Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 21, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 5
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Ill Wiat Our Jam* Farren Sug-g-ests Welcome Home Sur- plu Be Given To Ambulance Fund I the fact that there U i * some *'00 left over nftcr ox. * r <> Pnld for the Welcome Home ielcbratlon, suggestions have hci asked as to 'how thin money Wht best be disposed of. A* on who has been Interested In vote ft* (of many yours. T be- By doing this, the veteran, and who contribute, will benefit alike when It becomes neces- H.iry. it surely will show results find relieve whoever might be en- Irut-tc'cl with this money from a !U th, N.. her th,£ that cTn ^ "<"' ° f "-PO-blHty. doncwlth the MurpUia is u> c |t tthc ambulance fund, The we now have will soon tidve to>o replaced. It Is over *ix yoardlcl «nd has seen a great clcii! ofiorvlce. No one knows vhon homy be In need of It and th? scrv;; It has onducccl cannot very \velbo appraised. Respectfully yours, JAMES FARREN. IAY! HAY! Tinthy & Clover Mied Tinthy & Alfalfa Mied • OaStraw Price Reasonable • Carir Truckload Lots Jmes Metcalf Vrodbury, Conn. rho> Wutcrbury 4-0000 >forp B P. M. or Vwxfhv: 291-3 aftor 7:30 I'. HI. Patterson Predicts Income Tax Cut Representatives James T. Patterson in a broadcast Saturday night on the New England forum of the alt- said the Republican party means to keep Its promise of a reduction In individual Income taxes. FHA Institutes New Program To Obtain Rents For Veterans New facilities and 'an expanded staff are being provided In the Hartford Ofllce of the Federal Housing Administration to carry out the program of rental housing for Veterans, State Director T. J. Murphy announced today.* Mr. Murphy said that FHA Commissioner Raymond M. Foley had placed on State and District Director.; the responsibility of securing full cooperation of all branches of industry within their territories to Accomplish the objective of the program outlined recently by President Truman, which is to encourage larger production of rental dwellings tor veterans. Under the program, three broad avenues of approach will be used for obtaining additional rental unlt.3-: (1) conversion of existing structures which will produce the quickest action at lowest cost and probably lowest rentals;, (2) Risks Life for Kin "A popular fallncy," he said "!<i that this course wllMnonn evened J 3fU ' uc lon ,, of m <f= two, three revenue to the Government, where- 1 fou '" famil y unlts . °°Mldored lh as. to the contrary. Increased rev- I "oxt^wpcodicst method ---' onuo IB likely us a result of great- SIRISIK'S (» C«nt*rU. Watarnury, Conn, GIFT OF ALL KINDS ;ORYOUR FAMILY VEEDS!! *AT'S 4l(North Main St. •Union City ;. TEL, AIM cr buying power and an Increase in free capital. Relief given to those in the low income group reflects itself in many ways, which, in turn adds to the Incolmc of the Federal Government. Decreases in the amounts of Income taxes paid on Individual income constitutes no threat to expenditures for essential functions nor to debt reductions, 113 increased buying power means greater wealth for all concerned," Unclaimed Money Awaiting GI Kin St. Louis (UP)—There's 5-10,000.000 waiting at the army finance center hero for distribution to people who apparently don't know it has been set aside for them, Col, Willlnm Grit-/., finance office chief, said the sum is being held to pay claims for terminal leave payments to survivors of former service men who died after leaving Kcrvicc. which will broaden and on opportunities for builders and investors; (3) pro ductlon of more large-scale renta structures, As an Immediate measure to promulgate FHA policies and to obtain the cooperation of industry and lending institutions, Mr. Mur- pry said, arrangements ore being made to hold a general meeting foi the entire State, to be followed by local meetings in all communities throughout the State. Among the policy and procedural changes ^nnde by FHA to encourage production of more venial housing 'or veterans are the folloivlng: Mf.iimum property requirements for multi-family units, previously in effect throughout the country, will hereafter be used as a guide, and the local FHA staff may accept alternates that will produce structurally sound and well designed projects with continuing rental appeal. FHA's cost estimation system has been revised and various simplifications have been made which will sharply reduce FHA proces- rinii, in is.