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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 2

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
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'lilb LtAlLl ll tjl tUtii CiaLoiCil i iiiL-wnliuuui Ilf leod MIL HAKRLsUA iU4 i i sSASoMh lha Franklin Path ret ion but wtra ing thia the mat It a Tha bay will abla ta work an only ono (Ida of moot at tha Vaughn mar Mar- a I a 1 i at 2 A If I jr WAR'WORKERS -d Scouts Seek Paper Again Mamharo nf Marrioon Bnr Scout Troop 2 Will ape ad lomorrew again enllecting waata paperrondrr the direction of ttolr leader CVrua Sr Nalatrad Atronuo becauaa residents ion Arenua failed to bundle their paper and place it outride tha houae Mr Vaugha urged today lha: reeidenta of Haiatoad Avaaua on the aide oppoelta tha railroad ata-tion i I Jl mk I Tha troop last track attempted tomorrow on that fccauta win aot i la to aalvago acrap papar in all of hare to woata cotlcetioa time do- t'T i7 1 Vaughn placa their bundlea outaida r' CRAWFORD HAS IOOS ALL-WOOL -wk- -BEST 2 Youngsters Hurt As Cnr Grazes Pole Til two ywuef of Mr ar4 Mrs John rf Lreh-raom Atm lrrhnni vti i-j-jied la f'rnOB wbsn Ul rar In nhifS imjc rt Iinj 4rn hy ttrr mother grairC a Wsstrhssivr Ughling Co yell and strut a Irrr a Fortat Anaiu Rj Mia Hii pelir that aba waa dr Mrx wulh cn Fotl Avo-nua ohm ara lut coniiol of I ha car and Mia Arna Col a rf K'aiadalr anotnrr paaaaia-gr i 7 car rsrapvd uninjuisd Care Muir V1 mohina old sue-ta rJ a daap lacviaiion of har (Mn and Ann Maio Mull two ard a la' aualalrad a flacluiod hun-ria i tra right aim fkr iiftl front rnd ill lha car I ha atrciing whaal and unndahiaM pia damaged police reported I Kay Tomlinson Hurt In Burma Area Fighting Mra Baattlct Tnmlinoon ITT Oakorna Road Hairlaon aaa llfiod yesterday in a irleiram from tka War Doparlnant that har aon Pfr- Ra mon Tomlinaon JO aaa slightly woundsd In ar-lion la Myitkyma H-ji ma oa July 2 Tka Imparl nf lha toltgram had kaaa aomaahal laaaanrjL hy io-caipt of a I attar from lha young aaldlar on tha piavloua day in whlrh manllonad that ha was hupiialiaad and a Bn ail pii a oration Pic Tomlinaon haa baaa In lha Ainty amra Fabiuaiy I Ml and laft fur ovaiaaaa in Apul of tha year Ha biothaia Arthur and Alfred aia both roipoiala arna lha Army in England Ann Bricher (left) and Phata A COOL CARD GAME la enjoyed at tha Weatchaalar Country Club ('ai)l Corbetta both of Harrlaua Rye Red Cross To Abandon Vacation For Emergency Job SUITS In big demand with schoolgirls as well ss their college sisters the good wool separates that "can take" hard wear classic jacket in navy red or green i95 Pleated plaid skirt in white with red and green 795 Both in sues 7 8 10 12 14 Only a mile or tuo to Best's Rye branch BEST CO 2 PerilMta Strss! By MI CIOIIB MONBAYS Tho Rye Red Cioaa haa boon given a now quota of 7400 surgical dreaalrga to bo completed by Aug 2S and because of the emergency order the branch workroom at 45 Purchase Street will ho kept In full operation during tha month Instead of closing no usual for two weeks to glv tho worker a holl-day This announcement woo mods by Jamas A MeCulloh presides! at lha branch's monthly mooting yet-terday In the elty'a war work headquarters at 51 Milton Road Rye At the lamo tim It wan Turnabout She Wouldn't (lei Out Women all over lha country ora having difficulty finding domestic employee Many of the domrattra have left for war planta ofheie hate gotten mairlrd and gone houseksep-ing for themoelvea rone entered the armed oervlreo but Mra Uiuia Anaparher of Pur-rhaao Street Purchase hod a different pmblem yeaterday the couldn't got rid of hor mold Mu Anaparher complained ta Rye police tool hor chambermaid Mra Frloda Helmlcha Human 11 had been dlacharg-rd for foiling to heed Inatruc-tlnno but refuaed to leave the hiruer A Haitieon patrolman woo aenl In Mra Anapaehar'J home at her ague at but Mra Oumaa continued working even ai the patrolman wan opoablng lo hor trying to porauada her to leave After an hour and a half tho maid admitted that aho was Bred accepted her