San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas on August 25, 1977 · Page 22
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San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas · Page 22

San Antonio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1977
Page 22
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t Page 2-B SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS —Thursday August 25 1977 Your Health By George C. Thosteson. M.l). Piles not controlled can recur Dear Dr. Thosteson: Please send me your booklet on hemorrhoids. I'm enclosing a quarter and stamped, addressed envelope for it. My husband was referred to a surgeon for his piles, but surgery was not recommended for him. lie was told to stay off work a while and take three hot baths a day and lay in bed, which he did. They went away and the doctor said they wouldn't come back. They did. Now he cannot sit comfortably. Will he need surgery now? — Mrs. O.K. This sounds like a success story turned sour. It sounds as though your husband got. some good advice. Most adults are troubled to some extent by piles (or hemorrhoids), which are varicose veins in the rectal area. In some cases radical treatment (surgery) is not required to keep them under control. The surgeon wisely chose the conscrvation approach — therapy of rest, hot baths, etc. \\hen the doctor said they would not come back, he undoubtedly meant they wouldn't — ________________________ if he continued to avoid things that can bring them back. I suspect your husband did not follow through. Piles do tend to recur, but this chance can be minimized by avoiding straining at stool, constipation. and long periods of standing. The hot baths might have been continued even after the problem subsided, perhaps on a reduced schedule. Now, your husband should return to the doctor who diagnosed the piles earlier. It they have passed the point of no-return, it could be that surgery is the only alternative. Perhaps injection to "dry out" the varicose«) wills is still possible. And there is always the chance that he will be started on the same program of control that worked before for him. The booklet you asked for might help him tn carrying out such a program Vasectomy Dear Dr. Thosteson: My husband had a vasectomy four years ago after our second child was born I now want to adopt, but my husband doesn't want to. I don’t want him to go through the operation to reverse the vasectomy so we can have a baby. Is it possible to extract sperm from his testicles so that I can be artifieaially inseminated — Mrs. L.M Prior to attempting reversal of a vasectomy surgeons usually perform a biopsy to study the vitality (or lack of it) in sperm still being produced. It is usiiallv lower alter the vasectomv. This is not done lor artificial insemination. Some men do have some of their ''perm frozen prior to a vasectomy as a hedge against the future. Chest pains Dear Doctor: Is an occasional tight feeling in the chest an indication of anything? 1 haven't gone to a doctor for several years, and can't bring myself to go without more definite information. I am 69. — .1 AT' I hope by the time you read this you will have seen your doctor for an investigation of these pains. The classic sign of an impending heart attack is a discomfort in the chest. Some describe it as pain, others as a tightness in the center of the chest beneath the breast bone. In an actual attack the sensation may last as long as an hour. However, about a third of those who eventually have full-scale attacks report these earlier, but ignored warning pains that were more fleeting — lasting only a moment or two. No plivsician would think you silly for reporting such significant symptoms, especially at your age. So. reporting such significant symptoms, especially at your age So, without panic, go to the doctor, whether you have any repeat episodes or not. To find out what causes high blood pressure and what can be done to treat it, send for a copv of Controlling Your Blood Pressure (Hypertension)" by Dr. Thosteson. Write to him in care of this newspaper, enclosing o long, self addressed, stamped envelope and 35 cents Today s hands were played in a challenge match between The Aces and a group of stars from Chicago and bos Angeles. Match bids with the experts and compare your results Question No. I: You are South, opponents vulnerable, and hole 4 K W 9 6 2 ¥ y 9 6 5 ♦ a ♦ k y 7 What do you bid after Went 1» North East Pass Pass South Answer: Double is the winner, one spade will be passed out and one no trump is misleading and ambiguous. The entire hand NtlHTII 4 H 5 1 ¥ J i ♦ K 10ti4 ♦ A 9 8 6 WEST EAST 4 A 71 4 I 10 ¥ * K 10 8 ¥ 7 4 2 4 y •» a 4 ,s 8 7 Tj .) * J 10 2 «4343 .SOI Til 4 K y 9 6 2 ¥ y 9 H 5 4 A 4 KOT In the match, Billy Kosen of Chicago chose to reopen one spade, rejecting the double because of the singleton diamond, Ace Bob Goldman chose a double, evaluating his hand worthy of a two spade bid had North responded with two diamonds I H w EST 4 K ¥ .1 i, :| 2 4 ,) 9 . 