Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 21, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 4
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fAOE 4—ttAVGATVCK NKW» (CONti.t. TUESDAY, JAM. 31. 1047 Published Bv«ry Evening <Bxc*pt Sunday) by 1MB NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUOATUCK. CONN. KUDOLPH H. HENNICK. Pr««id<int «nti TM*phoom S9U mtid WO—All Pf DHftmenU M ttcond clan matter at th» poit ottic* to N»uf«tuch, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable in Advance I month 11.00 1 Tear '....113.00 Member: The American Newspaper Publisher* AM'D The N. K. Dally Newipapor Pub. Aw'n The Conn. Newspaper Publabera AM'D TUESDAY. JANUARY 21. 1047 Hope For Labor Peace Two hopeful portents loom on the horizon. One is the growing opposition of the A. F. of I.*, to portal-to-portal lawsuits against cmpoycrs to collect retroactive overtime pay. With thcsei damage suits, largely Inf C. I. O. unions, already amounting to more than two billion, A. F. of U leaders advise against "radical action." Labor, a railroad union national weekly, and the Cleveland Citi/en, long published by the Cleveland Federation of Labor, made plain this attitude in comments that unions were using unfair tactics in suing now for something they were not smart enough to negotiate in their contracts. Also it is obvious that A. F. of L. officials believe such suits easily might push Congress into anti-labor legislation. The second cheerful sijgu on the labor front is tho restraint the? present Con- gross appears determined to use in labor enactments. Contrary to what many bad feared there seems a definite desire on the part of responsible loaders to safeguard labor's gainst with laws framed to check unfair strikes and to give employee groups equal protection with unions. A real effort may be shaping for more light, and less heat in the labor-management field. No Bonus Now Tt took a great deal of courage for 'President Truman in his annual message to Congress to say "I believe our program of benefits for veterans is now complete." The criterion of veteran legislation, lie added, should be not the number of veterans aided by money payments or the amount spent, but "the further contribution we enable our veterans to make to their country." Tn other words, the idea is to back Cfen. O. N. Bradley, Veterans' Administrator, in unwinding red tape and in making machinery already set up for veterans' welfare as efficient as humanly possible. When what is now blue printed for the veterans has been made available to them, then it will be time enough to think of the matter of bonuses: or of any other gift to them prompted by a sentimental desire to give them something—and thereby harvesting votes for thi! politician instituting such legislation. The nation wants to deal generously with its veterans to whom it owes its very life. But unwise bonuses at this time will not be a kindness for the burden of such payment could strangle national economy, and in tho end be paid for in hidden, as well as direct taxes by the veterans themselves. Rift In Alliance Till! clash over Senator Bilbo's scat is likely to cool the alliance between the Kepiiblicans and a group of Southern Congressmen. These Southerners* have boon voting with the Republicans for several years, much more regularly than many'Republican congressmen. The Republican move, to expel Bilbo must have made bis friends regard the 'Republicans as ingratcs. The Republican capture of Congress lias cost these Southerners their committee chairmanships. The two causes may considerably retard the growing »ion of the two groups. fu- Pacific Footholds It was interesting and reassuring to see a- House naval affairs committee at "Washington advising tho U, S, government to hang onto a long string of "stopping stone" bases in the Pacific, the other day. It was explained that such islands "if used in reverse" might be employed for improper purposes and he- come "stepping stones onto our continental shores." Nobody in this country -wants to keep harping on former wars, but it is sometimes necessary to po'mt out obvious i'acts of life by land and sea. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Senator William A. Painter, 34 Pleasant avenue, wag Interviewed; over station WBRY. O—O—o Nordhlll Naugcs was named chairman of the committee on arrangements for the Eagles smoker. o—O—o 20 Years Ago L. Harris Rncke of Main street spent the weekend In Milford. , o—O—o Miss Ela Decker, a student at New Britain normal school, spent the week-end visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Eli Decker of Hopkins street 30 Years Ago Manager I. A. Morse of the Gem opera house received a new drop curtain for that theater, o—O—o Mrs. J. W. Booth ofl Boston visited Mrs. Thomas Hat-wood of High street. "IT AINT CRICKET!" Around The Clock Hush-A-By Baby (A modern version) Hush-a-by baby—taxes are high— Daddy'll be coming home soon! He will be having a "cut" by and by- Can you expect me to croon? Hush-a-by baby, I'm looting your bank, Such things are done every day! Now all the gods of my fortune I thank, This one has come in my way. Hush-a-by baby in prosperous times I'd find a gold piece or two, Now only nickels and pennies, no dimes— This is the coin that must do. Sleep, dear, and dream that to college you'll go, Things may be better at twenty, you know— Hush-n-by baby, by lo! FLORA w. WALKER It would seem residents must have eaten a grout deal of herring- a few years hack . . . was reading; an advertisement in an 1887 edition of the Naugatuck Register the other day and saw an ad announcing the fact that 10-pound cans of herring had just arrived at 75-ccnts a can. If there are any Naugatuck veterans, who desire to become a restaurant cook or grocery store manager, and would like to learn the business through "on-the- job" training, they are requested to contact Mrs. Ford Wulfeck at Service for Veterans. t PICKED GAME IM> PROW THE YANKS WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946. by Tb« Hearst Corporation) Most notable of all recent birthday celebrants, however, was Mr. Charles Nelson of Park avenue who observed his 80th. He was honored at a party at his home. Tomorrow night's the night for Gus Kimaszowski's testimonial at the Blue Moon restaurant. . . . Luke Comiskey is practicing- up on his stories. . . . He's to be toustmnster. . . . Babe Sweeney was honor-guested Saturday night at a party at Kingsley's bam . . Babe has, "shipped over" for another hitch in the Navy and will return to his submarine eaVly in February. . . . Joe Marcellonis is renewing acquaintances around the borough. iIKMOS TO THE EDITOII Merry Fulnrney (Madcap Merry, o the front pages) displayed a how of gall that would have leased the Nazis sne so much ad- lired. . .Miss Fahrney asked the J. S. Gov't to release -her moivey Brazil ..Why was It sent there n thc'flrst place?. . .American doJ- ars were* needed to fight the war \Vhy should our country protect the slacker dollars which sought iafety abroad? Those slacker dol lars should be used to pay interest on war bonds. . .Better still, while it. is still good, green money, it should be spent for the benefit of to ?oad . .The U. S. Federal Reserve, I thirb, should ideality all de- aerter money-with a special stamp ..A photo of Benedict Arnold— printed in yellow. dents (of all races, • creeds and color) will leave every 3 months for a 12 weeks' stay .in European countries. A big project for international good will and better understanding. our- men who suffered wounds keep American money that Patrolman Wilfred Evon had a day off last Friday yet he showed up at the police station. He had art excellent explanation. Besides being Patrolman Evon's. day off Friday was pay day for the local force. Matthew Houston swung a mean foot at the West Side Community club's dance last Saturday night. He had plenty of company for a large crowd turned out for the affair. Henry Benson of John street, conscientious state highway employe, who is sometimes out for a 24-hour stretch with his plow during really intense storms, will celebrate his natal day Wednesday, The resignation of Nenni (Italian foreign secretary) . was the result, in large part, of a New York dinner party. This is the inside story .The Italian and the Yugoslav delegates to the United Nations dined together ..During the toasts some Yugoslav delegates spoke none'too highly of Marsha! Tito..The Italian delegates mentioned it in the diplomatic pouch to Rome...Nenni communicated to Tito that his ambassadors were not particularly loyal...The Yugoslavs were warned by Belgrade to "toe i the mark"...But it leaked out (in Rome) that Italy's foreign secretary had divulged the contcn'ts of the diplomatic pouch to A foreign Tin; most stinging criticism Ambassador Messensmith hag received cannot be as devastating as this praise from Peron: "An exceptional Ambassador has come to Buenos Aires, an Ambassador who, in. addition to intelligence, "has a receptive heart and tne spirit of a gentleman. These qualities adorn Mr. Mc&sersmith." That medal should be worn like mud. The State Dcp't now ullhiH that it is shuttling between hem and •haw on the Argentine issue because it "lacks facts" about Peron's errand-running for the Nazis...I have all the sordid facts Jiboiit Peron's Nazi infamy. It i; a documented report that wn» pub lished about two years ago—toy the State Dep't! and seditionists are not punished ...But Mrs. FDR (involved in a minor car accident) is deprived oC her driver's license. Stiilin lout hl.x watch and complained to the secret police. Next day