKiay over Czechoslovakia for a one-year term on the U.N. Security Council. The vote in the 79-nalion General .A.ssembly was 51 for the Philippines. 20 for Czechoslovakia Afghanistan 1, Spain 1 and Yugoslavia 1. The Philippines had just one vote more than the two-thirds required since only 74 affirmative votes were cast. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Vassily V. Kuznetsov immediately protested that the election discriminated against Eastern Europe. The seat which the Philippines will occupy previously had been held by Eastern European countries. Yugoslavia will vacate the seat Dec. 31 after .serving the first half of a normal two-year term under a private agreement reached last year to break a deadlock between Yugoslavia and the Philippines. Kuznetsov, taking the floor immediately after this morning’s vote, said the election of the Philippines constituted a “crude violation” of the U.N. charter’s provision that the Council’s membership should be based on equitable geographic distribution. He also called the action a violation of a gentleman’s agreement reached in london in 1946 on the composition of the Council. The United States contends this agreement. giving Eastern Europe one seat on the Council, was valid only for the first election. The Soviet delegate accused the United States of trying to use the U.N. to serve its own purposes and said “this strikes at the very root of our organization. Supported by both the United States and Britain, Filipino Delegate Felixberto Serrano expressed confidence his government would get the Yugoslav seat. “What is at issue,” he told newsmen, “is whether the gentlemen’s agreement between Yugoslavia Dl'LLES BACK AT DESK—xSeeretary of State John Foster Dnlles, right, is shown in conference with his undersecretary, Herbert Hoover, Jr., In this first picture made of him back at his desk since his recent operation. After a two-day checkup, doctors reported that Dulles has fully recovered from his cancer surgery. (NEA Telephoto) Tells Wilson Plan Leakage Miisl Slo|) Presiflenl !Makes R«‘iiiark al Meeting On Defense Money AUGUSTA. Ga. .T-President Eisenhower complained to Secretary of Defense Wilson today that , .............„ -leakasc- ot railitanr budget "it «' 11 ’’be Oiriistinas Deeoratioii Show Will Be Helfl On Saliirtlay, xSiinday The Christ ma.s Show of dtcora- tion.s of all kinds for the holidays which is being staged by the Sedalia Garden Clubs will be held at the library Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the show will be during the hours of 2 to 6 and on Sunday, from 2 to 3 p.m. The show, which is free, will give many suggestions for Christmas arrangement, door pieces, package wrapping. Christmas cor- W anis l*ti|>|)ot (iov(*rnnient It Will Resist Proeiamalion States Kadar M um * F.iid i^oliee Taetie.«) BUD.\PEST. Himgar>' '.e-A new general strike and bloodshed in Hungary wa.s threatened today. ; The Ct'ntral Worker.s Council is- I sued a proclamation warning the j Soviet - imposcKl government of I Premier Janos Kadar thaï continuation of its tactics against electixi work<‘r representatives would result in “a general strike, bloodshf'd and a new national tragiHly.” The Central Workers Council has gradually emerged as the leadership of Hungarian anti- Kadar. anti-Soviet feeling, Kadar so far ha.s turned dow^n every demand of the council on behalf of the people and workers, but his ow'ii popular supfiort has been so shaky that he has n4>t dart'd openly to withdraw his recognition of the body as the negotiating agency for Budaptxst workers. The Hungarian pt*ople appeared to have recover«! from the first .shock of the smashing onslaught by Russian tanks of Nov. 4, and to be coming back strongly. The council’s warning was voiced a.s a re.sult of the of many members of factory worker councils. Several more members were arrested last night. A’e.sterday, after about 50 members had been arrested, workert at several plants went on spontaneous strike. At one factory, 600 workers succe.s.sfully defied Soviet