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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 1
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The Daily Item from Port Chester, New York • Page 1

The Daily Itemi
Port Chester, New York
Issue Date:

TT 1 HIGH TEpES Tomorrow Sunday THE WEAtHHt Tliia scattered Am an warm humid clearing tonight Tomorrow funny warm comfortable humidity Noon- temperature Si Monday Tuesday ESTABLISHED MARCH 4 1899 PORT CHESTER' FRIDA JULY 9 1945 7C New Labor Racket IslP Revealedv Probe At Bmteir FieU Charges Thuufen Also r'-W ereMfcnlpnlated CIVILIANS INVOLVED 'Single onteset-Replaces Two: WUch Formerly Covered Plant Workers ft TOWN AREA OF BAUKFAFAN TAftEN-Jnvading troops on Borneo have token th town area of Ballkpapen and have advanced to within four mile ofBallkptpan airport Arrows indicate directions ot route Shaded area la approidmate area of beachhead July 4 1 HEMPSTEAD (AP) Existence of organised racket" whereby soldiers obtained "fraudulent medical and transfers from due for combat duty waa announced today by the First Air Force Fee for dischargee was thousand dolUra" and somewhat leas for transfer to aaf secure brandies 6f 'the Army the Air Force Public Relatione Office laid In announcing results of an investigation begun last April Into at MItchel Field here- The Air Force said the recent court martial of MaJ Walter RadoVkh charged with accepting bribes to keep two enlisted men in safe jobs la not in any way with the present inves- Warsaw Polish Government Recognized Jondon Body Oiit ThrongsHonorJahnlnKman From Bases- 1 i- I OnOkinawa Shifted From Philip pinea Unjt Blaatg Kynahq In Aircraft Offauive KOREA: ALSO POUNDED MANILA' (AP) Fifth Air Farce pknu newly -moved from the PhUippinu to Okinawa are striking Japan itwu dkcloa-ed today adding their weight to the Army Superfortreaee med- ium homber flghterbomberi and -L Mariqq and Navy aircraft already hitting the enemy home island -As Gen Douglu MscArthur and hk air teleL Gen Gauge CL Kenney announced thk new pdw er shift in the air war against the Japanese dispatches from Guam and Iwo Jims recorded a series of Mow by 'asserted Army Navy and Marine planes against Th islands of Honshu and Kyu hu the Ryukyu nd vital rail transport fa Eton Forty-eight Muttangs of tha 85th Fighter Group Mt ter places on KyUahu on Tuuday within 86 hours of arriring at their new Fifth Afar Force baste on Oktaaw Kenney disclosed the etrika with this promise: "Thk-k Just tha start Ws wifi 1 continu to' hammer Japan until he accepts unconditional surren- A Slam-hang entry of the Fifth Ate Force found that air units abeady engaged to the--earns 20th Air Forte Suprrfortreaee baaed in the Marianu and Bern- manded fay MaJ GenL Curfior- Le May" newly-promoted command of tha 21at Bomber i' '(froup 1 J-' 1 ArotetlKAdf medluhTbomiLTi er Thunderhdli fighters and-v' Second Marins Aircraft Win Core ate fighters and Avenger torpedo' Idante of the Tactteal 'Ate For based op OMnswa: Fleet Ate Wliigs One and IA Privateers and aeaplanei based the Oktoaws area and' Arrily Seventh Fighter Cbm mand Vtotanga based fi n' Xwtf Jim! -r -r To this lineup soon -to -to -'bo dded- the Army Eighth Air Tarot -j of European tom under Ueut GenJamte Doolittle WMfii to to Jndudi SiQBfbrtKiKii 1 By DONDOANE '-l Aaaddated Frese Staff LONDON The newly-formed Polish Provisional' Government1 of National Unity recognized fcy the United Statu and Great Britalh started action today to take over assets of tha repudiated exited administration of Prime Minister Toma ArciszewskL Polpiess new: agency for'te Warsaw administration an- Nmnber fflrn' The announcement did not give the number of men who had obtained the Jake-discharge hot aid moat of them "ware from unite in distant pacta of tha United Statu and not connected trite the Firet Air Force" "Evidence Indicate" the Air -UETEBMOfED TO A1 -ROrORA Andrew Vrtiak takes aim hnd prepares for tbs tos 'Seriously concerned -with the outcome sre youthful specta--tors (left to right) Bobby Car-tab Ivan Wallace Robert Million! Janet Jcne-and Barbara Bniffen" The children are -pip- tured at tba opening day of the Port Chester A Vacation Chib a daytime program of indoor' and- outdoor actM ties which will function through August 17 Leoders of the group are Mim Marilyn Bnm- lnga and Geosge Drag -a t- i StaflPbota Surrounded by Ms many friend and VMneas-aaaodatas in fort Cheater and looking as erect and energetic aa a men 80 years Ms Junta) John Tngman of the Washington Irving Truat Co yesterday celebrated 'the 75th anritvorsacry of his ntry into ths banldng 1 profesrion nounced the appointment of -a three-member-Polish Cemmlsslon to take Avev and secure all property of tha Polish state in Great Efforts to -reach' exiled Ministry of Information comment brought this remark from an office attache: "The Polish Preu irtment hu stopped" How-tee Polish Tetegreph' Agenqr li hu been the vtdce' of the exiled government till wu funbtloning for its promised statement ten the situation later to the A number' of question remained to fae settled -Amoni Dijoeltlon of the armed force including dedakn for giving th men' frae-cholcd of (Continued oo Page Eight) Farce statement said "that pay-era ThievesActive 7f 8 -Vt Ini Greenwich a bdcgroimd of flowers and Viennese waits music Mr Ingnian 89 greeted Ms friends at a reception held ituthe main foyer of the Washington Irving edifice Receiving with Mm were Ms two daughter Mta Florence lngman who lives with her father- at '26 Ehxabeth ments of money wer meua to eer- tain unscrupulous In the metropolitan area" These passed -soldiers dn military members of the conspiracy at Mttdwl Field Trho then pffectei completion of the Air Force said'-' -The planned and operated oooepiiaey1 arranged fo 4 avoid -'detactyoNiWthf tatemenj maoa to Morgejimau Resignsyinson May(tPost WAkBtINGTON! (AP)vrrHetnr Morgenthap Jrwill stte down a ecmtai? IT EBondSales A of pperentattnpt to burglarise busmen ptaon along Purriiaat Street By was bring totrMc 4nelwjyrttOP' Mrgmstfsianoqs StreetrtajrSfr Grace -Aucon matron of tho Trinity Churdi Home inBotottvHi wife the foemer JBinma Provoetdied on continued -fay jqixlof fof Wbea'Preeident Ttoultoi returns tatellaSendg Library ACopy 'OYER 600 AFFECTEIX i --'A laborcohtract entered -into yeetatday -by ithe Homelite Corporation and it production worker who are affiliated with Local 1613 the International As- jactation of Machinists end Dk-trlct-127 American Federation of Labor' whereby between 600 and 'A 700 Of 950 Homellta employes be-came -recognized as union mem-' ber The em- ployea of all the plant in Fort Chester and Greenwich The- contract covtrf production worker and stock handlers tot specter group leaders machine operators machine shop faupectr or employes of the tool shop employes of the experimental sM wiaintywwpe department Not attecMr ire- members of the 'office- force watchmen military guard supervisors and all -v employes yrith authority to hire discharge or discipline worker Signers of thir contract intended V- DeHaven Ross treasurer of Home-lite Robert Dunhi presidentWIJ (Continued on Pace Eight) FiiB Prcwrirains 'i 'v J5 AreUndenvay AtPIaygrbimds Don Show treasure hunts siid 1 handicraft instruction are cnly a rfew of the activities plumed by "playground leaders to keep Port I Chester school children occupied Tt and entertained during tba Sum- r'-rar Attendance record during Dm -a'-firet feW aftafe 'the opening gpftha playgroundsee Jdaodsy i i --dieted that the ides of supervked activity A wetepneawt oily by vi-iwaary parent bothy their n-i ergetic offspring as WelL -1 IV-At Abendroth Park lead Helen -Pace Maces -had 61 bays and 48 girls unr their charge in one datr alone A game of ktekball Was organised between