The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on April 24, 1994 · Page 34
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 34

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 24, 1994
Page 34
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4D The Index-Journal, Greenwood, S.C, Sun,, April 24, 1994 W falbs Ms way. to title A breakdown of tha punch thrown in tha tisavywaight championship light Friday night batwaan Evandar Holyfiald and Mlchasl Moortr, it provided by CompuSox, Inc.: ROUND 1 Hlyftd Moorer Total Punch 4S 41 Punch corroded 14 16 Peloonmritd 30 31 Jab thrown 17 12 Jaba comwctad 2 S PcLconnctd 12 42 Powar Punches thrown 29 21 Power cormactad 12 11 Pet connected 41 31 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND 2 Hlyfld Moorer Total Punch 22 S3 Punch connected S 28 Pctoonnactad 27 $3 Jab thrown I 20 Jabe connected 0 11 Pel connected 0 55 Power Punches thrown 14 33 Power connected I 17 Pel connected 43 52 Knockdown 1 0 ' ROUND 3 Hlyftd Uoorar Total Punehet 39 52 : Punch connected 12 21 Pel connected 31 ' 40 Jabe thrown 21 25 Jab connected 4 f Pet connected 19 35 Power Punche thrown 15 27 Power connected I ,12 Pet connected 44 44 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND 4 ' Hlyftd Moontr Total Punches 39 55 Punche connected 15 22 Pet connected 38 40 Jab thrown 12 19 Jab connected 3 3 Pet connected 25 42 Power Punehet thrown 27 36 Power connected 12 14 Pet connected 44 39 Knockdown 0 0 ROUNDS Hlyfld Moorer Total Punche ' 39 74 Punch connected 16 . 42 Pet connected 41 57 Jab thrown 13 24 Jab connected 4 18 Pet connected 31 75 Power Punche thrown 26 50 Power connected 12 24 Pet connected 46 48 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND Hlyfld Moorer Total Punche 22 51 Punche connected 5' 35 Pet connected 23 69 Jab thrown 13 24 Jabe connected 1 19 Pet connected I 75 Power Punche thrown 9 27 Power connected 4 17 Pet connected 44 63 Knockdown 0 0 - ROUND 7 Hlyfld Moorer Total Punch 51 50 Punche connected 24 29 Pet connected 47 58 Jab thrown 14 25 Moorer, Holyfield unsure about their boxing futures LAS VEGAS (AP) Michael Moorer, secure in his new position as heavyweight champion, is not sure about his future. "I hope to be in the game only for another year or a year and a half," the 26-year-old Moorer said Saturday following his history-making, 12-round decision over Evander Holyfield. i Moorer became the first left-handed heavyweight champion by winning the IBF and WBA titles on a majority decision over Holyfield Friday night at Caesars Palace. "I've proven myself," Moorer said at a news conference Saturday. "To keep fighting just means getting more money." Moorer, who might have made $5 million Friday night, depending on pay-per-view sales, can get good money fighting a chosen opponent or two and major money for fighting former champion Riddick Bowe or WBC champion Lennox Lewis. There also is a possible rematch with Holyfield, who was hospitalized Friday night with a left shoulder injury. He also was treated for dehydration and received six stitches to close a cu above his left eye. He is to be released today. Moorer, who fed Holyfield a steady diet of right jabs, also went to the hospital for treatment "My left elbow and hand hurt," said Moorer, who was treated and released. "I didn't feel any injury during the fight." Teddy Atlas, Moorer's trainer, said he thought the champion had a tendon problem. j Moorer will be examined by his physician, Dr. Charles Maloney, when he goes to New York on Tuesday for an appearance on the David Letterman show. Is Holyfield too old? , LAS VEGAS (AP) Evander Holyfield decided he should not retire after watching tapes of his heavyweight championship loss to Riddick Bowe in 1992. Well, it's tape time again for the 31 -year-old Holyfield, who lost the WBA and IBF titles to Michael Moorer on Friday night, titles he had regained from Bowe last Nov. 6. "I felt like I was in the fight," the 31-year-old Holyfield said. "Maybe when I watch it on tape, I'll feel different" , Before the fight, Holyfield had said his feelings were hurt when people close to him said he should retire after losing to Bpwe because fhe was too old. ( He sure looked to an old fighter Friday night. "Evander Holyfield just didn't seem like the Holyfield we've seen in the past," WBC champion Lennox Lewis said in a conference J b connected 2 . 