Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania on August 30, 1919 · Page 4
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Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1919
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. MOUNT CARMEL. PA., 'SATURDAY, AUGUST 30,, 1919. Mount carmel txm REGISTER'S NOTICE thony Evanoskle, late of Coal Town ship, deceased. Filed July 21, 1919, SUNDAY IN umberland will sing "Open the Gates of the Temple. " Evening subject at 7:30 will bo, 31 The first and final account of "Clearing the Wuy." i bu Can Wear StMli&h cttl v w it The Guarantee Trust and Sufe Deposit Compuny of Mount Carmel, Pa., Special music by the rrosbytoriun THE CHURCHES J mixed quartette ut both services. Y. P. 8. C. 15. at 6:45 P. M. Guardian of Frank Dornack, minor child of John Dornack, late of tho Borough of Mount Carmel, docoased. uiiDes ana $zmm Prayer service Thursday evening at :ju ociock. Notice la horoby given to all legatees, creditors and tellers Interested in the following estates that the Administrators, Executors, Guardians and Trustees of the within named have Med accounts with tho ReglHter of Northumberland County, and thut tlio suld Accounts will bo presented to tho Orphans' Court (or . confirmation nl. si. on Monday September 22, - 1810, at 2 o'clock P. M. 1 The first and final account of J Wes. Ilenrle, Administrator o. t.'a. ot Filed July 22, 1919. 32 The first and final account of All aro cordially Invited to attend Enjoy Complete Kutlo Luree Ferry, Administratrix of those services. Catharine Mloxsell, late of Milton FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH G. A. R. Annex E. B. Sharplese, B.D., Minister Blblo School 10 u. m. Divine Worship, 11 a. m. B. Y. P. U. Society, C p. m. Divlno Worship, 7 p. in. Dr. Georgo W.. Heese, Superintend Borough, deceased. Filed July 28, 1919. 33 The first and final' account or Martha E.Wilson exocutrlxof Daniel UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH J. C. Doltzler, Pastor Sunday school 10:00 a. m. Preaching services 11:00 u. ni. Kmnia lilrd, late of the Borough or F. Wilson, lute of Shamokin Borough, ent and Chief Surgeon of the Shumo- Christian Endeavor1 Society 6:15 kin Slate Hospital, will preach in the ociock. Preaching services 7:00 p. in. Prayermeoting Wcdnesduy evcnlnr evening. CHURCH OF OUR LADY Very Rev. A Meuweae, Rector 7:ao p. m. deceased. Filed July 31, 1919. 34 The first and final account of Tho Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Company of Mount Carmel, Executor of Anthony Shetulskl, late of Mount Carmel Borough, docoased. Filed July 31, 1919. 35 The first and final account of Benjamin Savidgo. Administrator of Northumberland, deceased. Filed May 5, 1919. 2 The ' Hist and final account of Charles C. Uauman, Administrator of Boyd E. Dillman, late of the Borough of Sunbury, docoused. Filed May 6, 1919. 3 Tho first and final account of George W. Mosteller, Executor of Ella It. Mosteller, late of tho Borough of Watsontown, deceased. Filed May 14, 1919. Get them Here And G&t Also Low masses at 6:00 and 7.00 a.m. Children's mass 8:30 a. m. Iate mass 10:00 a. ni. St. Vincent de Paul Society moot Style Quality Price METHODIST EPISCOPAL W. Edward Watkins, Pastor Sunday School ut 10 a. m. . Proachlng at 11 a. in. "Tho Gain of Godliness. " 6:30 p. m., Epworth League 7:30 p. m., Twilight service. Short John Hunter Savidge, late of Turbotville Borough, deceased. 4 The llrst and linal account of address by tho pastor. "Supplement ing the Book of Nature." Filed August 12, 1919. 36 The first and final account of Cora B. Simmons, Administratrix d. b. n. c. t. a., of Henry I). Bower, late of Hern don Borough deceased. Filed August 14, 1919. 37 Tho first and final account or Samuel Zimmerman, Executor ot Mary A. Gnss, late or Shamokin Special music at both sorvlcos. L V-;',., , ing at 6:15 p. m. Vespers at 7:00 p. m. 8T. STEPHEN'S CHURCH Fourth and Maple Streets Rev. O. E. Newton, Rector 11th Sunday after Trinity. 8:00 a. in., Holy Communion. 10 a. in., Sunday School and Bible Class. 11 a. m., Morning Trayor and Sermon. Subject: "Call ot St. Peter" 7 p. in., Evening Trayer and Ser Bartholomew Dane and Anthony Dane, Executors of William Dune, late of Coal Township, deceased. Filed May 15, 1919. 