Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 21, 1947 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 3
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j, Aspen Found To Be Useful Wood Duliith, Ml"" (UP)—Cores o /i n e furniture cnn be made fro ,vood o f import trees nn the resii O f n now process developed by nuluth mnn. /spcn formerly w;i.s rpgardod r\ only fi scrub true find W;IM use.el To matches, clothespins,, pulp n n ' p. C. MncDonnld, u former Di luth' shipbuilder, discovered u pro cc n 3 \vhcrchy the \vr>rxl Is rut int boards', placed In a kiln nnd drlec 50 per cent. As u reaul-t, the wooc I 3 no ft. HRht and easily workable It is cut into narrow boards nnc • clued to form panels. Aspen grows faster thim It currently i." being cut. Minnesota has Marly 8,000,000 acres, and them ,'rc 6.000,000 acres! ouch in Michigan and Wisconsin. WOMAN N'AMKU ,\ Hartford woman htm been appointed 1 s an 'iSNlstan-t director of nursinfT ftt tnc Middletown State hospital. The new appointee is Miss loin L. Crumb. Also announced is the resignation o;' Dr. Leonard A Mucci of New Britain. Personal Social 24 Tables Play At Woman's Club Membership Bridge Twenty-four tables were In play yesterday afternoon' at the annual membership dessert-bridge ol the Nauagtuck Woman's club'held in the American Legion Memorial Home, 21 Cedar street. In charge of the membership committee headed by Mrs. Andrew M. Watson, brloge and dessert ar- 1 a thanks badge l«st evening at) rnngoments were made by Mra. Receives Badge At Annual Girl Scout Dinner Miss Mildred Brown was award- Ollies Radiator Shop w risosi'KCT ST. TI-;I,. -,-,-n Union City utlhitor.s Ui'i'ulri-d, Ml and II(j-Cnr<!(l Work Culled For ami Delivered AM. WORK Ot:..\llANTKKll Ollle l.c Hui; I'l-op. .Auto WELL I'LL BE DOG-GONE Don': be a dunce, learn the true economy and convcniertcu o( our modern laundry wsrv- Ice . . . Here your laundry N Slvcn exacting care — returned to you fivsih. beautil'ully dour . , , and our charges are mod- crate. AMERICAN LP UN DRY CO. PMON£*-4!06\WCOT(A6IE PI no annual Girl Scout dinner held the Hotel Elton," Watcrbury, Irs. Armstrong Durr, who was vardccl a fivo-yenr 'numeral, pro- mot! the thanks badge. Both received the awards in rec- ,,-nition of outstanding work in rl Scouting in the borough. Speaker for the evening was i.-:.s Ruth Osborne, a regional dl- ctor, who spoke on the subject, V.hy, Where, What and Who in Girl Scouting." Those attending from Naugatuck were: Mr, and Mr^. John Eurke, Mr. and Mr». Wtllinru Butler, Mr, Miw. Julius Ons, Mrs. Ralph Pierson, Mrs. Murray Kugcll, Mrs. Ronald Jon.os, Mra. Durr ond Miss Brown. Attorney Visits With Relatives Atty. John H. Kenney of Hartford, .spent the week-end with relative! on North Main street. Montanari-Rado Auxiliary Meeting P'inal preparations for a Valentine dance to he held next month will be made at a meeting of the Unties' auxiliary, Montanari-Rado pour.. lUilmr.-Amcricun veterans, tonight at 7:30 o'clock in Christoforo Columbo hall. All members are requested to attend- Father Griffin In Florida The Pcv. Thomas M. Griffin, pastor ot St. Mary's church, is spending an extensive vacation in Flor Ida. Johnson Street Couple Parents Mr. and Mra. Einar Sevcrson, 35 Johnson street, ai-e the parents of a daughter born at St. Mary's hospital, Watftrburv. 8-t Bcmlix Table Moital llniliii ROPHY'S Tel. &IB1 113 .\o. .Main Sit. J/nl(jn City NUird ()p,. n Fr|,|;i.v Night L'ntll [i O'clock Daughter Born At St. Mary's Mr. nnd Mrs. ISdmond Shallnskas, Rockwell iiveiuic, are the pars ol' a claun'litor born at St. I Mui-y's hospital, Waterbury. I . Celebrates Birthday airs. Thomas Walker of Beacon Vullcy road was honored Sunday on the occasion of her birth anniversary at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Zitzman nn East 'Waterbury road. A fam- i'y <ilnt:c;r \vus served followed by o;;cn house. Watson assisted by Mra. Verne E, Grisamer, Mrs. 