16 Pet connected 14 64 Power Punch thrown 37 25 Power connected 22 13 Pet connected 59 52 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND 8 Hlyfld Moonr Total Punch 42 SO Punch connected 10 24 Pet connected 24 48 Jab thrown 19 29 Jab connected 1 15 Pet connected 5 52 Power Punche thrown 23 21 Power connected 9 9 Pet connected 39 43 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND 9 Hlyfld Moorer Total Punche 51 42 Punche connected 22 15 Pet connected ' 43 36 Jab thrown 20 22 Jab connected 7 7 Pet connected 35 32 Power Punche thrown 31 20 Power connected 15 8 Pet connected 48 40 Knockdown 0 ' 0 ROUND 10 Hlyfld Moorer Total Punche 45 - 56 Punche connected 19 28 Pet connected 42 50 Jab thrown 16 39 Jab connected 5 24 Pet connected 31 62 Power Punche thrown 29 17 Power connected 14 4 Pet connected 48 24 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND 11 Hlyfld Moorer Total Punche 51 53 Punch connected 27 31 Pet connected 53 58 Jab thrown 15 27 Jab connected 7 20 Pet connected 47 74 Power Punche thrown 36 26 Power connected 20 11 Pet connected 56 42 Knockdown 0 0 ROUND 12 . Hlyfld Moorer Total Punche 52 82 Punch connected 24 50 Pet connected 46 61 Jab thrown 2 43 Jab connected 0 29 Pet connected 0 67 Power Punch thrown 50 39 Power connected 24 - 21 Pet connected 48 54 Knockdown: 0 0 TOTAt Hlyfld Moonr Total Punche 499 659 Punche connected 194 341 PA connected 39 52 Jab thrown 170 309 Jabe connected 36 180 Pet connected 21 58 Power Punch thrown 329 350 Power connected 158 161 Pet connected 48 4 Knockdown - 1 0 Moorer win the WBA and IBF heavyweight title with 1 12-round majority decition over Holyfield. Holyfield, who did not attend the news conference Saturday, said after the match, "I felt like I was in the fight. Maybe after I watch it on tape, I'll feel differently." Shelly Finkel, Holyfield's manager, said he would protest to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and to the IBF (it was an IBF mandatory defense for Holyfield) about the second-round scoring of judge Jerry Roth. Roth scored that round even at 10-10 despite Holyfield knocking 'down Moorer. His score was 115-114 in favor of Moorer. If he had scored that round at least 10-9 for Holyfield, Roth would have had the fight 114-114, and Holyfield would have kept the title on a majority draw. Dalby Shirley scored it 114-114, while Chuck Giampa favored Moorer 116-112. The Holyfield camp, however, did not dispute Moorer's victory. ', . "It's very clear Michael Moorer fought a great fight ! and we're not contending anything with the decision," Finkel said. "We're protesting to keep the door open if Evander wants a rematch." The IBF, WBA and WBA allow immediate rematches if there is a controversy over the decision. , As for Holyfield's future, Finkel said, "He'll rest for a couple of days. Sometime in May he'll make a decision." ' "They can protest, but if they do anything to try to take the fight away from Michael, there would never be a rematch," said John Davimos, Moorer's manager. "I thought I won the fight with my jab," Moorer said. "I didn't think the fight was that close," Davimos said. "I thought Evander got a lot of favoritism." call Saturday I Lewis had been hoping for a unification fight against Holyfield in November. "If Michael Moorer wants to gel together with Lennox Lewis ;.. I should be the next fight for him," the Briton said. Moorer praised Holyfield's courage, but anyone who has fought Holyfield has made note of his heart. The question is whether his fighting heart can carry Holyfield back to a title or will it gel him ' hurt. Holyfield's pocketbook cannot provide him with a reason to continue fighting. His purses total more than $100 million. Only pride, or vanity, can serve as fuel for another comeback. "I gave it all I had," said Holyfield, who was hospitalized for a left-shoulder injury, stitching of a cut over the left eye and for Moorer earns majority decision over Holyfield by winning 12th round LAS VEGAS (AP) Michael Moorer became boxing's first left-handed heavyweight champion the old-fashioned way. He used his right hand. Moorer dominated a courageous but outgunned Evander Holyfield with his right jab Friday night, frustrating the champion with his style and quickness to win two-thirds of the heavyweight tide. In a fight in which Holyfield was cut and seemed to be aging by the round, Moorer got up from a second-round knockdown to fight with methodical precision and win . the IBF and WBA titles Holyfield had won back from Riddick Bowe only five months earlier. Incredibly, Moorer had to win the 12th round to pull out a majority decision, even while Holyfield's corner was screaming at their man to go for a knockout in the final round as his only chance of victory. This time, though, Holyfield's heart and courage weren't enough, as Moorer took apart the desperate champion in the final round to eke out a majority decision in the outdoor arena at Caesars Palace. "I beat the man," Moorer said minutes after climbing the ring ropes in exhultation after the bell sounded to end the