Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 18, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 24
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(Salesbu -Mail, Galesburg T * x * w Ydfk Slaeki NfiW' YORK market midday prices: Admiral-9 Inland Stl AlldChem 32ft AHd Mills 24% Stock 29% Alld Strs 22% Allis dial 8tt Alcoa 59 Aim Air 12% Am Can S3% Am Cyan 23% AmElPwr 26 7 /a Am Mtrs 7 Am T&T 50 % Anaconda 17% Ashl Oil 26 Ati Rich 84% Avcd 9% Bea Fds 23V4 Bendix 32 Beth Stl 27% Boeing 17 Borden 22% Cap C Bdg 39 Catplr 55% Ceianese 30V« Cen 11 U 22 Cen Tel 23% 18V4 IBM 315% Int Harv 26»A Int Nick 27% Int Paper 33% Int T&T 30% Iowa P&L 23 Johns-Mn 20% Kennecott 23 % 36% 43.50-45.00; choice heifers 45.0046.75; 45. II good and choice 43.00* jood 41.00-43.25. Hogs 3,700; mostly 25, instances 50, higher; No 1-2 200240 lb 40.00-40.25,160 head 40.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 39.50-40.00; No|range: 2-3 240-270 lb 38.75-39.50; 270-280 lb 38.00-39.00; 280-290 lb 37.50290-315 lb 36.50-37.50. Menda GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co. Mark«t May either so up or down by 1:30 pM. when final bid arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. No. 2 Corn (old) $2.06 New Corn $1.79 No. 1 Beans (old) ....$10.75 New $5.56 Grain Future* CHICAGO (DPI) Legal Notice Grain High Low Wheat 38.00; 16% Kresge Kroger Li b McN 4 % Litton 8% Lockhd 5% Mar Oil 28% Maytag 26% Merck 91% Minn Min 82% Mobil Oil 65% Monsanto 49% Nat Bis 45% Olin Corp 14% Outbd M 32% Owens-Ill 31 Penn Cen 1% Penney 81% Pepsi Cola 80^ Pfizer 44 Jly GALESBURG ORDER BUYERS) Jf P Burlington Northern Stockyards |Jf c Market: fully 25c higher. No. 1-2: Mar Phil Pet 51% Cessna Chrysler 24% Cities Svc 45% Coca-Cola 142% Procter G 100% Colum Gas 29% Quak Oat 34% Comm Ed 32Y4 RCA 23 Comsat 42% Rep Stl 2AVA Cons Ed 23% Revlon 62 V4 200-230 $38.50-$38.75 Quotations: No. 1-3: 200-230 $38.25-$38.50 No. 1-3: 230-260 $37.25-$38.25 No. 2-3: 260-300 $35.50-$37.25 Packing Sows: $32.25-$33.75 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 2,600. Butcher Trend: fully steady. No. 1-2: 200-225 $40.25-$40.50 No. 2-4: 190-240 $39.75-$40.25 240-270 $38.75-$39.75 280-300 $37.25-$38.50 Sow Trend: steady. 300-500 . $34.25-$36.00 Interior Hog Prices May 287 275% 288 279% 285% 272 277 278% 283 270 278 274% 282 % 268 Vi 278 % 273 278 265 274% 269 Corn Jly Sep Dec Mar May 222% 212 222% 212^ 212 203 212 202 203% 195% 203% 193% 203% 195 203% 193% 203 193 203 193 Oats (old) Jly 99 99 99 93 Oats (new) Jly. Sep 98% 93 •IS % 92% 103% 99 103% 98 Dc 105% 101% 105% 100 Soybeans 1140 1050 1035 1048 1309/342-4139 MONDAY-LEGAL PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Galesburg, Illinois will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 10, 1973 at 4:00 P.M. in the Council Chamber in the City Hall in said City of Galesburg to consider a Petition for a rear yard variance to permit the construction of a garage less than ten feet from residence and two feet from rear lot line on the following- described real estate: Lot Five in Block Two in Landau's Addition in the City of Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. Said premises are commonly known as 961 Frank Street in said City of Galesburg. The Petitioner is R. D. Swanson. Dated this 12th day of June, 1973 ' BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG, ILLINOIS John W. Hanlon City Attorney Arcade DETROIT (UPt) Last Galesburg, Illinois 61401 Cont Can 27% Cont Oil 31% CPC Intl 29% Dana 28% Deere 38% DU Pont 160 Safeway 27% St. Regis 36% SanFelnd 23% Sears 93% Shell Oil 50% Simmons 19% Eastman 130% So Pac 31% Sperry 38% Std Bds 51 5 / Exxon 95 Falstaff 3% 19% SPRINGFIELD (UPI) terior In Jly Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar May 6/18; IT 1025 990 1025 819 785 819 985 779 Treasury Accounts 612% 580 608% 575 604 573 612% 572 I Withdrawals $266 608% 568 604 564 603% 572 603% Deposits, Cash balance Public debt- 231,976,905,565.44 4,285,396,108.72 455,766,275,725.24 Firestone 19% SO Ind 85V4 Ford' Mtrs 56% Stvns JP 27% Stude 35 Fruehauf IVA Texaco 34% GamSko24 Gen Dyna 17% Tex Inst 94% Gen El 57% Gen Fds 24% Un Gen Mtrs 64 J / 4 Utd Corp Un Carb 35% El 16% 8% Gen Tire 18% Goodrich 21% Goodyear 22% Gulf, Oil 22% Greyhhd 13% 111 Pwr 27% 111 Cent 18% US Gyps 20% US Stl 29% West Un 19% hogs: 22,000; fully 25, instances 50, higher; No 1-2 200-230 lb mostly 39.25-39.50, few 39.75; few sorted No 1 40.00; No 1-3 200-235 lb 38.75-39.25, liberal, volume 39.0039.25; No 1-33 230-250 lb 38.25- No 2-3 250-270 lb 39.00; 38.25. 