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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 2
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 2

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:

JLtrjAaTWi1 ww i TH DAILY ITM PORT CHUTER NY THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8IIJI Municipal nes Many Ifarrisoii Will" Get IUporU -Tonight PiirtySuccess lltl Poor Bond Market Blamed For Mo ve On $250000 Issue Mr? Campbell Named Heq4 Of Guild Awaits Rvc As Mamaroneek IXHlge Gives TT- eouimttlea of member nf tli Harrisen Brink of the Americas RM Crow In th' ludiroiuJUaL Aa Important maating oi board of dtrortora of the Ci A' will ba bald tdnlght In ihTtTOffliWWbiBiirif i atiiughr whan raparta yartainlag la tha-ao thrKigp of tlia aauoclatloo will be by tha Loot COpb-' alHcara aeeretery -of Al Lancti Heistrqtinn end Special tleetion Ihiys Tuhlal Pnqwiution rforutrttfirM fiderrr People Giicsts At Party Aiixiliry Evenl Prawa n' ReaiilriUd of Nt-arby Tootii Village Mad' Harrlaon rhlbnl among tha gueat at the u' eard-artyk-beld-under -tha Police Stotion end Repair of Square House MurtHiu lIolln- Alvaijlufc With Six lianich While i Foe Hail Late Start will aubmit a report allowing tha aetivltiea for tlie put month MrtrWIrWlltHngrTreatiHr nn cr 'of Sorietjf 22 Yeah Given New Term Mra fieorge Campbell wa eleet rd prealdent nf tha Ltdlai' (Sulld of 3TWrCrIIii2li rkr rp bond 1 he 'Hum the VilU gM Tn 'fTT u-mfthjr JlUruMlni teat night xrotvd fv-- rf any further ietlon on the fclORM bond tour 'O'- 4 I-W JlifnUpal Building The reglatmlie" vt Voters l-LhC-lai'-lL--' 17 -in1 ftic'slbrlal ejecttoU day sol tnr JV'dnss- 4-i iwth been sm-elled fhr proposltam ddlillrly Eplampal chu Hr-I rf nlh at' Jh ionheM £sz Tnortow Cherrle lolge Mrs Campbell tlwf ihr Lytto auxiiiian aucceeda Mr fltorga Archer ta the Mamnmneek lexica of Elba i Two traditional rrvala wtll eUfh ea the gridiron -tomorrow aftib: eonrt ruetlVa raaulta of draught noon when tha Hairriaon' and Rvr crlirr In tha llaa of better ao-Hlgh fk-hool team meet nn the rlKl orgaaiaatlon have bean A a-ivu llrld Th eonpicuou Can't wa enn-aehoolK will play for the third tlm ttnu thla apUndid work by In football Harrlaon baa won both our- rrapnoM to tha Roll Call? i pieviuurf eoalaata It Harriaon meat quota'- In IMttf HarrlMiB rompMaly out t-pta' Hdted-the fllua and WhllPbM? had -rt wfth Ua re'habiUlatiM efforta The tabled last night after th board to fs-onsnler its previous y-' li litl" tr it nil TSc HrWllUllicipwl Mra Tbomaa Hanna of Mamaro-aaek wrua cenerat chairman of arrangements and Mra Hugh Oreeeh-an of Harrlaon had charge of xe- errathUM A large rnmmlttec nf aa- I ahtanta allied in plana for the at- Waller Hughe aerenty be hip "'-Ired and father of Xlaa Mafgpret Vttlirr of Two Trarhcr to hr a(ineU a 13 0 -t wpf It I I llriuinidl Laithar Coarh brlayaiiJlaIlIWIW 1 I 1 I I roll vail aow baimt eonduct- 1 tniiowtag atate- meirt today: In ovary plare of diaaairr 1 work tha Rid Craw after ra-lirrinc the prewinc needi of the emerjeacy