Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 18, 1973 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
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Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 25
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High Court Won't Hear AnnunzioBid WASHINGTON (UPI) - the Supreme Court denied a hear- Ing today to Rep, Frank Annum 2I0, Mil.;' found by lower courts to have Improperly used his franking privilege during the 1972 election. The brief order left standing rulings against Annutialo by u. S. District Judge Philip W. Tone of Chicago and by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Annunzlo had been represent ing the 7th Illinois District in Congress tout successfully ran for election In the new 11th District last November against John J. Hoellen, the Republican candidate. Hoellen sued because of a mailing by Annunzio in franked (postage free) envelopes of 134,000 printed questionnaires asking for opinions on various public issues. About 34,000 were mailed to his constituents in the 7th District but the rest were addressed to persons in the llth District. Tone found that the llth District mailings could not be viewed as an effort by Annunzio to inform himself but were solely for the purpose of ad vancing his candidacy. Tone concluded that the mail ing was not "upon official business" within the meaning of the law allowing congressmen free mail service. The circuit court affirmed, rejecting Annunzio's argument that he was protected by the section of the Constitution which says that members of Congress shall not be questioned from outside in connection with any speech or debate in Congress. "An incumbent is not author ized by the statute to use his franking privilege for unofficial mailings to advance his candidacy," the lower court said. ". . . The fact that incumbents may have broadly construed the term 'official business' in mailings to their constituents is no reason to permit a plainly un official mailing to nonconstit uents at government expense." Sons of British monarchs do not inherit the title Prince of Wales. It Is newly created for each prince. READ THE WANT ADS! Storm Damages Several Abingdon Homes Galeibufg Raaistar-Mail, Golesburq, III, Monday, June 18, 1973 25 Abingdon MRS, QjGflALOmt! BAUf ft Brown, vice president, attend* ed as delegates from Abingdon. ABINGDON r- &V6rfll homes were badly damaged In the northwest section of town Saturday night in one of the worst storms to hit the area, in 60 years. The roof of the Ronald Simpson home, 307 N. Cedar St., was blown from one section of the house and the garage was destroyed. A light socket in the home was blown from the wall. A pickup truck and motorcycle also were damaged, The Simpsons were forced to move to an apartment until repairs can be made. They were not injured because they had left the home about 40 minutes before the storm hit. A door was ripped from its hinges on a garage owned by Clifford Schoonover, 305 N. Cedar St. One side of a ga- Gtahaitl OpeilS rage was swept away at the * %L*£ZX3E!.£Z Georgia Crusade several windows Were damaged at the home of Mrs. ATLANTA (UPI) - A capael- June Smith, across from the ty crowd of more than 50,000 Is Simpson home. expected at the Atlanta Statu Tennis lessons will be given every Monday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. and archory lesson* Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. at the Abingdon ball Knoxville ANNABEL PET ERSON CORRfiPONDISNT Home Address i 210 N, Timber ft, sons. park. Persons lO-years-old or » d ti ... older are eligible to take tea* Trees Are DOWtl But No Injuries Sam Manglerl Jr., Mike « ii„* tt i+.