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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 2

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

HARRISON THE DAILY ITEM PORT CHESTER Y- IRIDAY AUGUST 25 1944 HARRISON PACE Ttt Helps have been aaaouaeod up to dote Tho eatftao dooo toulghL lha show will bo eato twees 10 A and 13 tha claealfleatiou for Judging will bo: hoot dross ad doll largest maUeat hart eollocttou af foreign dolte carriage and doll tloa oddest dressed boat mevta actress doll sad boat dafl Prism will ho a warded sad all aatraato will raealva ribbons Judges Selected For Rye Doll Show Mrs Bid aay McBride of chaaa Rtroot Mtea Ana RtrootaoL of Redfltld Street sad Mrs Tuttle of Mud Place all of Ryo-wlll act ae judges at tha doll show to bo hold at the Ryo City Recreation Playgroiaid tomorrow Dlreo-tor Tuitl a disclosed today Mr Tuttle added that 40 sntrice JFOJIEL CDHIL CRAWFORD HAS MEN'S 100' ALL-WOOL SUITS I I liilcciu THE MONTPREY COLONIAL RESIDENCE abova baklag to Mra Harry A Ual alluatad oa a plot of one aero at MT HarrUoa Aienua In the Sunny Ridge section af HarrUon baa been Bold to Joseph Keber of Mount Vgrnon for lira Lint by Prlneo and Iltplry real ealale brokers School Taxes To Be Collected For Harrison CullrrtloB of -hc-l HarrUon dairli'j 1 Krroir of Tw llii (l at th Ti H- or iet iiay ra arJ Sjnda) A UN the 2c 1 Slud-HarrV flat If 4 i a( ar4 on Sw'jrdasi- hprn 9 A I srd 11 i nfi S-iI 1 1 It Sl- l-amr Se 1 RPad £1 Ix'RMn 9AM I I Rr'rt! iho O-nitnunty -itr Iirimria ti- ii'-UJ OO S- 3 id npvp Uip He rjaisin 1 T)lor rtk i1ird tte Tuwn Hutid i I ml ti'vn'td IK 1M4 pi il ikXis hai: in' (r i4 Iii Nunfr 1 Rye I he rate per inn-uand a Th 14 Iljall'jl) Mai I13V1W r'! iy for ll II3M2 lilt x'-rjt'irc air 14M to wlti ar of If flirrhaae Datcr Njiiltr 2 laa a 14 274 per thuuaanil ile The ltl lalualloa aat 111 ine -1MI levy IS I a'ti rslen-Iona of IMW' f'2 ai-l an uveiiay of 12 IT District Number Lake Street fiaa tala of fn'flST The 1WJ laluatinn au II otlSSl and the M4 levy nlh vateiuiune amuuntlnx lu 1 "Jl II and an overlay of II Dieiirt Numlier I HarrUon and Rye haa a rate per thousand of III MSI I The I M3 variation attiiiuiitrd In I2S 111 anJ the 1041 lety was KVI Ml 2 lh ea-teiusona of I9IW and an ar-rrlay of HR 10 In Dialrlrt Number Silver lake I he rata ll SM per thou-eand I04J valuation ll23P0 and me IMI levy II MO if rxten-alutui of 0I Ml S3 and an overlay of IRS2 The tale par ihouiand In math dialrlrt ahona an Inrteaaa ovar that in 1M1 arrnidttig to a labia 1 arrnmpanyoig Mr Taylot a Irtler to lha Hoard lltHK AT COVriKUil Tommy flrannrll and hta or-rheelra Hill be fraluird al lha Kye riivelrgh Club's weekly Saturday night danee this werk Oil Burner Service For your convenience safekeeping and handling deposit your coupons with us IFafrelBesiteff OIL CO INC Wounded Vets To Hear Radio A IM000 centralised radio system was presented by Lieut Gen James Harbord retired of Dogwood Leas Rye to Halloran Gem oral Hospital States Island on behalf of the Nqw York Chapter af tha American Red Cross af which he le ehalrmaa Presentation ceremonies attend- ad by hlgh-makiBg Army ofRcers Rod Cross offlclale and repreeea- i la liras of numerous organisations wore held la tha Rod Croas building oa the poet Tha Installation allows ovary patient to tune in oa a program of hla choice bom a radio station or from the hospital recreation auditorium or tha chapeL Head seta oa Mansion cords can ho plugged Into outlets to tho wards Of tho 31 words equipped wars supplied by tho Npw Tork Rod Cross throo by tha Herman Goldman Foundation aad two by- the High School of Muaie aad Art New York The chapel installation waa donated by tha Woman's Club of tho Deaf Ilarbord Named In Railroad Suit Lieut Gea James Harbord retired Dogwood Laaa Ryo wet ono of aumoreua defendants to tha anli-treat suit fllad this weak by the Oovorumont against major railroads aad banking 'concerns Tha Department of Justice In tho civil suit died at Lincoln Nob ado the charges against the American Association of Rati-ada Re Steers aad directors the Waste ra Association