The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 9, 1921 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1921
Page 13
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Alpha Club, Waynesboro, 'Mere Ninht nigni. 500 AT tJPENING- I enough to add two point* to the lo 1 oaltT »cor» . Negotiation* wei«» ujoaad yestonlxv i Mi MttiWrai Y hh-C A. of Bar- tttnur*.«4r appealauce In Kre.1- ·Hfck oji W«diM»*day ni«M. januur* 2. A return match will be played in llajtlmore dome ttiu» In K i l n u m \f. v Busy Two Week». next two weekfj w i l l b«» hiiK t r the locals. They iimet V'nV. luMtknto here on Thursday night Ue cwribdf 15 On Tuesday night ' |«J. namnmnr..MD..FRIDAY. DECEMBER9. mi. .LIME KILN.' L.'in«' Kiln, Every Man Well and -Wjda««aay night, December 22, thtf l| "" 1 * olub stacks up against Han-is- In Local Squ.rf Pl.ytd rTM" TMTM 9t * ck8 "» ·· "'" burg at the Armory. Made Hit With ~ t Preparation* Being M«dc Fans- Extra Stating Capacity. Wth the first game of the paign stowed aafely away in ,,,,,,.. v rtory pouch, Frederick's basketball foices ,. n (i Mr .UK! U. B. luntK-r, of DaMou. Ohio have gone to Haltlinoro. n l t « r sperm -- a week w i t h Mi and Mr* C H Mrs. and town. - M i H Ht'iiiy llaker ndlng t,i \ » r a l i A J. Cutaail h,- relui ..... I w i t h MI of »l«'hl i.nd (lau K lit,i Mary, of P r e d e i i i k . vlhKod Mr Thos oti \Vdnjsduv Cuitls Dlckson. Mr. Calvin Janies. of ' I! ki'i ( evitown. spent Thursday ' a n d Mrs. Danrul II.v huv* moved from \Vt»»j Point'klnV ln»io. I i u U i i K rciittnl i i u hotiso ownitl li. 1 ' Mi Chin ION K « » \ l . Mrs Uov VVilllmnK. ,n i ' n t I) C. haM relumed liotm f,n\\Miiii weok'H visit w i t h -Her u l H t v t . Mlt | Char ICK Kaw Iffy i Mm* 1C M a \ Min... icfnn..,! nns KioiiMt.N f i o i n C l i i n i i Is \ l N l t i i i K n»tn t ' \ i ' * In t i l l s \ l( l n l t \ \ largo iMiU'hviiriK wiit lu'UI ni I he homo ol Mr. it ml Mr* ('tin riot. Km ley. on Aridity, of ')««( \vwk veil IIOKS \v-ro Killed which weigh ;t.:tflO pomuN A M « f y law OIH' weighed over 57(i Ihs Tlios,. assist Inn uorv .Mr un,| MIS (·),,,,, Kaw i»v Mr iinrl Mrs Ham \lvois. All anil HUH H|«iii UK Mr. ami M i « I ' M , ill Mururt. oi Utii |.a* \\vck v/Uh hi* MJ, T »' M'ulklii M n D c h o i . t h I c U l l t i B H , ol H«ltl lmM«. N|l( I I I I I I , . \ V C ( K M l t | W l l l l M t B M i l l l t l i l U,..ill M i s SiM-m-oi l.o\ ami children ' M u m S i i i n r d i i x \vlih |,or parent*. at boio. The club will the Armory tonight day, Tuesday work-out and' dh - Mon-' Wednesday week. The ' entire * first Who -the from «irtaiu and tiiow win be foftntiate enonjjh t» -onipany cah be of this play to- nights of each team emerged from ti» game unhurt. Toa McOufife., ~ w ,,, sul ,,,, w BRSlir ea or SWMI,.: jcmed the loca's a few hours prior to Uwt they wfll long rememl»er it the game on Wednesday v B 4ght|«.play ofi moral*^ B ptala'EiiclMi h against Mart'nsburg and who taaiTd vuftft lud .ao children undirie in condition at th» time,, was left A of Ute-rlll he 4 ifoJed to tL .l a bit stiff McOuire. however, should The story 1 s -flf a mother of in be 'n shape by the second game, as pule who keeps the"r«U "«'ret of h£ he will work out with tb« club- -this- '"" "' " week and next in preparation for the Waynosboro game. Record-Brcaklne Attendance. The attendance at the ea«e"Wed- nusday night was otrger tMan oppiiing, game, pjnal Rg\ that more than 500 people the game. Thtf management life from .her. uiMfiwpeeting