fight: "I knew it was going to go 12 rounds. I had to keep it together." Holyfield, in his first fight against a left-hander since stopped Jesse Shelby in 1986, was perplexed and thrown off balance by Moorer's right jab, which the challenger used to keep Holyfield away and out of reach. "I honestly felt I was winning the fight because of my jab," Moorer said. "I believe it won me the fight" Cut in the fifth round, Holyfield fought gamely, but Moorer used the jab to answer every exchange and to thwart the champion's attempts to get inside and trade punches. Holyfield landed some effective punches, but they were in brief flurries and invariably were answered by Moorer' s jab. "The left-handed style was a big problem," Holyfield said before being taken to the hospital for treatment of his left shoulder, treatment for dehydration. Holyfield has been cut in three of his last five fights, the last wound requiring six stitches. He didn't require a stitch as an amatuer or in his first 27 pro fights. Getting into condition has never been a problem for I lolyfield. Top condition for him, however, is not what it once was after 10 years as a pro and numerous tough fights. TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! It's the finest in hair replacements jfeu A CUT ABOVE IT)OA Ernie Gillian 223-2295 Hok Savannah Ct. Greenwood V I i V. - EVANDER HOLYFIELD Courage not enough this time injured in the middle rounds. "I trained for it but it was still a big problem." The ring statistics backed up Moorer's dominance with the jab, showing him landing 180 jabs to only 36 for Holyfield. The stats showed Moorer landing 161 power pounches to 1 58 for Holyfield. Still, the three ringside judges had the fight close going into the last round, and Moorer ended up having to win the 12th round to avoid losing a split decision. Win it he did, rocking Holyfield seconds into the round and dominating the final exchanges. With seconds left, Moorer threw out a jab, then shook his head up and down in a kind of victory r 4th Annual Martha Barnette Classic APRIL 19, 1994 Greenwood Country Club 1 Corporate Sponsor The Ducane Grill Company Glasgow Printing Company Greenwood Development Company Greenwood Mop & Broom Company Knight Industrie Marriott Food ServicesLander University McDonalds of Greenwood PYA Monarch Piggty Wlggly (Greenwood, Ware Shoals, Ninety Six) QTI Sports Roofer's Supply of Greenville Wal-Mart Ace Hardware Adams Red & White Inc. Amick Farms Inc. Aqua Blue Pools Judson Ayers & Associates, PC B. J.'s Steaks & More Ballentlne Ford-Toyota Bank of Abbeville Hank Barnette Henderson Barnette Belks Belmont tnn Benjamin's Inc. - Bill's Sales & Service Blazer's The Bootery Bo wry Boys Jane Burgdorf - ReMax Action Realty Burns McDonald Law Firm Steve & Carol Byrd Cambridge Pharmacy Cambridge Professional Cleaners Carolina Reprographics Carolina Tool Celeste's Fine Jewelry Charles Chadwell The County Bank Boykin Curry The Custom Frame Shop Cutler-Hammer DSP Architects Dantzler Insurance & Real Estate The Dairy Barn Delta Management Inc. Dendy Corner ; Elliott, Davis & Company Emerald Hardware Equity Advantqge Inc. ' Samuel Fellows Fine Tube & Lube Finney Impression Die Corporation of Greenwood celebration before throwing up his hands in triumph when the bell sounded. "I told (Holyfield) he needed a knockout to win in the last round," Holyfield's trainer, Donald Turner, said. "He gave it his all." Although judge Chuck Giampa had Moorer winning by four points, 116-112, judge Jerry Roth had him only a point ahead, 115-114. Judge Dalby Shirley had the fight even, 114-114. . The Associated Press had Moorer winning 1 1 8-11 1 . , Moorer, undefeated in 34 previous fights but with a reputation for having a suspect chin, showed his one weakness early. Late in the second round, Holyfield shot out a short right hand followed by a quick left hook that put the challenger on the canvas. He stayed on one knee, waiting until referee Mills Lane counted to eight, before getting up and finishing the round. "I thought, 'What the hell am I doing here?' " Moorer said. "He stunned me, but I wasn't really hurt." It was a pattern Moorer had followed before in his career. Get up from an early knockdown, then come back to win the fight. Never before, though, had Moorer fought for the heavyweight title. Never before had he fought against a fighter with the heart showed by Evander Holyfield. "There was a lot of people who doubted me. They didn't think I had been in a fight this big and I hadn't," Moorer admited. The fight then settled into a predictable pattern, with Holyfield trying to trade inside Moorer's jab and the challenger preferring to right with the jab and combinations on the outside. . "I