The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1955 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1955
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

UpjSBrDes Maine* Thursday, Sep*' 22' 195S «: 4l ,, lc girls, .They are'i 'sweet, innocent and delightful to have around most, of the time. But little girls have quite a bit of hair on :their heads and if you don't wartt td get into trouble 'With the Board of.Health, every once in a while that hair has to be shampooed. And hair wash- ,ing can turn an otherwise sunnj ^little Miss into a screaming meany. • * * The -actual lathering riftsinfy and pin-curling of a little girl's hair often takes less time than talking,'her into submitting to the process in the first place. There's : always' one mofe page in the comic book, one more TV program to find "how it comes "out" or a doll to be put to bed before the shampoo can be started. Or the little lady disappears to her , friend's house while Mama is rounding up the shampoo, towels and combs. 'At our house; I sometimes try tomake a game.out of hair washing I place a stool by the table, » set out the bobby pins and try to' make the kitchen sink look like a shampoo lavatoryr Mrs Sigsbee's Homely. Beauty Parloi is now open:for'business'", I an- oiince gaily, j "Who gets to be my first customer?" "Mary Ann does!", shouts Jeanie. "Jeanie does!", shouts Mary Ann. "I had to be first last week." hairdresser works half so hard as t do enticing customers into tne Salon. '..*.. . . » - * : * . • . . Various methods have > been tried at our house in the effort to make juvenile hair washing less hectic. We've shampooed in the bathtub with the victim lying over my arm while I pour water over her hair, we've tried the spray faucet on the kitchen .sink and we've even set up the ironing board for the girls to lay on with their heads hanging over the lavatory. It all ends up the same way. Soap in, the eyes, water all over the floor, screams and tears from the daughters' and a very much. disgusted mother. ' As the children grow older, things are beginning; to; look up a little in the hair washing department. Mary Ann has learned to do part of the job by herself and when she gets lather in her eyes she screams much more softly than wben Mamma ..does it Bill, bless his heart, is 'a boy and can tend to his own shampooing with a swipe of the washcloth while he's bathing. Jeanie is still a full fledged protestor. So, if on any Saturday-morning you come within six blocks of our house and you hear an awful commotion, please don t .think J. am beating our offspring. I ;arn •-•••• wash Three-Quarter length'coals'wjlh big flap' poekel<5, in lich fleecy wool are a family affair in these smart sporiscar styles. ,...,„• .'.--• .-.i : T • •• ; • ;-'..' '• • Like most TV addicts we've. been following the $64,000 Question program. It wds ;.quite a moment when that Marine went for, and, won the..big. prize for his knowledge of fancy <cookinj|. The president of the sponsoring, company gave quite : a speech about hdrw the HonoV and Traditions of ithe Marine Cor^s wepe. glorified by the leatherneck winning the: money but I fail to see how knowing what's in =ai lot of French dishes could win very many battles. The producers of this'show are masters? in tha ar« of building audience suspense and they also think up some pretty hard questions. But it they nsefl some additional .tips oh questioning they should consult a't tfie;«te'ddi«g arid ^he said that the'ttflde" W«S weafmf a arter belonging to Iretie^yM inlfblUi" thit W«t4lti6rt ,^Mrs Ghrilchines Wort; at hef- bWh 1>/eddin|» SU her dau- [hters-in-law wbfe it ttnd if has oeen-Wbrri by several other .brides outsfde ttfr family, ^ lialso .enjoyed talking with Bertha Godfrey who came up from Ames to attend the wedding of her fbrrrier first grade pupil.' , In one of ihe recipe cohlesls, tois Trunkhill of Burt sent a kind of bonus recipe that wasn t lor any particular category. Its for a Ham Loaf, it's good so 131 give it to-you., ,- • IMi Ibs. smoked ham t V* Ibs. pork ' ' 'I 2 cups crackers ! 