„ Gordon, Willie Hlckey and V OUOWing Slortn Rick Ebany returned this A public speaking contest weekend from a 10-day trip and the appearance of Gov. through the western states. Dan Walker and Tmv Daugh- Jackie Helmel, who accom- erty, the national FFA vice panied them, remained In San president were features of the Francisco for a visit with his convention. cousin, Barry Buchen. Points Abingdon FFA members will -of interest on the trip were show stock at the Section FFA Boulder Dam, the Grand Can- Fair at the Mercer County Fairgrounds In Aledo July 9 and 10. yon, Disneyland Vegas. and Las Abingdon High School band members will present a concert at the ball park Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., A rain date is Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Abingdon Nursing Home. Finance Committee members of the Methodist Church will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the church. Group Three of the C.W.F. of the Christian Church will Circle II of the Christian Women's Fellowship wil/. have DEBRIS was hurled through Jf tonight as thei Rev Billy j poUuck i luncheon Wednes- a picture window in the living Graham opens his first Georgia £ a y ai , P- m - a L 1 . wie room of Robert Shottenkirk crusade in over 20 years. ™me ^S^Sji Z^XJ^%1 I™* ° mClal ? W6 L e ^T d Mm ^SZnS^ZJke no injuries because of the for a massive traffic jam Ba r/WAlw j A\~U quick thinking of a babysit- downtown'since gates at the ter, Debbie Landon, who took stadium open at 6 p.m.-just at the children to the basement the rush-hour peak, just before the storm came. Graham's last Atlanta cru- Shattered glass was strewn sac j e was a five-week appear- through the living room to the ance ln 1950 wnen he drew ha n kitchen. a m iin ori - worshipers. The Other residences damaged predicted turnout for his seven- meet Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. on Cherry street were the Bob day crusade this week is and Group Two at 1:30 p.m. at Sundell home with damage to 350,000. the church, the roof and window and the Ted Godstl residence which received damage to the front of the home. Debris was scattered over several blocks. Warren Ray on Cherry Street lost a large garage door. Trees and limbs were knocked down in the rural and city area. City police, auxiliary police, men from Illinois Power Co., Abingdon firemen and many residents worked through most of the night to repair damaged homes. Power was out In several sections of town. There were no injuries. KNOXVlLLE-several trees were blown down here during Saturday night's storm but no injuries or extensive damage to buildings were reported. Street department personnel worked Sunday to clear a fallen tree /from the 500 block of South Market Street, the only, street Mocked, and reported It would be several days before all the deibris is cleaned up. The olty cleans debris from sidewalk to sidewalk. Any othi&r debris must be taken care of by individual homeowners, officials said. Mary Unit of - the Grace Lutheran Church will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. H. L. Fishel. Circle 1 of the United Presbyterian Church will! meet Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Russell Steele. The City Council will meet tonight at 8 in the old courthouse. The