4 ♦ 6 3 In the match, Ace Bob Wolff raised to five clubs and Eddie Kantar of L A (East) took the first three tricks -- two aces and the heart king, in that order. In the replay. Billy Rosen played in four clubs,i making four, and the challengers picked up 230 points ori the deal A .................... 7 p.m.: GE THEATER: "Just An Old Sweet Song" is a look at a warm, loving urban black family. Cicely Tyson and Robert Hooks play the parents of three children. Because of the illness of o grandmother (Beah Richards), they follow her wish and reluctantly go back home to the South with her.(R)(Ch. 5) ÜHf 1 H 1 Thursday TV KM0l-tV KENS-TV XIRN-TV KSAT-TV KWEX-TV O —NBC 0 —CBS O-Ed CD- ABC CD— tr»d 6 oc : 15 30 : 45 7 00 .15 : 30 :45 8 : 3C 45 9 00 : 1 5 30 45 tor two clubs'. Rosen played in one spade, making four, while Goldman s partner (Ace Mike Lawrence' first bid two clubs and then raised two spades to three A close hand and the differing styles created a lucky game swing Question No. 2: You are South, both vulnerable, and hold 4 y JO 7 4 2 T y4 4 A y 6 3 ♦ a to What do you bid after0 North East South Writ 44 Pass ’ Answer. Pass is the w inner; five clubs ts down one The entire hand SOUTH 4 G ¥ 10 9 8 4 K A K y J 9 8 7 4 2 E VST 4 A 3 s I Ï ¥ A K 7 3 4 10 8 7 2 A -, sot rii 4 y 10 7 12 ! ▼ V y 6 3 4 A to ROBERT HOOKS ...7 p.m.. Ch. 5 8 a.m. (C h. 5) - CAPTAIN KANGAROO • Mr. Green Jeans is grumpy because he got up out of the’ vv rong side of the bed this morning. His friends try to cheer him up and solve the problem for him. 9 (Ch. 12) - TIIE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW Red Skelton is co-host. Guests are Lauren Hutton. Keith Carrudme. Joan Bennett and Stan Kami demonstrates booze pic. 2:30 p.m. (Ch. 12) • NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB • (H) Merlin Jones, Norman and Leon are accused of cheating on the English Lit. exams and Jennifer walks out on Merlin when she spies Lisa, the babysitter, coming out of his shower in Episode Four of "The Monkey's I nele." 1 <(h 12) EMERGENCY ONE! (It) “The Professor. V\ hen a foreign dignitarv becomes ill. Dr. Brackett is asked to cure him. 5 (Ch 121 - ADAM 12 - tK) "Anniversary.” Officers Malloy and Reed subdue an enraged wrestler at a bar, settle a dispute in a used ear lot and investigate a robbery. 6:30 (Ch. 9) - THIS WEEK - Members of Make Today Count, a national organization now existing in San Antonio, discuss the problems of people who have cancer and those who have a cancer patient in the family. They also discuss how their organization helps participants to confront their problems. 6:30 (Ch. 12) • ANDY • (H) Juliet Browse is Andy's guest this evening. 7 (Ch. 1) - COMEDY TIME • "Riding High" is about a young would-be screen writer w ho goes to Hollywood in the DL'KIs and waits for his big break. Charlie Frank stars as Tater. the w l iter, who takes a job as an extra until he gets his big chance. 7p(5)CICELY TYSON AND ‘ROBERT HOOKS STAR: GE THEATER “JUST AN OLD SWEET S0NG"(Adv.) 7 (Ch. 9) - MASTERPIECE THEATRE - (R) “Poldark.” The feud between Poldark and Warleggati and the strained relationship between Ross and Do melza must be resolved. Ross goes to Trenvvith to confront George for the last time. (Conclusion) (R) 7 (Ch. 12) - WELCOME BACK. KOI IFR - (It) "Whatever Happened to Arnold *" Special one- hour show iug ol this series focusses on Hot - shack Arnold disappears mi the night before he’s going to make his big acting debut and no one knows where he's gone, lie shows up several days later and amazes the rest of the sweat hogs by telling them that lie’s dropping out of school to gel a job and help support his family. Ellen Travolta stars as his mother. 7:30 (Ch. 1) - COMEDY TIME * "Calling Dr. Storm, M D." Major Frank Burns from "M A S 11" (alias Larry Luiv ille) sta.vs with his image ¿ts a doctor in thi'' comedy about hospital polities ile’s a dedicated voittig doctor vv lio's furious to find out that his main rival is try iug to turn one floor of the hospital into a country club-type of restaurant. 