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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 12

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
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Cancer Control Save 20NN Uvea A Year Japan Attacks Chinese Plan To Divide HolLanJStu BitterTrotest Studio On Wheels Is Both llome And' Workshop ForLawrenceTennevStevefis Celebrated Sculptor fs- Walk'Out In Garment Strike (Continued from- One) officer of the International Ladies Wtr1 Garment WwksM'-Unloir-TirHVesh Ar ir must be gotten out for the Fall' trade Reiff dld hot believe the etrike would be toPg in duration be said today vf (Continual from Pag One) -ject to League iff Nafiona waa som (thing sensational and hitherto unheard of In the history of tha strife-torn country -With the broadcast echoing in thair ears bearded religious Jews shuffled Wall and '-offered lntercesalonary prayers against tha proposed division of a tend which both Jew and Arab claims as his own -o- "The mid iff greet dteanruff a great-- experiment" that sallow aoma Jaws July' described tha turning point in tha course piot- tad by tha wartime promise of Lord Balfour and a League of -Na' tioua mandata toward mantYff a Jewish homeland a -Moat Arab reaction to thq com- nt ina i 1 report Whs cummarlsad ia WASHINGTON July 8 (AP)-Burgeon General Thomas- Parran predicted today that eenear eod-trol -msasuraa-now-hefora- Coo-grasa Could aava 20000 fives a year He eald bills by BCnator Bona (D-Wash and -Rap- Mavtriak (D-Tex- logtsal ap- proach" 'of riaeareh' and traatmenL He waaon of J1 experts called to tertity before Hie Benito and HouefCommarea commlttaes Tha bills propose azpanffituraa up tp 8000000 for erection of cancer Institute and hospital and 1000000 a year for its activitisi Rescord Crowd To Hear Band At Lyon Bark Gueaf' Artists To- Supple-ment Program Planned By Weckefiser 7 Tha self-evident popularity of th Summer Concerts by th- Behaiol Band "plus tha abnormal-heqt la axpacteff-fo attract a record crowd to Lyon Park tonlght for toe third program jn tos aurrapt- Mfiss The amplifiers win carry tha music to ail corner of spacious park which la 'ana of tha coolest spots In toe village-' Camlllo Pagino Pint Cheater tenor will sing "Will from by' Romberg "Serenade fo the Night" by BIxlo" and "Lolita by Bust-Pec-da Tha "other guest artUt Mia Katherine Reedy oL Whit Plains Irish contralto will offer "Bine Skies of Ireland" by Mrs Marion London Mllholin her teacher and accompanist "Did Your Mother Coma Promt and "Has Anybody Hera Been Kelly?" William Faffley trumpeter will ha tha hand aoloUL The lest half hour will be set aside for community singing CIO GOES CINCINNATI July 8 John Lewis' Committee for Industrial Organisation In southern Ohio today aa a course of clasaroom inatrue-tin for --union members waa opened under tha anol-lege profeartuv-: toe 'wurdc of Fuad Baba of tha 'Arab Higher Commit -tact la too bad Thera wil be considerable disappointment" The yelpold Royal Itself termed Its prdgram a glCal operation" based on what It': British Government statement termed 'an lrreconcilatg couflict between toe aspirations of Arabs and in 'Moat Hqpeful BolutioaV The gCvertoment said "a schem: of partition on general line emmeuded by tha commission represents the Sect and moat hopeful solution of Britain) with some TOOO soldier and warship -in readiness to tamp put any "serious oyer toe proposals' held up a warning of mlltary fulfill Its' 'responsibility- for peace order and good government throughout Palestine" Tha (top page order followed a demand of the ploakmabers'- union to prohibit manufacturer from ending out "mannish" atyled WOm en'e -garment the union eonmen aa belonging id the tint and-euit induatry to factories in dllied needle tradM operating on lower atandarda than