Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 19, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1973
Page 23
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By PATMC1A MeCORMAGK I UPt Family i^tfews Editor NflW CANAAN, CMWI .' (tfPlj — II you are an alcoholic you'vt probably be *n called selM, shiftless, we&k-wlllfcl and a lot el otto nogMd sounding immes, (foe gams for hubby if hie'a an akMic), You know it isn't so and you've said BO thousands of times. So have many of the nation's nine million alcoholics. Psychiatrists studying the eoiber alcoholic—«a.n alcoholic on a prolonged sober flpree-^now Galesburg fteglater«Majl, QQlesburg, 111. Tuesday, June )% 1973 S3' are saying it appear J flhfit the,on alcoholics ard oveMiivl!li««d. But that's not all. The itwlopth look at mml hundred alcoholics at Silver Hilt Foundation in New Canaan, Conn., shows the alcoholic tends to be overly conieten* tlous, Is a guilt-ridden, a work* horae and loaded with painful feelings He'd unable to express -such AS pent-up m&nm, anger or love. Point Made The point about the sober alcoholics are made in a report them, by Dr, Charles Neumann, medical director at! Silver Mill Foundation, and Dr. John fi, Tawerln, director of research. "The eoflolusioni,..are as true of physicians as housewives, executive! u dowager*, middle dm aohool teachers ai upper dm aristocrat*, the doctors reported, "They apply as much to self-employed contractors In Fairfield County as to top corporate executives in South America or the Far Bast." The psychiatrists reported NOW Union Optical Co. Featuring UNION OPTICAL PLAN UNION MEMBERS BRING YOUR UNION CARDS MOST FOR YOUR OPTICAL DOLLAR P. .that the alcoholic* drinks because it is the only way he knows or can permit himself to get out of the psychic prison in which he lives. "Me does not drink because he is primarily hedonistic, self* IMulgent, narcissistic, impulsive, irresponsible, Unable to tolemte frustration, or solely interested in gaining gratification," the psychlatrteta said. Contact Reality Most important—he does not drink to escape facing reality. He drinks in order to contact reality—an inner reality of feelings and an outer reality of human Involvement. "He drinks so that he can cry and lovo and hate like other people, He drinks not because he is uncivilized, but because '75th" Yiot Since 1898" OVER 2000 STYLES OP EYEGLASSES FROM THE LOWEST PRICED TO THE FINEST AVAILABLE INCLUDING HUNDREDS OF NEW METAL STYLES. CONTACT LENSES Hard or Soft Complete Hearing Aid Service Full Line of Batteries PH0TO6RAY & PH0T05UN LENSES They Darken and Clear Automatically With The Changing Light Contact Lent & Glasses Dispensed on Prescription of Everett Beath, O.D. R Dr. "Gold Carpet Service" . Gives You A one Year warranty Eyeglass Repair and Replacement Eyes Examined. 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"If he 6060 too far and becomes too intrusive, too close, too clinging, too angry, too assertive, too sexual, too sentimental, too tearful; it is because he Is the opposite of all these when sober and is ao afraid to let go mi ehow any of these feelings to the world." A recognition of this driven quality ami the often unrealistic pressure to achieve the impossible is embodied in the opening o<f the AA prayer, the psychiatrists said, That lirte—"C/od grant me the .serenity to accept the things I cannot change." Drs. Neumann and Tafticrin said: "Certainly there will Ibo many who more clearly fit the old stereotype of ithe alcoholic than he proposed reappraisal. It Ismistic, likely that there are alcoholics, sober or drunk, who are negligent, insensitive, irresponsible, reckless, impulsive, hedo- !*„ Daimb /family Viruses: Are They Cancer Culprit? By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — I read the enclosed article which states that the virus that causes cold sores may also cause cancer. I realize the word "may" means that it hasn't been proved, but do you realize how many individuals will be adding this juicy tidbit to their medical files and beware of the fellow with cold sores. I get cold sores on the average of once a year and I know other adults, including children, who have those huge, scabby, |unsightly sores. From reading the article would you say that I am a suspected cancer carrrier? .1 would hate to be shunned sim- |ply because of a lousy cold sore that I dislike and have no con trol oVer. I realize the article in the paper was done for medi cal' reasons, but can you imag ine the reactions of people who are plagued with cold sores, wish you would help me and my fellow cold sore sufferers out with a comment on this news article. Dear Reader — You really are an optimist if you think it 's possible to keen people from be- in* alarmists. Regardless of how carefully and plainly facts are exnressed, individuals who want !to be alarmists will be anyway — once a worrier, always a wor- Iricr. Much experimental evidence implicates viruses in the development of cancer. However, I viruses are all around us . . . on Inur skin, clothes, in the air we breathe. Why is it that one person develops an illness from a virus and another one does not? The difference is in the susceptibility of the individuals or their levels of resistance. The cancer victim may have lost his resistance mechanisms in the body causing him to be susceptible to substances, including viruses, which may cause cancer. I