Lutheran Church Women midsummer salad luncheom will be held Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at <Uhe Grace Lutheran Church. A musical program will be presented by "The Grace Notes." Terrorists Shoot 9 in Vietnamese Family Four Abingdon residents played in the State Future Farmers of America (FFA) Band at the state FFA convention June 12-14 at the University of Illinois, Champaign. Chosen to play were Rick Cline, Tom Sbnkins, Jay Van Tress and Greg- Schoenbien. Rod Thomas, president of the Abingdon FFA and Steve SAIGON (UPI) - The South Vietnamese Command said Communist terrorists shot nine members of a family to death early today. Canadian officials reported the Communists had attacked three truce team helicopters, hitting one. The command said a deputy hamlet chief and eight members of his family were shot to death shortly after midnight near Thuan Nhon in the Mekong Delta 100 miles southwest of Saigon. Another mem ber of the family was wounded, the command said. It blamed "Communist ter rorists" for the shootings but had no other details. It was the worst incident involving a single family' in years, a command spokesman said. The most serious incident involving civilians, not all from the same family, occurred near Tarn Ky, 340 miles north of Saigon, May 15 when a bomb went off at an outdoor film show, killing 20 persons and injuring 25. A spokesman for the South Vietnamese Foreign Ministry read a statement at the daily press conference saying, "the government of Vietnam denounces to public opinion Communist ill will in imple- >m e n t i n g the joint com­ munique," which was signed in Paris last week to renew the Jan. 27 cease-fire agreement. The renewed truce went into effect Friday noon. Since then, the spokesman said, 60 South Vietnamese soldiers and 18 civilians have been killed in 289 cease-fire viola' (I) DEBT How Will the availability of revenue sharing funds affect the borrowing requirements of your Jurisdiction? THtspottTJorrrOGE RETURNE&TO DEPARTMENT-OP THE TREASURY OFFICE OF REVENUE SHARING 1900 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON, DC 20226 gXECUTlVE'PROPOSAL Check this block if this plan is based on an axecutlye proposal AVOID DEBT INCREASE LESSEN DEBT INCREASE NO EFFECT TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT that the ffflsTAXES In which of the foUowiog manners it wpeeted availabiHty of Revenue Sharing Fund* will affect the tax levels of your Jurisdiction? Check ac many as apply. • WILL REDUCE AMOUNT Of RATE INCREASE OF A MAJOR TAX • • WILL ENABLE REOUCINQ RATE OF A MAJOR TAX. • WILL PREVENT INCREASE IN RATE OF A MAJOR TAX WILL PREVENT ENACTING ANEW MAJORTAX r Xj NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS I. • TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES PRIORITY Jt EXPENDITURE. CATEGORISS4A) PLANNED EXPENDITURES (Bl Kscnr rUNNCO KM KKMT puMMFflt THE GOVERNMENT OF LYNN TOWNSHIP PLANS TO EXPEND ITS REVENUE SHARING ALLOCATION FORTHE ENTITLEMENT PERIOD BEGINNING JAN. 1, 1973 and ending JUNE 30, 1973 IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER BASED UPON AN Estimated Total of $1,888 ACCOUNT NO. 14 3 048 010 LYNN TOWNSHIP Twp. Supv. Knox County RR 1 Box 156 Altona, III. 61414 CAPITAL EXPENDITURES EXPENDITURE; CATEGORIES 9 E. tO MUPK • nave advised a local newspaper •*! »>»• new* rneola oi ih» the contend of thla report •*) they we torpuw*ar* newt madia acrutiny. LeRoy F. ANDERSON •JOMATUM b> cHilFixKimvi o»M* LYNN TWP. SUPERVISOR