too- prevailing in Intematldial Ladle' Garment Worker' Union shops Isidore general maif agef of the' joint board -of cloak-makers' union affiliated with the refused to mand the stoppage order after an -h all-day conference between union official nd representative of the Industrial Council- of Coat Suit and Skirt Manufacturer The i conference was unable agree on the question oft'manr nish" atyled garment and voted to submit it to Col A Rosenblatt impartial chairman of -the -Indus- Samuel Klein spokesman of the industrial ioUncil said that 1 the stoppage at the beginning of the active Fall buying would cause a-loss of more than 1380000 dally 'tp manufacturers 'and workers He said every day's production pbw was equlva-1: lent to a operation In the dull season Just passed -Members of the Industrial council employ (0 per -cent of 1 the workers affected Piermdnte Gels -A New Address NEW YORK July1 (APl-Tem- jmrary cbpngp bf residency from pr el th more expensive' Map-' Rattan hotel to the Biker's Island Penitentiary brought a correepond-ing change In living habits today ta Fisrmonte smart erlep Jinena in which '-ha usually-dresses' 'to escort his blue-blooded wife Mrs Madeline Fores Aster Pick Flermont were 'for 'ordinary workhouse -A artist" cf-thc ear 'Order is-Lawranaa- Tex- aey Steven celebrated sculp-tor whoae legal reaideuce la Mount Vernon' but wfeoae ao-r for -the next aeveral month at leant will be- an auto trailer wandering over a major part of North America" Mr Steven I abowa at skylight which Is an extra dal feature -of his trailer and fa the lower photo Mr' and Mrs Stevens wava goodbye to their friends and pelgb-hors as they set transcontinental tour HoiiseCuts Award To AccidcntVietiiii Marjorie Bdxtcr May Be Allowed $3500 WASHINGTON July The House has voted a payment'of SM0 to Marjorie Baxter of Port Chester N' Yi to aaiA 'ber- for damages resulting from permanent' injury April- 24 1984 wheri the automobile In which she was riding was truck by a Civilian Conaeryation Corps ear' on tho 'Bronx Parkway near Crestwood The claims committee- considered 'tMrftent'inS -nsture-df-hcr injuries Justiiled a payment of 12000 and ao recommended to the House hut that figure was rejected by amendment Concurrence by the Senate and ppr6vsl by "the must be had hefm-e tho Port Chester accident -victim wljl receive any payment yffered I 1 Mae 'West Admits She Wed In 1911 7f t7 Incorporated -Iced melons arid melbiTShit were not to he found- Off the boa rd from which Flrrmonfe Italian-bord ax-prig lighter ate soup sick and coffee 1 -Jlermonte 'Will be assigned to cleaning including window washing and picking up scraps of paper the warden said "'Cfn Balurdsy thls-ltfa-will end-for the prisoner serving a live-day sentence ai three-yearuld speeding charge 1 It Hot Enough 7 Fr Yoth Dr Sheehan? Village Hfalth Offieer WI1- Ilam Sheehan MD look-in gmoderntely cool even la a dark adit paired meditatively on a cigar today and offered -advice on how to aurvlve the brat wave Dr helpfal hint -for heated humaa lacluded: Eat moderately Drink mod- erately rold llqaldsr pref erably nn girnhnlln Bathe frequently la tub or aVowes-If yon gptq the beach dent -expoaa yourself to the sun lor'Noag periods' Ss sunburn ein produce painful eed evee fetal results Keep babies Indoors with tiille or no clothings And most important WORRY Dealers who carry well advertised lines sra favdred by the patronage of those who want the best Their increailnjT aalca prove ttsttlWf will meet the moat exacting rcquiremeni 1655 Start Up Ia year beer of grief- aad sorrow tha calm and quiet of a well conducted' funeral allevlutca-muck of It emofloiul strain Trained attendants min- 4ster4o-yonr owy want wltk dignity nd eoniidcraUoa No detail loo smslL no ssrvier to larga 214 Mamaroncck Avenue White Plain' Telephone White Pleiiu'39 