37.50- Joliet Livestock (UPI) Live- JOLIET, 111. stock: Cattle 2,800; steers 25-50 higher; heifers steady; high choice and prime 48.WM8.50; choice Number Declines Farm i in South BRENNER WASHINGTON (UPI) The 1960s •II dramatic 46.75-48.00; 45.75-46.75; choice 44.75-45.75. mixed mixed good good and and Wstghs El 34V4 Hogs 1,000 ; 25-50 higher; No Weyerh 58V4 Woolwrth 22,Vs Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111 (UPI) Live- 1-2 200-240 lb 40.00-40.50; No 1-3 200*250 lb 39.2540.00; No 2-3 250270 lb 38.00-39.25; No 3-4 290-300 \b 37.00-37.50. Tuesday estimated receipts; cattle 200, hogs 800. alignment in the nation's farm population map, an Agriculture F Department study'shows. The dominance of Texas and the Old South faded sharply, and Corn Belt states moved up to take the leadership in farm population figures. On the Farm Front "Farm population went down fourth with 680,000 and Tennes- Agriculture ords for 1920 slaughter steers 1 load high stock: Cattle 2,000; and heifers steady, choice steers with few prime 48.25; choice 46.7548.00; good and choice 45.50-46.75; good I Dow Jones Averages 30 Indus 877.26 off 11.29 677,000. Department rec- show Texas and the South completely dominated the top spots in farm population. Texas.-led, followed by Georgia, North Card Una, Alabama and Kentucky. The new study showed the nation's heaviest farm papulation states, on a* percentage basis, are the Dakotas where about 25 per cent of the people are still listed as farm residents. - - Nationwide, however, only 13 in every state in the 1960s, but sta tes had 10 per cent or more nowhere - as much as in the f aran po pultion in contrast with South. The number of farm res- the 1920 figures when two-thirds idents there was reduced by of the then 48 states had 25 per nearly half during the decade, 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 160.36 off 2.52 105.76 off 0.36 271.57 off 3.21 from 7.2 million to 3.8 million,' the report said. Agriculture Department population specialists Calvin L. who specialists Calvin Beale and Vera J. Banks, BLACK BROTHERS Supplie BATH SETS r prepared the report, said that as a result, the 1970 figures are the first since state reports began in 1920 which fail to show a southern state as No. 1. The South lost its farm populate faster than other areas, the report said, largely because the mechanization of-cotton farming was mainly completed in the last decade. As the sharecropping system vanished, millions of rural cent or more of their people on farms. The states with 10 per cent or more farm population in 1970 included: North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi and Kentucky. BACKYARD SALE 122 GARFIELD TUESDAY, June 19th 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Glass showcase, record player, Lots of Toddler, children's & adults clothing, toys*, games, jewelry and lots ot nic nacs. flebruory 's one-day walkout against the Perm Central Railroad Illustrates how important reliable transportation especially the railroad-As to autoitiakets. In that one day General Motors lost the production of about 17,000 can and trucks. If the stoppage had lasted three day$, some 92,000 OM employes would haVe been idled. A 12-day strike virtually would have shut down toe auto ircdwsfcry. TnansportMion is essential in each step of making and delivering an automobile. The smooth