Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 18, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 22
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F t 22~§a!e$bura Re Room YORK, Pa, (UP!) - . slw 'Alone will not determine by kitchen. Planning -Cooking heat from a near* * 1 tht eftfietency of an aif conditioning unit. A»fam'i dimensions reveal only (h* amount of air that must be conditioned in an Ideal gltuation. What also must be considered, acewdtog to Don Haflacket\ manager of room aic^oondilioners at the York 'divufcn Borg-Warner Corp jd "Heat-gain source.*' For-*! e »ampfe, If there Is nothing in a room 15 by 17 feet ttofc increases normal heat and hunldtty, that space may be otxatotfMy cooled and dehumidified by a 5,000 BTU •unto:-(a tittle less than one- hatlf^ton), Harlacfeer claims. What is important in cteter- mlnging the correct unit for a r<wuis consideration of the follp^g heat-gain sources if fch*jjf<exist in a room: Riding glass doors that let in tiie sun 's radiant heat. •Windows with southern exposure. feavy draperies that absorb and capsulate heat in a room. -Hetat and humidity in a With air conditioners that contain thermostats It Is better to install a slightly undersized unit than one toe large for an area, Marketeer advises. A too-large unit will cool bba room too qulekly, causing the compressor to turn on and off repeatedly, thus using more power without filtering or de- hiimidlfying the air adequate- STRIKE NAIL WITH FULL FACE HAMMER l SCREWDRIVER SHOULD FIRMLY SCREW SLOT FOR ROUND OBJECTS/ WRENCI ly. 'A continuousiy-<run smaller unit also can be less expensive than one too large," Harlacfoer says. "Once a room is cooled, a minimum amount of power Is required by the air conditioner to keep it oooL if heat is allowed to build up, however, the unit will have to work at full capacity over a longer period of time to remove the humidity and lower the temperature to the degree desired.*' START SAW CUT BACK STROKE Safety in Handling Tools Prevents Serious Injuries Government Ends h Smelly 9 Papers RICHWOOD, W. Va. (UPI) Jim Comstoek, publisher of the West Virginia Hillybilly, told a that his With labor costs higher and higher, the average homeowner is not likely to hire someone to do small jobs around the house, and therefore finds himself handling tools more than ever before. Someone hitting his thumb with a hammer may seem funny until it happens to you. Dull tools are likelier to cut you than sharp ones, Saw A sharp saw cuts, a dull one slips. Support your work on a sawhorse. Start the cut on the back stroke and keep an even steady pressure while sawing. If you are cutting metal with a hacksaw, fasten the work in a vise. Pliers Have A MIS- ABOUT A AGO? *£££»* too uf ATEH FINER journalism was meeting ordered to stop paper stinking up post offices. He said he had mixed the juice of an known as the 4 t Before large on small, these basic rules tackling arty job, remember Use the right tool for the job, use the tool properly, keep the tools in several types; there's no such thing as universal pliers. Don't use pliets with worn jaws. Dori't use pliers to try and loosen or tighten bolts or pipe fittings where great pressure is needed; Use a wrench. Leo Swliiir The snd • * * HAPPY/ Miracle Man "RENT or BUY ere You Get Service" HENDERSON Phone 342-6188 into his printing ink. "It has the taste of the gods and smells like the'devil," said Comstoek, of Richwood, W. Va; "Iput the juice in our ink one time so all those hillybillies who chickened out and went to Cleveland could have a whiff of some." ramp g00c j condition. 1 ^ Wrench Again, you will m mmm •55.5: "lit. -v. Nothing Looks As Fresh As • i NOTICE TO GALESBURO RESIDENTS! I am still engaged in the painting and decor* atlng business — For reliability,, neatness and good workmanship* call us today. 342-6550 343-6562 BILLY MOE 1273 FREMONT PAINTING & DECORATING Galesburg, For the basic tools you are l.ikely to be using, here are some basic rules. 