- , «• i • ,_ j.iing time in rental projects seeking Only 10.-IS5 next of km have ap- Insured financing. due to more Cnll ° App i, iccl tion forms, preliminary ';' ' drawing. and exhibits are being 1 for men who died while in service. He emphasised that the former Cft's death must have occurred af- In cooperation with lending institutions, FHA Special Aid Friday On Vets Insurance Cases Veterans with insurance .problems are urged to -vlsi't the Service for Veterans office this coming Friday on which date • a counsellor from -the ' Veterans Administration In Waterbury will be present from !). a. m. l.o fj p. in,, it v/ns announced tod.-iy by Mrs. Ford Wulfcclt, nd- mmiatmtoi- of the, loc;j.l office. Mrs. Wulfcck saiil that (.ho ri.«?h of Nruin.-iLiick • veterans to convert, reinstate, change .beneficiaries and l.n use their term in ill leave bonds fin' payment of Insurance premiums Jiad necessitated In asking the VA omcc in Wsiterbury for assistance. Friction mulches cnmc into general use in the United Slates between 1838 and 18-10, JMPOATUCK NEWS (COJTW,), TCESPAY. .) AN. 21, 1M7—PACE » RKAIM'OINTMKNTS Govoino." McConaiigby announce!? Unit he will send to the Senate the rcappoinlmenUi of two slate board of. pardons members and of one niombc;' of the state water commission. The governor says he will rename Charles V. James of Norwich and Dr. Carl T. Phillips of Putnam to the pardons board and Professor G. Albert Hill of \VnKleyan university to tlic water nion. DYE WORK EMBRUSKI CltAfmt 451 No. Main St. Tel. 3807 FONDIY HOLDING her 14-month- old sister, Angeline, little Margaret Boccino, 7, demonstrates how she rescued the tot from their flaming home In Orange, N. J. Running out of the house alter hearing her mother scream, "fire", Margaret suddenly remembered her baby sister and dashed back into flaming house to save her. (International) Frank J. Rogers To Get Compensation Frank J. Rogers, Spring street, will receive compensation payments totalling $131.0<l from the B. F. Goodrich Company, Altron, Ohio, under an agreement approved yesterday by Harry Krasow, workmen's compensation commissioner in Waterbury. Ro8X'i\$ will be paid S1G.38 weekly for eight weeks for scars on the bridge of his nose resulting from .in injury at work. NOTICE ter his separation for ;he claim to ! consideration bo valid. STENOGRAPH ISO to SOI) words per minute. No previous knowledge of pencil .nhortlmnd Is necpsstiry. Night School Starts Jan. 23 A CAREER MAI1E FOH YOU • INCREASED EARNING • SECURITY • PRESTIGE PCST JUNIOR COLLEGE AI'PROVJJO FOR VETEIIANS 24 Cttral Ave., Waterbury Phone 4-8772 will give ready the future to readjustment of mortgage terms in order to enable projects built under present emergency conditions j to maintain their competition market position; this will involve rewriting of mortgages in cases of decreased earnings. Rehabilitation of existing structures will be encouraged to produce additional family units, and construction of a large number of rental units of two, 'three, and four-family .structures will be encouraged Particular attention will be paid by the local FHA office to development of rental investment opportunities for non-veteran investors who may be interested in owning rental projects of two to four units, occupying ono themselves and renting the others to veterans, Also it will survey local 'situations to determine what can be done to assure expanded conversion and remodeling of existing structures to provide more rental units. The Registrars of Voters of the Borough of Naugaluck will meet the Court Room, Town Ball building, on Friday. January 31, and Friday, February 7. 