The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on August 1, 1891 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1891
Page 3
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~r f* B1SMA11CK DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY,'AVG. 1 IB91 ONH A nirl at Humus I Itt M i b . l ' [ M i k ' f v. 1 -mnpi'tiMit Kir wtufOB TJJ PI \ \ r A N T K U A K i l l - W KJBUtln.ti.Hi \VANi'Ki-Y «... T T crtil lioiwwoi Mrw. E. L,. \YUIifont VPOK H K N T IIMI m u t ' i ' n l l H K i ' b i u i r i r . , U . r u i ' l 1} BiwH. M IV. BISMARCK Bl'SINl^S T V K D S M J . K D l . l t h i A , . Y J K U I AUlTiAi L I \s- J A n * Hutl Ivit Otluv H* H V M AM) OH , N P. Doubles in brihs u fur all occtiMoiih. IVuea H. H. Palmer. Bjbiimrck, S, \H KATK L. l?Lil OtHoo at rpsic]niice, fle\ veimoH li nod (' i?ath btreet, between B THE. THE THE CAPITAL CAPITAL CAPiTAL N A F I O S V L i \ N K 1HNK F O h*:MBicK, E L \ \ i u n t u m , Cti-liier. THK I HE 'I UE ( APIPAL x ! \ r i O N \ L N V I I O N A i , BANTi H V N K . BANK r IVl«'«rKplii« ol uuiiU'iit of luin NW \V IUU \ U CA.1 Mf Wuithur l)r UeTuj paid hm brother at .lium»s- jt thin \\e(.-k. .VV. M. ]lt'U .Iamn4o\vn; H, lOttCOy, T. \\ . Hundoib, ( J U n - to\\n a vi Cnhtei J. Mei.s, coe, Fariuor llichards lie bruuglit IUH ·1TAL 1JLO K, K1HI\HCK, SvbouK'it ftpd sold m fill t HP principal cities ot ttie L'uilul auituu - - -- 71 0, tolid p ' T H E C I T Y * Tho ram jehterd^y wub nut neoded, but it did no hurm. Street Commissioner K iheita was flushing BU \\ers jesterduj V good job. A g.uig of tis bridge laboiers oame up from. JaiuesUmu jraterdaj and tire at work on the trestle ut the bridge. Col. Win Lo~s\ left for hie rancli es- terdny. He v aa accompanied by Mel Caseelmuu who ^ill try ranching for a few days. An agricultural paper suggests summer fallowing and a second plowing aa a profitable remedy to eradicate wild oats from the fields. The Re\. D, C. Plannette will preach iu the Methodist Episcopal~church Sabbath evening. Mr. Plannetto is not only au old Biamarcker, but also au abiding friend of our city. Dr. Haigh of Chicago-and Hev. G. W. "Huntley of Fargo, spent several .ours in .the city yesterday, and theu n Xo. 1 went on to Dickinson. The) nil preach in the Baptist church tomorrow. Fargo Republican: A Bismarck divine s reported to have caught a jack-rabbit ·ecently. Whenjt gets so a] ·un down a jack-rabbit it Kirdeued sinners to take to th"e woods-- f they expect to escape. -By a report in the HeraKl--eae-4s-- 1 ed_ terdu hri). r.n'itu- Tom H. 1 Donald, Miimltiu, H. Creek. E. X t ' i H \\U\v ot amo i% tho t i u i i M t the t-it UB- lan^h with MCI*. O. S. Mr- D. Fiilk, Apple 1 M l U m - U p o h f a U i l h ts ut tho Sheridan ut Horace Greele\ ami is moving nl at u liveh gait - WuBhmutuu 'ular uljout tho u SIMM! it by th»; billh per Inte I Hut 1)0 pill ge" UTikbh j It \\ill take oUr biggest \ foi tho u faith uf "the poor, ' "coin binning," "Jjrahshop \M-rit'' this ;.i'ar. Uluctigo COIUlLSsPOSDKMS Continental Nati/mal Uhn Chemicnl Nnfl Bank, Now iork Nat 1 1 f i e r m n n Bank, St Paul Bentoi Transportation Regular Passenger STEAMERS. For fri'isht or pa-«iwn? nppl to I. P. BAKER, pupral huportntODflpiit. Bifmnrck Bunk. FURNITURE 3 1e [ jmrli; i'a f a r m t i i r , . pold m lots to tnit for --nyt csieh The largest assort meut in the city. All " itest patterns in embossed aud Mail orders promptly attended to. · \VEBB BROS.