chock from Mr Anaparher and a ticket to New York packrd hor oult caat and left rli? 1 -X stressed that June aad July emergency quota nf 15100 surgical dressings bad bean completed two days In advance of the Um sat for dsllvory at Whit Plains headquarter During July alone tho production department contributed 2SM hours of service and completed and shipped 14129 nrtlcUs of which 12969 wer surgical dressings Th work of the camp and hea-pltal council of lha Rad Cross In furnishing real and recreation rooms In camp and hospital In th ares baa continued Mra Llth-gow Mitchell chairmen of th Ry unit irportsd Sh announced Ihst through Mrs Edward Turabull chairman of th Ryo biaach of tho British War Relief Society a quantity of china glass-wars kitchen utensils tab! chairs and ruga used In th "Bit for Britain'1 lunchroom now discontinued had boon ao-qulrod Thosn articles will bo pat to Immediate uas In equipping camp and hospital quarters served through the county Rod Cross Mrs Mitcholl added songster Ac tiro Th Junior Rad Cross In Kys completed and shipped 1051 nrtp els over th school year it was annotMcsd by Mr Archla A Woods chairman Of this total I9B wsr mads in woodcraft 29 wer sow and 1425 wsr mad In aria and trail class aho aaM Th articles mads by tba Junior Rod Cross nr Mat to sank man contra lose log In Hospitals Mra Woods ox plained nod poms sent to pnllonla In I'xllsd How pitot Included nr sack things as socks afghana tab! covers writ-lag boards games scrapbooks and booklets A tsvr- if tf i Pfe II Spencer Fights On Guam Tha haunting analety nf a month In which no nrd ram to lhani from their Marine none Pfr Bradley A Spencer SI woe broken yeaterday whan hla patent! Mr and Mia Archie Spencer 47 Oakland Uaidrna Re tar aired a moil letter fiom him ravaallng that he an on the inland nf (luoni with ronquoiing American fuicee Dear Mom and Pad" wrote the young Mailne naua hoe been la'eaaed an there la nothing to do but ronSrm It I am an duam-i and aema place lee He added that ho and hi rnmpanlona had heard their fliol radio brood' rail oa (luam only tha day before pa near aha aloo took part In lha Inunen of Bougwlnvlllo la a graduate of Rye High School fn-tared eervice in November IM2 and haa brta ororaeaa IS mon'ho with the Ninth Marine Carpi Ilia Banco la Miaa Betty Reilly formerly of Rye now of Korthpnrl I iii Fund Transfer Is Clarified Declaring wanted to tho Harrises Towa Hoard's actios Wednesday night In rescinding na earlier resolution establishing a real estate deportment with revenue gained from land sales Town Attorney John DISosa today explained that under lha bonrd'a now resolution the will transferred to the already oxlsl-lag budgetary llem owao-J property other than municipal Mr DISosa said today that ha had received numerous Inquiries and that some persona gathered the Improsslna that lbs appropriation would be from surplus la a non-oalsleal budgetary Mam which ha smphaspsd Is tho cosaj IIIIS Graduates Decline In Number The number of Harrison High School gradual has varied la almost sack of tha past ten years a report submitted to Iho Harrison Rosid of Education by Superin-Undent Louis Klein rsvoalol last night In IMS lha number of graduates was In IMd there wore 51 Is IM7 Ih number shot up to 55 only drop tha following year ta SI In IBM tho eiaa again totalled but In 1F40 there begoa gradual alump to 17 In 1540 to S2 la 1541 to 52 In IM2 to In IMA to 49 this year Grin $j() Weekly IVudint Suit Trial Tempoiaiy alimony of AM week and ISM for counaal foes woo awaided lo Mia Katharine Fllapatrlrk of Rye pending trial ol her suit for a separation from Harry Fltrpatiirk motor company executive in Supreme Court While Plains yesterday The award was mad hy Justice Funk (iyne after Mrs Fltt-pstrfk who wo reproseulod by Thoms Connolly Pori Chaotei said ohr without fund lo support herself sad Ihslr two daughters and Is faced with the necessity of moving from tha homo she now occupies The couple were married at Babylon I oa March IMS and bars been living apart sines July Mrs Fllspalrich charges cruelly sod states her husbsad now living with hu mother In Jackaoe Heights I Pitapat-rich who Is represented by John A Bndmsr denies tho chatges 'introduction ia A PERMANENT JJfftjjfr! 