Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 21, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1947
Page 2
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I'AOE a~NAUOATUCK,yEW« (CONN.), TroSPAY, JAN. «, 1947 ' Withholds VlCWS DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Truman Wars Against Bigotry; Gen. Marshall Studies State De partment Reorganization And Career Clique; Georgia Fascism Was Predicted Washington—At the exact moment President Tru- inaii's tightrope-walking Secretary of War Bob Patterson was refusing to help beleaguered Gov. Ellis Arnall of (it'orge. President Truman JiimseJt' was blasting Arnnll's cli'ifl' foe, the Ku Klux Klan. Truman' blast took place at, the first meeting of his (.'ormnittoo on Civil Eights, organized to combat bigotry ;md race prejudice. The President talked straight-from- llic'-shouldor and the churchmen, businessmen and educators who comprise his committee wore greatly impressed. LI vest member of the new committee turned out to be Charles Luck-man, head of the giant Lever lirathcm Soap Company. Dulles wus ChiirlCH E, Wilson, pontlllca lic:icl of General Electric. Appointed Chairman of the civil rights group bucauso he knew Truman buck In the days of the old Truman Committee, Wilson soemcd rriui'u engrossed in details than in bl;: objectives. Now York attorney Morris Ernst author of "The Four Freedoms," <:uu.H|.(l a buzz of discussion at the Husi'd-Uoor meeting when he pro< posed "Why not invite the Ku Klux Kliin. the Columbians and Gerald L. K. Smith 'to Rive us their views mi racial prejudice also? There Is no reason why we should shut our i'!ir.s and hoar only one side. Oui 1 tlnal report will be stronger if we lic-ir both sides," Another proposal the Civil Rights f.'urnmlttco considered was with holding' federal funds from state universities which discriminated racial or religious groups. Such n provision, •. Introduced 'R»,'ptiblicfin Senator by of North Dakota two years npo, killed tin.- Federal Education Fund, aim- i.'d at aiding public schools and Kiislnf; teachers' sal.""'0s. When iJingLT introduced his nondiscrlm- What to do about h.r DIAMOND! M'l. MIIKKI'ot IllUt ,VIMI KIH-IHl II ll inllillll". with u« ii ml Kd ,Hir nliirv MM,lit Illiuiu, nils. . .mill In,,,,-I | iinr M'l- nf IMiilllV -lllhl'H. $62.50 to 53,500 PIERPONT'S Ki-KNti'iril .li'wrli'f*, Amrrlflin Crm Siirlrfy 13,'J «.'\.\K ST.—W.VTKRBUttY '••»**•*•»*•**»»»*»»**, Ination amendment, Southern Congressmen threatened a filibuster. Note—Mainspring behind the organization of the Civil Rights Committee was Attorney General Tom Clark who, though from thc south, has consistently crusaded for protection of civil rights. Will Marshall Get Tough Frlendj of new Secretary of State Marshall report that while resting in Hawaii he was also studying plans for reorganization of the State Department, including a knock-down, drag-out battle with the so-called white-spot career diplomats who for years- have har! a closed shop on U. S. foreign policy. calendar ot events foi today, tomorrow and every day On The Air Today t+*+**t*f*++< Quefttloned by reporters us to whether he was In the light for the. governorship of Ceorifla to the finish, Lieut. Gov. . M. E. ThompHon refused to answer. Ho said he was advised not to make any comment by his lawyers. (International) This is slome of the finagling Inside the State Department reported to Marshall during his so-called vacation, Meanwhile, Marshall is on the lookout for some hard-headed aides who can recognize deadwood when they see it. Georgia Fascism Six months ago, this writer challenging thc Ku Klux Klan from the steps of the State Capito in Atlanta, wrote a column on the new "Cracker Dictator and his son, who.had just started their return '.o power In Georgia. To get the full picture of what is going on in Georgia today, excerpts from that column may be worth repeating. "•Already Herman Talmadge," this column reported In July, "is preparing to run for the U. S. Sen- Today , ( Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isabella, meeting. Congregation Beth Israel, Inatalla tion of officers. Prospect street school PTA meeting. Board of Finance Bill committee meeting in town hall. Symphonette concert In Tuttle Music shed. Y's Men's club, .meeting. Naugatuck Young club dinner meeting. Republican General Marshall already has £.