da««li ter who m away at a The girl school on account of .Btfltfon .baa taken steps to Havo =exlra seating «- commoda«!ons i» stifled .for-'the' second game and hopes to be in a better position to handle 'th* crowd which is anticipated. Although the locals won on Wednesday night, the showing of the club was not up to par. It was good, however, for a first gaiae7 Much more . . ,. ^ fa Me in Jove unrl !lftt*r the ranple arf sent where the. husband is ou dutv. -- school. -fronr the niother's r^p- sp'iires work lfc SPRINGS. Yellw Springs. Doe«mWr f» -Mis XT- I I .. , V """ ""··''"·V^-l S' l Ne lie MaJnUart, of Lwvetfsville. Va T i ^^ t "* *^" ' *· I JO V Jllt?, V I I who -h»d tteefa' visiting hire, has ro- .turned home. · - , TgQUTVILLE. Troutville, .Wr 9-Tluq« who at- tonded tlie butcheiing *at Mr and ""' """ "" ""· v ' i ! ' " n nrown, or Mra. Nelson Summers' on Tbjursdav n '? r llanovel . ap«""t Sunday as the Of ififll* 'W^Alf UfaVrt. %««. A U «^ ^ .. · ITtleRtH nf - t l l A 1 * B f t c i « . V «.r.»» n ».. « « u , KHWleji. Mi un.l Mrs \Vin. Cordell, Mr. mill M| S \Vunh Kawley. Rov and MIH A *.'. N u l l and Mrs John Harris. Mr iml M i s LewlK Shelliniin. Mr and Mrs Charles Slunklo. Mr -md .Mrs loshna Mrs Koy Williams, Mrs Loy I May Kawloy. Kllle Hino. Ktln'-l' F.iwlex. R u t h Null, Messrs John Kaw- Btick WillinKhani. Robert Harris, and Hu»h Stocks. CLEAR~DALE. Clear Dale, Dee. R - M r . an 1 Mr? Samuel Ffawk and duiighter, Mabel, fijient Wednesday at Oettysburs. --Mr. and Mm. Walter Lemmon lire vibittns the latter's iwrents, Mr. and Mrs. E. K Leutberrnan. of Hampton. --Miss Alda Grouse was a recent #uest of her I'riend, Miss Hilda Nor- K»li\ \ \ . i t k l r i K loit Moudav for C l u c i n u a t l . Ohiok to i n t e r un aulutuu. 1' io m«t hanlciil acluiol. · M i s U'l'.llum .Mrown un,| (luuRh- Icr. Mr .nnl Mrs P. c. Ring. Huby W n i k i n s Herts H » \ . Ciilvln W u t k l i i H , Miss Hell-null Mini Mrs Ixtrupy hvwls. vlmteil i j d t u i j a y w i t h JVlrat · 8. w Miss K i l i t h Jainlhon is home, of- U'i an oxtfii'loil visit Th of " 1 '-'H'l'ind and W.iles IH M)0,000. wood. Litth'stown. -Mi and \Vrr-on Hrown, of of last-weak were: Mr. and M r«"NeN Bn ^ Kts ° r -- son Summers, Sjr. and Mrs Coorge and Mrs - ^"'o! Sell S"'"" 1 ^TM'- ^ r8 - Amanda Bummers, ot parents, Mr to -mother titeckJnaite companion of the girl's " r " h *r mother's real life to , a e o nu^Ulfd? 'He extracts all of her money and later forces her to pawii valuable necklace. The pawn, . . ummers o, Frederick; -Mr. and Airs Miltftn Ak era. Mr. John Summers, df Braddock. JMr and Mrs. WIHiam Summpr --Mr. and Mrs, Howard Colo and daughter. Paulhin. npent several dnyn last weak SvHh Mr'. Cole's paivnW. Mr. an I Mrs. WUiani Slear M f ; l( i 1MI " ld of «*«««»«'«' of an, «f a , M | sj,,,^ ,, t uslt 7"TM - i « I*HM,,,, Orange, Almond or At All (iroeerK. J«r, I.M-. l-rtiH I'uHHiie Co.. HalUmort.. /·n. «nu jvirs. vvmtam Summprs of w m a r n K t e n r McKalgX Mrs. John' Clinp of Wav I ""^'''^y pveninrf us MY n nesboro; Mr. and Mrs. Murray Key- W . ithp1 ' 8 ' dai 'K 1 te»-. s Miss Kcllti Ser, of Croflforatnnrn- »»- _ _ j »»._ .Miss Carman I,*mniAi, «,,«« A T. n 'x»^.