The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 26, 1900 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1900
Page 4
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(WITT! Ermta ta -- M«rrf- Jatae* Troxeli, C.JOWT »nr- T*ywe, »»d K- L- Bobhti. «chxl ejuuii- UMT, «Jaiy :$ torreyed cite «tte for tw» MTW n*oo» aos** taot mii be«*c««i ·tttrtir ai ikU pl»c* Tbe bo-M* will be -?:;: rfcc prcssrty of Mr. Heza- -- Mi* Daisy GS»*hill. of Harmony. sbi*eouty, ha* bwa Ticma« faer*»wr, MM. W. H. Moore. -- Re». T. B. Tyler maA daagfewr*, of rwrrillf . Fi trn-T ' ---- "T Mr. W. H. Tyler. -- Tk* first k*ty«ii(J ba* made itt ap- Xnannrr -- Matter Harry and Mu» Katie TrUr. of Baltimore, ar» vistsuig friend* and --Sir W . H Stauffer. vrho has bt*n Ticttng relative* in Aon« Araod*fl coantv, bat returned. -- Mu Oliie Ph*ba», of Kr«»denck, tp«ot Sunday with her grandmother. Mn. Philip Barker oo« Mn. TKOCTVIUJt -- Mr. and Mr*. John Kolb i pant day IMC week with her »uter, Wilder*, of Catoetia Furnace --Mr. and Mr». Woodnnjr. of Altoona, Pa., spect oce day last week with Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Si ail --Tbe M. V C Band will furnish modic for a festival at Juutowa. on Thursday and Satnrdar *»»«»"·«?* of »M« week. -- Mr. and Simon Lobr. of Thoraont, riaited their danghter, MM. Charles Delaplane. on Sunday last. -- Mr. and Mn Jacob F«yjzer and Mm. Annie Delaplae and daughter. Mii-s SaLUe, visited Mr. aud Mrs Geo. Smith on Monday. -- Mrs. Debbie Fox spent Tuesday evening with Mrs. Ellie Hoffman, of Cwagerstown. --The M. V. Sabbath school of this place will hold a picnic in September. The date not baring been set yec. --Mrs. Mary Say lor visited Mrs. Cora Trout last Thursday. -- Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Kolb and little ton, "Wilbur, of Pipe Creek, spent Souday evening with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Delaplane- JI'KAIG. -- The regular quarterly missionary salting cf jl;. Zu/u 31. E. chorea wan held Snnday evening. Bev. T. J. Oroas preached an excellent missionary aer num. after which song* and recitations were rendered. Miss Elizabeth Sheet- enhelm recited "Belshazzar." Miss Ada Baker recited "Little Jim" in a very impressive style. The music was furnished by the Hamilton choir, under the leadership of Prof. L. L. Carpenter, assisted by the Carpenter brothers mth cornets. The singing was inspiring. -- Mt. Zion will hold its annual onion picnic on Saturday. July 28, in the grove adpining the church. Able speakers have been invited and a good time is anticipated. -- Mr. C. J. Auglsborger has had a telephone placed in his store. -- Miss Rosa Fearhake, of Frederick, is spending a while at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fvi. -- Sliss Rebecca Poole, of New Midway, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fox. -- Karl Anglebnrger cut his foot badly with a piece of glass. -- Newton Baker, son of Mr. Harry Baker, ran a piece of wire into his foot to the depth of three inches. Tha doctor lanced his foot to remove the wire. -- Mrs. Jemima L. Jacobs is somewhat improved. -- Farmers who have threshed their wheat in this community have realized a good yield. CHtTRCH HILL-- The regular monthly meeting of the ladies' Aid Society of the Lutheran church of this place was held on Sunday evening. The program was as follows: Singing, «ociety; scripture reading and prayer, Mr. W. R. Edwards; pinging, society; recitation, Matter BUey Oook; solo, Misa Lillie Trumnell; recitation, HIM Helen