he phoned them: "Forget it; I found the watch on my dosk." "Impossible," they countered, "we already have four confessions!" MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When one has been "picked up" by a friend in his car, what is the most courteous, thing to do? - A. Try to save the friend as much time and trouble as possible by offering to get out at a more convenient corner for him, rather than allow him to drive you to youi 1 door to Q. May one use the fingers push food onto the fork? A. No; -if assistance IK required, use a piece of bread, but it possible, avoid -that, too. Tnit In whooping for a 2(1 per cent income tax slas'h. This is strictly '-IK ballot-bait ..This is the game Taft who opi'ned (about a year ago) that America would be unable to reduce taxes before 19ii .But now he believes that a cut jn taxes • will be a down payment on votes. • Ho-humbug. government, step down. and Nennl had to A new hook and. ladder truck was delivered to the Middletown fire department, with the sale price at $1.4,500. Understand the department ordered the truck some time ago, but when the old truck broke down an emergency was created and the new truck was delivered immediately and at the same price as/ orig- inallv ordered at . Sir Stafford Crlpps (that great liberal) with more gall th.-tTv sense attacked the American movie industry. Cripps said British films were entitled to share tho huge box office receipts collected in America. Simultaneously, 12 U. S. fllms were barred in Singapore •-• Crlpps is self-contradictory, Lloyds of London (which hasn't filed a balance sheet in 300 years) gets more business from America than it does from Great Britain and the British Empire put together.... Doas Mr. Cripps mean we should stop that?.. .Number 10 used vicious racial humor as a part of .his hate campaign. One of the Nazi propaganda g-hortwavors during the war was E. L. Delaney, ,in American indicted for alleged treason .Years ago Dclaney was a third-rate vaudcvillian. His Nazi propaganda consisted of obnoxious dialect comedy. . .That is another reason why olfensivo dialecticians should bo dialectrocuted. Derrick Carter (of Daily Worker) .is in gathering information turn British opiwion the Ixindoii the States intended to against n. Street ought to wage one war at Q time. . .A diplomatic war on Russia 'and a trade war on. the U. S. (simultaneously) is too much for even a lion to handle. closo alliance with tho U. S. He is on 'his way to the South tu _ write of lync'hings of Negroes and Downing beatings of CIO organizer*. All ° t U *. A 1 A 1 • . .. intolerant, intemperate actions as snown hy -Bilbo, the Columbians, etc., are grist for the mill of those who want 1 to turn other ' peoples against the 'U. S.. The surprise entertainment program to be held at Wednesday night's meeting of the Playmakers has really got us guessing. Mrs. Norman Wood, who is one of the assistants planning the program has told everyone expecting to attend to wear their oddest and funniest hat or one of their own creation. It.should prove extremely interesting. Orclilds to the American. Press Corps of Rome which quiotly ami effectively defied British and America- nrmy officers who exceeded their authority. British Intelligence Insisted that American intelligence "force" Claire Nelkind (U. S. newspapei-woman, who rode.- a Hell ship to Palestine) to disclose her contacts or £orce her to go home ..The American Press Corps told both intelligence services that if Great Britain, again interfered (with an American' reporter's passport), they would blast It across the headlines of this nation .. Thanks to the U. S. reporters for proving that It's much easier to kill a 1941 phony Pour Freedoms than scorn a 1776 Bill of Rights. Anthony leaving -for Drexel Duke Europe on a shortly project •hea'ded hy John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and John Winant, whereby a thousand American college stu- A Congressional committee ha« revealed that the Communist Parly violated the Federal Corrupt Practices Act. Just watch and see if the Justice Dcp't does anything about this. A news story In a New York daily contained this paragraph: "The game reports indicate the possibility that these men jnay go back In uniform after the troop cewsus has been completed. There is absolutely no confirmation to this deduction." That journalistic dowager turns up its sohnoz at colyumists who publish gossip—yet admits one of its yarns is unconfirmed gossip Q. What should a woman do if a man offers his hand when being in troduced to her? A. Take the man's hand cordially and without hesitation. HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK The Rcfeljterator A heavy coat of frost on the freezing coils of a mechanical refrigerator cuts down the eflicinncy of the freezing unit. Defrost