« --CT-V K"". Mr. and Mrs Ira Eaton,-Mr and Mrs. George Hoff ,,,'' a °A Mra. Amos Hoff. of Trout-' ' C ° Ver ' · Pox, Mr. Calvin . . . . . . , · · , r . a v n is found in the apartment of this If, 0 :?' ° r Kmmltsburg; Mr. RusSell blackmailer end the husband caste off, Hu11 - Woodsboro; Misses Helen Sum his wife, thinking she has been untrw j i" er *« " Margaret Eaton, Anna Eaton o - ' ' has been made ue - WayBesboro i* no- easy foe* Somes- few weelrs bade, the PennsylvanlanB downed the by about the same score as^ the -one on Wednesday ntfht. Jud^iog-'frm the dope, the Alpha Club «hould stack up well Atongalde ttfe locals an,j Coach Derr anticipates a real battle. McGuire And Neun. McGujre and Neun, who made their initial appearam»%6 *s members et the local outfit oa Wednesday n%ht made for ttoenmehres- a tot bf ers. When McCJre rounds into shape. Fredenick fandom will recognize in the Husky "irttman -one- «£ best dribblers erer'seefr'in action' on the local -floor.- In eonnectien ~TTJ» th s, they wlIT flni In 'film a depend-' able man. who 4* caVable of plftyjng any -position, forward, center ol- and this sjime taeMcs on her.» Girlden, to womanhood j^ 618011 Summers. Russell uses ' the i A1Ien Ea «n, 'Alta-Hpff, Charlg' The mystery Kit J an»es M6ff and" Of af ton Keyser .» mysery Ki on eyser the pl^y is one that will grip and thrift' T^r. Summers Wiled eight TM, *~^ ..... .. ...... . you start to finish. In a worfl . i« a "Ma«ame X" ftith'a happy ing. - f ·"All of this week the Manhattan Players have been staging r^y cred- guard , is ~-i Very good shot ' an r j he should flgnre in the prominently franj^ As Tor Neun; his perTormance Wed nesday night 'pealt* for kself? Hte paaeJig wsfii.-of'the ftrei"waftefT wtfte his floor, work -was superb. Then, too, It must flbt be overlooked «-it Neun caged .1 difficult rtOot -Jn, t6e second half which kept the locals just --a : b*6ket "or HSCV -ftr^front- «· o fa*t-traveling West Virginians. With a little more practice, Neun toe, should prove-h-'maeif a valuable oTens.'ve player as well as a great de- tense man. Nenn-witt w6rlr-ont the club this week anj next. " Oownes Is Better. Downes' performance in the first game served to convince all who saw the game that the b* fellow, is just "as food and dependable as «»ver. ami liable plays at the Opera House antr ,. t ^ t])eijr featurp nlg;ht - ^ ·The Swret Serrk-e Oirl" pwHentetl to a fair-sized house. a stprV of an AnrerKSfn ^irl In ilie ice of her country and the enlightening of ~fwo foreigners who'were la- lNJri% unlw fHe" fltsririisfons of «b- cmhsm. The play was clean and wel -- -- - «..ncu VIKUl 7JPJ^ ° e ^WMvy 480, 453, 448, u92, 381, 379 and 361. They 18 fifty-Pound cans of .lard Mr. Calvin Fox, of ·.. --r Mrs. Thonras For artrt Mr. and Mr*. John Ohler, of KeysviHe spent Sunday with Mr. knSS joe Sallie Delaplane Js indis- luini - - - . , - - . * . . . . , . , J L 9 1 I 1 L 1 *ttl Miss Carman Lemmon were di » on ^West King street, Littlestown their team was struck by tho anto mobile of ,Guy W. Caples. of Westminster. Mis«-, Lemmon suffered from the shock, Miss Withers received cuts and bruises and the horse wan «o severely injured it had to bo killed. LEW1SQALE. Lewisdale, -v6Vember 9.--Mrs Lansing Broadhursi and son, Eugene, are spending a few tlays with Mrs Luther Beall. ' ister W«tktos is visiting --Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Lawson spent Sunday with Mrs. S. C. Wat ._ December" 8 --Mr. and Mcs. Bloom' and .twa -chfldren, an* Mr Arbanrt ,,# IMM- 3^^ gpent g^; "" Arbaugh anil Arbaugh. day with air. jameg '·famll.v. «»·».» «*i«» Cushon anlT if anything nrtvre, just a shade better than ever. Krefi is not at h's best, but with a little more practice, wifl certainly-be one of the real stars of the outfit. "Fanner" Derr was a bit unfortunate In committing four per--'- ' " first half. But the game long sonal fouls in the even so, he was in --Mrs, Charles ^^ _,,,. T. J «p-en-t^se*'srarWs with her oy "Frushbnr. -· . ^Margaret Ogle, . of Frederick, snent SundRy witlf^'er- parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. OgJ^ - r."