Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 21, 1963 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1963
Page 22
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20 GofesburQ Register-Mgjj, Galesburg, 111. Saturday; Sept. 21, 1963 MARKET \(23) A Case of Classification By The Reading Laboratory, Inc. Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association So far, we've seen two different kinds of subject development. History, whether the history of people or of literature develops in a horizontal fashion—each event leads to subsequent events. There is a cause and effect relationship between the historical events and you should overview to find this REPORTS Golesburg Hog Market Galcsburg Order Buyers C. B. & Q. Stockyards Market steady. Bulk of eastern shipping hogs, $15.25-$15.50. Top, $15.75. Quotations: 200-230 $15.00-$15.75 230-260 $14.70-$15.65 260-300 $14.04-$15.35 .Sows: 300-500 $12.25-$14.50 MONDAY'S ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP) - Estimated livestock receipts for Monday arc 15.000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 500 sheep. Transportation Departures Effective April 28 ALL SCHEDULES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Burlington, Easlbound 8 Fast Mail SO AkSarBen 10 Denver Zephyr 2 Local ..3*5 a. m. .5:55 a. m. .7:52 a. m. _8:50 a. m. 18 California Zephyr 12:31 p. m 12 Nebraska Zephyr 7:05 p. m Burlington, Westbound 3 to Omaha, Lincoln 1 :48 a. m. 55 to Kansas City 1:55 a. m. 7 to Denver 3:55 a. m. 35 to Kansas City 3*0 p. m. 11 to Omaha, Lincoln —3:10 p. m 17 to California 6:32 p. m. 1 to Denver 8:22 Santa Fe, Easlbound p. m. 20 Chief 16 Texas Chief 18 Super Chief- El Capitan* 2 S.F. Chief* 124 Grand Canyon . 12 Chicagoan „4:40 6:40 ..11:10 a. m -11:45 a. m —2 £0 p. m —5:50 p Santa F«, Westbound 9 K. C. Chief 2:35 19 Chief 12:55 123 Grand Canyon 3:20 1 S.F. Chief 7:05 35 Texas Chief 9:55 17 Super Chief- El Capitan* 10:25 m. m. m. m. m. m. p. m. •—Flagstop Ozark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* 8:53 a. m. 64 to Chicago* 4:45 p. m. Ozark, Southbound 141 to St. Louis 12:26 p 143 to St. Louis 9:01 P •—Except Sunday ••—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES Westbound To West Coast - 6:30 a. m, To West Coast 1:20 p. ro To West Coast 9:45 p. m m. m. „ _ Easlbound To East Coast To East Coast .12:01 p. m. - 8*0 p. m. Southbound To St. Louis 10:00 „, „ Northbound To Peoria _1'15 o To Davenport ~S.-J9.20 p a. m m. m. Michigan Couple Visit at Berwick BERWICK - Mr. and Mrs Melville Hess of Midland, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hutchenson of Kirktvood, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Earp of BiggsviJIe and Mrs. Ruby Hess were recent supper guests of Mi*, and Mrs. Allen Hess. Duane Ischer, Robert Newell and Robert Sawyer Jr., enrolled at University of Illinois this past week. Gary Hull enrolled at Western Illinois University on Monday. Rev. and Mrs. L. L. Newell, Mr. and Mrs. James Conway and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Pratt attended the Illinois Baptist Association meeting at Kewanee last week. Mrs. Bettie Wainman of Rushville is visiting her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wainman. pattern, this "big picture." On the other hand, subjects like sociology, psychology, economics and political science tend to develop vertically. The text and lecturer will construct a set of general concepts (like "group," "neurosis." "Law of Supply and Demand," etc.) which will then be applied to specific cases. You must understand these general concepts first — for these are the foundation of the subject—before you get into details. Biology is a bird of a different Preliminary Nursing Home Plans Discussed West and Weber, architect and engineer, will prepare preliminary plans for the proposed new Knox County Nursing Home, it was announced following a meeting Wednesday afternoon at the courthouse. Present at the meeting were members of the building subcommittee of the Citizens Advisory Committee for a new Knox County Nursing Home and John II. Weber of the firm. Also present in an advisory capacity was W. Keith Wceber of the Rock Island office of the Illinois Department of Public Health. Discussed during the session were programming of the