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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • 7

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

-I PAGESEYCI WOMAN'S NEWS TUt DAILY ITEM PORT CHESTER YWEDNESDAT WOMAN'S NEWS Pfe Lauretta Thomson Rye Receives Trophy At Sports Banquet In Texas Court St Rita Celebrates 24th Year With Dinner At Elks Several Guests Of Relief Corps Succeeds Mrs Riith Iks ta appotaUvo praltl ana arc Mra Joseph Merritt secretary! Mra Many Florarttas Mra Riith Mrs Joha Doyta Mra Fart La Russell crier beams: Mil Ltoyi prtig eerreipeudeot sod patetetlo tastructer tullpa were prases tad taUeoB-aars aad chairmen Community alaglag feUawcd tha dlaaar Hostessed were Mrs dsha Hirachhack Mis Vlacoat Fmd-la Mias Raterya O' Brian and Mias Mary Hosneaee Rascrvatlsas were ia charge of Mrs ta lev John Lomagno 3n Current Books The rev Joha Lomagno at tea Carpus Christl Church waa gucct peakvr at tort Uifht'a mvettag the Port Cbcter-Ryo-Hrriaou Alumnae Chapter at tea College of New Rochelle at tea home of Mra Edward Sion 4S lteckland Avail ue Port Chaster Father Lomagno discussed Current Literature' and stressed the reading of Catholic book In which there is a wealth of knowledge to ba found Attending wars Mrs Edward Mrs Gaorga Walter Mra Jamta Buras Mm Fred Rhato-franli Mrs Ernest Devanny Mrs James Grifln Mrs Rocco Hacn Mra Stone tea Miaaes Batty Fitzgerald Marguerite gisca Vera Bropby Mary Lawler Jacqueline Martin Dorothy Hickey Marcia Maacla and Ann and Rose Di Leo of Port Chaatar Mias Grace McCarthy of Rya Mr Gaarga fsylor ind tea Miaaca Mary Fulesek aad Mary Lally af Harrison Approximately Ti bci guests of Court Bt Rita CatbUa i Daughtra cf America gathered Dm du" Clubhouse- Wartchao tar AvanuA bat Bight at a dinner calabratloa la hoaer of tea Mtk aaaWenary tha Court lira Joseph Chmmareto ant Mia Cbaites Tartar part grand regent vara cachairaea aaasited bv lira M4 Dbum graad reg- aut aud Mr KL A Nailsaa ifn Commarate welcomed tha Included tea Rn Charlca McGlrr aka plat a of tea argaaliattaa aud aa aa-alataat pastor of Our Uip af lfvrey Church? tea Rar WilUaua Fitzpatrick aaalataat paatar mi Our Lady at Moray 'Church: tha Iter Jamas O'Loughlla af tha Balaaian High lehart of Maw JRaehalia: lira William A Joyce aad Camilla Fagxna wba raadarad vocal selections aceampaalcd hy- Halaa Murray Porter Letts ra aspraaalng regrat at art ha lag afela ta attaad tea dlaacr ware read from tha Rav IX Cacara paatar af tha Holy Rosary aad Mias Maria CCurrla state ragaaL All tea gucats apok chriagy aad rather O'Leughlia touched aa puv i eaile delinquency Ha declared teat It la eat tha ehlldrsa who era da ltaquent but tee parents rather palatcd aut that pareats caa stop dalla-" queasy by their good saampto" Tha taMaa were decorated attrao-' tively with aaapdregoaa aad tullpa af sweat peas aid Margaret Maslin Iu Great Britain With Red Cross Ward has bees rec cited bard af i tea arrival la Great Britain af Sfiaa Margaret Maalia daughter af Mr and Mra WUUpm Maa- lia 24 Clermont Avenue Port Cheo- ter Miao Maalla a staff a Mist ant in Americas Rad Croee left at tea aad af November tor two ika Intensive training la Washington C- utter which she did praetice work there la her moot recent letter ta bar parents written while on board ship aa route to Great Britain Miao MasUa described the Journey across tea Atlantic Ihe declared that Imprempte shews wart-given by tea beya every day and tea sundry musicians raagad from hSUbllliai ta colored quartets Mlaa Maalla mentions having mat save rat Part Chaster service- men' an 'the ship Including Kenueth Roane hue