5 The, first und final account of Bertha lleiTenflnger, Administratrix of Edward F. Iled'en finger, late of Turbotville Borough, deceased. Filed May 17, 1919. 6 Tho seventh and partial account of William II. Ilackenberg and John P. Hackenbcrg, Executors of P. L. UNITED EVANGELICAL W. H. Egge. Minister Tomorrow morning find evening tho Wonderful Comfort to your feet by Dr. Scholl's Appliances and Scientific Method You car) wear the dose fitting, stylish up-to-the-minute shoes you like and yet be foot comfortable. No peed to dread new shoes now that Tiers is a DISc ho 11 Applkovx orRwtefyRrE'eirtKotTiouL and competent people here to fit these wonderful appliances to your individual needs. You can gain Foot Comfort Immediately and soon have only memories of your former foot aches and pains. You can throw off that load of cars which ailing fect has put upon you and feel years younger as a result Don't doubt. Come to this ttore and have it provrd to you. There Is no charxe for examination, advice and demonstration. Come In anytimebut why noi right now? Township, deceased. V! All 3 Here l j The shoes we sell here must excel in jaH of the above three things. Best $ Equality and greatest style obtainable at I jthe right price is the test every shoe ' must stand before it can have a place in this store. I A Bigr, New, Exclusive Stock Something here to please every taste &nd fancy as wpU as every instinct of tconomy. xpert shoe fitters who iknow feet as well -as shoes, and who know hbw to correct incipient or long i k standing foot 'troubles. We are proud ' to have earned the title of Sacrament of tho Lord's Supper will Filed August 15, 1919. 38 The first and final account or be administered. The subject of tho discourse at 11 John A. Carl, executor of Uosa Del- a. m., which lmmeillatclv follow. a Ilackenberg, late of the Borough of Milton,, deceased. Filed May 19, 1919. 7 The eighth and partial account the Sunday school session, will be: camp, late of Mount Carmel Borough, deceased. Filed August IS, 1919. 39 Tho second and final account of Fred B. Moscr, executor of Elmer A Great and Willing Sacrifice. " At 7 p. m. the minister will do- mon. Subject: '"God's -Watch fuliiiess." Tuesday! 7:3l) p. m., Meeting of Vestry. Thursday, 7:30 to 9 p. in., Public liver tho last sermon of iho series on: of illium II. Ilackenberg and John P. Ilackenberg, Executors of P. L. Ilackenberg, lute of the Borough of E. Scott, late of Shamokin Borough God and His Masterpiece," and the themo will be: "The Hand that Rules deceased. Filed August 18, 1919. Milton, deceased. Filed May 19, 1919, Library und Reading Room. 7:30 to 8:30 p. m., Choir re hear&al. 8 The first and . final account of the World." You are cordially invited to attend theso services. 40 The first and final account or William Koppenliaffer, Administrator The; Store of Service" YODER'S SHOEISTORE Friday: 7:30 p. in., Litany and Ad J of the estate of Charles Koppenliaffer, dress. late of Mount Carmel - Borough, de ceased. - Filed August 18, 1919. 41 The first and final account of - Caroline Carbaugh, Administratrix of Levi Roinert, iate of tho Township of Lewis, deceased. ' Filed May 2G, 1919. , 9 The first and final account of Ilalph M. Clark, and Thomas Wood, Executors of Jennie B. Hoffman, lute of Lewis Township, deceased. Filed Juno 3, 1919. - 10 The first amended and corrcct-j ed 'account of Sophia C. Moesehlin. HOLY TRINITY, CENTRALIA 10:00 a. m., Sunday School 3:15 p.m. Evening prayer and . iijf. IKberlo vs. Whrthjngtdn Pump home, it will be impossible to feed case se William E. Ressler Administrator-of William Snyder, C. C. Billig, Dr. Wixon and John Barter. d Machine an ery Comrta'ny' of Hazleton. jthe visitors and those attending are William E. Diezcl, lute of Shamokin Borough, deceased. Filed August 19, 1919, VISING DAY AT requested to bring along their own refreshments. The Alumni association committee INVENTS NEW ChUTCH 42 The first and final account of Clarence S. Renn, executor of Isaa-c D. Ronn, late of tho Borough of Sha PPHANAGMO GRACE REFORMED CHURCH Rev. A. Gonser, Pastor 9:15 a. m., worship and preaching. 10:30 a. m., Sunday school 7:00 p. m., worship and preaching Midweek service Thursday at ST. PETETt'S CHURCH West Avenue First mass 7:30 a. in . Hfgh Mass 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 2; 00 p.m. ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST Slovak Church West Second Street Rev. John J. Lawley, Rector Low Mass 8:00 a.m. High Mass 10:00 a.m. Sodality meeting 6:30 p.m. Vespers and Benediction 7 p.m. Mas every week-day at 8:00 a.m. ST. MICHAEL'S RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH Avenue and Willow Streets Executrix of Julius Moesehlin, late of Sunbury Borough, deceased. Filed June 3, 1919. 11 The first and final account of Isaao M. Jones, Executor of Mary E: mokin, deceased. Filed August 19, 1919 Th4 Aboard of rHrecrbrs of the Odd Holinan, chairman; Charles A. Widle, Itev. M. L. Dice, J. Daniel Mull and John Stevens. 43 The first and final account of ; (By United Press) . SYDNEY, (By Mail) A new crutch for the use of those injured in the war, designed to prevent crutch' paralysis, has been invented by two Sydney mechanicians. The new device, it Is expected, will be adopted by the military 7:30 p. in. Charles .1. Lucas, administrator of Fellows'! orphuns home of central Pennsylvania, at its annual meeting last July, named Labor Day, Monday, Peter Alban, late of Mount Carmel Mengie, :mts-of the Town of Trevor-tori,- Zerbe Township deceased. V Filed June ,4, 1919. . ' l- Township, deceased. . Filed August 20, 1919. i 12 ' The first- and final . account of John -Loremani .r Administrator of SHAMOKIN WOODMEN OUTING MONDAY 44 The first and final account of Elmer F. Troutman, executor of Isaac ' FIRST CONGREGATIONAL Rev. E. A. Northrup, Pastor 10 a. m., Sunday School 11 a. m., Morning Worship. "The Unfinished Task." 1 7 p. m., Preaching-. "The Sacredness of Work." The two sermon3 on Sunday will Troutman, late of Rockefeller Town ship, deceased. Filed August 21, 1919. Sept. 1, as general visitors' day at the orphanage. Owing to the fact that Monday is a legal holiday, it was thought that that date would be the most appropriated for the occasion and for that reason it was selected. Visitors' day is always looked forward to by every Odd Fellow and is considered one of the greatest days at the home. Owing to the fact that LONDON "Wilson Peace" were the Christian names a luckless Finch-ley baby had to stand for through being born peace year. 45 The first and final account of Elmer F. Troutman executor of Rev. Peter J. Karel Rector Saturday 7 p.m. Vespers Sunday 9 a.m. Low Mass 10:30 a.m., High Mass 3:00 p.m. Vespers The annual outing and picnic of Camp 11565, Modern Woodmen of America, will be held tt Edgewood Park on Labor Day, Monday, September 1st, and elaborate preparations are being made for the event. The bo appropriate to Labor Day. All members are urged to be present at Mary A. Troutman, late of Rockefel ler Township, deceased. Filed August 21, 1919. Wesley 'Lbreman, late of. tho Tbwn-ship of Rush, deceased. : Filed June 7, 1919. 13 The first and final account of W. a. Nicely, Administrator of Mabel -Nicely, late of Watsontown Borough, deceased. Filed June 9, 1919. v 14 The first and final account of Oscar N. Raeder, Executor of Sarah Fetzer, late of the Borough of Mount . Carmel, deceased. Filed June 13, 1919. 15 The first and partial account of William H. Roughton and Samuel J. Roughton, Executors of Matilda both services. the annual meeting of the Alumni as committee in charge of the affair is FIRST M, E. CHURCH KULPMONT MELBOURNE The practice of can ing boys being trained for the Australian Navy has been abolished, according to an announcement made by Acting Prime Minister Watt. 46 The first and final account of Sarah A. Vought, Administratrix of sociution will be held on that date and composed of George Peters, Chair-because of the large family at the-1 man; J. H. Rhoades, Guy Whary, P. Marshall Vought, late of Sunbury MENNONITE BRETHREN IN CHRIST R. Bergstresser, Pastor Presiding Eider W. G. Gehman Borough, deceased. ' Filed August 21, 1919. Adam Sommer, Pastor Sunday school, 2 p. m. Missionary program. Epworth League, 6:15 p. m. Preaching, 7 p. m. Special Labor Day sermon Sunday 47 The first and final account of wHl preach at 7:30 this evening, and will conduct Quarterly Conference. Laura A. Kline, surviving executrix of Harriet Mutchler, late of liush evening, to which employers and em flection of Trustees and conference legates. ployes are heartily invited. Rev. Gehman will preach tomor Roughten, late of the Township of Coal, deceased. Filed June 16, 1919. 