Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 19, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1973
Page 28
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June 19. 1973 n A GALESftURG OftDEH BUYERS* 39.75-40.25; No 2-3 235*260 lb Bufllngton Northern Stockyards (38.75-30.75. Market: 25-506 lower. No. 1*2: 200-230 $38.00-$38.25 Quotations: No. 1-3: J 200-230 $37y75-$38.00 No. 1 Cattle 1,600; slaughter steers and heifers mostly 50 lower; choice steers 900-1175 lb 46.00- esti it J61 WANT6D FOR SUMMER fiatysittfrtg children 3 to 10 years old. Call 9437664 By LEROY POPE! UPI Business Writer iO $88.' 230-260 No. 2-3.* / 260-300 yJ $35.00-$36.75 Packing S6ws^ 25c lower. $32.00-$33.50 47.10; mixed good and chofce ^ J°^f UPI)-to 45.00 - 46.00; good 42.50 - 45.00; £J n L c ^ choice heifers 800-1000 lb 44.00- *« U ^ 45.00, few high choice 45.50; ^cashc ^ J» 75437.75 Mx i d g O0d * nd choice 42.5ft- and * ven P°l««H>en 44.00; good 39.5042.50; choice vealers 58.00-65.00; good 54.00- Business 58.00. CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET HOGS Volume: 2,900. Butcher Trend: .50-$! lower. No. 1-2: 200-225 „ $39.50-$39.80 No. 2-4: 190-240 _„$39.00-$39.50 240-270 $37.75-$39.00 280-300 $36.50-$37.50 Sow Trend: steady to 25c lower. 300-500 $34.00-$35.75 CATTLEVolume: 300. Market Trends: Steers: steady to 25c lower; Heifers: steady. Slaughter Steers: Choice 950-1150 $46.75-$47.55 1150-1300 $46.00-$47.50 Mixed Good and Choice 950-1300 $44.50446.50 Slaughter Heifers: Choice 900-1050 $45.00-$46.25 Mixed Good and Choice 800-1000 $44.00446.00 Cows: Utility and Commercial „.$30.00432.90 Cutters $27.00430.00 Canners $24.00427.00 Bulls: Utility and Commercial _~$36.00-$44.60 Sheep 250. ST. LOUIS (UPI) Eastman But for 75 years, Kodak has made a good thing Missouri I out of worker suggestions. In 1898, the late George Eastman (better $2 Robert Shaw of Rochester has won $7,432 for 329 successful suggestions, and Donald Zimmerman $6,587 for 301 successes out of 689 suggestions. Some substantial individual awards for suggestions included $6,000 for an improved chemi- earned many times moire for Eastman Mian it costs in awards. Direct cost reduction is the smallest benefit fnm the plan, Seven 6 week old popple produce 1 Eggs consumer Grade A large I paid a worker " out the advantage cal cartridge to recover photographic silver and $4,172 for a method of repairing for pointing.! camera motor springs. Another of 49-59, medium 44-55, small* 36- out tne advantage ot more go t $2,100 for suggesting a way 48; B large 44-55. frequent window washing in a t save t on irm){ce Hens ice-packed broiler-fry- production department, ers 40.00-43.00 for this week's That was the first of more delivery. mailing. St. Louis produce: IL CAA AAA 1 .. Teresa Feller, who oversees than 500,000 worker suggestions ^ SU gg estion ' syBtem at ^ the company-has adopted out of Roch€Ster headquarters, said 1.4 million: offered. The ratio of Kodak . s sUg g estion system e m- Eggs wholesale Grade A large one acceptance of three worker resizes &ay the magnificence 38-40, standard 30-35,^ medium suggestions has heldjip rather of human imagination. The a .^° u ' incentive, she says, comes from suggestions the fact that amihim that 30-35, unclassified 16-20. consistently. In 1972, 25,000 of 75,000 Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) were adopted. Eastman pays for all sugges INtions terior hogs: 20,000; mostly 50 lower; No|p ayJn ent actually accordance with adopted in their value. anything improves even a minor problem on a routine job can be of great imtxxrfcance to the worker (and a can run anywhere 1-2 200-230 lb 38.75-39.00; No 1-3 f ro in $ 10 to nearly $50,000. The big savings to the employer. Larger Benefits Many of the. suggestions are 200-235 lb 38.25-38 .75, few 38 .00; record ' was $47000 ; a id in 1971 , . N.Y.', who proposed a method 2-3 250-270 lb 37.00-38.00. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: $25 for proposing that new larger salad bowls be used in of mounting amateur company cafeterias to reduce film on cards for retail display. ^pin a g e and resultant cleanup Some Win Many Some veteran Eastman work- la! •IU have won Davis Whitcomb, system-wide many awards, administrator of the suggestion Hogs 2,500; 50-1.00, mostly 75, ers _ lower; No 1-2 200-235 lb 39.25- Tne champion is Milton Wind- says it has undoubtedly No 1-3 hauser, also of Rochester, who has had 1,500 of 3,000 suggestions 40.00, late 39.25-39.50; 200-250 lb 38.75-39.50, late 38.75- No 2-3 230-270 lb 38.25- Joliet Livestock JOLIET, 111. stock: (UPI) Live- 39.25; 39.00; 38.25; 37.00. No 2-4 260-280 lb 37.00- No 3-4 280-310 lb 36.00- Cattle and calves 1,200; steers raffia i*n. 1 I„„J „ A1 and heifers steady to 50 lower Latue 150; 1 load mostly r ,,^ ct AC .OK._ A IK. «„Jr C,I™A™A TJ„I^„: An en 1 i J choice steers 46.25-47.25; good ?tw Li^ f 25 ' 41.5045.00; choice heifers 44.50™JF^.^. e8taW,8W; n ° 45.35; good and choice 43.75- canner or cutter cows. - Hogs 900 ; 50400 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.25-39.75, few 40.00; 44.50; good 41.00-43.75. Sheep 200; lambs steady to •MA 1 Q onn_oAn IU QO«OAOC TVT weajk '» choice and prime spring 2 JiSf1?i b «SS ?-?Ti ^tly 40.00; few 40.50; choicl 2-3 240-270 lb 38.00-38.75; No 3-4 270-290 lb 36.75-38.00, few 300 lb 36.00. 39.00-40.00. Wednesday estimated receipts 2,000 cattle, 1,000 hogs. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) stock: Treasury Accounts Cattle steers 250; and heifers WASHINGTON (UPI) Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through June 14: Withdrawals $267,460,031,057.32 Li ve . | Deposits 232,899,207,254.30 Cash balance 4,311,244,696.69 limited volume|Pu Wic debt 455,866,579,096.64 adopted since 1941 and has received more than $10,000 in awards. HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER: 2 story beautiful 3 or 4 bedroom, living room, dining room, family room, large kitchen, \y* baths, fireplace, and lot more extras. Home shown by appointment only at 1388 N, Broad, 343-6479. Mid 20's. NEW SPRING ITEMS BACKYARD SALE 136 MAPLE AVE. WEB., June 20—2 - 9 p.m. Baby clothes & baby furniture, clothes size 5, 8 & 10, toys, shoes & misc. items. Open Every Wednesday Wataga Congregational THRIFT SHOP NEW ITEMS EACH WEEK Old North School Basement steady; 1 load and part load choice steers 46.75; choice heifers 45.00-46.00; good and choice 43.00-45.00. Hogs 3,700; mostly 50 to instances 75 lower, few steady to 25 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.50-39.75, few 40.00; No 1-3 200250 lb 39.00-39.50; No 2-3 240270 lb 38.00-39.00, 270-290 lb 37.5038.00; No 2-4 290-325 lb 37.50. 36.50- St. Louis Livestock ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Livestock: Hogs 5,000 25 to mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 40.25; 150 head 40.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb Mobile Home Park at PUBLIC AUCTION 15 Minutes from Vz Million Metro Area Friday, June 22-2 PM VIOLA, ILL. 63 Acres on city water, fewer find city gas. 63 Home sights nearly completed. Lake View Estates, Owner Boultinghouse Auction Co. Bud Henderson, Auct. Ph. 309-582-5136 Weir Realty Jim Weir, Ph. 309-787-1173 Write or call for Brochure and Terms YARD SALE Wednesday, June 20 573 LAWRENCE AVE. 