^ -- Bismarck, North Dakota. TAEtAKTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Wash \J iDKton, Jol 21. 1801.-- Plans and HpecificR- , . . tiona for a C. S Ppnitf-ntisry baildiDR to bo ererted on o tract of Iftnd near ftrnfton, North Dakota, are Rolicited-ftncl will bo received at thie department nntil 1 o'clock p. m., Monday, An gnat 31. 1MU, when ittoy will te opened mid con , , - Jt-s s'ractnr, of bricli or etone, t/) c ntriin »t loaat ona hna " , fired (\(ft) iron collfl, with necpMarj hath-roomi Bnd prowr fircotnnifxlRtiotm foY pn^oil Rnardn etc., ftd(l inclmlc fvf-ryttnnff Dyf-stiar for thi completion-thf»r^of rpwlj for occnpancj fflcrop IMftn^rruist IM HrronriDftniod hj ap *"*t imste o thfl probable co^t, of t l m hnildmg noder thft dtv , gifjn offf-rrd. " No plan wi 1 b* 4 oonpulprrrl which co^templHtvM thfl cxponditnro nf ti snm in cxfpftfl ot- twrntj four thoTT'ttTifl dollftrs ($it it) A rtywonftbTb pnmjx^nftAtHtn not PxrftfldiQflt'in*. *^=^-ilJ torrent, nf thp rost of tho atrnctore will be pftia7r»r thf ftoc^ptM -plfinB · find all plftnft nod no pRympnt whatever will b Plan** pot ftrcppt«l wi)l b« promptly tnrnpfl. rhnnlr) bo plainly nurkM "PlRn* fo »nit*ntmrv, North DakoU," and b« nd to thfl tieeromry of tnf Interior, WAnh ington, D.C. OKgRO" ""^ out to Dii-kinbon ji»stonlti\ on a t u o weeks ^ isit Walti-r Hiutt^l fliul wife ot Tapiion, who hsuo hit.n \isitiu| with Tliomtis Cunningham tuul fitmily, returned last ovou- mg. Wt'fiteru 1 O. B. Willurd. Abonleen; \V. G. Colh, New York; Geo. K Cor ninny, Sprague, \S T a6hmgtou; D. S.'Wiig- oner, Chicago; George Clarke, Steele; W, H. Hcott, Wo«aueport; Geo. H. Beal, Pamtecl Woods. The RntfgcdcKt Puth In Life H tt be but ji nidifttiMl by K oil bfaXtrh, la i bhornof hull ol Us tlihtabttfuHt .lUireb Jh su 1 ot dihtingutbhod wen niul \\n\u n b,i\t- i.ttt r 1 I regrt'ts for u patit when 3011111-, luH o' \. r i a.mlh(»i»e» tl»"HgU battln pr^i'ii ob'.tr.dci t t . i t ' Eeem«d welluiyh luhiiiiuouut xble, thu't jml-o ) more tool that glow. Mould yoj -- ,. ol 'ore, diprst perfcoll;? 11ipn»%', oreiuostiunong'tonicb.lnosl iUi«Lli j ol \ i t i! UnK medicines. N«rtousm *, liy-iicp ' , . .pocliondna. a Itm of app( lite iti,i hli i ,», his grand reparutnc of i dft»int u«(l p!v jlque akl imparcd i-ouatuution,i \i r 'or 3Deedily ^preTaus against. HluMPHAlic :uiU rataWallmeuts, duordLta, kKl ,i y ^jblfflSjind the grovrinjr nilinn ticsa of :i e, are succsssfully combattea by thta b«wgu specific,,, There would be no mdi^osti u in tho world if Aujjohtnrft Hitters weie uspd by 11. pr. J^ Q. B. Siegeit V Sou, mauu- acturors. ' o believe tnut Graud Forks as -an exceedingly wicked citi'--especially for ope n which prohibition prohibits--six arrests Tor drunkenness (md disorderly conduct in one evening. ConrjfcrApditor Avery ' is very busj D'epnrmg; the ^)1 tax lUt to be submitted .o the state board of equalization. Each jte'm of the list must be raised or reduced accordingly as theTboard has determined. After the Btate board have got through with it the entire list will :iri\e to again be corrected. It has just leaked out that A. Marquett' aud John. Johnson of the Pioneer Fire company h.ive beeu spending many a night with a hose coupling, and as a result have the busmeeB down to a fine point. NYhere are -Homan and McDonald? Here is a chance for some fiin as well as a chance to settle a few bets that tiavo been quietly posted. The Northern Pacific and Great Northern roads expect to handle thirty^ per cent, more \\heat this