hi left aonte- Ihlnflc of parmaaant value in itlQIlS a I II I ldfl Ih DU Willi GlVP Report Qll Rriitg Matlr In-ilarrlson Pet Mon are being received by Orme Gilbrt fhalrjnan of the 1 rWi rvatwnlHeA -af -tha Horrlnon Ion Club from High School! ot "Boy" Gove rnT town ofllr on "Boyi Govern- ment Oh which will he otwerv- gonyetlnni In the near future I the plan of S' 9 hv i 1 halt Jutt -wni WI4! be don about the present poii-o lockup and hiadfUrrrr nn Elm n'' which ha hern ''mlrniiied h'xhf Ptatr Uc 'f --Hipfril mssl Hi pir'tfnt rl'lV hMli rr hprw dlPrfnmrt Krrnfiv drirtmnl n- n'Und-'- Dc-ember I or ItorraN'u onferetf' hmn vM Bb uttUMaK ami repre- -riiin'ivfp the CVrrrrtiftn rnir- l4t lhil lu-rimK I he Rye iftlrnh were h''n plan- ir-i- new I'Hildhiit new 111111111111: al I "al la uxurani'B (h Ki0 Mini ilitUnic Hipurnpf xnnw a fhe -Wifi uhl-be va -laiiffl an new iilrr new lrr MaroM playera-hud the advanUIC I of a jHnverhir llnf nd Election Pay l-urin r'i a triud'ly Id to 0 Rye had a late- Vl hi ilm- the inl fmi' parittyfi retina Alex- mu1 "H'linilion oi- Klawtanl niavinu It "'ll deadlork thief week gat" Wes uled fur tlir week nd ht Kiiduy game will Ion war rained The Rve oiilUt is a its at 1 Iiarrr victory -ur fov'er Ifnrrlwn firt IwrtbaH-tiakl I'niirh dU'kiiiaiif! nl ihrr'ecnron from HarrlKon mid a xioinnmmfriiTw AaUtalU kT TrTE7if for flic phhI three wrrk irlrtp cJaeliFeeley recuperation finm on operation awl In llwl time llar-'fd nn 'i Drunswick and di- riRksai 11 I in It i Ar'hitevla fSlll Tlir pl'irj- fi 'he propored mu-niripnl hall winch would houa evriy n-iiinn-ipl ileparlnimt In-eludlng-the police and rourtrnoip have trii by the rrhl-lerluial lirn -f Wonlaey Chap- Ini' tr-11-il lnt nlM voted lfc u' I he ii in of S3 and It appears that the preatgi min rarovlilal gehcpl Rye -P ItegiMlr meeting of Rir Village Board or Trualeea In-Bnuar IIoue A A meeting of Board of Pi rector of Rya A- In Hr who haa headed the orguilta-tion sine im Mra CharlfR Flynn waa elected rive president "to iiicceef An Campbell Sirs Leah Carla aue reed a liereeif dfd nevrvlarjr and Mi William A Wilding waaree levied lerveurer a hlvh tfDtve aha ha i-ro the liulU fqr LT yenre Mra Wallet was chair-in -in nf the nnmlmtlng -nmmltto-and he Vn ly Mrr llwrl The annual report of tha Guild rdvenlad a year of unusual activity for the organisation A trawberry fMiviil Runway School picnic lunrhanii hrldee EAeteranle food rale nil oUHr events were ipon- sored by the grmip Hoaw Mm Arrbr Mrs Archer the retiring preal- dent received levcral gifts from the member Mr meiniere Mr ruen nimKing preaentatlon Mre Archer Ihunked ell her eo-vrojrkere-f lhlr Rnd promlaed kaa aauillliuai aU 1m Ihm affairs her continued aid In the affairs of the guild Mre Mgry Wilde presided aa' temporary chall-man during than election- Plans war dlaqussed for a food I her assistants Include Mrh Win-: S2iiitam'a William A Wilding Mr IJ f- i MaeJVsught will make poster I tor Plnn hr Aukilary Day 1 A1rn'mu pe Bvle for th l'rlh hsiaar to be on Decern- lhft 2 and December a and