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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 2

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

PAGETTWCJ HARRISON THE DAILY ITEM PORT CHESTER SATURDAY! NOVEMBERS 51944 HARRISON Woman VGIub ToIIcar Storv Of France On Libcratipii Daj LtaiYallarellLIs NaziPrisoner Army Confirms Radio Reports Mra" John Frrgucnn Mr Jamrs Forhr Mrs William Prong Mrs! Joxoph 'Glllraudrau Kira Godwin Mrs William Graham Mr John Gregory Kira Charles Ilardy Jr Mrs James Har-bord Mrs Stewart Hathaway Mrs Thomas Ilcaly Mrs William Illtrhcoclc- Mr --Guy Hunter Mrs Bryan Kennelly Mrs Joseph Lathrnp Mrs Harold Lyon Mrs Edward May Mrs James MeCulloh Mrs II MergsnthalerMnLLilhRow Mitchell Mrs Wjllinm Nltsehke Alta Mrs William Palmer Mrs Sheldon Potter Mrs IL' ih French ind Itollatr Trent- Tpmtps- Mr Lawrence- year in Russia with the Hoover Rain ford Mrs The Woman's Club of Rye has issued an invitation to the public to hear Henry Wolfe Journal lit and foreign correspondent who has recently returned 'from liberated France speak at the Club'a annual evening meeting on Wed- nesdfy at 8:45 o'clock In the Rye Higtf School auditorium The proceeds will go to the Club's Philanthropic Fund Tickets may be obtained through Mrs Bryan Kennedy and from TseveraRye stores The author nf -German I Octopus" Mr Wolfe has had years of association with Euro-pean" affairs including service oil George-S Trevor A report relayed jto Mr" and Mrs Ftrank VallarelU 374 Mid-fend Avenue Rye by scores of short wave listeners all over the country that the Germans had announced the name of their missing son Lieut Frederick John VallareUJ as a prisoner has been verified by War Department telegram It was learned today Loath to reveal any Information concerning the news until she was certain of its' truth Mrs VallarelU la still awaiting promised War Department letter carrying further details of her status -JUwt yaHsreULpBotof B-24 Liberator bomber was shot down in a raid on Germany on Sept 18 and subsequently reported missing In actlonNo further word of hla fete has hem heard until Nov 13 when telephone call was received from a man In Utica to report that a an broadcaster on a German program has listed Lieut VallarelU aa one of those held prisoner by tha Germans The War Department -affirmation of the report followed -Lieut VallarelU la reported as one of three of hie crew of 10 who has been announced as uninjured prisoners Lieut VaUarelU 25 is a graduate of Rye High School and has been in service- since December 1942 Before entering service he -was employed as an assistant angfc-er by the New York Central Railroad Mrs Rotx-rt Smith and Mrs Eugene Watson The ushers for the evening will he Mrs Charles Stone Mrs Dana Woodman- Jr Mrs Robert Bcrson Mrs FrankUn Whit-kirk Miss Martha Jane Pangbom Miss Patricia Griffith Incidental music will be played fay Mrs Marion Lyon Harrison Blood Donor Need Stressed For Bank Dec 2 AMERICAN TANKS OPEN PIKE IN Outside an unnamed German town American tanks in battle formation open Are as an assault begins Nov 18 according to the caption accompanying this Signal Corps picture (APWirephoto I CommiaskHi visits to Eurjpe South America and the Far East and newspaper work in Central Europe In recognition of his work In the field of international rcla-lions he has been' decorated by six governments Mr Wolfe who entered Paris with the famous Second French Armored Division will descrilie his' experiences on the day of liberation The popular author and correspondent will speak on Next Act in Eur- mm ope fatwesses Named Patronesses (or the evening will be MraJtichard Boaele Mrs- Ar- thur Zirgelmeier Mis James ForbPi-Mra William MitChel Mrs Ira Martin Mrs Van Mlt-chell Mrs Warren Agry'Mra John Andie sen Mis Roy Al- ten Mrs Seth Adamson Mrs Donald Blanks Mrs David