year than last. A St. Paul daily sas that "this crop if loaded into cars which a\eroged ,V)0*"" A bubhels to tho car, would require, if UKmnl at one time, HU.filiO cars, and wouU^ ttiiike a solid train reaching from St. Paul to New York cit." T. J. llaiigeberg: The i^roepects for ;m abuiulant crop of cereals of all kinds 4- 4u McLean rouiitj are very tlattermg The wheat and out-5, with few exceptions, is ht.ided out in SUA shape, and with anttther month of favorable weather the farmers will harvest a crop oud to--t.uue in the stato. \egeta- blcs of all kinds are also looking 1 splendid. - -' ,_ The grasshopper scare in the Red river valley ie allayed by 4lie report of BorJBfuner. who is investigating the grasshopper in\asion and \\_ho writer Ai rostett at Sioux City. Pierre Capital- ^Sheriff Ash and Chief of Police Darr returned from Sioux City last uighf with George-Lynn and Albert Darling, tho two parties who skipped from Pio^ro by means of a rowboat which they floated in down the Missouri river to Sioux City. LA nn was under $100 bonds for petty larceny They were taken before Justice Yarnell this afternoon for a preliminary hearing, but upon motion o£ their attorue} ..or a change of venue Iho same was granted anil they will probably ha%e a hearmg before Justice Moultoii to-morrow." This is un- doubtedh the same outfit that stole S50 ? i a house of ill repute t m this city spring. They also stole other nuiall articles, and \shen lust seen were pap^mg Lmcolu in a rdwboat. Officers hero telegniplied'to Tales to--arrest anyoi ttra-fowboat-aa(raiiaw£rhig their description. their, eeeape. However, they made good fcaiJoUs Grain Men Rk-k. olis Tribune 30: An import ant couferuce was held yesterday a^ the chamber of co minerce, between prominent railroad men and the railroad and warehouse commission of North Da- knta, composed' of Messrs. Geo. H- George Harmon and Andrew Slottcn. The commission has adopted a series of rules for the go\ernment of grain warehouses in North Dakota, which th*e~elevator men consider impracticable, because- they wilj hinder instead of facilitating the handling of the new Crop. Messrs. C. A, Fillsbury, A. J. Sawyer and others owning lines of waje- houses in that state were present to represent the elevator interests, and the xujes-were- gone over quite exhaustively -After a general discussion of the subject, the disputed points were takeii under advisement,'and it is believed that a satisfactory adjustment will completed at a secoad Conference to bo held at the chamber today. tare, Baying that the hoppers in Minnesota and North Dakota are unquestionably the- Rocky Mountain species, but are^ not present in such "great numbers as had been originally reported. /·"·' ' · · In the event that a fair should be decided upon this fall it is important tfeat Uie farmers * preserve samples "of--fine gram and vegetables. Samples should 1 and be procured anyhow, BS it IB the inten- Send tionof the Bismarck B*ard of Trade to arrange a permanent, exhibit this fall, thai the seereB~ot^strangers who stop off '^~JTrt Bismarck t\ investigate may know' what is being raised in the vicinity. One of the leading^ business men of Bismarck wrote to Tho*. Lowry recettt- lyand asked for information cdncerning .the building of the Soo road to^this city. The answerlwjwjshown to a TRIBUNE reporter yesterday. It stated that the road would in all probability reach Bismarck in thesarly spring-, that it might reach here this fall, but