16 The first and final account of William Sitko, Executor of Ludwig Sitko, late of the Borough of Mt. Carmel, deceased. Township, deceased. Filed August 22, 1919. 48 The first and final account of Dallas G. Pensyl, Trustee of William W. Mutchler, late of Rush Township, deceased. row at 10 a. m., 2:30 and 7 p. m. Communion in the afternoon. CHURCH OF THE ASCENSIO Kulpmont Rev. Frank R. Allison, Rector Filed August 22, 1919. Filed June 25, 1919. 17 The first and final account of 49 Tne first and final account of J. M. Watkins, Executor of M. K.I1- A- PeWitt Administrator of Eliza- Watkins, Jr., late of Mt. Carmel Bor---00111 Kaker, late of Lower Augusta KULPMONT LUTHERAN Rev. Charles R. Myers, Pastor Worship and Sermon at 2:30 p.m. Sunday School at 3:30 p. in. Township, deceased. 1 HOLiriESS CHRISTIAN Rev. W. W. Walls, Pastor Class meeting 10:00 a.m. Preaching 10:45 a.m. 2:00 p.m. Sunday-school Praise meeting 7:00 p.m. Preaching at 7:45 p. m. Prayer meeting Thursday 7:30 p.m. LNO LOS S ougn, deceased, Guardian of Joseph Gould Williams, a minor child of Anna Williams, late of Mt. Carmel Borough, deceased. Filed July 2, 1919. 18 Account of Jacob F. Moore, Executor of Vastine Leighow, late of the Borough of Northumberland, mm -Hi: :'A1:' mm Sip fife! mm LE 1 rvj.vrcff-. ' T 'Tift mm. 'mm- m NATALIE UNION Rev. Wilson Dickey, Pastor Sunday school 10:00 a.m. Preaching every Sunday evening Filed August '22, K19. 50 The first and final account of William E. Ressler, administrator of Marion Czwalensky, late of Coal Township, deceased. Filed August 22, 1919. 51 The first and final account of Charles B. Brosius and Irvin E. Bros-ius, executors of Emmanuel Brosius, at 7:00 o'clock. Mid-week prayer service Wednes day evening. Filed July 7, 1919. 19 The first and "final account of late of Lower Augusta Township, de- Wesley Troutman. AdministrntnT. nf ceased. CHURCH OF GOD J. O. Weigle, Pastor S. S. 10:00 a. m. Preaching 11:00 a. m., "Meekness" O. M. 7:00 p. m. Preaching 7:30 p. m. "The Power of a Personal Revelation." . Prayer Services Wednesday, at 7:30 p. m. Tho public is cordially invited to attend these services. Filed August 23, 1913.' 52 The first and final account of Helen Yeager, Administratrix of Eugene Yeager, late of Shamokin Bor- Aam Troutman, late of the Township of Jordan, deceased. Filed July 10, 1919. 20 The first and final account of LOCUST GAP UNION Rev. W. A. Shoemaker, Pastor Sunday school 10:30 a.m. Preaching 7:00 p.m. Prayer meeting Thursday evening. A. C. Nowakoski. Guardian nf Hflnn 0UKh. deceased. There's nothing lost in the change from coffee to v Luberecki, Alexander Luberecki and FiIod August 23, 1919. Joseph Luberecki, minor children of 63 Tne first-and final account of Katharine Luberecki late of Coal Annie M. Hoffman, Administratrix of Township, deceased. jWinfiold C. Hoffman, late of Ralpho CENTRALIA PRESBYTERIAN 9:00 a. m. Church service 9:45 a. m. Sunday School. Filed July 11, 1919. i lownslup, deceased Filed August 23, 1919. a llie first and partial account 54 The first und final account of of Joseph P. Uaupys, Guardian of Hoi eii Paskicwich, minor child of Frank G(30rE L- Snyder and Frank Snyder, Paskiewich, late of the Borough of 1 Administrators of Catharine Snyder, GOT COMPENSATION (By United Press) HAHRISBUltG, Aug. 29. "Play for boys at intervals of their late of the Borough Kulpmont, deceased of Shamokin, deceased. Filed July 11, 1919. 22 The first and final acemmt nf GrrACE LUTHERAN ' Rev. Charles R. Myers, Pastor Morning Worship and Sermon at 10 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Tho Master Motive." Evening Worship and Sermon at 7:30 o'clock. Sermon subject, "A Workman Unashamed." Sunday school at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at' 6:45 p. m. Filed August 23, 1919 The first and final account of 'rht Joseph P. Usmnys. Guardian of Marvl 55 work is a most natural and reasonable recreation and indulscnce is such pastime is to be expected, and where no prohibition against it is en Paskiewich, Gertrude Paskiewich I The Guarantee Trust an Safe Depos and Agatha Paskiewich, minor chil-iu "niparyy or siiamoRin, Pa., as uren ot Frank Paskiewich, late 0f eua,aia"" OI 1 eter l- ,Noll, minor: forced and insisted upon by tho employer, it would seem to be presump Kulpmont Borough, deceased. jcnna or rermiila Noll.i late of the Borough of Shamokin, deceased, Filed July 11, 1919 -I Filed August 23, 1319. . C6 The first and final account of G. Elwood Wcrtz, Administrator of George S. Wertz, late of Milton Borough, deceased. Filed August 23, 1919. 