June 18, 1973 OATtPUSUJHlO Galesburg Register-Mail i £M7p7wiwwAfi« PLANNED EXPENDITURES F 19 RECREATION CULTURE 20 OTHERS ISp*eUyt 21 OTHERS (Sptafyl 21 OTHERS ISptdtf) 23 OTHERS tsm*t) 24 OTHERS (Sttftyl 25 TOTAL HANKIO CAPITAL IXFtNOt- s PERCENT PLANNED FOR; % % % % % % % % % % % % Communist tions. The spokesman said, "As long as the firing is still going on it will toe difficult to carry out Article 4" of the cease-fire agreement providing for the South Vietnamese to work ou their own political future." A command spokesman said 30,928 Vietnamese on both sides have been killed since the original cease-fire agreemen went into effect Jan. 28 including 23,754 Communis troops, 6*118 Saigon troops and 1,056 civilians. He said the Communists have violated the truce 17,144 times, including 87 in the 24 hours ending at noon today. The Communists allege about 100,000 allied violations over-all. The Canadian sources said one flight of two helicopters was fired at while flying over Communist - controlled territory Sunday six miles south of An Loc. HOSPITAL NOTES Cottage ADMISSIONS SATURDAY i Douglas Mueller, Rio Mrs, Mary J. Shepler, St. Augustine Mrs. Deborah Draper, Oneida " arry J. Johnson, North Henderson Mrs. Olive M. Bevard, 1761 Bateman St. William T. Gilbert, Abingdon Mrs. Pauline Franklin, 1715 Willard St. ichard E. Carpenter, 981 Monroe St. Mrs. Marilyn Brooks, Knoxville Larry D. Plelsher, Wllllamsfleld DISMISSALS SATURDAYS Krlstie L. Clevcnger, Galesburg Tammy S. Schultz, 424 Peck St. Calvin L. Wetterow, Wataga ames W. Pierce, Monmouth Harry J. Grouse, 1516 N. Prairie St. Robert L. Townsend, 594 Olive St. Daniel Ginther, 1431 Willard St. Mrs. Patt R. Dillard, 870 S. Academy St, Larry L. Williams, Busnnell Mrs. Kate B. Salchert, Knoxville Mrs. Helga M. Sheldon, 1325 E. Fremont St. John B. German, Yates City Mrs. Waustella F. Dooley, 766 N. Cedar St. John A. Martinson, 85 Edwards St. Mrs. Starr M. West, Knoxville ra W. Horn, 575 E. Second St. Mrs. Helen Allen, 1342 Imperial Ave. Mrs, Irmajean White, Knoxville bse Alvarez, 1013 Lyman St. F. Chris LaGrow, 1540 Moshier Ave. Michael T. Boock, Little York um Ruby Rtley, 147 S, Hftfam St. Edward Rtaey, Ablngdort Charles Pulllarn, Abingdon William Lunnamann, Knoxville Mrs. Lois Gabanski, 1430 W. Main St. Mrs. Hkiith MeGee, Abingdoni ADMISSIONS SUNDAY'. Mrs. Nancy L, Cree, 848 N. Broad St. David D. Davis, Dahinda Mrs. Lois M.Derry, Berwick Jeffery A. Frazler, 1842 Newcomer Dr. Miss Dawn Renee Gillett, Avon Miss Jean A. Gray, Abingdon Miss Dadene Gay Hifgins, Knoxville Miss Erlka K-shler, Macomb L. Larson, 634 Maple Ave. David L. Lerig, Elmwood Mrs. Gladys K. Linn, 1715 N. Kellogg St. Miss Glna M. Marler, Avon Miss Amy Mortis, 764 Mulberry St. Nick P. Poutos, 256 Division St. Mrs. Marie J. Wilson, 1400 N, Academy St, Jamies V. Youngreen, Galesburg Route 2 Miss Katrina Washington, 507 Iowa Court DISMISSALS SUNDAY: Mrs. Winona E. Betz, 1423 E. Fremont St. Keith Bell, WUliamsfield John H. Smith, 1531 Mulberry St. Jeffrey Dean Edgar, Abingdon James Daniel Brown, Keithsburg Ronnie D. Steele, Abingdon Mrs. Margaret W. Verschage, Alpha <jale*bur# RftpMci n*l«»i>ur« in, Classlfl&d Advertising Dial 343 UM'it:*. hUuMtf: Monday tttfuuAlj yj^Xr, tilt aoilv« tlMh i, Wl AMAXQ P.M. uAm M - ard noriam, jOdfte Notlcei, 6 Ql«f Notloes, i inch of leii —fa ,78. CASH RATE*-"AppllH WhEft id la paid within 8 day* from data of fast lni«rtlon, Card, of mania Building Lota . Aviation - > Apsrlmenta—FutnUhad * ...S3 Apflftmenu—Unfurnuhad 84 Autoi—snort, roralgn ...... ..77 Autoa— N«W — ......78 Auto*—Used ...70 sin Buslneia Sarvioe 7 Busmen opportunity ............17 Boau and Motor* ..... 