of Kali-nay Executives Morgan A Co Inc Kuhn Leah esd Co) 47 railroads and their chief esoeu-Uveo ond SI othar Individ ila alleging violations of tho Rhsrmaa Aati-Tnut Act by eollualvo rato-flalag aad discouraging Improve-meals la service and equipment Is tha westers part of tho country RYE PROPERTY ROLD Mrs Helen Abate haa the dwelling nontalalag 11 aad three hatha situated oa more than au acre of load on Rtuyvae-aat Avenue MU ton Ioint Ryo to oltoat of the office of Rledle Ryo Path Through Ashes In Cellar Leads Way To Separation Port Cheater 4200 Greenwich 2929 Swtffbf 9MMKMT ANNUOUi MOWN COLVMMA cornua XkS1 OUAM9 DAUMOVm IHItl NamvaM ROLTCNONI lAfATITTV khjum-mit MTU-flNN MWCVTON LM-rrvvtNi VIAOXNIA WBfTKNNY fALl An meamM oorean Gaoid Bjrrua Rivor 9090 Mamaiwaock 2020 A CO- wod 4 to hIhMl iluJtH (BM Uni r-hirr iMkaetoan Frepaaae tot ol Alt CoUeqaq Wed MM AanopaUq Cead apodal noototantad pregron hr oowplrtton WHITE Mrs Katharine Fltipatrlrk of Hye was awarded a separation from Harry Fltxpatrlck motor company eaee-utive and 130 a week allaiony by Supreme Court Justice Frank Coyne on her testimony that ha has been gultly of rruoltUo Including twice dumping quantities of food upon her so she Uy la bed and allowing ashso to accumulate almost colling high la lha basement at their ho use The couple have taro children and their custody waa awarded la Mrs Fllapatnck who was represented by Thbmaa Connolly ol Port Cheater la Ra undefended action The alimony la the earns amount act temporarily by Justice Coyna two weeks ago at whlck time John A Bodmer appeared lor Fltepetrlck lira Fltapatrlch testified they wore married at Babylon I oa March 1 131 and lived la Now Rochelle befoia they weal to Rye Rhe Mid her huiband haa lived with hu mother In Jackson Heights I since June On June I aha asserted ho reme home Intoxicated and suit her without provocation blackening aoo of bar ayes knocking out several taoth and cutting her chin While they were living la Now Rochelle ho testified ho dumped a pan of liver and oalona over her because aha had not waited up In warm hid supper although ha dd not return until 11:10 II Hhortly after last Eaater aha add- ed ha 'throw pai containing I bam grease and other articles jAcnaur iooi rat utu i TAU TOM 8ESDM I id MtoalwCdMM FoehAv-Rot-M-IISto EowTa Id II BLOCKS BELOW GRAND CENTRAL STATION) 3 1 7N 4 5 4 400 Holy Name Servicemen ToGetBullctins Apprealmately 400 Harrison men on the mailing list of the Holy Nome Society of tho Church of St Gregory tho Great Harrtoon will aooa receive coplea of the Society's eecond bulletin printed for members la tho armed forcea Victor Prtoclaatolll chairman aaid today Tha bulletin notes that response to tho Bret woo so encouraging that the organism tloa to attempting to bring to tho serviceman more recant news Soma of tho events described art tha Holy Name's annual Communion broakfaat tha jelut breakfast of tha Ladles' Ausiltary and tha Children o' Kory to made of the annual baaaar planned for OcL It SO aad SI Letters from Bob Valentino Richard Fiore Tony Brlotte Ait Lamb Dr Anthony Siaca Cyril Waadell John It- Murray Chris and Frank Santo Donato Art Strafacs Bob Morrissey aad tha Rev Raymond OOonnor are also reported Tho bulletin ctoeei with tho mom ego "Wall sough for the present You will bo hearing from no again aooa Bo assured of oar prayara aad tod wishes Holy Nemo Sunday to Kill the eecond Sunday af tha month ao forgot to Join ua somewhere along ear world wldo altar i i'b'o Fender Ripped From Car In Rye The tahdor twad torn tram a car driven by Debate Sclavlllo It 137 1 Rockwall Sttaet Harr toe a early yesterday morning In front of the Ryo Notional Bonk Ryo poll ca re parted Mr Sclavlllo woo driving poet tho bonk whoa Rooonno Morgan SI of Hidden Spring Luna Ryo who was pulling away from tho curb boobed tho front bumper of her cor Into tho right rear foadrr of Sclavlllo'a car causing tha damage Neither driver waq Injured BITTEN ON FINGER Diana Linda Jones tour 10S Oak IL Harrison was treated by bar family physician yesterday In Harris ao tor a dog bits on her loft finger Harrison