girls and boy with the 'high ebon going $6 -the latter Edlero School registered 34 children for playground actMtie Leader Sarah Shragowiti reparsed met the favorite games with the bays seemed to be basketball and horseshoes The gWa fawned Jacka and group' singing Vi The 50 boya and girls registered At the Horton School playground also voted for group Singing combining this with story telling eesrion reported leaders Bea Labella and Michaal Da Bfeaae Edward: has games -of peddle tennis softball checkers and volleyball for -the children at Lyon Park A treasure hunt will be held there Tbunh day afternoon under the direction of Mb Deck end hia co-worker 1 LuoilleClervaiia- Jacqueline Martin leader at Recreation Park reported tht 46 'children registered on the-first day' while Mr George Millar and Robert Herbet were in charge of 83 regktrfaiti at Tsmsrack playground (Park Avtaus School)- Baseball and basketball ww on the program at both these pla-te as well as at the Roosevelt and Washington Park playground 1 Joan MMmte Washington Park -leader plans a doll showaffirOO July 13 Bessie ghragowit and Anita Feinstein have included dMckardeck tennl kickball and games of catch an their prq- gram at the Roosevelt playground: Handicraft instruction will be given one day a week at each play-ground by Thomas TToy andlmie Paladina frprhtt £ig Thre meeting to 1 At -ihatrftkn revend weeks Bence MrTruman wfil name a aqcnesur to th Dutch eu County tippit grower 'WhC hu held office-11 J2 yr: vThe Chief told re--porters yesterday he hu a man in mlnd for hia sixth VCabinet' appointment hut ha wouldn't say (Continued on Page Eight) The Port Cheater Ptiblfc library cquired a new book '-recently That facf1 in itoelf is not startling bdt this to not an ordinary book-' It a Mu leather covered copy of printed ia German with huge swastika on the cover' V-5 The tonatottai rwds "With tea compliment at an American eol-diet who spent many pleasant hours in a worid of literary fantasy in the' Port Chester Public Library The date April 194A Pfc Domlnite Latela of 78 Grate Church' Street)-' sent the librarythat copy from Germany He is uaigned to the personnel section of the Eighth Infantry Di-visioa and expected home thk week or next jofr'Tieturea pfv-JPprt ind Mr: Tngman himself Cioeron fot -the ton-atantlyjuge group of intereated apectatort- Hla spark4 ha helped old-timers and young-ateri elite to identir scsnea ln tee yillge a'it was a hl cen--Ago -I Sr -fMr-Xiigman started tea photographic collection to 1891 ha told qna group pointing to a view -of th old First National Bank Building- where at the ageof ll ha began hie banking career Alongside this were acenea of Rye Beech and Oakland Beadi In tee-straw hat and bathing aboca'era and of Liberty 7 BqUarer whan it wu marked by a wooden handstand John memory A -as keen as sny He recalled yesterday the days when be went to a ane-ipom acboolhouie far Ry and first yearSrith tha old First National Bank of Port Chester wenhe was the first and only office boy to tea firm No rive of Deuaik Bom -to lnmarfc7 tht son of 7 rBBewer mtidg withPort'tiwrteTsiStoW't Loan' Campaign ha concriitratjed on theMof BondsjlUringthe past fkw' day -the total aaka-ls now but w-t)ie 860p000 mark neceoary for complete succew i Tt cm all quartan have demands cu the issuing agents for B-Bond As a matter -of fast that la all that have-been sqM' during the past 24 hour- the number reaching the impressive total of 267 piecesfor 83L68Q From tba office qf the War XV nance Committee a etate-ment todayr landing the qilendld mpatt of the ganeralpubUcand of the workers to the insistent appeals that have gone out is obviou" the- statement say tha pdople of Port Chester have a pride in the community's wartime responsibility teat will not allow it tp do Jess than Its share We art couraged now to hope that before the last report abaft have been made Port