57 The first and final account of William G. Murdock, executor of J. K. Satteson, late of Milton Borough deceased. Filed August 23, 1919. tively permitted, especially where it is not shown that the play interfered with the working duties of tho boy," ruled Compensation Commissioner John A. Scott today In allowing compensation to Preston Siegliried in his action against tho Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company of Pottsvlllo. The case grew out of an 'injury Preston sustained while playing "tag" during the dinner hour. The lad tripped and fell over some object, injury-ing his arm. The Eastern Penna. Hallway was ordered, in a decision of tho compensation commissioner to pay Frank Strolil, of Nosquehoning, compensa PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Thomas H. Reseigh, Minister Special Evangelistic Services commencing Sunday, August 31st. 10:30 a. in. subject, "Science and Faith." 2:00 p. in., Sunday school session 3:15 p. m.l Mass meeting for Women only Subject, "Woman's Part" 6:15 p. m., C. 10. Society, Topic, "Tho Christian Challenge to Life Service" Leader, Miss Violet Tiddy. 7:00 p. m., Evangelistic service and sermon. Subject, "Meeting Jesus." Evangelist Strathearn will speak 23 The first and final account of Geo. B. Reimensnyder Administrator of Mary B. Neitz, late of Sunbury Borough, deceased. Filed July 12, 1919. 24 The first and final account of Elmer B. Reed, Executor of Mary A. Reed, late of tho Borough of Milton, deceased. Filed July 14, 1919. 25 The second and final account of Elmer B. Reed and Charles D. Reed, Executors of Caroline McMah-on, late of Milton Borough, deceased. Filed July 14, 1919. 2fi The first and final account of Samuel Fetter, Administrator of Iva Fetter, late of the Borough or. Sunbury, deceased. , Filed July 14, 1919. 27 The first and final account of A. F. John. Adininistr.itiir rf Onnnm 58 The first and final account of hut a decided gain in both health andpurse Charles H. Boyer, executor of AlTred Whetstone, late of Mount Carmel Borough, deceased. Filed August 23, 1919. 59 The first and final account of J. D. Hummel, executor of Emoline Ervin, late of Turhot Township, do-ceased. . Filed August 23, 1919. 60 The first and final account of No raise in price H. Kane, late of tho Borough of Mt. !H- w- L'hamberlin, executor of Mar- garet S. Hayncs, late-of Milton Bor INo cut in cfuantitv at the three services, and everyone should endeavor to hoar him. Special gospel singing by a large chorus eacli service, under the leadership of. Professor Everett, musical director. This message Is for you, not the other fellow Come to- church. Everybody welcome. . FIRST PRESBYTERIAN J. Harold Wolf, Minister Sabbath school at 10:00 o'clock. Divine services both morning and evening, with sermons by the pastor. Morning subject will be, "Thinking and Living." Mr. Lawrence Gutelus, of North- tion for injuries received while doing a special work for the company. Although Strohl was employed by another concern at the time the fact the railway company had given him a pass to ride over the company's line to read a metert made him technically an employee of the railway company. His claim for compensation . was t sustained. Compensation ,:; was-' ' also warded Minerva Ford, of Philadelphia, against the Cambridge Mutual Benefit Association. Her husband was fatally hurt while on business for the association, although he had been engaged in other work. . A new hearing j-as ordered in the armei, deceased. Filed July 16, 1919. 28 The first and final account -of . L. Kirk. Executor of Abraham Un-angst, late of the Borough of Watfon-town, deceased. Filed J',;l919. i'jf The' Account' of Tim Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Company of Mount Carmel, .Pa., Administrator c. t. a. of Alex Sonka, late Carmel Boro'igh, deceased. Filed July 21 1919. 3d The first' and final account of ough, deceased. Filed August 23, 1919. Sunbury, Pa., August 23, 1919. John I. Carr, Register, Dr. Bidaman's Vegetable Pilules Absolutely Remove Constipation 25c. or quality I Made by Postum Cereal Company, Battle Creek.MichM$an. vnuro aweuzer, administrator of Ar-

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