Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 5
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IMrella. Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER Brought Against Otto and Henry Becker 5 el for M^Kiriley Caps, sc for Bryan Caps. Louisa Duesslng Want* Twenty- Fivt Hundred Dollars. Divorces Wanted-John Baldwin Ditch Contract Let. THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for It, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and.your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . , INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. A. 3. Murdock. Tnu. W. W. Ron*. Caih. J. P. Brookmeywr. Aut. CMh. D1BXCTOB8: w. H. w T WUKm, al. KB Department* promptly an* Stockholder. Business Change. jamw Beahoor naa pnrcbased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies the MW room 4o»t erected to the west of the olfl Btand, and It to hla Intention to ran a flnrt^lAia shop and handle a foil line of freah and salt meat«. DAILY JOURNAL "SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, isoc. Subscribe for The Journal. Spring chickens.—F. G. Klenly's. 500 basket* of peaches, 13'x4e.-TrauL Sugar cured hiamB lOc lb—McCaffrey &Co. Gea Harrtaon baa the tout Une of bammoctui In the city, Ladies' tan ahoes, choice $2.50.— Aaron Greemfeldor, TMrd and "Marke; Btreets. . . . 700 baskets of peaches arrive totoor row momlmg. Watch OUT prtoes,—Me Oaffrey & Co. Railroad ahoas, paiteDit laced congress $2.50.—Aaron Qreemsfelder, TWrd and Market streets. 75-cenit taundered shirt today at 35< each; ties "that sold at 30c, ific; all good go now at -tihe Trade Pa-lace. . Peach season Is thitfy days in advanc of ila«tt year. D<m*t deday, purchasing Price 17c basket—McCaffrey & Co. • You need Hood's SarsaparlUa to en rkih and purify yonr. blood, create an appetite ond give sweet, refreshing «leep. Consider a momenit, you may be th lucky one; make a guess today. It won' cost you a cenlt. .:. : Opfln:.wntli'40:30 P- n: ' —Bee Hi,ve. ; "'.' ' '.''.' "'I, JSound Honey Democrats Issue Call For National Convention. The National Democratic headquar- ers .Is now a busy place. .Thursday the call for tlie National conreatlon' of September 2, to be hold at md!ia»flpoiIs,waB nailed to tlie several slate 'headquarters, request was also sent asking the members of the provisional National cora- ulttee to 'report at once tlie dates flved !.for tlie State conventions, called for he purpose of selecdtng detegates to the National conventiOD. The following Stfttos .liavc caMod conventions: Vermont August IStlv; Maine, August 20th; Texas, August 23th; Kentucky, August 25th; Illinois, August 28th:; New York, August 27th'. Connecticut held her con- •eaOoin lotet Wod^esday. 'There will be no State convention to Indiana. In every Congressional dte- rict, however,, on the 26th. of this .month n 'mass convention will be held to elect delegates <to the State conventJon, for the nomination of olectone, and the selection of pormnnent members of the State central.committee. The State comrolittee will probably be given the power to choobe etoqtora at large and del«eates at large to the National convention. It is .promised that several prominent Democrats will be present at the In dlanapollfl convention. TJx?re is. an enormous demand on the committee for sound mowy .lltemture, and Secretary Wilson has ordered more than a car load >f good matter for distribution, 'ORGANIZE AT LUCERNE. Sound Honey Club Started Last Night, and a Rousing Meeting Held. W. T. Wilson addressed a targe crowd nt the school house at Lucerne last night 'Tlie auditors numbered over one hundred and fifty, and the sound imoney arguments of the. speaker were heard with attention. Those who were not able to gain an entrance to the building, heard UK: talk from tlie doors and windows. ,-..