hand of tea former Elea-aer Merrill oflS Leicester JR rest aad Oeorge Stevenson soa of Mr and Mra' Georgs Btevea-sou Sr 7ir King Street aad husband af tea fas mas Virginia Deese-ok Misa Maalla a graduate of the Rye Country Day ichool and tea University of Maryland had bees aa tea editorial staff of the Dally Item for tour years until bar depart ura la November Rone O'lUgaii Honorrd With Party At Home Rasa OHagau daughter af Mr aud Mra Charlca O'Haian leg Irving Avanua Port Chasttr was teadaiwd party recently la celebration af her 12th birthday present wore Margaret AHhaus Mary Allwarth Manas Bohan Barbara Broad hurst Joan unlaid Elaine Janaluga Margaret Rolf Elian King Jean Lawson Patricia McNeill Alas Mary Olaca Patricia Reynolds Laonyo Kummcl Batty Ruppert Jdhm Bchultt Dorothy Teytar Kalhleaa Tigano Prize wars woo by ilia Miseta RayaoMs Braadbusat Taylor and Kolia rrr LArREtTA thomvo and col oeorge dart Second Annual Wight Of Set For Feb 13 Mrs lot Brenner was hostess last night et her torn' qn Fork Avenue Part Chaster for the coo mHtca meeting af tha second annual -Might af Fun" program to bo sponsored by tea Jaarlah Community Center aad Sisterhood Pah II at tea Jewish Center Mrs Harry Cbtt la cwchalrmaa wtth Mrs Brcaaer assisted by Mrs Thomas OoldawHs Mia FranlTlItowttx Mrs Mas- Works-maa Mrs David LtFarman Mra Joaapb Karats Mrs Besjamla Graaswtta Mrs Jack Roteaabarg Mra lamual Raalowahy Mrs Bane-aal Mularlta aad Mra Jermaaa Fart Aka Mra George Oritbar Mis Jack Zelaick Mra Mathaa Kacalg Mra A1 Cbtt aad Mra Murray Sin David Thompaon Succeeds Bln Reynold Harold Colvin chalrmaa of tbo Part Chaster Branch af the Americas Rad Crocs today on-sauaetd tea appolatmeat of Mrs David Thompson of SO Kocklaad Avanua Port Chaster to sueeaad Mrs George Reynolds as chair-maa af tea Hama Muriing Corps Mrs RcyuaMi plaaa ta start a Rama Mumkig cauraa aamatlma ta tea soar Mura aad tavltas aa-reUmsata ta this branch of tea Volunteer Special terriers At a pmtwidt porta banquet given for approximately 1000 WAGl aallatad mra aad AAF oflteara at tha port Barvico Club Hands Texas WAC Pfe Lauretta (Tommy )Thomaoe rvpraacatad tea Hawda WAG Datacbmirt at tha post commander CM George Deny presorted trophies ta tea WAC athletes Shown with Col Deny Inspecting aa af the many silver trophies warded during tha avaning Mlaa Thomson acting captain af tea WAC ooftboll team received tiny silver softball medallions far auab of teammatet She to the daughter of Mr aad Mra Kant Thomson tn Fort it Avenue Rye Aha played second base for tea team aad MW la aa active member of tea WAC bowling team at Hondo aa welToo a forward aa tea WAC basketball team A secretary before jrtplug tea WAC Mias Thomson la an amiataut denial technician at tea Mvlga-Uou airbase Pfc Thomson played with tea "Rye Celltans" ta 1UI a gills' aaflr ball club which went ta Rechtiter ta tha state championship tsursa-moat teat yiar tha was Inducted Into tec WAC May IMR received her basis training at Montlcslle Ark aad ha baaa am duty at Hands Field Texas slue Juaa 11 Pfe Thomson has a slater In tea Army Nura Corps Fne la Lieut Evelyn Thomson an duty at General Harman Hospital Longview Texas Mrs William Faltoo waa Installed aa prsaidtat to succeed Mr Bart Riith at osramoatae last night at was HaR of tto Charles Law-raaci RdlRf Cbrpg Flit Fra ca Button port dapurtarart president waa Imtalling oBctr aad Mrs Fonuto Mcaorvs dtport-mart raalar vice-president of New Rochelle was Installing chaplain Otters Installed wtrs Mrs ML chart Elmore sealor vlee-prtst-dent Mrs Albert Bchmid Junior vica-praaldaat Misa Dorn Joha-atoo aoaductar: Mra Arthur