tanks and Hungarian militia and police and prevented the arrest ures and manpowei plans to the public “is something that’s got to stop.” The Pre.sident remarked about 'ithe matter as he and Wilson were about to start a conference on Pentagon plans reportiHlly calling for .36 billion dollars in defense expenditure during the fiscal year starting next July 1. The informal discussion about “leakage” of Pentagon data floor of the library. advance of any official and the Philippines is to be hon- for publication was in the pre.s- ored.” jence of two pool refx>rter.s repre- But many delegates expres.seri Isenting newsmen assign'd to cov- concern that the prospective line- 1 or the President. The central council yesterday advised against sporadic strikei in the plants. It said .such strikes would .«erve the interast of the government they would indicate the council was not the ma.ster of the .situation in the factories. Today it seig a three-memt>er delegation to Kadar “to protest against the violation of the law jand to W'arn that if such arrest« M(Ml RDO SOUND. .Antarctica continue the anger of the world .4^-Engine trouble .stranded thejwould be rousrd against it (the in'10-man crew of a U.S. Navy planelgovernmi'nt,).” lO-Maii Grew Is Slraiuled At Sonili I*oIc at the South Pole today. The crew had flown to the two- milc-high jKilar plateau with sup- Later, the central council said in a proclamation: “If this continues, we lose the up promised another deadlock,! James C. Hagerty, White for plie.s for a 23-member Seahee onlv possibility to ri'store order task force building a base there,and create a normal life.” Year International observation. expects to be in position to start issuing payment certificates about the first of June. Where other acreages are also involvid, and multiple compliance checks must be made, certificates cannot be ' turn lo page 2, column 7) F^fleirs Í in Dniilil— Conservatives Tahe JSetv Hold Aftev Suez Sifuail A(‘lrpSS l>OS(‘S (Jlild LONDON f.4*'—Britain’s Conservative party took a new hold on HOLLYWOOD tT'—Actress Her (|,p j-pj,.,;. government today aft- Angeli has the baby .she weathering a parliamentary pocted in June. Her husband is gqy 3 [i over the Suez invasion. But singer Vic Damonc. whether Sir Anthonv p]den would Snail's Pdi py Auto and pedestrian traffic seemed to move at a snail’s pace this morning but that is better than dents and bruises. Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday: colder tonight and continued coki Saturday; low tonight 16: high Saturday 28. The temperature at 7 a m. was 21. 22 at 1 p.m., and 22 at 2 p.m. Low Thursday night 21, Rainfall was ..55 inch. The tempera'-ure one year ago today; high 51, low 28; two years ago high 37. low' 26; 3 years ago high 60 low 36 Stage at Lake of the Ozarks 52.7 rise .L remain in the driver’s seat was think withdrawal now constitutes still in doubt. | a humiliating reverse leaving In quick succession in the; Britain and France without any House of Commons last night the ¡gains from the invasion, government beat down a Sociali-st, gyt small number of absten- motion censuring the Suez niili-uions in it.self was a Conservative tary intervention 327-260, then won | victory, since more than 100 mem- vote of confidence in its Middle i of the party a week ago had East policy 312-260, signed a petition deploring the Defeat on either motion would demands for with- Snow ily-F^asscs State But FVeeziiijr Drizzle Seen ill FTireeasl K.ANSAS CITY — Snow has Mi.ssouri again, b u t parts oi the state are in for freezing drizzle. The weather bureau i.ssued a warning of freezing drizzle in a band from the southw'ei5(t to the ea.stcentral sections this afternoon and over SoutheaM Mi.s.souri tonight. Much colder weather will follow. H>ws of 8 lo 12 are forecast for tonight in northwest Missouri with readings of near 30 in the extreme .soi’th€>iast. Heavy rains preccdt'd the turn to colder in the ea.slern and southern sections. Rich''oods in ingion county reported 2.32 inches. Other reixrts included; The government’s majority wasi . Lakeside 2 inches, SU'clville 1.81 reduced on the second vote by 15 ,Louis 1 63. Owensville l.,)5, St. Conservatives who abstained. This!