operation of the facilities, what constitutes a nursing home and the type of facilities desired in the proposed nursing home. Upon completion of the preliminary plans, they will be inspected and studied by the committee, Weber said. The proposed home, for which the cost has been estimated at $1.8 million and for which financing and referendum plans are yet to be completed, would be a 200-bed facility, if constructed. Fairview Group Takes Part in Church Meet FAIRVIEW — The Synodical Council of Women's Work of the Reformed Church was held last week in Randolph, Wis. Raritan, Fairview, Peoria and Pekin Reformed Churches were represented from this area. Attending from Fairview were Mrs. Bartel Bylsma, Mrs. Howard Vohland, and Mrs. Jacob Lindstrom. They were accompanied by Mrs. John Houston of Pekin. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! NCT: ANN' AL MEETING KNOX COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION The Knox County Agricultural Board and Fair Association will hold their annual meeting at lhe American Legion Hall in Knoxville on Saturday, October 5, 1963 at 1:30 P.M. Officers and Directors for the coming year will bo elected as well as reports rendered of lhe 19E3 Fair operation. W. L. F.AHRIS, Secretary MIXED HAY WANTED Call or see—BUI Bowen, care CBBcO STOCKYARDS Werthelmer Cattle Co„ Inc.— Galesburg, UL—TeL 343-5612 FOR SALE SEED RYE — $1.50 bu. MAX ARMSTRONG 3 >/4 Mile South of Cameron FOR SALE ICC TRUCK PERMIT Call between 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. 343-6633 GAGE PAINT and BODY SHOP WE SPECIALIZE IN: 1. Insurance Work 10. Auto Waxing 2. Auto Painting 3. Truck and Tractor Painting 4. Steam Cleaning 5. Glass Installation 6. Gas Welding and Cutting 7. Arc Welding 8. Fender Repairing 9. Wrecks Completely Rebuilt 11. Touch Up 12. Radiator Work 13. Rusted Out Panels Replaced 14. Batteries Charged 15. Customizing 16. Truck Lettering 17. 24-Hour Wrecking Service 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE Call Us for Free Estimates Free Pickup and Delivery Standard Service Station — Gas and Oil Open Sundays For Estimates We will loan you an insured car or truck to drive while we repair yours. Call Any Time — Day or Night. Open Evenings by Appointment. H. L. GAGE, Owner Phone 375*6637, Watago, Illinois feather. Like all the oilier sciences, biology is constantly changing. Almost every day there is a new breakthrough or new piece of information obtained. It's important that you realize this, and it's also important that you sec that your textbook and your teacher can't possibly keep up with all the new developments. No one can. As a result, and properly so, your biology course will be primarily a descriptive course. That is, you're almost entirely concerned with classifying the different forms of life. If you decide to major in biology in college and make it your life's work, you'll go beyond mere classification. You'll study the chemistry of life, you'll be able to delve deeply into cell structure, evolution and other fascinating aspects. But for the time being, concentrate on passing your elementary courses. Ninety-nine and 44/100 per cent of all students who have trouble with their biology course have it because they can't sec the forest for the trees. Remember that for the most part your course will simply divide living things into great groups. The most general groups arc called phyla. For instance, the chordates are a phylum. Do you know what they are? From the great groups, or phyla, biology then works down to smaller groups (family, genus and species). For instance, a red fox is a member of the chordates, and of the dog family (Canidae), and of the genus Vulpcs, and the species fulvus. Technically, the red fox is referred to as the Vul- pus fulvus. Horribly confusing, isn't it? Actually, it isn't confusing at all once you get the classes straight; as a matter of fact, it's all extremely logical. But you have to get the classes straight! And the surest way not to get the classes straight is to memorize every little thing in the book just because it's there. When you study a new animal or a new plant, take your time and look it over. How is it made and how does it work—that is, respirate, digest, reproduce and FOR SALE Nearly new A piece dropleaf kitchen dinette set. Wood grain Formica lop. Price reasonable. PHONE 343-7283 TREES CUT AND BRUSH REMOVED HEDGEPOSTS CUT Call 342-4657 HOME FOn SALE IN GALESBURG 5 room bungalow with basement and full lot 66' x 198', garage, gas heat, storms and screens. Northwest location close to school. All newly painted and priced reasonable. Phone Victoria 379-7198. Garage Sale 1749 ROCK ISLAND AVE. Mon. and Tues. — Sept. 23. 