Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 19, 1973 · Page 33
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 33

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1973
Page 33
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EPA By-Passes Abingdon Sewer Grant .AiBTiNGlDOIN— Tine Abingdon City Council aVfionidaiy learned the olity had been by-passed for a grant for a sewer improvement program. (Miawor Siawi Miangicri notified (ihic council Uhiait the city had received a late from J<ack M. iMiairco, ^acting direc- IOOH * of (Jhe Environmental Pro- iw'im Agency, Abating that Che eiiily would molt be considered for a ginartt ifrwn stole amid federal funds for the 1974 . ivnairco siaid that because tocal financing was not assumed, lUhe city's grant appli- oailiron far funds Ihiad been bypassed. Abingdon voters last flail tamed dlown a $560,000 bond issue which would have been tlflrwe cilty's store of the upgrading program. An earlier. $280,000 bond issue for the finslt phase of the project was approved by voters, and work on that phase—separating storm waiter lines and sewer Abingdon MRS. GEftAL&ME BAUFR Correspondent nvD st, Auifuiftine, ill, Phone 462-2477 Tigers Trap Stalled Car WINSTON, Ore. (UPI) "We really saw the tigers," said Mrs. Ken Pritchett after her car was safely towed out of the World Wildlife Safari. Four Bengal tigers surrounded her car and trapped its five occupants inside after a short in the wiring started an engine fire. The curious cats ambled around the vehicle while it smoldered. * Park crews finally moved in with fire extinguishers to put out the blaze, then pulled the vehicle to safety while armed rangers kept watch. SEE KNOXVILLE "MONEY STORE" June 22, 1973 Galesburg Register-Mail Raw Sugar and Vitamins Natural Foods/Oils. Flours. Sold At ... son 6 230. p, Main, Xnoxvlllo lines—(began earlier in the summer. THE GRANT application which has been rejected would have helped finance a program of upgrading sewer lines, adding some new lines and improvement to the sewage tireataenit plant. The mayor (bold the council thiait there were areas of the eomimoniity which could be improved by city crews, citing removal of junk at tlhe waterworks; mowing closer to tombstones alt itihe cemetery, and weeding oiity flower beds. Oilby crews wiM be instructed to accomplish these jobs. The mayor reported that repairs to the resitrooims at the city ball park are now being done. Council members totructed the city waiter superintendent to investigate the cost of extending a waiter main to the north end of North Monroe Street a)8ter two residents of the area, Gene Johnson and Bob Van Tress, asked for water to their properties. AFTER THE superintendent makes his report, the council will decide on tlhe feasibility of line project and the distri- bultion Of caste. Aid. Daren Poland reported tot the city • has been in- sitructed by itjhe slJaibe Depart- menit of Highways to repair 'a section of II. 41 with cement. The city had been forced to tear up the section in front of luhe Dari Delight to repair a waiter main break. The pavement break had been repaired- with rock and blacktop, but the repair is now breaking up, according to Poland. The counioil reaffirmed a prior un/deraiaoding' ithalt girls employed for the summer ais playground suipervdsans are girls who plan on attending college with sialairy to help with educational expenses. THE MATTER came up when alt'was reported <hat a girl presently employed as a supervisor < is planning to be married. The council agreed (Uhait when she is married, she will be replaced wi<h a girl who plans to continue on to school. The council Agreed to pay the Burlington Northern Rail* road a $4,000 fee for a permanent casement along the west side of the fight of way from the city to the disposal plant. The easement will allow the construction of a sewer line. In other business, the council: -Approved the annexation of land on Pennsylvania Avenue owned by Keith Keller pending approval of the city attorney. —Okayed spraying trees and bushes at the cemetery at a cost of $438. —Purchased a 3-ohawiel base radio unlit for itlhe