^ L45, De was a direct slap at Eden L29. (»asconadc 1 17, Perry- Conservative backers of a tougher L14. Plains ,J7. Spring- line in the Middle East, w'ho^*^^^ .Malden .51. with East and West throwing their;press .secretary, said the confor- prestige behind their candidates.tence quarters at the .Augu.sta Na- Yugoslav informants .said thatitiona! Golf Club w'ere tixi small |pliilo.sophically their delegation expected to vote,to permit all new.smcn to be on for the Philippines on the first few hand for the start of the budget ballots but that their agreement parley. So the rest were repre- did not bind them to back Manila!sented by Charles Roberts of indefinitely. Under last year s Newsw'eck magazine and .iohn agreement,iEdwards of the .American Broad- made when 35 ballots fail«! to break the deadlock, the Philip- casting Co. Tliey later reported that Wilson pines and Yugoslavia agreed to ¡ first brouglit the matter of “leak- split the two-year term. TheyHge” of budget data and man- drew lots and Yugoslavia won the power plans, talking in general first year. ¡terms. He obviously was ferring Soviet Deputy Foreign Ministerio information obtained by news- Vassily V. Kuznetsov held one of‘men and later publishiHl. his rare news conferences yesler-j Alluding to budget and man- day to spell out Russia’s support,power planning, Wilson said: for Czechoslovakia. He termed the! “We got started last June, and lottery arrangement illegal and then things began to h>ak ” recalled that Russia had refused' It was at that point the Presi- to agree lo it a> the time. !dent said—and both Roberts and (leophysical “Our negotiations with the government did not bring the r« The fliers Jook their jxilar delay,quired re.sults.” it said “It ap- Before starting pears that 'Premier' Janos Ka- their repair job. they broke outjdar does not have the power to sleeping bags from their survival certain persons who are still kits and turned in at one of the.around him and who arc hattxi three shelter huts the Seabees bv the worker.s. have built in the last two weeks. The groundixi plane is a ski- “These persons misintorm him about the will and the mood of «luipped Navy Neptune with two Hungarian people. These hin- jet and two propeller engines. One (jer from above the purge of Ih« jet engine failed as it tried to state apparatus ” take off. The mechanics will havei The proclamation was issued a.x rough work repairing or repLac.|the city was reported quiel-at mg the crippled engine in tem-qpagt on the surtace-after three peratures as low as 30 below, ¡davs of turmoil. Crew members are H, Cmdr.i ¿»„a. sporaffie strikes were re- John H Torbert, North Kingston,jpofted. The Kadar government R L. pilot: (apt. Douglas L. Cor- apparently is determined to break diner. Washington, D.C., com-,everv resistance. Police night mander of an air squadron in the threatened lo take “severe meas- ■Navy s Deep h reeze polar opera-¡ures counterrevolutionary tion; and .Maj. Stan A. Antos,’elonients“—a brand that can he Buttalo, N.A both copilots: T.jused apparently anybody..A IhS. spokesman declared sup -1 Edwards reported he showed irri- port of Czechoslovakia was “clear tation — that “this leakage is'8gt. David J. Sul!i\an, San Benito contravention” of the agreement, something that has got to stop.”j ^ex., navigator; Emmte H. Gann. . . . Soddy. ’I'enn., aviation mai'hin-A'lIKHM Oik* (fo<‘s to Jail— Sixteen Persons Mahe Rond In Racial Disorder iciiini ist’s male; Clair F. .Jones Jr.,i(' Carmi, 111 , electronics matf Frank Owen Snyder. .Memphis, oiiln.»