for tha wl11 he-ervc4 pn th I -c-on1 night Mrs Archer ft the "upper chairman Sir A Urn- Icrl Mi a IV A- Mra I while Mr- William 'A Wilding Mr Frank Sj-huhert Jfrs Fred Mein- I 1 (sated Irvington and Tupknliue ihr- studenl body of the High Tlir advantage rests with Har-: Bchoot sleet hoya tn net M-rlsiui sinre II the experience HcIhI-t of the cnnununlty for one of six guriici" Iwdilhd -It -tnrt''ev-idw- 4 rial pinyers art a'd to ba out of Mr Olherf reported at yeder-the lineup due to Injuries rPrelved day' awi that he plana Is nugpieea of the 1 Alart Rebekah lAdgo of Mamaroeack at tha Masonic Hall waa aueeeaaful aa carding "do a report mads U- A prime wae awarded at each table and In addition there waa a deof award a fern- which Mra -EmmaCaputa woo The prlzeA Japaneae rubber was wd hy- ay Van plant Kprden A paeisl priaa waa awarded to Mra Rosa Warring- Among thoae present" ward "Mr and Mrs Vasty Mra W' Wai rington 'Mra Jdhn Canuto Mr and Mrs George A Mortoa Mra Eeaela A lrUTgV Mf A Beecher Mr Short Mfa 'MrV'and' Mra drr Mra Chris Jensen' Hfllenbrand Mra Mra waaaaaim nwawauanu wr P- Cr" Mrs David EMta Urs M- parkD Mrl Chulaw 71' Tl' Mri'' Rbe Chul ew Mr and aMri jy Van Noeden -Mr fur- Va Jt tha Mlaaea Gladys Carpenter iwiui Win BAlwWSe Wilnvl 8lvi rp I'nul PnlbJck Oaamk-b a nor Bromhack of Mount Vernon' Mr Ptguolonl of New Rochelle'! Mr and Mrs: A ftanae-L verla Mr Behanbneker Mr JVelr Mr Rcol-Hobby Er Mrs Hit Welr-WMte Platll plnl Mra If Hoi Hobby it Mra GC Hobby of S7 Monica Club Pukhct nans For ITarveat Dance Zto Lu hafne cnmnlsied far re's harvoat st fhanSnl at the Fe 'irrwitlon Parochial School nnder lh Prtol wi bT awlrded for the 1 1 comlcaT and IW thOSl Fortune-tmng a grab- nae and n1dlms dances will he fes- Mre An orenestfg will provtds J1 tlm n-nrln- gDlERTiaCUKXT lmi- OllC Mail VIU- -HUH Lost 22 Pounds jfr Ilrman Runka of Detroit Hriier- "A few lines df tbanka 'from rheumatism aulferep My ilrt bottle of Kruachen'Halfb tools all of the ache and swellings out of my with my flrnt bottlo "nr naif Iraap npj of Krusciien Falla In a gwaa or not water before break al every morn- an S3 cent bottle leaf 4 wsekg firl ii anX' drug store In AinerliM H-not- JoyfuHy aatlallcd attar tha first bottle money back lt bp held on November 34 report lo submit ie Mdnd Mre-f meeting of thelHes Flyna chnlrmnn and' have- i -dsHnlie 1 next weft rlub Arransemenl arr also progre- for th Christmas party to Je I I ILDiesliiJfoic llugltd physical director at the -'eniral'HIh Hehool Rue anil M' a-iM-her In tha 'larlin lluche a In tha-1 Sew V6rk t'lly whool died ut hla A a ISA VAiaaol A loniaa lira 1 wi tin rmvi Avenue Krc jit nlgtit following a brk-f lllne I vi iv iaai oiuiiei ''0rjt hleIonitiKIPd a trucking huslnre there ii i toon llr ha been rhlrm 'r4-' IgQgkga MHM Sillg Tg'SBHlS well knonn In that com-l iiinliy iir'lla 118 he late Jlury JlfNetniliiKlie He Mtirvlvril bv ihrw tLiHRhlM'i Ili I Mir Mfireuivt llurrlott UiilT Marlun llugliv and four orw 'lobert'llefbert Walter and Churle Funeral servleea will he a g' If lira