24 9 'til ? Clothing and Misc. Hems. Backyard Sale Jefferson St. Back of 581 W. Losey St. Mon., Sept. 23 — 9 'til ? Refrigerator, roaster and stand, dishes, pots and pans & misc. Garage Sale 1256 DAYTON DR. (NORTHLAND) TUESDAY, SEPT. 24 — 9 'til 5 Clothing for adults, children and babies. Baby, lawn and household furniture, maternity wear, misc. items. HOT SHOT SPECIALS Sat. Nite and Sunday Morning 9 to 2 PEPSI-COLA — 29c 6 BU. Carton Plus Deposit OSCAR MAYER WIENERS lb. pg. 45c NEW GREEN CABBAGE —_ lb. 5c YELLOW JERSEY SWEET POTATOES TRADING POST SUPER 1515 E. MAIN New District 205 Teachers MISS DOROTHY CROSBY is and is a resident of Galcsburg. teaching business education at Galcsburg High School. She holds a B.A. degree from Wartburg College, Wavcrly, Iowa, LEWIS DYKEMAN is teaching science at Churchill Junior High School. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia and is a resident of Galva. KENNETH RAYMER is a vocal music instructor at Lombard Junior High School. He is from Dcllwood, Mo., and obtained his M.S. degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia. so forth? Then how would you classify it? Does the book classify it that way? If so, fine! If not, why not? In other words, don't get flustered by a bunch of Latin names. Just keep in mind that when you dissect an animal, you're seeing how it works so you'll be able to classify it. When you study plant reproduction, you're seeing how they work so you'll be able to classify them. Overview each major unit to find the properties of the classes; once you've learned them, keep calm, keep cool and keep classifying. (NEXT: How to study physics and chemistry.) FOR SALE 37' Livestock trailer and 'S7 Ford tractor. '57 Ford lilt cab with new motor and 16' bed with fold down rack. Phone Bushnell 255Y Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must be in our office 12 noon day before ad runs. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail Plan Party For Children NEW WINDSOR —The Sunday school staff of Calvary Lutheran Church planned a Halloween par­ ly for the Sunday school children Oct. 31, at a meeting Monday. Beverly and Marjorie Whitenack, Mrs. Lyman Dahlgren and Maureen Johnson were appointed in charge of the arrangements and entertainment. Mrs. Melvin Snyder was devotional leader. It was agreed that a special offering of $5 obtained during Bible school in the spring, be sent to Bethphage Mission at Axtell, Neb. The Rev. Mr. Holmer led the discussion on the lesson, "Helping Children to Know the Bible." Hosts were Willard and Beverly Wadhams. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 8-2103 Gllion. 111. Galesburg. 111. — 342-6234 HAMPSHIRE BOARS FOR SALE SIRED BY ALWOOD CORN KING — Sixth Boar in the nation to qualify as a Superior Certified Meat Sire. HIS RECORD: 8 litters submitted for certification 8 litters qualified 15 pigs on official test — 40 pounds to 204 pounds Feed conversion 301 pounds Loin eye area 4.73 square inches Length 29.77 inches Average Backfat 1.27 inches RICHARD C. GEIGER Phone 934-2706 Woodhull, Illinois CLOSING OUT SALE I will hold a closing out sale one mile south of Avon on Route 41 SATURDAY, SEPT. 28 FULL LINE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND MACHINERY More detailed ad to appear later. HAROLD BECKNER Lowell Buck, Auctioneer BORROWING or INVESTING Loans for building, buying or repairing homes. Reasonable monthly repayments. NOW PAYING 4 •n Ail Investments $1.00 up. SAVINGS WITH SAFETY. ELMWOOD SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION formerly ELMWOOD HOMESTEAD and LOAN ASSOCIATION Elmwood. til. - Established 1880 - Phone 3621 Member Illinois Savings and Loan League PUBLIC AUCTION Knox County Farm The Samuel T. Was son farm consisting of 134 acres, located 4 miles west of London Mills on State Route 116, will sell at public auction Sat., Oct. 5 at I p.m. JOHN WASSON, Adm., Eureka, III. Lowell Buck, Auctioneer, Avon, III. CLOSING OUT SALE Due to the death of my husband, I will hold a closing out sale, Wi mile South of Fairview, on State Route 97. THURSDAY, SEPT. 26 STARTING AT 1 P.M. MACHINERY 1957 IHC 350 tractor in extra good condition with heat houser; IHC two row cultivator; New Idea one row pull type corn picker, extra good; John Deere trailing type mower; Hay rack on new rubber tired gear; John Deere two row tractor planter; IHC two bottom plow; Three section harrow; 40 ft.