oiperatiott of mass assembly rests with the ability to bring materials together m scheduled to'build the automobiles for which sales research has been projected months in advance. Considered an Extension "Actually, the movement of materials and products is considered an extension of our production lines," said Victor A. Long, director of logistics operations for GM. "If the materials , v don't giet there as scheduled, parts machining and subassembly . and' assembly lines stop. And there is no product available for marketing^' The extent to> which GM relies on transportation can be seen with the ordering. of a single Chevrolet Impala four- dobr sedan in Manchester N.H. The vehicle would be assembled ait Tarrytown, N.Y., approximately two weeks after the order was placed, only because most of the component parts are already moving within the total GM system. The engine would be made in New York, the axles Michigan, the frame in Pennsylvania, the transmission and steering wheel in Ohio, the Yard Sale 129 E. COAL ST. WATAGA, ILL. TUESDAY. June 19th 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Clothing, records, books & nacs. Itemtttf in Indiana a acting lit ftorfh Carol: lihese afe only a few 14 ,000 pads which go Into each aiitoiftobiie. they must be engineered, "'frdaretf, scheduled and produced weeks or even months,ih advance of dealer orders. GM pioneered the use of "unit trains"-in whieh component parts are grouped into single teains. They run on tightly controlled schedules and operate on a ruft-through basis, bypassing oftencrawded switching yards. Six Trains Move Components Six mch "unit trains" now move components £rom Michigan area suppliers to outlying assembly plants. Parts and sub* assemblies must flow, continuously between the sources finished moved (many and locations and vehiciles must be from the filial away sembly points without delay. Twenty - six assembly plant locations in the United States and Canada build 127 different model cars and trucks. More than 28,000 vehicles are shipped every working day, requiring HUGE YARD SALE 612 E. Brooks ' Mon., June 18, 3:30 till d*rk • - F • Tuei., June 19—9 - 4 Children's, teens and women's clothing, stove hood. <and many misc.. •"•*•• more than 1,000 rail cars and 2,500 trucks. Jtailroads are developing cars completely enclosed as a means of haJting vandalism. GM has mot* than 400 "VerfcA-Pac" railcars wthlch have virtually eliminated loss and damage to sides are Chevrolet Vegas, The VerfcA-Pae" lowered to serve >as loading and unloading ramjps and the Vegas are hung nose down. They're fully enclosed and protected Jlroni theft, vandalism and damage. GM also is develojping containerization for larger cars—a "Staid-Pac" in whtoh vehicles are stocked in separate compartments one above the other in a large container. Four of these containers are loaded OOLO - ftUVING OOLD X, f, or hotter by fl0 |*MroM p*ce; Wg .oo 10~ffolrf Piece* »»."» i$t6H hit *t »IM* » Buylftd tifft-08 sliver paying 02% JOB WANTED FOR SUMMER Babysitting children 3 to 10 years old. Call 3437064 Hi J single _ H RON DAVIS AT H Aft OLD WILSON MALTY mi ft, H#tid*r*0n Ph. 343-3103 READ THE WANT ADS! FOR SALE JUST NOHTH OF ALTON A ON RT..34 . i ACRES with modern 3 -tiijlrm. 2, story frame home. Hatf''base­ ment; garatfe & -workshop, Will sell at S20,000. • WiU Show By Appolfllmtn* LEO F, HAGER ALTONA 484-5993 REAL ESTATE HOUSE and LOT w Galesburg, 560 Monrtiourh Blvd. Saturday, June 23 at 10:30 a.m. Knox County Court House The Real Estate Only. 57.75 ft of Jot 8 in block 2, A two story frame home with basement. A family home or 2 apt. A two car garage thst needs repair, 4 large rooms and bath down. 4 large rooms and bath up. Has been used as 2 apt. House Is modern, with hardwood floors, maintenance frtfe siding, gas fired modern boiler heating — 220 wiring breaker system — separate utilities. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: . nT. he ?25^ rl ¥. 57,75 - feet of lo l . 