I net aft ell a ill llPllPniSP 111 cru n-K nr: pr Tu 1 nc 1MrK SPBI urnrr lu Be GiVrn Nov 19 "v' bld onlfh1 aunrtera Halatond Avenue 'The complete cut Include: BrenRcr ChiMH GrBe Bunnr I tru-Di Rlecnrl Mrs W'illlnm A W'ildinR Gartrudo JJHIy Rdlth OI Face Margaret The pley will be presented at the Arantic Clubhouse on Novem-- ber 19 William A--Wilding I coaching the csst aaaUted by Louis Klein Victor Scella and Jnmea Anlonurci will ho in Charge pf the program ndvertislnu l-ouis Klein and Dominick Terranovs will havr charge of the composition of the program Teriniiuva will also be in charge of ticket dlatrtbutlon and of publicity to be Assisted In the Jailer by Howard Webster Court Resurrection n91 of -A will -meet toaighU-at-JAe- Resurrertiori Parochial Rchool on Milton Road Rye The meeting will ba presided over by Mra im Bassett grand regent- report on l4t4 rff-T mis A quer rails will be given aniT plans fnr rnmtng "gctiTItica wtll-be- dta- cussed i 1 1 I rmuluotd at Ihff Bfllmnr Thaa-ff Ipr Hurrlaon durlnir Chrlatmaa wssk for ths amuasment of the rhildron Jams Frown i Muueo'ehalrmsn nf fh rommlttee and Is being nsklstH by Vlg Samuel ITS WM" i' ll the arrhtleela' fP Thr d-'-ir'on rf after Jlavor Livingston Ptett "t- ed that prraent there I no msrkrl lor eecgirltie "I believe that wr oSrK5ng at this Nmd' marke-t he ld He that-he had obtaineu the consent of th helm of the Parson property on Lneont a AW A A Ika lila inlornien tn venue devidad upon a the site fo- the' new building to ereet the eture them "I don believe that if th propo Sitinn WI pussed by the people of the village' Mayor Platt ald "wr could carry on We would Have great difficulty in disposing of the honita he added Truster William Billlnslon of commute on linemplo ment reported that a meeting a with the merchants umniiy rvwninp mcpn 'MMn "rrinxf for some rff- loan during thr coming month ftperin! sales in all of the stores for sne week re being dlsciused hid as w-altresae Mra Georga JlacNa tight and Mrs Mary Wild will ha on Ihe reception committee In the Tuchahoe game Oiiy- 1 lire probable lineup llarrlam LE Rlorra LT Rites Caslelll RG Fuller RT Rlcliaidson RK TlernHii O'B Hi Lalla Elecllun Oldhani Arnnlii Lll ilyitlr IlH Miner KB Dowd MeSTlllM! Mnionry loljlVC BcncfitParty Milton Association Kxcnl Will A it! Girl S-ouin 1 li- Jldl-n I'iien'-Tr-i-iiei I-- -i i ii Itv III i -I nnv- iflcrii-'-'n ii lie r- 3" IX H-k mr I 'll- i-riilii Nii-'iih-r liieetliB will'll will i fwlloarl tarled group ji-fivillr-E T'-1-o will h- cro-ii -'irir i'il rnfl' Ici 11- iir-l' i of ivii-cD'-'i) i liK'itloii i-mren: rr ml -riiii ii mini- bo s'-i-vrl -i I-1' in in vifrterl-i At Il-r buM'e ug '4' meuifc will lie inadc-lor -an- after lKii I-I-Ilge ip Uie noon nruiRr npiiii'1 uir Rjr Jonellng llamlliun FuTni ro ecke James Bcttlnaon Jlru in Rnyeyser Me William' Dm-ilrorare Vanipnell and Mr Jphn iln Mr Mamllno Mis Derry arJ on the general commit- caatlgllonc Mr flolK-rl Techanv-lee plon The next meeting wtll be held on I Mrs Andrew Wsidenhimcr j- Suggestions were