8 (Ch. I) • NBC THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES - (R) "Escape From Colditz." Robert Wagner and David n : 00 : 15 : 30 :45 Shoot for the Stors Geoff Edwards TV-4 Big News fronk Matthews 12 00 : 1 5 30 45 1 2 3 oo 15 30 45 00 : 15 30 45 00 : 15 30 45 4 00 : I 5 : 30 45 5 6 7 oo : 15 30 45 00 : • 5 3v, 45 8 9 oo t 5 30 45 00 15 3C 45 10 00 : 1 5 30 45 11 00 : 1 5 30 .45 Villa Alegre !l The Todoy Show Tom Brokow (7:25) TV 4 News (7:30) Torioy Show (8:25)4 Big News The Todoy Show Sonford and Son Redd Fox* Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall Wheel of fortune Chuck Woolery It's Anybody's Guess Monty Holt _________ The Gong Show Chuck Barris Days of Our lives the Oortors Another World Gunsmoke James Arness Amanda Blake Milburn Stone The lucy Show Lucille Ball Gilligan s Island Bob Denver My Three Sons Fred MacMurray NBC Nightly News TV 4 Big News David Cruz Jim Dawson Jerry Desmond Comedy Time Riding High Calling Dr. Storm, M D The Archies Good Day CBS Morning News With Hughes Rudd Brute Morton Captain kangaroo Bob keeshon The Phil Donohue Show Price is Right Bob Barker love of life/ CBS News Young and Restless Search for Tomorrow Eyewitness News Fred lozano As The World Turns Guiding light All in the family Carroll O'Connor Match Game 77 Gene Rayburn Tnttletoles Bert Convy Bewitcned E Montgomery The Brady Bunch Florence Henderson Hogan s Heroes Bob Crone Eyewitness News Fred lozano CBS Evening News Walter Cronkite NBC Thursday Night At The Movies Escape from Coldit; Eyewitness News Chris Marrou 525.000 Pyramid Bill Cullen GE Theater Just An Old Sweet Song Cicely Tyson Robert Wagner David McCollum Edward Hardwicke TV 4 Big News David Crui The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Roy Clark is guest host (12:00) Tomorrow Robeil Hooks The Bonanu Company Barnaby Jones Buddy Ebsen Mark Shera lee Meriwether Eyewitness News Chris Marrou CBS late Movie kofak: I Want to Report A Dream" Telly Savalos A Matter of Wife And Oeafh litios. Yogo ond You Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Corroscolendos Sesome Street Instructional Preview Nova (Captioned) Genealogy American Women Classroom Good Morning Amerito (7:25) NewsWotth (7:30) Good Morning, Amerito (8:25) NewsWatch Good Morning, America The Mike Douglas Show Red Skelton is co host Happy Days Ron Howard Family Feud Richard Dawson The Better Sex Sarah Purcell Ryan's Hope NewsWatch Quin Mathews All My Children Instructional Preview Sesame Street Mister Rogers' Neighorhood The Electric Company Zoom Once Upon A Classic MocNeil/ Lehrer Report This Week Jeon tange __ Masterpiece Theatre Poldark Robin Ellis One life To live General Hospital John Beradino fdge of Night New Mickey Mouse Club Emergency One! kevin Tighe Randolph Montooth Bobby Troup Adam-12 ABC Evening News Rcasoner/Walters NewsWatch Don Colson Andy Andy Witlioms i Welcome Back, Kotter Gabriel Kopien Ron Polillo Harry S. Truman, Plain Speukmg Ed Handers Eyewitness Andrew Macmillan is moderator Lilias, Yoga «You Captioned ABC News Movie Theatre lord of The flies'' Jomes Aubrey Barney Miller Hal linden Three s Company John Ritter to Razo "The Alien Gome " NewsWotch Don Colson Mary Hartman, Mary Hartmon Ironside Raymond Burr Don Galloway (12) The F B I. Martha .fUtierrez 6 p.m., Ch. 11 IP jf - ■ va­ carmeli Monte jo 7 p.m.. Ch. II En San Antonio Martha Gutierrez Manuela Amparo Grisâtes Alberto Jimenez la Usurpadora Maurina Bauza Raul Amondoroy Reporter 41 Ostar Zamora Ro'ando Romero Cuco Rodriguez Mundos Opuestos Ernesto Alonso lucro Mr-ndez Jorge luke Premier del Jueves "Comimto de Glorio libertad lomorque Miguel Gomez Boa lo Imperdonable Amparo Rivelles 24 Horas Jacobo Zobludovsky (12) Sign OH Program listings compiled in this log are furnished by the television stations and are subject to last-minute chongos. The newspaper is not responsible when listings ore in error. ___________________________________ NEW-EXCLUSIVE The Meal-In-One THE MICROWAVE OVEN THAT COOKS 1,2,3 FOODS AIL AT ONCE BUTTON MEMORY PROGRAM COOklNG AUTO. TEMPERATURE SENSOR PROBE VARI-COOK TOUCH CONTROL REMOVEABU OVEN RACk FIRST MICROWAVE OVEN TO COOK A COMPLETE MEAL All AT ONCE LARGE CAPACITY—25% LARGER THAN MOST MICROWAVE OVENS MrCallum star as two allied prisoncrs-of-war imprisoned at a maximum security prison camp in Germany. They decide on an escape plan that is highly dangerous, but which could get them to the safety of Suit/erland. 