^ MrS ; tohn Lov *etnrrted home Fr'day. after spending ip^Hreek nr-th relatives *"-- " LANDER. A. G. Null, of on school of last w lias returned home '·' visit with relativ- near Jefferson Rutherrord and fani- Our Aim is: To give Quality, Qiian 6ty and Service. Orders Delivered. Fish, OyslerH, Clams, Shrimp and ! Cr^ Meat. ' Standard Oysters, retail . .40c qt. Select Ojstws, retail . . . .B9c irt. ^W*»w»le, W.7S mid VOifttS. BALTIMORE FREDERICK SEA FOOD CO., * '"' Market and-Fourth 8te. ' 'i. -- . . . --U U. S. Army Shoes w " nd H b CREACERSTOWN. Creagerstown, Decemba' S who visited Mr. J. B. Suodav were: Mr. son. Mr. Mrs. Milla ·Those -'mad on William- Hoffman --"· «- *-»·****» u. I.M.UIJ. r f l l | [ of Baltimore; and Mr. and Mrs. J. M Havener. ---The St. John's Reformed church will hold Its Christmas *«ervce on Thursday evening, December 22. The Lutheran church will holfllts service on Christmas night, December 25. *·« !"»«V ' ^^-^p^«^ NOTICE H you want a pair of shoes to stand tho water or any ha^ wear come over to our store and buy a pair of ^.e real BY S. Army shoes, which was made out of the best of leather and was worn by We toTe *" ^ ^ ^*?~* vjlfc 4 WUIi or WUkaotl K Patrick rgainHtpc .00 up **- » * 9%* ^I*JW. * Bargain House, r - __ ' * r . . i ; - ^ t Checks 1 Always Acceptabl This year Ihouaands of people will receive Christinas Checks from us. They are nierifters of our 1921 Christmas Saving 01 ub. Are you enrolled as a member of our flub? Have you yet to learn of the advantages of systematic saving? As Christmas draws near, unless we have learned to save systematically, We "feel the pftich of financial unpre- parcdness. Tfcat is the time we wish we had saved. The mission of our Christmas Saving Club is to make Christmas-giving easy.* Decide now to be financially prepared for another Christmas. . of Maryland, Stations at EMMITSBDRG, MD. MONMOVIA, MJ. MIERSVILLE. MD. THUBMONT, MD. ..f ._ _\ tl In Engines All Kinds '. L HARCEH 58-60-62 South Market St. "f. .-37.East Patrick Street, Frederick, Md. fRESCRlpTION DRUGGISTS DJOJOt large and UP-To-Date Stock -»...«.. Elgin Bracelet Watch es as low as $15.00. Gold Watches for meii $10.00 and up We can save you money on anjr style or make. Ladies anJ Gents SJone Ring as low as $§.00, also Signet Kings f» rf ,, Wm. « * * * * . . *i ' I ·w ftearJ Beads, Umbrellas and French Ivor^ at %% r^fiuction. · Vanity Oases and Ci* garette and Cigar Cases, $8.00 and up. ·" Gold Lavallers from $3.00 up. Jdd Link Buttons, $3.W uj^ Gold Fronts^ $2.00 and up. Silver Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets and Military Brushes at half of former prices. Our line of Imported Bracelet Watches never teas larger at rock bottom prices. Cameo B r o o c h e s , Kings, Lavalliers and Scarf ISas, ag off. Large stock of Watch' Chains, aU; kinds at greatly reduced prices. We have a large stqck of Diamond Jewelry, art a. big saving. Phone 617 Jewelers 25 N. Market Street shopping; We will reserve any article until waited Shapro Frederick, Md. Next Gold and Silver Bar Pins, great reductions.. Silver Shaving and Smoking Sets£5.00 and up. * % HaM

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