ido Mr AVhlitrmore that he amend hit up-r plication and cxpliln inure i-lciidy prnnositlni) and to ts'jle the matter jut hrv much property I-- untun'd a further date The motion r-ziii 1 was unanimously carried Trule Leonard Kennedy reported lrm tried For Square Hnq i jiu (- The proposed bond Issue of flJO- tnn im rein 11 isr iii-Ii non war to have provided for the on niriiB -irfP gain ereetlon nf a spacious Munlrlpal ovrrhMd tank inj that under-Ruildlnc ahd for the restoration -(nt'iinurs n-rc imw livltig of ths present Rnre House to InHlaifl or I Rye-Harrion Current Events TODAY li'Ii Itamnu L'oni me: In lllaoll'a Wniuun'n Aublllary 4 arle-Apderaon roat ISP Anierl-'i Tegon rff' nirHlitin' capr piriy i home of Mr A namnerjer 3:3 P- M-lidle' AM Hoclsly of -Harrlrw rrwbyterlan Church tin PI tiurvli La4la' AI1 Hijrle'jr of Mothoaut Churoli moon Mrt nwu'rrecllon i-arochlal Scho: M1I1B11 nmm Itva -MlltlMl RCilC KM1 M-Court lteurrccllhi rrTf BtTrrmwvr RCTnnei- nn old bridge will bare to be used" it le Whittemon- appeared it'i Bledle etf Kjr upidylng tur peck Avenue -to a business sent ar Ahitteni'rr told of hi plxnt lu MVcral Kngllh-lypo home now development be kworn --i ha out ulilr -ulTrr of amH u-rnviiirfa I homr Clark llliam belr re n- innn(iAllrilt frulL tht PJIilllnK inunl-atlon from the Flannlng lvr! reconint-ndlng a dinpprvil xPPHmt'ui The hoard hid Mttdled the prupoeilfm ut a meallnu Mayor Plutt irKirdnl lu ln splendid bu: u-ii tiici'-' should he further definite assurm that the ip plica nl wa goln through willt the plaits Asked Ta Explain Plan (rdlnlnca Kennedy pnhe rtf Yfus- t-itr Sliata fnn-r nicmhcr o' Hi" Uc who re- 1 IH thai niatler re- p'rid lo fhe police pension fun -Df--Ueorge 1 Hoghen Ins xonUily report Wed with Uio h-ard ntfhl4 wo cases uf inf-inllle paraljsis and one of tier- illn Hieasto lie repiriej ith 'hildreii stricken iii paralysis arc hull- aping Beaver Ssvmp Br-ok te-ir ihe Harrison line were belnr ii'iuked up ellmliiatmg any poselh' polluljon of Ileaver Kwanip Brook to Mill he Hill lake up the maiter ith the Harrison 'ffli-lil nlmlkiNwork being dune ill Ihat i oh I Rye V' Rapkflball Tram UiKUstri Plan Al Diunrr Last year's Rve Jl I' A btu-L iloil i had a dinner meeting Iho i'l" laaaedghipi Ciooq mill II Grear-onachea nitre present! I 'niinwuig dinner the schedule for the coming year was discussed Those present Included Hell Fmi Wjltsr Miller' Leonard Rchlndo Philip Ehetlno Daniel Lai- i la Wright Cobb Green arid Greer LEAGUE TO 'MEET NOV 13 The next meeting of fhe Harrison League of Women -Voters 1-Hill bsM IS Sam nf Rrhubert Thatcher Avenue Harrison' on November 13 at 3 The League la arranging US have a guest -speaker at the session "AUTOnOGBA PRIES' TOPIC The Fortnightly Club of tha Rya Presbyterian Church will -meat on November 13 In the Guild Room of the church The subject' of tha aftemooir will be Autoblogra-u phies" Rye Notes aMMew Murray Kaapfl VniMlilll A November 17 Member will also al- rnd DV" Tuesday nt fhe JlarVaught House at lime reading and discussion nf the honk "Building a Christian Nation'' Hill h- htcun Those attending the luncheon and meeting yCktei-dajr Included the Rev and Mrs George MacNaught Mrs Uilllnm A WiMtng? Jlr tlcu: j- AiVher tfr Mr 'BTif Mrs i liarle- K- in jl- A 1: Iimhcri Xl-s ii nrce 'iTipi' I leHlinnn lirn 1 I Jli J- Turner -Xlr Wlnthrop wthtev Mrs Waller Ilwnsen Mr JimcV Betunson Mi Arthur Kohl (Bird Jfr F-Marsh XI re Walter p'uchs Jlr Robert Patck Mra Hoi-1 bryvik Jfrs Lee lrf IncnklialianXIrs Mary Wilde jlr Ehn-r penniH-k Jl're Paul Willi and Mr Warren A tfchrrn- iuupk airs LCC nn rrang huben tr Mr Robert Bhrrn Mr J-'rt In Jlelnet'ke Mr Carl kelac'n i I The ha'I wan altnndite with this jswinmn Sower aiu4e-iie Th -naric' llmee1' prlxn awarded to Mr Dafilel i Britt arnl there Ten "Ormr huii tiy llarry Wlt-ox Mr Thomas Jinx- welt Mr Carmen Barrett Mrs A ft Bamberger Mra reorae -flayM Kijhn Page Mrs Thytor rih! Mrp Rnherl Omild Among the Hart-ton amoia at- ip e-w-- mwapaw Hndlng ere: John Huber Mra Jiltnac Scella Mr Arthur Kohl Mr Oreechan Mrs John Dolly Mrs Burrell Mrs Alfred Doitndo MtlT Panic! TYhtiano Mw Uiidbpli Holler Mm Vh-ior Flla Mrv lirnrad Kulll-an Mis Alvin Bamberger Mr John Pulllvan Mr Vlrelnlu UaLIus il all aa aa pawhluar the Mlasea flllEhes Vlrelnlu Adams Ann Ailam rude Murphy Jessfe Kren-h Pueihnan Other gurt Included Mr and Mrs Tlinma llanns Jlr aud Mr- II 4rr W'lleox-Mi and Mr lacnb Mr and Mr- fame Sirin -ni Mre Iynch Mr and Mr A ft Mr' nd Ur JowPh La Rocco XI uud Mrs Xlyllaly Mr and Mra-Kfc MrKInna Mr and Mr William Kuhn Mr and Mra grsptoe Sir and Jlr If Rreger- to Mr nd -Mr MacDonald Mr and Mr Krafi Mi und yrs Taylor Mr and Mr ft Ooiilit Mr and Mrs Klyier Mr irsnioidoH Mr and Mr Alfred Tloyd Mr nd MrsT Thayer Mr and Mr ttBpriBW Sfr WHIhim srmrtx Mr Henry Aneiam Sir Marl- lvong iicmp nn mm hp "un Mr Prsn Kenka Jfrs Carman Rarivtt Mrs I Uwrence ilreanbauin Jfrs Nevie ka from Jfrs David Mrs Kucene Wosaelis Jr Xt in Ile-bert feull Jfr William Rhortvn Mrs 1 Herman Wrede Jlrr Rlch-ir-l Kneli Mra Thomas Mavnell Xlr Edmr Unwc xtr John DonneRv Mr i Hnir Winters "Jlrs Pan! JVIM ftriLUUeriMf- R-II Dec-her laxwery Jfr Osorinan VrA- Jlannlnr Mr i- Rktoner Mr- A Jf-R ilre jfr Joseph JK Namara J1i Jimcs I MX-im ira Mrs fT firm Mrs jJama IHeelmi Jlr llelley V'larkc Mrs Geor tluyes the Mieses --earn- ef'vr mv "e'Tude Mi-X-imin XI r- I f'ot-j r- Mar-m 1-3 Rrlxg- lu--Ier 1 U'll imn 5 'alni'-r Vrra D-ppei-i f'-trcml and MlllflfyaalS II4I1 IS XH II Hit (I Bv 3Iilton 6-0 I Christian Srorfs deicated -6-u by- ftye- Held yesterday afternoon Christian scored the a inning touchdown for Milton on' a fake play around right end Tne Midget lineup Included AVer- aer' left end: HelTTeft tackle tln- den left guard: Ball center Wal- pole right guard: Bulkier right tackle: Raker right end: Miller fullback: Reilly left half bark' right hat back: Gedncy quarterback Tomorrow afternoon the will play the Port Chester Ramblers at 4 o'clock In Harrison Mrs Le Pino of 1ST Fremont Street Harrison gave a Hallowe'en pTJi'mi 'Uny IIA "8 Alight Mlsa Raphaelina Le Pino