8 in bIock tv ** 0 of Leonards Addn. to City of Galesburg. Has front drive. TfiAM8--i0%' paid down on day ol sale. Qthuiot dtw & payable In 30 days or on delivery ol deed at which lime possession will be given. The laxes will be prorated to dale of selllemenx. Sale to be free and clear of all liens. FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT; LEO F. HAGER Phone 484-5993 Auctioneer 342-2850 GARAGE SALE 1431 DAY Tues., June 19 9 A.M. lo ?? Children's, men's ladies' cloth ing, dishes, nic nacs, new car pet remnants. For Sale 1973 LeMANS SPORT COUPE $4,900 New — Air, Bucket Seats, Console, AM-FM Radio, Rear Speaker, Automatic Transmission, 350 V-8 engine, 6,500 miles. SERVICE CLINIC f t In order to better serve our customers we will bold a new product and service clinic on: Wednesday, June 20rh ar 8:00 PM WRESTLER'S SALES SERVICE Bushnell, Call 343-2781 Will Sell For $3800 II Factory trained service men of the Fox Company will be in charge of the meeting. * 4 Please bring the model number and Serial number of the Fox equipment you now own to enable us to better stock parts for you, REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED southerners •trekked -par- to the Includes: 5 Ft. cast iron lub, 17x19 China Lavatory, Reverse Trap Stool, Complete with trim. ticularly blacks cities. The South's black farm population dropped 60 per cent during the 1960s. The tional report farm showed total GLASS LINED GAS HOT WATER HEATERS 30 Gallon 40 Gallon Size 52 Gallon Size Electric CABINET SINKS Includes: FAUCETS and BASKET STRAINERS SIZE $102.95 SIZE $134.50 SIZE $166.95 na- population, which had totaled about 32 million in 1920, was down to 15.7 million in 1960 and 9.7 million by 1970. North Carolina, which had led the nation in farm population in 1960 with 950,000 far,m residents, dropped to fifth place with 463,000 in 1970. Texas, No. 2 in farm population with 806,000 persons in 1960, fell to fourth place with 471,000 in 1970. Iowa topped the nation in farm population in 1970 with 544,000 farm residents. Two other Corn Belt states ranked isecond and third — Minnesota i with 482,000 farm people and Illinois with 473,000. 1 * i! In the 1960 rankings, Iowa! jheld third place, behind North! : Carolina and Texas, with 703,000! ,farm residents. Mississippi was HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER! 2 story beautiful 3 or 4 bedroom, living room, dining room, family room, large kitchen, l\% baths, fireplace, and lot more extras. Home shown by appointment only at 1388 N. Broad. 343-6479, Mid 20's. Removal of Trees STUMP REMOVAL TREE PLANTiNG TRIMMING - FESD'NG SHADE THEES FOR SALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE 343-7618 — 342-8652 PORCH SIDE YARD SALE 357 N. Seminary Sh Tuesday 9 am to 4 pm A little bit of everything priced to sell. Inside I will have depression glass (American Sweetheart, Cabbage Rose and Ruby Red), old bottles, antique jewelry and watches, occupied Japan pieces also old paper items, post cards, advertising cards, railroad items, old school and children's books and numerous other items. GALESBURG LINCOLN-MERCURY Rental Cars Has Mors Kinds of: Rental Plans Payment Plans For More Kinds of People Comet Monterey / WMW . Montego WRESTLER'S SALES SERVICE Shelby Wrestlftr, Owner Antiques Furniture Dodg FOR SALE Charger 343 - 7461 Lynburd Heating Service 342-4443 Furnace Cleaning Truck Powtr Vacuum Formerly Gultway Sole Acreage BEST BUY On Black Top just South from AUona 8 Acre tract has utilities at $12,000 3 B»droom Bench —Carpeted, 2 car garage & basement. (2 baths, many extras on 2 acres landscaped and fenced. $30,000 3 Bedroom Tri-Level — Carpeted lg. beautiful family room, central air, garage & basement, patio, will sell for $32,500. Contract available. Call 484*5993 for Appt. Leo Hoger Broker, Auctioneer, AppraUer Rent Hourly . , , Daily . , • Weekly . , . Monthly . . , Annually THEY NOV/ HONOR The following Credit Cards SUMP PUMPS From $49,95 TRUE TEST SEWER CLEANER & ROT DESTROYER. 