RUBSIANB SLAIN HSNK1NG (AF)A Japaaaa jimuqlquo anaaanced today Buaatan-aoUten had -Bsen killed and maay wended In nn outbreak of -wuteN over -tho SovtoMCnnehonknoan baal tier Monday Japanese leased wore placed at only one dead PEIPING China July 8 (APV Chinese troops ignoring a that they give up thair -ams and surrender -bitterly fought a Japanese djive on -the HU tie 'waited city of Wanplnghsian today' mdnnlpg its old battlements with machine guns and rlflaa Five hundred troops wre rushed to thff walls white an additional 1500 Chines soldi era hastily erected defenses across the Ylngtlng' River along a eou there line parel-lellinr the Pelplng-Hankow Hallway to Chanhfiontlen four miles 4b southwest fhe fighting broke out lq toe western suburb of this ancient dragon capital of China' between Japan force and Chinas General Bung Chah-Yuan' army after a- midnight skirmish between troops conducting secret night manoeuvres Two Chines jay dead under' the Marco Polo Bridge which the Japanese at (die point in the fight were sad to have captured -Sixty other Chinese were reported -wounded One Japanhe was kilted and One wounded Obituary BITES FOE MBS SULLIVAN Th funeral of Mrs Annie Bul-Uvanwidow of John 8illllvsnr who died at-the1' Municipal Hospital Tuesday will taka place from1 -the Frank M' Reilly Funeral Horns Arch Street tomorrow ah 8:45 A followed by a Bequtem Mesa In St: Church 'at- 9-91! foter-ment will be fo-fit-Mary'a Ceme-tryGreenwich HAMMEL- OBSEQUIES Th' Rev Thoafod X' Corbett pastor officiated ht he Bequlem Maas fat the Church iff Our Lady of Mercy at 10 A today for John Newman Hammel 71 of Purchase Btraat Purchase Mr Hammel died Tuesday night In his lata horns following a lingering iUnsMi Interment was 4n Bt" Mary's Cemetary Ridge BtreeL Tha Her John Connolly acting assistant paatorrrsad tha committal service MBS KDOAR FLATT1 Eleanor Louisa Platt 71 widow of Edgar Platt bf 218 King Street died yesterday after -an lit nsss of short duration at tha home of hCV cousin Clarence McChao nay on Weaver Street East Port Chesjer She went there Vfor a visit aeveral days ago Mrs Platt was born -In Morristown on Sept 18 1865 and had been a of Pojrt Chester for many years' The body to reposing at the Washington- Craft Memorial Home where funeral Services will be conducted 2:80 tomorrow Inter-mot wULJe iuJ3reecw6od Union Cemetery By Also eurviviiig are two other cousinly Mrs Fred Betts of Irving Avenue and Mrs Fred Betts of Greenvilte MICHAEL BANNUTO Michael Bannuto elghtear-old on iff Mr and Mrs Eugene San- nuto of 43 Bent Avenue died yesterday arteraoon In Naw York Hospital where he had -been confined for tore days following an operation for the removal- of a brain tumor Born In Port Chester 'the youngster had attended too George Washington School and had been promoted to the S-A Grade at toe completion of toa aehpol term last month Besides hia parents- he ia survived by a brother Louis and tyro sisters Rita and Theresa Tha body will arrive at tha Bannuto iomd tola afternoon The funeral will be from1 hie late home at 9:80 A Saturday and a Mass of Requiem will ba at 10 o'clock iu Corpus Chriatl Church Interment will be in Bt Cemetery Ridgr Street -v NOLAN Members of tha Port Cheater Police Department will be pallbearers for Mrs Rosetta Grey Nolan wife of Patrolman John Nolan whose' funeral will from bar lata homer- 88 Marathon Place tomorrow at' 9:15 A A' Mass of Requiem will follow In tha of Our Lady of Mercy at 9:10 O'clock and Interment ill- be In St Mary's 'Cemetery Ridge Street' Mrs Melon died Tuesday night at United -Hospital -where aha had been confined eince Jun- 29 Hes husband la tha oldest member of th-poller-department "7 Service were held at th Nolan home last night by members of Court Bt Rita Catholie Daughter of America Poulngo 402 Companions of tha Forest