Barr' Mrs George Barron Mrs ficJttjfLMn-IUclwrd BofseL Mrs Butlner Mrs Everett Crawford Mrs Clifton Corley Mrs Charles CutaJar Mis William Demoreit Also Mrs Arthur Even Alleged Hike Theft -----Waiter $50 Peter De Re 39 of New York a former waiter at the Apawarnis Club was found guilty of petty hneiny- yesterday by Magistral William Edwards In the Rye dlyjCourt end fined $50 Ref who was arresled by Rye police for alleged theft of a bicycle from the Apawarnis Club grounds after being told hie services were no longer required was apprehended when Charles Da FU-ippq bicycle dealer who had pur- chased the from-De Re for 525 became suspicious of the 1941 City tag and reported his findings to the pMkfe Mrs Bechtel urged that thou persona wishing to donate' blood should make appointments prey- ioua to Dec 2 by calling the Harrison Chapter of the American -Red Path 1997 Mrs Jay Mason blood donor chairman of Waatcheater County called attention today also to the emphatic denial by both the President ud Red Cross Chairman O'Connor that Red Grose blood plasma fe being sold to the Armed Forces TbeM rumors are vicious lies and apparently are circulated by persona who wish to deprive our fighting men of lifesaving plasma" Sir O'Conhor said- "The Army and Navy as fe well known administer to wounded soldiers and sallaci without any charge- Persons circulating such rumen should be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation" Streaalng the need for additional blood donors Mrs It Bechtel chairman of tha Harri-aon -Branch of blood'Idonor set ice declared today that those pereona wd contributed their blood to the -Blood Bank on Sept -27 are eligible to donate their blood again on Saturday Dec 25 at the Daniel Warren School Mamaroneck -Mra Bechtel made her 'Bppeal for more blood donors In line with the plea issued today by Basil chairman pf-3ha American National Red Grose who eeld that the plan of flying whole blood to the South Pacific announced by the Navy had already-been -Implemented by ln- tructlonr to the Red Creaa bio donor centers to make every effort to maintain -their quotas Pointing out that Ip tha inauguration of the Psdfio whole-blood program seven centers are providing type "Of whole Mood in addition to Mood for plasma he said that 24 other centers also are engaged In procuring blood for plasma and that total Rad Ooes requirements make It necessary to- obtain approximately 100000 pinto of blood a wMk -There can be no 'doubt at tha fact that optimism si to the early conclusion of th war fe responsible for this decrease in inter tat" Mr- Connor stated "whereas the truth fe that more plasma and -whole Mood fe needed when our Armed Forces are advancing than when the war news fe at low ebb" CONCERT PROGRAMS FOR TOMORROW AND MONDAY isiHSiNretatopMereadyatonneh Mere Peri Okutw tin Fee A Uconaed Electrician BumaT CCSTAOI CALL! WTAi a a MONDAY artwUM'Tnsy SW' Otnkvta Lifcit aaurttm I Oat rmtr Xathla A Wnan la a Baa Ala i Ntmunlr a BaaiMtaw Tktof mhu tew AWMiMS-Fmas W-rWrl Samuel Langer- Electricnl Contractor IM Fardy fart Lena' Balartl Rye Harrison Chureh of SL Gregory the Groat Harrison the Rev William Prunty pastor Masses at 7 8 CDnfeip skms Saturday '4 to 6 PM and 70 to a PJl First Chureh of Lake Street Silver Lake -the Rev May Ilysam pastor PBC Bible Class 4:30 PM afternoon prayer and worship 7:30 PM evening Service -ilsirisoa Preibyterhut Ctiret the Rev Arthur A Wahmann paa tor Morning worshlp at 11 A Sermon by Rev Wahmann entitled Dream and the Masonic Sunday will1 lie' observed end the Masons of Harrison will worship as a group Intermediate and Senior Departments 9:30 A Nursery' end Primaries 11 AM All Saints' Episcopal Church Harrison the Rev James Knnpp rector Communion i lea 8 AM Sunday School 9:30 Morning prayer and sermon 11 A Christ's Church Rye the Rev Wendell