••.. At the close of the talk County Organizer Gapble organized aiMcKliley Sound Money club, In wkch Mty members were enrolled. The following officers were chosen: President—Wm. T. Baker. Vice President—Samiuel Ballenger. Secretary—John Herd. Treasurer—J. T. Walker. The sound money catise is gaining recruits from all parties in the neighbor- ihood of Lucerne, and the Republicans inn. that section are corresipondlngly hopoful. : RAN AWAY PROM HOME. A telegram was received at poHce hcadquartere yesterday afternoon from the autliorities at Peru, asking the officers here to be OB the lookout for a boy named Harry Glenson who ran away from-that place yesterday momtog. Following is a description of the hid: Thirteen years old, dark .complexion, brown eyes, black hair, did not have any coat or tot when he left and 'wore a tagged sftirt arad pair of old shoes. Ho is supposed to have come to this city. D.u«wtag, the' aged-, Gorman woman who was so brutally assaulted' by Otito and Henry S. Becker Tune 30th •last, -has brought suit for • damages agataBt 'tlie two Beckers In the sum of $2,500, attorneys John'G. Meek and Fraok Swi'gart filing the complaint yes- • terd«y evening. Tlie complaint aMegea-| th«t on June 30 the defendante entered •• tiie'dooryard of plafntlff and, while she was on 'her own premises, commllttea an assault upon her, to which is added the further charge of assault and battery. Plaintiff adleges that she was confined to toer bed by reason of the injuries she (neceKed at the time, arid that her daughter, who was working out as a domestic and was receiving two dollars per week for such work, woe coin-, pellted to abandon her sltunttan to care for 'liter motlier; that the daughter was away fi'om. her work six weeks by reason of sucfli necessairy attentions. The pkvlntlff hereelf was -capable of easing nad dild earn before she was disabled by sold assault, from three to five dollars par woek working out, .but that she hns boon unable to perform such work since said assault Ste asks judgment in the sum Of $2,500. . The divorce docket is almost keeping pace wl'th tile number of mnrrlaBC liioeuses Issued. Tliuee divorce com- plal'nts were filed yesterday and, what is the more remarkable, all were on complaint of tihe husbands. KteUer '& ICist- Icr filed the complailnt of Frank P. Coyle vs. Minute Coyle, Plaintiff alleges oruiel and inhuman treatment on the ipart of. Ws wife, wLom lie married nine years ago. He wlso charges that defendant has boen guilty oif toproper and imimoraa conduct 'In that she has consorted with men amd women of evil repute. ... Jaomte Dempsey ds suing for a divorce from •!* wife Maiy. In the complaint filed by Attorney John B. Smith the plaintiff alleges that' "defendant aban doned Mian Jn January last and hns sdno refused to HTO with Wm- as Ms wife. Wlliam. F. McOtaeb, by lite attorney, John B. Smdth, Is an applicant for the (severance of the marital vow» which blind Mim 1 to Ollle.S. McClaeb. Plalratlff cluirges that dofenOanit abandoned him August 10 last amd hns since refused to live wtth him. 'He charges cruel and Inhnmmn treatment and adultery. Sorarael E. Gross is suing -John H Ba.rnfl.eld on a note, demand being made for $1,000. M. P. Maliooey is plaintiff's attorney. AN OLD CASE. Tihe ditch, known as-the "John Bold- wlndiitch," .to Deer Ci«ek townsMp.was lei for eon8tructlon,: yesterdaj-. The dlteto was petitioned for some .two year ago, and a remonstrance against Its construction was fought-through tlie Clr ouit court arad to the Supreme court The Circuit court- sustained the peti ttoners aind ordeiied bbe ditch estabUsh ed. The Supnemie court affliined the de clslon'of