! Over Vtlanti«* WA.SHÎNGTON .T - A guidtni Hnllptiti CLINTON. Tenn. 4^ inal contempt of court in the incidents. The 17th, .loe Diehl, a farmer. have forced Eden and his Cabinet to resign and make way for new national • elections which might have put the opposition Labor party in power. Temperatures from Saturday through Wednesday are expected to average about 5 degrees below normal. Clinton High SclKK)! will reopen Monday,^'oonvietod of h , . „ , , , ! contempt for handing out “inflam- on a continued integrated basis barring further racial incidents, Tenn., aviation machinist's mate; I niissile that refu.'cd to Ix* guided •lames D. Crisp, Dawson Springs. 'has di.sappeartxl soiiunvtiere m Ky.. aviation machinist’s mate; tho .Atlantic Ocean. Daniel Relio. Detroit, aviationi 'I’hc Deion.x> Department gave eletronies mate: and Minor R no details in aiinmincing last night McDaniel, Pharr Tex., aviationn R“'* "did escape electrician .from eontp.l a* the .scheduled turn around jv- g jud priK’C«ied '>n to a de-tmabon yet unknown.” Gciilralia Man Dieis In Jet Plane Grasli literature" which compared the roumlup of the other 16 Anderson County S c I kki I Board;with Communist action in Hun- chairman R. G. Crossno said to-!R*»*y- sentenced to .'iO days in jail. HnrroW'S ( hn* Billion day. LONDON .T - Capt 'ame.s T. drawal to which the government:¡'•HGowan of Centralia. Mo., wa.s bowed. killed yesterday when his U S. The votes came after a two-dayj Force jet aircraft burst into f . ... i flames and crashed into a hill- foreign pohc.v debate during which, The first 67-vote majorityUhe Conservative party’s determi proved that the Conservatives, de-jnation to ride out the storm and' spite internal dissension over tiie hang on to government control abortive Bnlish-Ffrench strike into Egy'pt, still could close their ranks against any Socialist bid for national power. Actually the Conser- was set forth by .Acting Prime -Minister R. A Butler, heading the government while Eden is resting in Jamaica and regarded by vativcs have only 60 more mem- many as Fldcn’s heir apparent, hers than all other parlies in the! “This government.” said Butler House. l“has a long life before it.” W.ASHiNGTON ,? The Trea.s- ury today announced a new bor- “He may not know a.s much as'rowing of one billiixi dollars to be 'he should know” Taylor told I used in part to defray the cost of CLINTON, Tenn, ,4* — Sixteen Diehl s court-appointed 1 a w y e r, i possible financial aid to Hntain persons made bond pending trial ‘'but to compare ar action ofj ____ and a I7th went to jail yesterday this court with that of the Ru.ssian! as federal court wound up the first government and the Hungarian Mo phase of its action to halt racial peoples — he knows better than: di.sorders which closed Clinton that” ' AIGUST.A. Ga. .F—Secretary of High School. The other !6 were charged with Defense Wilson .said today it “ecr The Anderson County School various threats or act.s of violence tainly look.s” as though military Board .scheduled a meeting with or other activities tending to inter ¡spending will increase in the next faculty members and law enforce- fere with integration of ClintonUi.scal year above estimated ex ment officers today to plan re-High in violatio.n of a court in- pendilure of 36 billion dollars for opening of the school Monday, It junction. this year. was closed alter a flareup of vio-| Taylor had issued the injunction And the Cabinet officer added lence Tuesday, ¡ Aug. 29 and made it permanent: after a 2* 2 -hour budget conference F’ourteen men and two women Sept. 6 when violent demonstra- with President Flisenhovver that he from .Anderson County have been tion.s followed admission oi 12 Ne- does not hxik for “any substan before Federal J'ldge Robert L. groe.s among HOi' w utiw at (’Unton f.ial change” in the knel of miii Taylor in nca’^by Knoxville in the High under T.iylorb de.seg vgation lary manpower, now at about 2, last two days on charge« of crim-|order of last January. ¡tkW.iKio men. The mi-s 'le wa-- 'ir«i \V«ine>- day from the I’a'nck Air F^orce Ra.>e on the e.i.-ii coaM .»f Florida, along an e.Nablished lc,sl yange which extends soulliea>lward inlo the Atlantic. The announcement said it was ” •'< a rou'e'c snnin s helpers srv; 14 shopt’ing days fo CHRISTMAS

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