felt like I was in the fight," Holyfield said. "Maybe when I watch it on the tape I'll feel different. But right now, I'm just tired and sore." Holyfield earned a guaranteed $5 million for the right, but the" loss upset plans for a unification bout against WBC champion Lennox The Emerald Center Foundation would like to thank our sponsor! for their rapport of the fourth annual Emerald CenterCellular One Martha Barnette Classic. First Team Sports Center Fluor Daniel Four Play Frank's Car Wash Fruit of the Loom Gary's Restaurant Gentleman's Choice Greenwood Cablevlslon Greenwood Capital Associates Inc. Greenwood Color Center Greenwood Country Club Greenwood Development Greenwood Eye Clinic Greenwood Floor Service Greenwood Genetic Center Greenwood Mills Greenwood Music Company Greenwood National Bank Greenwood Packing Company Hammond Properties Harper Brothers Hill Manufacturing Company 1 The H Ink's Company . Finis & Bertie Home Hudson Surveying Hunter's Creek Golf & Racquet Incredible Bedrooms In Memory of Charles E. Lloyd (Eddie, Bill, and Steve Lloyd) J. D.'s Advertising Specialties Johnson Roofing Company - T. E. Jones & Sons KAMO Kemet Electronics Kinfolks Auto Parts Lakewood Camping Resort, Inc. Lander University Lloyd Roofing Company Lowe's MTS Office Machines Walter Marshall Martin Color-Fi Inc. Mathis Plumbing Company Maxsavers McElhannonAmick Construction McLaughlin Tire & Auto Service Mlcroage Computers Mlg's Pizza Castle MlUlken Saluda Plant Monsanto North Monsanto - South Montague's Moose Construction Company Mr. & Mrs. W. C. "Red' Myers National Wild Turkey Federation Nationwide Insurance The Office Supply Center The Old House Gallery PML Associates Palmetto Baking Company : Palmetto TMR Park Seed Company Parkland Golf Course i Patterson & Associates H. D. Payne Company Persimmon Hill Golf Course Pizza HutParker Management Po Folks Property Professionals Ramey Funeral Home The Rental Center ' J T. B. Riddles Inc. ; Roland Roofing f Dr. R. C. Rollings Rudd's Camera & Video Saluda County Bank Sara Lee Knit Products Savannah Lakes Village Dr. Robert Lee Sawyer Scott's TV ' Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning LAS VEGAS (AP) - Tht round-by-round scoring of th thr judgee Friday night In tht WBA-IBF heavyweight championship light between champion Evandar rtoryfield and challenger Michael Hoorar. Round Hlyfld Moortr 1 10 2 10 10 3 10 9 4 $10 5 9 10 9 10 i 10 9 9 10 9 10 9 10 10 9 11 10 9 12 9 10 Totala 114 115 Dalby Shirley Round Hlyfld Uoorar 1 10 9 2 10 9 3 9 10 4 9 10 5 9 10 $ . 10 9 7 10 9 I 10 9 9 10 9 10 9 10 11 9 10 12 9 10 Totals 114 114 Chuck Giampa Round Hlyfld Uoorar 1 10 9 2 10 9 3 9 10 4 9 10 5 9 10 6 9 10 7 9 10 8 9 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 11 10 9 12 9 10 Totala 112 11S Moortr win th WBA and IBF heavyweight champlonahipa with a 12-round majority dacitlon. Lewis and a possible fight with Mike Tyson when he is released from prison. Holyfield, who had retired before only to come back, did not talk about future fight plans, if there are any. Moorer, though, knew what he had done, in addition to winning the heavyweight titles. "I interrupted his plans," he said. "He's not going to fight Lennox Lewis, right?" Not as the champ, at least Dawn Sease - Brothers & Harrison Realty Eddie W. Seigler III Shoney's Sims Concrete of Greenwood Smith & Waters Inc. Snead Paper Company Southeastern Supply Southern Brick Southern Cultured Marble, Inc. Sports Break State Farm of Saluda Stoney Point Golf Club Leland Suddeth, Architect Dixon & Eleanor Teal Tidwell Jewelers Tire & Oil Company Inc. Three Docs & a Jock Todd Distributor's Tropical Tan Unique Art Service United Savings Bank United Telephone Company Velux The Village Grill Walbar Watson Law Firm Dr. Samuel Wheeler Wheeler Tire Service Wildewood Coif Classic Committee Joe Prothro - Chairman Bill Lloyd - Director Tommy Pendley - Coordinator Bill Allin Mack Bahzegar Charles Bo bo David Burton Felton Burton Jimmy Burton Steve Byrd Stacia Dobbins Bob Drake ft Joe Driscoll Dan Fortner Bertie Home Hazel Hughes . Nate Johnson Vlckl Knott Marsha Lloyd Steve Lloyd Sam Martin -. Jeff May Teresa Medlln Arnold Mulkey, Jr. Andrea Prater Bob Saul Harry Stephens Bob Stoner Eleanor Teal Bob Terry Rusty Yarbrough A special thanks to the staff of the Greenwood Country Club, Tommy Pendley, and the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this classic a great success! The proceeds of this classic will be used to meet the special needs of Individuals with autism, mental retardation, head or spinal Injuries or related disabilities, served by Emerald Center, where funds are not available. f. 'A

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