- elevator on rubber; Oliver side rake on rubber; Box wagon on rubber; Four wheel spreader; Tandem disk; Rotary hoe; Roller; Hog house; Brooder house; Feed bin. Hand tools including spades, forks, log chains, SOME HAY — STRAW — OATS — SOME FURNITURE TERMS — CASH Not responsible for accidents BULIS ROBERTS ANNA THURMAN Lowell Buck, Auctioneer Russell Cattron, Clerk ADMINISTRATOR'S PUBLIC SALE City properly and furniture at 326 East Main St., Knoxville, 111. (BIDDIE CRUSER ESTATE) Saturday, Oct. 5, 1963 AT 11:30 SHARP ORDER OF SALE: Will itart telling furniture promptly at 11:30 A .M. Heal Estate will sell at 2 o'clock P .M. sharp. Legal description: Lot 4 in Block 9 in the City of Knoxville, Knox County, Illinois. This property has a choice location being at 326 East Main St., Knoxville, Illinois. House is an 8 room modern (except for furnace) with 6 rooms on first floor and 2 rooms on second floor, small basement. Garage and one small building. Strawberry and raspberry beds, a few fruit trees. TERMS: 20% of the purchase price in cash day of sale — balance due upon approval of sale by the county court. Said sale is to be made free and clear of all liens and encumbrances except the lien for general real estate taxes levied for the years 1962 and 1963. Possession will be given upon approval of sale by Knox County Court, and payment in full of the purchase price, and delivery of a proper deed of conveyance. For inspection of property, contact the undersigned administrator or lhe auctioneer. "A complete list of the furniture will appear in subsequent ad" LILLIAN P. SEMONIS Administrator of lhe Estate of Biddle Cruser, deceased Auctioneers: LEWIS G. MARKS and MICHEAL E. MARKS BERNARD G. STUTLER, Attorney MR. FARMER: HARVEST TIME IS HERE! j CLOSING OUT SALE Owing to ill health I will sell the following at Public Auction at farm located 4 mile East of Knoxville, 111. on Route 150 and first house South (across from Knox Co. Highway maintenance station) on Tuesday, September 24, 1963 1 O'clock Sharp. MACHINERY 1952 Ford tractor good condition, Ford mower back mount, Ford plow, Ford PTO standeriser. Ford ship back mount; IHC 2 row cultivator, good; Kewanee 4 sec. harrow, good; 4 row mounted sprayer; Massey-Harris clipper combine w/motor; 2-14 J.D. plow; New Idea 3 bar side rake; M 4 M 7' drill; G.I. 7' cultimulcher; 32' corn elevator, good; old spreader; good rubber tire gear w/straight box and hand hydraulic hoist; old gear w/rnck; Letz PTO burr mill, good. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Coffin hoist, few doors and windows; pump jack and elec. motor; portable loading chute good galvanized tank; 300 gal. gas tank and stand; several 4 and 5 in. tile; hay rope and forks; 200 hedge posts more or less well seasoned; small building; round tank; several oil drums; several pes. good lumber; small cattle hay bunk; small size Leland tank w/2 hog drinks; hand com sheller; post vise; hydraulic jacks; set sockets; jack screws; '/a and ",4 elec. drills; small hand tools; wheel barrow; pitcher pump; work bench and vise; handmade lathe; set taps and dies, good; 3 elec. motors small size. DeWalt Radial Arm Bench Saw with Single Phase 2 H.P. Motor, good condition a nd extra blades. Many items too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH. Not Responsible For Accidents. PAUL E. WILSON OWNER Auctioneers — LEWIS G. MARKS and MICHAEL E. MARKS. Clerk — WALT LINDAHL. ft I; mm • DON'T MISS THE FARM IMPLEMENT and SUPPLY DEALERS" Special Section which will appear on our WANT AD PAGE Six Days Commencing Monday, September 23 Here you will find many values offered by Western Illinois Farm Implement and Supply Dealers who are ready to serve you at all times.

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