the lower court, and the.ditch was advertised to, ,be let , yesterday Tlbere wene ten bidders on the contnie for excavating and putting in. the til and filling to. It will necessitate-some figuring to tell who the successful 'bid dere are. Miller, Simmons & Todhun tier of Young America were awarded the eonltract for furnishing- tihe elgh nnd ten. inch tile, for the upper end ; q tlie ditch, the eleM-inchto be f-wnlshed ait seven'ty cento pw rod, and tlie : ten Inch at ninety-seven; cente. WlUlam Deweise wilQl fuwish tlie twelye-.and ftftee-lnch tile for the louver .end of tb< drain at $1.20 for'tjhe twelve-Inch an $2.08 for tlie flfteenrinoh.. „ , ,_must .do more business, I don't care for profit, I WANT BUSINESS, 60c for choice of any Straw Hat in the store worth up to $& I will guarantee every dollar (cash dollar) to possess the purchasing power of two, ,._ 0iahce at the Merchandise Displayed in Front ot Store and Show Windows with prices will convince you that we are in earnest A Combination Towell Back and Comb Case with Mirror, FREE with $5 purchase. >> OTTO A bicycle party ot eight'headed by Lizzie Felker rode to.Royal Center and return last evening. After the ride.a .luncheon was served at Miss Feakfir's home on the SouthsJde. The following persons were In the party: M'teses Sadie and Datey Grace, Maggie Pelton; .and Lizzie Felker aiffl.Messrs;. Henry 'Stollj Earl 'and. George Riddle .and .Francis Bowman. .c • ' ' ; ••••'-"' ' ' W'Hl Addlson of Indianapolis, wl« sells toj-is'and notions for.Charles.May er & Co., of Indianapolis, is at the Mui dock. • Mr. Addlson probably carrle more; sample trunks than any m«n on the road. He has eighteen big packing casCBj stuffed full of goods, and wer tt noi that he is such a gental gentle man,' the railroad baggagemen wouli hate the sight of him. Catcher Seville of the old Ottos, wen tp -his home -In Indianapolis yedterda> 'He will flnfeh 'the' remainder of th :the Outfnge. " "Of Course FREE COINAGE OF IRON. Georgia Hah Who Will Go the Silver Cranks 106 Better. Atlanta, (Go.) Journal: Alexander P. uiU, of Alta'tia, is -a strong IC^-l man. Be does-' not. belllevie din half-way meoswirc*. Tlie fir«e<oiWM5f-s'il'ver Idea te to tame for Mm. He is wEMog o see -tte siaweiiiitas and to go tlhwn 100 potato bettor, 'Here are' Mis deaUiraAtan, poditto and. argument : Hwvtog .been deeply .Impressed by, the nirg-urnents of Judge Cifcp, Bryan, Stewart, Joints ami other sMv«r., leaders, and especially grieved, shocked ami iomilfied by the 'awful crime of 1873,' as so Ju.Wd*y depleted daily to the columns of *he Atlanta ComBtlituiMoai a<nd- otter sfflvOT organs, I toye -changed my views on. the money questta-, and am ready to -matofoto the proposal/ops -fol-. towitog In jotat debate or -newspaper cflnSiroveirsy. •I accept the .arguments of ttie advo- of sfflmar and: agree wtthi their remedy as fair as 'it goes. However, It does no go far enough. . Let -us toave plenty of -remedy-in .fact, enough .to make debt and poverty tMugs of the, past, relte of the dark ages.. -I am In favor of «ie free ainid umMirofuted coinage ofe®*g JNUO uit, U.* .rmilto of 10. to. 1 with gold Sb'y 'I**? trinibed- States alone, independently of al tuitions and cam prove by'tlie best aiutboriity obtainable that such [a; policy on- the part of the-Untel States -will rmise prices,' "put plenty o£ lc'n,' and glrre the honest debtor a chance to pay life debts," Oierelby^biiilaI.Dgthe whole country prosperous. •Now,' 1 in tflie ftist place, lit may be uirg«l by some 'who do mot understand the subject of staifldm-d of value' 'that a. f ree-eotoage atit for .iron would not ratee te prtoe to a rail|to of 1C to 1 with gold.! To tliem I reply that the' stomp. of 'tliw.