'John F. Deegan, Mrs. Willis D. Merrill, Mrs, Donald Kirby, Mrs. F. S. Cqnover, Mrs. Victor Anderson, Mrs. Robert W. Fenn and Mrs, Glenn F. Noble. The 23 new members honored wore: Mrs. Edgar P. Green, Mrs. Hans Grlesbach, Mrs. Nelson French, Mrs. Edward Lerman, Mrs, Fred Mowrey, Mrs. Cheater Randall, Mrs.. Bcrnette Reed, Mrs. Harold Turnbloom, Mrs. Emma Weaving, Mrs. William Spearin, Mrs. William Loftus and Mrs. Thomas Moore, Jr. Mrs. John Russoll, Mrs. Arthur Thomos, Jr., Mrs. Jdhn Helquist, Mrs. James L. Fanvu 1 , Mrs. Con rad Llndahl, Mrs. Gustuve Jantse Mrs. Edmund O'Neill, Mrs. Osca Worth, Mrs, Bernard Sullivan Mrs. Frank Stu-om, Mrs. Jame Petit, Mrs. Dominic Minicucci an Mrs. James Moore. Mrs, George W. Carroll, prcs dent of the club, announced Gucs Nlg-ht will be held Feb. 3, wit Dr. Walter L. Nathan to discus "Russia in the New World Order. Among those attending th bridge were: Mrs. Watson, Mrs Conovcr, Mrs. Grisamer, Mrs. Don aid Fowler, Mrs. Wesley Coo, Mrs .Deegan, Mrs. Helquist, Mrs, John J. Carr, Mrs. Marshall Long, Mrs Harold P.'Baldwin, Mrs. Maxwcl Bloom. Mrs. G. L.. Wigglesworth Mrs. G. B, Lewis, Mrs. Conrad Lindahl, Mrs. George Painter, Mrs B. V. Olson, Mrs. Hildlng Olson Mrs. C. F. Carlson. Mrs. N, K. Sundholm, Mrs. S. R M-ithcr, Mrs. Gordan Hatch, Mrs, V, C. Neklutin, Mrs. Clayton A ( Houseknec-ht, Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. Fenn, Mrs. Gustavo F. Jansen, Honored On 80th Birthday Charles Kelson, 324 Park avenue recently was entertained on the oc ciusion of his 80th birth annlver" sar'y. The guest of honor was the recip- ent of gifts and a buffet supper was served. Among those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Luskay, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Nelson, Mr, and Mrs. George Nelson. John B. Svenson, Aimer Svenson, Everett Svenson, Mr. and Mrs. Thurc Olson, Barbara Luskay, Ar- lerie Nelson, Robert and Louise Nelson, Charles Nelson, Lynne Johnson, the guest of honor and Mrs. Nelson. Mrs. J. Kazanjian, Mrs. Shirley W. Pti.'lor,.Mrs, Anna Racke, Mra, J. \V. Bowman. Mrs. Tnoinas A. Lee, Mrs. M. D, Rebello, Mrs. Farrar, Mrs. A, D. Marsh, Mrs. A. H. Nelson. Mrs N. D. Hove>, Mrs. Stuart M. Boyd, Mrs. Arthur Thomas, Jr., Mrs. Carl Tooth-icker, Mrs. Allen Trask, Mrs. Robert E. Scheibor, Mrs. Fred G. Abclo, Mrs. Chester Boswort'h, Mrs.. F. L. Howard, Mrs. Clifford White, Mrs. Turnblom, Mra. Milton Lent, Mrs. Bertha Rudder, Mrs, George'C. Follett,'Mrs. James Thurstors. Mrs. John Celebrates 6th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Skehan of Earnum court, entertained Sunday afternoon at a party In honor of their daughter, Judy, who was celebrating her sixth birthday, The home was decorated with a pink and white color scheme. Games were played and prizes awarded. The guest of honor was the recipient of many gifts. Refreshments were served. Among those attending were: Barbara Smith, Joan Berardl, Gladys Dolan, Jean Adams, Kathy Skehan, Kenneth Beardsley, T Valechko, Anthony Berardi, Paul Bigetti, Brian Donnelly, Timmy Skehan, Mr. and Mrs. James Marzlln, Nora Curtln, Mary Skehan, Sadie Skehan and the guest of honor. Mrs. Norman Sears Guest Of Honor At Party Here Mrs: Norman Scars was guest of honor at a party held recently at Sullivan's Inn by co-workers of the Naugatuck. Chemical. Mrs. Sears la retiring after 20 years service in the Chemical Reclaim laboratory. She was presented a gold watch by Miss Mary E, Pen-rose in b&halt of the group. A centerpiece spelling 20 in gold was used at the head table, with personal comic place cards being used, Mrs. Sears also was the re- ipicnt of a corsage. 