° or succeed his father. .Like Hitler, onca Talmadge gets into power, no opposition party can ever stop him. No better plan for Fas- has ever been devised In the United States The Georgia elec- had tho bencllt of a thorough State Department study made for him by the former Secretary of the U. S. General Staff, Col. Frank McCarthy who, like Marshall, Is a ( Virginia Military Institute gradu-l' lL°" t ,'.°° k ?,.!:l!, e _™Lr l< ll ate. Originally Jimmie Byrnes appointed McCarthy Assstant Secretary of State with the job of reorganizing thc State Department. But the career clique, just as skillful at closed-shop techniques as John L. Lewis, bogged him down. Tenderly and adroitly they cut McCarthy off from Byrnes. Sick development in the tlon....Likc Hitler, elected by -j. minority of the voters, Talmadge also has a great radio technique. A total of 125 Georgia newspapers were against him; seven for, but hie radio technique won out....Just aa big business in Germany put up the money to finance Hitler, big and disgusted, McCarthy finally re- '< business in Georgia financed Tal- slgned In thc interim, Byrnes' South Carolina law partner, efficient Donald Russell, has carried on in McCarthy's place. Even he, however, s had trouble bucking the kingpins of career diplomacy. Russell las championed thc principle of :hc career service, has tried to mndge.. .. .As Governor, he had put textile workers behind a barbed- wire concentration camp,, and big business expects Talmadge to do it again. p«*« JMBII UOCittKS—Hurry .Shrpanl, of 2 CtiLviir street, Nnugatuck, in this liornuph Jan. 21, 1947. Funera Thui'Htliiy afternoon at 2 o'clocl ftt Aldei'.ion Funeral Home, 20 Mnndow street- Burial In Van J..lew cemetery, New Brunswick X. ,T, Frk'mlH may call at the fu nrriil home Wednesday from 3 to , r > and 7 to 9 p. m. STILL AVAILABLE!! A limited number of Cathollo mid f'rotf'Ntiint relfiflotiK calendars, J'k-iiMj toluplinnu If you U«'.slr<! one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 33 JMHK rj,ACE Telophum* 43»-» FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur All Occasions IXOWERS TELEGRAPHED XVKRYWHERK MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BtTBBCR Telephone Mein Ktimpf in Georgia "Now that they have elected their 'Cracker Dictator' however, some businessmen are already worried bo'cst'Th'e"'younger.' Hv£,lr"e"Sp£| f°f, ""^L**^*.?™. £..£". mats, has set up joint diplomatic] schools with the Army-Navy and lias demanded that all diplomats , tft "- >oasts - a chance to come home on occasional visits so they won't for- Ket they're still Americans. Diplomatic Closed Shop However, not even Russell, as he is and close as he is to Jimmie Byrnes, could budge thc career kingpins' closed shop'. In thc last two weeks of Byrnes rule, they succeeded in: 1. Clocking Russell's plan to move the State Department out of Its ancient naltice to a more sft]- clent building. 2. Starting a boom for Frnc man Mathews, detailed and dull, to become Undersecretary of State. 3. Putting a few roadblocks in thc path of hard-working Assistant Secretary Bill Benton. Flnnly the kingpins almost put tholr man. Sam Reber, In tho OfTlce of International Conferences, Reb- or la .tomc'times referred to as "the .lo-callcd Sam Reber" bccauso he authored Cordell Hull's wartime statement blasting dcGau lie's forces ns tho "so - called Free French." With thc USA now trying to build up middle-of-the-road and de- aullc Frenchmen as against Communist Frenchmen, Rebcr's appointment to a job handling Inter national conferences was frowned upon. ,. '' ca ? Metn K « m P f ' seven times. Ho makes no secret o£ being a student of Hitlerian methods. During his previous 'reigns' as Governor, Talmacltre calod out the militia 17 different times. For a \yhile