Myeri; trio, Kama. Oyrus, Elmer and George Thomas; recitation, Min Bertie Flickinger; quartette, Mines Vertiie and Millie Culler, Messrs. L.. C. Culler and Keefer Phleeger; essay, Mn. Kindley; reading, Charles Summers; solo, Mr. Krnett Kindley: ea*ay. Mr. Lester Thomas; quartette. Misses Katie and Beavie Bemsburg, Messrs. W. R. and J. H. Edwards; address. Professor Harry, of Feafaville; collection for the sufferers In India; doxology. -- The Lutheran Sunday school of this place will holi their picnic on Saturday, August 4, in Mr- Edward Zimmerman's grove, on the road leading from Freder ick to Point of Rocks. SABIIiASVlIAJJ. -- Prof. Ambrose Cort. of Reading, Pa., is visiting hia father at this place. -- Mr*. Elizabeth Birely, of Altoona, Pa., visiting this place for the past few weeks. --Mr. Shafer, of Middletown Valley, is viaitiog his daughter, Mn. Sheffer, --Mrs. Fannie Weller. of Hagen- town. paid her lather a visit last -week at tbia place. --Mr. Charles Robinson, of Thonnont, was Tinting several days at this place on business. --Samuel West and David Wagaman each bare completed a new barn. --On the section of the B. H. Bail- road, from Highfield to the tunnel, the section bands killed 36 snakes of different kinds thif summer. --C. N. Stem sent a specimen cane of Cotbbert Bed Raspberry, which he is cultivating, and which have been infested by some insect, to State Entomol ofirt W. 6. Johnson, at College Park. Md., to learn what insect it is and a remedy. --Mis. Jessie Tloe and family and her father, A. J. Enough, all of Hag ---" , paid their friends a rwH la«t KA.'B Mr. aad Mr* Edward Angell at- the Icntrml of Uer mosber, Mr« Cyras Six, at K\T«vi!le. o^ Friday latt. Jely ay - Mr. Charles E Miller and sister, E*ta, *p«at Friday l»»t wiih th«ir aant. Mw. EoiBfta Ott, of TaB*ytowB --The Mad Coi«e Saf-bath school trt:. bold a festival Acgs« ·-' and 11 a: thr =c . 1 b-i*e --Tbe Lctiumc Mite *."i«v, of fiodcy Ridgf, held u* regular nwsth'.y ca Monday eT^aiog l»-t ! DoYourCookihg Cheaply --Mrs. Joe«ph Miller and daughter, Eiu, cpeat Sunday with Mrs. Laora Creamer, of 2-xky --Our vicinity ha* been Tt*it*d by fery hard « bolide*- storms the past week, the llgbtaloff doing cuuch damage. unking treat aad aaildiag« --Mr. S*moci B«tti«r, oi Loy», and Mr Irvic Beard, of Lelt«rtbarg, tpvnt Saaday with the former's brother, Mr Harry B«irter, of nrar MiJdleborg -- MCMT*. Charles W. Oreager and Howard Miller, of Rocky Hidge Sanday eveoins; last at New Windsor. --Mr. Harry Beltler has reiuraed to Uu boma lu Chicago, 111 --Mr* Goocg* B«ul«r aad *!»er paid a vuit to their ooiuto. Mr Albert Kocat, near Good Iut*ot --While Samuel "West was driring from Waynesboro his hone took fright and upset the wagon on Mr. West, pin- niof; him to the ground. He was hurt somewhat internally, bat att«t a few days wai able to be oat. Mr. Walter Scott case to bis rescue in time to pre- reat farther damage. --City boarders are filling the valley boardisjr-hoBses. --Mr David Crawford prtsested his daagater. Itrs. J. W. Myere, with a fine piano. --Itr. Rs^- Bimck, of Washington, D C, has is^r..