it was doubtful. As Mr. Lnwry's signature was amietl to the letter, it niay be considered official, Mr. 0. S. Willard, of Aberdeen, S. D., was in the city yesterday. Mr. Willard has been in the agricuknml implimenl business in Dakota for several years. He IB now traveling 1 injhe interest of the Aultman, Taylor Manufacturing com pany. He has been pretty much nl over Nortis-Dafeota aridjie contirms the favorable reports of-the coming hanest. When asked if there had been anmcietlV rail in the vicinity of Aberdeen he said there fcad not, although crops look fair. As regards South Dakota politics he simply confirmed the theory of Mr. Mc- Cay--t^y tbe devil was on top. Sunday Services!. MpTHODl-sT EribCOPAL C-HfRtrU: S. E. Rn, jtastor. THo pastor will preach at 11 n. m. Subject: "Wanted--Sacra- ficp." tiabbiith school at W:1D p. m. Epworth Leayne at 7 p. m. M»S p. m. the Jiev D. C, Pltmnette will preach You are cordially invited to attend any and all o£ those semces. BAPTIST CirrRCH: Rev. George Kliue, pastor. Preaching at 11 o'clock a, m, In the morinug by Ren, G. W. Iluutlt-y of Fargo; iu the evening by JLtev. \Vm M. HuiRh, D. D., of Chicago. Sumlaj school at 3:80 p. m. Young people's meetmgjat 7:15 p} m. The public; is cordially invited. Attention Fire Department. Regular meeting 6C tbe Bismarck Vol- nuteer Fire department will be held at the ( city hall'on Moudfi* evening, August 3, JL £. 1891. quested. A ifull attendance is re- H- L. READB, President, Company A Attention, All members of company at the ^armory in fatigue .uniform 'this (Saturday) eveniUg at 7:30. *Eucamp- ment pay rolls are to 'be signed. *. By ~^~ T. J. FLAVIN, Capt; Commanding. order of \Vht*t Your Great £trandmother,Dld. ^ She heteuelei a the flai and' carded the wool', and wove4he linen, and span the tow, and made the'clotlvBa £dr huebaDd- -tm fire, and ten children/ She made butter.,ondu ·cheetr, she' dipped taUflw* 0 candles, to 1'ghl the-hoiase at night, und6lje cooked vll the food for her household tft an - -- ^-- 1 " 1 ~ and when ehejwae-forty/yeafaof age, she waa already an ft id lady ttlfcoep beet days were over. Her 'sHouldera. w"ere bent and her joints enlarged by * hard work and sh« wore spectacles and a cap. Her great granddaughter, with all the modern conveniences for comfort,' refinment and luxury^ may be as charming and attractive at forty-five as at twenty. Especially is'this true if she preserves her health and beauty' by tbe nse of Dr PierceV Favorite Prescription, which war-Is off ^all femaler-ailmenta and irreg ulanties, cnratfthem iKhey already exist kaeps th£ life current healthful and vig aroua, and.'enable^'the woman ot middle age to retain the freshness of girlhooc upon brow and cheek, the light ot youth id her eyes, And its elasticity in her step Sold by all druggists. ,_ Call* th« Our small! ohange ia now taking the The first essential to any business is good bodih health. Ere y young man an learn how to attain th s condition by ending tho "Science of Life." It costs nly a dollar aud is advertised iu this lap'er. / F.ilse Economy s practiced by nitmy people, who buy^ nferior articles of food" because it is iheaper ikan_-slx\uaard fjoocls. Snreh ufauts are entitled to the best food ob-" aiuable. It is ft fact that the Gail Jim-den "Ea^le" brand condensed milk s the best mtaiit food. Your grocer and-" ' -- yg'ist keep it. irtue in IJruntlreth'a Pills There is more virtue in one BrandretE ill than iu a bottle of the best