Just aaalatenl caaductar Mias Ftar-anea Johaatoa guard Misa Martha O'Brlau assistant guard Mrs Clara McLeod chaplain Miao gulp ttai treasurer Sarah Pizzarello To Head Sodality Mira Sarah Piaurallo waa alerted president of tha Children nf Mary pf (he Holy Rosary Church 1 tail aighl i KNIiH About US attended Others elected to serve during Ihe year were Mlaa Josephine Cal-oren vlca-prsaldaM Mlaa Emily Bandarclar recording socrtteiy Mira Rite Outruns corresponding secretary Mica Catharine Mecca treasurer and Mias Constance Banter publicity Tho Rev Cetera moderator presided Statues af tea Blessed Virgin were presented to recent bride Mrs Daniel DcCarlo and three hridcs-to-bc tha ea Matilda Valenti Mary Cacctoto and Theresa Refreshments were antortaihnMut aad alahad served muaio and toi- Council To Present Theater Group MamMrs of IM Parent Couh-cU won gut its yaatardoy of Clairs Troa Major at bar Mma ta Chap-poqua to dlacuaa plana tor tea presents lioa of th "Flva Uttla Peppara" by a theatrical group audsr tho dlrrattan of Mra Major Tha aFoIr wiu sponsored by tto Council at tha Fort Cheater Baulor High Bchoai March at Attending yesterday's wars Mra Frank Carroll oholm maa Mrs Walter Moalaader pres Mast of tho Ed teas P-T A I Mra Herbert Raammata Mra Auguatua Cutler prtaidart of tea Fork Avenue P-T A cud Mrs Oarer cktagvl preside at of tea Council Mra Julia EHoworth TUr4 af Farart Avanua Ryo and Mr ran EBaworih Ferd painter a ra aaw ra aiding bt Lao Atigrtao CaUf where I toy aspect to remote for tto otrt tour months Mr Ferd bow praaortlog aa ouhlbNloa of hla ploturao at tea BtoadoM Oallariea Laa Angalas Ala oa osblhlt ora palnttego dona by Mra Ford Mra Bhamaly af Cartral Avanua Rya ta otoytug at tea Royal Worth Hotel Went Fata Beach Fla Mlaa Mild ran Lnckhardt daugh-tar af Mr uad Mra Ok Luck-bardt Faaimora Drive Ham rtoan was cm af tto partteanta la tea aurnart play teurnameata caaducted kat waak at Cedar Crdat Cattaga Altaatowa Fa The It oas-act play wore caarttad By student dlrectora DINNER BFKAKEB Merrill Mualtar Oreeawlcb Mildest aad war eorraapsadart I NBC wM recently returned Aram aa Algtera aaaignmaat wUI apeak at tto aaaoal dlaaar of tto Wash port TMCA Ju XT Mualtar to a graduate af Staples High Bcheri fa Wtitpert Ra ta tho aaa of Mra Alfred A HtaoB Uwroaco Btrart praouwtcA WFAS 123 or 1230 on your dial llaaday through 7:1 A IL to Bundajo-B A to NEWS SCHBDCU (aasepl Baaday) AM 11 A MA CM I DETAIIXD PROGRAMS COS Uses-yt set 1:11 -da a Wtar-wiMm Breva Wt-Sn Ueeaa viM-rmr cms in wr- im in a Wfaa-tiiauty Mat JV-weme left won hew a wtAy-tuSNinms Sue tewN atit-d aw WO-0stle Bi wsao-Tve vruie TMtf tee wyaa Not OauiL VMMUiai OnL eua-yuiwe ueu wm-Ihmi Baev i tom a unttiy 1:11 WUt-Ms OuasU who atteaded tto taetal- -lottaa war Mira Aatalia itamB of tea Haw RocMUs corps aad a part president of Iho PadoratiM of Woman's Relief Carps: Mra Chartet Carpaator praaldMt af tto White Plstas Carps: Mloo Edith Rows secretary of tea White Plates Carps- Mrs Reach a amber of tea White Plates Corps Relreahmeata war rarvrt by Mlaa Jobaatea Mrs La Raaaall Mrs Klcbeiaa Powers sad Mil Mra Jamra Deacon Mra Wh aa ootgalag dent waa presented with I cut-gtara vara Mra Joha Dayla 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Patlarn 44 PY bus ptauty af snap whether ta ptata or to oontrasUag colon A won Bttlo cover-upper braldes Maks up In bright cotton Pattern 4T Is ovoltahta In pitra mall (1244) Medium (toll) Largo 49-41) Small sue all aa 1 yards attach tatoto Scad fllrtosa Canto la coiM Iosco la aavelopo do art wrap far tela pottera Write plainly ra Xama Add rase Btyta Number Only Tea