70 Child Care 10 33 % Mini-Sub Problem Is Freeing Men In Front Section SYDNEY, 111. (UPI) - A director of an institute that had a part in the preparation of an operations manual for the submarine trapped 360 feet below the Atlantic said the main problem of the rescue would be freeing the two men in the forward compartment. Ralph Flexman, director of the Institute of Aviation at the University of Illinois, said Sunday night the immense pressure on the bubble covering the isolated front compartment would necessitate opening the bubble very slowly to prevent crushing the men with inflowing water. FJexman said he did not understand why the two men in the back, who he said were probably Clayton Link, son of the sub's designer, and Dr. Robert Meek, an icthyologist, did not put on their diving suits and return to the surface hrough an egress hatch at the back of the vessel. He said his institute had a part in preparing an operations manual, recommending training requirements and human engineering. He added that the operations manual did not take this situation into account. He said the rescue depends on whether a diving bell being sent to the scene will be able to achieve a situation where the bell can open its outward swinging hatch to allow the men to ransfer from the crippled submarine, which was caught in the wreckage of a scuttled destroyer 15 miles south-southeast of Key West, Kla. "I am sure they will sec if it is possible to get cables on the sub and pull it out; this seems the safest way, I would say," Flexman said. READ THE WANT ADS! ADMISSIONS SUNDAY: Mrs. Debra A. Logsdon, 1040 E. Berrien St. Mrs. Sandra R. Melton, Rio Charles C. Nesbitt, 712 Pine St. Mrs. Fannie L. Leach, 619 W. Main St. Mrs. Betty J. Holcomb, 1441 Clay St. Mrs. Mae C. Mundwiler, 1419 Monroe St. Richard W. Munson, East Galesburg Mrs. Millie E. Asbury, Williamsfield Mrs. Letitia L. Schactner, 246 E. Dayton St. Timothy L. Martinson, 2531 Grand Ave. Kimberly K. Schrader, Abingdon Arthur I. Carrier, 663 E. North St. Mrs. Mary J. Olson, 771 Arnold St. Mrs. Lorraine C. Best, 841 Olive St. Mrs. Ada M. Orwig, Alexis Mrs. Maxine Williams, Altona Mrs. Betty J. Gould, Galesburg Mrs. Dorothy E. Johnson, Woodhull DISMISSALS SUNDAY: Wilfred F. Flowers, Knoxville Joni L. Jackson, Knoxville Mrs. Beatrice Farmer, 888 S. Henderson St. Larry D. Fleisher, Williamsfield , Mrs. Aileen E. Steele, Little York Mrs. Donna J. Fransen, Galesburg Floyd J. Washburn, Wataga Patricia S. Lambrecht , 1424 Beecher Ave. John H. Hennenfent, Monmouth Mrs. Marian V. Link, Abingdon F. Regina L. Peterson, Monmouth St. Mary's ADMISSIONS SATURDAY: Raymond Holmes, 488 E. Berrien St. Miss Rosa E. Johnson, Knoxville Douglas Merrifield, Box 412 Kenneth Morrison, Berwick Mrs. Patricia Nelson, Rio Mrs. Signe V. Nelson, Galva Mrs. Lillian Quanstrom, Altona Max A. Salisbury, Avon DISMISSALS SATURDAY: George Brogan, 1534 Moshier Ave. Mrs. Patricia Murphy, Kewanee Nick P. Poulos, 256 Division St. Miss Jittaun M. Wilson, 557 W. First St. Mrs. Patricia Kenney, Westmont Miss Robin Elaine Fiiker, 228 Garfield Ave. Larry Baumgardner, 499 Franklin Ave. Miss Terrie L. Wilson, 411 N. Prairie St. Miss Gwendolyn Allen, 372 Day St. Miss Paula Waggoner, Williamsfield Mrs. Alice Duke, Peoria Mrs. Emma J. Reischling, Monmctith Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman, Good Hope INDEX :=3 .40 Lombard School Honor Students Are Announced Final honor roll for the 1972r 73 academic term has been announced at Lombard Junior High School. Students include ••vanih Grad* — Betty Agar Edna Alexander, Jerry Arniatrong J5? r J? „ B ? llard i. i Belinda Bourdon Mlsal Brijra, stev« Brim Becky Bickerstafl, Stephanie Butko ^ir ^.