sarsapa- lla. The eolid t extract of sarsaparil- a contained iu Bramlreth's Pills iu com- t|Pm the stroeest blood punfier cno wu. One or two at mfeht for u will remove all pimples aud eruptions of the skin aud make the complexion fair as an- infant's. Brandreth's Pills are purel) vegetable,. absolutely "harmless aud safe to take? at inv time. Sold in eM?ry drug and medicine store, either plain or engar coated* S75 will buy iheridan house. good piano at the AROt'XIt 7')l/-i AT1T/5 Y\ lulti plaiug ball ut Cu4bi*ltoH, Tm's- duy, Kd. KutltMl^e wan knocked Hfii^e- ^s with u pitched bull. If one-iiulf the piost'iit (Mop probt»wt is reiiU/A'd, it \ill bi3 ditlicult to got li.inds to har\t»yt and throsh it, \V H. Stundihh hab received the appoint uiunt of assistant attorney {^oiieriil n i t h lipadquuiU-it, at l)e\ilb Lake, Tlio uuiou Bchool picnu* ut ^ i i \ e , L.iMonre t ' t ) n j i t \ , this \\ Utr^oh uttt nut-d and mimli cnjo; Olulcott, the iillegi'd blind t Lho I)OM!S Lake eurauipmen ; irr*'Btt k d and escaped throo Du'kt ft k, \\ii nifj^tr of \vho \\.is cuttoicnt S. M. Pye Co., "" IH pr«[nint to oflcr -Hail Insurance On K I O W J I I W m u m t l n con in,- M'HHon in St, Paul Hie airl M a u n i ' I n ^ C o At Imur rut" thiiu nir b i f o t n , foi KK.II Fire and Tornado Insurance At the old stand, opposite Depot. o-, him ut, r uiu uitido u on tho of- dent Me Tube cannot" ^'H men toTtFim tho -thi«Hiuu cactus from the iitfht-of-\\ay out west and writes to have the mad Gupervibore take un the problem and send in the bill to the company. N. K. Hubbard, y, ho has extensile land interests m the vicinity of Ctissel ton, Case count), has had a force of thirty men -at work the past two weeks )ulling and destroying the wild oate rom hia premises. The Soo railroad company has issued a circular which states that the line from Hankmson to Valley City will be finished immediately and will rapidly be constructed in a northwesterly direction througtrlnRegina in the British possessions. The First Regiment band has received from the First National bank a present of a new bass drum "as is a drum." It is 40 inches iu diameter, 24 inches across, made by the celebrated Carl Fis- It is a magnificent instrument and has lots of music in it. Fir'e broke out in the blacksmith shop Tit Buttzville Tuesday night and commu- 1 nicated to \V, M. Jomee' large general store adjoining. There being no apparatus "at hand for fighting fire, both were Defers m WatchTM, Clock*. Solid (iotd Jew. rj, SiUerwnre, tme Spectacles imd Ljfida^bes. Repairing of all kimk done by hrbt-class workmen at reasonably prices. *· Orders from the eountrj promptly attend- dto. BIsMAUCK, N. JO. in ushes, very little being siued from the store. ~Te iuauraiice~Tras oirly John Clausen of Dawsoa writes o his home papers ^hat he recently shipped a number of cattle to St. Paul, for which he received $23.25 per head and that he nWrirt --- could have sold the same cattle at home for S35 per head. He advises those who have beef cattle to sell to avoid the St. Paul sharkB P _North- Dakota, if the weather remains Wh»r* o'cim-k ? t-fa\orable, will have,' by January 1st, It is a common experience with any | as much currency per citizen as any group of half a dozen gentlemen, that no ' other state. Forty million dollars worth two watches iu the crowd mark the same i of grain is_ ripening. This sum divided aotuentW time. It causes aa.parUc.ular^.between our 200,000 people would give acoinemeuce, but