- : >£oveniiment 'amid the 'legal tendci- qnnJiItiiies' of thte iiron doUnr 'would JHtetiaiDifly make -the buHlon value of 'iriid lrob ; ' l t l hfi bamenb *lne mtat value.' 'For jvfey would part with an ounce of this precious.' metal for anything' less value? (Stewart, .Jones money, power, by the 'Wall street sharks' aind tlie 'Bopd etn-eet Sliylocks' thait we cooild not atone go <m a piiig iron baste wii'tliout an tatemaitional agreement 'To such dastards as dare to toy a Ifiimilit to *he powior of *lic American people «o. tlo what tlicy please, iiwloixsnd- cmtlyof all nations, 1 liurl tieir cowardice aaixl ln*k of patriotism back in tlieir faces.' (BTyan.) "The 'crime' of demoncHzIue P^B I™n took place about 2,200 yearns ago, when certain 'goMolotons' ami 'silveritcs,' in /order to incmuse the purcliastag power of their ill-gotten, wcalifl), secretly and 'like tWteves 30 tJic uJglht' got tlie de- monetizaiblioia act passed repealing tJie good, odd frqe-ootongie act of Lycurgus, Ithte 'fniemd of our ancestors' daddiw.' Today CMoa 3is tine only country on I eoirtii honest onougih to coin iton, and there the happy laborer cam carry home the wag«s-of Jiis honest toJl in a wheel- baiww,' (Atlftnttn- Constitution.) "A ruinoiUB fall to prices followed tlie demonfltiizattocT of iron amid tos continued for upward of 2,000 yea.rs. I have •oalcuJattad tilne leases enitailled ui»n the ihonest) people of the world by that ruthless act, butethe figures are BO enormous I fesur a revoHutiiom wilM ensue if the people Ifeairn how gmeaiUy' they have • beem iwibbed. But facts are facts, and ithe -best way to riglhi a wrong is to meet Jit sqwweJy, Thiait loss fe $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.' (Coin's School.') copictaaion, I Instet that the free coi/niage of pig lironi wffll do everything tihat 1s dhiDmcd for silver and [nnnfctely more.. Tto; people will be riich aud prosperous. T!ho once poor mom caa pay ihte debts with. Ms old stove. Railroads can dedare dlvJdendis an old rails and .womK>«t rolEng stock. Tihe small boy cairn pitk up old nalte and horse- slioes cmongli to suppoirt life family. In floe, poverty amd debt can no longer exist." SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS VIA WABASH August 18, 1896. Special Train Will Leave LOGANSPORT at 5 p, m. iujtust 18, arriving WI*- gara Falls at 8:35 next morning. ONLY $10. rand' Bryan;)' • •',' : lit mny be urged .ttaat our ''be oroiicrowdied with pig f reply tliait the pnoe 'of .pte.iwp been raised from $7.50 a tan to a.catlio ixf lC :: te:i wlith gold the world over Sto'ote' would" especially care' to CMTjl fit to. .the nutate, since the mtat prince obuld 'bo obtained any wtoere "M the o] «*' "market' (AUatita . Cx>DstltUr tlon.) Next lit may be urged 'that gold aiwl 4svei- i: woiild-"po out of_clmiiatton. I> 'rep xi'ftrst.' '''This is a mere asBuinp- ttan f the tools .of the money power 'Ithey" "bainiaot • veiiiify:' (Atlanta Aott);""i3e<*ma;''' 'Suppose gol<i «lver do go o,uit of ciji-culntlion, Is ty 'pf Pte' JKWi'to take their 'places liioA giiive 1 "' ; thi6 .ix-iopie plenty 'of 'nwiie|r?(Birynn.); and, third,. 'Such, an-as- ilibb'imtaB the Ideas of dnoulatirig ini npd' standard . bif ralwe; gold lver wouW Still' be poteu'tini ;. though pot' In ctocula'-' ' aind wiqulil lend theli; heJp to.ward vailjsli prices 'and causing geaeval prosperity;.'. (Crisp.) ... • ''TJwn -agrita),. lit may 'be uirgwl ngannst 'tbe'^py'liKral'stnotiaa-d. of valiie .that wa'g<M vi-ould not' rise to proportion, to pricc4 Tilie reply to,. 'Vaggs would be compelled .