In plain language, even if the Icold sore virus were proved to cause cancer — which has not been proved — this alone would not mean that the person who lhas a cold sore is. particularly likely to develop cancer. If so, there would be an awful lot more people with, cancer than 'occurs. Nor does the presence a cold sore mean that such individuals will transmit cancer (to another person. Two Factors I may have merely confused |you, but the point 1 am frying to make is that there apparently are two factors related to developing any cancer, 1) the susceptibility or tendency of the person to develop one, and 2) the causative factor, virus, chemical whatever it may be. The causative agent may produce tissue damage, as might occur to the lung cells from cigarette •rooking, or tissue damage from Cold Bu« Study LOS ANGELES (UPI) - You are least likely to do it before breakfast, and most likely to do it after lunch, according to a research loam at itihe University of Southern California trying to find out when mast people catch colds. The last big battle between Indians and while men on the 11 northern plains was the Battle Ij of Wounded Knee in South Da- I'kcUi in 1890. lazy. "But even the poorest forgotten man who drinks deserves the dignity of a reappraisal. And if we (the medical cstflbllsbmieM) are willing to grant him the, right to an unbiased reappraisal, we might be surprised by what we discover." any number of chemical sub stances classified as carcino jgenic (cancer producing sub stances), and in the susceptible person the damage may lead to cancer. In the hopes of establishing one clear statement on this fair ly complex subject, let me say |again that there is no evience that individuals who have cold sores are unusually likely to de velop cancer, nor is there any levidence that individuals with cold sores will cause or transmi cancer to other people. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N. Y 10018. 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X] AVOID DEBT INCREASE LESSEN DEBT INCREASE NO EFFECT TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT (M) TAXES In which of the following manners is it expected that the availability of Revenue Sharing Funds will affect the tax levels of your jurisdiction? Check as many as apply. | j WILL ENABLE REDUCING • • RATE OF A MAJOR TAX. WILL PREVENT INCREASE IN RATE OF A MAJOR TAX WILL PREVENT ENACTING ANEW MAJOR TAX • WILL REDUCE AMOUNT OF RATE INCREASEOFA MAJOR TAX. [ Xj NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS | | TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT THE GOVERNMENTOF .. GALESBURG VILLAGE PLANS TO EXPEND ITS REVENUE SHARING ALLOCATION FORTHE ENTITLEMENT PERIOD BEGINNING JAN. 1, 1973 and ending JUNE 30, 1973 IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER BASED UPON AN ESTIMATED TOTAL $2,426 ACCOUNT NO . 14 2 048 003 E. Galesburg Village Village Clerk E. Galesburg, 111.61430 OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES CAPITAL EXPENDITURES PRIORITY EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES (A) PLANNED EXPENDITURES (B) PERCENT PLANNeQ FOR MAINTENANCE Of EXISTING SERVICES |C| PERCENT PLANNED FOR NEW OR EXPANOEO SERVICES |0) EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES E PLANNED EXPENDITURES F PERCENT PLANNED FOR: PRIORITY EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES (A) PLANNED EXPENDITURES (B) PERCENT PLANNeQ FOR MAINTENANCE Of EXISTING SERVICES |C| PERCENT PLANNED FOR NEW OR EXPANOEO SERVICES |0) EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES E PLANNED EXPENDITURES F EQUIPMENT G CONSTRUCTION H LAND ACQUISITION 1 DEBT RETIREMtHT J 1 PUBLIC SAFETY S % % 10 MULTIPURPOSE AND GENERAL GOVT. S % % % % ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION s % % 11 EDUCATION S % % % % 3 PU3LIC TRANSPORTATION s % % 12 HEALTH $ % % % % \ HEALTH $ % % 13. TRANSPORTATION S % % % % 5 RECREATION S % % 14. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT S % % % ^ 6 LIBRARIES $ % % 15 HOUSING h COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT s % % % % 7 SOCIAL SERVICES FOR AGED & POOR s . % 16 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT $ % % % % 8 FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION $ % % 17 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION $ % % % % 5 TOTAL PLANNEO OPERATING/MAINTENANCE iXPlH • s 18 PUBLIC SAFETY $ % % % % VI 1 v H 5*—.— 1 have advised a local newspaper and the contents of this report. Furthermore 1 have news medi ecords docu a of the menting i 19 RECREATION CULTURE s % % % % the contents of this report and they are open im PUUHU gnu news media scrutiny. .N: D. PIPES 1 20 OTHERS iSpeci/y) a. New Village 5 Vehicles 100% % % % the contents of this report and they are open im PUUHU gnu news media scrutiny. .N: D. PIPES 2. OTHERS (Specify! S % % % % SIGNATURE OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Daniel D. Pipes - Village President 22 OTHERS ISpiCi/yl S % % % % NAM! & TITLE - PLEASE PRINT Tuesday, June 19, 1973 23 OTHERS ISptcif/l s % % % % NAM! & TITLE - PLEASE PRINT Tuesday, June 19, 1973 24 OTHERS (Sptcl/y) s % % k ^ % mm % DATE PUBLISHED Galesburg Register-Mail NAME Of Nc .VSi'APta 24 OTHERS (Sptcl/y) s % % k ^ % mm % DATE PUBLISHED Galesburg Register-Mail NAME Of Nc .VSi'APta 75 TOTAL PLANNEO 1 CAI>I:*L EXPENOI- ! 1LHES s % k ^ % mm %

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