waterworks truck at a cost of $202. —Confirmed the appointment of Jim Willis and Ruth Ann Willis to the auxiliary police. —Heard Aid. Hollis Palmer report that Richard Darmer has been hired for the Abingdon Police Department. He replaces Larry Seward, who resigned. —Instructed city personnel to obtain cost estimates of razing the American Legion building near the intersection of Jackson and Main streets which was destroyed by fire late last year. Qalesbura Regjster^qjJ / ,,^le$bura>..HJ^. Tuesday, Jum 19, 1 Knoxville ANNABEL PETERSON CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 216 N. timber St, t>hon< 289-2616 I; ELECTED—Bruce Litchfield, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Litchfield, was elected vice president of Section 4 of the Future Farmers of America at the state FFA convention in Champaign. He also ceived his state farmer grcc at the meet. re­ de- Old Dump Site Will Be Open Mary Tinkham of 906 Palmer St. reported to police that thieves had pried open her garage door to gain enteuice for TreeDebHs sometime between June 12-15. Nothing was found missing in the initial check, according to police. Pamela Bearce signed a complaint charging Frank Bearce with assault June 8. Tommy L. Berg, 17, Ber-. wick, was cited by Abingdon police for spinning tires on Commercial Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lewis, Michael and Crystal, have returned from a 2-week trip to Seattle, Wash., where they visited their son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lindon Lewis. They also visited Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills, Yellowstone National Park and points of interest in Washington. KNOXVILLE - Knoxvifle residents may use the old' dump site to get rid of tree debris up until Saturday, officials reported. Dale Logsdon, superintendent of streets, today reminded residents that street crews will only pick up debris from Saturday's storm that belongs to the city. TheyH Do It Every Time * Words 7-day» 4-day« • May 1-20 1 8.21 1... 3.78 , : , r .i.80 21-2S I 6,13 I 4.26 1.68 26-30 , 1 6.76 4.48 31-36 1 7.84 B.24 ' 2,13 Card o£ Thanks Lodge Notices, Ou inch or lete—|2.75. m CASK RATE—Applies. when ad F*0SIM rue. YACHT CLUS BAR"* MOT. ATOMBUK! •ftM ^ANOASAWy I n HAT TIP TO OI*A ALLI6E& |36<SMUdHA> TDNAWANWk, N.Y. O %ht F «*torM Syndtrjit*. \nr.* 1973, W«rM HffiN t«*t**J. Dingy Car Might Be Saved With Nick-of-Time Testing By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - A survey of motorists in Great Britain shows that drivers who polish their automobiles are less likely to have accidents than those slovenly blokes who tool around in unsightly, dingy vehicles. The Lighter Side Some 8,000 miles of new roads —enough to girdle the nation- are added annually to the United States highway system. READ THE WANT, ADS! THIS PORTION TO BE RETURNED TO DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY OFFICE OF REVENUE SHARING 1900 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20225 (K) fwi EXECUTIVE PROPOSAL Check this block if this plan is based on «J an executive proposal (L) DEBT How will the availability of revenue sharing funds affect the borrowing requirements of your jurisdiction? AVOID DEBT INCREASE LESSEN DEBT INCREASE NO EFFECT TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT (M) TAXES In which of the following manners is it expected that the availability of Revenue Sharing Funds will affect the tax levels of your jurisdiction? Check as many as apply. • WILL REDUCE AMOUNT OF RATE INCREASEOFA MAJOR TAX. • WILL ENABLE REDUCING RATE OF A MAJOR TAX. J TWILL PREVENT INCREASE IN |___f' RATE OF A MAJOR TAX Xj NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS THE GOVERNMENT OF KNOX TOWNSHIP PLANS TO EXPEND ITS REVENUE SHARING ALLOCATION FOR THE ENTITLEMENT PERIOD BEGINNING J. N. I, 1973 and ending JUNE 30, 1973 IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER BASED UPON AN ESTIMATED TOTAL OF $8,554 ACCOUNT NO 14 3 048 009 This is something our own National Highway Safety Administration might do well to keep in mind. The safety agency has ordered the U.. S. auto industry to install air bags