-to : rtee, stooe .no mnn ; .wouild be' foil eno«gli.;to work for ?1. a .day , make ',?1,000 a day picking nails and ohl hioree slices,, amd Dairying'tlieni.,'l'o d* mint for, coinage.' '" 1 lSrV; flddijtan-, it may be m-gcd by, the in HisFarewell N<x High THE HOBO ARMY. Tram.ps give the railroad companies a great deal of trouble and tlie amount of property destroyed by them' in the course of a year makes a snug Bum. Often when tramps are not pewnitted to rifle they take their spite out by damaging rafcoati propery or doing something to impede work. Putting) sand or gnvrelrlin the journals of cars Is one of their favorite tricks. For the Round Trip from port. Tickets good on special trait only. GRAND FETE Reproduction of Famous War Scent Thrilling Naval Engagement Firework* at St Joseph Sunday Anpst FARE $2.00 5 Train leaves Vaudalift Station A 7 a. m. Returning train due to lea*w 8k Joseph at 7 p, m. will .be hell three hours so that eicur«Io»i«t» »ay enjoy .he entire entertainment Tbe Logansport Humane Socletr (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty 1» Women Children and Animal* E. S. Blce-Pre«. Oeo. W. W»lt«r»-S«c, J. J. HIJdebrmndt-rTreii*. W H. Blrtiop— Humane O«e»r. WHAT HE GOT. A boy in Fulton county had smoked 1,200 box*ti of cigarettes and saved the pictures, and then wrote tiie flnn asking ithtem what they would send him in es- change'for them, Tlie answer came by return mall: "Smoke 1,200 more and we wffii send you a coffin." . Telepbone No. 30. Report ewes of cnwltj to secrearj. THE BABY ESCAPED. Miss Dora Jimereon' of Campbell's Jenindry, aiwl a wheelman cnrryimg a diild on the front of Me wheel, collided Thursday evening at the corner of Fourth and Market streets. Mi* JJmer- Bon was (thrown to the ground, but was not seriously Injured although the fall •was a dangerous one. Her wheel was 'badly-damaged. The baby was uninjured. Sls;weeks ago I suffered with a very severe cold; was almost unable to speak ,My friends all advised me "to consult a physician. Noticing Chamberlain's •Cough Remedy advertised In the St Paul Volks Zeltuug I. procured a bottle, and fitter taking It a short while was entirely well, I now most heartily recommend this remedy to anyone suffering with a cold. ;Wm. Kell, 6T8 Shelby ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Mutual telephone No. 270 has bee». .placed In the Democratic headqnartew. John R. Pratt, the wall paper dealee, te Improving the interior of his Mark* street store. Pat Kelly and Chris Speltele, boft vags, were taken to the-ctty limits yesterday morning and told to move. The Panhandle Is operating the steam gravel shovel at the gravel bank below Kenneth, taking out gravel for use m the North end. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Uhl effltertainet a number of their f riendte anfl relative* on;last Wednesday evening the occastem being the fifth anniversary of tb«4r wedding. Sir. and Mrs. Chaster Keen cnter- itaitned a number of th«lr friends at tb«ir honne on the AVastside Thursday even- iniig v in honor of their guest, Mise Par- tMu.i Woodford of Terre Haute. The evening was spent at social games. Re- frestenients were served. The r.iite and the hot weather have cornibined to produce a variety of smells itnSifc back alleys itiiiit is far from bemg either agreeable or healthful. Property owners themselves are res^xxnsiblc for the fonl condition of the aUoy ways^t* a' great extent. All sorts of garbage is dumped Into the allieys and left Ave., St Paul, Minn. For sale, by B. • rot 4n.*li* nato and bake in the sun, ma~fc- P, Keesling, druggist. i jng a palace home for nilUloas of flies. John. ILJJSuiiivan supported by an All Star Smbinatibn::Don Qr;iedoi}, Toi^ Tracey, Tom White, Billey Murphy, J0^ Bjrjtrjans, Big Tom Chandler, Big Bob A^s]trong^.and others imder direction of ^BarsonT'Davies p One Night Only.

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