^aldwell, Leslie Camp bell, Mlchele Claman, Cindy Clark Julie Collier, Wendy Colwell, Stephanie Contro, Tracey Cooper, Lori Crane, Susie Cree, Brian Culver, Ondria Cunningham, Arlene De- Gracia, Sue Douglas, Teri England Dawn Fisher, Krlstie Fossler. Ted Guenseth, Cindy Gunther. Jane Gustafson, Jim Harriman Danny Harris, Gall Healey, Marge Heaton, Elizabeth Hicka, Cindy Hottell, Rita Howerter, Joyce Irwin Don Jennings, JUdy Johnson, Donna Karr, Diane Kennedy, Peggy Kimble, Linda King, Tod Laraon, Lori Lavender, Judy Lawson, Diana Lefler, Tad Long, Bruce Lundeen, Kim McCance, Tammy Mclntyre, Steve MaranvUle, Debbie May, Julie Medhurst, Sally Mills, Jolyn Moran, Greg Parmenter. Kathy Feterka. Sandy Pickrel, Loretta Beagor, Pegatha Rutledge, Kandy Sayrs, Tammy ScanneU, Darlene Selgel, Connie Sevey, Harlene Shanks, Maria Shannon, Sherllee Shepard, Tammy Smith, Julie Steele, Diane St. George, Katherine Tarleton, Debra Toland, Sandra Townsend, Chris Van Gieson, Nancy Webber, Jamie WiUlamson, Linda Wilmot, Karen Wenzel, Candy Wallace, Becky Welch, Chris Wignall, Janet Wilson, Brenda Wright. Eighth Grade — John Anderson, Monte Bainter, Ann Burke, Lisa Butkovich, David Carlson,' Bernle Cecil, David Claman, Julie Coleman. Debbie Corbin, Evanna Faulkner, Mike French, Margie Greene, Brent Goodjn, Jill Griffith, Susan Harden, John Headley, Shirley Hensley, Dave HUIemeler, Jane Johnson, John Jordan, Pete Kehoe, Diana Klapp, Kim Larsen. Lester LaFollette, Kevin Lewis, Kerry Lithander, Patricia Luna, Steve Kennedy, Shirley Mayo, Debra Orr, John Patterson, Connie Peterson, Rick Roe, Susan Roehlk, Jane Ruhl. Ralph Scott, Sue Swanson, Patty Swanson, Pam Swanson, Gerald Tripp, Lori Tucker, Linda Sward, Jeanette Wedell, Tim Welch. Charles Unger. Ninth Grade — Janet Anderson, Barbara Aldus, Jane Anderson, Betty Au, Ruth Aydt, Karen Barton, Donna Bocox. Steve Bogulski, Margie Brant, Chris Burington, Connie Burgess, Barb Carr, Tracey Campbell, Cassandra Claman, Teresa Conn, Mark Cree. Debbie DeGraff. Eric Doss, Jeff Frazier, Robert Fritz, Keith Harrison, Andy Hendricks, Julie Higareda, Charles Howland. Janet Johnson, Ted Johnson, Jeff Kellogg, John Larson, Kristl Lleht, Terry Lundeen, Don McKtllip, Debra Martin. Brad Mink, Jim Montgomery, Jim Neal, Becky Purchase, Cathy Root. Laurie Scott, Larry Scott, Larry Sien«ir, Amy Shaw, Sharon Simpson, Debbie Smith, Joan Vasquez, Elizabeth Varnold, Kathy Wenzel, Shirley Yarbrough, Jim Young. Man, 71, Dies Of Gun Wound CHICAGO (UPI) - Percy Hertz, 71, Bonfield, died Saturday from a bullet wound while he was being treated in the trauma unit of Loyola Hospital in sutiurban Maywood. The Cook County coroner's office said Hertz was transferred to Loyola from Riverside Hospital in Kankakee. The coroner's office said the wound was self-inflicted. Driver Killed At Intersection SOUTH ELGIN, 111. (UPI)~ Francis Hamilton, 26, Elgin, was killed Sunday when his ear went off the road at an intersection one mile southeast of here, hit a tree and overturned. Police said Hamilton was alone in his car when the accident occurred at the intersection of Stearns Road and Dunham Road. f arms and Acreages—Rent —.41 arms and Acf§agei~Sal* .