as soon as a coat from one-eighth to one-fourth inch forma. , Fish While scaling fish, hold it under running water. The scales will not scatter and the job will be less objectionable. Start at the tail of the fish and scrape towards the head. Rough Spot Remover For callouses and rough spots on the back of the heels, use a good cuticle oi! or cream every night. There are five times as many bison now in the United States as there were in 1900i IlEMINGTON and SCHICK ELECTRIC SHAVERS SCHICK SHAVEBSETS G. E. Table Model Radios Portable Electric Record Flayers G. E. Electric Kitchen and Mantle Clocks HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Many Indicted sedltionlsta afle not being put on trial. . .Almost a million Nazis were recently set free. . .Indicted traitors have been freed. , .Several Nazi war criminals were acquitted.: .NazlSj traitors JANUARY PUR SALE UNDER WAY Blakeileek 09 N. MAIN STREET Waterbury Tel. 3-2727 Venetian Blinds In Stock. S DM W.TTIW LEBON'S *T8 No. M.lD St. Tel. S-T221 W«t*rburr "MARGIE" SHOWING NOW AT THE SALEM PLAYHOUSE An interesting question to to dav's younger act and adults who enjoy memories of their youth is What happens when a banhful IC-ycar-oId high school girl falls in love with her new French teacher? The answer la clearly and amusingly given in Twentieth Century- Fox's Technicolor comedy-drama. "Margie." presented by Darryl F, Za'nuck and starring Jeanne Grain Glenn Langan, Lynn Bari and Alan Young, now at the Salem Playhouse. The nostalgic story revolves around teen-age fun and heartaches during the late twenties in a typical, small Midwestern city. It is, according to advance reports from Hollywood, one in which all moviegoers are afforded tile opportunity of Hoeing themselves in humorous predicaments such as those enjoyed by Jeanne Crain and her youthful, fun-loving crowd of school kids. The trials and tribulations, and the amusing experiences which Jeanne' and her high school chums get into make for one of the most delightful and entertaining motion picture treats of the year. "SUGAR CaiLE" ROBINSON AT THE STATE THIS WEEK Hailed as the Marvel of the Ape, 'Sugar Chile" Robinson, 7-year- ild Boogic-Woogie piano prodigy, 'caturcd in M-G-M's "No Leave, No Love." w>l) headline the stage show laying Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the State theater .Hartford, tfevor in the history of show business has America taken- a personal- ty to its heart as quickly as it has Sugar Chile" Robinson. He fcas een publicized in Life and Ncws- >cck Magazines, has appeared on Wo th« People," and Paul White- nan's "Hall of Fame," and played or President Truman al the .Vliitc House. The child piano rodigy includes on his program m own renditions of "Hey! Ba- Ba-Re-Bop," "Hamp'c Boogie," Caledonia," and his own compo- j ition "Sugar Chile Boogie," ] tomped out in true boogie-woogie rhythm. Abo uppeaHnj on th. same bill will be Bob ,Che»ter u£ his famous Band, Cy Reeve. "Satirical Nonsense," and «,. .' sallonal Whirlwinds, d«rtdV«! skating stars. ' There are late stage'show, a., urday and Sunday, «t«tlnj , t ,» p. m. f Look And Learn By A. C. GORDON 3. Which U, S. mint has been h. continuous operation since lut tabliahment in 1793? / v. Who was the only crtdutte nr West Point to become President «f the United Slates? , of 3. Which of his »cniiu in U llli«~i most by man? a 1. What docs "soviet" mean? 5. Who is the compoiicr of "TK Flight M the Bumble Bee"? ANSWERS- 1. The one at Philadelphia. 2. Ulysses S. Grant. 3. Sight. : 4. Council. 5. Rlmsky-Korsakov. of Texas tins the largest number counties with 251, followed In order by Georgia with 157,' Kentucky with 317 and Missouri-with 115. Maple and Wax Birch BASSINETTES JUVENILE FURNITURE BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 73 GRAND STREET Waterbury Bill's Danbury Hatter 57 SOUTH MAIN ST. Win. Mariano, Prop. Men's HatK Cleaned, Blocked Factory Method* NEW HATS FOR SALE Hats Made to Order WE'RE AT THE OTHER END OF THE LINE When You Need a . PERSONAL LOAN DIAL 2286 i ... ask for Mr. Wilmot... ; 1* it unpaid bills (li.-ii Tiave you worried? Are yon wouderiny how that new baity rfc to bo pa id. for? Have you an opportunity to^buy a now car, refrigerator, washing machine, radio? Then give us a ring- . . . toll us how much money you want . . . we'll mail the papers 1 for your signature, or you can call and get them. No delay. No red tape. You don't even need to be a, depositor. Cost? Only $6.00 per year per $100 borrowed. Terms? A year to repay in couvenient monthly installments. You may arrange Tour Naugatuck ;National Personal Loan by 'phone, mail or in person at the bank. THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK We're at the other end of the line. ; /r%

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