8 (Ch. 9) - HARRY S. TRIMAN: PLAIN SPEAKING Fd Flanders stars in a otie- maii show based on Merle Miller's book. 8 (Ch. 12) • BARNEY MILLER • (ID "Strike." In tlii'' concluding episode, the detectives of the 12th precinct have decided to join the rest of the colleagues in ;t "sick out." Meanvvbile, Barney. Inspector Lugcr and Lev itt try to keep law and order on their own. 8:30 (Ch. 5) - THE BANANA COMPANY - A group of combat writers m the Pacific during World War II make up the Banana Company, so called because of the methods they use to get their stories back to the States in ¿in attempt to outlox their commanding officer who insists they go by the book. John Reilly and Ted Gehring star. 8:30 (C h. 12) - THREE'S COMPANY (It) "Roper’s Niece.” Jack, the male part of the mixed apartment inhabitants, is pushed to keep up his image as a ‘safe’ date. Roper, his landlord, fixes up a date with his gorgeous niece because his female tenants have convinced Roper that Jack isn't interested m girls. 9 (Ch. 5) - BARN wn JONES - ( R) A y oniig college itist ructor vv ho seems to have committed suicide because of problems vv it h two difficult students turns out to be an imposter. Barnaby has to investigate the dead man's real identity and the reason for Ins death. 9 (C h. 9) - EYEWITNESS • Television journalist Andrew Macmillan provides commentary on a program which re-enacts news events drawn from authenticated documents. Tonight’s special program includes the crash of a commercial jetliner in 1974; the trial of a man charged with prostitution; and the cast* of Karen Ann Quinlan. 10:30 (Ch. I) - THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON • Roy Clark is guest host. Ruth Buzzi and the Oakridge Boys are guests. 10:30 (Ch. 5) • THE CBS LATE MOVIE - (R) "Kojak: I Want to Report a Dream," starring Telly Savalas. Oscar winner Ruth Gordon guest stars as Mrs. Eudora Temple, a seer who phones the police when she dreams about a murder before it’s committed. After the crime is done, she refuses to help the police with any clues she may have, because she feels she's dealing with ;i group of non-believers. "A Matter of \\ ife...And Death," starring Rod Tay lor and Joe Santos. Shamus. a pool hustler ¿md private investigator. is confronted by both the police and "the organization" about the death of a former associate. Skirting around the law and the mob, Shamus comes up with all of the answers - including one answer for which there was no question. 10:30 (Ch. 12) - MARY HARTMAN. MARY HARTMAN - George is sinking fast; Dr. Joyce Brothers makes a Hartman house call; Dennis and Mary arrange a romantic rendezvous; George sees stars and Tom and Mary make it through the night. II (Ch. 9) 1*158 MOVIE THEATRE • (R) "Lord of the Flies,” starring James Aubrey and Tom Chapin. ¿\ group of British schoolboys, stranded on an uninhabited island, try to preserve a kind of social organization, but revert to the primitive. II (Ch. 12) IRONSIDE • (R) "A Drug on the Market." An attractive widow hears mysterious voices threatening her life ¿md her family tells Ironside she is hallucinating. Squawk box How old is Charlton Heston? How many times has he been married? —E.l*. Heston will be 53 next October. He has been married only once, since 1944 to actress Lydia ('lark. They have two children. 4 4 4 My brother Insists that Tony Dow. who used lo be on “I,ease it To Beaver.” used lo be married to Raquel Welch. Is this true? -Betty Not true at all. Raquel was formerly married to Pat Curtis, ¿in actor turned manager. Is Fess Parker, the man who played Daniel Boone, dead? If not, how old is he? Will the show ever come back to TV? —David Fess. who is 54. is very much ¿ilive even though he is more of ¿t business iiiiin than ¿in actor today. His series is a thing of the ^¿iNt 4 4 4 Where can I write Bruce Solomon of "Lanigan s Rabbi’’? —A Kan “Lanigan’s Rabbi” was filmed at Universal Studios, Universal City, Calif., 91608. The series has been dropped., however. Bruce was also Sgt. Foley on “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman." Waiting for Rem HOLLYWOOD - Donald Moffat is part of the Los Angeles Actor’s Theater, with people like Ralph Waite and Dana Flcar. Together they performed in "Waiting For Godot,” which was aired recently on PBS after its L A. run. Now Moffat’s waiting for something, or somebody else — Rem. That’s the name of the character lie’s going to be playing in the upcoming CBS scries, "Logan’s Run." The series