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. r * Clothing, mowers, chain saws, high chair, nic-nacs and miscellaneous. GOLD - BUYING GOLD X. F, or better by type $20—gold pieces $145.00 10—gold pieces — 65.00 5—gold pieces 47.00 2^—gold pieces 42.00 1—gold pieces 75.00 Ph. 342-3329 Before 9:30 or after 5 Buying P re " 6 5 silver GARAGE SALE 1417 ARCADIA DR. WED., June 20—8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mini bike, bicycle, fans, coffee & end tables, sewing machine, camp stove, clothes, lots of misc. For Sale 1973 LeMANS SPORT COUPE r $4,900 New — Air, Bucket Seats, Console, AM-FM Radio,*' Rear Speaker, Automatic Transmission, 350 V-8 engine. ,6,500 miles. F WHI Sell For $3800 Call 343-2781 Wanted to Buy Combination storm doors —wood preferred, exterior and interior house doors, house windows, old wood shutters, bath tubs, lavatories, stools & tanks, porch post, colored glass windows and other building materials and fixtures that you might have laying around and would like to turn into cash. WE HAVE FOR SALE A very good gas furnace, used two seasons, 100,000 BTU output. Phone 343-3816 Before 9 Mornings or between 12 & 1 Noon or after 5:30 Evenings or anytime Saturday. MAY & SON Wrecking & Used Lumber Co. 1353 Monmouth Blvd. SHOP THESE MOON BUYS Open Till 9 PM Wed. Night Out termite inspection is on the house. SPECIAL TABLE mm mm Sale Acreage BEST BUY On Black Top just South from Altona on Walnut St. 8 Acre tract has utilities at $12,0 3 Bedroom Ranch —Carpeted, 2 car garage & basement, (2 baths, many extras on 2 acres landscaped and fenced. $30,00i Buy Now — Make an Offer. Possible to purchase with 10 Acres. Call 484-5993 for Appt. Hager Broker, Auctioneer/ Appraiser Farm Listings Needed SPRING JACKETS OFF KNIT OFF We've beenf ighting ter* jnites for 40 years. And find* ing them. Unfortunately, you may have termites now. We can let you know with an inspection that's thorough/ dependable and free. If we find you do have ter-» jnites, we'll get rid of them with our professional and in-* expensive process. Well make sure your "world doesn't come crashing in on you. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING On Township Budget Notice is hereby given that a tentative budget appropriation ordinance Town County linois, beginning Knox. State fiscal year 1973 1974 conveniently available public inspection Town Clerk from after Thursday, June clock 1973 I Notice further given hereby that a public hearing on said budget propnati held ordinance ] o'clock 7! Wednesday, June Town Hall that final action 1973 Town A ordinance Board taken Town Auditors meeting o'clock held Wednesday SIMPSON-POWILSON LUMBER CO. 15fr S- Prairie Just call us: 342^137. Dated June 1973 i RUTH K. GALBRKATH, Clerk he said, Thelanvjer benefits are in improved product design and reduction of accident hazsmds in plants, warehouses and offices, Eastman has a staff consider every suggestion carefully. Reasoms for rejecting suggestions always tare given in detail. No worker ever gets his suggestion back just stamped "rejected." WANTED TO GIVE AWAY Mother, Black Labrador. Pfidftft 879-2318 BACKYARD SALE 835 N, SEMINARY Wed,/ Jo^e 20 9-5 Women's clothing, size 12 & 14, dishes & misc. items. PUBLIC SALE Located at the corner of Oak and Berrien streets In Galesburg, Illinois on SATURDAY, JUNE 23, T973 at 12:00 NOON Antiques including very nice walnut dining room outfit; cast Iron cook stove, like new; other oak and walnut furniture, some glassware and misc. antiques. Household Items, tools and many items of all types. Mrs. Margaret Hancheft Soule, Owner Auctioneer—JIM FOLGER, Wimamsfleld, 111., Ph. 879-2373 Watch for complete listing in Thurs., June 21 Register-Mail. Sale in KNOXVILLE Water, Sewer and Underground Utilities Prairie View Sub-Division 289-2496 Sat., June UQION - 1:00 P.M. 407 S. Broad St., Knoxville, Illinois To settle the estate of Ernest Bernard Schenck, Deceased, the following will be sold to the highest bidder: ANTIQUES: Some good pink Depression ware