--) nome after a few weeiw TI«K to ii - · -nfna r.ty. --The ttispnune \\\i~ h i - been ex from Blue Ric^ summit to this A 'phone has been placed as T ·r'» store and one in Dr. W»ch ter 1 --Mr. Howard Somen and family, of Baltimore, are gae*ts of Mn William Norwood. --Mia* Carrie Stitely. of Westminster. is Tuning Mrs- John Hthn. -- ilr Memu ft»Qu and family, of Baltimore, are visiting hu paronu. --Mrs Webb, of Howard county, who baa been visiting Mrs. William Stack boas*, has returned. --Mr. Frank Dwyer, of Laytomtville, ii the goe4t of Mr. Julius Crockett. -- Mr. Clement* is making quite an improvement to the property which he recently purchased in this phioe. -- Mr*. Florence Ryan, of Baltimore, is visiting her mother. -- The recent rains (have been of great benefit to all growing crops. --Some of our fanner* have been threshing their wheat. The crop is much better than it has been for three years, making a yield from 20 to 40 bushels per acre. --Mr. William Slack and wife, of Baltimore, are guests at the Eagle Hotel. ·fir fora o «torc win do your cooking ·ft dxcaply. o other store wtfl do «ay Ir 4 *" 1 of cookiag better of BMn qttkkly, than the Wlckless SiL Oil Stove Burns ofdinary kerosea*. but in a new «%y--without wkka. Sold whetem stores are tt'A--nsade In If yoor dealer dot* not hare it, write to ·TANDAMD OIL COMPANY. --Mr. Etchlson has about completed inting the Manor Hall, of this place, which makes a fine improvement to the village. --Mr. B. 0. Kohlenbnrg, the much es- ;eenied railroad ap.ent here, had the mis- or tune to lose his valuable bird dog on Puesday night, somebody having poisoned it. --The farmers have been somewhat set back in threshing wheat this week, though the corn crop has been advanced considerably by the recent refreshing rains. Th«- C r u l u r r Vurlinj n Snt-ei-mi. Boston. July -i.--The new Russian cruiser Vanag. which was Kht-n hi-r builders' trial of! the New Englanii coast \esterday, developed a maximum speed of 24 6.") knots. The trial, which was held primarily for the purpose of standardizing the screws. resnlt"il in niR the number of revolutions at !.":; us icquisitp to produce the 2:f knots which is called tor by the contract between the builders and the Russian government. That she attained n speed of 24.65 knots is taken as a promise of even a better showing on her speed trial later, because at no time yesterday was she muter forced draught. A CHICAGO FACTOXY HORROR. Kunr W umrn Hilled and Kl»t- Ofhrr i'«-r»uu» Injured. Cbt ··»»". J u l v 2»!.--An explosion oc- vun.-u » . i i , u.i in nit- i u»riil' al ae- I p a i i m t j t t o.' :l!- WmdKor (VHuloid Collar I'Dfapai.) un the f o u r t h floor of \"~ I»»artior« sirt-cr, it"U»n tin? to t h e bil)Kl!lK dud n-HiilttiiK iu Lhv il«'o.ttl of four tton«*n and minor injuries to tlv otht-r p4-rsont Thf d»:il are Mrs. Kilt-n .Mi l _ i i i K h l i n . K t t a .Mnri,.-ll. Jennie Mii»si»tt Hurl i;rii'f IVri-rnon. Th-r- \vtr- -~ Kir\i vurkinic for the i-ollKr iomp.«ny when a t.-rnri'- explosion ori isrr.'il. - A h i i h bti-'A th- ^iass of the frm.'t ·\'ntl»iw» across O"aiborn stre»t. A shi-t-t of tlarue followed instantly and the terror strfck'-n girls with t h f i r clothing atire. crawled through i he windows to the 15 inch coping r u n n i n g along the front to the b u i l d i n g .idjoiniufc. thi- windows of w h i c h were throiiK"d w i t h men call- InK etn-ouraRcruent to the terrified Kirls. As fast as they reached the adjoining building the girls were 'drawn iu to safety. Just as .Mrs McLaugh- Hn was about to be helpod throiteh a window the girl behind, in her haste, pushed Mrs. McLmighlln. who lost her balance and fell to the pavement. d«- Ing instantly. The others Jumped from rear windows. One \\us picked up dead and the others died at the hospltsl. ' Washington. July 2;.