4 Hamnler — When you strike the nail, strike it with the full face of the hammer. Striking it at an angle causes the hammer to slip off the nail. Hold the nail between thumb and forefinger. Hold it near the head, not the point. Hammer handles should be smooth and free of splinters. Use a hammer heavy enough so that pounding is at a minimum, but not so heavy you can't heft it. Make certain the handle is tight in the hammer head. Don't use a hammer if the face of the head is dented or nicked. Screwdriver — Have an assortment. One size won't do I ri every job. The right size is one in which the blade tip can be seated firmly and squarely against the bottom and sides of the screw slot. Don't substitute a screwdriver for a chisel or prybar. Don't hold the work in one hand, the screwdriver in the other. That's a way to gouge a hole in your hand. . The . wrench is the nearest thing to 'an all-purpose wrench but you will learn after a time what other kinds to get* Do not put a pipe on the handle of a small wrench to increase leverage. Use a larger wrench. For . round objects you will need a pipe wrench with a movable upper jaw that tightens automatically when pressure is applied to the, handle. Power tools — Any electrical tool should be grounded before using. The exception is the newer types of portable tools with insulated, nonmetal housings. If you have any number of power tools, try to run them on a separate circuit to avoid overloading. Don't use a power saw without a guard over the blade; Check the material you are cutting for nails. Don't wear a long necktie or loose, floppy sleeves. Storage — Have a place for your tools. Don't toss them together into a drawer or box. If you can, (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Carrier • J Air Conditioning L uipment •A SKlcklng about th* heat? In a sunbaked house, an conditioner needs the help of canvas awnings, ©y keep rooms 8 to 15 degrees cooler, prevent glare and fading. Give that cooling unit a break! Give us a gall and let's talk over your shading needs. Open; Fn\ Night & All Day Sot The finest air conditioning equipment can be installed and maintained by our expert and experienced staff. Should a replacement part be needed, it can be supplied from a Carrier regional spare parts depot, or from our stock. The finest equipment combined with prompt, efficient maintenance is the bedrock of our offerl Authorized Carrier Dealer m GALESBURG WORKS PHONE 343-1136 277 |. TOMPKINS A kitchen without an ex haiise fan may be barely bear* able most of the time, but come summer, it can be real* ly uncomfortable. The steam from cooking, washing dishes, the heat from the stove and the oven, even the warmth from the electric lights all push the thermometer up. IWs atao is the most uncomfortable kind of heat, the heat you find in the kitchen, It's humid heat. Making 1 comfortable e kitchen more is a matter of getting rid of the warm air. The method can be elaborate or simple," depending on your skill and-or how much you can spend. The best method Is the modem kitchen exhaust system — hood* fan and vent — mounted right over the cooking area. These are generally hung on the bottom of kitchem cabinets with duct work running up through the cabinet and through the dropped wall and ceiling that fills the area between the top of the cabinet and the true ceiling. These are best installed during building or remodeling. In older kitchens, fans are best installed directly in the ceiling (in a one-floor home) or in the wall. In a ceiling installation, cut & hole big enough to fit the unit. Don't worry abouft ragged edges. A trim plaite Will Cover them. The duct can be run straight up througih the roof or out tha side of the house. A cap on the end of the pipe will keep out the rain. Be sure to calk around it. Electric wires are exposed Now You Know ... it - B By United Press International Clams range in weight from a fraction of an ounce to more than 500 pounds. r Liberator Bolivia is named for Simon Bolivar, the great Latin American liberator who helped found five other nations — Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. Is Must in an unfinished attic miking wiring of the unit fairly easy if you have any 6xpertgne« with that sort ol work. If ypu m uncertain of electrical mtk, call in m electrician. When you install an exhaust fan in an outside wall you don't have to bother with, pipes. Such funs are equipped with a cap that opens when the fan is turned on. Be sure to calk around the opening/Wiring of a wall unit is a little trickier since the wire may have to be fished up Irom the basement inside the wall. If you are not handy or are (earful of cutting holes in the wall (or you rent) then consider using a window fan. You can find them eithetf double hung or casement windows and all you have to do is plug them in at the nearest outlet; You can make a unit by opening the top half of the window and covering the opening with a piece of hard- fooard cut so that there Is about a half-inch all around for fastening. First cut a hole in the hardboard the same size as the to a on the hardboerd ets, Position it BO that the fan is up against the pre-cut hole. If space is tight, mount the shelf to the top of the lower frame. open in another room so fresh air will enter to replace ti warm air you vent to the ou side. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn window m close windows or you will simply pull in air l5"ffi 'V ( from one window and out the other. Instead electric fan you will use with it. Make the hole big enough Conv#nion Jtdtritf, gu, oil. •i Eltctronio „ «I r fcnimlftfltri. UM * t M condltionini. Com cleaner*, humldifitrt, ABOVE ALL WHITE ROOFING 342-0185 trained erewi. Prompt MtVlce ail maker. Free «»tlmat4i. ' WHKM TO CALL" Ring Shtet Melal t Healing 213 Oroya fl.. Kndxvllla. Ill, 11441 Phona 219-421» LBHMOX HZATim fYftTfMS + L h COMPARE price, quality, financino and oonatrue* agree, We still offer the BEST E LEAST DOLLARS! IMMEDIATE LOW COST FINANCING! And convenient low monthly payments. Use your home plan or one of ours, We'll build the home of your choice on your lot and foundation. Our expert carpenters do all the exterior framing work.*, you do the finishing; enjoy huge savings! •Mail coupon today and torn how can tavt HOOO'i on your ntw horr I • fflSwa&R- Mph - mm 8,1421 iL - 12 { pa ntlaman: Plaait sand me Information on how I can btiM a PresMent Home and save money, We would MM to be in our new homa fav T - Phone • leangetatot LOOK UNDER THE THE EISENHOWER Local Representative; JOHN REID Box 333, Rock Island, III. 11201 (309) 788-7966 WHITE AWNING WEDNESDAY NIGHT CUSTOM SUILT PRE-CUT HOMES... OUR ONLY BUSINESS 7HIS PORTION 70 BE RETURNED TO DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY OFFICE OF REVENUE SHARING 1900 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON* D.C. 20226 THE GOVERNMENT OF VICTORIA TOWNSHIP (K )n £XECUTiV£PR0POSAL Check this block if this plan is based on L_J an exaeutiva nronosal an executive proposal (L) DEBT How wilt the availability of revenue sharing funds affect the borrowing requirements of your jurisdiction? AVOID DEBT INCREASE LESSEN DEBT INCREASE NO EFFECT TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT (M) TAXES In which of the following availability of Revenue Sharing Funds will "affect levels of your Jurisdiction? Check as many as aoDlv. that tha the tax • WILL ENABLE REDUCING KATE OF A MAJOR TAX. n7 \WILL PREVENT INCREASE IN RATE OF A MAJORTAX WILL PREVENT ENACTING ANEW MAJOR TAX WILL REDUCE AMOUNT OF RATE INCREASE OF A MAJOR TAX. NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS PLANS TO EXPENO ITS REVENUE SHARING 'ALLOCATION FORTHE ENTITLEMENT PERIOD BEGINNING JAN. 1, 1973 and ending JUNE 30, 1973 IN THS FOLLOWING MANNER BASED UPON AN ESTIMATED TOTAL OF $6,535 ACCOUNT NO 14-3-048-019 TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES Victoria Township Twp. Supv. Knox County Victoria, III. 61485 PRIORITY ^EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES (A) PUSUC'fiAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PLANNED EXPENDITURES <B) 4 HEALTH S 6,535,00 < RECREATION U3RARIE3 SOCIAL SERVICES FORAGED At POOR FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION 9 TOTAL PUAN'itO 7ENAUCS EXPCK • tmwr FCTCENT hAHHiO F0ff ruNfltoFoa MAINTENANCE NCWOft OF ExisrwG EXP AMMO srnos fct % stmcts fq % % 100% % % % % % % % % % . % EXPENDITURE i - CATEGORIES f E 10 MULTIPURPOSE AK0 G EN 6 R A L*GOVT> 11 EDUCATION , 12 HEALTH 13. TRANSPORTATION TT SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNED EXPENDITURES F PERCENT PLANNEO FOR UNO lCQtismo* i 15 HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT m m aim i i i i» 16 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTAL $ CONSERVATION % I have advised a local newspaper and the news media of the content* of this report. Furthermore I have records documenting the contents of this report and they are open for public and news media scrutiny. WENDELL R. CLARK SIONATUAI OF CHIEF tXCCUTlVl OFFICE* SUPERVISOR NAME 4 TIKI — PttA5l PHINT June 18, 1973 18 PUBUC SAFETY Ti RECREATION CULTURE 20 OTHERS fSpKify) OTHERS (Specify) |* OTHERS {SpHiM % 23 OTHERS (SptcifyJ OATeFUSUSHt9 Galesburg Register-Mail NAM! OF N£WS'A ?£A 24 OTHERS fSptCtfy) TOTAL PUNNIO CAWUL WPWOI- TUAU % • J i -. • 1 - j

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