recently: An orchestra provided tha danca music At midnight refreshments wers cerYRd gniJ Samea were played Harrlaon guests Included: Madeline 'Blhgel Madeline La Pino Peggy Jurgana Slaanor Priebe Jeaa Muir Mary Morriaey Caro-1 Una Burrell Mary Burrell Lucy Verrlllc Mary VeriUe Pomple Loajto Carl Loalto Jamea Stra-laef rrad TUN JoiepkTUalgia'no Mra EUngel Mrs Byrrcll Those present from Mamaroneck Included: Patricia Rada Con- stanea Rada Mary Rada Marjorie Healy Mary Qualntevalla Anthony Lansa Charles Lanza John SfiganT Vitro Ctrici Ouaits from Chappaqua Included: Charles Rigano Frank Riga no Alex Rlc-cardl Tony Riecardk Mr and Mr Ch erica Barlach of Holland Straat Harrlaon had eg thalr recant guasta Hr and Mrs WJIIiam BachanX son William Jr of Stamford i its yiomal elonHl stste The taJupniewidJ- as a historical building Plalnir were recHved at real estate iL-m pos-d property throughout the iliac tEaT of whleh Jbave been declared in- sightly Trustee A A Forrest mncd fo notify all rear estate broker and ask them to comply with Ihe village ordinance hy plac-I Ing the icns hark from property lines The motion ws unanl- mniisly pas-ed A K-riieM fi ni Mrs Tale S'rveu the firehouse nudl- I I I I I) I I neM Tiiesdiv a4 I' I4 -M fvr JKPRlPrH aiisniccs-uf I lie I4 A' The party ha licdi arranaed fi tli- hcn-fli if! i --1 il-'ulilnr i i 4 iin Tiafop I lilrl Seoilts i'f lly- Mr- I'a'roltu-tii fiiyirge Fllliigtiani lime III -Iiuki- if ii-er Rations itnd ilev iimi- als'i b- -h at the M-boo ir nl tbr ibnir II ill- mhfllc of l'rv Ai--i- ui The nlglu of the A'pnea i nnpli-uuislv Hill I Avirilrd nl I'h t'lbl- til" p-rifee itlon Elm Pli-e Uvr I- ughl loplle haiiii'iitV- I ui lli 'ltwe'en i night a'tr- in- fniiit Her Kliynl Council Touchdown Tlk At Supper tortum foV' TTlrl Scrtuf mceffngs'1 wcstng-nfceljt-- -and activities during fhe Winter consimnu ol I'-ua- months -was referred to Trustee MxhF A A Korrcsl juid Edwin Thomas for a report at 1V prcsenlcl ritttns re- tha next meeting tn th death of th- In-1 Deplore Bridge lufeat if'is-' J- Werner Jlavor Platt reported that the 1 I'ommlssloner of Puhlte proposition for a new bridge on Tl1 hoard unonlmouiiy I Rve Ream spann'ng tha 1 Hv resolution and o-- MUioii Crack had been defeated In p1 'V1 Muvail pn the niiiin- Tue-day rlc-tion "It is ton bod 1pi mecIlK and a copy sept -o it happened that way" Majsnr "erne- rnnilly Plait sud "biT-iuse thr new Forrest annount red- 'ha- The fiona feel by this means fhe resident will have th opportunity to purrhsse necessities at a reduced cost thereby saving rnnsidcrahln money and at the same time aiding the merchants District Deputy Governor Frank rotter of Tuekahns was the guest speaker yesterday interest Inc talk on the He gave an he activities I nf Ihe Liion Club and told of the many nboritabls achievements Bird Fountain Awaits Owner MBS nTI 1 Drill 1 lip I rOlljlU clOlfll 1st i i I TDe' tiing g-nttfnwrrt Ifallcwe'en relehtators evidently p'Hi-r- William It Tt'IN i i ti ner FREMONT COFNCIt TO MEET Fremont Council 31 Ron and Daughters