Cheater win be one of the'- dampqrattvdy few opu-' munltirs in the county" to go over theirE Bond quotju" who sin Greenwidi foi the jteiqjg ypmt Shmtlyafter' midnight Wong te' of tee- Chungking Laundry Purchase Street Rykaard'a halier at the' screen door and found that the screen had beitn cut away ttth a sharp instrument) he laid police At ahout 10 A ftp screen' door at the Grand Uhioa tore -Putdufae Street Ry waa fouhd to pavebeen tampered'with in rimflar manner pane of glaw was and removed at the Sinclair Service Statin purdiaas Street and Highland Road Ry a policeman discovered at 5:55 A -The cash register anddesk drawera appeared th have beeii-ransacked thoroughly for gaaoUno ration stamp hut only 60 cciito -gbotago atampo had been taken Cknr Ckeaka -The apartment house hurglari ought In Greenwich are believed the same who have been operating In SCandale White Plains apd other eomnuinities in this general area Latest victim of the gshg is Mr Frederick CL Smith of the Greenwich Arm'- Greenwich She bar been 1 absent froqi her home since Jims 29 and the burglary ws discovered -yesterday -by a ao Albert Smith The extent of loot could not determined todays -v Greenwich detectives say the gang-members use a thin piece of celluloid to spring tee lock on an nwrtment door They jun the key-hole with -tooth picks or psper so that the tenant lhoiild he or die return unexpe pot use a key to enfer pete tha-thilevea-at work kmtdisdisrge hj-with' the com ton! tote oh- tainedbtoMfouilded -veterans flown-hn for tttoMiiliiC' -And tmt ation Tort receives 4000 wound-ed month front Europ' v'-'j Seveml'Men Brid The stotement said two officer' and aeveral men who aheg-edly obtained tha false -dietearg-u being held to confinement at Mitcbri Field" i The offten were not medical men hut were attached to the hospital staff No names weremada public by th First Ate Foirce white said its investigation still wu not complete''' Court martial proceeding! ton be held later it said Striked Cut Tire QnWt By Tha Steel and coal 'production wu Mt today as new: dispute one ctetog th country second Jarg est -steel mill popped up along the lshor front Meantimnew tine were toft tag off production linrii at the Navy-seised plants of tha Gobd-year Tire A -Rubber Ca in Akron Ohio following s'20-dy stoppage the 6 A shift -of soma 16L70D atriktagvCK-umtedrubbu workers returned to their Job Plant guards reported a "good but- Capt Clark USNR who took: eontrd cfoth qmvdtog plants yuterday under orders of 'President' Truman laid he no report on the Percentage of workers on the Job until la te ln the day Other atoppuu throughout the coimtry kept idle some 50000 and women Tha South Chicago plant of the Caxnegie-Illinois Steel -Company company spokesmen wu forced to Chut down today! Idling 13000 employe following a work stoppage by 5C plant QD rafl-Dd operator In Cleveland Republic Steri huge continuous trip mill wu cloud fay an "unauthorized" stoppage fay 100 CEO United 'Steelworker and labor disputes keptidle 100 coal miners eastern Pennsylvania cutting Anthracite production 12L500 tens -daily White tha Navy: operated the Goodyear plant 16L500 employes of thf Firestone-' TIT Rubber Ool In Akron remained on atrite for to sixth day- Aussies Force- 'A 41 'A From 00 fields i' MUnLA(APf Australian tovadera jnrihed acrou heavily qilned arua today toward te lur remaining Janeuheld oil Add Jn Southeast Borneo guided by th towering Area of Koeate-sambodja a larga reflnery and Jumping jtatim jput to tha torte by retreating Nipponese The battle-hanlened -Seventh Australian Infantry occupied the remaining Japeneu held part- of Balikpapan yesterday overran' Mangw airfield in five mija advance to the northeeat and plunged on toward the great aalhmarte oil flelda-of the Samarinda district' -The Samarlnde fields ere approximately 55 alrmile northeast pf Ballkpapan now a giant Junk pile of