2 eggs 'pepper Grind the meat three times. Add cracker crumbs, eggs and pepper. Mold 4n cheese cloth, round and long and tie at both ends. Put in/ boiling water in kettle, add V* cup vinegar, cover •end boil briskly, for 2% hours. Slice hot or cold. Serve With horseradish sauce. Wanda Mrs .The all-imporlani occasional pieces; th« finishing tduch io a srriari decor, add a ma- malic note Jo the fall p*6- senlalion of new fashions'in furniture, i This handsome and practical bar buffet is . ideal for a small dininp room or aparimenl. ' By Mrs. Knot Oppedahl Ziftftel and; -' r :Mrr AlfeKfe Mid of: BWt' visileCM-thf • S attd' Eugene; Hbf MS Tibihes, : and Mrs, Oscar :$p;psdah1 and fahiliy aftd Mr and MfSjKnut Oppedahl Mrs Bertha Oppedahl in Fort tiodge. •- , ' ii'4t^'i j Mr and Mrs L. ,\O, jShott; and [randdaughter, Pamela: Stac^ p£ Jpericer were, dinner guests at the Earl Long home/ . The = day was Mr Short's birthday,,, ,; 6f Walnut QifovS,' Minn, called at the Ralph Richards home re* cently. Mf t»«A 1T*10 !*T*l»*-« «- H . and family $t W^st ;• Bt..- -, --•evening callers at the* Hollis Cooper . Honie._ / ..-:, •'• • AS,.,. Mrs Oliver'Ki ns ""/ M rs °* VSI ] Haug andi Mrs:tfahieg Barber of •Wfflf vBejiar :aUenaet|]st ;mis_eeii; anedUs Sh:owet 1 ,hQft6|ff-' Larson of*|drt- r l od ^ Lutheran ;.i?Hurth m U-- WedrieMay evehing. The _.— to-be wss'married Sunday; ;Sept. 11, to Roger Holderi, a relative •of the' KinsethSv/; ;.;. ? : ;. _\-^ the Congress 8> Mfs Herman is the club leader; Oct. .'of thru IF IT'S N£WS WE WANT IT the lad look! Bbig before-season selection of winter coats at an unheard of low 18 88 some' parents of some four year old kids, i Youngsters of that age i group can really ask the $64,000 variety. ; • - ;' « • •'..*-. Lavonne and IJick Post's sen, Kicky is one of those expert .ques-, tioners. He. starts asking them; when he first wakes up in the: -mdrning ~-sn& his last words at, night are punctuated with a' question mark. So. that b6th she and Ricky can get enough sleep, ( L'avbnne has started limiting the. young man's bedtime queries to three per. evening. A sample of one quiz'session goes'something like this:' "How come the leaves ,urn brown, Mam'a?" "Mother Matures-sses ( t° it." was the answer and Ricky was off again. "Is here'a Father Nature?—Where does Mother Nature sleep?—Does she-wear pajamas?—How many children does she have?—What does; «she -eat?—Have you ever ^ •••• -. Mr and Mrs Louis Kelley took their daughter Margaret, to Des Moines where she will begm her Freshman year at Drake University. Supt. ^and Mrs K. R. McLnen attended the smorgasbord dinner at the 'Peter Helvik home in Humboldt. This • was the first meeting for the superintendents and their wives in Humboldt county. . . Mr and Mrs Oliver Lee and daughter, Mrs Willis King and daughter, Vickie, attended the silver, wedding anniversary honoring Mr and Mrs Walter Bakken at the Bode Lutheran church Mr and Mrs H. D. Benson returned home last week following a few day's vacation. They visited the Lloyd Koenig home at Boundrant and at the M B°ll home at Pierson. . ,, Mrs Ted Underberg visited at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Henry Lpnning at Buncombe a week ago Sunday. , _, Mrs Roy Telford and Mrs Edvv. Zinnel visited at the Leon Watson home at Rutland a week ago Monday. Mr and Mrs Arnold Zinnel and Stanley of West Bend were recent afternoon visitors at the Edward Zinnel 'home, : Mr and Mrs Louis Jacobson were dinner guests at the Wallace Underberg home in Fort Dodge. Sunday visitors at tht- I|,oviis Jacobson home were Mr and Mrs Sylvan Jacobson and •*.