in 1976 models to protect the occupants during collisions. But there are indications the deadline may be extended. If so, the agency possibly could achieve the same results by setting up federal minimum polishing standards for cars. Getting and keeping unshiny vehicles off the road should substantially reduce the traffic death toll. The British survey appears to corroborate the school of psychologists who hold that many motorists are in love with their cars and that polishing is a form of caress. A motorist who has spent 20 or 30 minutes affectionately stroking his beloved sedan obviously is going to be pretty cautious when he gets behind the wheel, lest he run into something smudgy. District 225 Presumably, this also is true of shoe polishers. Show me a chap with well-shined shoes and Ml show you a guy who's head over heels in love with his brogans. And also a fellow who's going o be pretty careful about what he kicks. In Public Interest Contrariwise, it may be assumed that a non-polisher's' relationship with his automobile is strictly platonic. A driver who isn't emotional- y involved isn't concerned about preserving the car's glossy exterior. He's probably got his mind on some member of the opposite sex. And the next thing you know —crash! He's embracing a telephone pole. Clearly, federal polishing standards would be in the public interest. This would force motorists who don't personally caress their cars to take the vehicles to a neighborhood massage parlor. But since the gleam output of a metal surface is difficult to Oil Tanker Strikes Rock, Comes Apart NEW DELHI (UPI) -One man was killed, three others were reported missing and all other 49 crewmen aboard an oil tanker were injured Monday when the vessel struck a rock in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Bonfoay and split in two, the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency said today. The tanker Cosmos Pioneer, carrying a cargo of diesel oil was on its way to the port of Kandla from Bombay when its engine konked out, PTI said The ship was carried away by choppy seas near the coast, where it struck the rock and came apart. All the injured were hospitalized in Bombay. The agency said the body of one crewman had been recovered but that search was on for three others fcaleiburs:, ill. *• Classified Advertlslrri Dial 843-7181 • OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday-' 8 A.M.-4:30, Effective March l, 19' i, in MemprUm. Other Notice*, 1 lft paid within 8 day! from date of far " last Insertion. INDEX Card of Thanks i Building Lots -.82 Aviation ~ -r-' 8 A Antiques —— t —31 Apartments—Furnished . - r —63 Apartments—Unfurnished r —64 Autos—Sport, Foreign «.—77 Autos—New -7g Autos—Used *—7B Business Service Business opportunity „J .-..17 Boats and Motors *.—70 Child Care - t — Coins — Stamps — Mlsc -*.—33 COUNTRY CORNER— " t . Farm - Miscellaneous ---—A —19 Farms and Acreages—Rent '.—41 Farms and Acreages—Sale J .—42 Pasture for Rent ...— -4— -43 Farm Implements - Serviclei-44 Feed - Seed - Fertilizers 45 Poultry and Supplies ^.—48 Livestock and SuppUes ——47 Auctions „ -. 18 Commercial Property —59 Construction Equipment J 75 Employment Wanted —14 Garages J —go Gootf Things to Eat J ,—?l Help Wanted—Male. J 11 Help Wanted—Female, —-: 12 Help Wanted—Male, Female 13 Household Goods 28 Home Improvement ^ 25 Houses for Rent 65 In Memoriam ^—« Instruction — Insurance <—fg Investments . 18 Lawn and Garden Needs J —-34 Lost and Found J 8 Moving — Storage —— 8 Money to Loan—Wanted — 19 Musical —-— J- —28 Mobile Homes for Rent J—56 Mobile Home Spaces Si Mobile Homes for Sale ——. 86 Motorcycles - Bicycles New Houses for Sale ,-T-- 62A . Notices - Lodge 3 Notices - Other — ---».« 4 Notices - Special - Personal ~ r —J> Office Space —52 Photography _~ «.--29 Pets and SuppUes —. *—33 Property Management —-—«—16 Rooms lor Rent J —51 Resorts and Cottages J—61 Room and Board . —82 Real Estate lor Sale J —63 Real Estate Wanted :—64 Real Estate—Out of Town —:—65 Sporting Goods —71 Transportation sr —7-, ——„2 Trailers - Campers - Equip. —.72 Tires - Accessories - Parts Ti Trucks - Truck Trailers ».