dishes, square oak table with ornate legs and 5 oak chairs, several hand made quilts, 2 china doll heads, lots of good antique dishes; some good oak tables, wood-with-cane book rack, small corner -whatnot shelf, lots of primitive iron and wood pieces, blue jardineer, some good old picture frames, old Indian arrowheads and hatchet stones, some collector's items of rocks, long* Butternut flower table, Nippon tea set, old 10 ga, shotgun hulls, 2 Satin Glass candle holders, 2 old World War mess kits, one with message from soldier, antique fruit cabinet, shoe cobblers outfit, oak combination bookcase and desk, sad irons, 3 old turtle back trunks, high back wicker rocker, cane bottom sewing rocker, Gilbert mantle clock, oak commode, 2 oak dressers, 3 cane bottom oak straight chairs, round piano stool with claw and ball feet, oak pedestal, cane bottom ladderback chair, *ood walnut chest of drawers, % walnut bed complete, ornate iron bed complete, some good oak tables made by Mr. Schenck, other furniture, oak hall tree, some old buttons, nice old oak rocker, 2 sets of old silverware, vanity set with triple beveled, mirrors and caned bench, long heavy oak buffet - traditional style. HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND TOOLS: End tables, walnut glasstop coffee table, piano and bench, studio couch, 2 piece rose living rodm suite, green swivel platform rocker, whatnot shelf, West Bend humidifier, beige club chair, one 12x12 rug in good shape, one 9x12 rug, Admiral 21" console TV, floor lamps, table lamps, table radio. Zero window fan, projector and movie screen, 2 good mohair club chairs, full size panel bed complete, chestrobe, 2 solid cedar chests, bedding and linens, Electrolux tank-type sweeper, electric stove, Coldspot refrigerator, pots, pans and dishes, wringer washer, lots of • carpenter tools and mechanics tools, Craftsman lawn mower, set of extension ladders, 2 sets of golf clubs, graden and yard tools and lots of misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. THE FARMERS & MECHANICS BANK, Executor of estate of Ernest Bernard Schenck, Deceased. FEEL, HENNING, MATHERS U BELL, AMorneyg, Galesbur?, Illinois DALE COFFEY—Auctioneer, 343-8365 — Robert Stewart, Clerk RALPH COFFEY—Auctioneer, 342-8512 — Lorraine Lynn, Cashier WARREN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALES LIVESTOCK AUCTION EVERY THURSDAY STARTING PROMPTLY AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON GARALD B. FISHER, MANAGER Phones: The Barn: 734-2916 Garald Fisher 734-6611 Marvin Haase 734-3937 Advance Listings THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1973 40 Strictly choice Angus steers, wt. around COO lbs. Green. 34 Choice light wt, Mccrs and heif^«. c<2 Good to choice mixed steers and heifers, wt. from 600 to 750 lbs. 20 Choice steers, wt. around 875 lbs. 80 Hamp. Shoats, wt. around 45 lbs. 178 Mixed Shoats, wt. from 65 to 85 lbs. 2 FANCY PUREBRED POLLED HEREFORD 2 YEAR OLD BULLS. 5 FANCY PUREBRED HORNED HEREFORD 2 YEAR OLD BULLS. Warren County Livestock Auction MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS Located 2 miles north of Monmouth on Route U.S. Phones: The Barn, 734-2916 Marvin Haase, 734-3937 Garald B. Fisher, 734-6611 Area Code 309 SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway/ Basement, Front Room Private Household Sales ovr office blish other noon before GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. Phone 343-7181 GARAGE SALE 1291 Parkview Rood ftididay, June 19 4-8 Wednesday, June 20 9-5 Boys, girls, men's, women's ant! baby clothing, footwear, books purses, toys, games, lots ot nic- nacs and misc. Hems. MtlQHBOftHOpD BACKYARD SALE 96 BLAINE AVE. Wed,, June 20 9 - 4 Nice clean clothing (nil B !