no one could f;c't into the Highway Department. without a military pass. Talmaclge's chief use of the militia was to oust elected officials. It made no difference that the State Treasurer had been duly elected by the people- of Georgia. Talmadg-e called out thc military and forcibly evicted him, from olllce. When the Treasurer locked the vault where st.ite money was kept, Talmadge Salem Lutheran church annual meeting. St. Francis branch of Connecticut Catholic Women, meeting in St. Cecelia's hall. Executive board meeting, Naugatuck Teachers League. Friendship Circle, Immanuel Lutheran church. Illustrated lecture, Mrs, Winifred Walker, sponsored by Men's Fellowship, Hillside Congregational church, Jan. 23 Rotary club meeting. Pond Hill Farm Bureau, meeting. Young People's society, Hillside Congregational church, monthly meeting. Annual meeting, Valley Teachers League in Ansonla. Playinakers, St. Michael's church, monthly meeting. Women's Society of Christian Service, Methodist church meeting. Jaji. 23 Bowling, St. Francis' Mixed League at Y, M. C, A. Church council meeting, St. Paul's Lutheran church. ' Woman's auxiliary, Hillside Congregational church. Jan. 34 Basketball, Greeks against Persians; Fai'thians against Romans at Y. M. C. A. Pond Hill Community club party. Congregational church Youth Fellowship dunce. Theater party, Twenty Pluu club of Methodist church, Jjui. 25 Ladies auxiliary, Crusader post, VFW, bir.Ro party. Valley Players party. Ladies' auxiliary, V, F. W. party. blew the door off the vault- -For a while Talmadge spent the state's funds on a cash basis, with no record of expenditures. He employed an ex-racketeer to inspect the books of the universities and if he didn't like them, -they were burned. .. .Talmadge has promised to run Georgia just the way he did before. Those who know him say he Is ruthless enough to do It." Price Conducts Income Tax Forum "Income Tax Information" will be discussed by Gabriel Price, head of the Internal Revenue Tax Division, Waterbury, at an income tax forum at the United States Rubber Co. footwear plant today. He will be assisted by Thomas Raytkwien. Management personnel from other local industries in-tcres'tcd in obtaining tax information for their employee have been invited to thc j meeting which starts at 3 p. m. in j the industrial relations office, Wa-j ler street and Rubber avenue. All foremen and a representative of the local Service for Veterans oftlce have been invited. ,5:45 p. m. WTIC-WNBC—Front Page Farrell WATR—Naugatuck News; Music WJZ—Tennessee Jed WWCO-WOR—Tom Mix G:(M) p. m. WBRY—E. Christy Erk i WATR—News and Sports Other Stations—Ncwa 0:15 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Alcohol and You WTIC—Strictly Sports WNBC—Serenade to America WATR—Music of 'the Day WJZ—Ethel and Albert WWCO—Sports Time WOR—Bob Elson ,0;3() ]>. in. WBRY—John A. Cluney, Sports WCBS—Red Barber WTIC—Cote Glee Club WATR—Phil Von Tobel; Stock Re ports WJZ—Allen Prescott WWCO—Quiz WNBC—Bill Stern 0:15 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—Bob Trout, News WTIC-WNBC—Lowell Thomas WATR—Pleasure and Profit WJZ—The FHzgeralds WWCO—Novatime WOR—Stan Lomax 7:00 p. m. WBRY—The Little Show WCBS—Mystery of the Week WTIC-WNBC—Supper Club WATR-WJZ—Headline Edition WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:15 p. m. WBRY—The Councilor WCBS—Jack Smith Show WNBC—News WJZ—Elmer Davis, WWCO-WATR—March of Dimes Auction WOR—Answer Man 7:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Melody Hour WTIC-WNBC—Hollywood Theater WATR—So Proudly We Hail WJZ—Boston Blnckie WWCO—Music of Manhattan WOR—Arthur Hale 7:45 p. m. WOR—Inside of Sports WATR—March of Dimes; Music 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WCES—Bj B Town WTIC-WNBC—Rudy Vallec WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n' Abner WWCO-WOR—Scotland Yard 8:15 p. m. WATR—Conn, SES Jobs; Music WJZ—Skip Parrel! Show 8:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Mel Blanc Show; News WTIC-WNBC—Date With Judy WATR-WJZ—Boston Symphony WWCO-WOR—Thc Falcon 9:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Vox Pop WTIC-WNBC—Amos 'n' Andy - WATR—So Proudly We Hail WJZ—Rex Maupin's .Orch. WOR-WWCO—Gabriel Heattcr- 9:15 p. Ill, WATR—Listen to Anne Grenier WWCO—Norman Cloutier WOR—Real Stories • .9:30 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—Godfrey's Talent Scouts WTIC-WNBC—Fibber McGce WATR-WJZ—Rex Maupin WWCO-WOR—Forum of the Air 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—One World Flight WTIC-WNBC—Bob Hope WATR-WJZ—Hank D'Ami Quartet 10:10 p. m. WWCO—Winnie the Wave WOR—Upton Close 10:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Open Hearing WTIC-WNBC—Red Skellon WATR—Hoosicr Hop , WJZ—Bob Elson WWCO—Dance Orch, WOR—Symphonette 10:40 p. m. WATR—The Bible WJZ—Earl Godwin 11:00 p. m. ALL" Stations—News 11:10 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch WTIC-WNBC—Harknoss of Washington WATR-WJZ—Joe Hascl WWCO—Lou Masters Orch. WOR—News; Financial Reports 11:88 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Rochester Civic Orch. WTIC—Polish National Hour WNBC—Your UN WATR-WJZ—Hal Mclntyre Orch. WWCO—Sports; Coleman Orch. WOR—-Weather; Coleman Orch. 11:45 p. m. WOR—Sy Oliver Orch. 12:00 Midnight ALL Stations—News SCT.XPTOR. HONOKED Thc Enst Norwalk sculptor—Mrs. Suzunnc Silvercruys Stevenson — has been decorated by the Belgian overnnv.'nt. Shp was presented with the Order of the Crown of Belgian for "Conspicuous aid and assistance to the Belgian people and government during the war." Many New Measles Cases Reported In Connecticut No diphtheria cases were reported this week in ConnccUcut, according lo thc state department of health. Reported measles cases, however, showed an Increase of 91 cases over last week, totaling 215. Scarlet fever cases reported numbered 59, an increase of £T over thc previous week. One case of typhoid fever, in 'Walerbury, was reported. Whooping cough cases totaled 59, an Increase of 13. Lobar pneumonia cases in the state totaled 19 this week, a decrease of 15 since last week's report. Two cases or menin/rococcus meningitis were reported compared to three last week . There were no cases of poliomyelitis reported this week, None of the above cases was reported from Naug-atuck. FATALITY Injuries received when he was hit by a car has-e proven fatal to a 74-year-old Torrington man. Simon Knell died a few hours after he was struck while walking to work. ?olice report the car was driven jy the Rev. Stephen A. Grinvalsky of Hartford. LISTEN TO THE LOCAL NEWS Each Weekday at 6:10 P.M. over W. W. C. 0. presented by DAVIS&NYE INC. "The Store of Service" 150 Grand St. Waterbury WANT BETTER SCHOOLS? Listen 5:30 P. M. Today and Every Tuesday WBRY —1590 THE NAUGATUCK TEACHERS' LEAGUE TO WATERBURY'S MOST POPULAR QUIZ SHOW "KAY-O-QUIZ" MONDAYS THRU FRIDAYS 6:30 to 6:45 P. M. OVER STATION WWCO 1240 ON YOUU DIAL with AL VESTRO YOUR POPULAR QUIZMASTER 15 EAST MAIN ST., WATERBURY L BUY HOUSE Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Adolp'h Bortr, 361 Church street, have bought the Edgar Platt house on Woodbury road, Watertown. (Copyright, 1947, by The Syndicate, Inc.) Bel! Mor than 200 streams empty their waters into Lake Superior. Probate Notice District of Naugatuck. ss. Pro- i late Court, January 20th, 1947. EKtutc of Anna Mentz aka Anna uf/., lain of Naupatuck, in said District, deceased, Thc Court of Probate for the District of Naujratuck hath limited md allowed six months from date icroof for the creditors of said ea- ate to exhibit their claims for settlement. Those who neglect to present their accounts, properly at- cstcd, within said time, will be de- b'nrred o reeove.