suppose snch varia-*" eacET 3200. The average currency in th tion! occurred among the clocks^at the country per capita is §24r- mnreHhau 3,000 stations .on tlie great ~TM : Burlington svstem ? What assurance would there Vie of satetyJrom collisions? Very little. But the system of effecting absolute correspondence between all timepieces in use On "The Burlington," is perfect, and- has been reached at the expense of much iiuwey and trouble. Three minutes befow 4 o'clock every afternoon an operator in the Chicago general office begins sending,, out the word "time." aud continues it for fifty secopds. He then "connectb the, auto- mechamsm. andl 8,000 telegraph instruments from Chrea LVnver and -the Black Hills, andTPom St. Louis and Kansas City to tft'. Paul, the seconds in unison with the bi« clock in Chicago, It now lacks one ' nnuure an4 twenty seconds of 4 o'clock. There is an interval of twentv seconds. Theu the tekf^apli instruments call a 1 double click witli each swing of the bi'4 j pendulum for 40 three dots. (Morse's which is notice to all oilicea having -sjn chromzing standard clocks to bring their clocks into" circuit to be automatically set with the mastr clock in Chicago. Another brief pause; and there comes a- single sharp click,' which indicates that iV» B 7u ind thVu cm u ;i ^youn,, ^".fte'^J^'^T^S^r it is just 4 o'clock. -t*d clocks in eiact With all watches correspondence, no train allQ3E£dJi)i_ioJlow another closer than tive.inimiteB, nud rrama running iu opposite directions carefully watched, "The Burlington" is the Jine for safety. For tickets, timetables, etc., Call on vpiir home agent, or write to W. J. C.'Keu- yon, Gen. Pass. Agent, St. How Cotton Cargoes^Cftteh Fire, ' ^ -A source of fire is in, the manner of Dandling cotton in this pott It comes here chiefly in the coasting steamers from Galveston, jfTew Orleans, Savannah, Nor-* tolk ^nd Ridfimond. The = ^coasters dis- cbarpsfij;'on their piers or to the-decks of lighters direct, It is all eveitually-aeaUjy,- lifthtera to'the steamer that is to carry it t5 Earopje. Some companies carefully cover tJKfe cotton with a "tarpaulin and' some do not. It la not an uncommon thing;aa people on the water front know," ^see-ft tug puffing out sparks over an unprotected lighter load of cotton,-nor la it see a lighter load of cotton But sparks Very often drop into the loose cotton, which any oiie can see on the bales of, cotton about the piers, atnd smolder there to create a flame only when the ship has left tixeort. Sharks from the dummy engines on the deck^Srf tHe" transatlantic steamers- have been known, to set fire to cottofi bales in like manner.--New York Sun. Celluloid in Photography. The introduction o'f -celluloid as a photo graphic material is certainly a grent stepi advancer Glass is fragile and heavy Traveling photographers of all classes ar ^of* slow to appreciate the advantage a being able to make their negatives on substance like celluloid, which precludes the risk of breakage If inadvertentl; t dropped, as would of course happen wit 'glass. The saving, both ^STwetght and bulk by the employment of celluloid Is very con siderable,--Outing." \\hy Girls Cuuuot Throw. The difference between a girl's throwing and a bo\ 'b u* substantially this: The boy crooks his elbow and reaches back with tbe upper part of his arm about at right angles with his body and the {o^tanu at forty-live degrees. ' The act of throwing U accomplished by bringing the arm back