*6» Including large), desk A chair, iron crocheted hangers, floorless pup tent, 2 glls bikes, electric guitar & misc. items. (No! Boip. for Accld«nh) B&B Burlington Northern Stockyards Monmouth, III. Ph. (309) 734-5181 AT THE YARDS 190 Angus and Angus WF steers, avg. wt. 650 lbs. 90 Angus and Angus WF steers, avg. wt. 475 lb. 140 Angus and Angus WF heifers, avg. wt. 550 lbs. 75 Angus and Angus WF heifers, avg. wt. 670 lbs. Arriving the End of the Week 180 Angus and Angus WF steers, expected to avg. 450 lbs. 100 Angus and Angus WF heifers, expected to avg. 425 lbs. MIKE BRENNAN 734-3106 JbHN WEAVER located at the west edge of Williamsfield, Illinois on SUNDAY, JUNE 1973 at 1:00 P.M. Anilquea Including small glass front china cabinet; oak chairs and lots of misc. antiques. Household items including good Silver- tone color T.V. set; good davenport and chair; 3 piece bedroom outfit and other good items. KENNETH DeWOLFE, Owner At ihe same iime and place iho following items from the old Truro Township Hall will be sold. 2G round back antique wood chairs; oak library table; 3 wood tables; approx. 20 ft. of very old carved wood railing. Auctioneer—JIM FOLGER, Williamsfield 111., Ph. 879-2373 Watch for complete listing in Thurs., June 21 Register-Mail, Antiques AUCTION Furniture CORBIN'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE 565 N. West Street Wed., June 20th • 1:00 P.M. WE WILL SELL THE FOLLOWING MERCHANDISE ANTIQUES: Table model radio with head phones, stereoscope and pictures, bottles, milk glass, metal ornate table lamp, kerosene banquet Jamp, several old beer steins, vases, kero lamps, lanterns, souvenir cups, books, wood boxes, primitives, canes, China figurines, hall tree, sad irons, Bavarian and German dishes, toy car In original box dated 1904, Oliver typewriter, jewelry, ink wells, coffee grinder, old cans and metal boxes, pictures, octogan table, musical instruments, Ice cream chair, ice cream freezer, bottles and stoppers, cutlery wall rack, brass pieces, lots of Antique items including old coins, silver dollars in the late 180DS/ violin over 130 yrs. old, 4 section oak sectional bookcase, FURNITURE: 3 pc. Spanish patio furniture set, Early American Gold chair, Curtis-Mathes Early American Color Console TV set. Admiral portable TV set, 2 mahogany step-end and matching coffee table, walnut kneehole desk and chair, round walnut coffee table, fireplace screen, studio lounge, 3 pc. Kroehler bedroom suite consisting of triple dresser and mirror, chest of drawers, and bookcase bed, 2 metal wardrobes, bedding and linens, oak chest, 5 pc. maple dinette set, 36" cabinet base, Coldspot 15 cu. ft. frost less side by side copperfono refrigerator, 5 pc. Red and Gray dinette set, cop- pertone 5 cycle No. 700 automatic washer. Admiral refrigerator, window and pedestal fans, medicine cabinet, double door utility cabinet, foot locker, lawn sweeper, hand lawn mower, pots, pans, dishes, set of Blue Pattern dishes, aluminum chaise lounge, 3 metal hall trees, 6 receptionist leather and chrome chairs, 2 all metal lawn chairs, hand garden plow, camp cot, small hand tools, screws, bolts, nuts, fruit jars, and other items too numerous to mention. ' nuts, fruit jars, Wallensak tape recorder with extra mikes, 35 Graphic Camera, piano stool, clock with glass dome, and other items too numerous to mention, OWNERS — MARGARET SHOLL AND OTHERS CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE — Phone 343-9033 COOK and WOODS — Auctioneer DELENE COOK—Clerk M, W. KENT—Clerk PUBLIC The mile HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE To settle the estate of Anna M. Petersen, a public sale, personal property will be held at the hame located Ya north of Rio, III., on Saturday, June 23 at 5 o'clock. FURNITURE China closet—glass front & A-l shape; Oak dining room