is loosely based on the movie of that name which wasn't a big box office smash, but was notable for its fantastic sets and special effects. If you saw the movie, you’re probably wondering who Rem was. Wonder no more — Rem wasn’t in the movie. In the series, Logan and his girl friend wander out of the doomed city and, each week, they find some new settlement. At the first of these, they come upon an android civilization, and Rem is the most sophisticated of the androids and goes with them the rest of the scri("-. Interesting Moffat isn't quite sure yet how lie'll play Rem. He does know that, because Rem is so advanced. technologically, he will speak and think and react as a human would. That makes him more interesting to play than if he were, say, a monotone-talking, non- reacting assemblage of nuts and bolts. Moffat himself is that strangest of creatures — ;m Englishman who has lost his English accent, lie says that is because of two considerations. First, the part of England he comes from — the west — speaks without Rs. anyhow, so he had a head start. “And. in the second place,” lie says, “I worked very bard to lose it. I wanted to lose it.” He made the move when he was 26. He bad been reasonably successful in England — appearing at the Old Vic and in such films as “Pursuit of the Graf Spec,” which, as he says, is still on the late show every week — but he wasn’t overwhelmitigly content nevertheless. Political “1 moved,” he says, “for political reasons. I wasn't a very happy Englishman. 1 have become a very happy American.” When lie first arrived here, he went with his wife, an American girl, to her home state, Oregon. He felt that perhaps DONALD MOFFAT ...Rem lie should try a new life, to go along with his new- country. So lie worked in Oregon as a bartender and a lumberjack. “But, after six months,” he says, ”1 realized Hi ¿it I was an actor and I would always be an actor. And an actor must act. So I started acting again. " After a somewhat slow start, business picked up And he says he hasn't had more than ten days off between parts — except when he wanted to take the time — in the last 20 years or so. He worked for a long time on Broadway, then was part of the late APA Phoenix Reportory Company. Movies and TV He appeared in many movies and in dozens of TV shows, and, for one short while, was part of a series. He played the minister in “The New Land." a noble try a few seasons back. His present wife, Gwen Arner. was iti "The New Land” with him. Between his children and her children, there are four. The oldest. Wendy, was just married in New Jersey. Moffat, of course, attended the ceremony. He says it was a lovely wedding. Wendy is a medievalist and her new husband is a historian. They had a civil ceremony which they devised and wrote themselves. Moffat says his daughter and son-in-law have decided that v<sfie will not change her name. The only problem they face is what last name to give the kids — her name, or his name, Kaufman, or a combination of the two, such as Moflman or Kaufat. Tile problem lias not yet bgeti resolved. Actress prefers movies There are still man’y actors who prefer not to do television, believing they will have a rosier future if they stick to feature films. One of them is young Jennifer Ashley, Who is making a good career out of low budget films Uke “The Pom Pom Girls" and "Towing." She says she has only done two TV parts —she was on one episod£*of “The F.B.I.” and one “Planet of the Apes” — and doubts she'll do anymore. *• m “Television doesn't offer good parts to women,” Jennifer says, "while low budget movies do. I keep working in these movies and the parts are good, so I’m happy.” ________ Stlut ______ MEOHJM THICK COBN TORTILLAS TOM JONES Whirlpool TOM JONES SAYS; WITH OUR LARGE VOLUME BUYING POWER AND LOW, 10W OVERHEAD AND NO SALESMAN COMMISSIONS TO PAY, tyE PROMISE YOU THE FINEST PRICE AND SERVICE AND INSTALLATIONS. Whirlpool SEI’.ING AND SERVICING OVER 38 YEARS (N THE SAME lOCATtON TOM JONESlvhirlpool TELEVISION-APPLIANCES-FURNITURE 0/17 DDAAI/I VKI BANK TYPE 227-0465 907 BROOKLYN terms 227-8490 I EXPRESS-NEWS :1 i Today's ©cash-o-nuna 1 wbming numbers: I WORTH $50 I I I ! i s i i i i a i a i i i i i i i a i 4854704 4832474 4989786 4993140 4989429 4352418 4924330 4933549 4983737 4952992 4826796 4813817 4897638 4951788 4894289 4846203 4933512 4949652 4800555 I I a i i j 1 i i i i i H a i a i i i a i i i i i i i Double Your Chances to Win Cash! ! 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