6V2 Lbs, KING-OF-ALL SEWER CLEANER & ROOT DESTROYER. 6 $4.25 IftOTOJtOOTfR FOR mm* For Your Convenience . Broad 342-4121 $5.95 We Have A Complete line of Plumbing Supplies Don't Dig Up Your Sew«r No Charge If We Fail Call 3436913 Phone 342-6430 GUARANTEED WORK LANDSCAPE GRAVEL STEEl LANDSCAPE EDGING GALESBURG Builders Supply €0 600 E. MAIN STREET Phone 342-4155 CORBIN'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE 565 N. West Street Wed., June 20th • 1:00 P.M. WE WILL SELL THE FOLLOWING MERCHANDISE ANTIQUES: Table • model radio with head phones, stereosebpe and pictures, bottles, milk glass, metal ornate table lamp, Kerosene banquet lamp, several old beer fie Ins, vases, kero lamps, lanterns, souvenir cups, books, wood boxes, primitives, canes, Xhlna figurines, hall tree, sad irons, Bavarian and .German dishes, toy car in p ^ ri9 L n ? l ^ b0X £?' ed W04 f -Oliver typewriter, jewelry/ink wells, coffee grinder, old cans and metal boxes, pictures, octogan table, musical instruments, ice cream chair, ice cream freezer, bottles and stoppers, cutlery wall rack, brass pieces, lots of Antique items including old coins, silver dollars in the late 1800s, violin over 130 yrs, old, 4 section oak sectional bookcase. ^ ,f u ? N . XTO i IE L . 3 £ c ^ Spa ti 8h P atl ° furniture set, Early American Gold chair, Curtli-MaihM Early American Color Console TV set, Admiral portable TV set, 2 mnhogany step-end and matching coffee table, walnut kneehoie desk and chair, round walnut coffee table, fireplace screen, studio lounge, 3 pc. Kroehler bedroom suite consisting of triple dresser and mirror, chest of drawers, and bookcase bed, 2 metal wardrobes, bedding and linens, oak chest, 5 pc. maple dinette set, 39" cabinet base, Coldspot 15 cu. fi, frost Ids side by side coppertone refrigerator, 5 pc. Red and Gray dinette set, cop- pertone 5 cycle No, 700 automatic washer, Admiral refrigerator, window and pedestal fans, medicine cabinet, double door utility cabinet, foot locker, lawn sweeper, hand lawn mower, pots, pans, dishes, set of Blue Pattern dishes, aluminum chaise lounge, 3 metal hall trees, 6 receptionist leather and chrome chairs, 2 all metaWawn chairs, hand garden plow, camp cot, small hand tools t screws, bolts, nuts, fruit jars, and other items too numerous to mention, OWNEBS — MARGARET 9 #OLL AND OTHERS CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE — Phone 343-9033 COOK and WOODS — Auctioneer DELENE COOK—Clerk M, W« KENT—Clerk MERCER COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION VIOLA, ILL. WED., JUNE 20, 1973 9;30 AM 12:30 PM A BROTHERS PLUMBING DEPT FREE (Mall today) 68 page catalog filled with hundred* of exciting home styles and floor plan ideaa. Evan* International Horn**, Dept. 46th St. at Minnehaha, Minneapolis, Minn. 55406 Inkn '%S«f 1° bfu i lduS00n " I cm isiist with fini $ hin« work [ J Please have an E-l-H represvnUtive contact m* • Name 15 JO 20 50 75 %ths Charolais bull, he is %th French breeding Hereford and Angus steers and heifers ave. 450 lbs Charolais steers ave. 500 lbs. Angus cross steers and heifers ave. 550 lb. Mixed steers and heifers ave. 300-800 lbs. Mixed pjgs ave. 40 lbs. Mixed pigs ave. 60 lbs. If you have livestock for sale give us a call. All classes remain active with a top on fat heifer* of $47.00. Main $ Seminary Downtown Galesburg 1 r- - r V Addreaa Town or RFD State Telephone Number County 2*P Di -'Pt. JLL.-J8 Garage/ Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, Private Houtehold Sales and all other sales of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad Is to be published. REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-7181 9:30 A.M. FAT CATTLE 13:30 P.M. — SHEEP, HOQS, FEEDER CATTLE Mercer Co, Livestock Auction Home of Locally Consigned Cattle. For Further Information, Phone Office I'hone 898-2125 - Home 667-2218, Day or Night HONAIJ) DOUBLEK • Manager i

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