Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 18, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 14
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14 Qafeibufg Reai^td^Mail^daJgsbufg,; Monddy, June 18, 1973 Crime: Is It Our New National Pastime? EDITOR'S NOTE.* Some of the statistics in this article had to be researched twice. The originals were stolen from the author as he tried to compile them in the New Vork public library. By TOM TIEDE NEW YORK (NEA) - The man was neabher drunk nor addicted, just.sick, and when he M on ifoe sidewalk here recently he expected people to stop and help him. People stopped all right, but not to help. Two youngsters took his wallet, a man grabbed one of h's shoias, somebody else got Ms jacket — and the likeli hood is he would hiaive been stripped clean if the police) had not intervened. THE CRIME itself was nob so shocking. The helpless are pillaged daily on the byways of Manhattan. But in this case a witness disclosed an eye-opening and depressing truth: the man had not been robbed by hard-core crooks, but by ordinary citizens of an ordinary neighborhood. The two boys, in fact, were identified as wearing scout uniforms. Scouts? Don't be sairprised. Thomas Fuller, an English preacher of the 17th Century, ones wrote that "Honesty is a fine jewel, but out of fashion." And if it was true then, it certainly is now. Ethics in America show signs of becoming part of quaint antiquity — and in these times of Watergate, Godfathers and serious crimes committed every 10 seconds, it behooves the nation to recognize the climate in which such matters thrive. The climate of everyday improbity. DIOGENES MAY never rest. There is ample opinion in the land that there really is no such thing as an honest man. Karl Menninger, in his extraordinary book, "The Crime of Punishment," as­ serts that "most crimes are not committed by criminals, but by ordinary citizens whw lift good® off ^pewnarket shelves." Hogwash? Hardly. "Who," asks Menninger, "does not get nervous when a police oar follows closely?" Not, for sure, the scofflaws in our major cities. A driver in the Bronx, N. Y,, was recently arrested for having accumulated, over the years, more ton $3,000 worth of unpaid parking violations. And according to city police he is only "one of an army." Last year New York city drivers received 2,829,331 traffic tickets, thousands of which they tore up and-forgot. And even when the violators do pay theif fines, many turn around and ignore the road rules all over again. "There's something corruptible about an automobile," says one city cop. "I think every guy who drives is a lawbreaker for life." , Harsh words, but probably true. According to the National Safety Council, there were 16 million automobile accidents in 1971, most of them caused by drivers breaking the law. "Vehicular breakdowns or acts of nature sometimes cause auto accidents," says a NSC spokesman, "but otherwise they are caused by somebody violating a rule." Half the 65,000 auto deaths each year, for instance, are caused by drunk drivers; a fourth of all highway fatalities are created by excessive and illegal speeds. BUT THE DtttVlNG violations, except in some instances, are at least not premeditated to the degree some petty crime is. As example,, Dennis Maluria of American Telephone and Telegraph says his company lost $17.8 million last year because of phony credit card caills. During the same period, AT&T suffered $1.1 million worth of equip­ ment damage. The credit card frauds, says Maluria,^ are often prankish (some un- 'dergiround publications published the credit numbers of establishment organizations such as Dow Chemical), yet many adults — including businessmen — participate, too. As for equipment breakage, who in the reading audi-* ence hasn't lost a dime in a pay phone and iihen proceeded to bang at the box with the receiver? See 'Crime'- (Continued on Page 16) Quit Stirs By GEORGE J. MARDER ; WASHINGTON (UPI) - The suggestion is being made, mostly by Democrats, that Washington Window President Nixon resign in magnanimous gesture to get the government moving again IETUS RENEW YOUR SHAVER SHAVER REPAIR SERVICE ROSS Shaver & Typewriter Ph. 343-7917 112 E. MAIN ST. v Some—again mostly Democrats —go further and say that Vice President Spiro T. Agnew should also quit so that a coalition government could be formed with the aid of Congress, to take over for the remainder of the Nixon second term. There's no reason to suspect that either will happen. But the suggestion has stirred a debate in Washington on the merits of resignation versus impeachment during a time of crisis, such as Watergate. For Removal Those who propose that Nixon and Agnew resign argue: —The government is paralyzed now; the nation cannot wait until the outcome of Watergate to end the paralysis; that impeachment is too tortuous a process for the nation to endure at such a critical time, so why go through such a traumatic experience when a much simpler method is available? . —If Nixon and Agnew were to resign, they would not be admitting any wrongdoing they merely would