1947, ram 12:00 o'clock noon to 9 5 . M. for the purpose of recoivinif ipplicntions ''for enrollment of the electors who arc entitled tn vote in any party caucus and for the purpose of making changes in the enrollment lists last perfected. All applications for party registration must be rnadn on or before each of said meetings. CYRIL TUOHY HENRY ZWICK Registrars of Voters Complete, of CARMOTE PAINTS for interior and exterior iix SLEDS — S5.75 up o . Union City Hardware «8<1 N. MAIN ST. Union City M. ttatliloivloh, 7'rr>p. W. J. Stokes, Mgr. I'm Goint To Do « Littlt Storing Up, Too!" WALKER TUBNKll Tuhle and Floor Model 15" DRILL PRESSES $90 to $111.75 Complete With Motor Mill SUPPLIES • POWER TOOLS If You Wunt to nny or Soli REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 Nagatuck Swings tank CJJRCH ST. liugatuck, Conn. It's always a good idea to have some money stored up. But keep your money in a safe place—in a Savings Bank—where it will draw interest and you can get it when you want it. SAVINGS BANKS fUU ir THE SAVINGS IINKf OIHIT ClUMNTY fUNO OF CONNtCTICUT. INC. KKCKKTAKIAI. HKI'CIKTIVi; IH'vi'lopim'iH 'In (irpui; Shiirlliiinil In I no M. Afciv Ciriiun lireidH Jim. ^7, J!M7, THE PERRY SCHOOL (•KKU(i SUIIIOI." WiiturtWs Brown Hid*, FII,f,KD COFFEE CAKES HARD CJRISPy ROIJ.S PASTRY OF AI,r, KINDS CITY BAKERY B. l>. STOITANI. Prop, ftlnple Street Telephone 3078 FOR RENT Our New ' ' CLARK FLOOR WAXING MACHINE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT B€ HIDING TEL. 5212 incoln Store 61 WEST MAIN ST. PHONES 5-2268 3-1011 BUDGET MAN CONVENIENT TERMS Select Anything You Need Open :i Convenient Charge Account Quick — Dignified Credit Terms PAY AS YOU EARN SENSATIONAL SALE OF FINK QUALITY GLENWOOD Motor Oil 2 Gallon Scaled C:in (8 quarts) All Grades SLICE TOASTER Bcniiliftil chrome plated or stainless stcnl toaster with long cord and plug. Automatically turns toast. .\. l»Rir.K, 4,4(1 2.85 O. V. .\. PRICE 4,4(1 SALE PRICE A $2.00 Value for inn I TIRES NEW TIRES NOW IN STOCK Limited Quantities 600-16 650-16 650-15 EASY BUDGET TERMS CHECK YOUR TIRES BEFORE YOU TRAVEL DRASTIC CLEARANCE OF MEN'S AND BOYS' SHOE ICE SKATES Stroiifr. well made lcath» cr shoes with Canadian or Cnion Hardware stocl skajos attached. All Sizes. Usual Price 12.50 Sale Price V PAIR 8.95 NOW IN STOCK For Happy Boys and Girls IMMEDIATE DELIVERY fSP OF Electric Broiler A(,l.r:i,c(ivr chronic plated useful household appliance. It Ijrolls, roasts, toasts and can ho used as n. hot. plnfi 1 . Complctrv with curd. USIM1- TRICK SI I.!!. 1 ). EASY TERMS — SALE PRICE GENERAL ELECTRIC Room Heaters 1000 WATT gleaming copper howl licntcr — quickly warms any room. Jns(; rljrlifc for f.hill.v :ui(iinm nights and tin- corn- in K cold w!ut<>r. Quick ROIII- fort for home or office. SALE PRICE O.P.A. Price 8.4C L^i^M^i Columbia Bicycles Famous for over 73 \e;irs. Gllfttcnln? cltromu (rim. Hod, Muc or black — 2- lono color—Now Departure conslor lir.-iK-o—olc-clric ho.-idlighl, — linlloon tiros :ind chain Kiinrd. EASY TERMS $42-50 Streamline SLEDS lig'h Speed, ng, Strong- struction. 495 Easy Steer- Steel Con- 35INCH 45-INCH 54-INCH SALE Tricycles 'uc postwar quality velncl- cdc.s with thick tou^h xvrcir- \K ruhlicr tin's. Strong elded steel frames. Assort- d colors and sl7.<>s. USUAL PRICE 22.95 SALE PRICE 12.95 USUAL PRICE 29.95 SALE PRICE 22.95 USUAL PRICE 34.95 SALE PRICE Electric IRONS Fine AsNOi't- ment of f.u- inons makes, l>arpe Domestic Size Irons 7.95 Travel Iron 4.95 DEFROSTER FAN Powerful, rubber bladed fan. Easily installed. Price $9.45 SALE PRICE 5.95 Sale of Watt Westinghouse MAZDA LAMPS 'ully guarantied 25. watt hwnlm at a hip suvlnK. OPA PKICK We SALE PRICE

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