Phillips rector Communion service 8:30 AM and 11 AM Sunday A and Jrttnon by the Rector at 11 AIM The young group will meet at 10 A and the speaker will be Robert Myers There will be a play school for children and Infants whose parents wish to attend the 11 A service between 10:30 and 11 AM Chureh of the Resurrection Rye the Rev John McGowan pastor Masses at 7 9 Id 11 end 12 clock Confessions Saturdays '4 to6 PM' Rosary and Benediction Sunday at 5 PJU Devotions In honob of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Monday 8 PM Rye 1 Presbyterian Chunrfa the Rev Dr John Gregory pastor Dr Gregory will speak at the 11 oxlock service on a second In the eries of sermons entitled The Christian Attitude" The Rye Forum will be held at 7:30 at the Pariah House '8upper at 6:45 Methodist Chureh of Kye the Rev Dr Lane Miller minister Church School 9:45 AM Bible study classes for all ages Mom-Ing vrorshp at -11 AM sermon by Dr Miller entitled "Thankful-nets the Mother of Courage" Fr Church of Christ Sctea- Fenimore Road between Palmer Avenue and Boston Poet Road Mamaroncck Sendees at 11 AM Sunday School at the erne hour jOanfevla B-8YS SALUTE MARINE DEAD ON Three' B-29 Superfortresses majestically wing their way ever a Second Marine Division Cemetery on Saipan during a familiarization flight over the Marianq Islands as two Marine! stand- guard at the ceirietery entrance Propeller appear to -have topped-fat tribilte-to the Marines who died taking the bland so that tha mighty bombers could operate mm Saipan bases to bomb Japan The picture was made fay Grant Associated Press photographer with the wartime stlU picture pool pBMiBjr in Ihn Dark UnlwlM VEKTOr wr PtlMV 4k Ma Cr-Bf1 Cut Utta PM- Sum tf ir-r- ABTIOA £MUlflWFU Milk FWto etoe FOnfehad Mlalrtas -Sautamta lUiilan Ahapwdy -Tradition-Maraalaa aaifaada JUvtaa Mt mumu fiat Mbbb of Curie Tlui Three Byrnes Brothers Of Rye Hope For Reunion In Berlin a a Kftuftr intpit trm Ms i rtaBBMs ifu 1M- ainiio WHIM A asa? iiimter The Saitwil Pr- urnf T-urria4-w lrahl aiart tor lm''TMklkookT ting a little cold-Desks and tables are a thing of the past "If we had any we would only put them on the fire wUl sign off now thanking you again for- issue four and I shall be looking forward to- Issue fire I want to wish everyone the beat Christmas ever" Tha Falll Vtonaaaa Fat Boo I Hbnsarlaa Oaaca Na Two awarkllae MID-tons NINn Ortkaalra Altaaltaa Maiaad Ftonaa wilt Co-aao-UUa Slaaaia NfAS Tall Ptora -Tba Qacaa Sail at Iha riewm "Nutctmckw Ftrpalial llallaa msspwmrsxssjk waI SFlrtsr Onnadot Dew Fetbimb Rbnibiii' Vaua a I 'Vatarael art (til OnfcaNrB iinriliB vru MsikUiM ii Bn a Bn INtWtaatW frgdg Ah Answer Tit The $64 Question To Get -Heipr Results jm thg following if) 9 i 1 2 Still Looking! ALESG1XI WANTED Good op portunlty staady eraploynat Mam Fort Cfetar To Socwt Holp Call PG 800 THE DAILY If EM Want Ad Result Number Firemen Plan 50th Birthday Dinner Dec 2 -1 Plane are complete foriUe dinner-dance observance by titaHer-rfeon Fire Department of its 50th anniversary on Dec 2 it Law-pence Inn it was announced -today by George Brunner chairman of the committee on arrangements 1 Toastmaster for the affair win be Harold Studwell oldest active ex-chief of the department Reservations will close on Thursday end tickets for the celebration may be Obtained from any of the committee members In connection with the tanfeere eery Emmett Crowe one of the founders of the department has compiled a history of the organization and its aotlvitfea and also a list of all active- SBtysar members which will ho announced shortly TMwm Blue Star Unit Spurs Sales In RyeBpnd Drive Stimulated by the activities iff the Blue Star Brigade of more thanSOO school pupils Boy and Girl Scouts as band' salesmen Rye Sixth War Loan drive urged forward at the end of the week with Incomplete returns