and tha Ladles Auxiliary of Division- 9 Ancient Order of Hibernians SAMUEL- BABBOOTA 71r brother-of Mrs Mary Aplcello of Port Cheater died yesterday at Granlands Hoapltcr uter UngerJSriiteiS Bon in Italy ha had bean a resident bf Naw Rochelle 45 yeari' ta it tire George Davie Medorial New Rochelle The funeral will ho gt-urdoy from too Holy Nam Church at 10 A with burial in" Holy Sepulchre Cemetery New Ro-shells Also surviving are hia wife Mm Louisa Barboota and flva aiil dran- 1 COXE GILLEN FUNERAL DIBECTOBS At Malaiata Csaf 'The "cboperatloirbf sdvertislhgTa needed In budding better bus in ess -j- Announcing The Reopening Purity: Lunch 112 'Westchester Ave Y- Ukder'-NerttMaugiement' -Mary and Lon Hartaayl B-oobe Besntlfglly fnralshcd 150 i trimmed ita and -lined imi aim iinciA White Suit Green Shirt And Green Tie Keep Cool While Thousands Cheer Father Divine Uniquely Fitted Trailer Ha SpeciaUyMade FRANCIS lUKE Dally Item Staff VERNON June- 4 -There la Somethlng new under tbs sun' In fact7 It's directly "unr der tha auh belngtha skylight Jn tlu brand1 Naur trailer of Lawrence Tjenney Stavsnt noted Mount Vernon sculptor iff 78 Claremont Avenue 'Mr Stevens Mrs Steveirs trail er and 1 wra-enroute on a Jour through tha West-whlch prill Jakp them till- the first of October' -Tha skylight which to the beat of the knowledge and belief of everyone connected with It makes this the- first studio trailer in existence will enable -Mh-' Steven ta work as travels literally putting the Ameripan seen into sculp- turn Juit -aa hs obaervei it Vinner of tha coveted -Prince Rome In 1924 the artlit -was one of tha sculptors- in-ehargs of -tha wrk atthe Texas Centennial and Saehutad -six flgureswhiclr BCld- a prominent 'poaKion-atThnairTT-Mr and Mrs Btavsns wllU go first to Chicago vRera be la to-do two portrait heads of ohlldren They will continue to the Triangle Ranch at Iahawooa near Cody Wyo' to lattend thejjreddlng pi Mrs daughter Mias Rosa-' mond Smith to Donald Slggina on Baturday June lZ They expect to live in the trailer in the mountains of Wyoming for a time while Mr Stevens does some sculpture and will then continue on to California Tbeir' Aral stofi there will be Ban Francisco whence they will go to Los' An-KleaandtoBantJfoclfiCUPn where he will carva two life-sis statues out of eucalyptus wood Ta Cross Desert Crossing the Mojave Desert toes will go to Phoenix Arix then to Dallas Tex Jo take photo raphi of toe sculpture which he did for tha Texas Centennial They will qlso moke stops in Oklahoma and Kansas returning to New York In October' The trailer which is 23 feet ten-j-inchei ln length is painted royal blue with a of "clgeret Tha latter color'1! used also as a -tiny strip around tha middle of 'the trailer and for tha center of the wheel Inside there la a long stfat upholstered In coral color "'which can be' puffed out to make a double bed At the ter and of tha trailer is tod section which ervee as a studio the specially constructed skylight throwing bright light down upon' (ho table When not in -use as a studio this part serves aa a dining 'room It can a bedroom too tho- table Miffing up against tha -wall the tWohcet pulling out and together The curtains era of a yomany atrip in shades of rad orange and yellow Separating tha living room and to studloii the kitchen which la extremely modern and convenient with an inbox silver drawer up4o-the-minuts ovi running hot and Cold water and metal link The trailer has its own generator to supply electricity full-length idirror large wardrobe helves and wall pockets Th bathroom has a medicine chestL electric plug for eiirUnf Iron or alectrie' shaver and can turned into a shower removal of a plug permittlng the water to drain out' --Two ventiUhora-in tha bathroom make it possible to blow Jn warm or cold-air Other ventilators are