Chats mere brtngt your now Anna Adorns Pulton Sort Smart oaaydo-miho styles Free patten printed la book Bead order Is The Daily Item Pottera Dapartmart M40 Westchester Avonua Pert Chaatar NT ASK ME ANOTHER ANSWERS Loan of mamary A natch ad wheal aagago a pawl A aixtt of Bcollaad aad Ftrrt of Engtaad A mauotaineer A ABco Rosa volt Loagworte tQoaaMeao oa Editsrtal Pagvl SUXDAYto XIOXDAY DAY or MTE WAITING TO SUV! YOU Vink foods 1 Johnnie lie RESTAURANT BAR -L0UNCE For tho FtmUjr a Oa TRt Sqaira Pott Oeiltf wsuMhwj Tinny DETAILED PROGRAMS tm A tWfl are WAUO-lfx waao-enty rarta trap no a a writ Mstawi BCI Mu wiAP-BCy Isa Mrwa I I A a Sseis Ihs MRA FRED BTAHL NieUcn-Stalil bedding Revealed Mr and Mr Krabba Mtatata of 11)8 Water Mrrat East Part Cham tar announce tha morrlago of their daughter EUan Marls to PaUy Oflcvr Fred BteU ooa of Mrs Eltaabeth gUhl of 11 Davenport Avenue Greenwich Tho ceremony took place Jaa 10 ia Baltimore Tha bride attended Graaawteh High School aad la aa employ af tea Auto Ordnance Carp Prity Officer BUM graduated fram IM Air School at Fla aad to now captain oa a palral bam Mr' Ha bM bean out of tea ssunlry moat el the-lima for tel part yaer library Comtnittre Slslcs Open Mfrtind Tbo radio commute of tbo Woslc barter Ubrary Ai station ta boldiag Ha annual spaa masting' tor teaebara atory tellan aad publlo school librarians marrow at ta tea masting at af tea Rrsoarills Publlo Library Tho radio commutes ta Ala for tto radio story Mur tor younger child ran oa Saturday Malaga arar Button WFAS known no Rag af tolas Mrs Ritas-bote Marita chUdroa's librarian of tM Broas villa Publlo Library ta chairman of tea commutes Mra Dorothy Lswta soordtaator of Itatoaar activity of Us National Association of Broadcaster will give tho Btala tote Mary Gould Doris supervisor of story tall lag la tea Now York Publlo Library win discuss tea bow book anUtled -Jack Tateo" a now compilattoa af American blktatea MEETING TONIGHT Justus Thmpta Pyttiau Btatara will aiart tonight la CorpeaUra HaB Mra Joy Moctotyro will pro-ida and os aortal Mur win lot taw lJaptamairt'AN I cap tugtr gratoclty Addon- boamo ca sad tort teotwaghly toft cope A id bakiag powdac and ti mlL Add oltarooirty with cop milk Add I testp McCormith tot Vraiil FiB woB-gramed sod laurad ref half toA OWN sticks Isiie-s ft WlAy-Mr pmiM Of IH War Is Ms NUna Mk-Weel Wha" I let TUB WSIO-Jsct mi a- wn-Barry apsrts on a Br aywr-l Ona WM-CaywtUd avtsa ash ona Ml ii a wj: ION A a Tm bh WOO- wabo-ossm one 0 atria urn vjMhw waao-iNd IliM WABO-WUUmb tt-N a inn Me eiawr wasp auwi III WIAP- Vsristr ItMMSlM flUL I WflLdWrrrt WlAP-Usea Tke a Tear wiam owaiea HH woa-Mutha vit-Sns WAUD-Tsxrt Bt i OlN-IWw i MyMrry CM IL WPAI Tnrwieli eiAMim the Tswenva ramaah Mtrtya TOW Aaowmra Mu law it a Ms MrtVA raa-taav rm w-rr iw ABC Mow a VAI WAN1IS aa a wn-unii JrrS Laos tm A WPA a Orrer Mrs ow Shsaa a DMA Urea Urea A a trn-wuur pmmmjt mm im at attars at Imp wma BJl lira a a WgAP-Va aad dads II -I WPS! tliMne won mmuy wja-owrrx ura A WOM-TMSI WJI-TCA ON A IL WV AA Sirs lira a WPAI Urer CarL it unau WPAt teerli WUAP-Urert era a WVAI WBAP-IUTW ret MrSi a varwr Iser ras WJI Urmafrc CaA JUNE LANG wjAIM waoo-c ue IS A I ead Bkrtkw Mrrl-me WtMra CWI bn a a WPAI worn Lumet WaSO-Ttlrr -eel Mar SWAM era a WPA WIUWINA woa-Aitiea atoeaA is lira Ike waao-oet wra i a Vkr Bros I mra assxriC tn t-N am imr waua-vs-iem uda era a a SCOTT DRUG STORE and AH Drug Stores BN Wavtleagtea af Btaaoua at glaaco: (WTdl DM) IWEAF ONI fWOB nl (1TJI TNI (WABC so Baitog far a otaUaraM PNMdug towgraa aa im a.

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