--The civil service commission yesterday received a romplaint from R M. Simmons, chairman of the Democratic state executive committee of North Carolina, against the activity of federal officeholders in the state campaign. Mr. Simmons says federal officials have been daily openly using tue:r otficial positions and power to control both the Republican and Populists conventions and coerce ^ oters. Yitvrdny*i Bnm-bnll fin mm. At Philadelphia--Philadplr-hU. 13: Cincinnati. 2. At New York--Pittsburg. 11; New York. :;. At Brooklyn --Brooklyn. C; Chicago. '2. At Boston --Boaton. 17: St. Louis. 5. IniTrn'M'il \VnK-* Vttr Knllrnmlcrfl. New York. July 26.--A conference has been in progress for two days between Superintendent Van Etten. of the New York Central railroad, and Messrs. Arthur and Sargent, chiefs respectively of the Engineers and Firemen's Brotherhood, over demands for increased wages made by the engine- men of the road, A satisfactory agreement was reached last night, the company making concessions. .VOTT York'x I'rohlMtlon Ticket. Utica. N. Y.. July 26.--The Prohibition convention nominated the following state ticket yesterday: For governor. Or. William T. Wardwell of New YorK. lieutenant governor. A. J. Humsey; secretary of state. Joseph V. Baker: comptroller. Mason N. Weed: treasurer, Fred. W. Hewitt: attorney general. Dexter D. Dorn; state engineer and surveyor. Emmett F. Smith. IS IT IUGHT. For an Editor to Recommend Patent Medicines From Sylvan Valley New?. Brevurd. N. C. It mny be a question whether the editor of a newspaper has the rieht to pubhclr recommend aiy of «h« various proprietary medicines wni h HUxxlthe market, yet as a preventive of suffering we r *el It a duty to say n cood word for Chamberlain's Colic. Cbolera and Diarrhoea Remedy. We hare known and used this medicine in our family for -O yean and have always found It reliable In many case* a do«e of this remedy would save hours of suffering while a physician Is awaited. We do not believe In depending Implicitly on any medicine for a cure, but we do believe that if abottleofChamtMrlalo's Diarrhoea Remedy were kept OB band and sdtniui«'ered at the Inception of an attack much suffering mleht be avoided and lu very many cases the pre«- eoce of a physician would not be required. At least this has been our experience durlnc the pn't twenty year?. For ?a5e by A. L. Pearre, Drueeist by Kxplodlna Keroien*. PltUburg. Julr 26.-- Br the explosion of » can of kerosene at Carrick. Pa.. Hilda. Spelcher. aged 7 years, was burned to death and Rhetta Schlote, aged 8 years, tatally Injured. William Hess, aged 30 years, and John Snyder, aged 23 years, were painfully burned In trying to save the children. The children -were starting a flre in the stove when the explosion occurred. r For «avrrnor of ntchlxmn. Detroit, July 26.-- William C. May- bnry. mayor of Detroit, was unanimously nominated yesterday for governor of Michigan on the Democratic ticket. Half a dozen of the other candidates were presented, but they withdrew before a vote was called, and the. nomination of Maybury was made by acclamation. Sleep." l*rtoB Mill Huntln on Strike. Wilmington. Del.. Jnlr 26. -- One hundred and '.weaty-flve weavers in the Arlington mills of the Delaware Cotton company struck for an increase of wages of S and 15 cents pet cut on 60- yard and 77-yard cuts respectively. About 400 hands are affected. Beware ofOintments for Catarrh ttutt contain Mercury. smell »nd coiapletelT derange the whole sys- tean when eaterine it thron rb the mucous surfaces, Sceb articles should nerer be csed «c- cept on prescriptions from reimtable physicians. as the damage they will do is t«z, fold to the good yo-s can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Csre. 3s»acl»ctsred by F. J. Cheney Co , Toledo, O., contains no -mercury. and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mncon.o surface" on the system. In bnyinr HairaCatarrh Core be »nre you eet the genuine, it Is taken internally. and made in Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. Cheney Co. Testimonials free. Sold by Drncsixts. price ?3c. per bottle. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Belief ta 8tx Hour*. Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disease r« llered in six hoars by "New Great South American Kidnej Cure." It is a *reat snr- prise o account of its ezceedicg promptness li relirrinc pain In bladder, kidneys and h nck. In m»!e or f»m»!e. RelleTes retention of water nireo-n toimediateiy. If yon want wuict. rrii^f «n1 cure this is thereaiedr- Sold by S.Schley * Bro., Drnrsists. Freaerici, Md Say yarn, nw it ia The K«w. Sleeplessness mark* the very climax of hnrnan suffering. It is only a step removed from insanity. When sleep no longer restores the exhausted nature, the struggle with disease cannot last long The starting point of the nervous disorders -which produce ill - health and aleeplcssness, is generally a diseased condition of the womanly organs. Restore these organs to sound health and tbt appetite comes back, the day's work no longer wearies, and sleep is sound and refreshing. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures diseases of the womanly organs. It ·top* the drains which weaken nomen ; it heals the inflammation and ulceration. and cures female ·weakncn. There is no alcohol in ·" Favorite Prescription*' and it is entirely free from opium, cocaine and all other narcotics. It is a temperance medicine. - XT heatth has bees poor for saay yean aad 1 tuM Uk«« a (rat deal of acdiciac. bat n di4 .- «rri»e» Mm. *o« Krsn-rJr of Adam Co . trts. ~L*rt Anglos: ray Anotbrr \ a r b t Kxploalon V i c t i m . SyrdfUK^. N V J u l y 20 -- Thf d*ath of on«" mort' '-hi!t! Is to be added to the list of fata'ltio-; r-.-.-iiiUing from the In I^Ji-k No. 3 on the Oawt-go canal Tuesday aft-rr.-n Thu.-. Mr. anil Mrs. .John Snmk .trp ljc-r«"'t of their i-ntire f a m i l y '1 h»- dead are- Iva Splnh. 9 years o!il: Gladys Spink. 7 yi»ars, Harold Spink. 4 year.-*; Fern Splnk. 2 ypurs Kaoh child was fearfully traldi*!. aiu! ^"iffj'rpd srpat agony w h i l e ii !iv»tl. Tin- mother of th'- ehlldn-n I* in a pm-arious condftioa. An Epidemic of Diarrhoea. Mr. A. Sanders, writine from Cocoanut Grove. Kla . says there tia* been quite an epidemic of diarrhoea there. He had a severe actac* and was cured by four doses of Cham- twriain'* Colle.Cho!eraanl Diarrhea Remedy. He rays he also recommended it to others aod they say it is thi b*at medicine they ever ujeU. Kor itale by A- L Pearre. Drureisc ooooooc Does Yo' Bones Ache? Yolm's Rheumatic Elixir Positively Cures RheumiKsn, Luubifo and Bout. BALTIMOUE. HP.. Jan. 1, 1900. VOHX CHEMICAI. Co : I have been n safft-rer from Rhen. matism for the past 1C years: at times have been unable ro raise mr arm, aud never knew what a «ood nieht's sleep was until the past waek. when I was cured by your Elitlr 1 am in my 60th year and I fe«I better today than I have for 16 years. You u=e this te?tlmonial any way you wKh as I appeal to all who are sufferlnc f rnoi Rheumatum totriveyour Elbciratrial thesam»os I did and be cured . 