—78 TV - Radio - Stereo 27 Wanted to Buy - Mlsc «,—35 Wanted to Rent *• — 55 Miscellaneous 30 measure, the standards would necessarily be somewhat imprecise. Should a car be as bright as a new penny? As shiny as a blue serge suit? Offhand, I would say that when a traffic cop stops a car he should whip out a razor and see if he can use the fender for a shaving mirror. One nick and the driver gets a ticket. Study Checks Sheep Losses From Coyotes Card of Thanks—1 • WILL PREVENT ENACTING ANEW MAJOR TAX • TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES PRIORITY EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES (A) 1 PUBLIC SAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION 4 HEALTH RECREATION 6 LIBRARIES SOCIAL SERVICES FOR AGED & POOR FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION 9 TOTAL PLANNED OPEflATING/MAIN- , TENANCS iXWi' PLANNED EXPENDITURES (B) PERCENT PUNNED FOR MAINTENANCE if EXISTINB SERVICES ft) % % % % % % % PERCENT PUNNE0 FOR NEW EXPAN0E0 SERVICES (0) % % % % % % % % I have advised a local newspaper and the news media of the contents of this report. Furthermore I have records documenting the contonts of this report and they are open for public and news media scrutiny. WilLARD LARSON SIGNATURE OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE Of flCEfl Supervisor NAME* TITLI J PLEASI p'rUNT June 19, 1973 DATEfUBUSHIU Galesburg Register-Mail Knox Township Twp. Supv. Knox County Knoxville, III. CAPITAL EXPENDITURES EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES E 10 MULT1- PURPOSE Y AND GENERAL'GOVT. tl EDUCATION 12 HEALTH 13. TRANSPORTATION 14. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 15 HOUSING i COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 16 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 17 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION 18 PUBUC SAFETY PLANNED EXPENDITURES F S PERCENT PLANNED FOR: EQUFMOlT G UNO jCONSTRUCTIOM ACOUSTIC* % % % % % % % NAME Of NEV/3PA/"Efl % % % % % % % % % % % % oar KTINDSXT J % % % % % % Advisory Council Organized To Assist AlWood's Board WOODHULL - AlWood School District 225 Board of Education has established an educational council to assist it in evaluating the school system and establishing program priorities. Named to the council were Archie Samuelson, Mrs. Eugene Wallin and Rev. Ensign Leininger, representing the community; LuAnn Raisbeck, David Rehn and Steve Spivey, student representatives; Louis Browning, Mrs. Pam Eiker and Truman Nehls, faculty; Horace- Bishop and Harold Grams, administration, and John Barton, board liaison. The council will consider such things as curriculum and instruction, budget and finance, personnel, buildings and grounds, transportation and lunch programs, pupil-personnel services and school-community relations. Explain Purposes In establishing the council, board members said its purpose will be to reflect the desires of the district's residents to bring first-hand information regarding what district residents want from their educational system. All sectors of the community will be surveyed. The council will prepare a report to be submittd to the office of the superintendent by January 1974. Th council will meet June 27 at Fischer Cafeteria. AlWood School District 225 Board of Education, at a meeting June 6, hired five teachers for the coming school term. Given contracts were Rosalie v csscr of Charleston, junior and senior high school girls' physical education; Carol VanDe- Walle, Woodhull, fifth and sixth Igrades; Pamela Tunberg of Freeport, speech therapist; Leslie Wildt of Erie, library-learning center, and Nelda Horsman of Sullivan, special education. The board was told that several positions remain open, including varsity football coach. Board members voted to spend up to $800 to refinish the junior high school gym floor and to authorize Keith Clement to attend FFA and vocational agriculture instructors' meetings at the University of Illinois. Construction and remodeling will be the topic at a special meeting today. Dynamite Found In Extremist Leader's House BRENTWOOD, Md. (UPI) FBI agents Monday night