be acting in the national interest, recogniz ing that paralysis existed. —That a coalition government is the best way to get the nation moving, again, even while the Watergate drama unfolds to its last act. —A coalition government would be able to work closely with Congress; because it was clearly innocent of any Watergate connection, it would have the confidence of the American people. —The temporary head of the coalition government would have no political debts and would be foreclosed from seeking election in 1976. —Nixon and Agnew would be doing what Nixon asked top aides to do —H. R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and Attorney General Richard Kleindienst — at the height of the Watergate scandal. The President had no IllffflfTlCR- IPCCIAl LOSE YtNl EXTRA POUNDS At FigurM EXHWE..7 e wan|^|j|u to lodklJ good at tirafbeach and have f]|e happy \ feeling of fciowing that you have an attractive appearance. We feel that if your figure isn't becoming you,., you should be coming to us. Call today 1 FiGUMaa A SUBSIDIARY OF If ROBUN INDUSTRIES, INC, ?JimteJ to Qfiyure & ^eaulij I Exclusively for Women UNLIMITED VISITS 109 SALONS 448,678'/* POUNDS LOST 643,743'/* INCHES LOST 1960 NORTH HENDERSON ST. Phone 342-9104 C-1970-FIGUHMAGIC INTERNATIONAL LTD. TM"-F evidence linking any of them to Watergate, yet got them tc resign. He and they recognized that their usefulness had ended because of events perhaps beyond their control, and s' they resigned in the national interest in order to allow new people to take over who could carry on the business oi government. Against Removal Those who dismiss the suggestions for the President to resign argue: —Removal of the President from office is too important to indulge in any tampering or skirting with the Constitution. —Let's not kid ourselves over what a resignation under North Henderson Fire Department Picks Secretary NORTH HENDERSON — Fire Chief Lyle Tyrrell presided when North Henderson firemen met June 11. Donald Hall was appointed secretary. Next meet ing will be July 9. Susan and Tim Paskewitz were guests of honor at farewell parties hosted recently by their Alexis High School classmates. Becky Runion, Rita Reynolds, Susan Taylor and Cindy Simpson were in charge of a party honoring Miss Paskewitz at her parents' home, and John Hunt hosted a party honoring Tim Paskewitz. The family has moved to Greenfield, where Rev. Paul Paskewitz has been assigned to a United Methodist Church. Cindy Corbin and Laura Hunter have returned home after being delegates to Girls State at Jacksonville. Mrs. Paul Setterdahl and Mrs. Everett Winkler gave the program when DAR members met June 9 at the Sheraton Motor Inn, Galesburg. Recent guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walfred Swanson were Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Wahl, Iowa City. Celebrate Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. George Miller were guests recently at a surprise dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Hosts were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. David Roberts, Avon. Rev. and Mrs. Allen Hilding have moved into the parsonage of the North Henderson and Alexis United Methodist churches, where he has been assigned. Watergate circumstances would be: it would be a forced 'esignation under fire, arid it would be compounding the lifficulty by forcing the resignation of the vice president who vas not linked in any way to 'he scandal. —It would be setting a, precedent that a President can oe forced out of office by >ressures outside of the Constitution; it would make future presidents who have to take extremely unpopular stands vulnerable to such pressures; that is a dangerous precedent for this nation to start. —Impeachment is not a simple procedure; it shouldn't be; but it is the only constitutional method of removing the President. Some of the benefits cited for the coalition government are nice things to have any .time, all the time. The only thing missing in the coalition plan is a government chosen by the American people. Announcement KLTONE HEARING AID SERVICE, INC. Is happy to announce the opening of their new office at 314 Bondi Bldg. Galesburg, III. Hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday FREE ELECTRONIC HEARING TEST IN YOUR HOME OR OUR OFFICE BELTONE Hearing Aid Service 314 Bondi Bldg., Galesburg, Illinois Phone: 342-5166 Wm. Royer, owner Carl P. Williams, Gen. Mgr. Methodist Group Favors Amnesty REDLANDS, Calif. (UPI) Delegates to the annual conference of the United Methodist Church in the Southwest adopted a measure Sunday favoring; amnesty for "those who have conscientiously Objected" to the Vietnam War. The resolution, adopted during meetings at the University of Redlands, did not take a position on draft dodgers or military deserters. WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? USE PE L feces wjt# in the body due to build up of premenstrual period can beuncomfoM- able, X PEL... a mild diuretic, will help you lose excess body water weight. Only $3.00. 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