numerous throughout to traitor Windows which open out make It possible to keep them open oven when It is raining as tha water hits the window and runs off Each window i- supplied with copper screening SALESMAN BANKRUPT NEW YORKr July Port Cbas-teuccdiforara list ad 4a a -vohiqe Ury petition la bankruptcy filed by Mnx-' Levy 'of Tarrytawn a salesmen employed Port Chester The petitioner who la represented by Kavovitz A Karnes ad I Bouth Mein 8treet listed Uebillttes totaling 129285 and aaseta of 1009 in insurance Tha Port Chester creditors are Cobed 491i Michael Ghagree 24 Ricci -39 the Westchester lighting Compqny th Official Service Station-114 and the Interstate Lumber Company 288L TV'EIV Juiy' 8 4 Its decks trembling under the thudding ''stomping feet and awdy-ing bodies of 1655 and lra exalted follower of Father Divine the steamer of pelaware'ailed up the Hudson-today on the fourth-annual Jicavcnly cruise to the promised -land above Kingston A little Hqrlem Negro whom thousands cnil Mickey Cochrane Recovering At Home DETROIT July oir-the- head six weeks ago by a pitched alL in New has left the Henry Ford Hospital here to continue' his convalescence at home Dixsy spells which bothered him for several weeks have disappeared- Scout Cheer President WASHINGTON 7 dent Roosevelt motored be-' tween packed lines of rheering Bpy Scouts today to climax a ten day National 'Jamboree Troops flags dipped hand played and hundreds of hoys waved their haty aa the President's automobile leading a-cavalcade of government- nflt- cials moved -slowly for two miles on Constitution Avenue Keep Youc-Shirt On! Unpaid longer Flans hills need bother you ao Loan 10 to 30 All Simplified Repayment "Rate ef Infemt 11 msnlhly -paid prlselpsl nst esefedln SIS ssd jilnilUr say Personal Finance Co lim 1M Hfteal Fliev iS EAST rt'TXAN AVENIR TH Givo SIM GmavlHi God ws among toe pilgrims and line at 132d-Street hip enst off Its -Tha finest fnneral haam la Wastehsats Conntr reposing rooms Suit Reveals Marriage To FrankWhllacC HOLLYWOOD-July- S-(UF Mae West buxom film star whom th world thought a-' spinster has celebrated her silver wedJng an blVersary she admitted today In aehnowiedging her mnrrlags 18 year ago to Frank Wallace vaude-YillaBCtOL JttualdJaaawp- toWallaee's Superior Court action to establish tha validity of their marriage that aha had never divorced him but that thair marriage- had never been' consummated She aaid as far a aha knew Wallace had never divorced her' She admitted that the marriage had taken plnca In Malwaukee April 11 1911' However ahe contended that Wallace married Ra Blake aley in New York on Feb 9 191 -la her anawer ah aaid that Wallace was divorced by -(laa Blakesly on May 1 1985 In NeW Jersey The Rive? Jean Final Film To Be Released July 25 HOLLYWOOD July 8 (AP) Jean Harlow's last pleturs-''Sara toga" will be released 'July 25 Th 500000 "production In which the blond actress co-atarrad with Gable was nearly shelvedlat the time of her daath For long shots which Miss Harlow had not completed whan aha died -a contract player Mary Dees was substituted aDVORHammr HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Cauied by Tired Kidneya es sftaa'sMwd by tirad kidaaw sad Mjdimd ha toaiad iilbiilffi nr TteUdaw in Niuui'a Uf way 1 takhl nids nd nhHs waits eto the MaodManpnpkpMsbsaHyisnsday boatSpwnhalwnu If the 1 auk kidnay Wbaa erf nay rtartmU pya Inn ha SO ten 3 Swaying singing mumbo-Jumbo-volced mass the men in ay or brown suits daty blue shirts yellow or white ties tha women' id red-checked dresses and bright orange hats or in whit With splashes of lavender and blue Figures Vary KINGSTON July 8 The- gates of a 1000-acr "promised laud" swung wide today at Green Kill Ulster County to provide two dqya of "Olympics" for followers of Father Major Divine Negro cult leader The bald