—48 Pasture lor Rant ..—^...-,.-.—43 Farm implMAMtt - S«tvlc«i„44 Feed • Seod • FertiUurt .......45 Poultry and Suppli" 48 Livestoolt and Suppllai ...47 Auction!,—..—-.-48 Commercial Property .....§9 Construction saulpmtnt .........75 Employment wanted . 14 Garagea ........-.-.». Gooof Thing* to Eat 21 Help Wanftd-Male. u Help wanted—Female —...—...12 Help wanted—Male, Female Household Goods •.. 28 Home improvement 25 Houses for Rent —85 In Memotiam ,2 Instruction - Jo insurance -— ?2 Investments —-—„~, —-i? Lawn and Garden Need* 24 Iflst and Found .......—g Moving — Storage ...... .-8 Money to Loan—Wanted 19 Musical....... ......28 Mobile Homes for Rent „..-......58 Mobile Home flpaeea . ...67 Mobile Homea jor Sale ..... 66 Motorcycles - Bicycles .-74 New Houses for Sale «2A Notices - Lodge . — 3 Notices - Other ..... —— 4 Notices - speolal - Personal — 5 Office Space - -50 Photography 29 Pets and Supplies —. 33 Property Management ..... 16 Rooms ttr Rent - 31 Resort* and Cottages 61 Room and Board . . .52 Real Estate for Sale 63 Real Estate Wanted .64 Real Estate—Out of Town 65 Sporting Goods _ —-—-.-71 Transportation .— 9 Trailers - Campers - Equip 72 Tires - Accessories - Parts 73 Trucks >• Truck Trailers 76 TV - Radio - Stereo 27 Wanted to Buy - Mise 35 Wanted to Rent 88 Miscellaneous — 30 In Memoriam—2 WAITERS, Mary E. — In loving memory of my wife and our mother who passed away 17 years ago, June 17, 1056. Her loving face we hope to see again, Though the days have passed away, Sleep on, dear one, and take your rest, They miss you most who loved you best. The Family Notices - Special - Personal— 5 PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? Let us help you help yourself. Phone 342-2170, 24 hours. Confidential. Business Service—7 Lawn Building and Grading Steve Wilson—343-3946 HOUSE Fainting. Experienced. Exterior and interior. Free estl- mates. Call after 5 P.M., 343-6688. DRAPERIES — Custom made. Will reline and alter ln any way. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. Mary Fair, 714 Mulberry, 342-1508. PAINTING — Interior and Exterior. Yard work — major and minor, odd jobs. Reasonable rates. Call Greg, 342-6277, before 3 P.M. HOUSE Painting, interior and exterior. Barns and buildings. For free estimates call 342-3906 anytime. TYPEWRITER REPAIRS Cash & Carry C. J. Stoltie — 343-5651 ROOFING Roofs, new and repairs, exterior painting, chimneys,, foundations. Free estimates. G. A. Simpson, 343-0437. ELLISON'S Refrigeration & Appliance Service 342-2567 ROOFING and chimney repair. All work guaranteed and insured. 20 years experience. 342-0247. CAT AND HYPRO PUMPS Sales—R. G. Hanson Co.—Service Kewanee Phone: 300-853-5109 B & R CARPET Service — Installation (new and used), Restretch ing, Repairs (cigarette seams, reweavlng), rates. Call 342-461" burns. Reasonable LAWN BUILDING Steve Wilson. Call 343-3946 Seeding & Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 STEAM Cleaners and Pressure Washers. R. G. Hanson Company, Kewanee. Phone 309-853-5100. DYKE'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE, cleaning and repair. 1571 Beecher Ave. 342-6603. Free pickup. CARPET CLEANING. Dirt Is actually extracted, not Just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron 's Steamllner, 3424232. SHOP WHERE THE BARGAINS ARE THE CLASSIFIED ADS DIAL 343-7181 (Continued on Page 26) i

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