1 live at 229 S. Fremont ave., and .im borne to anyone to speak of the eood your Elixir has done me. YOUM tn )v. John W. \Vhalen. State of Maryland City of Baltimore ss.t Subscribed and sworn to before me thU 9th dHy of January. 19iK WALTEK h. SMITH. Justice of the Peace. 1 N Paea St. 25 and SO C«nt» YOHN CHEMICAL CO, BALTIMORE. None genuine without the signature. VXX- -- oooaoooGCGoaoocooaoGOOoooo HAVE YOU SEEN" THE BRCWXIES? Anv boy or eirl wi.«bine to hocome a mem her of the Brownie l^imeta ( Inb sl-osld se cure « Brownie »nd * Vnstitu1ion of the Brownie Camera Club of America containing a list of Prize» to be competed for by members of the club. The Camrra u«e« a U tfTpnnre 2Vv-i film and can be loa!el iu the davlieht- Price only St.OO Secure one at Kreh's Amateur Supplv House. Cn«tle B-Vdlne. Room 9.3 X J! rket Sr.. Fre-lerlcfc. 3Jd. THE BASIS O c BUSINESS. i ··*«» -r-» T»r- I hi-J 3; omit f# if ' 1 wrote to Dr. firm aad he Our Coal is the basis of business prosperity. It lights the fnrnace and keeps it going--the mills and manufactories attain prosperity through its power and heat. Ton will and it lasting and the supply abundant. It ia safe and reliable, unlike its erstwhile competitor--natural WM. S. MILLER CO. advucd me to take hi* 'Fi-rontr Prr- . I look fiTt bott^s of tie - Prwcrtp. tx» ' aad oo« bo«le of the 'GoMm Medical Da- arrrrw.' aad I fee! like a =*w «xtn»n.- Care sick headache br nsing Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pelleu.* i J. L. KERVAND, ! ElfiUfER, UTBMWPIE8 ari fUTE PfillTER. i Rer. Kobert L. Patterson says: "In eirisg my snqnailSed eniiorsement of the X-Ray Headache Tablets. I feel that I render a personal service to anyone who tn«y tb*r*by be !- da?«l to^se them. They cannot be «arpajsel is a remedy for headaches " Sold by-B-I!O!*- jale and retail drnrcists. 1012 PENNSYLVANIA AVC., WASHINGTON.fD- C. LETTER, 3STOTE AND BILL HEADS. CHECKS, DRAFTS, ETC. CERTIFICATES OF STOCK. flSdly . A'^»^ fc- CHICHESTEiPS ENGLISH ia KE0 M «i*er. JCSSC MAMOCN, iota . XD. 0 THE STREKT. - f ,i a -\ 1 1 : 1 1 H 1 1 1 n n 1 1 1 1 · m 1 1 I "To f!M of Furniture is to Think of Gaily," yon are right in Mwkiag comfort abore fashion the*e hoc day*. Fashion U a «roo# roler, Vat she faila before ttlaoM of the hot ton. Ton want yanr ftot to be comfortable aad cool abort all thing*. Oar special desire it to plftMia yon is thi* direction. We bare a superb summer Mock. P. S.--Jast received a new lot of D. D, Inrtitut* Shoe* lor men aad hare all aizea, form 6 to U. Price $1.75, at GBOBGE A. GILBERT'S, l»i North Market Street. ||A Pleasing Experience j x w *u ··.* \ovr= ::" you fore-base this artk-ie. Nothing of the » J kiL'i --:i- -v. --i it f 'or ^rce value. You -,v;II agi-ce witii us when you see it. A $9.OO Solid Oak Chiffonier. It has fall swell front, French bevel plat*-, aiil is a giade of goods that is worth dollars more than our price. There is no place hereabouts that you can find more honest bargains than Carty's Furniture Store. No« 42,44 and 46 E. Patrick St., Frftd'k, Md. H-I-I-H-H'K-K-l H. rn-M-r-M I m 11 HI H"M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M Uncle Sam knows a good thing when he sees it. There is always a BEST way of doing things. The American people are never satia- fied unless they have the "VERY BEST.'' The best dinner in this town today will be cooked on a gas range. STOVES AT COST. No charge for setting up. The not rate for fuel and illuminating Gas, when, both are used, will be $1.2£ per thoiia- ·nd. ISABELLA GAS WORKS 33 WEST PATRICE STBEET. apSdtf THE BUFFALO RESTAURANT! STRICTLY