little eultlst: predicted would participate Just how many "thousands" would ride tha busses and a boat from New York to toe Green Kill "Paradise" appear to be a matter of opinion Martin Bordeh an associate or Father Djvlne who Is called by hia disciples modestly sat tle figure at But Ulator County followers of Father Divine asserted that only one boat: would carry tha crowd' to Kingston and that its capacity was 2000 Tha program included boxiiig basebalV tennis golf swimming track and field-events and potato- peeling contests Father Divine promised to give the signal' for the festivities after receiving a portrait 'oTTiimsalf relayed by 100 numeral traversing tha four miles foom Kingston to Green Kill Our many years of funeral aerrlci Sara exceeded the trlrteit exneetitlons aad thousands at families hart been faithfully wrwd their of aorrew at the asm time thowlng conalderatloa fof tia aak of ternHy acoaomjr the promenade deck A Vnud shout wept up smothering almost din of the ten-piece" swing hand on' toe top the voices pried "Father! Peace it's The early morning sun glistened on Father Divide's bald "pate- HC' smiled faintly theh went about' th job of 'lending hand in -the 'atringlnsf of a ten-foot banner white and green on the tide of the ship: "Father Peace Mission" "The thing you want to remember" said John Lamb hi white secretary "ii that no one who has any indebtednesa Vi making this God Shirt Green "God" smile He was resplendent in a white tropical- helmet white euit white -lihoei bright green' shirt green neck-tie with a single' gold- lettered word embroidered on The decks on tha vessel 'were crowded with the he appeared on' AJF CAfiaar in noHahed hardwood any color with doll Shiah bar axtrasloa handles engraved nama pi nsiie Strong outside bnrlal box wltk mattnsa In Wsstchcstir County Etmlmlmlng Suit or Lady's Dreaa Ospof can- with silk with pillow to match Ksmovisg rsmatas (rod say and ears" of rsmalni Orntltman delabra andcapdlce wbtn icq neat rd wbts icq oral rd eh hospita) Inman a Uaa of draperies sndJ dMtachaiM and pslmj flowers On door Procuring Bnrlal Peralta Automobile ana nuhi ffwwin a out rrocsna Banal rcHUltla A Hesna On Llmossla ta say Otmstcry la Wsstchcstss County teg box to Osmstsry just' before the HARRISON Market HAUIVa BQDARe BHD SOLID Onll fintsh bar axtanalonhandlra apgrsrad asm IlnU with silk with plilsw to msttET Btroag satalda bnrlal 1 Rsmoving rsmsisa from an Embalnilng sad cars of rsmsisa wamutibrs And CsUlM eksfi raqffl vhalpa nil nnlpnn Plaeass OOOPn vhslrs and palms riowtn on deer Ml Htsria On Llmosaisa to any ilrerlng bos to CsxMtory i Delivsr- COMPLETE FUNEBAL 225 OAK HALF COUOB OAIKDT vaian tSVSi Conty Dnsa Dsa nd I doses praenrlag Rnrlal Peralta- Csmetery la Write heatrr Csnnty Do rd iNdspsnfisast ISLAND Thaap Gibraltar T-S1SS New York Largest Funeral Director Phone For -No Obligation1 WESTCHESTER 214 Mamaroneck Ave White Plain 39 BRONX 1 Wart KSth Mias BAymnd C-INS A BUSINESS CORNER IN 's 'S Vs 3ti A Smart Investment in a Rising HI WUIls Avtaaa ItOtt Ira MANHATTAN 1U Wert ftod Mrsct-TNaMmnl i4i 11 dint A venae HMoet This valuablt butiniis eornr near the center of buiincst activity is fifftred for immediate sflfc Iqvcstigata this ORportunity Without delay MOOKLVN lovSsth' Avcaas NKalna I in Uadan Belli vavd BDrA winter 4-1SSS Ull dtstbssh Avcaas BQahmlastsr am QDKXNa lM-lt fflUilds Aynas As JAMAICA Dealers who cany weU odvar- aravorad by the patronage of thoap who want' the heat Their inerauinr sales nrove that- they wily meet toe mort exacting reflulrementd 'Inquire i A HfjLlPPOLD 50 RR0ADWAYNEW YORK -w UUi Nssthsra Bn leva ITATXN I Baash Kiasi ftaptotoa Dost wsitl latiw dnastat for Daaara PHte end awnnlehy evw 40 uaata Iran iha Maod Oat Deal's Fonlngo TeL MT J- A A-:.

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