2 Volf Inspector! Mamed To Varsnrirs Twn vaeanciea In Ih Tnwn el Harrtann Fourth Election Pten let hara been Sllod by appolnlmtnla mad by Supervisor Reojemla I Taylor Uiio week with tho approval Ih Town Council TTia now appolnloeo or Lewis TMrhor In place nf Edmund Pendleton resigned and Mis Francos Murray Siting tho coroner rauood bp I to resignation of Alexander PI Imporia A fc-haa tSria Bw TuwLV" M'k A A Cmwais imoi toe bniSnmaoHSa llarrinon Schools To Open On Srpl Regstutlon la atl Harriaon Schools for new pupil la School Dwtrict will bo hold Friday Sept 1 from to II 20 A and from I to I It waa announced Iasi night hy Superintendent of Schools Lou la Klein at a regular meeting af the Harriaon Hoard of Education Tb schools wDl a pan oa Tuesday morning Sept 5 sad lha superintendent's meeting with tho faculty will be held that altsmoen at 1 1a tka High School GIVEN 15 PATS Arthur Rogora Hartford Onaa was oont eared In Rye City thud yesterday la IS day la Iho County Penitentiary Rogers was arroolod oa tho Seaton Poet Rond Ry POLICE GET TIRES Thirteen now tire have bars purchased for Town nf Harrison police patrol cars Terry Miner chairman of Ih Town Bonri of Dsllc Commissioner has nntiSod in Town Board IWal coot waa 431AM and tho tiro worn bought from Barry's Sarvtco Station Comptroller Charles Myers haa been authorised by tbs Town Boned I audit th claim and Supervisor Benjamin I Taylor haa boon authorised to pay lha claim to charged against tha malntonancs af polka equipment Ham in th budget Columbia DIAMOND RINGS MiiLCiaiiiha Vows nap kaMMsnhMsml or ddBso ooddk wAUI smr bb dw biggsw swum pssr IB tm wl IX NEW JERSEY Mr a ad Afro Chariot Schroo-dcr rent oat Stroot He moon and Mr and Mra William Bath Pearl Street Silver Laka art vacationing at Lavalletts 4ws so w4i yoo 'UwdMSofi CLERK RESIGNS Tho rosigaation of Mias Mar-guorHo Mioor a rkrh tor no oa-bsr of year ta Um prkclpAl'a Sea oC Halotoad Avonwa Sr boot In Harrison waa ace plod by tho Harrison Board of Education with regret tost night at tbs Board regular mooting Cadoamlarl si 100 at amaf Wwpiral ti kind that Md Ibrw Aago Al CisolsiA atl tho nawaai ma AS swan OTIMS COUMWA I UMB4 UP tO SM Sunray Jewelry Shop Four local Jeweler 'y HARRISON OppooHo OBk Tri BtS-R MEN'S SUCKS S5B IWIwAwt REPORTS TMEFT Erk Kightingal a Edge Estate Fceoat Avenue Ryo go period to the Ry poUcn tots yesterday afl-orwaon tha toa af Romp cam-pressor which ho boilovwc to bavo been staka from hk garage Zt na Here's How lo Get Help! Kcwftt rti following if 6 Answered 1 5 Still Looking! rvwg-itorgggEEpgg pin ta fawilr- ataep IB boa Haw Letrir ram and bout neraw tm eg lie am Hr a Ts Socsrg Ip CALL PC 800 IN! DAILY ITEM Wnl Ai Rgsult Nwnkor Srfoty Automatic GasWater heating We don't know hen-wartime restrictions governing the produce tioa of automatic GAS water heaters will be removed But we do know that when normal production is resumed there'll be real idemind for the new heaters 1 Since scrvedwill he'tbeorder of die Bay we suggest that if you are planning to change to GAS water heating when new equipment is available you register your name in our -Priority List without delay' -This won't obligate you In any way but will assure youf enjoying automatic GAS water yes perhaps even sooner! I Us txfra Wor Bonds Yoo ivy Jodoy 1 WiO Boy Your Gat AppHancosTomomur1: WESTCHESTER LIGHTING COMPANY utaumuKUiicumi All CZLARMI BATOR UUI 4- 1 A i i Want Her to Know You're Thinking of Her? JO Moraio Bros Put Yourself In Our Hands- i and be read (9 ry At i nc Hjir STvVg a CU SfK ii'fy An itr'fd Wi'ot wl fAe cjre Of IW fw yjy go poirtmpnt todcif Senary ow8Ww tree Cbmo to Fsecbod 5 lyn 1M poetmim jrojtra sum srsxrr oar WawWanw At MrihPti tiTtk Aoo1 PJS CWEaVS- Benufr Salon Rjre hi Pfckm Kyt 141 Pom Bnebello MW nu 4t on Quality Moots Theodore Freznd I mesh oss 04 tot In II BFM toamuwuwuuwmnnmuinJ Dir Wwfutli'f invhtTn waTionS.

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