PURE Old Rye and Bourbon Whiskies. Yon will find THE BUFFALO the finest stocked Bar in the city. You will find the coolest and the finest LAGER BEER here at THE BUFFALO. Families supplied with SOUP at 40c per gallon. CHAS. NTHAUER, PROPRIETOR. FISHING TACKLE You can't catch flat with poor tackle as well as you can with the best. Old Izaak Walton was wise when lie recommended yon to buy of only inch dealers as us. He knew his business. Of coarse huadrice has helped us. It can help yon. "We are dealer? ? i Fishing Tackle of all kinds- We -· · tell yon what to get, or if yon knot- .ve can show it to you. CENTRAL J3DWARE GO. EACH CrtE SEPARATE. " it eaca lump of coal vas separate, with len to waft OT.*-nd arms to wash *ad t»msb its«lt c!e»n,!t troziM be just a little c!eu«r. aad could set into yoor cellar just a little easier tb»» It does at pr»»eot. Mind tbootb. onlr ]nst a little. We thins we bare tb* cleanest aad best coal «T«T Toir-ed. VTe think wede- iiver it S! promptly and care'ally as it can be done. We jboold be eiad to hav« your opinion, sod -sre'Jl tr«t you feirly. J. BISER. DR, ANNA 6IERIX6 Physician. Twenty-fir* years' ei perirace. Specialist in Diseases of Womenotily Private Saoitarinm o: bleb repute. .Absolute privtcy afforded. Female Regulative Pills (2 per bo:. Adrice by mall 1S83 E. IlLTlMflElST., ULTIIORE, ID. CLOTHIERS. TAILORS. 2O Per Cent, Off. Semi-Annual Clearance Sale and This is a Greater Reduction. Sale Will Begin July 25 and Close Aug. 15, (or Cash Only. Suits that sold for 610 now $8.00 and they are all you could wish for. $5-00 trousers now $4.00. The entire stock is yours at 20 per cent, off for cash- You will do well to examine before buying from the 100 per centers. Our profits are small, and to close out our stock for fall we * sell them for cost. i B. H. BLACKSTON SON. 36 North Market Street. ·········»»·······»·»··«»· j JAS. E. WALKER CO. j » Of Interest to Men Folks. compound for Female Com Plaints. SI. Wlvrs witheat children can con suit mf _ A few days ago we received from one of the largest manufacturers in the country a line 6f Men's Neglige Shirts, tip top in style: way down in price; sizes 14£ to 16£. They are-thin, cool and in every way very desirable for the present hot weather. JAS. E. WALKER CO. Don't forget our line of Ladies' Shirt Waists reduced « to 35c. I XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX300CXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7OO Negligee Shirts Made from American Percales and Woven Zephyrs, in narrow and broad stripes of red, black, blue and pink and various figures in one and two color tones. Crash Suits that fit well. Serge Suits that are always serviceable. Alapaca, Brillianteen and Serge Coats that will giye you comfort are what we "would call your special attention to this hot weather. } Neckwear in all shapes and colors. LO WEN STEIN WERTHEIMER, Head-to-Foot Outfitters. A PAIR OF BABY SHOES FREE FOR EVERY BABY BORN IN 19OO. Every Baby born this year may have a pair of Shoes made to order, without any cost, to be made from the genuine Yici Kid. Robt. H. FOERDERER, Manufacturer, PHILADELPHIA, PA., U. S. A. We also have on sale Vici Dressing, Vici Combination, Vici Polish. B. ROSENOURSONS. JUST RECEIVED! A CARLOAD OF 1IUND RAPIDS CELEBRATED Refrigerators and Ice Chests. Call and Examine These Good* Before .Purchasing Elsewhere. W. H. B, ETCHISON, l' I I 1 f. i SuciHty, 10 ao« 12 S, Mirkit S),, Frrt'k, Ml, Telephone 122.

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