pel Ice reported Tho child waa bitten by a dog owned by Anthony Folonela 171 Hateload Avenue whllo oho was walking with her mother on Hal-otood Avenue Foleucln wrae Instructed to Ho up the dog whoso muasta had slipped off for ton days THREE FINED Throe persona wore fined IS ouch to Ryo City Court yesterday an okergeo of poaelng rod lights In Ryo They ware Goorga Frutto-role S4 af TT Nairn Avenue Har-isa who passed rod light on Purdy Avenue and Furehooo treat Virginia A Fappadahla IS of tha Westchester Chantry Club aad Herbert A Merrtoon of Wuhoflold Maks WINS FROMOTION Pinak A Capect son of Mr aad Mrs Michael Chpod 13S Iprtag treat Wt Cheater haa boon prw-te tho rank of technical sergeant "eemowhora to New Owlaea" ggt Capect enlisted with the Greenwich National Guard hi February IMI ud hue avemeae 3S btnruw Quality Ueata Theodore Frexnd It Bra IM TR school hots toSxJwcI upon bar She said bo waa angarod because aha had Invited bar ala-ter's family to dinner la reciprocation for a dinner party given by her alatsr Mr Fits pa trick said bar hue-band allowed ashes to aceumulsto to inch aa oatsat that oho could not reach tha wash tuba When aha complained aha added ha hovalad a path to tha tub but did not rimovo tha debris from the collar Traveled 50000 Miles At Sea ound Mao le Charles Phelps 10 tha aoa of Patrolman and Mrs Charles A Fhalpa Grapal Street Rye recently return ad to a Key West Fla school for farther study following a today liberty Phelpe who waa overseas for ten and a half months traveled 30000 mllea abroad before kla return boms la the Navy tor a year and a half Phelps spent a great deal of his tlms overoaas la the South Atlantic A buddy of Phelps' who waa too far away from bia own boms la Arlxona to mnka tha trip a oompaalad Phelps to hla boat a whtra they spent their leavo together Ha reports today also tor further study to a Torpedo School la Newport I Phelps who woo born In Ryo graduated from tho Ryo School ond too Ryo High School Ho foliated la tha Navy Immediately aRer hla graduation from High School Unit Marurr i Buys IIourp In Silver Lake A ala-room bouse ot 31 Columbus Avenue Silver Labs waa sold for 1700 to Loula llarucel 33S Lin-' coin A venae Sliver Labes high i bidder by tho Hlrrtaou Towt Board Wednesday Bight at a public ante The structure acquired by the I Town la a recently concluded ae-i tloa to a two and one half story dwelling with a three-car garage LEFT lllSM Property value! al 110300 real and 13100 personal waa loft by Fannie Beaedum 021 Lorraine Street Tawa of Rye who died Aag 10 Intestate- It wIM go to KeSel Loans berry WUUaaie-vllto Dorothy Kochlako Clara RL Williams both ol Ul Lorraine Street aad Margaret Howard Now Hoc bo lie dang blare I S-Yaar Wriftaa GaaranWa I 1 With AN UykaliWry Ward 1 I OvavutoCfA 1 Chair I ReopAMHered k39'50I rl IU1 nM I woirsonrs 1 Nrinii io im mm hM Nrv lidiilh 2-7641 Highlights-for Fall Beauty X' Don't let the mid-oeuon creep iRto pour RppeArsnce Let lire pou Rnwxcitinf new FAlIhAiMo Important items in a school-bound wardrobe WOOL SWEATERS Cardigin with matching rayon ribbon binding in red copen blue or yellow 595 Matching pull-on with long sleeves Red copen blue or yellow 5dX) Sues 8 to 16 CRAY WOOL FLANNEL SKIRT with inverted pleat front and back Sizes 7 to 14 a a 795 Only a mile or tuo to Eye branch BEST CO JhatonSkwl dp IMI I i PORT CnESTEn SAVINGS DAM 9 YrtwMUJttf JNI Cool aamlwt aad -itotial that bH Al Craw feed all the aeweel shades ba (Asm IrwM AS I MEN'S SUCKS Ideal to drew ar klewal AU CR ASTOSS DC UIE CLOTRU ARE CKLASESE RATON USER AA GrwwWg Ceawaiial GvA By Indastiy sad thrift you eaa gradually secants- i IaU cash surpluR which wQl prora of timely astia- tanea to yoa when good basinets opportunity or money-making idea cornea yonr way 9 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 1 4- Jl il qGWEX IIcnutT Salon rest rnrovwn NORSH MAIN STREET Save BwiiSimh Sews tort BtTtsnit i aria ran aHw rmn-m aue ae Sm are aue Pa I er a ea fie tkm mmeiM Be INVEST IN WAR I0NDS Rrer Over W'oolwertK's Phono Ryo 541 i.

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