'Dr. E. F. Scou'tten was master f ce.remonJes, with speakers In- luding Lester Gunn, Dr. Nclafln udy. Jack Conway, Dale Embers, jee Stelnje, -Mr, Scars and Miss Pcnrose. • . • •-• Among those attending were: Helen Manauso, John Sitar, Andrew Sokoli, Joseph Kilbride, Joseph Rolakowski, George Emery, Harold Stinson, Donald McCoJlum, Donald Kirby, Charles Toft, Jean Woodside, James Kennedy, Clifford German, Joseph Hcarns. ' Oscar Blomquist, - Raymond prole, Louis Sequenzia, Daniel Volpe, Edward Urashka, Stanley Gesseck, John Tltley, Norman Smith, Lorraine Reilly, William Albolis, Carl Beach, Genevieve Perzel, Edward Reilly, Milton Woodin, Marjorio • Smith, David Painter. Rodney Barchey, W. Glenn Kirby, William Hughes, Paul Nester, Mrs. Lillian Johnson, Mae Clark, -Ploss, Radio Station! Tour By Youth Fellowship The'Youth Fellowship of St. Michael's , Episcopal church were guests Sunday evening at radio station WBRY. Cal Kolby conducted the group on a two-hour tour of the station. Those attending were invited to speak, play the piano, and sing in quartettes, while others remained in a specially enclosed room.- Teletype machines and dialing- were explained. Among those present were: Mar joric Brown, Thomas Walsh, Don aid House, . Lois Hcrmonat, Lois Follett, Robert Hart, William Grieder, Jack Quint, Jean Camp bell, Gardner Wood, Myrna. Far row, Ruth Kopp, Stuart Weiss Donald Peet, Thomas Fitzgerald Beverly Klambt. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Klambt and Harold Stinson. NACGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, MW. II, Odd Death Figure Return From Florida Mr. and Mrs. William Cota of Car- , roll street, have returned from a vacation in Florida. Marjorie, Morarity, Lillian Mr. and Mrs. Embers, Thomas Fitzgerald, Rocco Mag- rianimo, Arthur Nauges, Louis Triano, Alleno Allen, Sabina Kloc, Constance Penrose, Daniel Montanari, Arthur De Biase. Mortorno, Michelle Visits In . New York City Birthday Party Held Recently A birthday party was held recently in honor of Betty Ann Mazaika, daughter of Mr. and Mrs- Anthony J- Mtuaika, C2 Riverside drive. The table was attractively decorated in pink and white, and the guest of honor was the recipient of Corn Cob Treatment Makes Bearings Roll Philadelphia (UP)—The lowly corn cob, oftcc a worthless farm byproduct, that couldn't even be fed to n. hog, tn now a valuable Industrial material. So important arc corn cobs to the manufacture of prccldon ball and roller bearings that SKF Industries uses ' more than 48,000 pounds of them a year. The reanon i« that corn cobs, when finely ground, .have high absorbent qualities and arc virtually 'ree of acids. • that cause rust on highly polished steel. Balis, rollers md components of bearings arc Iroppcd .into revolving barrels full of ground "corn, cabs for. drylngr. cleaning and polishing. ART STUDENT Anthony Tra basso, 18, died in a Brooklyn, N. Y., hospital after he had been picked up unconscious on on* of the city's street*. A bloody swastika and the word "Nazi" had been! carved into the flesh of bis chest. Police say his death was caused by injuries received when he leaped from n rooftop and that the body lettering was self-inflicted. : {International) rULl-COLOB SCENIC PICTURES many gifts. Among those attending were; Dorothy Gabanelli, Angela DeCarlo, Angela Presto, Lee Greisfaach, Joan and June HotchkisK, Lorraine Peck, Lynn Nardello, Connie Santaseri and the guest of honor. Attendants At Wedding- Mr, and Mrs. Harry V. Logah, 7. Highland circle, were attendants at :he wedding- of Mrs- Logan's Bister,. Miss Jean Horan,' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Horan. and W- Francis Carrol), son of Police Chief and Mi's. Michael B. Carroll, both of Meriden, which took place Saturday morning in Meriden. Entertained , Miss Ruth schiessinger of Hi B h- , avenuc ' s P c "t 'he week-end in New York city