of Liberty will mul tonight at the Rundsy School of All fUli44 Episcopal Church Harrl- son In addition to the regular businoea meeting there will be Initiation of a small class uf candl- dales III-Y MEET TONIGHT The TT1-Y Club of Pyr will hold a mowtriM: In the St' A In- night at a o'clock Pirns for o- rial ucttvltlei and business meet- ing for thr coming months will he dlscussrJ Sr CUTM twiJiMB 1 RIMS UP SMOUNT OF YOUR FURCHABE- 14 1 "7 'SURVEY DRAWER -MAIIL-TAKES-OUT SOME SILVER BUT CAN'T MAKE CHAN0E RETURN WITH CHANGE NP PATTING H(R HAIR 1 I 1 Ili-V Cluh Dino Tonight In Rve! A dinner meeting of the Hi-Y Cluh will be held tonight a 4:45 o'clock at the Rye An Interesting program' has been arranged ind will consist of -i dls-1 russion led hv Mdo Coradi on fhK topic "Sports 1 I-ike Best And Whv" At a recent meeting Charles Keil nsy and Robert Clistflsld Jrv were admitted tn rhih George Henefleld Is the president or thr flub and uuler hs leadershm rgi-eptionully ucllir icu- anticl- puled There wa an attendance of 5 at fha covered $ii supper last night -31 Sl- Tlnl" l1' td'' upi' I'lri- ii hoitM' Xfamaroiierk when Franklin ires- m' of Chun-h aa the principal ePllod lie Every XI an ublch Hillbe conducted durlug this month which I knonn "Friendly Vlfltailtn" month NVillOfl Point FimilPIl lrl Show Krinrt Tonight The Milton Point Company will have a meeting tonlrbt All tho members have begn asked to attend There will ba a full report BUIIIinillN PH the list -show "A Wessan's Way" Following th hualneaa there will be refreshment Harlret Balcoiji of Rye Wda Officer On Liner Mr- and Mrs Lucian Closa of 10 Horton Street Rye are ing tha marriage of thoir daughter Harriet Mlldrtd Balcom to Rdward Allen Richmondpf Yon- -I- here wbrcHlook" place yeelerday Mr Richmond la chief officer mi the ateinsbip George Washington and la alao aa officer In the United Stater Naval Reserves LimwoKT-ouia chawz tl a r- hndee is oully ne'eded Two Rye vrjted against It and Port Chu-ter pnjpli killeil tlir prnpn-'I'uu I i h-itieiess propujiition "tn pui IWiic 'lie taxpayers again F'Mfrrpriw- 10 We (v 'oil Charge For Finer Thin ft THE MAPLES LAUNDRY GREENWICH CONN Prompt Delivery Theodore Fremd Quality Meats RVE i Puealmae BhaJjOjibJtf- 'TDENfTO CAM- -RS6I6TEPPUT FINGER ON KE 6ftE IRTO A trrnce TAKES YOUR FIVE DOLLAR BILL ANp PAT HER HAIR YOU MIIRMEP Y0URF IN A HUllRY TURN AK -mave-you-amv- TMINO tMALLE OPEN PRSWER AND -RtMOVLBr BILL ONE BY 4 ONE WOMEN PLAN FOR SOCIAL (The A'lRffiiuT'Vo'ifirRye Fire Departmtal met ast night at tfte Rye Fiiehoqa on Locust Avenue and- mad ifrtngwnents for a her 1A A special program will be prepared And rtfreahtnenta will be served Prenatal clikic tomorrow A -prenatal eonaultatkni wlU ba held tomorrow aftornoon-'ot' Uto Tho tlque from uatfl DISAPPEAR 4UT A-V0U riMDYOLI CAN GIVE HER THE CALL TO SAAEi AT THE NEYT SAUNTER HA -T" BOARD MFEfrXTPNIGHT I JhaJoaiAnfJJiractnrXittf ths Ry A will moat tonight! at tho for a regular basslouj 1 1 "I 1 a 'T fjf-- i

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