-f •, All persons indebted io^suiid Kstate are request- xl to make Immediate payment to GUSTAVE W. METZ 1410 HiRhland Ave. Waterbury, Conn, Administrator, LADIES' FLANNEL NIGHTGOWNS Reg. Size — $2.39 X-Size — $2.69 VLfallv'c 0£PT TT tmmm Jr • STORE 14 SPRING STliEET •*•••••-•-- -*,rrrfrr ttff*srrr jj ELECTRIC IRONS $2.95 WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 153 CHURCH STREET Just Received A Shipment Of Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses Pirse Come - First Served The Waterbury Heating Co. Loaders in Home Heating 34-30 Spring St. Phone 4-9478 Waterbury Furnucro Cleaned and Repaired . . . Chimneys Cleaned MEN'S and WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including- White Shoe Skatos for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 80 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugatuok, Conn. FOR RANGE OR FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 69 Woodland Street "BUI" Marlnelll, Prop. Still Urgently Needed *«n TW/W<rlN m leyte needed WK ffWfv IflSlfi ever before. t OHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IN NEW QUARTERS AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tel. 2219 — RADIOS — — PHONOGRAPHS — Radio - Phono Combinations RADIO REPAIR SERVICE R&P METAL WORKS 90 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding of All Types Forging-, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Sheet and Bar Metal for Sale Telephone 6377, Q. Whtt ifncatlona! SwiMft 'Jo I git an Jiff.' th» Gl Bill of Righti f A. If you aery* honorably on actiy* duty [or B period of 90 days, one day of which IB served between September 16, 1940, and the date of termination of the present war, or you are discharged because if an actual service-incurred injury or disability incurred •within that first 90- day period, you are, upon discharge, en- itled to one year of education in the col- effe, trade or business school of your ihoice for -which you can qualify. In ad- Mtion, each month of active duty,-includ- hg the first three, prior to the end of tho war, entitles you to another •'month of lost-aervico education, up to 48 month's. 1; .Your tuition, laboratory fees, etc?,' up o $600 per ordinary school year laid by the government. Also, you will •tye $65 a month living allowance;' __ '"a month if you have dependents. >ir ^ji '.(*•.•.; : • V'--' : •'•' •J«« What about family allowantfif ~-&!?'i ' enlisting or reenlisting now, Jfamily 'allowances will continue until six ^months after the war is officially ended, What art my chancfi of going ovtr*tat? If you enlist for 3 years', you may select to serve in any overseas theater which has openings, especially Japan or Korea. Q. Can 1 ttill cftoott th* tiraneti ot »«r5/c« ' / want to t*rv* in? A. Yes. You can pick any branch which haa quotas to be filled, if you enlist for 3 years. Q. It thtri any way 1 can rt*nli*t in my oU NEW, HIGHER PAY FOR ARMY MEN A'. Yes, you can, if you reenlist for a 3-year term within 20 days after your honor•• able discharge. Q. /• lA«r« any othtr way / con rftnlitt in ftr *••»» A. Yes, if you held one of certain military occupational specialties, and wore, dis- x charged on or after May 12, 1945, you can reenlist in a grade depending; on the length of time you held the desired . M. 0. S. .J.'-.Vr.... * * • VMf four ntanil U. S. Army Kucruillny Station for anvnrt to any olhtr qutifloni you may hav*. or for • ofcoy* i MONTHIT I MTIMMINf INCOMIAmtl I to Ynn- 10 fMn* Manor Sergeant *••»» ttrrltt ttntn ', or Pint Strgcsnt * 165.00 £107.21 f 181.61 ; Technical Sergeant 135.OO 87.75 151.M Staff Scr C eant . 115.00 100.00 90.00 80.OO 75.00 Sergeant . Corpora!. . . Private Firtt dan Private . . . 74.75 65.00 58.50 32.00 48.75 129.M 112.50 , J01.2S : 90.00 j 84.S* i '• lilt** to> "V*(ct «f Mt yow rcdlo. OH." vat Warrlert «f fnitllY W* Hill." w fHLIST HOW AT YOU* NfAftfST U, 5. AKMY JtrcftUfTING STATIOH In Addition to Column Om of th* Above 10% Ilk '. cr»«» for Strvlc* Ovtrioii. 10% Incruii, up t» (M Minimum Par Month, If M«mb«r of Flying or ftlldtr Crtwt. JM P.r Month for PtraciiutUti (Not I* Flyl pay Stjtuv) whll* Engigtd upon P*r»chu«i Duty. lncr««i« In Piy for tick ) Y««n of Strvlc*. 1 GOOD JOB /OR YOi; U. S. Army t: H o o S r 7 H i s tINl f'ROFt&SJON NOW 1 YOUR RtGULAR ARMY SSRVMS THi NATION AND MANKIND IN WAR AND MACI 36 NORTH MAIN STREET WATERBURY, CONN. •••;•'•• ' •' • ..*«».. (Over Grieve, Bisset & Holland)

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