from the banka and post office showing $15625950 of the $90V 000 quota already achieved Harrison continued to lag far behind its quota of $400000 with alea of but $23000 fat bonds reported up to this morning All Rye residents adults well as children are being urged to enlist fat the Blue Star Brigade tQ sell Jwmfe Leader of the group to date la John Gibson ion of Mr and Mrs Penn Gib-on 330 Oakland Beach Avenue Rye who is the first- to receive an award for service In Rye He has been advanced faKcaptaln fat the Brigade for having made 21 salee of War Bonde Jput at Um Duik Honda Oeau-a Daar 4m noaatat A letter written with characteristic grit of American servicemen wait' received yesterday by that Rye Lions Chib he author of the fetter Sgt George Byrnes "of Edwefd BymMTTJf Oakland Beach -Ave Rye fe just one of the many hundreds of Bye men and women who receive copies of the Rye Newsletter Sgt Byrnes wrote: 1 went to thank you for issue four of the Newsletter It Is really Interesting and 1 look forward to receiving It Tour paper is the only one In which you don't find a note about someone crying about going home or who they should let out of the Army first Every other paper you pick up contains pages iff complaints from different who think that- they should go home and the war is Just starting have been 27 months overseas and want to be here tor the finish have been almost five months In France My brothers Walt and Jim are here In France somewhere It is over three'years since I last law them We all have date to meet fat Berlin: That should be a memorable reunion 1 sure hope that you can read this writing: the hands are get- -TrtiSmkt WM Wrttw to Watob Onr Ma a Win JaU him MurWai jQuti JUrii HunaMta" iSMTA OM hni kaU QrnrfliMi11 Mm DIMM Amina ShefBttSi- raM--UCMin 111 Bm Lbbtb Too ataM Throe" SSSSS Knnnttcr You This VCrod-Mi taaar CWia Back Ma Oiari Thtaa MuikataarV' Farad a Mad Nl Rye Policy Attn Nominates Officers Nominations for the annual election of officers for the Rye Police Association were made at a regular meeting of the association yesterday afternoon In the police recreation roont It was disclosed today The names of the nominees will be announced at a later date The election will take' place sometime in December Patrolman Joseph Kraft president appointed a committee to 'arrange for the annual dinner which will be held- in January The time and location' wUl be announced at future meeting Boxer Reveals Sale Of Four Parcela The sale of four piecea iff property Jn Harrison was announced today by Samuel Boxer Harrison real estate agent The isles Include the property at 74 Henry Avenue to Vincent Protano the property et 45 Henry Avenue to Philip Pietro at the corner of Oakland Avenue and Parson Street to John Matero tad the property at 76 Rose Avenue to Concetto Lusarda 1 daJir in saag-- Mlsanna wuta Awtom Bl puma ntalata 'KbynIbAb' Itra lUhrta Xapma OarAtai rtthr Vaa A Trained Dog Is A rteut wilt IM w' Ualtoe rttorortt tarn "1 Iihh nmt Baae- will Sa waaiara Baraaralto IFAaiaw Caorleha Cliotto Mnilas WNCWONOONCSST WTAS iialUaa rwaaa al Far Df Ma JafVStl? la PLUa da 11 I See A HAPPY Christmas For Yoiur Family pner -LfllSr Youth Fellowship Meets Tomorrow Members of the Youth Fellow-hlp of the Rye Methodist Chureh will meet tomorrow at 7:45 PM at the home of Gordon Thomas 54 Highland Road Rye The tub-Jret topic for the evening will be Prejudice" it was announced today by the RefcJ Lane Miller pastor On Sunday Dec 3 as the first feature in the 11 o'clock service at the church children will be baptized the Rev Mr Lena alio announced Parent! ere requested to meet in the Church Parlors et 10:45 A and receive Instructions as to their part In the Sacrament The Rev Mr Miller disclosed today also that the Joash Pageant held et the Church Sunday was the- largest service In the Chureh