chairs; Davenport and chair; RCA Black & White TV; Leather platform rocker; Platform chair (Rust color); Kitchen cabinet; Westlnghouse refrigerator; Hotpoint refrigerator with top freezer; Roper 4 burner gas stove; Dinette table & 6 chairs; Buffet; Rugs of different sizes, Beigo & pattern; Humidifier; Dehumidifier; WaJnut dressing table (old); 3 drawer chest; Iron bed; Wood bed; Commode; Library table; Lawn Boy rotary mower; Electrolux sweeper; Oak dropleaf table; Pedestal; Platform rocker; New fire extinguisher; Small electric heater; Dishes, pictures, lamps, pots, pans, appliances; Window fan; Underwood typewriter; Maytag washer & 2 tubs; Stone jars <Se iugs; Flat irons; Sheep tools; Several small tables; 2 Electric, water heaters for tanks; 3x8 water tank; 4 hog troughs; loading chute,; creep feeder; platform scale; wireless inter-com unit; ladders; 1051 Ford tractor, A-l shape; 8ft. pull disk; Riding mower in A-l shape; 2 wheel trailer; pile iron; gas tank & stand; shop tools; many other items too numerous to mention. TERMS—CASH Not Responsible For Accidents Auctioneers—HOLLAND LINDSEY, Geneseo, 944-4548; ROBERT LINDSEY—Andover, 476-4101; ROGER JOHNSON—Cambridge DALE JOHNSON, DALE LODGE—Clerks ANNA M. PETERSON ESTATE CLARENCE A. PETERSON—Executor Royal Litchfield will sell 1065 GMC % ton pickup truck; Dodge V/i ton truck with hoist & combination rack & box. dministrator Real Estate and Personal Property In order to settle the Estate of Mary J. Lee, we will sell the following at public auction on SATURDAY, JUNE 1973 located in the Southwest part of Kirkwood, 111, beginning at 10:00 A.M. REAL ESTATE TO BE SOLD AT 11 :30 A.M. Part of Lot Three (3; in Block One (i) of Batchcior's Addition to the Village of Kirkwood. in the County o/warren ?£ tl S to ft ot "»n°te. described as follows: Commencing a? the Northwest corner of said Lot Three (31, thence Snuth One Hundred (100'; feet, thence East One.Hunt red UOiV) feet, thence North One Hundred (100') Xoet! thence West One Hundred (100') feet to the place of beginning in Si ViJiage of Kirkwood, County of Warren. Stafe of iliinoto. The above Real Estate is improved with a 1063 Saratoga Mobile home on a permanent foundation. The ample 100'xlOO' Tot has a garden, patio & beautiful landscape. Also Unproved with a largo good 3 room garage. .*a *B« TERMS 15% down on day of sale; balance upon confirmation ot salo by the Court & delivery of deed, approx. 30 days. Possession upon payment of purchase price in full. v PERSONAL PROPERTY Black 8c White Admiral T.V,, works good; JJJde-A-iied* stuffed chairs; pole lamp desk & chair; double 6 bed, chest; cfen. Srlc refrigerator In good condition; iTloitmce B aa ruimc• Slunatura n «m *<TO small but nice; chrome pink dinette MuyUg^ SaScr large assortment of linens, towels, bedding, etc; Jewelry boxes & contents; 2 Electrolux sweepers; now electric fan; Jot/of kniekt knacks, some, unusual; lar^o number of assorted china L dishes silver, includes Home German, Japan, Jjcm-ossiori I 'la -up niiini #fl plates; cake plate stand & scenic plates; n/etii J? coia boo£-cnuV antique dresser with oak leaf pulls; picture frames; aToUcr &>Ucw : several metal cabinets & wardrobes: Westlnghouso eloiEcS dryer* 3 trunks; wahh boards; band tools; wood bii tv\ wooden^ cuDboaid- 2 kerosene lamps; arge picnic table; yard sweeper; wheVl barrows' 2 lawn mowers; misc. tools & articles found in all WoMiJg out^^lW^ TERMS CASH LOWREY LEE--AdminUir*lor of Mary J. Lo© Eilaio AUorney»~ HoUU Spwara, Larry Lee Upturn, Alivi lor rlu*« *ni W«st Broadway. Monmouth, III. *°r, 201 Aucilonosrs-WM. A. PORTER, 734-7635, Monmouih, 111 ED BURNS 734-3350, Monmouih. Ill Heal Estate may be inspected by calling thu ubuvo auctioneers. t r i

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