- . goes ? to>your head in .our captivating neW- seosori hatst CoWie, see the glorious Fall ealors and sure-to-flatter styling! , • Colorful Berets v • Distinctive Velours • Saucy Shell Caps -••• Flattering Cloches • Favorite Sailors • Clever Pillboxes 10 DIFFERENT LIMES -ONE OF WKINb- $4.98 AND UP -. • Charred'Browns • Midnight Blacks • Avocado Greefis • Toasted Golds •^BurnJ Orange . i » Dusty Pinks:/ • Charred Scarlet •* : ' . * • Red Plum th Penney's gels the lump on winterl BEFORE the season starts, we have a terrific special purchase of brand now coats . . . deep-textured Zibeline fleeces, all wool checks, reused wool and reprocessed mohair blends, wool-face, cotton-back knit curls; colors galore, fashion's newest styles, quality detailed and tailored. Pick today, pay little by little on Penney's Layaway plan and get the buys of your life right w>\v at Penney's. See The Warm, Wonderful Selection PENNEY'S TWIST-TWEEDS, MOHAIR And WOOLS, And EXQUISITELY STYLED CHINCHILLAS Q Q 7 5 LUSCIOUS NEW COLORS SIZES 10-16 By a fail of conniving, I have on hand a copy of a bobklet en titled, "The only way to professionally fillet and clean fish; and true french fry fish", by Geo.. Leonard Herter oi Waseca, Minn.' Several Algonans know Mr Her- ; ter and although I've never met' him, I've known of him for several years as "The Feather Man" because he used to, and maybe still does, furnish feathers for stage costumes, fish flics, etc. The fish filleting information in Mr Herter's booket I'm turning over to Father sines that's his department. I was especially interested in the comments on making French fried potatoes. Mr Herter tells us not to soak the cut potatoes in ice water before frying them as most recipes state. 'This will ruin them, he says, and only makes them absorb more grease. Beef fat is the only fat to be used for any French frying. Cotton seed oil and corn oil are fine for making plastics, lard is good for pastry, and olive oil is alright for salad; but none of them are worth i oot for French frying. Vegt- able shortenings are also frown d upon. For true French fi'y- ng, Mr Hertsr says, go to the utcher and get four or five ounds of fresh beef suet, fr; V out slowly and use ' it. 1 eaves no cdors to the things you ry in it, leaves no after taste and does not pentrate foods lik- oils. You can leave it unrufri gerated and you only have t< change the fat in your fryo about every six months. Well. ic has me convinced. Nsxt time 1 ! shop I'm going to buy .some beet' iat. • * • I was pleased the other day to receive a telephone call from Ruth Schmiel Brereton who now liv:;s in Watertown, Wis. Ruth and her twin sister, Esther were classmates' of Father and me and she had accompanied her father to Whittemore to attend funeral services for an old friend of UK family. As is the way with too many old friends and acquaintances, Ruth didn't have time to stop down for a cup of coffee but it was nice to talk with nor and she keeps good track of us through the UDM. Her -parents, Mr and Mrs Schmml, longtime occupants of the teucheragL' at Lolls Creek are well and live nuar her in Wisconsin. I love weddings, but the one I attended last week mud:.' nit feel a little old. It seems such u short time ago that I first met tiit bride, Rutli Shierk and her moth ur but it \vus svhcn they firs! came homy from the hospita. where Ruth wus born. She wa: lovely luht Thursday in the saint wedding gown worn by her mo thtr. And because you seldon sft- it in print, I mifihl add tha ihe Ki'uum, Richard Mathcs look ed pretty sharp himself. i * * * I talked with Irene Chrischilles SAVINGS WORTHWHILE The Spectacular New Furniture Values That Are Coming In - And Will Be Coming In Our Store These Next Few Weeks c

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