in years Contributions for the-special Joash bind have been coming In all week he slid The total amount received will be announced at the i Church tomor- WulfBrtB FMApb fa rtrtlnlih DOGS BOARDED BATHING STUFFING MARION SHAW Imaaflla Naas Naata Umawfafc CaaB Tat araaavIckHSl rtnnl's Cora rVehride'i (SSSOti Maadrtna FORCM TO HEAR HOFFMAN Dr Rosa Hoffman professor of modem history of the Fordham University Graduate School will speak at the Rye Forum at the Rye Presbyterian Pariah House tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock The author of nine hooka Dr Hoffman win talk on Paris: Its Place In the New World Order" A reception and supper wUl precede the lecture OYNturO nunmuM I CONCSST Bib SaMs ns Orahaalra wfas diia-nt a gujjlmw Um ff'r tliiiYf NMto WtoMniTt Sggg-r-as riag iwia Barnaa CUMnsto Baa -tJr Etonian PrtaaP haaarttn Quality Meati TheodoreFremd- Tuaa' S1 MSnlll Ml ajMTaagnSas jMES wan Dag fJT AT S10HT-W7AS JKa naattan Oranara at Draai -Praam Pwmita "SaMw WaFkarw Frlaa Sans ar1 nao? Wajrirr thinii EARLY CANCER IS OFTEN CURABLE MU Mmi Bipb4 ftrma fintuf Duneu CWtMWl Dkas bkiy! 0wt Bnakntmr IBhni nntaaM la Sourer mufil Omtura uuMitta JVItWfl JMraJt Yea I can 'bob very clearly that your family wfll havo a tippy Christmas because you were smart you joined the Christmas Savings Club Now you will have money enough to buy nice presents A Deposit with us a small amount of money each week 1 Start New te Save For IMS Make OVR bank YOVR bank i PORT CHESTER SAVINGS BANK Established 1865 Meat bar Faderil Depoait laturanca Corporatioe Win valuablt trpdt eertifteata by eancerixy ihm Jottowiitg its querifama accordant iolth the rule feted below Mat! vottr CtlMaj Shopper'! NoMook Editor com of 01 HERE ARE QUESTIONS Jfi tea saew aai sleet leva at ailit whs wUl yea calif Neaw a mlrtoeiu ihep far a ea Ubertr Saaeia Far iba ina waat Ulna weaM win year mUeat I Tto Cwto wkenf i Vhat is ae-toakls fee I Just fc Naart a phnaathreyie Itotei to BhenW Neteheeh 1 Question Box Contest Rules anUt Deeamber a 1M4 (except Sunder) Tha Dally Item will print six a undone In Bents Quntloa (2t Anmreis to auertlone will be found hi The Dally Item detailed Hr? rear name and uddicas plainly Make yourentiy ae neat ae potable Uea only me elds of the paper write uuwtn In their propMP ordffu-Na 1 2 3 tte 2LMS to buy The Deity Item to enter the mntest Mlyltaa1 PWr "n)r Utouriee er at the emee et The niZKS HN DAILT fleOO SfcNhndln Ontttcitei will bt iwirdtd liffir far thf ils pnmt correct wts of aniwcta to nth tfayi (uaitioni merchant whota adven Dt Thf Clanlflcd ShoppcYi Notebook la csctiaBio for mtrcbmdlie to toe amount stlputated on So certlSeete merenmunm wbintnx contes tent will reeetvu a apodal award a JJWant Ad Enhance Cirtlileate" redeemable during NaUmS Want Ad Hlnneia- namm win be faundeo dartlOed Mto4IMl7 AJBOLD BINXCB CONCCBT Orrbaalrn dlrrrtton Saalamld Eton Flar Oroilia ttonra Orsalaa "Ondim Mamia- Splrnual Madia kJilBH to Traukia j'ra Barn Thwnk tha Tiara PmcKafteSe trSiT ZSSn2 r- srr4: Coaaah rear phyaldae at oace if yea have any af tha foUawtag symptoniftM ANY ESPECIALLY Ef THE BREAST ANY THAT DOES NOT any UNUSUAL DISCHARGE OB BLEEDING CONTIXCED INDIGESTION CUalca for tha beaeStef penoaa aaabla to pay ariU be held la the United Hospital Port Chester Every Friday Monlag atUilL Crnaalnnda Hospital Clinic Valhalla First I Tharadajrs of Each Month at IL FSr Cllale Appotatmeat Call BraurUIa Far Free laferawtiea an the Bahjeet el Ctaeer Wrttei WESTCHESTER CANCER COMMITTEE a POXDFUXD ROAD BRONX VHLE Xetryhaaa Breasvllto S-MOS MONBAT rae swwiNiwrHee ajlwt Saafa1 srii I A fan 9t ih Bejou srzti- 4 5int My Maaw Jrr5? Naart la Smr BtniRaA Ym4 Ma iZSsSSm JMfrHaart Alcoa TlAtm! rt Bauiaaa I Naar a Th7at NU? uw NuBkSE wgjTje tto Wattl Taa Barad lar.

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