visiting her par- Mr, and Mrs. Peter Kaminskl, | cnts - •lighland avenue, Beacon Palls, recently entertained Miss Sally Ann \aminski of Ansonia. Jeacon Palls Teachers Meeting The Beacon Falls Teachers Long-uc will meet today at the ome of Miss Elizabeth Hilton, crby. Vanassc, Mrs. Omai Charles Berger Medical Patient Charles Berber. -15 Rockwell av- e.nuc, is a mi'dic'il patient In th Watcrbury hospital, CJibbs. Mrs. Victor Anderson, Mrs. ', Ernest Adkins, Mrs. William Lutz, Mrs. Russell Weaving, Mrs. Ecj- mun'd Gurrick, Mrs. Glenn Noble, Mrs. John Sutherland, Mrs. Helen Whitlock. Mrs. James Lutze, Mrs. Howard Peet, Mrs. Robert Ford, Mrs. GeorRC Schlosser, Mrs. John Tati- gh\n. Mrs. Edmund O'Neill, Peltit. Mr.s. Oscar L. Wlrth, Mrs, Mrs, /'tpri-Cnta Company. Long Ittand City. N. Y. franchisee! Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Bristol. Conn. KOTE ROOFING We are holding our price line— So if your roof needs repairing have it done now before •winter comes. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS Sullivan, Mrs. W. G. Kirby, Mrs. John P. Coe, Mrs. Donald L. Mc- Coilum,- Mrs. Norris Fo'lett, Mrs. Thomas F, Lynch, Mrs. James E. Moore, Mrs. Harold R. Perry, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Irving Cutting, Mrs. Martin Lynn, Mrs. James Klssane, Mrs. Armstrong Durr, Mrs. Griesbach, Mrs. Green, Mrsi Arnold F. Lundin. ' Mrs, Morlo Hyde. Mrs. Gcorpc Neal, Mrs, Henry A, Wrublewsk't, Mrs. Ernest DIMaria, Mrs, Paul M. Elliott, Mrs. William C. Imholz. Shelton Sunday Visitors ^ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brothers of, bhcHon. were guests Sunday at the j home or Miss Catherine. Malone of GUBStS At Beacon Falls. Mrs. Brothers is the former Marie Fitzg:era!d. Brinckerhoffs Parents Of Son Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Brinckerhoff of Rubber avenuc, announce the birth of a son in the Waterbury hospital. Mrs. Brinckcrhoff is the former Miss Marjory Melbourne. Spends Few Days In Hartford Mrs. Cornelius VanVlandren, 610 Rubber avenue, is spending- a few days in Hartford. Camera Club Learns Process Instructions in the process o sepia toning prints by the bleac! and re-develop method were g-iv-ei members of the Naupratuck High school Camera club last night bj Leon Sarin, instructor, at a regu lar mooting held in the high school. Mr. Sarin, former photo graphic officer in the Army Al Forces, is a faculty member. Party Fare Announce Birth Of Second Son Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Flynn of Quinn street, anonunce the birth of their second son, Brian Peter, Jan. H in the Waterbury hospital. Mrs. Klynn Is* the former Beverly Parlon of Watcrbury. Salem Lutheran Annual Meeting The annual meeting of the Salem Lutheran church will be held tonight at 8 o'clock in the church hall. M. Barry Keegan Family Portraits 108 Bank St. Watorbury ; JoneN Morgan Bide. Tel. 4-BS84 TRAIN FOR BUSINESS D.VV Oil KVEMNG—NKW CLASSK8 -MJV. 23 AND FEB. 3 JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Wntorbury Phone 4-8772 POST WILL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or Supply Material* Needed For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE' 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Co. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5727 J. L, MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE WE'RE ALTERING OUB STORE Watch Us Growl CORNER CANTEEN 302 No. Main Street "Don*" Tnll«rlco, Trap. Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Andrew O'Toolc, 23 Carroll court, were p/uests at a wedding Saturday in Southbury. Navy Man Guest At Party Miles Sweeney, Jr., of the U. S, Navy, was honored Saturday night at a party held by friends and relatives at Kingsley's, Pastor Returns From Hospital The Rev. Paul F. peating, pastor of St- Francis' church, has returned to the rectory after being patient at St. Mary's hospital, Watcrbury. Spent Month In Florida Charles Sirica of Phoenix avenue, has returned from a month's vacation in Miami, Fla. Cotton Hollow Man Engaged Mr. and Mrs. Nunzio- Lcvegnale of Watcrbury, announce the enpage- nent of their daughter, Constance, Mrs. Louis Rcale of Cotton Hoi- Mrs. Louil Reale of Cotton Hol- ow. No date has been set for the wedding. .. . DURACLEANING is recommended nationally by America's leading furniture & dept. stores. CARPETING, TWIST, ORIENTALS ... and TINE UPHOLSTERY May now be safely cleaned and revived with consideration for their life and textures * Dura- cleaning restores resilience to wool fibers * Pile unmats and rises * Colors revive * Furnish- ngs ore Dura-cleaned in your lome * No inconvenience in having them done. Phone Waterbury 4-1781 "Coast to Coast Service" DURACLEAN SERVICE CO. 29 East Liberty St. Waterburv Specializing ONLY In FOUNDATIONS • Corsets • Girdles • Corselette 9 Uplift Bra 0 Abdominal Supports Trained Corxetleres Fit You Properly FEATURING THT2SE NATrOXAM-Y KNOWN- CORSETS & BRASStERES ; 0 Camp and Airway Surgical • Practical Front • Lady Austin • Rajfo ^ Glrdlccraft • Figure-Builder 0 Hollywood-Maxwell Bra Built-Up Shoulder Bra In All Sizes Headquarters for Surgical Foundations & Maternity Supports to Fill Doctors' Prescriptions WEiv-AMsrr* STIRIOSCOK See Hawaii, the*Grani Canyon, Famous Citici/ Animals and hundreds ofi other world- f*mou«scenicat- tractions "come to life" in th« amazing realism of stereo*. scopic. natural • color View*' Master pictures. They're entertaining and educational. for adults and children alike.' See for yourself! View-Mas-: ter stereoscopes and over 250 different, interchangeable.' seven-scene stereoscopic* reels are now available for f your selection."" ' VltW-MASTf* STWOSCOMJ 3f»r«1.00 YOUR KODAK DEALER SWEENEY'S AKT and 'STAtlOXERY STORE 213 Church St NauRatuck CORSET SHOPPE 29 W. MAIN ST., WATERBCBY Opp. Green • Phone 4-1G87 Entertained At Bridge Party Miss Adelaide Clayton, 8-1 Hlgh- and avenue, entertained at a bridge arty last evening at her home. ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEKD ALARM CLOCKS $2-20 Inc. Tux CCHNEER c ^CREDIT JEWELERS^ \kJ South Moln SI — 4 2206 RADIO EXPERTS , Since 1925 SWAN'S IS Church St. — Tel 2574 HUNDREDS OF VALUES! January Clearance SALE at BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP ISO SOUTH MAIN ST. Waterbury PATTERN 1610 Here Is a dainty round -yoked dress for your young daughter. Colorful rickrack edges the high neckline and perky sleeves—three buttons close each shoulder, making i ; t easy to slip on. Ideal for parties, Sunday best and summer weather, too. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1610 is designed for sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 years. Size 4 requires 2 yards of 35 or 39-inch fabric. For this pattern, send 25 cents, ,n coins, your name, ..address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Bell, Naugatuck Daily News, P.O. Box 99, Station G, New York 19, N. Y. (Relohsoil by Tho Bell Syndicate, Inc.), ... .::.-. .-' SALE MEN!! Odds und ICmlsi, Look In our window. If you »ec your size —It's a btiy! Hero's your chance to Ret FINE QUALITY SHOES for only $4.95 or $5.95 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK, CONN. ^PUf^YOUR •IN OUR EXPERTS' [HANDS—THEY "KNOW wow" 7 TRAIN FOR BUSINESS Best jobs 'in modern buslnexs go to men and: women who ar« best prepared.' Get Post training-.' Practical, thorough. courses: Secretarial, medical secretarial, stenographic, pre-collegc, huslnes? administration, accounting,, salex- manshlp. Approved for .veterans under G.I. Bill. Co-educational, Catalog-. Call Waterbury 4-8772. 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