burned ahAMastad refinery equipment amLoil pipe on tha pfoe line approximately half way between Balikpapan and Samarinda Is on the Coast Pitted and cratered road from littered bombardment booby traps and land mine left by th retreating enemy constituted meet of the hazards encountered by the hard-driving Diggers Capture of Manggar with its two AOOO-fooT rtnway gave tha control tt tha only two worthwhile airbases to the Ballk-pepan are Sepinggang airstrip already in use by the Australian fell early this week (Ghas Carlsen DiesInBattle Pvt diaries CarisenJr 19 son of Mr and Mr Cari-aen of 201 -45th Street-Union City J- formerly of Port Chester wail killed hi action June-18 In the Philippine according to word received hero by friends of Me patent The young infantry- -man wu with the 87th (Buckeye)-Division of tha Sixth Army in the pacific diaries attended Put Chuter tepote lUntil he and hia family moved' to Union City about tinea years ago' For number of years ha wu one o( the leaders of Troop 3 Boy Scout of Pert Chester A at Demands Use Of Lend-Leasev: Arms Vs japsi WASHINGTON (AP) The Senate War Investigating Com mlttee today demanded -prompt recovery of LenALeau arms from y- European Allies for uu In the Pai clfle War A report based on an ovswus investigation fay a subcommittee headed by Senator Kilgoma D-WVa) sajd teothlng hu heen dons' along thk line nor toward concentrating captured German arms against the Japanese committee believes -that all ourcu of supply for -War ahould beexplolted to 'tha th report atated -tend that exkttog stjodm of arm- amenta and nqipUes -ahould- he drawn upon first where poeribie and certainly they should Include captured enemy The faqmmittee Sharply criticized a "tendency of many to treat Lend-Lease accounting aa a matter of little oonaeqUence on th theory that LendJLeaao accquqts would neyer be SeeChurcIiill Election Victor LONDON (APK-The Conaerv- A stive press maintained today that general' election had certainly" resulted ta-victory' for Prime Minister government hut Labor party argana- held the Conserve-' tives had lost their absolute me jority in Parliament- Results wiflnot be knbwnmtil --July 26 after the absentee soldier vote counted i -Observers agreed then wasa near record -turnout estimated at almost 24000000 80 per i cent of the eligible electorate of lured by good waa- ther and a hectic campaign hat--' tie between the Conservative pro- '-gram of free enterprke-teid the Labor platforpro partial nattoto- alizatlon of industry CANANA RAMONS MEAT OTTAWA' Canada- will resume rationing of meat Shortly Prime Minister Mackenzie King -announced today Meet -has not been rationed here lines Mardil 198EmrolliSl At Boy Camp Siwanoyf The 19th aeoaon of Otmp dft wanoy Boy Scout camp at Wing-dale to now- underway With 198 Scouta and leaders establishing new record for tha first enrollment Chariea Archer director of the temp which hu a special feature thk year nine riding horsee toy the use of camper Peter Groeuewoud former camp chef who could not be present test year also on the staff On Thursday end Friday of teat week seven National Boy Scout toff members received tastfuo-tion from WiDtan Lawrence director of the Health and Sxtety Service to the fine potato of tenf lnspertion' ao that they in turn may inspect ell Scout campe of New York and New ey duHng July hnd August Meet-lng with these Inspectcrs was Henri W-LangvvHarrkon chairman of the Siwakty health end safety committee and Frank Pickett Larchmont field' eommk-Maner of the committee Maintaining good health standards among camper the camp also had cadi of tha Scouts xafar toed upon arrival by Dr Louis Saiken Pawling camp physician Siwanoy Council's committed 'to requesting that' any Sqouters who Nan'to-visit tho camp during weekends' register by telephoning the Council office New Rochelle on the previous Thursday so--that acconuqpda-tioni will