with a snap, working every joint' from shoulder to wrist. The girl throws with her whole arm rigid, tbe boy with his whole arm relaxed. Tbii marked aud unraistak able dilTcrence may be explained by the tho clavicle or ccrtlnr bone in the imrvle anatomy is ^ome inches louder aoc set home decrees lower down Jth.iu the mas online frame. The long,*'l, awkwart bone interferes "with ihti lull u irt I- "free use of the arm. This is the reason why a gi cannot tbrow ». stone,--Chicago"Mail. 7 Girls-Mu»t lluvc^lx Shirts, Tbe \oung woman w ho Jsas a liking "fo tt and cutaway jacket mus timii;--tbiit is, tbuther getr up i-s never nic;\pcnfci\e. Her linen must be iii iinnmculatu a^ a hl\, ind she will re quire at least bix hirt to keep bersel looking well, and of these six four wil have to be at tbe laundry while a fresh on is on Irec, and #noUier fresh one i^repo; 'at home waitk^g to be assumed* tomorrow The imitation of tbe manly costume i sruarp to look at, but by ub means ecouom icai.--Ladies' Homo Journal'. What He Thought, Mrs. Blossom (wrathfully, to new con .ductbrj--«by didn't you stop the car TT he I waved my hatid at yon the first time? Conductor--I didn't know you wanted^ 'ride, m'am.' Mra. Blossom--^Vhjt-ilid-SOB aupjo8e_ iand tor? r avlng ^oy Condnctor--I thought you were tryin to nmsh^me.--Ne'w York Epoch. Bicycle riders are watching With interes the attempts to manufacture wheels out o aluminum. A steel racing wheel now weighs twenty-four pounds. -If Aluminum proves practicable, -a ra^jjt JKheel can be made that will weigh only about elgh or nine pounds. ·"" ' ' . _ · · . " ' "/ Highest of all in Leavening Power.--U, S. GoVt Report, Aug. 17, 1889, Baking Powder JQS ADSOUUTELY PURE K U I S H Y ».'· 'i:..ti ( J ' l S r i'f: Dniij- u-i . K t c , 1K« I'M uliir nittum , of Standard i book-., StH- JO1IN TEG EN, I ) 3 E \ L t B IS iROCERIES -:- 1J.D --PROVISIONS CITY BAKERY. 'Bismarck, N D Z STRA USS £ BRQ., WATCIIMAKT5RS 800 Tons of Ice We are now ready to doluer and make For family use, at ?1, ?1.50 and-^2 per moiltli, Will not Nsut 1 K p e ' tickets o* weigh. ^Vlll iill utui ice c!u-»ti and keep them full w i t h the *K j bt of ice. 9 ' f . ,/ - Bifinarck Coal_and Wood Co'y M. P. bLATTERY, Agt-ut. find cards Bent to any one addrr^sing C. E. HIRES 4 CO . Pliilodelphia. ion! The North Dakota Apicultoral College Is a demand of the times. Prosentfi exceptional ndvn meat of tin* fe for the acquire* IT R Inatrnction in Aericnltnn-, t:irj and till thp Natural Scio · Murhptrintic*. Mih- cioacp"~m '·bnri. a *, liberal, practical ixlat'iition wit boat fir tnition to citizeui of North Dakota The Bttit reguKr eesnioti OPK^S SKeTEMUKB 8, 18'J1. Full rpnr-ao covers four jcar". For fnll partjcq- lure, prw^p'cctiis and N;niroiTH»ntf» for ndnu K bion, addrws 1Kb. SiOl KHHlWiE. , Prfiident, Fargo, N. D. A. M. .MICHELSON, Manofacturer of . Fine Cigars O r In «tn'"klnp t BMMAIICK. Main street, opposite TaiBCNE office. N. D. Diamond Br«a«. PILLS Mlnneapoltn, St. Paal %pd Djalntru South 8hor« r ' vnd Atlantic Kailway. I'lRECT LINE TO POINTS'IN NEW INGLAND, Canadian and Maritlmt,Provinces, Michigan, Wisconsin, HewYork, r MONTREAL SOO som SIM*! LINES THBODQH SLEEPERSTO BOSTON DAILY. Over 100 Miles Shorter than any other TICKET OFFICER Union Station and 186 E. Third St ST. PAUL, Uriloh Station nd,Guaranfy BuUrflnR, '" MINNEAPOLIS. Union Station Jfe7 West Superior St, DULU^TH. f" , ^5¥^' '

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