found 50 pounds of dynamite in the home of Jesse Stephens, an extremist rightwing leader who died last week, The widow of Stephens, an official of the Minuteman organization, called the FBI to ask agents to search the house for her own safety and that of the neighborhood, fire prevention chief M. H. Estepp said. Fire department officials said the FBI agents found 50 pounds of "very unstable" gel-x dynamite. It was taken to a landfill and burned without incident. When the dynamite was found, residents of the block around the Stephens house in this Washington suburb were evacuated for 3Va hours. RENO, Nev. (UPI) - A University . of Nevada-Reno researcher is living with a band of sheep to determine if stockmen's claims of losses to coyotes and other predators are justified, . Eat lamb, 10,000 coyotes can't be wrong," has become a popular' bumper sticker in sheep country since the government banned the use of poisons for predator control on federal lands. Kent McAdoo, a graduate student, is spending a year with the Elko County flock of Jess Goicoechea. He checks the herd each day at sunrise and in the evening for sheep losses. If the sheep were killed by predators, he attempts to determine which type. He also conducts autopsies to attribute death to poison plants, disease or other causes. Dr. Donald Klebenow, professor of wildlife management at the school, said the study will help determine the actual impact of the coyote and other predators on domestic animals and other rangeland prey. "Past information on sheep and other losses to predators has been questioned since it primarily was accumulated by livestock men or predator control people," Klebenow said. Deadline Is Near For Truck Plates SPRINGFIELD - Owners of trucks and other second division vehicles licensed on a fiscal year basis have two weeks to display new license plates, Secretary of State Michael J. Howlett said today. Deadline for displaying plates is June 30. "There is no guarantee that mail orders received in Springfield at this late date can be processed and plates delivered by mail in time to meet the deadline," Howjett said. Plates may be purchased in the Centennial Building in Springfield or at 5301 W. Lexington St., 5401 N. Elston Ave. or 9901 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. in Chicago. I WOULD like to express my appreciation to everyone during my recent hospitalization at Cottage Hospital. A special thank you to Dr. Boss, second west personnel, physical therapy department, x-ray department and laboratory. All the calls, visits, "cards and flowers helped speed my convalescence. Thank you. ; Mrs. Violet Meadows In Memoriam— 2 HULICK, Loren — In loving memory of our husband, dad and grandpa who passed awaj« two years ago, June 19, 1971. ' His memory is our keepsake, From which wenever wfllijart, God has him in His keeping, We have him in our hearts. Sadly missed by Mom,* Barbara and Bob, Jeanlne, Bartley and Neeley. *• STEWART, Michael — In ldving memory ol my dear son and our grandson, who was taken from us two years ago, June 19, 1071* The years go by, and the (.years one by one > *» Holding precious memories of our dear son and grandson There's pleasure and pain In reUving the past, DUt .for a finer son and grandson,,none could ever ask. We keep wondering why iyou were taken away You enjoyed life so much- 1 and were always happy and gay No one knows, only Him up above Why we must lose the ones, we love. Mom, Grandparents and Great Grandma McNAUGHT, Andrew O. —'• In'lov- ing memory of our husband.and father, who passed away $0 years ago today, June 19, 1933. Just a thought of sweet memories, His place on earth no one : can fill, Take caro of him, God, /ofr he was one of the best. ... ' , The Family A pound of processed and enriched uranium can produce enough electricity to light a 100- watt bulb for 2,600 years. In Barrow, Alaska, northernmost community in the United States, a medium-size watermelon sells for more than $8. READ THE WANT ADS! GET LOT OF .;, READERSHIP FOR PENNIES • WHEN '. YOU •. USE • A CLASSIFIED AD (Continued on Pags 32)

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