be avhllabte At-i Tr Dalton i on Bbnd Purchase Tpty2e8 AddingIA71X50 Taat rfght to 7JBS6JSwlourig '-reported Fort Chesltet'sVictory Legion taUon the Seventh War' Lhaii cempaign' bnwghf 'tes total 'for their efTort up 8226875 young women added she i namn to )h19 prevQhsiy'report-ed as haying purchaasd 8tOQO Bonds coating 750 aadi Thus a ryault of tha Battalion's work now numbers A From now on tea young women win make their returns directly to the headquarters of the Pori Chester War Finance Cosnmltta 216 Westchester Avenue Bonds purchased up to Friday will be counted toward the local goal aa only thpae salsa reported by tba six local Issuing agent to the Federal Reserve' Bank an Satur-day win count AR -members of the Victory Legion- WiU be entertained on the grounds of Ms home on lOng Street by Valentine Bi Kone on Monday evening July 12 Mr Kfne la making elaborate aAungements for the party KConttouad car Pag Elght) Bronze Star FbrLeoCola Bravery GtedJ i The Broiue Star" Medal for heroism hfef Deen awarded to T4 Lao BL Ched son of Mr ahd Mr Anthony Sannnaroo of 25 Cottage Street Port Cheater by MaJ Gan CL GIlln Jr commander pf teeTMrtoenth Engineering Corp qf white Cpl teed ia a member' ft waa learbed here todaL' The dtation accompanying tea decoration read in partr Tfd Lao teso) -Engineering Corp Light Equipment ha been awarded he Braaea Star Medal for disUngulshlnc by mwitorioua aervice'ta eonnae-tion with military opfntiona against the enemy in Germany on Feh 23 W45 duty a quickway crane operator during an psaaUlt river crossing' a 500-poynd bdnb exploded in the vidn-lty and destrojvd parte tt 'thf crane making it immobile Dier garding hie own safety- Cjd tee-da qultely made repairs and work was continued without any appra-eiable loss of time 'His count Mtlativfe and devotion to duty reflect' great credlt'on hlmeelf and th military service of the United State" Th young addier entered -the Ann? on April 29L 1942 He gained at Fait Belvdr V' and waa gtef to the European area oo Sept 15 1944 A graduate of Port Cheater High Schod he wu employed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard before entering the pervio His wife the former Mary Pas-aamlll live at 83 Gilbert Place Port Cheater r': "-p: is John Dalton of HighL land HaU Rye a former tile and fantry In th European -theater of war will returp-- to Rye to- v- Nof Unusual Adai5 Rssulfi oa flis following mi: 1 -'A' -y 40 1 i j39iiUbifjngi UM PLTJIOtJTH COCH Good eowution 9 ooo wSk a pjl -X Captain Dalton landed with the invasion forces in Normandy on D-Day He fought with the Third Army from the beachheads of Normandy to Ckecholalovakl He was wounded in in the early days of the contimwifi war and was wounded again last January He has been ln the Service thref ynr 'and ie the bolder of the Purple Heart with one Oak loaf Cluster and the Silver Star for -gallantry in action NAACP TO MEET' A Th regular monthly meeting of the -Port Cheeter-Ry branch of th NXJLCP will bo held Sub-day at the St Xtands AME Zion Ctarch following tea annual aov vta of the Masons BODIES FOUND PRAGUE (AP)-Bodte of 930 persona who died in Gestapo march-of death have hem recovered fay Czechoslovak authorities who' Completed opening -erf eight mau graves near Karlsbad Wednesday Sixty Gestapo men were forced to open the graves during the past week KIIAIONB REPATRIATED WASHINGTON (AP) Of nearly 5800000 displaced persons found by the AlJke to Germany 3864000 have been returned to thete home countrie They include L244600 FVenqhmen and 1393803 -To Soil Anytbiag CALL PORT CHESTER 800 ilv -TH DAILY ITEM -Want Ad Rssalt Nsssbai CANADA CAJTT HELP WASHINGTON- (AP) The Agriantufo says cannot help out with tec meat shortage in this country because it has agreed ship its surplus to England and liberated Eu-orpean oountriexH- lii? -r- 1 -j vvrnny "i tf-

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